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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 09, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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' WENDAY, FEBRUARY 1), 1870', , (
Hop White's patent churn for sale at
the Post-Office news stand.
Aspleudedlo, ot calf.booU and al.,
rswlllarivo at P. Nell's nekt w6ek
id will bo sold low forcusli. tf
and will bo sold low forcusli.
i r j' ";r..,f."J 1 "
For V.ity Attorney.
Mr. I' E. Albright Is in the Held for
the olllceof City Attorney, and wisely
makes the fact known through tho col-
umdrf of the UhiHetltfj'rvyho will tritfd tip
hlsglttUlot? v K' I
The Continental Is the only cook stove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
nil respects. Pitcher 6c Henry, ut 102
CommercJal,ayenuu, cor. 12th streets j
novSOtf - J ''
lOfl ijozkn lato stylo Hats, and others.
at cost, for this month only, til Petor
NefPs, No. 70, Ohio Levee.
Call and examine the stock and prices
before you make your purchases, and
don't forget your pooketbooks. tf
xno bi. -Muuoiasjjiiiiara Hall Is one
of tho largest and best fuminlied In the
country. It Is the resort of both citizens
and strangers who Indulge billlnrd play
ing. JnuMf.
XotUe to the Tax.tinperM of Alexander Co,
I wjll bo In my office at the court house
every day durlngtuls month for the pur
pose of receiving tatu uud County taxes
now duo Cairo JJI. Keb. 1st 1870
feb4ddt. L. II. MYERS Collector.
Carl. Ij. Thomas has Just completed
autjdellv.ered a large .and elegant. kIh
for the 'Bulletin' olllce one that will
deskiiata our l'Jocal liubltntlbn" froiri all
pnrts of the city. As a specimen of sign
painting It is very good, but no better
than Thomas I.H'atilultolfurhhih to any
body else who may honor him with
i'uritlililiix (JuoJi,
The completcst stocli of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In the city , h to, bo
fouhdat Miller amV Miller's. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, In this
llnothat they cannotsatlsfactorllysupply
at the very lowest figures ruling in the
market. tf.
ttllk llrtt.
Thutoukpfxllk haU at Miller & Mill
it's comprises the very latest styles and
the finest make of tho season, The
variety Is very great, the stock lurge,
anu prices have been regulated to bar
monize with the times. Call In and ex
amine. tf
1200 paibh of assorted pants, with
vesta to match, at cobt, at ?so. 7ft Ohio
Ievee. tf
There is a very perceptible diminution
of the slpe-water, notwithstanding thu
heavy mow fall and thaw of the past
rorty-eigniuour. 'ine sewers ar now
doing full duty, ami will ttoon eUtlrelV
obliterate all prospects of j skatlng-'park,
on LAko nnauneMy, tiim winter, at all
At 122 commercial Avenue, between
Seventh nud Eighth street, is a llrst class
house of entertainment, kept upon the
restaurant, or European style, furnishing:
oysters, game or meals on short not ce In
the best style. Also elegant rooms and
beds for. transient guest.., jPnlrojiage,
respectfully solicited.
J12tf Hkniiv Hauhis, proprietor.
Messrs. Miller aud Miller have Just re
ceived an unusually large, well assorted
and Btrictly fashionable supply of piece
goods, to which they ask special atten
tion The lot embraces tho finest cloths
and caalment uvor brought to Cairo, and
such a variety ofstyles that all tastes may
be accommodated. BulU or garments
from theeo goods are made to order In tho
best manner and latest style, and at
figures that will defy competition. For
proof of this tlioyonly ask to be put upon
trial. At all events call around and tcp
the now goods. Jan2Mf,
t,A special communication of tho
XXDeUft Lodgo Xo. 60S A. F, and A.
M. will bo: beldat Masonic Hall at 7
o'clpck Thursday 10th Inst, for work In
theE. a! Degree. Ry order of the W.M
v Jew ett Wilcox, Sec
nX f0tk t Wlie If HulHrlenl.
A prudent housekeeper purchases the
Lett and cheapest article for tho kitchen
that can bo obtained. ''Dooley's Raking
Powder" Is tho jihfoiHf b"ii,,ira"nd cheap
est Raking Powder known. Ono pound
wlll'go fMlier luHho cullnury Ideii&rt-'
ment than any other in market, and Is
guaranteed toproduco more satisfactory
resuHHpW t4 Irlgrdfen lsafe 'hrailei's;
healthy and nutritious. - It Is for salo by
' .
Tho ail. XMUalaa JHothau4 Mm nf ul.
This popular and eligibly located house
of publlo entertainment Is now tltted
and furnished throughout la good stylo;
anil, nrider tho management of Mossrs
Walker A Sissou, is doing a large aud
thriving business. It Is, kept upon the
European ,pla,u thor guest ,cal)lng for,
'wU'he WapU when ho wanto itif wheth
er In tho day or ulght time, and paying
only for what ho orders, The rooms' are
large and clean, furnished with the best
of beds and bedding, while all other fea
tures of the establishment aro arrauged
w(th an especial oye.t.p tho, comfort and
couqVenW.P.UlJpPMln. I iM! :,
M ' " '
ntNo. 02 Ohio Levee. jariM-I:
, parties, tba plaintiff agreelie-tol aoceat
nontin'alMmafea- he &kT8inMi Ik
an article, published Iji,, tiio 'liulletitiMl
about the tlnto of the trial, bofore lab;
Usance fa office, wlilcVj resulted In
c6uvictlon1 mMtkdW
Mnil AY'ityfMXr'TA.tiW-'rfitiMfa'fi.fpA
to, Mr. Mockler' was charged wlth fecelr-i
nig irom Air. ajiukio muuey-ior u grocery
license, uud nrglcoUng lo pay' ltfnto the'
treasury. This oh&rgti was sustained by
;the books and account of; tho olty, but,
In fact, wan not well-founded, and did
Mr. Mockler Injustice, Tub 'jiext. day
after tho publication of tho' artlclowe
corrected thfverror Hi the ''Bulletin' m a
manner as public as the charge" had been
made,' and when an action upon 'll was
commeb,cod,.w.cre ut, Aoaa,io WMMJ
how It could possibly havo worked any
damage to the character of ,Mr. Mooklcr,'
Rut the matter Is settled; and there" Is
an end of It.
Hibernian 1'lre Co. liali
The Hibernian FIro Co.', "No. ipropOHe,
to hold their Otli annual bnll at
John Bchceito Hall, on fcodap" street
on "Wednesday evening,' Feb. ltll,.I87d.
Am this colnpntlyfIetetbfore'.b'afberln,
mo uuuuoi luiving very. wen couuuciu
ball, wlrflftjIJouhl, iijpy thnnifee
the management IiU'pd, on thl occa
slou.to pare .tlmo pr .expeysft Jo,
rnuxo ii lueiincxi uaii wiey 'oavoeTer
held, and ono at Whlottvery ,cllU6a
honoring ii"! with their nreseVfce rati en
Joy themselves lo their hearts content.
----- t
Pro. Elseuburg's string band husbeeu
engaged for tho occasion.
' ' J. 'Hi EnolISi,
JOW.V MlU.rflt,
J mi 24(1 td i .Tiu,.(juitiiN'.
-- -
C'X58I.N( OI.T THE Ks4lHi: Sfdt'K OK
ready made clothing, furuUHlug goodar
boots, shoe, huts, caps, trunks and.valls
cs at P. NetPs, no, 70, Ohio Levee, at
actual cost, for cash only.
Therfeashotbhri;,'a',rfge turhout'ht
the Athcneum last ultfiW'tm the occa
nion of the Orphan Asylum buufflt, but
everybody was well entertained, ,Tup
presentations by the Younf Men's
Dramatic Association, were sprightly
audamiulug; young Gllhouir acquit-"
tlnghlraitelfa tylctlijU reneitcdly
brdtfglie doWthc hdnso." '"
The receipts Will' afford u. HUbntautlal
benefit to the-Asylampwhlch-we-awier'
stand Is In great need pf fends to pay olf
Inn, Nrti 5lnrliliiri unit Muilc.
A. HumiJer's delaVraUid'plaiio fortes,
Indorsed by the highest authority, and
thifanio as ud In Coosecvatyjyqf
MuaIc, are rented out by J. C, Carson,
arid the rent applittu to the puymentof
the price of the piano. Sewing-machines
on same terms. BfWlur machine find
Jugs, piano oti'ols and coven, slieetuiusfc
of tho latest publications, elc.f on moder
ate terms. A popular piece of music
Mr. Atkins, Mr. Av8umner's regular
ly employedjpjauo, tuuc.lJLfli'fi t1"
the city lu a few days, and will tako
order for piano tuning at S5 per year; S2
flpnf nilartar ntil tf unilt bli u At Itnn
. , , , . . '
""TV, "A ' " 1 - ' " x " , v," i. .
Washington, nr at tho .Conservatory of.
Music. J
Pianos sold by me arc kept In tune
two years, free of charge.
'iouTiis'' nova' ANI
u en i j. una iluiw
log at less tliaiiew-jYork ,prlctf, will
be old tliis month, at NefPs regardles.? of
cost.'1 ,n'' ' ltfl
Tim JlbrnliMt Uall Tpnlgltt,
Everybody wfll'be4on''liau aVtlio HI
hern I a n ball to-nlcht. aud tho nrrance
ments are such tha't koverbodj? wUl'bo
sure to enjoy hlmsol McUtile, presl-
uent or tno company, soia worm or
tickets, and other parties sold qulto as
many more, so tho' financial success of
the occasion Is assured beyond contln
Km.. ,nf miB..l nut -n..H
....... ....... . w-v ...
Back coats at less than cost at
P. NefPs, no. 70, Ohloteveo. tf.
' j . jii ' t
The new Btyles of typo that will bo
added to our Job department during the
present weekuwllj.ouabje ttmjn put
letter press priutlug or ncnaractcr vastly
superior to all former achievements in
that line. Wo shall defy rivalry In the
line Vf'curcW; circulars, rotteYHeanV, Mil1
heads, etc., having ordered over thirty
fonts of new type, with au espeolal yIuwi
to I'niprovenientln th'at'dlrcctton'.
steel mlxco Jeans, at 00 rind 'To' eohYs JieFJ
TURi:il MANifcl KItADi:
' '' g ' fa ,frtVI ..ulUU
w;'hi Bleu n ntytlV. nf -'
' tin 0 .iii.u li
A Grand Masquerade Rail will bo given
as above, under 1hCwp1oWof tHtCaro
Turners. The publlo generally Is invited
to attend;' ttitf nhdunge&tuOl rteUgiHrfT
themselves that no eflort will bo npared
'to render ,tlio..occas)on ojio most
'pleasant anu out
Mitt'SlI who
may attend
nrtMui-nrat oFrAKHAMUhUIKNTH d
The suit j.ofyMooJclor; yi.:pbwjy,
libel, has been amlcalily adjuBteu by
niTTO il'BRiftkfofr -iUoiItho"aellverV(ff ou'r ittfn!r,.,II,'nS In-
.U ilt a iHflifiS3'DPtt'Llri
't'.1Al .QSUIO JnnMW.
TlircffTliomn,l Dollnr Worth f WitJV
a nun jewexry nioieit.
ilMo i. rT" i 4 .
Agentlcman whoso name wo do not
choose tcBiulte public, stopped atitlio tit.
Charles Hotel,, yesterday, having In
cliargpntYunlc containing a largo quan-
ity of watches and jewelry, noiurniug
o his 'iiiom aftwr'a short absence be
found his trunk broken opeu, and a case
In whlch.watches, diamond jowelry etc.,
lo the value of $3,000 were enclosed,
missing.4 The most dlllgont Inquiry re
pealed no clue to the'vllllans, aud- up to
this tlmo the affair Is wrapped In the pro
Roundest mystery.
Everybody ues , Wizard Oil, nnd
Barclay Rro's. sell it cheap for cash.
Patronize homo Institutions. Buy from
The Barclays..'- '"' - " ;'
Norman's Chalybeat Cough Sytnp.
Try It. For sale by J. H. Ilumm.
d & w 1 w
The figures prosorited by tho citycomp
troJIcx'icmL'ntPnual jreport. pubished
yesterdayaro wjthout explanation, cal
culated to mislead dio public as to the
annual expenses of the city government)
The reader would yery naturally Infer
that If $32,003 were expended In salaries
'repairs of sidewalks, 'street, ko.f' during
n period of six months', $01,000 would
'be exr&ridc'd lx Wurfng n period
oftwelro mouths. Tho facts ho we vet,
warrant uo'BUch conclusf6n. While- It is
truo'tbat 32,000 were expended during
tht-half year-endlng Jauunry 4. 1870, it
n also true that during Uio preceding 4
mouths of the present administration,
only W.kft) were expeuUed. The fdtkl
Expenditures, therefore, since the com
mencometirof thg" prcseht Uncal year,
viz: March 10. 1SG0. amount to tome
thing over $12,000, and Mot to about $55,
0(kaVHlgHr'b4'.ltirrcy 'Wjbi the -mtkeU
(lgurea presented in the comptroller's re
nbrt. J Of thei?42;00 exjlouded as aforesaid,
at leajt $10,000 yere applied to the pay
ment of debts contracted bv previous ad-
Wji-rVpfi so that the t actualj 'bona-
ii ue expeu-ies oi tno present auminis
tratlou. sluue tho 10th of March last, will
mil ,-uuuui vWJV' ' XTZ lX
'ifrVniWT ik, csj:" EnderK S'.oraach
. iVtclier'ji 'Henry's larjjjs'jjtocC of hard
ware, cutlery, loots, !btove, tinwuro, etc
will Jjld wjthput regard to cost. tf
HLooDYrk.tiKH ix Wni,.v co.
A l)rtp:nto I'kIiL ltttvt'B lJiillorl mill
Partly from 3Ir. Albright ami partly
from tLu JnilOMhnrii nfirrfkniiiiilniinn nf
'the Carbotidalo 'JJew Era,' w learn of a
desperate jrtqu ntcr between a farmer,
named Xiiium .Morgan, and his tenant,
named, .Geo. W., -Skiver, both residing
near anoint bearing the eliphoiilous cog-
Jiomeu of "Heil'milnlr Aero."
fj AHaltercalIdu grew put of a eottler
ment In iirogress between the parties
'Morgan 'demanding1 a coridusI6n of tile
matter, aud Skiver, declaring that ho
couldfyot settle' LecatiFe of the absence
of his books and accounts. Morgan
calledJilhi a d d; liar. Skiver retorted
tbat.hu was not a liar,, and permlttod no
mrin?ocaN film one. Tliercupon Skiver
drew a four-shooter, which Morgan
"saw," and went two better, by drawing
a "ayysix." Tito latter fired, his ball
ng effect In 'Skiver's shoulder.
Skiver oturucd tho shot, but aimed
wildly, "his 'ball missing his
antagonist entirely. Morgan tlion
fireiL a beooiul shut which took of
fectliLSklvur'd luft side. Skjvcr blazed
Jiway a second time and Morgan a third
tlm;, when tho former ran Into a neigh
boring house aud closed tho door. Thus
tho, qUalr terminated.; Skiver Ilea in
a critical condition, but tho chances are
In favor ofchlu jrecoyry . , . t. ,hM
Tho difficulty ocoured on Saturday
Morgan's preliminary examination
wllltiiKciPlaeo before Judgo Hlleman,
In JtnfMotTtfnM Hatufday,' 'Mr.'AV
bright appearing for1 tho defence.
The-Aaroin oil will not stain or greaes.
INtli: How DUKiialliiir!
U (lio ecclama'tlbfi of every5 lady wholn 1
discreetly vcnturt.4t to apply the or
dinary hair dyes or ."colors" or "restor
ers" to lier whltenlug ringlets. Mud
antj, uu; tiro Bcarceiy iuur uuuuireiu.
otBO "l1l)ftlon'H Vitalla, or Salvation
fdr'lht'nafr.",, tOlpg.avfllcfl lta (reely
11 nvltiB crystal. Theru Is no sediment,
up gum,i no foul aa. , J,t is harmless, and
it orjratln perfect. What n discov
ery I U v I w
TfifliasToTitwfficr'-1 mo consiaiUly
bpcakiiiK in exaulcd terms of commend
atibli'ohh'e'iiiliglctil'eirtiot 6MIr. Whit'
c6mbs Syrub forY6ftriHfg JItifanta and
tdethlng.. d w 1 w
Mr. Wiu. Jlerry, n colored farmer,
IVluttiln Jiotr Tooth Bond,, visited Cairo
p q.uday venlrryt oil horsoiiaok, and
wnutt'OuavtiiiK1'11" 11,0 e iuu
H. bko from
his fastenings nnd mado himself scarce.
T UlZufatWW i WWW on l)ib part df
Mr.A2fe;(y, ntlUM tfJTCVoal'the
WhuroalioutR. IlH had the cood
tQTevoal tlie animal's
iliiliilvr.l&vifiltlilio f'llullot'ioflice aud
uilvftrtlsri iitd. loU, Ills -advertisement
' . ...f;i:i..W.-'i......lu
JVw,"ru u "M " iir.
formeMl 'that lils nrilmal' was safe and
soundiiiuttiw atablo of a responsible f iJitl
ztn,'Wd Jtf)'tIs drdnr.. , , , ,
. T R Ellis' & Bro Vi thb Flrsl "National
(Bank; assumpsit; trial progreaslng.
' Court then adjourned until tomorrow
at 0 o'clock. -
PatrlcR KqcJiler vsJoririII. Oberly ;
case settled by parties. S
Sarah M Hawcs vs John 11 Hawcs, et
al; bill to oorrcct mis tako, In deed; bill
dismissed as to a part of defendants and
continued with loavojo afnend bill.
Alferd B. SafTord, y, LIzele.BHsiUiday,
etal; partition; decree for partition as
prayed. ' ' x
T R Ellis k Bro vs the First Natioaal
Bank ; aaaumpslt; trial prdgrosslrigH'i
Court thou adjoufneil, until to-morrow
morning at 0 o'clock. . v " l
Why suffer from a bad cold when yo'ii
can g3t a hottloMof Norman's (Jhalyi
beate.Cougli Syrup from J. S'Hunim". ,
d&lw1, ft " '
Uso Enderle Chill
Cuxe.'lt never
rr 'Cltjr Traaarer. ' ,
We ore mlthoniflMo. announce Mr.- JOHN HY-
I.AMVm endldte for re-'fleellok trf'th o'ffle' of
) .'1UM
We ara authorUnl lo annouoe tlit'Jv BAYUOU
wll beac'ani'llJate lorCIIj Trrastirtr, at'th cntnlne
ihrterlmiK.--? ' ' 'If lid
for CAy Clerk. 1 '
W are iiuthoritl to innouoo Hint WILLIAM If.
MOItlirs liutiriJi'lalo for tho oflee of tlljr Carkal
the cnulaj.cliartr alrctlon. t',
Wo nre iulhorlied lo an'nnunen that JOHN HUOWN
U acandlUt for the office of cif Clrk, at ihsVnn'
InchaiUr elation. j , ,, , janitdf
We arc Mithorltad toannoiiofe that Ji,0. CUOW,
LET wUt Im aeanilMiil for thV offlco n'rcfljr Civile M
ihf i'titiinir rhirtr rlcllon, , ijlttttflf.O
Xor CHy MarshaJ. , , ,
Wp Atrt aulliOrltM In annAimfaat'MlCIIAKti
I1AMIII1ICK, will b punljiliU or r.l;ctlop to the
'oBicoof City Msfirfil !il the oni'tllnj mnnlclpat rrc
tif.n. ( lanWMtj
Wo nrrautnorlfiito nnnontifa thit JOSKPIt Alt
.VOLI) will laranlldsWor the ojrice of. City Mar
bl at the cnnnlng charter I'lecllon' te
We are authored tn Minnuoco laatlMNJALMur
CAItTJiyfprHMiileWr'fifH'l acandld't'te
for the oflW of City JItwJml at Ijit emuins charter
eh-ctinn n , f , . ' . Hf
l'or Attomejr.
We ,r kiithorlte'd to armounco that KpL'KTAIJf E!
, AI.llHIGHT will z candidal for. tho o (Boo of City
Attorney at the eniulnx charter election. td
I n -.1 ii f r- ,J ' -r -r 'K, amm
TICE'l ' v
1 o all w horn it tny y?ot ejn.
( .tuffht In the IIh.IihIdhI rlrer oonotite IMraont
Jlo,, Two lUlti Cotton, Cnlottitenaii, calltd .for,(
property proven nnd demand paid within thirty d)j
IicuUm addre Frank M. Hnndley, I. V. It n. Wharf
lK)il, Cr.lrollL r4 3 'IfX fe.!ff,C!r r
OR r3ALE.;
Thrt- Fanni. One dm will 1i ? old ot efhai Je for
Cairo rity property, taiiuireof
Fedtdlra TI10JLV.S, QREENi ALI1BN. -
Shop m la rTry irotiae, Corner Oomrnfrwil,
Avenue aadEfghth trect. ' "
dfritf '
I . , . I
r r
1 1
Oalr o.
W. 1. IIAL.LIUAY, PrltlMti , ,,. ..
A. U. ejAteRORI), Cnchterf "
WALTKK IIVIiLOl1, Altnnt Caihler,
ri. STAATS TATLOR, I W. P. llAIiLlOAr. n A
foebanifei Cola, aadllBltoi SUtea MwaaW
HuwKht, and Sold. , , , ,
Deposit Jltceivtd,,.aii a .Qemtel .JDwtAiNJf
Jluiintts Conducted. .. i
uamkl. licnn, i nouT.w?Mivt.n
Preaident. Vre-Preldent.
C. H. IIOOIIE, Cashier.
Collections Protnptlr Attended to.
Uxclianf,, Culu, Bank Notes emd Unit
Stat Becurltl,
33ovx.;lxt xxc3, Mold.
Interest Allowed ea Tiao llepeaJls.
Nbl.ltf " -
I (ilpplied with all kind ul
Suporior :Diquori, Mt
' iBeer, Al ac.V
Couiinoralal avenue, bet, N. nth and Tenth itreeti,
The tlllMty. wh love Kood I lquora, ibould lit Wm '
onll. aud tfioo wiio wih to l mn a rrKraoi oiaar cao
ive thidr want aupplled nt h l r
'Boole - Uixx.ca.or,
i . . . - . ' 1i! , J l ll
. I 'i" I .. ' a iuti.' jJJuati
t,.r8,lUT. . ..,.fa.,
o IM aiu Yt PilAB US w
tho rerfonuaoco of the condition expretied In a
certain Mortirago or Deed of Troat eiecatad br
John a Krlnntp Samuel HtauU Taylor and E4ia r
Parnoni, Truateea of tho Cairo Cily Propertr.
dated tho Twent.thlrd dar of Janttarr. X. B.m
i'...tcArdd In Ui,,Rcar.der' otteah litaa4,
ir i i. . r . no8taw or iillnol, m
oi trim oonrey nit lofnotnbered (11) Twelra la
I lock numjjrjd 'JN'nT-two) Is tho Flrat Addi
tion to thfl Cltr Of Cairo. In iirlMnt..j a.ki. rl
uuuK i- ui utouiiinn 10, iam rqoriiraaooraeaa
hook t oi Keeiu.pam iso, (aid inonicer i
lion to tha City or Cairo; fn ald eoontTind Btkte.(i'r
e. tl) UndorilgBcxh aald Trntteat, will, o,, tti.t
Wadm-aday, the faecond day of March. A. D. 1T,
atlOo'clnclt'ln tho foronooa ofthatdayi under IA
ami oy rinue.oi ine power oi ai contained In
said Si
et bid
1 SIortntaF, ell, at Publlo Auction, to the hlfh-t1; 1
bidder, for cattt, at the office bulldlnij of Tid .
Itleei. corner Waahlnston aranba and lth'
Trutleei, corner Washington arentte and lath'
tree!. In laid r.ltr of Cairo. In Aleunder eoui(
and Stale of Illinofi. aald lot numbered TweWa
(12) in. block numbered n (ninety-two). In tha ii
tint addition to tha eltvof Cairo, arrordliifflo lha
plt thereof, with the appnrtenaaeea to attlafy th' '
purpoieaand eondltlon of laid mortnea.
Datid, Cairo, Jlllnoli, February Ith,"f70.
.Truttcee f the Cairo City Property. ,
the performance of the condition expreed in a
ceruln llortgogo or Deel of Trout executed by
i'atriek Luton to Homiiol Btaat Tayler and Edwin
Parnom, Truateea of tho Cairo city Property,
dated the Third day of December lew, recorded In
the Recorder', office. In and for'Alejandercoun.
ty, In the State of Illinois In Book P or Deed,
page 2ft, ald mortgage or deed or truit conrey
in lot numbered Twenty-fire (25) In Mock num.
tered Twenty.ievan, (27) In tho Klrit Addltloato
the city of Cairo, In aald rounty and State. We,
the undernlgiied, aald Trtittee. will onWednei
day, the Peaond day of March, A. D. W0, at 10
e'clocic In tho forenoon of that day, under and by
virtue of the aower of aale contained In ld 1
mortKage, fell, at lubllo aurlfon. to tha hlgheit
Mddariror eath. at tha offieWfnilldiniof aal
Truttvet. corner Waihinatoa ATenii,and lltb,
trect.'lnldcltT of Cairo. In Alxndr county"' Pnj
nd atatn of llllnoK aald lot; numbered' l) 'J 9r1
Twenty-fire, In block numbered Twenty-aayea
(J7) In the flnt addition to tho cltyof Cairo, rao- Wf
cardiac to Ilia I recorded plat thereof, wltb tha wc 1 aI
purtniuive, to aatify, the purpoee andconjl
tnmof aaf.faiortwte.' - " it
Trustee of tho Cairo City Property.
NOTICE. ' ' . JrtK
' i iiur
I. - ; a .1... .t..t . I . f-1 4 Lm-tvm n.KII.
d iii Ilia nerforminco of the condition xJ
premed in ivcerlain MortRage, or Heed of Truat M
i xrctWd hr t-harlri'Lancaxter toflamuel BtaaU T-
Taylor ail it It'jwln Vrron, Truateea of 4h. Cairo
Citr Prnvortr. datcd'the Thirtieth dar of Nor-
mMr. lA. V. iU, recorded In Jhe Keeorder'a I
office, in And for Alexander county, In tha Bute , .
of Illinois in Hook-K of Peed i, pag ' 'c.,
tall iinertCAge or, .deed of trut uonveylna lot, rf.
nulnreredij?iix) in Blbok nitraokred (47)' Forty- ,n 1
etcnin, tha Flt Addition to Uioelty ,ot Oalron1 (jlil
in laid county and State. ' We, tho underdgned,
ilruee, will on Wodnleday. the lMMd'1 JHOJ
day o aiarclvA. 1. li0, at 10 o'doekjn thf .,HlU
forenoon of that dar'ondcr and try flrtn of thr
ttower of tale rontninel Innid mortgago ,aellaljOl,bf
pujille tuctlon.to the hliheit bidder forjcaih.at tha
oi11,eliil.ln(Korald.'rnite.coraetof,Waa-l it I
Ington areuu and, lttli ttieeti In aald. city OI
Cairo," In AWxandet'eounty and Siateof IllluoU.
aid lut nnmkcred ll lix in block uumberad (47)
forty.ieten " In the Tlrit addition to the elty of
Cairo, accord lnr to the rodorded plat thereof,
with tho appurtcnanceii, to aatlify tha purpoe
ndconditien of aald mortgage.
J rrulec4t)f Ihe Cairo City Properly.
I T . . i i f
I hereby
given that default having occurred.
in the periormanco of tho condition expreed
rtain Hortgage, ,or el ni Trun, aiecow tii
ed Joie
elh 1). Cleaver to camurl ataat Ttrlor and .
rMwIn'rartons, Trnateea of Uio: Cairo City Fro.uK.
iintl recorded' In Iho KetMntor office'. Inlndfor'
lexamler county, in tho Mlate of Jlllpoi,. la' ,1X1
UlimirP of nM. Di!e21. tnortciaeordeed
.I.,l tl,. I'l.r.nll. .Iiivnt Uav I HaX .
of trust couveying lot timnlwred U) Twenty, fiillt
,21, (Twenty-one) tTwenly.two) 23, (Twenty.
.iht")nn tTwentyfoiirlff), (Sltyln)ts,(8aT-f
(Fifteen) In'tho 4th Addition Uthn olty of Jalro,- 'W'
In ald county aud flat. .We. th nndarataiaal, ., j
aiMTruttee. will on Wednctdar the Second day
nf Mareh. AV Utv, at ') o'clock lit Ui Jr4- '
noutr of le contained In eaidrndrtvacelJaeH al 4iTJ
coon of mat uay, under anu iy, virtue or toe
iv. under and lr virtue of toe .v
pUlllli- WJ yvm lu mr iiikii. k. i'lwui-r iu vm u. av.
. . .... i.. u i. i -j
.ihe om-HMrtrtitiiiigor nxt ltmieen, -comer wan-
ft A
Inrtua rvuii andaUi atreet. lu-aaldclurof. ki dlti
CJronh'Alexander'roQnly anc! ttt of Illfnol, mm
ald lou inuntMtrea tjuj iwemy.iwjtweuiy.oM,, jji-jt
lfJ) Taenty-two, T.23) twenty.thro, (l twenty.
n?nur.((3i iixrv.ninei (7B evenlr anil (Til fM- Vi
tyone,.ln wpck numierei iisj niteen in ia ,
fourth addition to. the cllyt of CJraowHtiWtdAISOl
all reoordol plat tnereoi, wiiu too apparienance. n,u,
. , ...,.... .1.. .inland nn.l ..n.lillnn nf a. 1.1 'WW
.xnorisKt-.i,.1 .,. ... ,ltwj1ir V-T
l'iet, vairo, iiiiuuii, rt-uiuai
j , i n. pi.MiD i i vy-t ,fl vllsarl Lf
'frwleea of Ihe Calre aiyTfpertyv "I ritt
i m
It hereby given that default having occurred, .1
In llli pertortnance oi in conuiuuni prcicu in
aorfam fortgaerbrDee4 of Tram eiecoted br
Edward H. Weakly lo0tvamuci ntaatt Taylor aad
Kdwln I'aroi.t'rrute of ihe-aalro Cilyrm.
perty.dated the TweuU.Qfth day of January A. I'.
Uto, and recorded in the ltej'irdr'e office, la aad
for Alexander County, In tha Hut of illlnoi. In
Hook I'.of lloed pK III, aald Mortgige or deed
.,rim.ii.iinT.,lnL' lot numbered (ffil twenty Afn
in Mock number HI (eighty one) in Ihe Urn mUll- ftf
lontothecltyofCairo In aald eunty ,d
We,lliounierlKneu.ai'i win vm ,'
nandav the aecond day ol March A. D. Ittf, M W
virtu of the power of iale coutulned In aald 'If'
inrL- lut lorurrnoon oi loai iuv. unuer iwirtt
Irtu of the power of iale coutulned In !d
..a... MMI. l I-UbllQ AUTalun. V3 intl IllHUrta
ler.-for eh. at liw offica Ulildiog of aald Tn
in nald city of Cairo, In Alexander tconnry and''
State or Illlnoi. aiu 101 numnereu io
Twenty f lnj block , nwrobered; -H (ellMy, !.
one) fn Iho llrt addition to tho ald c(tv
of Cilro, according to the recorde.! nlat thereofi ' -wilhthdippurtenance,
to tMfy the purpoMa.1
and condition of aald MortKane. .. j.a , t iT
KflWIN P.lllSONH. V .ui
(IfftWteK of.tMOlrPilr,rroiayytHMt
. A in it
r raKVr.ItAT. AGEXTfl. '
ii im
. .
,H . ak. VW
I fJiUndi
.'...-. etU
'. 1 '.d ' .M
n 1 .ft ' i
3.flr' .
i-lflff Dal
rfebteil laeir arrangemeat for b maaaiac-
turo orUiotuii la UiU. olty, me uqw prat,d ty ,,m
oru(,ra.,a. e , ;., ,tM
,k tH aasno"1 'liofb,ooineaiibpurehaadaa.J
OrrteNierta wr.enore y. t, biiiiH"vv. i
Levee, otrat .tha - ji.-.iU
''? .. ,.,., ...iT" --.
tU4HHlll,.WlWWUJ ,i
tiaiNiiMHlCatla! j , .loiMj
m Malaal
Wlliaoprompvv vBimw, , i n , -iildll
, Order by,mrt,eMuJaHj4drpie) ,4 tti.Jn
1 rj . W.F. M'KlCi5AaRO, .
' i - 4M .tuoi iit
' eptitl a 1 if CalMVlUiaoil.,'. ,q jAi
' i 1 " 1 1 1 11 1 "1(1- u
I? ot,cornerinuuMacdbtzteentiitrela. CI
"narlAltf haSftrTO , Attf
f , .nlll rM dl o o tttM trt'Wi
" A
' .
" .H
-11 Hi

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