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MtIik rrtdity.Nluhl, In tlirl onrl
Mr. Lloyd, western agent of the Amcr
leun FrcoTndu League, will address the
citizen of Cairo, In the. Court House,
Friday evening, IStli Instant, commenc
ing at hnlf past "o'clock, on the alms niid
"objects of Free Trade League, the litir-ih-na
of "protection," the principles of the
tiirlll", etc
As the pcoplr are, or should I e ceoly
Interested In the MicceHH of the measures
aimed to he brought into administration
by the American Free Trade League, and
advocated by Mr. Lloyd, the .'.'otirt JInuto
should be tilled to overllowlng. Let
those who favor its well as tlni'ii who
oppose the questluis and principle's In
volved, turn out and give the gentleman
a hearing. marl "lit
llntrl ArrltaU.
St. Nirhollt Ifntxl, Mrcll Kill
D L Dnvh, Curboudulc; Him Harton,
do; L M Ciunpbell; )) V Fotisalln and
family, Memphis; '. I) Mathews, Chi
cago; 1) W Harmon, do; J Fills, Ivy;
Jus )i Jtobb, Teun; Ir. Hawaii, Louis
vllle; V J Hurley, CJ W Hailey, 11 A
Kendall, W H Hent, H A Mal.son, Miss
Jennie Oakley, Mm Mollle llernan, H V
Mayman, Huchuuan Troupe; T Craw
ford, Md City; J A McKeuiiy, Ullin; H
1 Kmlth, Ky; P H Wiseman, Spring
Meld, Ohio; W II Itoche, Ml-.
James Kcnnis, Manchester, Fnghind;
C Wall, do; Kam Louis do; Thos Mc
Mahou, do; Geo Crow for. England; Win
(J Price, Mo; 'John Byron, Hug
lnnd; M I'hllllps New Orleans;
II S Wheeler; J Hrooks, M Louis; W II
Miller, Ky; O Dougherty: Win Moore,
St Louis; J A Kelvin, do; J W Harlow,
do; J Foster, Ky; C M Prentiss, Ind;
CShlck, Anna; Mrs Fnrren and family;
T J Johnson, Ky; L Cramer.
A union fcftlr.
I will oiler at public sale, Murch lOtli,
nt ten o'clock n. in., at my sule I'.oom,
103 Commercial Avenue, a gotiemal its
cor t mo nt of clothing and dry goods viz:
Muslins calicoes, linen handkerchief,
table cover, thread, coat, pant, boots
and shoes, aUo a large avortment of
crockery and glusfwiji-e, and a large con
.slgnment of Jewelry.
Also nt 2 o'clock p. ni , at the residence
of Geo. Ctishlug Thirteenth .street be
tween Washington Avenue and Walnut
street, hU entire hmnoliolri und kitchen
furniture consisting of l"d stead, sofas ,
chain, mirrors, carpets, bureaus, i-toves
etc, etc. Sale poiltlvo and without re
serve. I).N. Haktman, Auctioneer.
To TVnyrt t
1'artles owing Stale, County and Dis
trict School taxes, must. If they would
save cost, pay them on or liefore theCSth
day of March, as on that (Uy I shall
start on my tour through the country
precincts and shall bo nbeut two weeks.
Immediately on my return I shall
commence preparing my delinquent
Persons owing personal taxes only,
must pay up Immediately, as 1 am com
pelled by law to collect them without
marHtd Lotas II.MYr.it.".
Want -il at lln. M t'lmrlc Hotel
Wu want Immediately one exper
leuced dining room girl, ono llrst class
washer and Ironer and one chamber
maid who thoroughly understands the
business. To such as can come well
recommended aud are well quid. fled, we
will give permanent employment, liberal
wages, and prompt payment.
Jr.wi:rr Wilcox &Co., Proprietors,
I'lirlly Vrrsiin I'uUliiti. Tltrrr l it
much dlll'ereneo between Phalou's
Vitalla or Salvation for the Halrandthe
lllth-charged lialr-darkncrs, as between
tho Pool of Hcthesda, that nn angel
stirred, and a fever-breeding mud pond.
Tho Vitalla Is a crystalline lluld, without
a single Impurity or noxious property,
and tlio naturalness of the shades it lin
part to grey hair Is ttnequaled.
- - -
(irmiit Nncreil Coavrrl,
A sacred concort will be given In
School') Hall, on Sruday, March 20th,
by the Wlttlg Family. Miss Emily
Wlttlg will render the Carnival de
Venice, on the violin ; aud In the Second
part will execute tho most complicated
Concert will commence at 8 o'clook,
Admlslon, t-'iiuts. mlSa
1'iirnUlilnK Uooiln.
The completcst stock of gentlemen's
furnishing goods in the city , Is to be
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
be a remarkablo want, indeed, in this
line that they cannot Hntlsfactorily supply
at the wry lowest llgures ruling In this
llrlltflou Xollci'.
Elder J. L Hurroughs, of Marshall, 111.,
Ii In our city, and will preach toulght
at the Christian church ; also to-morrow
night and Sunday forenoon,
I or Hair Clirni,
Four pigs I monlliH old. Enqulro
oirner Twelfth and WuluuLstrbctu, Cuiro
The Atttcticum. ' A fJlineltlnjrllonitcltlr.
A largo and very respectable audience ( We received yoster lay, at an hour too
greeted the llrat appearance of the . late1 for publication In tho evening pajicr,
McKean HMohfiii.ni troupe, Inst night, ' the particulars of what fcccms a most
and were entertained In a most nccep'.- shocking and cruel murder, on board the
aide manner. Aw Richelieu, the great : steamer Quickstep. It occurred on Mon
minister of France, Mr. Duchanan fully J day night last while the boat wis iylngnt
sustoltied the high reputation lie lias ( Unlontown, Ky., and forms another hor
achieved, and certainly Impressed tho ', f"r to place to the account of drinking
audience most favorably. He has his mul gambling. Mr. Alexander Gumburt,
own conceptioiiM of that most dliilciiit : recently barkeeper on board the fUea.ner
character, and ho true seemi d they Hint -t'yette, and a young man named Mc
Hie spectator lost fight of the actor, and
iclor and
ruw only the wise and venerable cardin
al. It ono part deserved more promin
ence than another, It was certainly that
wherein he threw the protection of tho
church around his ward Julia, and defied
the powerful Uurudas to pass the
charmed circle, at his peril. The thrill
ing elleot of the threatened invocation of
tlie curse from Rome, was felt by all,
and revealed Itself in a grand out-burst
of enthusiastic applause. The Do Mau
prat of W. J, Hurley and the Uitradas of
K V. Watson were pieces of cultivated
acting that mark thorns gentlemen us ur
tist of unquestionable merit.
To-night Will be presented fshake
speure's great masterpiece, Hamlet, the-
prince of Denmark, Mr. Huchanan as
sinning the favorite character of Hamlet,
In which, It Is said, he exhibits most
convincing proofs of hi.s title toemlucuce
as a tragedian. Messrs. Walson, Hurley,
and Mirs McKean will appear In charoc
tern in which they excel, and tho entire
strength of the company will bo cast to
the best possible advantage.
With such a programme wo need
scarcly urge our citizens to attend. The
house ought to und inot likely will be,
Tilled to overllowlng.
Ilir I'rof Trmle HrrlliiR To.nljfllll
At least ono third of the burden that
weighs so heavily upon the people of the
West Is Imposed by the present ptotec
tlvn tarlll". That everything we eat.
drink, use and wear Is secured at a cost
so much out of keeping with the wages
we earn, is, In the main, to be charged
to that account. If we would apply a
corrective, the great American free trado
league, that embraces tho best men of all
partleH, Fast, West, North and fc'outh,
points out the way The agent of that
league is with us, and will address the
people of Cairo to-night. Go to the
court lioii-e and hear him. His cause !.
truly that of the people. Turn out!
- - -
I lie M. Xlrlifiliio llnltt mid KtilMimul.
Tliii popular and eligibly located house
of public entertainment is now fitted
and fiirnl.-ned throughout in good style;
and, under the management of Messrs.
Walker !c Klsson, is doing a lurge and
thriving business. Jt Is kept upon the
Kuropoau plan the guest calling for
u huthu wuuu when ho wantn it, wheth- !
er ill the day or night time, and paying
only for what ho orders. Tho rooms are i
larcc and clean, furnished with the best
of beds and bedding, while all other fn-
tores of the establishment are arranged i
with an especial eye to the comfort and j
tonvenleiiee of the guests. JaClf '
1 1 1 4tl it' liiti. rnliiriiny limine. ,
Parents and children ("ami the rest of ,
mankind" i should bear In mind that the ,
.McKean Huchanan troupe will give a
matinee to-morrow afternoon, on which '
occasion will he presented the world-
renowned "lncle Tom's Cabin," the ;
full strength of the company partlclpa-1
ting. Doors will bo open at 1 o'clock. )
Aduils-duu .10 cents; children 15 cents.
As the company propose to limit
their stay, this probablj', will bo the
only entertainment that will be given.
Go, then, aud don't forget to take
the children.
I'netkfor l!nnf hrrprr.
TJiat Donley's Raking Powder has been
revcrcly tested, aud has been proven to
bo the;rcif, mod economical, rcliabtcniul
bat baking powder ever manufactured
to which thousands testify.
Each package contains the exact quan
tity represented, and one pound is guar
anteed to go further in the culinary de
partment than any other in market
For rtilo by grocers generally, In quan
tities to suit. marl-lmwas
- -
Mayor WJlson has appointed Andrew
Cain to the position of night pollco con
stable. This appointment was certainly
not expected by .Mr. Cain, aH he was nn
active and inlluentlal supporter of Mr.
W's opponent. Forecast, there.
-Mr. Cain will make n faithful and etll
dent police otllcer. Ho has filled all
public positions to which hn has been
assigned, most acceptably to tho people,
and will preserve his good name, by a
like service In the future.
Rittenhntise and Hnnny, desirous of
closing out thoir present Htock,vill give
patrons Inducements that will iusiiro
sales. They have Just added a fine lino
of prints etc., nnd have a very complete i
Dim-n wi Bi'iinuiiiiuiu yiniw, uM-ry aniCIO I
of which tlioj will selh without reserve,
nt greatly reduced prices. mnrlSOt. '
In writing the obituary of J. IV Hicks,
tho other day, we had In mind T. H.
Hicks, who Is "olive nnd kicking," and
enjoying hi usual health. Being thus
impressed we were not a little astonished
to seo the Metropolis papers devote
only a half dozen lines to tho matter.
A bad Cohl emi bo speedily cured by
iifcing Norman's Chalybeate (tough
Svrup. hold by b. J. Humm,
- i
I.uurlit I.mirlil
A lino Froo Lunch will be set at Hote1 j
Garni every night at 0 o'clook. Henry
HurriH Pro'r, marolilfidlm '
I bhcrry, a resident or Kvansvilic, Had
been playing cards. The latter, approach
Ing Gumbcrt, (who it is said felt the In
fluence of liquor) expressed dissatisfac
tion over the result. Gumbert replied
angrily and a quarrel ensued. Harsh
epithets were given and returned,
until dually Gumbert drew his revolver.
McSherry begged him not to shoot, de
claring that he was unarmed; but Gum
bert, blind with excitement and rnge,
gave no bced to tlieiMitrcatlcs; but ! ' I
Ing his weapon, 11 red four times upoi no
young man, In rapid succession, at K.ist
two if (tin ImllH Inillotlni! mortal WhiiiuIh.
McSherry fell upon tlio cabin lloor, vilteif!
Gumbert, not yet satisfied with his hor
rid work, placed the revolver to his
head, and sent a bullet crashing through
his brain. The bystanders, transfixed
with horror, seemed unable to raise a
hand to prevent what (if our report be
truej was nothing less than the slaughter
of an unresisting man
The body of McSherry was sent back to
Evansvillo, and Gumbcrt was placed In
charge of the police at Unlontown
The llrst entertainment by the Young
Men's Literary Society will be held in
the High school room, this evening.
Resides an addrc.9 by Mr. Oberly there
will be declamations, discussions and
recitations by members of the society;
yocal and instrumental music by several
young ladies, and much else that v 111 be
both instructive and diverting.
We hopo tlio society will be eucoursg
ed by tho presence of a large crowd.
The fiiends of the echool should attend,
if not as a matter of pleasure, then as a
matter of duty. Go early.
Mcssrx. Mllleraud Miller have Just re
ceived an unusually large, well asjorted
and strictly fashionable supply of piece
goods, to which they ask special atten
tion. The lot embraces the llnept cloths
and caslmer.1 ever brought to Cairo, and
such a variety ofstylcs that all tastes may
be accommodated, h'ults or garments
from thetc goods arc made to order In the
best manner and latest style, and at
llgures that will defy competition. For
proof of (his they only ask to he put upon
trial. At all events call around and see
the new goods. Juniyitf.
The new Mipply of silk hats Just ;ecelv
ed bv Miller aud Miller is woilliy of
eer.eclal attectlon rf gentlemen who wish
to purchase anytliln Iii that Hue tlmt Is
stiictly fashionable and of llrst-class
manufacture. The supply embrace all
sizes; and as to price und quality satis
faction Is guaranteed. feb2Stf
Rrlstol i StilwJli, Nn. 32, Ei hth
street, have added to their stock some
very choice Graham Flour; "A" ii "R"
Oat Meal, and Farina; also keep con
stantly on hand the various klndt of
Farinaceous Food usually old. 'Jry the
Gruham 'our. inarHfit
Just received at P. Xeirs, No. 70, Ohio !
Lovcc, a rplcndld lot of spriug Casimcft,
Coatings and Vesting, which will be
made up In the most fashionable styles,
aud at prices to suit the times, a perfect
tit guaranteed or no sale. If
Infants. Tlio most irritable and rest
less of th'osc tender little household buds
are charmed, as It were, Into quiete and
sweet repose, by using Mrs. Whttcomb's
Svrup. marHdawlw
Attention ladles! Uio Norman's Chalj'
beate Cough Syrup, for coughs, colds,
sore throats, croup, whooping coughs,
etc. .Sold byS. J. Humm.
The St. Nicholas RUIIard Hall Is oue
of the largest aud best furnished in the
country. It is the resort ol both citizens
and strangers who indulge billiard play
ing. JanCtf.
Tho Continental is the only cook stove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted in
nil reepects. Pitcher it Henry, at 1D2
Commercial avenue, cor. 12th street.
Everybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Rarclaj' Rro'.. Hell It cheap for cash.
Patronize homo Institutions. Ruy from
the Harclayw,
Jwv RlX'mvui). TlieShoo Fly Elliott,
and Don't Rodder Mo Hals aud Caps at
P. NelPs, No. 79 Ohio Levee. tf
Oootl Cotton .Socks, only Jfi cents per
pair or 3d 25 cents per doz., at P. Nell's,
-N"" "u Ohio Levee.
Good Calf Hoots for two dollars and
seventy-fivo cents only, at P. Nell'', No.
70, Ohio Lovee. tf
Pitcher it Henry's large stock of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stove, tinwaro, eto
will bo sold without regard to cost, tf
For a good Heaver, Casimeie, or silk
mixed fctilt, go to P. Nell's, No 70 Ohio
Levee. tf
A now
Mipply of Calf Jloots ami Gaiter I rtliM,ni.bly hope for ,.v.taI day of splen
Ivetl at P. Nell's, No. 70 Ohio' did weather.
Just received
Drawers und Untlarshlits, at asaorlllcf.
at P NelFfl, No 70 Ohio Lovee. if
" f EU IJKst in ttSK" Fuders' H'.oniach
,McKrnn Dllrtinnon,
Tho following sketch of McKean Rtich
auan may not bo uninteresting to our
local renders:
Mr. Huclmunn was bom In Philadel
phia, Feb. i-'8tli, IfeW: Is tho sou of Raj
master Huchannii, U.S. Navy, nenhowof
Admiral Huchanan, of tlio Confederate
navy, who commanded the Merlmuc In
tlio Hampton Roads Monitor batUe; Is
the grandson of Thomas McKean. one
of tlio signers of Declaration 'of Indo
pendonce, anil Is connected with
many olllctrs In our army and navy, the
family having been identified witu the
Government In many of its departments
since its formation. The traged
ian was himself an olllcer in
tho navy, appointed by President Jack
Hon,.ln 1830, sailed tinder Commodore
Dalliw, of the West India squadron, re
HlgjjWJils commission In 16-10, became u
rrieraJKJtit nt New Orleans, continued
btitdWCAH there largely engaged In sugar
aml.4ther product until 1S-0O, was always
Infatuated with n love for tho dramatic
art,fcWIt a largo private theatre at New
Qr'ctflis, conducted It with the
inof fashionable success fbrf three
years, relinquished his mercantile
ouiltrtn and became un actor In 1650. He
.ibis since then performed, .wllU great
u'eeefs In- all
tho prlncJjAj .h.ntrp.tj
throughout the world, where the English
language is spoKen ami lias ueen cousiU
ered one of the heads of the profession for
some years In Great Rrltaln and
America, and Is now visiting some of tho
smaller cities previous to another and
last professional visit to Eurono. Mr
Huchanan and .Mr. Forrest are ttie only
living representatives or tlio old school
or neavy iraguuians, in either hemls
The notices the press hnve given the
dramatic troupe now performing In this
city, incline us to the belief that their
"budget" of plays consists almost ex
clusively of what arc denominated the
"heavy pieces." Familiar as we are
with tho tastes of our people, it will not
perhaps, bo considered presumptions In
us to sugi'pst that, while n considerable
portion of our people are ardent admirers
or the "legitimate drama," n mulority
of our play-goers prefer tho lighter, more
vivacious nnd humorous presentations
e shall not Insist that this is n virtue
In the mnjorlty.to be highly commended ;
hut recognizing it as a fact, tlio company
now performing here will minister to alt
tastes by interspersing with what seem
to be their specialties, n little of the
melodrame, even the farcical.
OmonorJ. M. I'lnilip". A C.iir.panv. )
1'crimnlin anil Cotmnmlon Mr rctiauu.' !
I'ltirn lllinit. Matrh In. !.?- t
Krt.i- rCiro Ilulklm, fiPiitli-iueii:
Wedeslro to acknowledge, through
the columns of your paper, the receipt of
of eleven hundred nnd thirty dollars, In
full payment of our loss on corn shipped
per steamer Mississippi, and Insured in
the Merchants Insurance company of Chi
cago. 'I lie prompt manner In which
this company has settled this and' otlror
losses here, Induce us to make this public
acknowledgement; that company being
me urn to pay in every loss wnicn we
havo had J. M. PuiM.tf., fc Co.
Agent for abovo company In Cain
liOiiN Jorgeiisen, Eq.
There wa a largo gathering .of colored
folks at the A. M. E. church last night,
to further arrangements for a grand
jtiollatlon over the oIIcial announce
ment that negro sullrago Is an accom
plished fact. The principal addresves of
i the evening were made by Messrs. Line-
gar and Hird. P. 11. Pope was called
out, but declined makiui; a sneech.
Hu Iro.uled the audience that when he
I had 1101111111; more iiriillliililn tn Mttunil tn
he would addres the colored people at
length. (Alas! What hav-- they done
to merit such Infliction.) The assem
bly was orderly, gave the speakers n
respectful listening, nnd mndesome pro
gress with the work In hand.
John Cahlll has been appointed market
master for the ensuing year, and will en
ter at unco upon the discharge of his bur
densome (?) duties, If he altendi regti
linly (which lie probably will i lie will do
something towards breaking the quiet
and monotony that always enshroud
that establishment. If tho patrons do
not multiply, however, he Is doomed to
a "lonesome" service.
- -
Youths' boys' and children's clotheii,
at less than New York prlcw, will be
sold this week, at P. Ncfl's, regardless
of cost. tf
Rakoains! RAitriAiNS.' A good suit
of clothing for ten dollars at P. Nell's,
70, Ohio Levee.
Clothing lor the million at P. NetPs
No. 70 Ohio, Levee. Tlio best goods In
the city will bo found at tills house, tf
Use Fuder's Chill
Cure. "It never
Kin Alilr, 1'oiuitiln.n,
fit) uf Cairo) St lum,
AImuiis, ilo
1 11) of Alton. Un
SiUer How, do
llKiliiilotnl, i:nmullr
Kiln Orr. lu
I'aiitflm, rilliilurir,
Hill .Minipiii-, .Mi tii,
.Mary Hnii.t.m N, Oi'im,
lirninl J.'rH, ilo
WtHnlinltti, ln
l.onmrutUi, lu
&ierbtir), ilu
Kute Kinney, do
ICiiIk Krnrnry. do
N W t", Trodi-wattr,
Unlit llltni", Mrm.
lUnAUf, Coliiinliin, Cltv of Cilro, Mrtmiliui,
Wiin.iniu. I'iltliiiri:.
Otyof Alton. VuktliiitL'.
I.omjwrortli, l.otn.nle,
M llOIKtOti, ito
Hrlh. lloniililt, h: I.onl,
ftihl-r How, do
i utnrlla, ln
lUllc Mi-mplil-. do
Kato Klunoy, do
6ilerS'rtfj', Cliicititiuti,
At.eona, do
Unlit Ilurtif, do
llicliiiii'liil, New Oilixinr,
s.ini Orr, llvnnsvillr,
N W TriiilfWHtfr.
Katr K'i'iiiiH'v, t Ia.uh,
The weather Is again clear and beauti
ful dining the day, with cold, althutigh
clear, nights. As winter and bud weath
er uas continued so toug, wo iniiv now
The river has il-eii lour Inohes dining
tli t-past til hotirt.
Tlu Mlssleslnpl is stationary at .St
Litiis, and navigation ubovo thu jiort is
suspended by ice. There is about 8 feet
water between Cairo and Ht Louts, nnd
enough to llont a ninnof-vnr between
Cairo nn tho gulf.
This .Ohio Is falling at, Pittsburg with
seven fept large In the channel, and fall
ing n't Louisville with fllx'feel.lurgp lu
the chute over the fall.
Tlio Cumberland Ji falling, with ten
feet en Harpolh Shoale.
Business hero continues good, ami
udvlciH from New OrleunH of overstock
edlriaiHet, will probably cause cessation
of shipments lu (lour and gralu.
Meanwhile grain hai been going forward
lively to Nashville, nnd singularly,
enough; a largo shHitnent of oats wi.a
mado yesterday f,f yfcotilsvillo.
Tho Marj' Houston had a fine upstream
trip for tho Ohio. Among her passen
gers from this city to Louisville, wcro
Capt G. I). "Williamson nud dnuglitor.
Ihe Sam Orr brougfcx out a modern!
trip for rcshipment Smith.
Tho Quickstep was the scene of a hom
icide at Unlontwon, Ky., last Monday
night. Alex. Gumbert, rtf Evnusvilij,
slut i.-l instnntly killed James E. Mo
' 'rcy, also of Evansvllle, whero ho
..io!kn winrfrjui cnnii. (.iumuertls in
custody at Unlontwon; but we could
learn no particulars of the nfTroj', as tho
Quickstep did not come through to Cairo
on that trip.
Tlio Grand Era completes her carft)
and leaves for New Orleans this ovenlni;.
No better boat or more cftlclcut and gen
tlemanly oillcers are to be found on the
The Grand Era ii to lenvo hero for
Now Orleans every second Friday until
next July.
Tho Quickstep Is the regular packet
for Evansvllle this evening. .
Cnpt. Chas. T. Hludo is agent for the
above boats.
-puuiiic e.yi:kcim:s.
or tub
At the High School-Room.
ritiD.tr i:vr..i. i tucii tn, mat
Mume (ItiMrmntnUli
JottU I'lllttli.
UiMiifnidii OuKdt llifre lo Iai nroiiffty ami
rrty ami
ullrnun J
puiiitinutitl )iuMncatioiu tar ullri
Intel (In.lnimf ntal)
I U'llllt t'MUIITXiS,
.Ji.smt. 1'mvirj.
- MAlTICItuftlilik,
( lt lUlLIDIT,
Jmir I'Hiiiin.
....'LA4 llAkllLL.
-i ilia nuni iN.
.....llr.NBT VlNCIST,
..'MtlH-..M..M..t.......m4, fill rfUlli. 41. lBlflLT.
Millc (ImtriitiittitM) m ...Ksui Itit.iT.
P.. . 11. ...... 1. 1 .
Visitor during tlw "Month of Febnmrv
to our c liool.. '
Mr. V. I!. Ilroxvn C.dro, 111.,
Mr. .S 1). Ayen . '
Mr. .1. Wood M " ..
Mm. Dr. AV. IJ. mitli f. -
.Mr. .1. II. llototdt'..M.u
Mr. .1. .Mnrtin' "
.Mri. Dr. Wortlmn .MHVlIuld.'IKv.
MtK DhvU I .'.Cairo. lll.C "
Mrs. (Jnry "
Mn. .1. II. Fulton '.1
Mr. .1. II. Fulton......
Mr. O. It. AVoodwnrd "
Dr. Jlriglinm
Mr. C. DhvN .
MIm Gtrrie Hurd "
MiM Hcliiti "
Mb. .Mi KuIn i.
Mii.t Nellie .Milo.
Mr. It. I)rtvidon Wariaw. N. V.
Mim L. Duvidion " "
I)r, Henry liny Sew Albiinv, Ph.
Sl" f liliniiK, Alritmli-r CoMilj, . Alexmu-
uiiij i.iivuii- '.11(1.
In the nuili'rol Haiiiucl.Si.it. Tvlorn. HJwIn
i-..riion Trii.ii-i'n or in t;irouiy I'roncriy .
Clmrlrt Pfliocnnn-Trrauil Amlrcw I'litiii. tin lull
loi nloice Vmdor l.n-n.
I'cll.lli- tlolliT In lirrrbv rltf n. tint in niirnni.
of r iln-rrt! onlf r rntrrril Inllio Al.ou-rntlilcil
tin-. In fAhl rOUll, (ill tltti .KUlt ilny tif H-iilt-tli-lir.
A. II. of llihrtfinl.rr Ifrin llivrruf,
A. I. !, I, Joini (J. Karin.ui, Mnili-r in Chami'ry
(f t.ail county, wilt, nn llm .Ninth ilay nf April A.
I). lfTU, at -J nVinrk III tl.o ulli-iiiiioii uf iahI dsy,
IIM l!Miv UPtloii tn til- lnehf.t t,l,l,lrr. lor
rAli, fli rflll)i.ri.,C ilnur or tlio r-nutt-liclliii
III tlio city of Cmio, in mi. I county t It- foo!n4C
i-criliiI ri'l i-itate, tttiu In llir TlilM AiMi
lion In llif Pitrof l.mrn ml tm lountvi.f iLtn.
ili-r ml Mtn of llllnoif, to. wit. I.oti niimlx-ri-J
Thivo i-ti, Four (I) ami l'tio(l), m litmik ntiiiit r-
ri.ix (uin Known unit urij;tuitiHi on tliotrooril
it tnnput plat tllPrtof tner-tlirr Willi till unit ilu
KUlur tlic ti-n.nif nt rtnl It rclitntnt-nti tlirrenntu
M.utcr In Clitnoet).
Cairn, Illinoik, Mnnli Kill, A. I). litu,
jyAyj'i:i:s m.ux.
stuif of llllnoli, Alrnnmlcr Count) ,
tier lunty Cin'ii.t Court.
Alf tan-
In tlif inattrrnf Joirph MrKrntio and New ton
HK-r, iirni ni .iiunrnain.i UK-.., ivttr Zlm-iiii-rmaii.
On prtitioufur M'lnnle I.lcu,
I'Ulil.C Voltes In lii-rt-iiviitrn. tlmt In
nf adt'i'D-lal Older intcti'.I in I lie almtr antitlivl
raitup, in tlie Court of Cotntnnii i'lrim, of the cltv
oi t mti;, on uir i.-i iay m ..oieiniHT, A. I. ISM,
..I mi' ut miliar it,-iiu, iin,, oi 4iiLotirtot viitn.
man l'lcm.nnil nrettain nrdorraterrd In llii n&tii
(Jircull Court nf AU-iander founty, on tlio llrt
layot iK'toWr, A. I), imju, or tlie Hoi. toinl-irtfrm
ID. of aid Circuit Collll. I. John O. !I.ini..i.
MMtrrlu Cbatirrry for mid court, on llif.Nlotli
iUj of April A. I. t7i', st 3 o'.-luck m tlia trfrr
UOPIM'f mid d.iy, will irll al iu.ic m-llon In tho
tilgniwt linldrr, for f mil, at tlio nouili-wctdonrof
tlx'couit 1 1. ni to m itiii .uy nf I'a.ro, In laid conn,
ty, tl,t folloiuni; iIrfi-ril',J tnul ot.itt, iluitrt in
lli- I'lrnt Add'liou titli city of Cairo, routity of
Alut.'itidiTatnl Hlilto of I'linoit, tn.wii: l.ol nutn
ltrt 'I'wcntr.i'iglit urn In IH-x-lc nuinlxTod
K ll)-i'Hllli (U) na kiit.vt u an I di nmii.ll-d ottllin
tivgrdud map r jilut tlurt-or. tfii.ftl.i-r wlllt all
mid insular llio triieini'nt aud lii-rrdilunivntt
Ilirri-Ulito liflouijint;.
Mutter in ('livirr rv.
Cairo, llliiioi, .Man-ti Itltli, A. I) lTj.
o:einiih. Tlii'otattnria)iip In llio erooerv nni pr.nl.
lon titiitltiMa lierctofurv riil'nj;lM-tirru It, J,
Ctindill and A.M. Ciimlill, undvr the tlrm imtim
if II.J.AA. M. Cud. Hit it tliii ditv iliaioltxl .i
1 ti u l uu I ronm nt. 'I lio Illumes! i tf ii cotillniirtt
Httlio old nan-i, coriier of Sixth Mtrvi't nnd Com.
niHi'ial Arpnu. by It. .1. Cunditf. who will kclll
nil iloi.u ou ini; liy tho lirm, nnd tilio imthorlted
to " ' Urol .11 dt M dm- llnTf to
It. J, Cl'SniKK.
A. M. fl'MUHr.
Mar 'h 10th, UT'i
On rrtu.uj,- from tlin llun of It. J. x . M dun.
lift. ldi locji.'M inylli.niUr.il- the lilx-itd
imronin liri'lofor U.toiti-.. nnd t-.l. fr tl.
lioit'O, ttndi'i- ittuMr ontn-iliii', k noniimimc of
Ihnmiiip. A. :). CCS'lUrK.
March lOtk, U7d-mrlWt
VVAX.T.!3,,D-A,"',n,rCouil,y Often, l M ou
,V, nud City Borip at lii-i-nu on the dolUr, lor .1
kinds ofI.umhr and llutlitrrt' Materials.

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