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The exact ntnotint of city Hcrlp out
standing on tlio 1st day of Jamiury, was
$15,264 01. A nieretrllle.
- - .
Tho Continental 1b the only coolt stove
with sliding ovou doorM. Wammtoil in
nil respects. Pitcher & Wt-nry, nt 1J!
Commercial avenue, cor. 12th streot.
The St. Nicholas Bllllnrtl Ifall Is one
of tho largest and bent furnished In tho
country. It in tho resort ol hoUi eitlzeim
'and Mrungera who Indulge hllllurd pluy-
iB. JunOtf.
.otlce to ttir Tax.puperM of.i.lexkiiler 'o
I will belli my olllce at tho court house
every day during this month for the jmr
oe of receiving State and County tuxes
now due Cairo III. Fob. 1st 1870
lebldot. L. II. MYERS Collector.
An editorial convention at I)u. Quoin,
February 15th, lias been determined
upon. Wo uro upprelictihlve that the
matter has not been sulHctntitly discuss
ed to cnll out ft large attendance, l'ut us
down for one, however.
I'or Nnle,
A good nhow cnfio 8 feet in length, may
ho seen at the St. Charles Hotel. J'or
particular.- enquire at 'Bulletin' olllce.
fub2d3t A. Btm.NF.rr.
Tho moat ntyllbh Mlk liutu are Invari
ably found at 1 XefPa, No. 79, Ohio
Leveo at prices that defy competition.
None but the best goods in that line to
be found at this limine. tf
furnishing floods,
Tho couipletctt htoch of gentlemen's
furnishing goods in the city , In to be
found nt Miller and Miller'. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, Iu thl
line that they cannot tmtlsfactorlly supply
at the very lowest figures ruling iu the
market. tf.
I'hIi! IIow IHiKtitiliii; !
Is tho exclamation of every lady who In
discreetly ventures to apply the or
dlnary hnlr dyes or "colors" or "restor
ers" to her whitening ringlets. Mud
nnd tnr art scarcely more abhorrent.
Not bo "Phalon's Vltalla, or Salvation
for the Hair." Nothing defiles its freely
(lowing crystal. There is no sediment,
no gum, no foul gan, It Is harmless, and
its operation perfect. What a llcov
cry ! d fc w 1 w
Nllk Unix.
Tho stock of wllk hats at Miller & Mill
er's comprise the very latest styles and
the finest make of the reason. The
variety ii very great, the stock large,
and prices have been regulated to liar
rngnlze with the times. Call in and ex
amine. tf
Hotel (anil.
At 122 commercial Avenue, between
Seventh nnd Klghth street, is a first dues
houo of entertainment, kept upon tho
restaurant or European style, furnishing
oysters, came or meals on short notice in
the best style. Also elegant rooms and
beds for transient guests, l'atronogo
respectfully solicited.
J12tf Hknuy Hakims, proprietor.
Tho comptroller's semi-annual report,
submitted to the city council, nt its last
meeting, shows tho following expendi
tures during the six months ending Jan
uary 1st:
(hi a-count of Maries.. k. RM U
if folier S,ts
of tsito-. i.nie si
' " of Sidewalks.. 7,717.1
" " of Klreet. - 2,J 43
' of File I ( 3,301 Si
' ' of Has..... .. 7x 00
These, with miscellaneous expendi
tures, show n total outlay, during six
months, of $32,020 11.
C08T AND LESS THAN COST to close OUt at
P. Nell's, No. 79 Ohio Ievce. Jan21tf.
Messrs. Miller and Miller have Just re
ceived rtn unusually large, woll assorted
and strictly fashionable supply of pleco
goods, to which they risk tpeolnl atten
tion, The lotjcmbrnccs tho finest cloths
and caslmers ever brought to Cairo, nnd
such a variety ofstyles that all tastes may
be accommodated. Bulls or garments
from these goods aro mailo to order In the
best manner and latest stylo, nnd at
figures that will defy competition. For
proof of tills they only nsk to be put upon
trial. At all oveuU call around and see
tho now goods. Jan25tf.
.l Word to III Wise U Niilllrlcnt."
A prudent housekeeper purchnses tho
Lett and chcapent article for tho kltohon
that can be obtained. ''Dooley'H Halting
Powder". Id tho'purest, best, and choap
est linking Powdor known. One pound
will go further in tho culinary depart
ment .than any-other iu market.jand is
guaranteed to produco moro satisfactory
results, ns tho Ingredients are harmless,
li'ouHhy and nutritious. U IS for salo'by
nil good groceries. in w A
Tbe l. Nlclioln Hotel omt Keafanraul.
This popular and eligibly located house
of public .entortalnment Is now fitted
and furnished throughout In good stylo;
and, uuder tho management of Messrs
Walker & Slsson, is doing a largo aud
thriving business. It in kept upon tho
European plan tho guest calling for
what ho wants whon ho wants l(, wheth
er In tho day or night time, nnd paying
only for what he orders. The rooms aro
largo and clean, furnished with tho best
of beds and bedding whllo all othor fea
tured of tho establishment are arranged
.1 . . . r.l 'M-.Zt.
with an especial eyo io me comron ami
Our typo founders have given us notlco
that the new materiui for our enlarged
puper, with the large lot of now type,
bdrderu, rule, ornaments, etc., ordered
for purJob;ofilce, has been packed:, nnd
forwarded; We shall bo In receipt ol the
whqlu tblpmunt Lsomotlme during the
present week, and shall then proceed at
onco to tho fulfillment of our promlso to
Wo ngalri ask our business men, who
really deslro the publication of a credita
ble dully paper in Cairo, to iudicato that
desire iu a pubstantial manner. Uuh
bcrlptlons will be thankfully received,
but wo need, nnd must have, adver
tisement,". If those business mon who
might ndvertice with advantage to
themselves, would hand us their cards
for publication, our success would be
assured. Will they do so? Wo aro
compelled lo confess that tho prospect
is not oncouragnig. Hlnco tho announce
ment of our purpose to enlarge, we
have experienced a loss, rather than Increase-
of advertising favors. Hut we
shall make the experiment anyhow.
Wo shall give our citizens a chatico to
support a respectablo dally ; nnd If they
fall to avail thomselucs of It, we can
readily contract our size to conform to
our patronage.
Ghkat Bahoains fok this Month
oni.v iu hatH and caps at P. NelFfl, No.,70
Ohio Levee. tf.
Loral llrrvltles.
Tho Masqucrado ball by the Cairo
Turners will he held in Hchecl's hall on
the 21st lust.
"the hest r.v I'sr." Enden.' Stomach
Tho Cairo Casino will observe their 3d
anniversary by n grand mnsqucrade ball
on the 2.9th instant.
The Auroia oil will not stain or greae e.
The youngsters are almost praying for
a freeze that will convert lakefe'hannessy
into n skating park.
New Style Vivian scarfs, Victoria'
scarfi, Eugenlo scarfs, Just received at
P. NefTs, No. 79 Ohio Levee. tf
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ilonrdof Alderman will he held this
Foa Clotjiino Made to Oiidek in
tip-top style and at fair living prices, go
to P. NeiPs, No. 70 Ohio Lc vee. tf
Tho entertainment by the Young
Men'f Dramatic association, for the bene
fit of tho Orphan Asylum will be held to
morrow evening.
Everybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Rarclay RroV. hell It cheap for cash.
Patronize home institution. Buy from
the Barclays.
The Hibernian tire compay will cele
brate their ninth anniversary day by a
grand ball In Schrel's hall, on Wednes-'
day evening next. The preparations
nre complete.
Norman's Cha'ybeat Cough Syrup.
Try It. For -ale by J. S. Hum in.
d fc w 1 w
t'p to the hour of this writing there
has been a half dozen attempts at a snow
norm, a mUuable falluro accompanying
every attempt.
P. S. A later attempt proved success
Mancuestek coats rendy made and
made to order in tliu best of stylo at P.
Nell m No. 71) Ohio Levee. tf.
Since Saturday morning over ono
hundred car loadu of llour,; corn, oats
bay, apples, potatoes, etc., have nrrived
per Illinois Central Railroad, for Cairo
Pitcher & Henry's large stock of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, cto
will bo sold without regard to cost. tf
As an Item in the way of business wo
may mention the fact that during the
past week freights have been paid to tho
Illinois Central railroad, tluough tho
City National bank alone, to tho amount
of thirty-two thousand dollars.
P. Nekk s Stock of coatings, casil
meres and vesting?) is unsurpassed for
quality and style and will be made to
order at low prices to reduce tho already
tremendous stock ou hand. tf
It is said that Capt. O. T. Hlnde, of
this city, in the regular transaction of
his forwarding business, pays freights to ;
tho Illinois Central railroad to tho
amount of about 53000 per day. To this
vast sum add tho amounts puld by tho
other houses of tho city nnd we form an1
aggregato that staggers belief. j
Why suller from n bad cold when you j
can get u bottlo of Norman's Chaly
beato Cough Syrup from J. ti. Huimn.
(lit 1 w
Gents Shawls at Cost tho finest In,
mnrket at P. Nefl", No. 70 Ohio Leveo. t j
Mr. J. O. Heyworth, tho owner of a
largo number of lots fronting on Wash
ington Avenue petitions the city council
for tho removal .of, tho market hou'so.
Ho is In "dead earnest," and "should his
petition fail to command tho attention
he expects, he will probably Instltuto
legal proceedings for the "ubatement of
ttiA nnlunnnn "
Uso Eudor's Chill Cure. "It nevor I
Two promlnont citizens, were In tho
midst of an nngry nltercatloii about somo
hldeei Saturday ufteruomwwhjch bu(. for
tho appearance of officer Cummlngs,
might havo culumintetl in a ngnt. iney ,
were esoorted to tho .oftlcof or squlro()
Hhannessyi and each fined ilvo dollars,;
nnd trimmings, for using language cal-;
oulatea io proyoke,a breuclof tbVpcilge.
Paid. '
Tho celebrated Aurora'oll can be' had ti
atNo.920hloI.ovce. Jan 21 -Ira J
ai,i;a AMi:it cmcurr coi
HATUIUUV, FEimUAltY &TH, 1870 18lH
BenJ. MoRaveufoi uso&c. vh Dollmnn
& Thompson, nppeal; Jury retimed v.T
diet in favor of p.alnttn'for S28.
Cour,t then adjourned until Mondry
momlhg'ncxt, at 9 o'clock.
Charles Shepardson vs tho Southwest
eru Ins. Co., dobt; detnuipr to 2nd, d,
4th and Cth, picas sustained and over
ruled as to Oth and 7th plena.
Chas.Feuchter vb Wm Nennlngor &
Bro., assumpsit; Judgment by confession
for $409 12.
Franz Pohlo vf tho International Ins.
Co., debt; demurer to declaration sustain
ed and leave given to amend.
Franz Pohle vs tho Buckeye Ins. Co.,
debt; demurer to declaration Mista'. i
and leave given to amend.
Ann Redman vs the City of Ca i,
case on trial.
Tho court then adjourned until this
afternoon nt 2 o.clock.
Hibernian Fire Co. nail
The Hibernian FIro Co., No. 4 proposo
to hold their 9th annual ball at
John School's Hall, on Cedar street,
ou Wednesday evening, Feb. Oth, 1S70
As this company heretofore has been In
the habit of having very well conducted
balls, whore all could enjoy themselves
the management Intend on till occa
sion to spnro no time or expense to
make It tho finest ball they have over
held, and one at which every citizen
honoring us with their presence can en
Joy themselves to their heart's content.
Prof. Elsenburg's string band hasbeeu
engaged for the occasion.
J. H. Enoi.i-ii,
c. j. hyland,
Jab. Kennedy,
John Mn.r.Eit,
Jan21dtd Tim. Uoiiman.
.I i
IlcnrliiK J'ruliaAlrtnay.
Well, the cliort to attract attention to
the manufacturing advantages of Cairo,
ha bjrue fruit already. Ou Friday last
n plainly dressed, honest loklug individ
ual Introduced himself to a member of
the committee ou manufacturing estab
lishments, nnd, after exchanging the
"compliments of tho season, unburden
ed himself substantially ns follows:
'I tec, slr,',that your city wants to build
up n manufacturing interest, aud am glad
ofit. I think it a very good thing. I
have made up my mind to locate here,
but beluga little short of the amount
necessary to start in my lino of mauufac
tures." T thought It possible that you
would extend the repulred assistance.
M.y establishment won't amount to
much you know; but every llttlo
he.lps. To come right down to bublne,
sir, I have a knitting machine In the
exp re.'s office, and wnntfOto pay the
elm rges ou It."
Tl io committeeman, Impremed with
tho man's honesty nnd evident desire to
do s umethlng, handed htm ?20 out of his
Indl vldunl puree. Shortly afterwards tho
man handed back observing tiiat the
cxprois clarges amounted to $15; and
now he Is knitting socks with an indus
try tb at augurs complete succes', and au
early refunding of the committeeman's
Who shall tay, now, that ourcilbrt to
build up manufactories in Cairn bus
fulled? It can't be eald.
Third 4 Viiilerar- llall by Ilia C'.Uro
Tho m embers of tho Cairo Casino pro
pou an cbieryance of their third anni
versary i lay by a masquerado ball In
Washlngl on Hall, on Monday, February
26th, will ch they expect to render an
uffiilr pleat mut to all who muy choose to
participate The management refer with
pride to the masquerade balls heretofore
given by Hi e Casino, and promise that
tho ball here announced nlmlluoof the
most respect ablo aud interesting cha
racter. Committee of Arrangements- Louis
Herbert, H. M.oyer, Robt. Brlbach.
January 2S-cidtil.
Mr, J'ltllip I'ltiuips, 1110 tociwisi aim
song writer, fa lied to fill ills appoint
ment li this clt.v Saturday nigM, and
Mill not visit Cairo nt all. The disap
pointment was soverely felt, particularly
by those parties who had traveled a
lllslanco nf forty m lies and Incurred an
expoiiEo'of'threo ot four dollars to hear
him.. Hundreds ol' porsons wero not
Informed of his failure until they visited
tho church and found It uullghtcd and
jcloscd. ,
The excuse given iiithat members of
ills family wero too 111 t o permit Ids ab
honco. .Ho cannot be beamed. for It; but
ho certainly subjected hi msclflo censure
by neglecting to tclegra ph In tlmo to
.Btayall expenses in tho vy of advertls
lug, etc.
Wnalilnt;tou Ilnll, Tcli, -IU.
' o
"lA'Qrnnd Masquerade Ball will be glveu
as above, uuder tho auspices of tlio Cairo
Turners Tho publlogtMierally Is Invited
tot attend : tho lniinaireiiieilt nletluiuir
'tli'erhselve tha pp ,efior will bo nparod
ton rentier tho occasion duo most
.pleasant and entertaining to ull who
rpapy, nttend. ,
coJiMivrin: ok aiiuaniemknt :
. " . B. BltlllACH.!
B. Weil. t
t ii,
Anticipating sucli action as will soon
place funds to credit of tho Cairo custom
house, some of the slaters have arrived,
to punch and pr'epuro tlieslato for use. It
is fxpectel:tb3t llii' building will bo suN
Jlclontly advanced to allow of tho re
moval of tho post'ofllce, by next fall,
Ilnno., ar-vliK Mrtcliliit JIn-lc.
A. Sumner's celebrated piano fortes,
indorsed by tho highest authority, and
thosamo as used In the Conservatory of
Music, are rented out by J. C. Carson,
nnd the rent applied to the payment of
the prico of the piano. Sewing machines
ou same terms. Sowing machine find
ings, piano stools nnd covers, sheet music
of tho latest publications, etc, on moder
ate terms. A popular pleco of music
given gratis to all purchasers of music.
Mr. Atkinc, Mr. A. Sumner's regular
ly employed piano tuner, will arrive In
tho city In a few days, nnd will lake
orders for piano tuning nt $5 per year, 32
first quarter and $1 each subsequent
quarter. Orders for piano tuning may
bo left nt my rooms, corner of Eight aud
Washington, or at the Conservatory of
Pianos fold by mo aro kept In tuno
two years, free of charge.
Thousands of mothers aro constantly
speaking In exaulcd terms of commend
ation of the magical efTect of Mrs. Whit
combs Syrub for soothing Infanta and
teething. d & w 1 w
Tlie joint or union Sabbath schoo
meetlng.at the M. E. church, yesterday
afternoon, was very largely attendedl
the largo building being compactly
filled. Thero wero nt least throo hun
dred children present, and all of them
teemed well pleased with tho exercises.
IS- !
Steamer Dan. Able, Columbus.
Colorado, Alcmnnis;
8t. Joseph,
Marblo City,
lleury Ames,
Nick Wall,
St Louis;
Alice Dean,
Motile Able,
Ida Stockdale,
Emlllno LaBarsc.
Fayette, Evansvlllo;
Ham Orr, Uo
A. Baker, Tcnn River;
Steamer Dan. Able, Coluinliiu.
Lenal Tender, lt.vansville;
Sam Orr, do
Fayette' do
Wfnncoln, Memphis;
llublcau, Vlcksburg;
St. Jo-eph .St. Louis;
MollloAble, ;do
Marble City, . do
Em. La Barge, do
Indiana Louisville;
Alps do
Diamond do
Virginia, Xow Orleans;
II. Ames, do
Messenger, do
Nick Wall, do
Allco Dean Cincinnati;
Ida Stockdale St. Louis.
Thoweathor has takcu another sud
den change for tho woisc, nnd this foro
noon wo havo been visited by a light
snow storm, which from tlio tempera-
turo bid fair to terminate In a rain
The mercury ranges in the neighbor
hood of 38 degrees.
Tho river has fallen about 18 Inches in
the last 24 hours.
Tho Mississippi Is receding a little at
St. Louis.
Tho Ohio Is falling at Pittsburgh with
f feet iu tho channel; 2 feet per day at
Cincinnati, and atLouisvillo with 0 feet
10 inches In tho chute over the falls.
Tlio Nick Wall brought for Parker &
Blake 3 boxes Glass. Chas. Qalllghcr o
boxes do, C. It. Woodward largo lot
Mimlrles. C. W. Henderson lot stoves.
The Talisman Is the Nashville packet
this evening.
Tlio A. Bakor Is tlio Tennessee river
packet tills evening.
J'or City TreuNiirrr.
Vi'a are.authorucil to nnnounco lt. JOHN HY
LAND, as a candidate for re-election to' 'the o'tflce of
Oity Treasurer. te
We nr authorial in announce Hint J. n. TAVLOK
will bo a candidate for Oily TreiMtrcr, at llio ensuing
chartcrolectlon. ' Jntitd
For flljr Clerk.
Wfiiroimlliorlied to anuouncq that WILLIAM II.
lOEUlS U a candldato for the oIIIcq of City C'crUat
tho ensuing charter alivtion. te
We ore authorized lo announee that JOHN 1IKOWN
Is a cnndiditt) for tho otHue of City Cleric, at the ensu
ing charter election. JanlStd
We areauthorized to announce that J. C CHOW
LET will bo acandldato for theofflco nfl'lly CleiU at
the cnniln? charter election, janioiil
' For City tlarahnl.
We are authorized to announce that .MICHAEL
1IAMWMUK, will bo a eandidaU for re-election to tho
office of City Marshal at tho ensuing tnuulci(l lea
lion. " ontd
Wr are authorized to announce that JOSEPH AU
NOLI) will boa candidate for the office of Ojly liar
ah&l at the ensuing charter electlonf ' te
We aro authorized to unouuc that DANIEL Ms
CAUTHY, present clilefof police, will bo aandidata
far thuollkeof City Marshal at tho ensuing charwr'
tleetlon t ts'
M-Tyy tT"-c,;jt.";j;j-'
A liberal reward will U pals' tho finder by sandiof
Information to Cnlm Hald Uirco wan. 130 feet Ion if,
decked iter, marked N. J. llilry .on aide, and had a
tin number 3 or i on the end. It got away from Cairo
nnd vraa turned bottom upwards.
fcW-dlm A, h. HHOTWEI.L PfiN,,
' Tli fttltntton of H'.rdwaro donlnrs.'Cnr nn4 Ifoui
1 liuildrrn anil owners n rc-pcctful'y Invited to tho
Pet out, Never-Failing, Self-Locklni
"Window Fast'
Tlili U tlecideillr the best nnd moot important In!
tentlrtn of mndoni tiinf.. 1 "Impllclir mi won
Jot fill adaption both for homo and car window ii
jrfoctly H-toundlii:j, Rccoompll-hinKeterythlnK thl
poMlbljr he di-jlrcd, nnd ytl heinR chMptr tluo
ny othor window fmt. hor houm wlmlows It dill
. -uf with the weights nnd piillftyAprrntiiiKequnl
If ( II on tho top nnd bottom sli, nlluwing either lo
be riiidcil or low cred a much or n little at wlthed to
neoliro Tcntllntlon,ind yet Iw locked (pcurelyatetorr
oint, from tho Intruder or burglnr. nnd wlllneter
get out of order. It has tho pecullnr element of
lii'lfntltelf In wluleter position you leare it. For
eteatn or hone car wIomowi they are finlihnd In
variety ol stylos, making n i-Ugant finish to the oar
windows, and tho only arrangement erer InlroUueed
that ran nerer fail.
Tliel(one past for sale liy all hardware dealer.
Llbfiml Indncrmcnts to lo agents. Bend for descrlp
lue circulars and prices, etc.
1 111 Fcdcral-at., Itoston: 7T Chinber.st., N. Y.
.iu-svj.ui ,iihu':u vuicr, oo iirsruorn-si., vnicsffo.
i-. uLsrs, wen t traveling Jiganc. retH
of the conJItlen, of
of Cairo, llllnola,
At ol business, January 2Jd, 1IT0.
I)ans and duconnu.,.,..,
tiin.nt m
l.irW U
100,000 00
v,oon oo
19,491 it
35,671 23
sa.sit 80
U.H. llonds to securo circulation............
U. H. llonds on hand
Other atoek, bonds and mottgajic........
Ime from lUdecminicand Resarre Aienls
" " other Natienal Danks
" " other Danks and Hankers
Hanking IIouso,...,
Other Ileal Estate,
Current Kxpenses.
Taxes paid
19,314 07
44 ett
A li
3.101 li
2,675 00
Cash items (Including slAmps).
inns 01 rimer fiauonai uaniu
Hpecloteoin) ,
Leffal Tender hov
20,000 00
3,0W 00
Mutilated currency for redemption...
1132,791 15
Capital stock........ -.. -.. f 100,000 00,
Surplus KuuJs...... 23,00i) 00
Kxehani;o 2,ls3 Rl
Interest . 1,WS VI
I'rnflts ana Iisse 17,30. 00 I0.7i U
Clful.uion oullsndlag.. 60,000 oo
Indlridiial ilepoilt .. 211,171 M
Ime to Honks nnd Bankers IIDIJ
Dividend unpaid , - 43 03
U3,71 U
Htato of Illinois, 1
County of Alexaniler. fM
LA. II. ."artoni, Caihlerof tlio City National Dank
of Cairo, do solemnlr swear that the. aboT statement
is true to tho best or my knowledge aid belief.
A. II. UAPFOKD, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before m this 23th day of
January, A. 1. laTO,
II. II. CANOKK, Notary Fnblle.
Correct Attest
W.r.IIALLinVY, ")
It. II. (Ul.MNINOIIAlf, y Directors.
of the condition of the
of Cairo, llllnola,
Saturday, January 21d, U70.
Loan and discount - - i... t 0,S1( SI
Dverdrufts .....-................ 703 20
1) S llopdstoseourecirrulstmn 11,200 00
Other stocks, bonds and mortgages n 12.7SO 33
I' H Itondi and securitlca on luoid . 3,310 U
I mo from IlmleeiiiinR and lies errn ocents. 18,424 IC
' ' other National ll.nln .. I,M 33
Due from other Hanks and Hankers l,tW 4
Ileal Ktate........ 43,011 a
Furniture and Fixtures . 2,2a M
Current Hxpentes . ,4G3 H
Tuxns pld. . .. 2,4sO 34
ltemlttanees In transit 743 U
tlasli items Including tinp............... tiS 00
Cali on linml. Hills of other
National Hanks Jll,f5l CO
Krwllotml eurruncy...H.M I'.tn 03
Sp-X'ltt . O.V) 03
LeiialTitklvrNrit".. 13,iJ!IOO
49,797 10
293,lOI 17
Capital stock paid In....,
I!xchaUi.. ..
J 100,000 CO
S7.V7I 44
3,373 M
LIK-' 31
Dun other Hanks and Hankers
Natlunol Hank circulation outstandln
00 U
A J I Ml
ImllTldual deposits.
jrjj.cos n
I, C. N. Huqhes, Cashier of the First National
Honk of Cairo, llllnola, no solemnly swear that the
ahotustatcment is true, too the best of my knowl
edge and belief. C. N. HUCHKK, Caahler.
fe'worn and suhcrlted to lefor tnn this, 31st day
r.f January, 170. ,S. it. HAY, Noury rublit.
Correct Attest: I), HURD.
H. It. HAT,
J'nlldlw J.T.KKNNIK,
Thren Farms. One or all will lie sold or eifkaaie for
Cairo city propvrty. Uouireof
A Knre Collection. Kowlaud'a Kexelpta.
Maglo Arts, Discoveries, eta., comprising TaluaWi
Information for everybody, riant by mail, (free ol
posta;e) for (0 cents.
Address H. K. NOUMANDr, 301 Market strest, St.
I-out. Mo. s7dawl-
Mnlrlielor'a llalr ljrr.
TiirBrsTisiiix Mii-oes not contain lead-no
vitriol poisons to patnlvzo the system or nrodnca
de.uh, It Is perfectly harmless reliable Instantan
eous. Avoid the vaunted and delusive preparations
liatiutf vrlue they do not possess, If you would
cacapo tho danger, The genuine W. A. Hatchelor'a
Hair Dje has thirty ) ears' reputation lo uphold Its
integrity. Hold by Diufi-lsts. Applied at 10 Hand
Mreet, N. V. Nov-IJAwly
Drake' ColleclUt
Of nearly one hundred receipts for maVlsg brandy
all kinds ol Wine, Oln, Alo, Deer, Cordials, Superior
Cider, and much other useful Information for those
de&llnslnor manufacturing any of the above, eltbei
fertile trade or homo use.
Bent by mail, free of posta-e, for (0 cents. Address
It, K. NOUMANDr, ftUl Market street, St. Lonls, Mo.
If Tom Waal
Material to make dollar bottlo of the best llalr Re.
atoratlre ever usod for restoring gray hair to IN eri
Insl color, lend 33 cents for a paekagt.
If You H an 4
Nice Whllo Teeth, Healthy Gums, and t sweet breatli
send for our TURKISH DENTKIKHE, price, 34
If Tou Wmit
A sure cure for Ilea laho, Catarrh, Deafaess, or baa
ting in the earij send for our HTEKNDTATOkT
l'rtcq 33 cents. . .
un.Eithrof ttieaboTO seat post-paid en reeelpt
ol urice.
Address Jossph K.iLt'har, 431 Markit street. St.
Louis, Mo, 27 Ivdaw
AN K&SAT FOIt YOU.NO MEN, en I'hyalolwifea!
Errors, Abuses and Plseaiei.lucldent to I. nth and
F-rlrMnriood, which creato (impsdlajents to MA1U 4
ItlXGR,' tvilliaure meoua of rellsf., fieutln sealed lat
ter envelopes, free of charge. Address, Dr. 8, BKIL- '
LIN HOUGHTON, Howard Aisoclatlon, Phlladel-
nhl. P i,f 1 - ..or.l.s.
Womsn una Norial Uvll.
RstMi m YovKa'Miw;-Tk'tfHa'Mtlmkt'or wa'f
man the happiness of an honorable) roorrlaas the t
fearful 'Social Evils of the day, the cause and curs. I
bent free, Iqae-oled; eoTelopes. Address, HOWARD
ARSOOIATION. IIox'P.'Fhllsdelphla, Ta.

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