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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 08, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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The Coutinental Is tho only cook stove
wltli eliding oven doors. Warrunteil In
all respects, l'ltclier & Henry, at 102
Couiraoroldl nvohue, cor. AHh'.strtat. . 5 J
The Sk'NIchoFaa iillllard Hall .-on
oftlio lurgest and best furnMied In the
country. It I tho resort pi botli citizniiM
and strangers wliViiiduigo blflfdrd play-
Notice-In heTx-llr or Alcxa';iSr Ct
i will ne In my office at the court house
every day during this month for tho pur
pose of receiving State and County taxes
now diJ OalrjiJIl. Feb. 1st ,1870 ',i
fcMdBi. A ' ' L.H. MYliltS Collector.
The must styll silk hats xtre Invari
ably found at" 1 Ki-fTs, No."-9, Ohio
Levee ut price that defy competition.
None but the best goods iti that Hue to
be found at this house. tf
I'urnlshluK Oootte.
Tho com pie test stiich of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In the city , is to be
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
be a remarknbl6 want, Indeed, In this
line that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at the very lowest figures ruling In the
market tf.
. . .
The river has fallen with an almost
unprecedented rapidity during tho past
fortyelght hours, without however,(
leaving any of our shipping ''grounded.1'
Tho fall has been sufilaicnt already to al
low of the opening of the sewers. The
resultiis that thoso accumulations of .wa- i
ter that our youngsters had marked out
as future skating parlf arorapldlyMlls
apppearing. Pnht ltrtajmiiajr
Is the exclamation of every lady who in
dlscrerventures, to APply jthejpr-
.illnflry'hnfr dyes' oV "colors" or restor
ers" to her whitening ringlets. Mud
and tar are scarcely more abhorrent.
Not so "lhalon's, VilaUa, or Salvation
for tne HaVr." Nothing defiles Its freely
finwlng crystal. There Is no sediment,
no gum, uo foul gas., It is harmlcssand
Its operation perfect What n discov
ery! d & w 1 w
Shk ifau.
Tbe'stock At illkhats At Miller A Mill
er's comprises the very latest styles and
tho finest make of tho season. Tho
varjety Is very great, the stock Jarge,
and prices have been regulated to bar
moulre with tUo times. Call in and ex
amine. , tf
WfeMa Ba4 Mlilcwalk Coet.
For the first time In her history the city'
of Cairo is now called upon to pay dam
age on account of her dilapidated side
walks'. Mrs. Ann Redman, an aged lady
while passing along Seventh street, wo,
thrown violently to tho ground by a dis
placed or broken plank in the sidewalk,
and received Inluriea thai confined, her
to hit bed and rodra for months. Hllo,
iuitltuted suit against the city for dam
ages, and yesterday evening the. case
cimo on for hearing', and resulted in ver
dict In her favorJl.WQ
A reconstruction of the sfdcwalk, on
account pf wbjcl jthesa dama'eH, weye J
imposed, nau ueeu oruereu wccks anu
months before tho occurrence of tho ac
cldenty byt, tho orders weeot odeyed.
Haul Gerrtl.
At 122 commercial Avenue, betweeu
Seventh aud Eighth street, is a first class
house, of entcrtalumcn.t, kept upon the
restaurant or European" style, furnishing
oysters, game or meals on short notice In
the best style. Also elegant rooms and
beds Jar trausleut guests. Patronage :
respectfully solicited. 4 " i
JlStf Uknky Hajiris, proprietor;
Messrs. Miller and Miller have Just re
ceived an unusually large, well assorted
and strictly fashionable supply of piece
goods, to which they qbI; bpeclal atten
tion. The lot embraces the finest cloths
and caslmers over brought to Cairo, and
such a variety of styles that all tastes may
be accommodated. Suits or garments
from these goods are made to order Ii.tho
beat manner aud latest style, and, at
figures that will defy competition. For
proof of Oils they ouly ask to be putupon
trial.' At all events call around and sec
the nqjj .goqds. Jan25tf.
lA WMtUIki M'lir It NhHIcUbI."
A prudent housekeeper purchases the
lt4t and cheapest article for tho kitchen
that can buobtatued. ';Dopley' Raking
Powder" Is the purest,' best, and cheap
est Baklnir.Powderkuowu. One. nound
will eVfuVthef lnthe cuIlna?yTdeUVP
tnent than any other In market, and is
&q teed to pjoducp more
t?, as tnoingr'edlentstfi
healthy and nutritious. It Is for sale by
allgft,GcerJe.tvvi. uiwKLRrjv
Tcio Kl. XiehetM Motkl "' Hii(aitnl.
This popular. and eligibly located houso
of "public entertainment is now fitted,
and furnished throughout in good style;
and, under the management of Messrs
Walker & Slsson, is doing a large, and
thriving1 business. It is kept upon the
European, plan the guest calllug. for
wbKffre wanta when hwarits u, wili
er in the day or night time; and paying
only fer waa't he orders. Tho rooms arW.
large knd clean, furnished with the best
of bed! and betiding, while all other fea
ture of the establishment are arranged
wiUfilBie?p.fcJaJ yHvto,tb,eicomfprA and
conveaWUe,f thefcuestsi'jo ijaSU .
TsWtBjAr$iiliili UiOnlittd
atNo. 02 Ohio Ivce. JanSl-lmro
oarflbqM4Ami.ortsMHr IT
At a date hourSaturdayalght, a color-;
ed womnn. knowi aa "Aunt Roll" In
form id Vmmd&a m I n ft!Uatlio2 houso
had beot,:1)be a 4fAnd MM h
could, noUt.uttha,httVj)a. .Ap.Qa.
limine on.Hdi streeand outerlngfoiind'
one LoUlsSlierdlauwhom hum opjio ac
cused ofthtfylareeny , Kheridan. with a
ehlhMiknr nlninlicitv rfloutsd : l?No. L
fafjln't take tho' rrioriey. It -waif Jim
r.gnii." wugh asKyu now uu kuuw iiiu
Egan took Hi he promptly replied r UI
stood on tho outside, j and' when Jim
camo out of tlio house, ho showed me
tjio morieyi" Under, the pretext that he
wanted Sheridan to polnt'ou'l Egans
residence,' 'CiJmrofngi,,(66k1Hlb along;;
and was Bppn staudlngfaco to faco with
Egan, whom he had aroused from a
sound bleep. "You nro accused," re
marked Commings, "of larceny of en
terlng Aunt Bell' residence arid 'taking
tierefrotn ?54." To this Egan" eagerly
replied: "Hush, Cummln'gs; say noth
ing about It and I'll give ypu'all thcj
money." 'I'oric it, over," was cum-,
inlngs' rejoinder; .and.'EgattiibiUoNiVff
that he was getting out of a bndscfape
by corrupting an officer, 'proccoded to
"fork."" When' fro had tfaudedove'r
two or threo parcels of bills and frac-
tiinala,aCifnifll& hmX&tftih
all. Kan,replletl,'triat it wasj'- TrKB'tiie
exception of $8 .which he iiatVglveiiloi
'Sheridan, nnd,a small amount, jvlilch
theyhad Inycstcd lu Hprits. "WvU;',,'
remarHcd (.ummingH. "now Uiat jL've-J
,got all the niouej'?Trcan Vdll 'afford to:
treat,'so',come alongaucl. we'JI takosormv
thing." Arrlvlug at Ilia Antrim house,
the trio, entered the ofllrie, wnero, ,In
stead of calling for something "strong
and hot" Cummlngs caife'd.'.fot Sheriff
Myers, who wai fast aklefpt aloft; "All
'f a sudden," Just thon, the thieves dis
covered that Cummlngs had pfayei them
"a mean trick."
They protested that it wuh cruel to dlH.
turb Mr. Myers; "the two of 'em" would
go wltrf Mr! Culnmfng aa will, nny-
whero in tho world. Tho,, object of this
protest and assurance was to ge C. out
alone, that they might Jakpjlje.chanec
of knocking ,hlm on tho head armoV'
coping; but It didn't win. Tllefnterest
Ing couplc'aro now fii tho calalbbao with
lively prosp cts of a five year, sojourn j
In the StiAAfiiRentrary it A i i!Jflf
lllbcFMlaa rite tSUltt
' iiiTirnrnirn"rf?bcTorrKr
to liold their 0th annual ball at
John School' Ilnllo-'G. tt'rMA
on edncday evqnliig, Feb. Oth, 170.
Ah this enminny'iii'rctoyre hasrjecn In
tho habit of having very "well'cbn'dueted
balkii wtere 4l.iooui4iejojrithemstiVv
tho mauagcmeul iutendou thl occa
Ion to spare no time or expense to
make it the finest ball they have ever
held, and one at,, which , eyeJcllten,'
li6uorhig us with their 'presence 'can en
Joy themselves to their hoaWiP con'ltfnt.
a Prof. Elsenburg's string. hand basbeerf
committee ov ajuuoexents:
. . - .Jab. Kennkdv.
John Mu.i.Ktt,
Tim. UflitMANq
Th Pliyalcnt Mfeefn WomWb.
Such Is tho tltlo of a book hi', Dr.
Napheys, on salo at W. B. Rockwell if
Co. It treats ably and in detail, the
three phases of woman's life, viz: 'Maid
.euhood, matrimony unii maternity, pre
seuHagUader.Usjjraf er, buailtallttUiwo,
matters and things, upon an observance
of which tho hAitSJliSpphleWaud even
the lfe of tho female Is dependent. To
married women tho w'oWU'oflnc'arcula
ble value, and uo mother should under
take the rearing of a famllyof'ohlliiren
without recourse to its pages.
ix'iixnu MASQJEniA"IE""',
WaOiln fton Hall, 1U. 3I.
to attend; tho management pledging
themselves thafiiraortWl he spared
to render the ooeasion one most
pleasant ondeutertalnln Jo w,o
may attend.
R. BiiiUACH.
durlnc Saturday "nhTFrtV "o
somo persou or persons effected an en
trance to freight car standing on, the II-.
lluois Central railroad, ftl-'sh6rt dis'turicoi
above Elgkt,)) jeti eetj idreaqvd ihere-
from thirteen barrels mess pork. Unw
articles of their bulk and weight could be
carried off and concealed without at-
I .. -"l-l'Ojri V. IB i t -.Lit xfl 1 WJ?. VuuHrtj
9raD4,Wra ; v'
above, under the allspices of the Cuiro i"S F!V,tl'rfi',1T . , j,.7t
urs. The publloicenerally is invited i-fiTrom UrVeniSck -r.
w " , i.vnf j Iiiu.iiiim 3
veeat'all fibars 6f thff nlcht. "sroiwefl'v;t)"''wW,i ;
our comprehunSloh. It'seems totfi'at'
the removal of tbejpprk to tho river,
its conveyance'-iuPd? mH A&i
.nt.lit an larrvA n. lnr. n nlmiilnr Iiaaii ilia.
VVU. - - ,
posed of? tJetlWdreitfpjpajLts with
'considerable interest.
uod of.t.e.maglCHjt;
.combs Syrub for soothing infants and
Wthlriet. A 0 !JV dAwlw I
f.l l(i'V( 'irciiro.ni.jKebiimt,
Present, hlgJionor.Uio Mayor. CoUii
ollnlen, Barclay '"Jorgen'sn," MaMln,
ReaWen. Wlllla mson, and Aldermen
y urunuie, citrrall,ueniincK8i'iveiinBy,i
,Lohr, Lonegftii, MoKoo and .Mendel
-18. '
A quorum being present tho Board
proceeded to tho transaction of business.
yhereupoir'a,repor? frbnl the' finance
committee In relation to the bill of tho
Rough & Ready fire company, hereto
fore referro'd to them, reporting favor
atly upon tho aarao, was presented and
rread; on motion tho report was received
;4i?l filed. , ,
Tho slfal committee on'St! MarJ's
Park reported a contract for bulldliu a
fence ftrouild said Park, which contract
'Was on motion amended so as to limit
the tlmo.for the completion of said fsnco
'to the 16th of June, 1870, in lieu oftho
1st of-ilaynd-by !filllng.thc blank. r.e
erring to Tllquldated damages wjth the
wbrds "fivo htlndred dollars." On.
im'otlon received and ordered -on file.
'Alderman ,McKco Xheu moved that tho
committee uo,Justr,uuted to comparo tno
contract wltli Ih'o ordinance lately
adopted- ralatjoito, ealdarji,
,7cennin wuciuor or noi mo coniraci is
:in accordance with tho same.
r Tlfd.'Maydf .th.erl anrionhced that he
'had appointed' .the following named
gentlsmon-Bsaeomraittee on - manufaef
luring, vU: . t.rt
P. V. Bnrolavi Ix)ui Jorgouaen ; Select
.Couucllnicn. jot ' Mendelf 'John''Wr with Instruction to confer with Mr.
IcKcc, James Konnedy; Board of Al-I Schcel, for an Explanation of Hie miit
Uermcn. 'iyahretlluni; W.' W'Thorn- 1 tcr. ' '
ton, John T. Itenuie, S. S. Taylor; Cltl- ! Pctltiou of John Kohler, In re-
zetin. Y Hereupon Jxiuls Jorgenson,
ttS8tffirtoh'T50ofVJd' t coinnlttcereported'
the following resolution and "moved its ;
ResoAVtCVhatftls IncXnedreh't'to ye-'
cpmrneutLany fXtetislQii of aid to manu-,
i a c Hirers uiiiii we uavo iime to near
from tire clroulnrs sent otit, and wo ascer
tain the kind and umouut.oCald whloh
may be" reVpilred.
Received and atlbpted.1
' The Mayor alwyaunouncod that ho had
nppMntdd,Ih accordance with resolutions
.lieretofoio adopted, the following named
geutlemeu.aaajconimltteofon roAdf, viz;
Jas. S. Hcarden,rO.- D ;. llllamson,
if 4
from Select Council. Ja. Carroll, "Wm.
Lonergan, from the Buard'otiAideralenl;
dJt. Lluetrar; RPHVCunniagha'ret Wra.
Stratton;ritizoue. .r
II ltEl'OftTS,
ttenortof B. Shanuestv. nollco macU-
trate, for December,- 1S03. i '
Of A. Can,itnVrket matter for Decern-
jjqr, ISO , aq'Janqiry, IS70 ( , !
ui Jonn uu minings, ponce coastauie,
Tof Doce mjliirjiseo, ..and Jjxtv iry,xl6J0.
Of P. aud W. O'Callohan, police con
stiblesf for Dcnember, 1669,, and Jan-
ury, J
Of 'J
foj- Jsr
Joeph , ArttoluV polleejycopstqble,
Of M. Ittmhrlr-tr. nlfv mnrahnl. for
January, 7870.
'js r fh
" were severally road, and on motion
recelved'and ordered filed ' '
Repprf of O. JJ. Lyoij, clty. .pomptroller,
To the Honorable th M yor an City Council oftho
C. f Cift, litlnol. ,
OEjrrjiEMKj' In pursuance of the re
qurrurueiitrt uf the City Charter, 1 hero
with submit the following statement of
tho'ilnaWces'ofthe'elty' for the'six
'months ending Janaary -ith, 1870:
lUcrlp-t bd Epnlltur'a from July 4tli,
Jaxjuary 4ti, f0. ,
IhlTVpnnry'julv llh;l3, f J,tr4B'
ltfc'tl from i'ulicr uclirati-, 779 bi
" Jfronl'Wwntf J.713 is
" from Urlfftt..w.,.. ' 77 ) ,
from llondi, naloof.. .. l!3,nw
" from J II viand, collator 4V(""
1W9, to
1 I
from M Watch, Ei.Col'r 49
' from Foi. Hnward iCo.
I'RftanTI thrAMI
rtp iUrrrndMC'ip. IM.W.vt,
. from J'
' 'tntctUkt
sit actwint'ii .w. .
40i4aiL mv.-
By Scrip redfcmfd.
y-MMk ktMir,vi im.taiM tfj -HT'I
tt75.tM M
rtl jui'
A i.i
IntereitKunafcJl. S10,t-77 -
Gner.(t Fund 739 7.
font Infcnt' Kund...cu vi ur
(itrcnlwtlcFuiid 2W
Killing 1 tira'tiiiK KM 0
V. Hi Co., Mr -T,l9 W tW.TlJ tl
" -I !. . .1- i
,MIW2 ii1
Beiriije-d Vfa:ttra.cutvif . C4 f.BinpXwti ,?d- !
vbat appropr Intlon for trie u nionfht endln); Jn- T
.ivj,h ICTn villi .tnnnnt FMilprrtAil AnH rAnrltd
S70. with at
Outif,MnsJu1y4,th; Ut....:.l2,T37 wia..-:
1'rintrnjf indwrtiiihutiiii.1 - --
mnvi in , I"' - j
cifctii tjficeaa ., JW.xiir iiMf noxl Jill
Kjrr7itmcnu. " f I
Gas. 972 CIO
.!.! I Hi
-nutatre '1M K ' I
.ft S.!.0.!! 7 K . !
. . n VvaSSAv m
Ua reueJrntSBna'rahVeW Or4VUI.MJ
i(!iwr OtiUmtiiUBfl thii di
JtmuaeaH iTeanary mwul
' 1 klMil lu . I
... i , i i
'Hal .flit
, .... .......J J-fi.t,-.i.,,lklhwli
.'. . ..vm. : . - "
luntofliou'l WnrrHnt.fo lt& Wml fi!
1U f
f "H w t n &
8Utn,uIQd nd'rederwd from jUi7
4th,ifft,wjannri.iT.' '!.ajiia.j"
BCrl"'mt by JoWH;'
land. TrcMiirer .i...-!... S.3W OOi
By UI outstanding this dt. 2MMt l
tttxriiAiitoitikcic lBiTii iXi 1170
iloivli out.tunUmg 1171,032 W V
Kkrtp ouiMbuJIbk 12,737 II
Duti W T llerwert,Kjt-Ti r I 3i
Treasury Unn.m i,ln 31 ' t
htt am't In Traaury includ- . 7
iiitfiTreniury Draft... "B,T3 49
,. ( "" , 2Sa,0lO K
innimiDnui jikuamt 4, 1870,
ltondjoutitndlngihliUy,.. lJM 1
Bcrip 14,254 SI
Duo W T llerwart, Kz-Treai... 1 31
Duo Fairbanks Co, fJcalej.... 275 00
TrcaMirT Draftl.i.. '4,lJi.M
Ls amount in handi of Jol
4,WO M,;-
Mot feiipeolfully Bdbmltltd,
J4 UiVt.i
City .Comptroller.
n n r vaw
A petition from Jas. 6. Heywortb., of
Cblcago, praying the Council to have at
ouco rem.oved, the building known as tho
"Market J3buse," as.In his opinion It Is
ageueral nuisance and detrimental to
rtbo Inures tot tho olty.
- Alderman .Menuel, moved that the
Mayor appoint a Committee, of 3 and that!
tho petition ho rercrreu to saia. commit
tee. Motion' carried.3
The MnyWappolnt'ed as suili Codsmit-1
tee, Alderman Mondel, McKeb and JOr-i
'"'Petition froai John'Schoelt pra'ylnglae
- Counclbto jefUnd certain monies, which7
he paldora license not used.
Referred, to the Committee on Claims,
latlon to discharging fire arms, in tno
obrporato UmlUbf the City, wasread'and
on motion -referred tq tho.ordlnance com
mlttco, with instructions to draft
an ordinance as prayed for.
Bill of tlio "Arab FIro Company,"'
quarter,, teudlng December 31st, 1?9,
amounting to $"0fSO, presented and read,,
and referred tc tho' finance commlttco
i under tne ruei. - , ' r
There being n6 ftirlhor buslnesi-'tlie1
cuuuuii aujounii'u r
A Sunn Vay to Save Monbv. Buy
Jyoar clothing furnishing goods,hats,-caps
bdots and shoes, atP, Nelf!- 7fi Ohio
Levee. He is now closing out tils entire
stock nt actual cost since January 1st,
1S70. tf
ThTfatsftig of pVus aii(f1jlatS?3r
belts ln7Hfh' vlclhlty of ElghteontHTVtBd"'
Poplar, wanot, as some perdons surjp
ed, tho mere whttn of a lot of mlchl'uv
ous boys. MFar dlffjreot." It hatl.Junt
i.i i -ii..a rn.. Il(tlf
IIL-n " na lin U irnnnrallv nnllnrl liiait
taken to hlmiclf a wife in tho pursou of
Mrs. Kearney. Therefore the cAsntevJ, O
Mike jtracefully succumbed, aud clrcu
t.nLli.!.i... ttX. '.X,a- i
ifrescoed himself from the Inilietioa'of
Jew more "tnuea." , . ,r
MAciirsTiyK,coAT3 ready made' and
matlLtD.grdvrJtUhoJjc?t oXjyleJt
Keff's No. 70 Ohio Levee. tf.
Every body
Barclay Bro's.
uses Wizard Oil, and
sell It cheup for cash.
Patronize homo Institutions'..' Buy from
the Barclays. ' 1 iJi
i i
, Norman's Chalybeat Cough Syrup.
Try It; For salo by J. 8. Humm. . r.
d & w 1 w
IManoi, Kewlua; 'MncblBta nmd Sfuile.
t A. Sumner's celebrated plauo fortes,
Indoed by the hlgheht authority, .ard
the'samo as used in the Conservatory of
Music, nro rented out by J. C. Carson,
utid tho rent applied to the payment'of
tho prlco of the piano. Sewing machines d
on aame terms. Sewlug machine find
1 iugs, piano stools and covers, sheet music
of the latest publications, etc, on moder
ate terms. A popular piece of music
given gratis to nil purchasers of music.
Mr. Atkins, Mr, .A. Sumner's regular
ly employed piano tuner, will arrive tn
lhoUyiDjKfei4'iyfir9d 1111
('orders for piano tuning at 15 per year, $2
first quarter and $1 each subsequent
Quarter. Orders for piano tuning may
be left at my rooms, corner of Eight and
WasWgttJrVor at tne Conservatory '"of
Pianos sold by mo arc kept in tuno
wo years, free of chnrge.
Why buffer from a bad .cold when(you;
u;sw a ouwie or nrinn' .y
I'beate Cough Syrup from J. 6. Huram.
scarfs, Eugeule scarfs, just r
P. NefPs, No. 79 Ohio Ivee.
received at
Genth Bhawu at Cost the fluent in
tnnrket at P. Jeff's, No, 7p Ohio Levee.
P. Nkkf's Stocic of coatlogs, cassl
meres aud v swings is unsu;pa8Jso.,d,f .
''riuallty and slylo-and wilfbe made to
order at low prices to reuuee tne eireauy
i 'it
jreiaBjiuQusjwcK on.nauu. (, i,
PUfttier&'Uetiry's large stock of sard
ware, cuuery, ioois, ioven, uuwrw.
......... 'it....' "at.
Will he sold wlthAfCWuop,
tin-tori stylo and at falrtllvlMf oif t'ger-
u'o r,-; - V - .fi.'.' ' ,lntllVre
to P. NetTs, No-790ilvIv" ,,,iivfci
The lm H. wjjaj H 9l er greaee.
TV octftanil-futy 4tti
lnusJlirttlcinrat r.H.a
nrav'muA niUT Hea "ailvprtlanmiinlf-
yvhr Dan't. Yaw "O far 111m."
There are persons In avery commaaKy '
who regard it the especial protlnee ofM
tho newspapermnn'tn' vfiTritTWrMh "grsr-
ery Individual whp uay Kmgrtw; the
Iplaw or lufllct Injury upon tho perqa.or '
property of his neighbor. Such and 'sucn )
a man, they 8y.cuvers:hts vJUlanJiitisy
tho cloak of religious pretensions. Why
don't thomedltor uncloak tho rascal?
Such an'd'sach a rxfan feeds' upon taxes
levied upon prostitution i j Why don't
tho editor exposo hlsa,?. Sck ftrxMs.ik. it .w
known to.l a gmblsr.'aniJiUUlYed ,
to be a thief. Why don't the editor de
nouncehlm assuch? And such a man
wronged r?w out of a htfddred'dollars If
the editor was half a nan he would'koli' r ' m
up tho vllllan to pub)W,fxecrtion I f ' D
Wo may do the gentlemen who thus
complain of edltorlal'dellnqnenoft' trrlrf
deal of Injustlco; lilti we canVdlsp" el the
notion that their complaints are the'sug -w'V
gestion of cowardice. They are, ordlnar-a
lly men of common sense, and being so,
they know very well .that . the oolttsaasof
their local paper aro always open to
thom te denounce tho outrages of which
they complalnrafJlBelaw 'ffcoper
'signatures. Why don't they avail then
sel verfbf thVb'ppbfrtiHttles'thuan,rWe'tt
led? For the simple aid oly reason
that they are unwilling to involvethem-
solves In diraoulry-tScsoetytt weekltti'J
'past since wb wero importuned by a cltl-
t i a! - .
7pn of Halrn. In nznosA th wrnnrdnlno.
of our paper. "QlvSHrm ln;'' urged
our ImpoituaaUR aequalBtane:it.,,ltt
don't hilx me up In the dirty mess, for I
don't w.anttO)havtny thlag t do witk Inl
it." "Perhaps," we rejoined, "the abused 1
iudivIdiTarwilI dema'u'd 'personal satis:
faction, In that event shall we refsrjhlm
to you as our authority?" "Well, no, of
course not," was. tkerrejolnder; I havsr.OT
Just remarked that I don't want to have
anything to do with itl" 4
Tblelbtfrvklttsfls a'Mr sasapleof tkeee"
who would CQnvert.thlooal.fraes Jnto a
"Bloody.Tomahawc" or "Moral Broadly)
nxei" They wo"u(d make a eats-paw" o"ut
of tbe eaUor.to'h'andle the hot ohasauU"', ,
of the w'liole community. " ,M
We-HtaH is Mn'fotraM rrhftvlawr'
tho past, vl?lt injintme.of deterred se
verity that claw of wrongs and outrages) '
that aro calculated to efRjct'the'commuJ1)
nlty lu whlchjwoj jlyej butvfeaveijnot
and shall n'oti enter Into tho 'private
.man because anothor man, who is afraid,
or Unwilling to denounce,, him over his
own signature, may desire us to do so.
KTTho "paddUsrefww.ftWa(4oUiinir-
'rilblies us sufficiently active employment.
.The flotiiw or wuoio eeaiaunityj we .ox
only In lmU and cawatP. Cell's. No. 79 .
.(Ohio Levee.
tf. 13
roar and less than cost to close out at
f P. KcsPs, 3b. MrOUto Llveer Jaflllt&t
' " n
se tnuer'a
t never
A QIUY MAKE, atmott hU, aUut fourUta
i ii, tv unit 1iMa.i uvt.
handahljtn, and about Ta old. Kpad from,
llio unilnr'fruJ, avtrt St; C'liarl, latl nifhf, lUiJ
aildlc, btldUaiid iri.t rone on hr, with two new y
bridle blta tied to the aaJdle. Any peraon IutId j taken
up aij are,or. wriv cau.ryriinn laior
nrtt'bfi'suiiftUy- rewarded 6y laarfnc
ratal ton eao-
wordUie CU(I jlJleUnoWqe.
j v . J. A. WUiX
A liberal reward will U paid tlio finder by aendiBC
Information to Cairo H!d barge waj 1M feet looj,-,.
decked 'ivt-r, marked N.J. Uiglry, on aide, anj ha4 Akvl
US niiinlw.-Sbr 4 on tlio end. ItRotaway f;i Cairo
and waa turned bottom upw ardt.
eFetr Oily Treneurcr. .iui
We 'jwmstaowMd, to aiouelr 10H H.'WlTn
LAND, ajacandlJatofunq.elffitlqnto theoCBce .of,. .
CitrTrei.urer. Un -7 e.HtJ
We are authorlted to anijounc? Ihat J. B. TAYLOR
will bacindfdq forOiljr 3"ifaurr, at. the ensufof'tid
charter election. . . JanUtd
gf For ttiy Clerk.
We arlilhiwd .? loaotince t&f WlLMAH . ir.,,i-J1
ItOniAafaJdldiiU) for lbs office of Cltr CrlcaiVS.
,tbf ouiuioffcturtoralcctloii. te' '. m4t
We ara attthftrlied to irinpUuce that J01W 8R0WS ',
la a candidate for the ofnee of City Clerk, at Ibeentu...
ling charter election. jaalltd
We aroautlioriwd toajiuouiice that J, ,C, CKQW,.''
J.F.Y will boa enndldste fur the Offlc ofCltjr Clerk at '
the enting charter election. JaaSOtd',
m Fer CtlTwamluJ. " ,
We am mjioriifd ty ocnounea tW VICUAJEbiJVMM
iUMllilICK, will boacndJdaUfirro-elrUontokm -t
office of Oily Mt'rjhal at the-enjmjns municipal elec
rV, " fantd"M
j; t . iipif
j' .Wo am autijoria! to announce that J06EPU AR-
Q!,I will be eandf dale ror the omoe or Olljr Mar
lial atlheeuiiuluKchartiuHealidrfy i 1 ie.Hf
,i"li'e aro autborlied tn announce that PANIKL Mc-
caiitiit, prelt,cntTorj)oncc; w(ii y ppaiau
for the office of City Marahtl at the caaulna 'charier
elwtlon 1 v i f ' 't.
' THHOAT, - " ;
jftequirca l'mme4jt8 'lint(Cia, .ki
nrecl often, rull tn an 'liWuraV
Mutton, - y
Hrewa's stretioklal Trec4)ei
I uie them to clew and etrtiil tlut aextoat .ateaull .eil
fcwtiiertiMitood iev)UmMimrmu'''
'rrjkhei.-B'aar woimleaa awfeWIT'htWeraty "
bLwvu juBAKisutT. Tn namwa
I r . i Ui.n J r tianU -A sU
.TVnfi'ikl.aallMl.H.'... I - - - 1. ..- . lU 1.1 11 I .. ...
' . 1 . ... .. U J
tr f snfj .cxTHafr irr. w;

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