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The Cairo evening bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1868-1870, March 14, 1870, DAILY EDITION, Image 3

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MONDAY, MARCH. 14,. 1870.
.".UtVAA. A 1 .
.SHasgfiisaeMsC!!!" ."pt liming, uirougu mo uaioii
Tho Ati.rneuiii Wr.in.iaV Wiit. OUl wyJn his brother's Htorc. No ono wns
MoKcnn Buchanan, an artist whom
wn.fl.i i- !w..i i J i i
readers, will, with
troupe, open for one
urn, on weunciiuiiy evening, croyueu,
houses have greeted him at nil points
along the river, where ho has stopped,
nnd the prefs as with a dingle voice, has
- -been enthusiastic; lu hs praise. In proof
of Uijfl w, present the following brace of
' pargraplii, froi,tjo'New Albany 'Com
mercial' aiid 'Ledger.' The following Is
from the 'Commercial:'
.! A highly appreciative auulftnce attend
ed tho Opera House Inst night to witness
uic rendition oflllchellctltrjrUQioKcan
dramatic company, and' we. but express
Uhascntlment df nllpTqsentln saylne It
wa i masterly. , Througliont ffitf 6nt re,
n performance the characters of the ply
Were Irnnorsonnted In a mannor nlinwlnc
each actor and actress its perfect In their
roles as It is posilblo for'n large .'Combin
ation to attain, nnd thb eloto attention,
tho audience paid to thc)hzhct syllabi,,
was an evidence that thp acting wan ap
preciated. ,
And the following from tho New
Albany 'Ledger:' '
"Mr. Dunhanan'H Impersonation of
Richelieu, tbo great Cardinal- Minister,
was as powerful, finished nttd stibllrne rcjl
Hontutinn of the character as was ever
enacted. He looked, M, and -atjtfcii' the
part truo to tho author's conception, and
tho Impression be created was highly
favorable. In the grand icone where tho
Cardinal throws tho protection of the
church of Imperial Jlnrrm around J.illa
nnd defies Bdradas, tliivVlfbct whs one of
awful irrandeur. We navo wuncsieu
granueur. n b
many eminent acioro in litis piay,. juil
never saw such noting before.
iMt nitii Mufirilr. ,
Tho attention of the trade Is onked lo
the wholesale boot ami lo houne of
Messrs. Elliott, Haythortl, & Co., now'
replenishing for tho sprlhg trade. To
tho' already- large stock, oVer 300 eases of
boota, and flhucH-ptirebaVe.d, from the
New Knslnnd frtotorles, dlirlng the lalo
depressed state of market Will,., arrive
during the week. This stock will be
comnlete, and Is by far the largext supply
over received by n CalrtiliiJiue. Tliq xe
talldcalers of C'alrrt,V'AH xfell as of the
towus round-about, are Invited lo exam
Jno It, u Messrs, E. lt&to., feel conil''
dent that they have piirchrtHf d on terms
tJiat will enable theia to 'urnlsh their
customers unusual bargain to bell to the
trade at as low ilgnronji can be' sl-eurcd
lu any market wet oTI1ouiii. . j .
VtM tt. HlehelHa Ifalcl 4 -rn.
This topular and eligibly jocatetl houce
f of public enterfaluititnt js now fitted
aad furnished througdoutjb good i-tyle;
and, under tho management of Mi-:u..
Walker &. SUuiu, Undoing a large ntid
thriving business. Itl.'U kdt.ujM)n the
Kuropean plan the "guest vailing for
wonui wauui wueu ae.wBiiuijH, wiicmi
er In the day or night' time,' nnd paying
only for what ho orders. Tlr rooms are
largo and. clean, furui.ht.-d with the best
of beds and bedding 'while ull other fen
tare of the ojttablislimenfnre arranged
with an especial eye to the comfort and
convenience fthogtieU. "Jafltf
To TuX'Vnytt a
I'attleH'dwIng State, Conn
trlct School taxe?, tmitt. -If
y uud 1)Ib-
Ihcy would
nave cost, pay them on or before the 23th
day of March, as on that day I nhall
start on my tour tljrough tlio country
products. And Minll bu absent two week's.
Immediately on my n-ttirn I shall
commence preparing my delinquent
. Persons' owing )tnfonal': taxionly,
must payup lm'mcdlately, asI am com
pelled by law to collect tlu'jni without
delay. , .... u
niarUtd IouiaH.MvKits.
; 1.1
' . T
Kprrl I'Myutcul Ursiiiurtl.
From. and after till date tbo pittrois
of the Eldorado. Billiard and, Liquor sa
loon, John Gates, proprietor, will receive
fcllror change, Initcn'd of fractional cur
rency. Tho Eldorado's billiard .saloon Is
one of the largest uud best ftjnilsln'il lu
the city, nun tho bar " supplies! with the
choicest wines and liquors, clgnrs,elc., to'
bo found in this market. JiuuTdOt
There will bo. a meeting o( the stock
holders of tho Cairo Planter q'obacco
Warehouse Co., on the loth lust., At 10
o'clockj a.m., At tlio "ofllce. of ! Hulllday
Bros., to elect oftlccrs for the ensuing
year, and to transact other important
business. J. M. i'liiu.irs, 1 '
March 3d, 1870dt Pres't.
I'lirnUlilliK tlooilx
, Die Qumplelest .strtcl; idf gentlemen's
fiirnlbhlug goods In the city , Is to bo
found ut Miller nnd Miller's, 'ft would
bei remarkable, want,- indeed, lu this
line that, they cannot satisfactorily supply
at tlio very lowest llgures ruling in this
jnarket.. . , Atcn .'t (
If ot Mcit MSli. " r'l l
, Jlnt bed sa h, thrco by six feet, nl really1
'Prliiied'and "glnzi-dj 'inoy be' .had'lif Miy
number desired at No. 1!U, Thornton',
'jllock, Tenth streot. mai0.0tf
-.w.i.. , .,51
, t for (trs i"
'lite paluut. Awnliig now on exhibi
tion oil (jnimeroljrj 'aveiipQ and Sixth
street. For particulars Inquire ofrLofllti,
post offlco news'stariil. . ' , piaitwt ,
A good milliner' at Curbomlule.
that has some knowledge of dress nitik-
, im ,Ungprefe'rte,'llAUUlJe
vli'l V
We regret to hear that Mr. Hiram
Williamson, brother of Capt. G. D. Wll
llamaon, was aeriouslv Inlurcd Baturtlav
I . 0 "
KilVt . T ocowe''toccurreu, nn.
'!,i"rrtt Int'mathn of it wan a croai:
commend to our local r "mm V ,. ,V i Ti E
, a Drift wWiV.W,natlC: fom M V that was heard by ono
e wcok Intho At iC ,0d1 Uo " Pl "P In
"M,,WU ft" rcJa,i-
thflt ,.',,(,, .,
ir. Upon
examination It was found that his
eoapula orwhouldor blado was fractured
and ono or moro boned of the right wrist,
orcarpas, broken. These Injuries, Added
Lie A violent concussion of brain and a
number of bruises on tho arm nnd
shoulder, rendered him a rather badly
Wounded roan.
When wo walled upon him this morn
ing wo found him quite easy. He had
bad a air night's rest, and was suffering
7e.ry, little p'altfJfroin.Any cause. If no
internal Injuries deVnlopo themselves,
ji , ' ... '
tliero is nothing In the way of li Is recov
tW- Qallgljer's residence, now 'well nd.
vuucod towards cbrrffilollou, U tbo finest
most elrgantly finished and costly
strucfurc of the kind,, In Southern Illin
ois. ) Tho Interior iliilsh and decoration
is elaborate, ygt chaste and Indescribably
beautiful., Thc'comlde nnd ccntcr.pieces
ofdlflercut roouiH are achievements in
plaster-work (hat Mirny tho presence of a
muNtpY hunil, while tho carpenter-work
And painting are everything that good
taste and'sklll can mako them. Nothing
thut could add to to the completeness of
the establishment ah a hpine, has been
forgotten. Wide halls, porticosTDorcbes.
nlattas. lisnrviitnrio.. MU r,...,. i.n
i , ,.,-r,.,
Hard, and library room, forifl ouly u
"fow of the 'ntfrAfcfln tin nml pniV.jiil.,nnui
of Its Internal arrHOgement. The extcrl.
or'of the bulldluir .utui tlio BnrrnnndrM,-
seem tu be all' tbnt money, can provide or
good tasfo suggest. If would bo dlllcult,
Indcctlto liuprovo upon what has been
I done, either Insldo" or aboqt the building,
; ; -r
Mrs. Baldwin, the whltu woman who
"Was ielit to the.ienltent(ary as a punish
meiit forllvngIn nslulooopen adultery
with a colored man of tblt city, am) for
other wrong-doing, i.iaguju In the city,
U-uu,rl'ot ,mt)r,somt'"it "vllig ex-
pirco. nnc is immensely inuignant, we
inai,- um n iii-u .vjiiio woman is to oo
bunted down by the minlbns of tbo law
and severely punished b4eatue of her
own taetes attd lujliuatJon; nml sho ir
notsuru that slio will nd avail herself
qf ho llrtt opportnnjty pre-jenlcd, and
tfo Herself "even.' ,
The negro man, who shared Mr, B'k
guiiianu,punisnmcniiias urawn a prof
linblo lesson from his experience, and
will li'iirc-iftirlbi con'te?it With the wiles
and ways ot his lawfully.wedded wife,
wfio, by thewity, Uavery Uprightly In-,
telligeut colored woman.
J no steamer Aiitelopo and barges re-
cenlly'tilo'k her ficcond departure from
our iarf, freighted with about three
tbousMtid tnus of pork, Hour, whisky,
etc. At the end of twenty days rrom this
time, Capt. Lowe expecls to bo receiving
freight here fornix third, trip. At pres
ent rates of freight it Is thought that the
Antelope's net earnings will not bv less
than $16,000 per trip 1-15,000 for three
tripH, or over $700 per day.
From this It may beeecn what .steam
boats arodolngiu the Cairo mid New Or
It-HUM trade. They nro malting a fortuno
every sixty days; yet uo citizen of Cairo
or company of citizens own a single boat
hi tho trade!
Messrs. Mllleraud Miller Imvo Just re
ceived an unusually large, well assorted
and strictly fashionable supply of pleco
goons, to which they ask hpeclal atten
tions "Tbo, lot embraces the finest cloths
and caslmcrs ever brought to Calm, 'and
SUch u variety ofstyles'that all tastes may
be accommodated. Suits or garments
.from these goods are made to order In tho
best manner and latest sty)e,' 'and at
figures that -will defy competition. For
proof of this they only ask to he put upon
trial. At nit events call around and see
tho now goods. Jan2-tf.
Joe, uuti of of Isnao Furnbnker, well'
known lu Cairo, Is now tho Icadlm?
clothier of Puducah. Joo hnV nchloyed
this proud distinction by strlat Applica
tion to business, and Judicious' ndvertls.
lng In the Paducah papers. Ho under,
stands thejjclonco of advertising, nnd Is
employing his knowledge to great advan
tage. '
Elliott, Haythoru & Co , keep the
Frenoh bronzing for shoes, anil nil tho
lato.styles of rosettes. Tho recent largo
purchases of boots and shoes of idl kinds
And prices, that nrc on liand;nnd arriving
dally, uro deserving of special attention.
Everybody Is invited to call.
Tho new supply of silk hats jiU'recelv
etl by Miller and Miller Is worthy of
especial attention of gentlemen wiiowlsh
to purchase nnytlllng1 In that lino that Is
sr lolly, fashionable ' anil ' of Hrst-class
mwiufifcturo. The supply- 'etribraces all
sites and ns-to prloe'nny fjfunlHy satis
faotlnu Is guaranteed. f6b2Slf
Bristol fc, SUJwell, No..,a2, Etghth
Street, Iiavo Added to their stock sim
vpry choloo-Graham Flour; "A' it "B"
.PaL ileal, ati.d Farina; also keen 'con
stantly on hand tho various kluils of
.FArluApeous Food usually soldr Iri the
OraiiMd -Flout.
nl lial Is
ofiUiOflargcst and best furnished lu' fthu
LiUllluW'lL'r4!Sort'",''bo1' citizens
ntid LtstiiiDiira.iiihrt lntlill(ti lillllnM.l 1
lug.'"' - - ...... janOt'f
Hotal Arrival.
St. Nicholas, HoUl, March 13lh, WO.
D Jamc, HI Vernon ; J Wright, Boston ;
W Gere, Ala; J Logan, 111; P Eldrldge,
8t Louis; E Kauiby, do; V Snyder, 111;
J Ayott, do; FT Lamb, do; JBonuItt
r Wlr do; Baml 8colt' Lcxln8to.
of w E Bnlcer, 'jfexas; O Myott, do; E
u Nrton, Du Quoin; J 8 Danghottor; Jno
,n "arney, Chicago; W Page, do; H O
Kurko, Bland vlllo; II D Ellis, Mo; C
House, ash vlllo; M Mayfleld, Mound
uuy; w wiikenson, Ala; C Babcock
ML Bran, wlfo & son; W H Johnson
& family, Ohio; PS wasaman, Spring
field; W Morse, Ky;N Carter, do; Thos
Wllkaron and wife, do; A Wlnton, Mo
C Jones. Tcnn: M Nowlll. do: Col. St
Clair, California; RFullon, Miss; JFrin-
lay, IllsjEUwovnr, Ills; A Anderson, III.
Wh. CB Tell?
Tho colored seryeant girl of aaemlnent
physician, of this city, Is about to en ter
into matrtmonini relations with the coir
ored, .hostler of a distinguished railroad
man., Itow.tno question arises; What
relationship will this marrlAge establish
between the physician and the
railroad man. Tho latter con
tending that it will mako
them both brothers-in-law, and the
former contended that It will mako them
both step-uncles to tho wench and grand
fathers to Her. husband lias given rlso
to a dispute of tho most violent and
acrimonious character.
J?.. S. Tho gentlemen havo ceased
speaking to each other.
facta far llontckteper.
That Doolcy's Baking Powder has been
"i i. " i
-v. v.v.j ..-u.-i, Uu una uuh hoch iu
bo the )urci(,mottccO)iom(cal. reliable and
led baking powder ever manufactured
to which thousands testify.
Each package contains the exact quan
tity represented, and one pound Is guar
anteed Ut go further in the culinary de
partment than any other In market.
For sale by grocers generally, In quan
tities to kult. marl 4m was
Tlip Lute Aiulutm-nl.
The appointment by Mayor Wilson,-
Saturday night, are of a good and nilxed
character; in part, satUniclory to tlo
public, In paruatlsfactory to hla friends
and-ln imrt such as the public feel no
disposition t' go Into extacles over.
Henry Gossman, Is chief of police; John J
bheehau and Henry Stout, day police
m6n; Johp Hyland, city comptroller,
and Jumes Ryan street supervisor. '
Rullroact Arcldcut.
We learn, Just lief 6 re going to press,
that an accident occurred on tile Missis
sippi. Central railway seved miles below
Jackson, yesterday morning, by which
five orslx passengers wero severely hurt,
but none fatally. Two cars were thrown
from the track, and considerably broken;
liut aflera delay of two or three hours,
me train was enauicu to continue on
ward. ,
1'nrHy Vmu I'nlilsn.-Ttttr liiu
much dlllerenco between .Phalon's
Vlmli.i orSilvutlou fur the Jlnlrand the
lllth-charged halr-darkucrj, ns between
thn Pool of Botheida, that nu angel
stirred, and a fever-breeding mud pblid.'
The Vttalla Is a crystalline lluld, without
a single impurity or noxious pr-qierty,
and tho naturalness of tlie shades It lin-
ports to grey hair Is uuequaled.
- . .
Mr. John Ilyland'fi appointment to tho
ofllce of comptroller laaflonlcd his
friends tho sinccrest fcatlafactlon. His
faithful sorvlces as treasurer and collec
tor Inspired a confldouco in his honesty
and Integrity that appealed lu strong
terms for Ills promotion to his present
post. No ofllccr was more attentive to
the demands of his ofllce during the pas
year tHan he' was, anil wo doubt not he
will prove equally falthfurdurlng tho
year to come.
Juit received at P. NefTs, No: 79, Ohio
Iiovee, a splendid lot of spring Casimers,
Coatings and Vestlngs, which will be
made up in tho mott fashionable styles,
and at prices to suit tho times, u perfect
fit guaranteed or no talc. tf
I .Ska nth. -The most Irritable and rest
less of those teudor little household buds
tire charmed, us It were, into qulete and
sweet repose, by using Mrs. Whitcomb'a
Svrtip. marMdawlw
Attention ladles! Vso Norman's Chhly
beute Cough Syrup, for coughs, colds,
soro throats, croup, whooping coughs,
etc Sold by S. J. Humui.
Tho Continental Is the only oook stove
with sliding oven doors. Wurrnuted in
nil respecTs." PItqber & Henry, nt 102
Commercial avonue, cor. 12th street.
Everybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Barclay-' Bro's. sell It cheap for cash.
Patronize homo Institutions. Buy from
Youths' b03'' and children's'
ntiesi tiiau New York prices,
will bu
sold tills
of cost.
week, at P. Nell's,
A bad Cold cau bo speedily cured by
usl'ug Norman's Clialybpato Cougli
Syrup. Sold by H. J: Hnmm. ,, ,. .
t marllOt
"." Clothing lor the million at P. NeiPs
No; 7P Qhlo, Ivee. The nc'bt goods In
the city-will be found 1$ jtause. (f
Good Calf Booti for two doling uml
sWntyflyq cepta only, 4-PNeft's, Non
u, onio L.oveo. ff
, meiiJi&T-iN usk" Editors' Stomach.
Riltels.T " V'V.
BaroaijisI Bargains I A good ault
of clothing for tan dollars at P. NerT s,
TD, Ohio Lovce.
ritcher & Henry's largo stbek of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware,
will bo sold without regard to cost.
Jubt Received. TheShoo Fly Elliott
and Don't Bodder Mo lints and Caps
P tr.rro, No. 70 Ohio Levee. tf
A now supply of Calf Boots nno; Gaiters
Just received at P: NcllVs, Noi 70 Ohio
Levee. ,
Good Cotton Socks, only 15 cents
pair or $1 25 cents per doz., ut P. NefTs,
No. 79, Ohio Levee, tf '
Tor a good Beaver, Caslmcrc, pr silk
mixed suit, go to P. Keifs, No 70, Ohio
r 1
LoVee. ' tf
Drawers and Undershirts, at aeacrlfico
ai r. ncii's, naivijMo ivco, ir
Use Ender's Chill
Cure. "It never
AT tTillj ATI! KN.V'.l'.M.
"Ooin ttirnrltiii
Wednesday llrrnlng, Mnrcfc ltli;iS70.
i. M'KEitteoii,
Whot irfnrTl'in-fi'fn ll lliAiiiriucipil theatre
Ini.rct Ililluin, Amlralla, Culllnnila, nl other
parti of Anicrli-.n, lntr licfn M'(iteJ Willi urH.it
rnthUilMlni by ltmn ami fiulilAUnlilA ainllru-c-,
U'l proun-l to bmorti(thn irrnlrrtjl
tnjf rtllei nunrtf'l ly Klrft CU
fitlfH from ihr prliicltwl Th-trr of
. " !
Boston, Xew York and ljlillnilclpliln.
r ..
lVeilnosday KycithurMaijli 1(1, 1870,
R 143 H E L I E U,
. . PlLllIliL !
cxnmsku Kii:iiKi.ii:
' ' ! .'J nv
.Tin. jlciitEA.V UITC'IIAXIX,
Otlifr clirlcr. j llin KxrclUnt Comp.iu).
t'ltftBK orProgrmrimo llncli l.rriiliii;.
Doort opin t 7 o'clock. Curtiilii'irlrt io'i-'JiH-Tfe,
Ailnimion Kv.-. KtrrTxt fntt t.Vi. IWixolIU't-
opn trrry djr t IU o'cIotIi.h ni.
KdiifUT tftran nt 3 o'clock n'rruiil m.ljiif--.
t'rlcet rKlllcf.lchllJtllScifJulb- XH,
t'arl Tom't ClilaiUll' lie Artnt.
If.'W MAVAIIIl, Aunil.
r yCKltlKQEL, NJilWBHItUY & CO.,
luoninnenuu jjosijrnoi'ri
nnd Imporlera of
Itnllau Harble, Scotch Uraultr, i:tc.
Warc-roonn acd Work-lloi or. 3d I ft. Ann ilr.
Monuroeuta VaulU.Oraroctonea, Mantlca I'ulmb
Ins, !., exeutt with nipirior 4rkinauhli, at
tniieal price. Engllrh, German and llebreir letter.
Ingdone In the bett atyle t marble and granite (Inure
hr the leit acnliitort of Kurui linn.iri.l. un.l ull
rork giiarantcni. Furdralgn, apply to
l-.Hli TliO.HASS Ac
jau314tf Cor. lilt trret and Conuiierclid
Wholeaalti Dealers and ilaniiluemre'ni,
AgeiiKot ' i
40 oi)hmi;ki:ai, avkxiiu,
I'artiotllar Kin paid In older.
ii iiivixoav,
Jg fl. IIAltKBMi,
(Jupcimuflre, Bar Fixtures, (ilassrrnre
Not. 1S5 "lid 1ST, Com. A v. I CAIItO l,l
mj iimiiiiuii ii umii ii j ;
It anpplted with all kinda nt '
fSvt.xsox'lox liiquoi-H,
Doer, Ale, Vi..
CsmmerclklaTenue, bet. Muth and Tenth .treete.
Tli thlraly. wh j lorn ood liuort, ehould ;le him
a call, an.1 llxit who with to tuitt a Imranl cimr 04 n
tln Hieir wanla wmidied at ht' t'ir
Mr. Vi H. Mnrrar4 near corner of Kk-blh
.tree! and Commercial avenue, hat aunulled iitm.
Mir wiiti vu? fi K Moinani a co-h i.iraii bia
Jieier leiieia. raniea aitmuitncu wiui me register,
ins of their meters can now bat tbem luted. Jf, the
rnetert aru found true tile' airtifl retnke of the twt
will be charged to the party clttalhii It 1 it the i0et'
) itinnd iiiconrt. uorliAfaiaiwi'l i Hiwle myl'lt
ttl Wood.
it, WARD,
w,, 'tatrf'a.Wk.l
m:Ai,i:it in
rot : cvti
Of" "men a cu tpnd;rir jit th.,pols.
C JStairt VAWriJr Counlr, m. Alen
. In tliomattorof
Uenry,v. UenninKlioir nml Jaoob nennlgliofT, port
?.cr,"; Ao, tltjnK tiuilnws under tlio Arm nnmoof
11. V. A J. Deiinlsliolf tii. Peter Zlmcrin,
nnd KfAln hiMmiSTrnslrc, tic, nnd Jacob
Kllro. On 1,111 li toritlofo mortgnge.
?,"iVor,?t.,0 'f hTtbrRfien, that In r
t-: n l'J,,:buiA.?n.,ho' Trentlctli clay of Ja.i
' ,u-',A-t , ls,IvAtli)'JatHmry term thereof A. 1).
12t' ?iJVP,(JiHtrmt,.,jA,tr In Chancery for
o oniiuea
1P.ltfVMcU"lrf ftr'Arternoon of ial dar.
M-liAt. piiuiie atiajieaito tlio hiRi,c,t bidder, ftf
.i ii.l - . "KW"' mo court nnuaa in
.In, aftltl ountv.
to' hnclty.of calrnjfjf. Ihtjlcounly of Alexander
ti.'; .f ' ... " . .. :
and St.
Mm iuw4mIaiI m nknM ah.t Kit. r . " ... ."
mv i vva wf vii itiw nit ruuj, lUKfiner Willi H I
Cairo. 111., MarcU Pl, ItfowUl"?11'
Slaloof Illlnok Alex.imlcrCdnnty. a. Alcxan
ucr ixjuniy ujretut voun."
In the miller of Krait'tiV'rrjleom who ane l,
jonn j. riy uunextniiMMl. Ta Thomaa It- Mc
ninne ai nunnimn for Kmarlll llaatom and
l'.uianllA ilancom. On bill for partition.
IMMIo .N'olieo l lie rebv iiren. tlinl In tnir.n.n..
of n decretal order er.tercij In llio ntxivo entitled
cauf hi fhid rotirt, on th Hlxleenlh day of Xelc
rimn-A.I). 1C7U, of tho Jajiaary term thereof. A.
ltt.i , I, John 0. Harnian, Mauler In Chancery
torjM.lo.Mirt, willon the Second day of April, A.
UIl'At.V. ,t'Mln Uon to tho highest bidder for
riMttiMlbfl aiiuthvid.t door of thn court houaa in
tlotl twenty (1"U) In totrn.Mn .Itf.n nr
ra;iUVitOU)..tflhff thlrr nrmnlnl ! '.III...
tonether with.all nnd jiUigulnr.lho Unementa and
horMlatiient then-tmth Worfglng.
euro, in, .v.k.1, tihrf;5.-Hrcrr-
bl!,.,,Hor.JII'nof" -M'nHe"r rohnlT, at. In thn
A liril Term' lko A,exnnU" .county, llllnola.
neiumnln .M, Jlutm ti Q Von Ilutnmcll. At.
auinptu: .IWactirtiont. demand loi) (io.
Notte.,' It lierrh ifia ft in ... .i.i s .....
Hummelltliitftyrltor .VUnofmienthat len'aued
oiitnf tbeotncarirthAfTeii! i,t ih,. 1 1. .......
iiit Cmtrt-At the Milt of the tld llcnjnmln M.
ilnnti n n 1 1 ...Im.i il.n I .1.1 ..4.. . . a . . ... .
llummell rnr tlifaaum of llrolinndre.1 dollara. ne.
atdim intorcat, direttetllothdPherlirofaald coun.
J ,0 f?2u,?,r'ulc'' "ul ''" relurneit
y .iu piwrui i .itcuin on iioi icn tiui in II ook
I netitr-tof en 1271 In Klnt'Aitilitlnn ,V l,. ..t
It " i'i TI t T .'u"' iiimum, a mo properly
Jf aald defendant. Now unleai you, tho .aid Q Von
lIuiiiiiwIl.dHffiHUnt.fcbnll jrwonally U, and an.
pour U'Ioiij IhuclreuH rourt of aaldcounty on thn
hut day ofihq next term thenof, to Im holden lu
thn elty of C'alr, in anul connly.on the tlrtt Mon.
day In thn Month of April next, gini .iieclal lull
nrid ptoad toKllifAi-lioii, ludgment will tn onter.
ed again.tyoii In Uxor of .aald plalntill and th
property attai-hod .did tn aatitrV the utno with
. t JWIIN (J. IIAllMA.V, Clerk.
Cairo, III., Kebruary ItUli, !.'
liuiliJ'ot'e, i'bmilltrViAttorneya. feli2Twlt
Vmi are. f errtn mnot t)ih ii o,aale of land anj
town lot tar the Hate, coimtyaod other taxet,
ior thsr held at-tht, cohrt houtn In th!
cliy ofUlro, county of Alexander and State of
iiiiiui-, ..ii inn i..iu nnu .in i nyaor Julr. US'. 1
1. InlA'ii
i. v in ini-e iv or f.iit.i-ntrif,. ,
Wlut.fKr'tht ai
fffliily, lTd,
11 IVthailMpply fi
KTeAip.iilMd 1
Itti, irio. ielra.1
wid mat 1L4 tlmoljrretleiiiullon will i-xt.trnnn
Hm. vnu andaTliily f f! ii.iy, ito, and If not re.
Ulnnl nt Hull .tlinn I Situ, 1 W, ply for n deed and
l-'"-inni inn nmiTsiip.ijiiiMil lirelllliet
4ift, F-inHryllh,iiTu. i,lra,lllAttw
IU It litilulned y thn flly tlitihsll of the City
(iilrot 1 I '
HtCTIun 1-Tliat .1 mileli nf .i-il..n. 1 1 ..l it.
i'f n oniinaiKo entitled "An tiMlnancuto adoi.t
the i.rdmaiieea nfttiu Ulty f-r Ualroju retlte.1 aim
eoIIHe.l. f Onlmaiksm ui.iami.i Tlandofany
other oriliu.ia.ui. uhirl. r.Miii.. . '
ileiilcrui iiinala In Ineolty, of Cairo to fak-outiiuy
other Ili'tuae tlinmfbr tli.n ll.a ..r.l,,. .... ... '
chintt liecn.n nnd which uroientt tin. i.,t ,.r
ineMe.teNable., fruit, ine; wtuntry produce,
nr article, of nnr de.erliiflnii
tfran onffiS'tr.aHvlMioun'Uiliiriniriarket houra,
-v.H',iHiliHiHir m .
Approved Mnruli Hh
)th, l7u marJitliit
rw ' 7 ' 1 I
"V1!!'10,9' A'iALItxittntlan ti me directed
ylhncrk nf Ihe rirrnit .-mi., ..r it..,.. .....
in the hut- of Illinois Infarorof llrjaptih. f.'
net.yauil aealmt l:iin!.ll. i. v.n 1 ..'.11 -V --.
...l.ll . it 1.1 uiirr n
wiui mi iiiipr lTcineiu. iiiere.ui altuated at the
KSKy.Bi5?JIIJLlcVi. for cath to
. .VV. MIX,,. .
March ia?jf,tyr,u.M,J,rtou,,,lr' ""nu,"
iitadfej.N nam;.
. WW'C "S r.MHen lo me directed by
'.l:Tf;',k ,.h!it X'"? Sf Alexander ,01m.
tyilntboHtolo ofilllnnt.. In fvor of William!
iiiii hm en'i i.uiuviiii ii 1 reiiimyth, linn of
ir.uiiiMMi a iiro.,anu namii jiiiiii i 'l acirart.
!??"' J?-'"'1-' JUllJl Uo luiu:iemeiiu mi
11 . 7 ''t IIM4. " u 'o,r"i Juiin r. nigRart,
Mhli'li f ijhall oiler-ntrliMlo aU, nt'the aotith.
... r)i,..w f.H. Ill IHU PUUIII.
ciiiiil hiititirlri t'n(r.., Jlllnolt,
rll, A. 1). tiTO.'lietLieeMihe
kr A. JI., unit 'atintel of aunt
on the 4th itny of At
..m ill nmirui inn
eura of uhiu o'eloeL
lav, frtrtl.il. totatuly xld execution.
uaii'ii ai vuiro, 111,, jiutvn Kith, IhTU.
i.o;is ii. ,Myi:it8,
nurt 'dtd ",r"rf Alexander Cotrafj', llluioit.
A Knlfiidit! xl'haucii for InyohtniPiit.
TWO '1!M, llIlttOVnr.iKHN
In north llallar J.ronlalnlnj ab.rt W acrra rach,frame
Uwellinghouteaiid all m-ee.Ary ontiloii.ea on one
nf theininnith mltagA itwelling, ttalJa at
lhllnel liilKU'eii barn in thp county 'on ll
Tlie.ift Curnit lu In tin fine. t loba-co urowli
tanjet ami nun of
' on ino oilier,
l.eilUrln.. a ..I
of Kentucky, Mug irly fertihcri"k liHom. aad
Well wutered. ' '
Kvrrjr Are r lite Itmi
la kiitceidlbte of 1)111 moat iueiietafltt ctilllralion
rhyn'ri' J nd IIM ld aeparalely ,"n o ,,u'
Kvnteniia and further partloularjOappIv on the
.i . JllandIIIWKhhickT, or to
1 -u
nam.' 1 Ud
1 .r.
08.1 CO All YARU,''
- t
.it a
v 1 n ,1
. Jgl'ayilkcauMl nrkl.vewjttr,,,,
atialmqiiidu Cok which will b.ri.BVered m ouaS:
u??. ?".'(' "'Trturtho iffy 1
AH toil welched, Hnd full me.tiir,iiMiaranlee..
' "lertri iriellyaihiiuile.ii.e. ll..,',r
diicrtfyt rM e.tnle, allu.ilo In the county ot
yejattder.anil fiiatmt J)tni), to.wlt; 7
Tho went ftnlfor ti.n i.nrti,.,.i ...
"Y' w'iTriiT 1 " 11,0 i"iiowig oi-.criuel
ffK J0.-', ""u "t Jamea illichel,
he .N W of. tho N bpt fie 4 J,l in Town IS, Itinge 2
UVI, tM for the i WW (l m, lit tho n.m
,. tMtrspllnmirppl'a lui.No. il in lllook
Im..im. I I . U.H
pain III 1110 .Ollinreaierrv IIAn nf ,1...
em 11 nou.e, intun. liyi r ISilrn, eotmly of Alex.
a'X,1'J ?"'i,bi'.a. "L "7 "'".fourth day of
April. ,. JUflB, belAe.nwhft'l,eyilriof ,,'clotl.
a. 11. and atlh.eloY aid dny;t.Wjtt .i miniir.
ed Ihlr.y.t-lKht (W In llfock nUinhero.1 Korly.
eten CT In the J'iral Addition. t ,11,0 city .if
Cairo, loalitv nf A l...i,.l.r (....'. ii.i.f.., "
-. -.k"" Mn'iuuunii Mi-rKriiM'ii iiroperiy
to- it J,it munliere.l meniy lMo () m filoefc
iHii.Ure.l fiily.errti:) m the l'u.t Addition tu
ine uiiv til 1 iiiro . ennnivtir Aievtimii.. nM.i ui.i.
. i
.t .:u liu-. .ant, J
1 H I "

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