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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, February 15, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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Tliii A urnrii nil it'll I tint utntti nt iffunnw
The celebrated Aurora oil citn bo had
ut No. 02 Ohio Lovcc. Jun21 -1 m
Sack coats at i,ma than cost iT
Uo to 02 Ohio Lovcc for Aurora oil. It
Ih cheat) and pafe, and cIooh not smoke
cliluinlcH. fcbl5d3w
1200 I'aiiih of aHHortcd mintH, with
1 Vent to uWli.l at cost, at JNo. 7i) .Ohio
Levee, tf
lMtoher-KIJenry'Hhi'rge stock of hard
wure, cutlery, tools, atoveH, tinware, etc
will be Bold without regard to coitt. tf
A splendid lot of calf boots and ul
tcra will arlv'd at T. NelPn next Week,
and will bo sold low for cash. 4 tf
Tlio Continental Ih the only cook Htovo
with elldlnir oven doom. Warranted In
all respects. Titchcr A Wcury, at 11)2
Commercial avenue, cor. iiith street.
l A regular convocation of Cairo
VAChapter, No. 71 II. A. M., will bo
held at Masonic UaU, this (Tuesday;
evening ut7i o'clock,.
p. v. iuiu'liy, Sr; Kx. h. p.
M. L. Duxsisiif fSec'y.
, Abu Slooaif7fHt Jl tti6
of tlic largest am! beat "furnished in the,
country, i I C it It Li C cravurbol both citl.'tnn
and htratih'crs who indulge billiard play
inj,'. JauOtf.i
10S D07.Z.V late style-Huts, and other,
at cost, for this mouth only, at Peter
Call and examine tho stock an J prices!
before you -make your purcliuies, and
don't forget your potjketbooks. tf
'Infants. XIu:h buflerlnt; to theto
tender little bud of tho human family,
'pijght be allayed by'ualng ' Mrs; WJilt
comb' .Syrup- Hco ndvertlncment In (an
i" notbor column. '' fobl4dikwlw '
t i S a -- ! !
L C'rt.No our trtE e.vthik stock or
fdy Mnadeolotliljii;, furnishing Kod;
boots, shoes, hau, caps, trunks a1n'ilVa,lIs;,
es atP. 2felr, ho. 70, Ohio Levee, at
actual cost, for cash only.
Tho Bb.uthorn Illinois editorial con veil
. tlpn.raotat S)u Quoin fo-duy. As tbo
natter ha oxaited -little or uo dlsciitoii,
Anil as there liu Uu Jack of propurcn
glaecring from tlio start, Wo arc appro
hentivo that the turn nut will be small.
Owlug to tho unuvoldablo ubeenco pf"
'ono of uk," the 'Uullelfn' wJll not be re.
proton ted.
.Mew. Mlllerand Miller have Just re
udvcd nn unusually large,, well aniorted
nd strictly fashionablo supply of piece
oods, to which they ask hpecial atten
tion. The lot embraces
racia the finest cloths,
brought to Cairo, and
rles that all tasted may
and CMlmers ever
hucI) a variety ofstyl
m accommodatKi. 'Hults or garments
from these oods aro made to order In tbo
- bewl vrfafino uiid'lattt Mylaurf at
figures that wjll, defy competition. For
proof of this they only ask to be put upon
''Wal.' At Ml 'event c:ttl' nroiml"n!d'seo
the now goodst'il
As for tho mean lo.wlllug In the article
quoted above from tho 'ilulletln' tho
writor.Kill.otdv udd that, no mmuiHits
urenece&sury. It speak for lltl(.
- Tho aijtUor of the above, who through
sheer, cowardlco signs himself "Straw
berry," & beyond ail quetlou, the mofst.
Inconscqd'entlal "squirt1' 1' CalJ-o.
Thofto whoknowhim mott Intlcaately dp
Ml Accord hint a Hlnglo trait otharaattr
that commends him to tho Trlondhlp of
k anybody whoso friendship U of the ieatl
,VfilUb., As fiill of vanity as au egg pf
meat, holmagihes that because decdut
man toieiate his company, he N a du-
, cwit hoau hluiadlf. Inoqlfijiexis oit of
1 1 ftery teu, in Cairo, could injdeclev.9 hjm
lit that particular.
: , 'Tary Wilson aud Slat, Wllllums, Iadlis
'( vt- somber hhe, permttel their angry
pasklDUS (o liiti, yesterday, which led tq
tyif cftbrt oh their part to snatch out each
'other'H'eyes. They were at it, hammer
and tongs, whon ofileors Arnold nnd
Ciiramhigs happened along, and took
them Into custody. liofore squlro Dross
they demeaned thomselves in tlio most
reprehensible mauuor, avowing the hor
rible purposo to have each other's heart's
blooil, to (tear .'ouch other lutomlmpelesb
aud infiuitesslmal fragments, undto in
illot upon each other's fumo as well ai
frame, hurU of; tho niasti shooklbg5 oliur
actor. Esqulro Brass fined tho former
S10 and the latter Sowhlch sums ylth
r fcbsts,1 weropa1d wlthout'a murmur; both
or tnefjj evidently p;eaQti,tliat.uiey were
destined to ;ivo to "ilght another day.'f
i NlchaUut Hotel iwl Kcatanmiitl
,,l TiiU populaV undeligibly,1ocaied'hause
'of pnb.110' entertainment Is jmw.41ttod
uiHl fnrnisu'd throughout In gopd stylbj
'anil,1 under tho management of McMrH
Jyalktf .& QIshqd,, fs dting a large and
thriving burilnes.. It ffi kept 'npbh tlio
'Koropeau. ptau the guest calling for
whalLh waulsjWhu ho w,ahfs it, wheth
er jj tji tajj or night time, 'and paying
only for what ho orders. Tlio rooms aro
largo and clean, furnished with the best
... . t in . .. . I... .... I
or utxip tohii'betKiing wmie unotiier ,fpa
tfrVea'of tilL"6stn,b,llt.hmdiii
iu guests.
gcnUeroan,o.four aitilnt
bnde'wMbrcakfastlbg'Iri'bnc of (fli'llrst
clfcsl(DtdMUtlday ttorttlngTWfaen ono
' wUli''dellnViHenoy lii tuomon otohiv
going. He proraptfy replied-, lrv b v;eln
of ploafluntry, that he had already' at
tended early juuhh and received com
7uunlori,, Hb had BcarctJly'c'cai'cd.tHpcak.
tug wneu au emery Hirauger sitting ac
the Name table rono to bis feotj and ex
ploded as fdJloHvs : . ' , " '
'Tni shocked!1 I'm bstonlshcd! Whero'i
the landlord? Tell him to come hero
Immediately. In all. myllfo ,I never
hfca thq religions JM, Hfft tinted
so irreverently! Buch blMpua ta.
iouug man you are tho chief of.eluners;
the wickedest young man I ever1 naw;
ntfd I'tannot, will riot, stay where?! am
subJoCti'd to.flUch oyil aasoc(tlo'ns,-and
compellod-ti lPtten to uoh sacrlllgcous
utterances I"
The young man, hoping to smooth
down the gontlcm&ultf ruflledV feelings,
re'markc J tliit It? wJoa a CathriJId, OA'ore
tho young jjidfeV wItlt' "i?hdm"hc' was
holdiuz the colloquy, and that it. was
certainly entirely foreign. to; his purpaio
toKpcuk in terov) .otreusive to him, or
irreverently pf the chlstlaq fcljgioi
"It'fl notlUreronce." irioinod thereliir
(ous zealot; "that only mlkeVrlfie
ler worse. You itre, Kir,' r'Mpuat, .the.
most wickcd.and aljaodonod young man
L oversaw' i. ,,: AJI
become offended, and gatherinf r.'-lltt
imWetiiKti ilio uual'.colorl'v hi,fac6, ; fe
pilod. ahputa's folimva: , - t,;; H '
'V'1 r.-tlili blntfK' Iran oountrv.
a mauha4iiriRl)t,)lo,)hU op'tnloh .p'onLbie liui.ten. .dlfrcrnt paymouts every
rellgloU'i at well W bthtr-' ubject,- aid
my opinion "df di I-j 'tliat j'6'u ure an ih
tolorunCbigottedt fanatical. old 'ass."'
A,fauar(cr Bf.ati houf latcr.lho offand
ed eehtlemati wnu n gnest a neighboring
notei; ami iweniy-iouc, uours ioier nu
V;ao, ciiarb, tjju UK Maxccre tidjj
ing Jlvt ctm ante poktr in the bar-room ,oj
the tamthouivncrcnt nau wen io mor
Tills Is a "true wtory'1' nnd 'admlbi
the amplest proof. . ' j
0Ilf J (I-H.Off-r.I.I I f.iliiJ
A Oruud .Mowyueradu Ball will be glvqu
a above, utuTer (he auspices of the Cairo
Turners. Tho MHimfcllHlfiltl
to attend: the management plehghjg
thcmMV-i thUt no trflortllrKe cparod
to render tho- occasion one mott
atoaanAViud tntertdiltic Ul itU JTho
nBlft.tA,llfr4f,W,HI - .. -b . ,
It UitriiWif.
if. wkh:
.. trA l
lloUl Arrival.
odiuu.i &Vi&MtrtSifiMMr?i?nu I
s KnU fil rA 'jrpc zMivm&
j j tehitmlirJ JMalie ;ity; II ll
VPbaw, Clncluuati;, ILDuqgt, El i'u6 ;
O Woodward,-Clinton ;T Maaou, New
'Orleans; R Clirlstlan, Ky; Mis rUephenn.l
.St. Louis; II MWrcgar;TexA3;'LI?Iotcli,
Texas; 3 Hock, Nashville; J Shape
Nashvlle;' HjMflUregor.t'TqxnirH Mc
Ciregor, Texas; John Leadtngton, (jflli;,
Itachel Vmphrey, Ulllu : P V Davis, $t
Louis; HDIehl, New York; S Human,
New York.
o A j ' r ' - -i " r l!
Ak tlir I.aaicn3IalUi huiI Iiic- Mill
t mill r tl.t.
you that rllhtdn Walla or Salvatl
(itr tU batata thoXp;i,taiWcle ,far,iq,
vlvlng tho natural ttngo of blanched or
radlrurjJnglftt.. Clear as.Jhild glas,
wbolMditfoWtfiV tfklh' Ks 'witter, undH-,H
colorable by tho light, without any mltj
oral odor ah.'t yielding ii6 ' scdirtient,
defies comjillpiianicouts cnmparhM
I'liruUliInK Iooik.
Tlio com plot est toch of gontlemen'
furnishing goods in the city , Is to be
found atMlller'and Mnicr:,'l't Votlfl
be a rcmarkablo want, Indeed, In this
lino that they cannot satisfactorily suppl; '
at the vorjfiowenf figntvs ' mllng in th ,
market. tf. ,
Nollrr l,tlir Titx.itiuirrM ur.Vlcxnu.il
er Co!
I will bo in my ofilce at tho court houso
every day during th'ls month for tlio piiri
rjioae of'KCivivingtute'afnPCmiRtyitAxei
now duo Cairo III. Fob. 1st 1870
feb4tdr ' " Ii. rr.'MYtiilqvllctor. J
Milk SIntM.
Tho stoolVo'f!tA'rkIhaWi,Mlller & Mill
er's comprises the vurylatijstfb'lea and
tho finest make or'tno'VodsotV. tyi
varlstMlsytry 3f(yt, tfii'llPlt large
and prices have been regulated to liar
monlze with the times. Call in aud ex
Lffii , ..u.Ju
K I i il ol BcitHWIAiiU loiiiunJK
ouiVhuMtfelf etilarlet broask-rrln! Peiirl
'Weiiter''iplece,' the margin orrhtHenWd
with small pearls and Jot ultornated. Thq
finder,wllfle,WiltaT.lyYt'af(T6a'by leav-
-Everoto meg - Oil, and;
Barclayrw.rit cheai) for cash.!
Patroulzo home Institutions. Buy from;
lngdflesy'tlirtn'KflW,Vork'pri3eBj will
bo sold this month, ut Neil's regardless of)
CO.1t.' - r u,
IT Ali. f
,,(! ,lf ,i' f '? '
..twJ.AI'-rfMel ngeitloa.
"'EtiiToiiUULLHTm: If tho men who
represent capital ln'Cnfro aro in earnest
.about wanting to soo manufactures en
cotifngcd here, thoy ought to be met half
way and aided by tbo laboring men. J
think there are half a dozen laboring
men in Cairo, and may bo more, who
will put in one-half their labor for tho
next year or two, as stock in a manu
facturing company. I propose that a
company, be oiganired,and, that we" es
ttabiifdi a,manufa.ctory of agricultural im
plements, in which we will work fifty
men, whoso labor wonld bo worth a
thousand dollars por weok. Three
fourths of this amount would bo paid out
to tho merchants and tgrocors of Cairo,
and Wfliw6Uld all'fteltho' benefit of tbo
Inl'teftsed'trdde'in tho city.
Will "riot 'sdmVoroar citizens, who un
derstand such thines, go to work and or
-1 4aul a company,. I cau name ten lib-
Vjaljneja.lB.Cttlro who ought to subscribe
five-hundred dollars a piece, and fifty
men who would subacrlb6 a hundred
dollars .each, and a hundred men who
would subscribe, fifty dollars each, and
two hundred men who will subscribo
In this way. we would have twenty
thousand dollars subscribed, which would
ii6 "'AuffJclent, io, 6Atl the enUrprlse.
Taylorand Parsonsi I am told, wJlglvo
lots on tho lovco .sufficient to construct
the building on. Tlio building and
machinery and' supply of timber wpuld
not cost moro than ten thousand dollars,
antiberuijvpuJdibe; tea thousand left to
start the business with.
The subscriptions might be mado pay
thirty days.'"1
If this enterprise can bo started In
earncfttj , JL will, subscribe five hundred
dollars." A Mechanic.
Cairo Feb. loth, 1870.
,01,l3t TUT. MAYOItALTVi-'
Juit.(ii (nrtr. -' ;.' I
', Hut: The liuderslgneil citizens of Cairo,
ucsirous oi giving ineir approval or your
courso pTa'ctloh ai'Maybr of this city,
dffrUig'tbe present year,, respectfully pe
tition that you will consent to become u
flundik&iforroelcctlon i
Caiko, Iu.'.'Pebnlnry 0th, 1870.
Jit 8 i-wvd. rhi tliontti(ifr.
J UnrtWfo J , . rt CDfAllHkr. I
J fu liTn,
K Kline.
V. KnM- .,
Htnrr tftinckrr.
J II Knftl.h. ' '
II Wkt,- '
KA Kftion,
lt CUrk,
John t:uintirtBt,
Illclixnl Jlnrwii,
Win Imrn;
Tlint I)anr, ' ' '
II u lyt.
Dan KUrtlijr '
It II CUQAlllrfllktm't
II If 0lMAL -T . ''
JfiZrllttY ' '"'
1'Ilurk. L
I'atrlck MhIimkt,
Jim HulliTjui,
1 ' Jj Kfnn?',
l'Cfrrn, '
John Cln.
li'nnts Coif uuo. ,
Thj O'Ciilituji
John lire.
(Wm Oilnll,
- Tln Ryn.
V Stralton.
T HaJlolun. John Mfihff.
J I, I.vnrh.
lun Jorircnxn.
Jm Johnton,
WW. Thorn ui,f
A l.ohr
J W !iKfe,
I! I Itolthmx.
Mirhfu'l Gli-uti,
K- Vliifnl,'
I' Wilohi I
NA Dvor,
M Himll,
UtH villi ') -a
Win Mc!t!,
Jolin Itnarli,
n a iiuiimi.
tod liMotntn.
i.Oir.lCXmo, ti.U Fcbrnso' ,'1870
Hen. John H, OU-rly
Snt: We, the undersigned cltizena.of
Cairo, 'Irrespective of political predllec-
tioiM oxi daQlliat lops, spccfijtlyi ask
you tobecomeacandldato for Mayor,, at
tho cominir munloinal election.
Hespectfully Yours, Ac,
il l
Cbit OillKifr, W 11 Millrr,
Juh Johniun, St S Cox, ,
i-iiii iiinwrar ,,i,"m,iraiion,'
j.rtu:QMi'.Ki'e, . ti II tunuRhn,.
Jeremiah McKoe, , lino Yooum,
i.r.ianer.Miry, m iinry,jr.
II F barker, I W.1I kWioil-ld,
vr i itaicii. inni ii r arrow.
oiij ii Qlhors,
ToJan.tt1. siwuyna, Chai. 'lalllgher, Ja.- nen,
William Loneri; iu, aud othr.
Gknti.kmk.v: Yielding moro to what
oouuiliu-wiAheftjofacoiudderable' num
ber ofau.y.i'ellow.oitizoua than to any in
.cljjiatlon. olfixy own, I hereby annouuoo
myself na in candidate for re-election to
tho .ofllcu of Mayor,
"J hfcty delayed a rcsp)nso to your kind
teallriii ttiwliopo tliut tlmo would devel
ope, in tlfd'p'ir's'otoY's'omo other citizen,
a candidate that would prove acceptable
tP'3;ad to; tho other cltl7.0ns.of Cairo;
but realizing ho such result-, I place my
self 8ubJeet.tQ,tho-dlspr:ition of, my fol-
'toWttiut.pr'o'mWsLg tV serWtViem,
in thoovontof my election, in such man:
VMMllllleiivedhrf'frikhti iMMh
of any as to rayovo'tioii1 to the Iiitereats,
,uMhu oltyvhowover muolt I may bo,
found at fault hi tho mca'hs I may em-,
employ to exhibit that dovotlon,
''f:THftntlnlV'y(1i" kqotioniduilfor. thoi
,j.li)d trna.in Wbloli you have address-'
liidJ.Bieuu'-tiu r. in '
Unioll V ,y A lV'"(l-
'flWr ouianVaMUk
A . . a 1 , A A. ''J nr.lia
jo o loramican', Appjy io,jswo ua
Ja'coha,. Ko. M Ohio levee1, ' t"arp,
Illlil6i? ' ' , , eblOiit.
llolat far Kent.
f he G'seli Hotel. at GrandirWfiir.eoii.
't'ainfn'g flftewn roooms. and a stone room
22 byMdleV'.rjiifbrnjlon apply at
tlI" oijjoe.iur' in the proprietor id, tho
premises. fobl5 Jit.
WmM Williams vs John Hogan; ro
plevin; dJmageVasSOiaed: at 54970 and
writ of retorndhabendo awarded.
ChasHhepardson vsHouth Western Ins
Company; assumpsit; motion for new
trial, qver ruled ; motion ih arrcit 6f judg
ment ovor" ruled andoleave given to fllo
bill of exceptloorwithin 30 days.
John Major us David Fortiotal's; mo
chanlcs lien: demururt(tp supplementaV
bill sustained.
Elder d .Goodwin va John Hogan ; re'
J "(levin1; court, flrds issufes for plaintlff'a
udgwent accordingly;. t ;Ii J
Thomas LwW vi City National Bank ;
bill for injunction; motion -for fBjuctlon
allowed and bond fUed at $5,KX). ,
"Ann Redman vs Cltj? of 'Cairo j case;
motion' In arrest of ; judgment (over ruled
arid leave given to fllo'hlll of exceptions
Bosanna McLaln et, ala vs Thomas J
Craig etals; partition ; continued.
Zulena Powers, ya PcrryPopia; inJ1
litnnlinn- diSnMtitlnil fronhrnllw J '
J ""I .
Mary Gaflney vs Martin Relley et als ;
injunction : continuod generally
Thoa J McClurc te ja,L Hutchinson ,
forccloiuro; continued for service,!
John WTrover vs South, Western Ina
Co.: Injunction: contlnuedreneraliy.
Margaret Bmlth, adm'r Ac.,1 vs Phillip
Laurent; foreclosure; cause dismissed.
Susanna Malcafaoy et al vs Attallne Ar-,
ronton et al; partition; contlnoiu gen
eraliyy ' i r t
James. W Bandera va Thomis Porter et
als; forcbloflcurc; sot down for jlearlng
on hill answer and repllcalionjit next
terra and continued. v- 1 '
Krparto Fredolina JJro&s, guardian of
Mutilda Miller ;GuardIaa'a report; report
approved and ordered of record.
.Court adjourned until to-morrow mor
ningat 0 o'clock.
KUAUicr Dun A
Wm. Whim, PJuh, ' r
itroniArinmii Hirer,
Uokl. Fulton, No. 3, M4w OrlytM,
frtnl Inonlal Rl.Tnnli "
T. It. McOlll.auIyiiilJ, I
City Of Alton, 81. Luui.
Mrimr Ibn AM, CblumMiif,
' Wm. Whit. I'nJuCili,
' .' Tilliwn.NJllltVf
" Nitromi, Ht IauU, '
A BnltTrKftpoTt,
" )lUrt Fulton. Ko 3.. Pittlur,
Tlie Wiutber continim rnriatiU at ono
lime threatening an ImmoUlnto itormS-and
bf;foro cnrrylng out, tho throat, mflucnly
c hnnghig U ilm mo(lfi dcfnir7j'ho
inuicawpp tor roinoj-) ko i4Torp,u)y(Jier-
iiy uini wo nna our cutcrn cicaaeaout, ox-
p'ctlngtitto.lieihall all of watnMhii inorn
lng.( Thli Rctlonon ott part; probabjy ciuijjed
the clear weather.' " ' ' '
TlM.rivr.ift- itill- falling lowJy-nf-rliis
point. The Misiisiippj ii falling itoadily ut
Ht. Jiouii, with flyo and a half foist abovp
Cairo. Theru Ir fnily t'wdv'd locV'oclowJnli
Pity. , v
The Ohio is again rifting at Plttiburg with
5 feot water, in tbo cIiaitrioL It U falling-, at
Louisville with -t fect over the full aad'C'ftet
in tbo cannl.
ftuilueis bore contlnuci briik on the leveA
anTfrelghti pTllfulfat goo!' rates. "
THe 3Iobavk and brgei, iCentininlaL
City of Alton, T. L. McGIll and Fanny
hrandeli wore all rocivbig freight this morn
ing for tho Soiith..': I i
The Tlmmpion Dean took threo thouiani
nnd ono hundred tons Into New Orleans last
trip the largest araount'of freight ot car
ried to that city on any rivor steamer.
Th flguro of a nmle, which ornaments tho
boom in front of tbo itob't K. Lee't jack-stau)
HWj V9"' u'f r? riptloiumado Jmpij
uuuimior,fwiwiy,uon. eouutaa,ij ,
Tho Clara for Ifempliis, Mountaineer for
lted JfjyerCntiiAqljqr,. ..Prlcarn-,
leave hero thU cvorjin, j ( f
Tbo 'filloli 'tdo 'regular 'packet' for Pa
flucah Ibis' eVenlng.-'a'Ad th'u QulfcJVop for
Capt. Chas. T. Himlo Is agent for the above
Kor Clly Treaanrer.
AVo ore autltonied to unooiirwi? II r. JOUN.ilV
I.AM), a n camlMato for re-clecllon to the office of
City Treasurer. ' le
!; We aru'ulhorli-l 16 -aanouiiooihVl x.' Ir.'Tfti.OIt
will lisarnndiihto foroltj- Treiimtrcr, at the ensuing
charter election Janlitd
1'or Clly Clerk.
Wo nre authorized to announce that WILLIAM Ut
MOItltlS Uacandldato for tho offlco or City C'i rkn)
tho ensuing cluirti'raloctioii. (
Wn are nuthoriied to auuounao that JOHN IIRtW.
Uapamlidateforthvotlloeof Ciiy I'larlntiLVjnJiif,
Ipcliirjctejeotlon, . . j'yattj
Wu Tare authorised ' toannounor hjit J. C, ClttWi
1 I.THf will! a candidate for IhoOAIc.) fCJly lWk;,t
tlio t iuiilng charier election. Jan-.'i'ld"
ror Clly Hatrahal.
Wivro.au(hora.l.U. ii.vuw. Uuit-MJCHAKIi
IIAMBKICK,' will urifcaAiIldfltcTor rn-electlon to thn
ottlcoof City Mamlialnt the enniiiii; municipal elec
tion. ' . . . l-u'Jtstf
Wp ardautlidrtu-d ta luinoitno that JCUKril-AK.,
, OLU will I a euidj-ate for the oflWo of CKy'M.r-'
hal at tho t-nnulng charter eloclinti. te
We rj qulliorjie'ii to aB.o'Vrujt1DA.'tKI. Mo
OAItTin, l'ri'sciif clilefof jioli.'e, will bo acandidato,
for tho office of City Marxh.il at thu entiling charier
, J .'tl-'or ltr AHomejr. ' '
Wf afe Mithprlxcif fp fUiii6uocif tliat j-'ONTAlSAI;:
AI.HItinilT will be acandidato fur Ike office of Clly
Attarney tJijfitsjUuKtltfrrfyq. td ,
L- IO) 01 II
t 1 M i rrtu-j li
To nil Wholn tl mily cnneern.
1 ." aum
Ctilvl MujjUiIul rjjrajr 0pHj4to (.mut'
Mo.iWo'Hirew1Cofftii'V,nVM name It callvd for.
prvifirixi wiijadaeiaaiid paid uitlila IhrtWWiyil
IhkhamnnlU WanJdforaivotmiofoUrct. -Mf iar-i
liculart nddresa KrAnk M. Hundley, . c. u. u. whrn
Uijf findt'r'8 jCliiil f drejl-7ir
Tho Aurora oil will glvo a . clear and
brilliant light, and is entirely non-explosive.
" - -febl6Uw.
ONE p;jfpysA!0)fAIVDIpI;70BEEK AND
steel mlxco JeanB, at60 and 75 conts per
yard, atP, NefPs, no. 79. Ohio Levee, tf
r i - ij 1 1 1 ' vw:i?I ti t t
Tho Aurora oil bv tho cheapest, safest
and cleanest burning lluld in use. It
may be had at 92, ohloleveo.
febl3d3w" '
i " " ' - - ' iiu
' Belter than thebost.' -Norman'sCbaly-beato
Cough Hyrjsp. ' J. B.,HuniYnJt!eps
. febUQtd , ,. j yil
ildyoli.khow that, drman'a CtiHly
boato Cough fjyrup. will relievo thi'worst
casesofABthma, Croup, Ac. ' Bold by B,
J. rTumm. ' 1 PeblWto!.
t f , ; n, , ,
Tliero were lively times on, the levee
yesterday evening, no 'less' than three
substantial boatness .men feeling' i'fied
upon to whip somebody, jTabyotpfiyed
the call, and three spmeboal-w .'Wkere
then and there dreased'pfl In the highest
itylo 6t tHopugllMq-'a,' .a,
; 1 BMldeKvcry c9m'plcte;ton;
. ware, C. W Hcndqrson.AW cpmptcqial
Avenue, presents to th1rads)a. splendid
variety of cooklb'gstbvwj a'mnr'others
the "Pombna,'' eMe.MnVhe
"Oak," and the "Htates't-tBe' latter a
doal- stovo.1 ' 'Thosjt. 'knft'aW .'otner
vance.oriliuanuacl'urera' prlcwtouiti
- M,IQ.IIn. r 1 ....... I
t lib iv il
i -"i kJI l 'i
n i c i it r fl
lhi!qrfurliisnoaof thii batidHUit OtptHti'taZ
JHook I'tri-,iiielRJ, tM mqrtnttijSt te3'
... uu.iivuui,;iu) i. iiuillwvifH -lTffin
lllock numbered vi (Mnrly -tii) In Ui Ut'4ddl
tiou to tho City of Cairo, In !I rountrand Hit,
WednfiUY,,UitWconJ dxof UxvOi.. I). HTu,
ItlOu'filAck IMthdroTenAon bPHtattHr. nml..
and by vlrtua of the power of tale contained In
ani Mcnae,tii,airiuiicAueuon,iimeiiigh
-b uiuurr, lur canu. .l iub, uuicw uuimi
Trutlren, corner WuiHfrirfUjn atcnus
ag of aaid
ana inn-
iifot, meniucii oi vairw, in Ajrun
ami Biaie oi iiunot. inn lot num
(U) In UovU numtored VS (nla
firntadd Itlon to tho cltr of Cilro. ae
Plat thereof, with thu arnurtnaooa
VpUXl. ffr4. nilaoli,. Kebmarr t
f eruln Mortff.ig or Orrt of Trust exeeutedliy
i'alrklt Littnu 10 tSamucI Ulaala Tarrtr aad KdrlaT
Pariona-Trtiiititof,hAr'Ajp.ir?((v l1h..H .
1110 IXTforinanrrt of Ilia pun, lit nna .n,r...l ,.. .. '
thetolrd dajrof DecrmterA. Ii. 1K.H, rri'dt?Tn
iHimuiuci U.UI.-F, 111 nuii lurnieznaarrconn
a. lifd ranrlcncaor ile.d ii trilit lorn...
Inif lot
nir lot nnuil,TflTriMilvlrt iV.'nHj.i, '.
trnt T
thn nnl
day, the bvoond day of March,, A. XI. ,7. atm
ocyk In thn forenoon of that dy, under and Lv"
tlrtUB of thu power i.r rMe contained in ishl''
1 aaio linin!, -win on WWliH.
;iwrw, til, at mMIe auction, to' th higheat
jauunr vr can, at uie olllco Liilhllngiof told I
Triutvca, cornur WahlnU)n avenuu and.Urh.
jtreet. In Woltf ,gU,aiw.l.AIvlr countr
mid n.io of lllino , aid lot numbered vli
fjO-rtr;. In blocJc t.umftire.I lv.TOjK5 '
(87) In tho Smt addition to lha cllyof faltwur.'
vcifJliMt to tho rcorUeU ,,at tboroof, wltli thai.H
iaiTu. iiuro, iiiiusii, reuruirr in.- itza.
3i. rruruiry m,- nja. "
U. bTAAM TAttJH,. .
it U.p Cairo Cfljr VtOxij.
XrOTICE. rr-n
! licretjr iUta ttut tlut deauli Ju-inrotsar.-vj
rail Io tho iierformwcu of iUu condiuona .
rrwued In wtnm 3lorlfiiffe. Deed of TruU -
viecnteil liyUhlr ea tjn?a'n k..i a.' ..I j
TajlaranattdMla l'arioui. Tnuueaof .thai Calm.L
.... 1 ...... 1 r. . -1 1 in.... . ' zv
MuiiiuivM 111 inwx uumuved I&71 r,,H..
erenin tho 1-irat Addition tathedty if Calroi'
liinaia county annnute." ' we.'ine inderalanad.
MldTruiteoi. will on 'Wdndirjr.'A tttetMuH
umy vi juuiu, a. ui iWiv III o Click, m I
forenoon of that day1 undar and. by ttrwo of lh
idar and uy Tlrmo of the.,.
Instill tnortrai Hit'"
jiii Idle auction.to Itm hlilwit tlMer for.cat'i.al lha
otneo huUdlnu of said Truiloea,porue.r ef,V
r 1
Calra, In Aletander county and State of llUnolf.-
iiiuion ir. lun ana mn.iii.. i ! mm ,1
aid lot numbered (0)ix In Mock uumbeiad (n)'-
... Mn. .... PiMlllvaiUIUVClIT OI
Cairo, tuxoidJng lo.thv recordvd plat. Uwtaof. l
Willi tlio atipurtcninrei. to aatiafr iha.BuriMMia
h lolidrtton of aalil morlKace. '-" ' '
IJAlvd. Cairo. noli, February 9th'.tinO.Sf "t
K1WI.N 1'AIWO.NS, , " ..
uf tho Cairo City I'ropactyr "
jTOTICE w vt
Is hereby glren that ne fault :havlu3 'oectlrfaJ
In the rformanco of the condition xrirvaa d 1
iu a certain MartKSK, or Deed of Trust,exeuid
hr Joaeiih D. Clearer to pamucl Slaala Tai lotanil -Kdwin
Par-on.; Trntteea of the Cairo City Pro- "
petty. ilM'd the, Kkrunth diyol May A.lf. Itos, I
and rocorded la the. Itecorder'a coW. in and for i
Altx.Muler county, In tho Utat of llfluols, In
II00K I'of Deedi, p.iK-, said mortgagoor Jd 1
Ihr') HI, ITwenty.fourt w, (Slity.nhieJW.Wr.
nty) 71, feuieniyoJMtJn lllock cumbersd II "
a'iflceu) in tbo 4th Addition tu Hie cjly o(Ciru.
Ill said county and Htate. WeJ the undsrilnai.
mM TTtite, will on Wednesday the Hecond Usy'
of Mitreh, A., Ii. U;i),ial 10 a'cloqic la th Tor- K
coon. Uiuu)liuf.r.uu4er,aiui My. tulu
lower of aale contained in said mortgage, sell at
iiubllo auction to tkR'bltfheit ladder for cash, at
the otllce buildiu'i! 6f Laid TrliJIcet. comer Wti.
Inxton avenue uud HUi alrel, Iu aald ejiy., f--Cairoi
iu Alexnnder county amf-f(p of Illinois
h.iUI lots numbered
CA) tHenly. (ill twenlvon.a.
ii) Ttieiity-two,
J,ur. (WisfsU-niiio. ! vnt apuUI) seTwiaC
l-.i; iwiiiymro, (.1) twenty.
rV'Tinc, irr mock nuinucrcu 1101 tineen in
sen in thu
fourth addition to uioeiiy or t;uiro, nc
iwi'ordlnu to
liiort8(!e. . .
iMu-.i,7Joni,iuuaiw. aiaiart taiit n70.
Tl'f"' f tbe Calo Clly I'ro'nerly
3 Hojij ntrtf 'UI . Till 'I m'ltf-X-
XT OTIC 12. - ,,
. lOicrcby given tli.U, uef.iull luUnn
occurred uii
III tho uerformanceof the comlillum fiur...,t.l in
u certain Mortgage, orl'reit of Truateiecuted by
IvlwudJV, Weakly to baiuacl.Htaala Tnylarau.1 T
Kdwld I'arsons.Truatcci nf the Cairo Clj-Pro.
iioriy, ivMBiririiiT-iiiinaaynrjmnTrr'A. l. ,
181, and rmirdn'l iu Ihe itocnriler' ofdee, in and
lor Aioi
loxaiiderCounty. u the Htate of llhnoii
hook I- 01 nee
of trust coitve,
ill blocklluuiij
Ion totlieuilv
we.lliotiiviirttSBns, sail trtrtiatu saH rn Wed.
nusdav I'tj.-.vwiJajr urMarvh A, U., l, at,auU
OVIoikln'thiifororiolmorihat day, uiidur and ly"
virtue of the puwerof auln cuntained in snid Moriv
dcr, rorcashYnt l ie olrlce.hM
ee! fcorilerbf WAIilnffto'u
ri'.UcnJoknJ I
nil 11 41 inif fir a
Idlnif. ofkaM Tlllt
1.. ....I. I ..liu .. 1.. 1 . .!... T '
U ,.IUiddU., , afill 1 lo?!BnmtXdU"?tt)',T
Twenty live in tiloolt l nlimuoYod
m intimuerod HI vfeiKhty
iiidrrmn to ili i.i ..lit-
one) 111 mu urn aiiitrrron
HfilkO, aratWIasjt'ithrodi.nUd pfatMhifeof '
withl'iuilairtciiaiici In! Hhthrv Un.' ImniWi '
Mdil Uuiiiun.ofud:Mort!. ' ' f 1 Tai'mrw
tyy antrsiy m ' iniriySM
l'lTllVlWp .11,, , "IJIIIUry Uf, B,Utlt
Jofui (J Kriuu to Sninu'l tiUatt f rMr AoO-Blwhr
PnrMun, 'Tnntet, of the ' (,'ilro "vTroa,itr
lliird'.tlM TwoBly.thlrd dr oramiiirT. S.hA I
7 " -
I Iierebv L'liren iIiaI .lof:.nM )i.viu,.si...n..l i
raW, A. I. KJ, recprjed In lha i&cordarV
ff'i IJirAlfMndw 1 connlyi fa lha Htato
of lllinnlt; la UoqIc K of nx.i- mmhm A.. t
(aid inarlsaco or deed nf trim. .T7AV..i- i.
fit. I. .And
Wiywvvi.irtftKanO or detd
iti lot numbered faj twenty fle,
ler H (HKhyitie)Iii thelUw Lldlt;
of Cairo In said eountv nd'itt.s
r ... .. r - .
TfiiliecifihB(.airfii.iiy l'i)iri.

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