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Tho colored population of nil the neigh
borins towtiH anil cities, are preparing
for a grand Jubilation over tho oillclal
announcement of tho ratification of tltc
Fifteenth amendment, in Cairo the
demonstration will be quite interesting,
Resides Freeman, Jiird and other colored
speakers who will orate on the occasion,
it Ih expected that Messrs. Muun and
Llnegar will bo heard i from. The
arrftugemcnts In progrcs are ijilltu ex
MessrR. Miller and Miller have Just re
celved an unusually large, well assorted
r I and, strictly fohlonablo supply of pieco
' gGods, to which they ask special atten
tion. The lot embraces tho llncst cloths
and casln-ieni.aver brqught to Cairo, and
fcuch a variety ofstyles that all tastes may
bo accommodated. Bults or garments
from tlieuo goods are mado to order in the
best manner and latest style, and at
il mires that will defy competition. For
proof of this they only ask to be put tipou
trial. At all ovonts call around and see
the new goodH. Jautf.
There was considerable excitement In
the neighboring town of Hickman, yester
day, occasioned by tho ilndlngof the body
of an old.rcsident of thelocality, horribly
mangled and torn, on the track of the
ruilrond. Tho opinion prevailed that
deceased had been murdered and Ills
body thrown upon tho railroad, that tho
impression mluht l abroad that thu
killing had been done by tho cars.
' dea3 body of ah unknown man was
foupd-floAtiiigja therlvr..,
Captain Roger, who Is a general
agent for Mark Twain's great book, and
1 now Atoffplhg'nf the Ht. Cliarles, was
, posted at Cairo during the earlier stages
jlof tb'e War, and by. his affability and
gentlemanly bearing, made many
friends among our citizen. He is one of
tho few ofllccrs here at that time, who
dldnot regard the people of Cairo as a
lot of traltom, over whom It was his
special duty to tyrannize. In other
works: 'his head was level."
A common scnie v.lew, demonstrates
the fact, that a handsome fortuuo can be
.made In very short time, in any city
of the size of Cairo, In the manufactory
and salo of Miller & McClellau's Im
proved Patent Awning. Tjio agent for
the sale of state and county rights can
b itin for a few days, opposite the
poitoffloe, or at the Si. Chado1 Hotel.
Mr. B. Mahler, agent and correspond
ent of the Cincinnati Vflun,' Is in the
city, stopping at the Ht. Nicholas. Htf
will wait upon our citizens tit tho Interest
ohls paper, and persons who inny want
largo weekly paper, hulf English and
half German, from Cincinnati, should
band 12 to Mr. Mahler, and take the
V have not been able to obtain thu
returns of the election In detail, tho
Judges and clerks having failed to pre
serve a transcript ,ot tho tally sheet
totals, for the Information of the public.
The returns will bS olllcially. bunvansud
this evening, however, and the result
published to. morrow.
ready made clothing, furnishing goods,
boots, shoes, hats, caps, trunks and valis
es at P. Keifs. No. 79. Ohio Levee, at
actual cost, for cash' only '
Nothing tends moro to connubial hap
piness than cheerful and healthy Infants
and children. Mrs. Whltcomb's Byrup Is
the great children's soothing remedy
The St. NlcholAsVlllard Hall Is one
oftho largest and best furnished in the
country. It Is the resort ol both citizens
anilstrangers who Indulge billiard play
ing. JunBtf.
The Continental Is the only cook stove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
all respects. Pitcher & Henry, at 102
Commercial avenue, cor. 12th street.
Old now papers can bo boutrhtthd at
'Bulletin' olllco for 75 cents per li0. At
this price they aro cheaper than tho com
mon, trnw wrapping paper,
Tho Aurora oil is the cheapest, safest
and cleanest burning fluid in use. It
may bo hadst2,ohto levee.
s I . J i ; ' i 1 i
Onk thousand vaiids of
steel mlxco Jeans, at 60 and 70 cents per
Pitcher & Henry's large stock of lurd
jjjarpuperyrttqalj, M9Y&r wM!5,l
will bo sold wlthput.regurd to cost. tf
atK IhiI'iih ) timniitSsT
A splendid lot of caK boots and gal,
is,' k T- i ... l
Mera.'Wju.arivo tu r. rtoira uoxt wecic,
"aha' will' bo sold, Iqwar.c'ash,
'i ' 1 ' ' t I" .
w 'auu ui eiBnuiii;i jfuioj
vests to match, at cost, af . No 7fl
Qq lo 02 Ohio Levee for Aurora oil, It
Is chMp aridsafo, and dpes not sraoo
chimnies. feblfid3w
P.NcIPb, No. 70, OhloLoveo. tf.
Use Ender's Chill
fcftills"ia';U 'hoi
Cure. "It never
r M'C". i
rrrrrrrtTT'J'-1 '.H
The Aurora oil will, not stain or greaee
No person pretends to claim that wo
have moro money in Cairo thau wo need.
This being truo tho policy of patronising
heme industries becomes apparent to ev
ery one. Tho citlzou who sends his mon
ey abroad to securo articles that ho may
purchnso on terms equally or nearly aB
advantageous nt home, to tho extent of
tiic cost of his purchases, lessens our sup
ply of monoy, enervates trade and dis
courages indU3try. This should bo borne
in mind, and when our grocers need a
now supply of brooms, their first thought
should be tho Cairo Broom factory. If
that establishment supplied all tho
brooms sold In Cairo, It would now be
running-eight or ten hands, and paying
out among the farmers of tho country
and tho. business houses of tho city, sov
ural hundred dollars pet- week. Tho
samo may be said of the Cairo Barrel, fuc
tory, the City Brewery, and all otber.pro
ductivo industrial establishments that
have a claim uRou home patronage. If
we will thus and otherwise husband our
own resources, n month will not olapse
before tho results will bo. soon in the in
creased animation in nil branches of our
business, and a better feeling concerning
tho future of tho city.
i- '
"The Innocent Abroad."
This newbook', by the InlmlfabloMark
Twain, Isono of tho spiciest and most
humorous publications that ever came
from tho American press. It is a record
of the author's travels, and to be apprec
iated must bo read. Tho droll and fun
ny things It contains, are happily inter
woven with historical truths. Its scenes.;
of merriment, the cleverness and frank
nessof tho author, his delicious irony,
all combine tq delight and cnthUsc
tile reader from the opening to tho clos
ing page.
No book published since the close or
the war has had such a run as this, and
tho demand Is not yotutiU bight. It is a
handsome volume of C50 pngei, contain
ing 'ii spirited cngruvlngs. and is sold
only by subscription
Capt. It gers well known J.o many of
tur citizens, is in the city, stopping at
tho Ht. Cliarles Hotel, and will receive
subscriptions He wLshoi to securo the
services oTone or two active agents for
Cairn, and will doubtlest accord terms
that will make an aironcy pay very
Eve ills advertisement.
Ttie Sr. XlchaliiH Hotel nd JtMlBtiroat.
Tiii nonular andcllirlblv located house
W Vib)e entertainment iJ'Vow fitted.
and furnished throughout Ip good style;
MUuVumler the tuauagumeul. of Mefeir.,
Walker & Slason, it doing a large and
thriving bushiest. Jt Is kept upon the
European plan tho guest calling for
whatho wants when,he wants.it, wheth
er In the day or night time, and paying
only for what he orders. The rooms are
large and clean, furnished with' the best
of hedaand bedding, while all other fea
tures of the establishment are arrauged
with an especial eye to tho comfort and
convenience f tho guests. JaOtf
The ticket ugent of the Illinois Central
Railroad of this city, appreciating our
want af recreation, handed ih a ticket
for a trip around tho world. It is issued
by the Krlo Hallway Compapy,
and marks out a trip tweuty-flve
thnusaud miles long, which may be.
accomplished in ueveutyelght days.
Tho value of the ticket may bo somewhat
lessened perhaps, by tho following,
which If conspicuously printed across its
face: "Good for one lesson In modern
geography, but not valid for passage."
The individual who could spoil a "good
thing" lu that manner, ought to bo held
accountable for malicious mischief.
Tfelrd Aunlrrriarf BaII by Ike Cairo
Cms I a o'.
The mquiLcrsof tho Cairo Casino pro
pose an observance of their third nnnl-,
versary day by a masquerade, ball lu
Washington Hull, on Monday, l-obruary
2Stli, wliioh (hey expect to render an
a (lair pleusaut to all who may choose to
participate, The management refer with
prldo to tho masquerade balls heretofore
given by tho Casino, and promlso that
tho ball horo announced shall be of tho
most respcctablo and Interesting cha
racter. CommJttce. of Arrangements Louis
Herbert, H. Meyer, Bobt. Brlbach.
January 28-codtd.
That Dooloy's Chemical Yeast Baking
Powder is not only tho Lett but the
altcapcstln market. It is entlrely4reo
from any deleterious substances, and
compounded with such scrupulous ox
-actutiut that tho couteuts of each box
aro tho same, and will prnduco tho sumo
results ovory time. It Is uucqiialed for
making biscuits, rolls, cakes.' ,'paetry,
&c., at on co healthy and nutritious.
FullVclgfUMn each1 package. Grocers
everywhere keep it. fob21mwas
Xlic IkiMn TaIIs tllA H i nrr S'm.it 1 1
drecl!ons ortfbrs'foi'priulon's Vllittla or
P. lyatjot, jqruio iititr como jwucyiff iji
All the noxious Dyes Sc, go dowu be-
fore lt.i- .A.yeanhet'ce theyj will be tin-
pleasant to use as a perfumed toilet wa
ter, and it Is as transparent as crystal.
Nothlnglsefeprodscqe Birperfectly tho
original hue of tho hair.
Notice to tlio Tax.pnnera orAleaanUer Co.
I'll.' , Illiiolil e . . Hlf
vUkbft1 njaCflfPoo at 1,10 couft house'
.vry.dAy.iluriug this mouUiJur.thw pur
pose of rocolvlug State" untl County tuxes
now due Cairo III. Feb.. 1st law i, ;
feMld.- Ti. H. mRSXJolltoV,l '
Tlio Work of AMtiivlnii.
Wo mado reference yesierday to tho
midnight attack mado upon a steam
boat pilot named John Dean, by tu
or moro unknown rufllans, closing with
tho remark that tho wounded man was
conveyed to St. Mary's Hospital, and
that hopes woro entertained of Ills re
covery. Those hopes, it appears, Were
not well grounded, for at tho hour
ofO, p.m., yesterday, Mr. Dean died,,
having remained In a state of insensi
bility from tho moment his murdorous
assailants loft him. for dead, until ho
breathed his last. Tho kind sisters and
tho hospital physician bestowed all possi
ble care, watching closely for tho faintest
gleam of consciousness iu tho wounded
man, but all to no purpose Ho'd'ed
without giving the sllghcst Intimation
why ho ha J been assailed or who were
All that we havo hoard concerning tho
terrible alTulr may bo detailed In a very
rew words, aud in the hppo that it will
furnish some clue to the murderers, wo
make It public.
The day preceding the night of tho at
tack Mr. Dean visited the hospital. I In
had been drinking and presented evid
ences of Intoxication. After remaining
there a short time, he started down town.
He stated to tho sisters that ho had no
motley, having glvou his last ton dollars
to n destitute riasejigcr of tho Ill-fated
Hmma, No, 3. He was seen In different
down town saloons' during tho day
(Monday) and at night visited a dance
given in tho upper part of the city.
Ahoutvtwo c'closk, Tuesday morning,
such residents iu tho vlnclnity of the
Orphan Asylum, as happened to ha
awuke hoard tho cry ,of "murder I"
"help!"'"help"' Tho'cry was soon sil
enced, however, and no immcdlato in
quiry wom extended to ascertain tho
cause, This cry, beyond doubt, was
raised by Dean, when set upon by his
murderers. About day.tght, Tuesday
tninrnlug, the passers-by discovored
Dean's body lying on tho ground, whore
It'httd been thrown from the high side
walk. Ono thigh and arm were broken,
the face and head wero terribly cut and
bruised butlt was not thought the injuries
sovero as? they wore, wero ueoestarily
fatal. A .dray was procured, tho
wounded man placed thereon
aud oonVcyed to thu Sinters,
hospital, where he died of hU wouuds ns"
above statod, Tho report lu circulation
that n considerable sum of money was
taken from Mr. Dean's persou, h untrue,
as he had no money about him. It is
also untrue that ho was beguiled Into
the suburbs bv two pretended friends
whota ho met dawn towu iu a saloon.
He was doubtless set upon by persons
lying in wait for him, or persons who
followed him for tlio purpose they havo
accomplished. The policeman who will
unravel this mystory will show himself
tho "right man in the right place," and
'bo entitled to the thanks of the
There are threo individual. In Cairo
who hold to tho doliHiou that tho result
of the charter election is due to their in
dividuals efforts. Tf they knew how the
publin estimates their Influence, ami how
little it effected the contest, they would
"hung their harps on tlio willows," and
huvt nothing moro tosuy about elections.
The Jesuit show, and candid men will
tell them, their labors were quite fruit
iest, 'except where they excited digucst.
Besides a very complote stock of tin
ware, C. W. Henderson, 100 commercial
Avenue, presents to tho trajloa splendid
variety of cooking stoves, among others
tho "pomona," the 'Veteran," the
"Oak," and the "States" tho latter n
coal stqyo. These1, and any other
mako desired, will be sold at a small ad
vance on manufacturerd' prices,
foblLMlm.' 5
Glover it Son, gunsmiths, havo estab
lished themselves on Washington ave
nue, opposltathe court house, and aro
prepared to accommodate, all demautU
lu tlioir lino of business. They nro iirst
cla8 workmen and will permit no work
to leave their hands that Is not perfectly
satisfactory to their patrons. See adver
tlsoment in another column.1 ' " '
. . , .. , ,
Tho contest for the mayoralty In the
1st, 3d, and 4th, wards resulted In a
stand-oil'. Oberly received n majority
of one in tho the First Ward and twelve
In tho Second. Wilson neutralized this
by a majority of thirteen In the Fourth
Ward. Ho received a majority of forty
ono' in the Second Ward, aud that forms
his total majority.
Tlio calaboose contains only two prls
'biiers two'colored meri, 'staying but1 a
tine. Considering tho fact that wo havo
jdsi padsed' through a allurp 'election 'con
test, this Is n very good showing for a
clty that boasts of 11,000 Inhabitants.
108 do.kn lato stylo Huts, aud othnrs,
at cost, for thU month only, at Foter
'ifeO's, No. 79, Ohio Leveo.
Call, and examine tho slock aud prices
before 'you "make your, purchases),, and
da','Pfe,'ouVpoctbo'oks, tf
i .t ii tin New York, prices, will
bofdd this month, i HelVu regardless of
cost; .
,Haye X(f) any Wood snwycW among us?
A half (lay's searoh on ptir psrC.wllQil.ip
disclose the existence of any. ... ,'.V.
fTlpJiF.T tk TOR" Ewlers' Stomach
Bittern; ' - . i .
Faroliblng tioodi.
Tho complotest atoch of gentlemen's
furnishing goods in the city , Is to bo
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
bo a remarkable want, Indeed, in this
lino that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at the very lowest llgures ruling In the
market. tf.
..I " '
Vt mount Tmm.
Parties yet owing personal taxes will
now see tho necessity of paying up. Tho
fiscal year Is rapidly drawing to a close,
and no further indulgonco cau be given.
A prompt payxnont is thereforo expected.
' John HyiiAnd,
Feb. 23, 8t vCHy Collector.
i '
Nllk lints.
The stock of silk hats at Miller & Mill
er's comprises the very latest styles and
tho llncst make of the. season. The
vuriety is very great,, tho stock, large,
and prices havo been regulated to har
monlto.wlth tlio times. Call In and ex
The pondrfnt df o pearl eWi- rlhg', form
ed of two circulur parts. The finder will
bo liberally rewarded by leaving tho
same at this ofllce. feb243d
A German girl or woman,, a good
cook, to go to Paducah. Apply to Ewell
and Jacob, 02 Ohio Levee. ' feb 23 3t.
A Boon to mankind In rtornnn'a
Chalybeate Cough Syrup; only 7fi cents
per bottle. For sale by S. J. Humm.
Xnlhlut; Hnpcrlor to Nuraan'a Chaly
beate Cough Byrup for Croup, Hoarseness
Dyptheria, Asthma, Ac, For sale by 8.
J. Humm. . feb21dawlw
Everybody uses W'ard
Barclay Bro'?. sell lb cheap
Putroulze home Institutions,
the Barclays.
The Aurora oil will give a clear and
brilliant light, aud Is entirely non-ex-'
plosive. fobl5d3w.
The celebrated Aurora oil can, bo had
at No. 02 Ohio Lovce. Jun21-lm
gj.LOVEIl & SON,
On n lUidiLtckMiultlM,
No. aiOAVjihriigtcnaro., oppeiltt th Court-home,
C?Alro,.i.M.....iy........ Flf s.
Hnmifotnre and rrpln all tlrulu of
i;N,-.0K VK riV,-BTO ,-KTC,
Work warrautett aadchar reaaonablr. feStdlia
ait; KINDS
T-iiquor Kegs of All Sizo.s
On hand; or mad to.ortWr, at thrf.Uairo llarral Fac
torr. foot ol Fourth street. Cairo. Ills.
Trliiitnliic, nit lloat or lu Wrliowr,
rtoim ni rmii Mippori noma iaixr. iusmiiu
Attomcjs and Counsellors at Law,
U'llllam If. flrurn,
William II. (Jllbcrt, CAIRO, IM
ripecial attention glren to Admiralty andStetnbcat
uuaiuau. . .
Utile on Ohio l.evee, llooms
orer 1t ,alloiinl Tlniik.
3 and 4
onrc III Dross' Str Ilulldliis;,
Corner of Elotenlh street and Commercial AnJ
W.J. Allen.
II. Wataun Webb,
It, P. Uutler,
Atno, ll,t,.
John II. Mulxkt, "1
Geo. W. Wall, VCAIFtO.JLU ,
Olflcr Ilooiin, H anil 0 AViiit'tr'a llloc
, dn-il.'Cdtf . ,
ottlre. corner tifisvplllli Mr ret nml sVnali
liiKton AvtliHP,
. P If
Will prautlee In this and the adjoining judicial cil-
cults, anil mako collections in tho
lies or .Missouri ami neniticxr.
Is prepared lo fill ordeis promptly nnd satiafoclortly
wlthtlia best naK ami Hickory nrwtooii.
Loave orders at Hulen'a old ataad, or at the pesi-offlCM.-
Ill Iruxjn (VuUk) ItalliusdCo.
Bee. V
, WO. J
Aeent'n Uffli
tldro, reliriiary loin.
.On and nf(er tho d.ito'f this iioliee. all bill of In.
ding fur Dm Tiautlt ftl'uiner AlJ' v;IU I
siuuvd at ihe Sh''i" Doput olllco, on priK.iiitnll.iu .of
ilwy tieUet,slutl by tko rilu eUrs on Irsitsit
'tMMlw' JAMK-S JOHNSON, Amtit.
A liberal reward will be paid tho fldder'by 'sending
Information to Cuiro HulJ Imrgn was w feet Iohk,
decked nTer.nrliitdN,Jllgly un slile. sud had h
(In numbe'S or 1 on (tie end. It got away from Cairo
mi - '
aud (urnea fvwa) iipwarus. . .
W W r
m I
Printed at ttm (ifflfprtMhe Cairo lliillollii.
Mon.umon.taL Dosignors
ami Importers of
Ititllnti Marble, Scotch UraUltc, JEfe.
Waro-roorrn and Workshop cor. 3U A St. Ann str.
Monument Vault, OrAroStono, Mantles, Pulmb.
m(, cU, esccuteil with nuptrior workmanship. t
iwtpr eci. LnslUli, German am) Hebrew letter.
n(( done In tlio bout atylM maibU and frran te figure
by tho wit sculplora of Europo Iniputled, and all
work guaranteed. Fordelgrit, apply Id
. . ... CAHK L. TtlOMAS, Agent
janaldlf Cor. 8th ntreot and Commercial avt.
To M. Ouinan, and all others tonccmed.
Yoa are hereby notified that at a ale of city dot It
tho City Treasurer aud ex-offlclo City Collector of th
city of Cairo, In tho Htnto of Illinois, at tho door of
the court liouno In aid oily on the aUtevnth (16th)
day of December A. I). IMS, tho undoralned bceama
the purchuer of the following described, real, estate
situated In ald city and Ktale lor the City (aie of ald
city and the eosn dua thereou for tho Mld year A. 1)
1W, to-wlti Lot numbered twentyeiRht la block
numbered novcnty-four 171) ateaed and iold In the
nam of if. Oilman, and that theaimo allowed by law
forthe redemption of ald real etatwlll eplro on
the aUtocntlt (10th) dor of December A. 1, 187U-
, , JOIi.N' 1IOWLEY, l'urohoer
Calrbj llllnol?, february Hth, 1870 tf3t.tdlt '
One 'Iwo-slory JJRICIC HOUSE, with atoro-rooni
w ihi'uibj niiacncu, rtnsiiiiua oi cigni rooms,
p3odclitcrii,ota. AUo for ale, one'COTTAOE, on
alreet, of nto room
and elatern,' oj For
further information.
at i wmmerclnl
, frblMtf
I herohy gltcn that default luflnrf occnrrei In
ilho puriortiiancoof tho cunditlor i oxprnated In a
certain Mortgage, or Deed of Truat vatcuted by
John O Krlnn to atmtel btnats Taylor and Bdtrln
1'arMti, Trnteea Of the Cairo City Trnerty7
duted the Twenty-third day of JanUAry, A. I.
lid, recorded In tho Ilevorder'a oltloe. hi and
lor Alexander county, In thabtnto of Illinois, in
Nook 1' of Dredi, page 180, aald mortgaee at- deed
of trim aonfeyltiK lot numbered (lit) Twelra In
fllovk nuiiil.nrfd 'J I (Ninety. two) In tho Flral Add).
tUni to t he Ofty of Cairo, In ald county and Stat.
We, tho uuderalimed. aald Trujtoci, will on
WvdncMUy, theiootHi day of March, A. D. JI70,
at 10 o'clock hi the farvnoon of that day, under
and by Vlrlne of tho power or ral 'ontalned Ih
aald Mortgage, aell, at I'libllo Auction, lo the high
cit hlildcr, furcaah, at the ctltce bulldlnf f aald
Truiteet, corner Washington areine and lSUt
street, In aald elty of Cairo, In Alexander rounty
Biidfclate of lllliioli, aald lot numbered Twelva
(li) In block uiimbcrwl VI (ninety-two) lath
niat Aildltlon to (ha city of Cairo, aitordltijr lo tho
plat (hereof, wild the appurtenance to sitiafy the
purpoaeaaud condition of anlcl mort)(ie. '
iMtod, Cairo, llllnoli, l vlirutry Oth, U70. ;
H. hTAATS TAW.Ott, ,
Truitceaef (he Cairo City Property, '
i j. i
li hereby glreuthnt default lntinc ooourrod la
thepiTfuttnance of tho conditions exprecied in a'
csrtiln Mortgage or Deed of Traal eieeuted br
i'dlriclc Luton to Sainuvl Ntoals Tarltr and Kdwln
'raot,TrUllrca of the Cairo City I'rouvrty.dutad.
.nc aiiiiu it vi ii-criiiuvi .7.. i, rtn.ufiieu iu
thu llecordef's orfli-d, In aud for Alexunderconu
ty.lntho SUta of Illiuili, In Ilaok V. 9lMd,
page!'), aald mortrngo or deed ot trust Conrey
ing lot numbered Twentj-tlvr (2.1) lnbtoiknuui
Ijertd Twenly-tecn, (27) In tho First Addition te
the city of Cairo, In said county and Slat. Wo,
l.io umlersigneil.'sald Tfiiiti4,' III on We.los
day, tho Second day of March, A. D. 18T, at II
o'clocic In tho forenoun of that day, tinder aod by
Tlrlue of the power of. satoi coufjtned in said
mortgage, eII,rnt'uMlnsuehbn,'to"IIio highest
blildrr Kir cash, at tho olllco building ot said
Trustees, corner" wnhington avenuo and llrh
street, lu said oily of O'.gni, liv Alfxamler counlv
an I stutn of lllinuls, nwii lot niimlered
Tuty.Jlii tn blik iinVr-'o;'-f'Mity"'i-
(J7) In tho first odditis., to tho city of Cairo, a
uurding to tho rvcoritcd plat thereof, with ths si.
fitiTtenaneea, to satisfy itit purposes andcGn'dV
ions of- sold aiortgjg. , '. IJ T .A
Diltxl, Ulro, lllinuls, t'ebruary 9th, 1870.
Ll'"l.l l'AIUU.t,
Truttees of the Cairo Citjr pco-Strl. (
la herebr alren that that diif inlt hat ine d-m'tli
red In tho performance of tlio eouilllions ex.
prossed In n certain Mortgage, or iMed of Trust
executed by Charles Itncaiter to HiniUel Mas Is
Taylor and rldwln 1'srnoni, Trustee of tho Cairo
City I'roperly, dated th Thirtieth day of Nor.
ember, A. D. rccordod Irt tho lfcorder'
otllca. In aud for Aluxunder fountain Ih Huta
of Illinois; In Hook K of Deeds, pga t'U Ae.,
said liurteaxo or deed of trust uoiitreyinjr. lot
nUlllbsrod 0 (six) in Illook numbre.l 1(71 l-V.rl.
setrenin tlio First Addition tolnoclty of Colrot
iu nnm cuuiii win, oiiu. i e, ino uniiersisnea,
said Truslvoa, sslll on Wednesday, the ejecond
forenoon of that day1 under and by tirtitaof to
tKjwer of sain ront.ilned lnaild mnrtira .aell at
public niicllon.to tho hie heat bidder for cash.at thu
ulllce building uf said Trustees, corner of Wash
mKlon arenua and ISth street; in said city ol
Cairo, In Alexander county and Sutaof llllna.s.
said lot nnniSiWd (0) six m block uuinbered (47)
"v-seren In Uia llrat addition la lha nils at
Cilro, nccorditiK to tho recorded plat thereof,
with thti n)piirtenanre, to satisfy the purnassa
and conditions uf said uiortcsKe.
fti,l.l fil.i lllln.iU ll...,. U VaA -f
Trustees of tho Cairo City Property. .
Is hereby clron thM default Jisylnir
In tho porfoniianeoof dm fonilltloni exuresiMt
In said uomity and Mate.
and Male We the Umiersls nes,'
will on ednesif.iy thsfceeond dsr
D. 1870. nl loo'cloflkln the r,r.'
nam I rnsiees, '
nf Marrh. A. I
noon of (hat day, unar and by sirtue ef th
tiowr of sale contained in said mnrin.. ..n
publlo auction to .he hlithesl bidder la cash at
IheollUo buildinof said Trustees, corner Wa'ih.
Inston avenue and Uth atrtet. In said city r
Calroiln Alexander county and Mate of Illfnai.
said lots numbered (jo) twenty, (ill tsrentr-one.
' v) twenty .three, (.'() twenty.
iuu, iv) auveniy
ana (71) roa.
ty.one, In lilocK numbered (15)
block numbered
lion to the city ol
fourth addition to tn city or Cairo, aceordlnr tit
imesn iu ina-
the recorded plat thereof, with ths appu
to sutt'fy the purposes 'and conditio
lion of itU
Dateil, Cairo, Illinois', Ketiriiary lh, I to.
f.l. fAli.lU.Vf,
Trustees of lli(7alru cay I'mp-rtr.'
U licreliV tlTrli (lint default bavin? i
111 tho perforinancopf the conditlenneJtpresaed la
aeerhun Morlifiik'e, orDeeil of Trnsteiecut4 br
KdwArd H. Weakly to Humuel Blasts Tayleran'J
Kdnln I'ursons. Trustees of the Cairo City Pra
perty, dntod Ihe Twgiity.tlfth day of J.inuarr A". D
IbOO, and recorded In tn Keconler oltlee, In and
for Alexander County, In Ihe Btate of Illinois Is
Hook, of Deeds Pa,l,iid Marts;.tXe or Veed
orirlia(confeyliirlotnilliiberd (') twenty tira
in block number 81 (eighty one) In the flral addit. .
ion to tho city of Cairo in said county and stuu.
Wii, tho undersigned, said trustees, will on Weil,
nesdny Ihe second day ot March A, p. 1 70, at I
0'olock.ln thqforsuoou of (hat day, tinder and by
virtue or llis Jiuwi r of nle oontained In suit! Jlort.
usj-e, sell, at Tiilillo Auetlon, to Ihe hlahe.t bid
der, for cash, at llm .offlc biiildn4 of auld Trus.
tees, corner of Vt luhlngton Avenue uud 18th strast.
iu aald eiiv of Cairo, in Alexander county and '
.State of Illinois, aaup lot numberad (2SI
Tttenty flra, jui )4yck , nutnredf .ll (eighty
one) In, the first sddljlon to tha said city
of H.lro, according-Ui tho recorded plat Ili8ruf.
with the upmirtenunccs. to satisfy th purpoae
nml coalition
Truatecs.yfhti Cairo C)ij loprH , , 4.
VyJosvpli II. ;le-rtor-amnelhtn.itsTyorand
Kdwin l'nrons, Trustees of the Cairo City I'tiL
petty, dated the Klerenth dny o May A. D. UoA
nml recorded in the Ib-eorder's otlloe. in and far
Aiexnmier i-uinuy, in inu main cT Jlllnois in
Hook 1 of Deds, puKi((, said morlffaeordeed
nf trust eonseyins; luta numbered (Ol Tenlv
Il,(Twenty.one) . (Twenty.two) S3, (Twratii
three) , (IVenlyfour) (J, (Hlxtv.nlnV) 70, (Set.
rnty) 71, (hoventyonej In lllock num berin m
een) ill the (til Addition to lb eli f

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