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V. 31. L,. N.
Tin' KiitrrliilmiiFiil l.usl Nllu.
A goodly audleneo greeted tho Initial
entertainment by the Yuiiiik Mpu'h Lit
erary Souiuty, lant night, and irum nroo
ably was that goodly audience enter
tained. There was a dlncux'don between Willie
C'lirl-tnnii and Nicholas J lacker, that
.showed both thought and research; an
essay was n ail by Miss Mattle Oordun
that wan neat In diction and good in
point of matter; there weto piano bolos
. by MI.Hies; Ada Hatliday, Jo.sio Phlilhi
and Kinmii itellly that exhibited botli
taste and nklll, and there were rough by
Mlms Clara Hnrrell and Helda rowers
that were listened to Willi delight. .Mr.
Oherly delivered an address, of which we
may not say more than It waH w-II, even
enthunlastleally received. And o pan
ed the evening a very pleasant one to
the parent and friend present, and otic
that will be remembered with pride by
the member of the Y. M. L. .Society.
.tlictloii .Vulc,
I will otlVr at public Jale, March l!Uh,
nt ten o'clock a. m , at my -ale Room,
103 Commercial Avenue, a geiiernal an
hortmeiit of clothing and dry good' vl.;
Muslim calicoes, linen handkerchief,
table cover, thread, coati, pant's, boom
and rhoo.s, also a large assortment ut
crockery and glassware, and a large con
signment of Jttwelry.
Also at 2 o'clock p. in., at the residence
of Geo. dishing Thirteenth street be
tween Washington Avenue and Waluut
street, ills entire household and kitchen
furniture constating of bed hteads sofas,
chatrs, mirrors, carpet, bureaus, ntovcn
etc., etc. Kale positive and without re
Dan. Haktman, Auctioneer.
The HI. .Mrlmliis llnlrl soul IUiI atirant.
Thin popular and eligibly located houce
of public entertulumeiil Is now titled
and furnlhhed throughout In good style;
and, under the management of Mcurs.
Walker fc Sls-on. I doing a large and
thriving business. It I kept upon the
Kuropean plan the guest calling for
what he wants when he wanU it, wheth
er in the day or night time, and paying
only for what he orders. The rooma are
large and clean, furnished with the bent
of beds and bedding, while all other fea
ture of the establishment are arranged
with an cpeclal eye to the comfort and
-onvenlence of the gueet. jafltf
To Tas-I'nyeii
Parties owing Ktatc, County and Dis
trict .School taxes, mils'. If they would
Have cost, pay them on or before theCSth
day of March, as on that day I shall
Mtartou my tour through the country
precinct and shall be absent two weeks.
Immediately on my return I shall
commence preparing my delinquent
Person owing personal taxes only,
must pay up Immesllaruly, as I am com
pelled by law to collect them without
marHtd Loiris II.Mvkiw.
furls lor lloii.rliccir r.
That Dooley's Baking Powder has been
severely tested, and has been proven to
be the;rrif, mott cvon mkal, rclntUe nm
ftA baking powder ever mauufarttired
to which thousand testify.
Kncli package contains the exact quan
tity represented, and one pound Is guar
anteed to go further In the culinary de
partment than any other In market
For sale by grocer generally, in (man
title to stilt. marHmwa
- . . -
Hotel Arrivals.
Ht N.eholas lUtel, Match leth
ltussell Nloholrf, Washington 1ml; Dan
Xlchols do; Col. J Foster, Mo; L Will
lams Itid ; K Grallbrd III; H G Calvin
Oougoll.s, do; II Calvin do; M W Wal
bridge, and Lady, do; K Mickvllle, ('In;
John T Jones, St. I.oui; T J Hear, Ky;
Kwln.SIck, New Liberty; A M Werman,
O.trdundale; J W (iruuday, Mo; M C
Hllbert Mo; Sohn Wilson III; M C Og-
den, Orange, X Y.
M'aitteil ( the St. 'hnrlf llnlrl
We want Immediately one exper
' lenced dining room girl, one first class
washer and Ironcr and one chamber
maid who thoroughly understand the
business. To such as can come well
recommended and ate well quid. fled, we
will give permanent employment, liberal
wage, and prompt payment.
Jkwktt Wilcox & Co., Proprietor.
l'urlly Vertua I'olslou. There U us
much difiereneo betweeu Phalon'
Vitalla or Salvation for the Hair and the
tilth-charged halr-darlcner. as between
the Pool of flethesdo, that an angel
stirred, and a fovor-breedlng mud pond.
The- Vitalla I a crystalline lluld, without
a hlnglo impurity or noxious property,
and the naturalness of the shades it lm
""parts to grey hair I uneijualed.
(Jrautf Kncrccl Conceit,
A sacred concort will bo given In
.Sohoel's Hall, on Sunday, March 20th,
by thu Wlttlg Family. Mb Emily
Wittlg will render the Canilval do
Venice, on the violin; and In the Second
part will execute the most complicated
Cou cert will commence at 8 o'clock,
Admlalon, Soot. mlSU
The- McciIuk I. in I .Nltflit,
Only a few citizens responded to a call
for a meeting lit the court house, last
night; but the promised free trade lec
ture by Mr. A. Lloyd, was delivered,
Mr Lloyd has a good voice, a good ap
pearance, euty gestures, and no one pre
sent last night can doubt that he fully
iinderstands the principles ho has un
dertaken to disseminate. He gave a
concise and Interesting history of the
tarlir.sytem, tracing It back even be
yond the time when Rome and Carthage
were at their zenith, to the very dawn
of commerce. Among the Greeks and
ItomatiR commercial revenue laws ex
isted, and to these the speaker referred
somewhat in detail.
He defined a tarlll' as a specific tax
levied upon the Imports of a country to
provide reveuue for the support of the
government. A tarlfl" for revenue should
be so adjusted as to burden to the least
possible degree the Industries of the peo
ple. A protective tariff is altogether an
other thing, While Its professed object
Is revenue, lt real purpose and effect ant
the promotion of individual or wectlonal
interests. It i (Imply a device by which
certain favored patties are taken Into
copartnership with the government to
advance their Individual schemes at the
expense of the masses; and lu exact pro
portion with thu degreo of protection af
forded those favored few, Is and will bo
the diminution of thu government's
Persons who favor a high protective
tnrlfi'say that a diversified Industry Is
essential to the prosperity of the country.
No one will gainsay this proposition.
This granted they go another step, and
declare that "protection" Is essential to
the development, even the existence of di
versified Industry. Here the speaker
bade the protectionists pause. He con
ceded no uch fact. He denied that
protection was needed In the develop
ment of thu country's Industries and
resources, and then recalling the fact that
thrce-fonrths or morn of our manufact
uring establishment had attained a
high deireo of prosperity, under the
laritl' for revenue, ho certainly fortified
his position beyond successful assault.
Variety of Industry Is the natural , Inev
itable order of civilized tor-lety. The
tastes, Judgment and Interests of man
Impel (hem to It. The growth of manu
factories in the colonies, without legisla
tive uld, and in opposition to the renti
mchtof the mother country, was proof on
this head not to be contested. Pig iron
was produced in Pennsylvania, previous
to the Revolution, and exported to
Kngland In the very face of a
protective duty. Hut, now, how chan
ged? Pig Iron cannot now be produc
ed in that State, .according to the say
so of the manufacturer, without pro
tection. In the year 1510 the products of manu
facturing industry In this country,
amounted to ?10,000,000. If we will
consider the dlU'eretice In population
and the purchasing power of money,
wu cannot now, with all our protection,
boast of a superior prosperity. The
restraints of the embargo then, are more
than oflVct by our Improved machinery
now. He referred the ad voca'tes of pro
teut on to the condition of the country
under thu Hamilton and Walker tarifl's
the former in force eight years and the
latter fifteen A more prosperous period,
for the revenues of the government, the
success of our industries and the welt
helm: of our people was never known.
Protection ha; created enormous and
overshadowing monopolies In coal, lum
berman, Irnti and woollens that nro crush
ing out the subitancoof the people ; It has
advanced from ten ',to two hundred per
cent, the cost ot every arllclu tho poor
man eats, wears or uses t an oppression
to the many that the few may roll lu
wealth and luxury.
The speaker declared that the Ameri
can Free Trade league had no connec
tion with either of the political parties
of the day, but was eminently a creature
of the people. It embraced the best
men of both parties, and was confined
to no particular section of the country
The time Is at hand, the speaker thought,
when all other questions must become
subordinate to those of thu tarlll' and
tlnancu. They would enter prominently
into the politic of the country from this
time forth, and all who favored cheap
goods, an equalization of values, general
and permanent prosperity, would bo
found their advocates.
Wu had occasion to hopu that Mr.
Lloyd, a gentleman and atrauger In our
city, would be given a respectful hear
ing, but In tiut wo wcro disappointed.
Mr. George Fisher,- a government olll
clal, repeatedly interrupted him by
questions, and onco by flatly eoutradlct
lug his assertion that thu free trado
movement had no connection with either
of the present political parties, Thu
speaker uttered but a truth, ami If Mr.
F. la Ignorant of It, he neud but keep his
eye open to see convincing assuranco.
Mr. Lloyd hiuisolf has anted with the
republican party sluco 1S00; but on the
tree trado platform he occupies ground
where both democrat and his fellow
radicals may gather in perfect harmony.
Itlttouhousu and ilsnny, desirous of
closiug out thelrprc&cuUtook, will give
patrons Inducement that will Insure
sales. They liavojust added a fine line
of prints etc., and have a very complete
stock of seasonable goods, every article
of which they will sell, without reserve,
at greatly reduced prices. marlSflt.
The Atltcncain l.mnt Xlfhl.
The announcement that tho McKean
liuclianon troupo would place Shakes
peare's gand and poetic tragedy, Hamlet
on the boards, tilled every available seat
In the Athenuuin. And most excellently
was tho lurgo audience entertained. Mr.
liuchauan, In the character of Hamlet,
Is without a superior. With n noblo pres
ence, and a caro for every detail,
he fairly enchained thu looker
on, from the opening to thu
cloilug scene. Hih appeal to his father's
ghost, his soliloquy ovur Yotluk's skull;
and his anguish and disgust at his moth
er' perfidy hood tho audlenco lu the
most rapt attention, every ear giving
eager held lest a word might be lost, and
every eye being watchful, lest au ex
pression of face, motion orjesturo might
escape it. It was acting, Indeed, the
like of which wo may never see again.
The other character wcro creditably sus
tained; that of Polonius by Wats- ;
Laerte by Hurley, Ophelia, by M -s
McKoa n, and Claudius by Maynard de
serving especial praise, Thero was not
a fault or baulk or moment's hesitation
during tho play, the entire performance
passing otrwlth the precision of clock
To-night will bu presented Kotzebue'
thrilling tragedy entitled Plzarro, or the
death of Holla, with a caste that will be
sure to bring out alt the beauty, grandeur
and sorrow of tho play. Mr. Buchanan
will sustain the character of Holla. Thu
performance will conclude with the im
pressive temperance drama, entitled Ten
Night in a Bar Room. That tho house
will again be filled, I a safo prediction.
Messrs. Miller and Miller havo Just re
ceived au unusually large, well assorted
and strictly fashionable supply of piece
i good, to which they ask special atten
tion. The lot embraces the finest c!oths
and caslmer ever brought to Cairo, and
such a variety ofstyles that all tastes may
be accommodated. Suit or garments
from these goods arc made to order In the
best manner and latest style, nnd at
llgures that will defy competition. For
proof of this they only ask to be put upon
trial. At all events call around and sen
the new goods. Jau25tf.
The new supply of silk hat Just recelv
ed by Miller and Miller 1 wot tby of
especial attention of gentlemen who wish
to purchase anything in that line that Is
strictly fashionable and of first-class
manufacture. Thu NUpply embraces all
sizes; and as to price nnd quality satis
faction is guaranteed. febSSlf
Bristol kStllwell, No. 32, El hth
strict, have added to their Mock some
very choice Graham Flour; "A" k "B"
Out Meal, and Farina; also keep con
stantly on hand the various kinds of
Farinaceous Food usually sold. 7r,y (he
Graham 'our. marHCt
Just received at T. NefTs, 'o. TO, Ohio
Levee, a splendid Jot of spring Caslmer,
Coatings and Vesting, which will be
; made up lu the must fashionable styles,
. and at prices to suit the time, a perfect
fit guaranteed or no sale. tf
1 Infants .The most Irritable and rest
less of those tender little household buds
are charmed, as It were, Into qulete and
sweet repose, by using Mrs. Whitcomb's
Syrup. marl Ida wlw
Attention ladles ! l"su Norman Chaly
beate Cough tfyrup, for coughs, colds,
soru throats, croup, whooping coughs,
etc. Sold by S. J. Hum in.
The St. Nicholas Billiard Hall Is one
of the largest and best furnished In thu
couutry. It i tho resort of both ciliztu
and strangers who Indulge billiard play
ing. JauCtf.
The Continental Is thu only cook 'stove
with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
all respect. Pitcher & Henry, at 102
Commercial nvenue, cor. 12th street.
Everybody uses Wizard Oil, and
Barclay Bro's. sell it cheap for cah.
Patronize home Institutions. Buy from
the Barclays.
Youths' boy' and children' clotheu,
at less than Now York prices, will be
sold (hi week, at P. NefPa, regardles
of cost. tf
A bad Cold can be speedily cured by
using Normal's Chalybeate Cough
Syrup. Sold by S. J. Humm.
IUitr.Al.NS! UAHOUNd! A good suit
of clothing for ten dollars at P. NefP ,
79, Ohio Levee.
Just Ri:ckivei. TheShoo Fly Elliott,
and Don't Bodder Mo Hats and Caps at
P. NefP, No. 70 Ohio Levee. tf
Good Cotton Socks, only 15 cenls per
pair or $1 'St cents per doz., at P. Nell's,
No. 79, Ohio Levee. tf
. . . i i -
Good Calf Boot for two dollars and
floventy-llvo cents only, at P. Nell', No.
70, Ohio Lovee. tf
Pitcher & Henry' large stock of lurd
ware, cutlery, tools, ktove, tlnwarr, etc
will be sold without regard to oo.it. tf
. For n good Beaver, Caslmere, or wllk
mixed suit, go to P. NelP, No 70 Ohio
Lovee. tf
A newRupply of Calf Boot and Galtera
just received at P. NefT.i, No. 70 Ohio
Drawer and Undershirt, at asnurJflce
at P NetPfl, No 70 Ohio I.evoe. , tf
"tkh ukst i.v trsE" Euderi.' Stomach
Wo have, upon moro than one occa
sion, commended that good sense in tho
people of Chicago, that recognizes Cairo
as thu gateway through which they must
maintain their business Intercourse with
tho South. Instead of foolishly contend
ing that thoro arc other and hotter chan
nels for her commerce with that section,
utid instead of denying herself thu pro
fits of a larje buslncsa because tho same
business might add something to tho
Importance of Cairo, Chicago takes fucts
as she finds them, put3 forth vigorous
gtlbrts to build up and aggrandize herself,
at all times willing to "live and let live.''
Thu fruits of such a policy aru seen in
the fact that, during the past season the
lower Mississippi river has scarcely been
able to furnish tonnage for the vast
amount of Chicago freight thu Illinois
Central railroad has poured Into Cairo.
In one day alone, fifteen thousand bar
rels of flour, and ono hundred and seven
teen car loads of other merchandize were
deposited heru for shipment, by that
railway, while hundreds of carload were
standing at way stations along tho route
awaiting an opportunity to come for
ward. It is safe to say, we think, that,
since the 1st day of February, the I. C.
II. H. has brought to Cairo no less than
twelve thousand ton per week, for ship
ment South, or for salu here.
Let St. Louis aid and urge forward the
Cairo and St. Louis railroad, bury her
foolish hostility for Cairo, and, what the
Illinois Central Is doing for Chicago, the
Cairo and St. Louis railroad will do for
St. Louis.
AWrntloti Mir Knlichla.
A regular conclave of Cairo Com
Amandery, No. 13, K.T.,wlll bo held
at thu asylum in the city of Cairo, this
(Saturday) evening, March 10th, at T
o'clack. Work In the K. T. deirree. All
, sojourning Sir Knights are courteously
i invited to attend.
Jas. S. Hkaiidkn, Recorder.
i I'nriilililuK ;ooi,
The completest stock of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In the city , Is to bo
found at Miller and Miller'. It would
be a remarkable want, Indeed, in this
line that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at the very lowest llgures ruling in this
I'orKale Chrap.
Four pigs 4 month old. Enquire
corner Twelfth and Walnut streets, Cairo
III. 4 tf
Clothing for the million at P. NefP
No. 70 Ohio, Levee. The best goods In
the city will bu found at this house, tf
Cue Knder'A Chill
I flls."
Cure. "It never
MtrKTEir nam:.
Wh.rMi. rvr l-!u I! At oil .!. t...nl. I U-.ll
hrrhutbiri'1, bv ibnr certain lx-l. Unruii; lt
Ml !tllirllnljy of AUKU.LA l'.-lS, ftn.t I
e-.rJwl in Uuk "V of iWu, on I?- I J, m Hit
IlforJu'i oCW of AWsn-ltr roomy, Illinois
Ii4 rourrjr id frit to tlie uii'leritf!)el, Jmi.. W.
ilckmoiy, Mir following ilrv:riU-J l-,t or wril
of lani, to-wit: l.o! ntirr.lrri (thilty..--n jr. in
lilock iiumWr-l (flft) uiirj.il,iaiiiiviiy ufl'iiio.
rounljror Al'xatii-r nn'J IMe nf Wiii'-n. t'r-j-luVJ,
liovrr. thai In cue of default In
th pTin-nt of n rrruln jroniimry note,
of the sui.l CurilrliA K. AMI sri'l Jn.rph
1. AUII U-arinR rxn iltl. with id Trim
Vwi, for the mm of Tr!t lunilnl
LwIUri, with nlltl at Mir ralr of twclt.' per
rent prrnnnnm from nuturi'y until huj, n-J ii.o
..n l kTl to in or-W of lb- tm-l-r-
'Kn"i. Im W. McKioLey, t Mi fMjr
Ni ool liarik of Cairo, in ix m-inina after
the d-ite Mi.rwif, ll.it the uhdtr-nneil. M
ad Jwrwi W. MvKionir, his lrl rlv
ft.iatirr or uttornf) .hoqld ri..i. nn-t
.ell Hie naiil prrmi.e. a. I.y u . uee-l .otk
ej. anil I'll" ill" lu till- Jiun-luker ft fu.nl at. l
unieiit deed, e.,rite) intf all Mm right und title
of the and (rdeliu V. A-ll and .!.. li I -
h-r liu.Uind, hy .aid deed '.iieinl to iN-.-iiider
isnd. And, wlitreua, default fun tx-en Hindi' ill
the .nyment of said note, ami the mure omicipid
and intere.t thereof remains due and unmid.
Now, therfre, notn-e i lieiehy jsmii, Mist y
rirtueof th ternia and condition, of oai-l Tru.t
peed, 1 will, on Kridav, Aprd In. I?", at the court
home in Cairo, lllnwi., at the hur of I" oVm-k.
a.m.. of .aid day, aril llio ireime. Nfore-aid, nt
ihiMhi endiie tu the litfihc-.t M-ider f -r r-.li in
hand, and will execute and iMiti-r lo the Jnr ha
.era deot Mitrtfur
Morlrageti and Tru.tee,
OreenM Gilbert. Attorneta.
(M!ro,.!ll!noi, March lllle, InTU-intrlUMd
Hlalo of lllmola, Alexander County, at. Alexan
der county Lin-uit Court.
In the mtt-rof The llhnni. Central lUit ltoi-1 t
Damtl llchl and William Ilellter. On till tu en
force Vendor'! I.ein.
Public nunc is hereby cirn, that in pursuance
cf a drcieul order entered In th aljn cnl-tled
eau.e, in eld court, on tlie'JOih iH) f July, A-D
UOJ.of the Jul; lerni tlierw.f, I, J. .tin llHrinau,
Xln.ln fu 'Jhaneery of aii-l -ountv.will, on tho.-e
coud day of April, A. II. no, at 'II o'cl w-k in the
forenoon of .i.l day, eil hi puUn-auetiuii to the
hih'he.t bidder, fo. . j.b, ill the mil 111 neat ilwr'd
tho court hou.e in Mi city vl L'nlio, In Mid i-ouii-tT,
tli lolbiK.ii; .le.triU'.l reul e.i..ii-, .iui in
therny of l'4iru, county of Alexander, and euu
of lllllion, to wit- l.ot numbered -rtt llleeii (ITi
in Illoek nutntieri'd Ono (I) nccoidini: to tho re
corded manor lnt tlereof, together illi all and
insular the teneinont. and luredllarnnilntlKit
uoiu beloniilnc.
Matter in r'niwrj,
Caira, Ml., March Hill, A. l. IrtU.
m.rlbltd .
iii:KiriM.s .nam:.
Hy Tirtuo f an hxreiitiou to me direrle.l l.y
the Clerk of Ihet in-uit fnurt of Alexand.r imiii.
if, in the statu of Jiiuioi. ift favor of William l
I re.liiniilli and IMmond II. Kre.h-nutli, rlriu of
Kie.hmutli A tvin.,aii-l Mi!in-it John 1' latfort, I
hae lerie.i iijiou Ihefolluwinx ili .ar l-! prnj'erly
lo-wlt: I.nt lilililleri'd lueiiivtun ill IllocL
ni-inl-ere.1 forly-acven (IT) In Iho I'irt Addition t"
the city of l airo, voiiulyof Alexander and Mate of
lllisoi., loned,,., with ii. I the iiiiprnveim-nla on
aid lot. the property of Mm .aid Jui.nl' Tnjiaart,
which I ahull niter at public ..lie, al llm .iiulli.
we.tcrlydoor of tho court h -me in Cairo, llliuni.,
on the 1th day of April, A. I. isjo, UUi-eii the
hour of lime o t'he-K, AM, and huiimI uf .aid
dav, fiirt!li,toalut) .aid execution,
Uuted at Cairo, Id , Mnivh IWIi. l-70.
I.otris II. MYr.liP,
ShtrllTof AlriaiiUir Count), IIiii.ji..
lllI.VAXCi:.-No. M.
Ilo il ordained by the Clljr t'elinvil of (lie Clt)
Mirriox 1. Tint m much of aeoilon. Ill and
of an ordinance entitled "An Ordln.uit.-etn ujopt
the ordinance, of the City of ( V.ii i. revi.ed .vt
cod Hi ed,'' of Ordinance Si. IHand Tl and of any
other ordmaoeo nhlrh rdpi re eiery l ut- ht r "!"
ile.iler n tue.-tU in t .Uly ofLaiio tu takeout uny
other ii-en( thercf'ir llun tho ordiu.try ui r
cll'int. Iiceu.e HU 1 Hlu U pn ItnU the ail i f
inealieKt table, fru.r, Kino, rouulr) pr din e,
or articles of any doaonption at au) other pU.'i
tntn on tho m aikt-I ftrounda iluriiiK m jrket hoiu
be ,i.k1 the nam aro hereby rcin-nled.
Approved March Hth. In:u-inardli
von saijj.
IUIl NAI.-12 fiharet ff Htnoa in the Cairo Mlty
1 1'roperty Company. C. WINSTON,
Jan.I4nd.lW). tf ,
Plato of Illinois Alexander County, is, , Alxn-
dcrcounty Circuit Court.
In tho nutter of Kriutua Ill-coin who iue. by
John J. Kly, his next friend, vi Thomas IV Mo
Oinueai n. (Jujirdion for Kiuarilli Haicoiimnd
Kniarilla' lln-icom. On bill for partition, '
Public Notifleli liercby ijlven, Hint inpurnnnre
of n decretal order er.tend In Iho above cnllllcd
came, in -did eonrt, on the Sixteenth day of Feb
ruary A. 1. Is70, of tht- January teim thereof, A.
I. 170, I, JoimQ llarmm, latcr in Cfnncer)
for .aid court, . II, on tho second day of April, A.
D. IsTu.ai 2 o'clock m the afleriioou of jaiililty.
t-fil at pul .ic ui.ction ( ill" ln'heit Mdilrrfor
ca.h, nt ton DouthHe-t door of tho courl hod.o id
the'i'yf Cairo, i.i mi.l r., mty, th follow tig
rieecribtd real e.tate, n mnto In the count) of
Alexander, and Ktat of III. no's, to-wlti . aj
Tho mmi half of thii iiurtli-ca.t iimrler of arc
tlon twenty (iU) In townihip tixtecn (lu)'aauth
ranno tuoii) wet of the tliird princijial meridian,
together with all nnd singular Mietenementiabd
hdrcditainenta thereunto lielonclnx.
Mi.terln Cham-err.
Cairo, 111., March itli, A. D. Is70.-ltd3tir
T'i MC1I TUuS t7
fcial of llttnoli, Alexander countr, . In the
Cirr-ult Court of Alexander county, llllnol-.
April Term, ItTU. 1
Ilclijarnin il Mnnn ti Q Von Ilumtncll. A--
uinp.ni Attnchriient, dirnand fW) W.
.Nidite I. herrby Riven to yotithetald J. Vn
Iltiinmcll thatavtriiol Allnciiment ha- been aued
out of the i.lllce of tho Lleik of llm Alexander i.'ir
cuit Court at the tuitofthn laid Benjamin '.M.
M UDIi.nnd aralnal the detain of ) oil the fain Q. Von
Humiiiell for tha turn of firo hundred dollari, Hi
ndoo Interest, diretted to the fchenll of aild coun
ty to execute-, which pnld writ ha. been returned
by .aid hherlrr executed on Iit ten (10) In lllook
1 win!) -men W') liMt Additk-n to the dlly of
Cairo, Alexander county, Illinois aa tho proj.etty
nf uld iiefendant. Now unb-aa juU.lliO .a.d ( You
Ilinnmeil, defendant, ahall M-rionally I- and ap
pear belora the circuit court of mi l county on the
first day of Mm iiext tenn thereof, In 1-3 hidden in
Mm ellv of C rt. in Mid county, on tlio first .Mon
day in tho Month of April next, f-lv epi-ml bajl
ami j .I em i to nam anion, luumeiK win no enter
ed attaint! )nu in favor of said tdaintilt and tin
oni io aan.ii inn .arno hiiii
t n.ro. 111.. February loth, IsTo.
Munn A r'jpc, riamtill'j Attorney
State of Illinois Alexander County, Aluan
der County Circuit Court.
In tho miller of
lUnry V. Ilcnnlnitholl nnd Jacob Dennlplioff, part
ner., io., liomt; Milne- iinderlhe firm nam oof
It. V A J 11. nniRl'Oir vn. I'eter Zlmerwao,
Culhxrine Zirnerman, nnd fnrnuel BtaatiTay.or
and Kdnln I'Hriotm, Truttee., etc, and Jacob
Kline. On bill to lortolox-mortgiKe.
l'ublic rotice la hereby Klven. that I puriuiuxe
ofndeeretAl order cntere-t in tho Above entitled
vau.e, in tald court, on the Twentieth dayof Jan
uary, A. D1 ltTO, of tho January term thereof A. It.
IsTw, I, John (JJ. ilarrnon, Mruter In Chancery fot
said dourl, will, on theond dayof APnl.A- U.
1(7'), at 3 o'clock In lto nllcmoon ol .aid dar,
ell at public miction to me. nljilie.l bidder, fur
ca.h,at thcfoutb-weit door of tno court hou.e, io
the city of Cairo, in said county, tho following
dercr.bcd real e.tatc situate in tho First Addition
to thvcity of Cairo, In tho county of Alexander
andhtaleof lilumi-, to.mt:
lAtX numbered Tenty-eii(ht ti) In liloclc ntim
lifl Korty-ctKhttlf) a. known and deiiRnit-d on
the recorded limp or plat thereof, tnfr-ther with nil
and snKular Mm tenement and Hereditaments
thereunto belobx.ne.
Ma.ter In Chancery.
Cairo, III., March th, lttu-ltdxwtt
ftate of Illinois, Alexander County, . AIcxji.-
der County Cinult Court.
In the matter ot HstnuelStxits Taylor sml lilwln
I'arsons. TriKleea of the Cairo City I'roprty v.
diaries Sclioemneyernnd Andrnrrpp. 0:i IhII
lo enforce Vendor I.ltn.
I'lit-lic notice . hereby tiren, that In puriiiann
of a decretal order (utered in the above ntilli
eau.e. In id court, .l tlmJuth day uf t-eptrin-lir.
A. II. lM,t, of tl.e t-. ptemt-er term Ihereof,
A, I). IHO, 1. John Q. Ma'.iMn, Ma.lnr In Chanuer;
of said (ounty, will, on the Ninth day of April A.
II. lsTO, ut C u i clock In the afternoon of aaid day,
ell a-public auction to the lncli'.t bidder, ll
-wb, eltlie aoulh-ueet du-r of th colllt-hauie
in M.e city of Cairo, in i .. I county Mm following
le-er.teit real e.LiU-, aiiuaic in the Third Aibti
tn.nt the i-lty ol Cairu ml!i4 nojlily of.Alyxan
der and slato uf Illlnol., tu-wit. Lot. iiuinl-ere.l
Three (;. Kour(t) and FiioM), inIllevli number
ed fix (J as known and designated fin tli lecor.l
ed map or plat thereof tocetTier with all and .In
guUr the leaiin'nta snilhcreilltainrbtr-thenruulo
Mi.terin Chancery.
Cairo, Illmou, MarcMCth.A. 1' liTU.
ASTKIffs NAIil-:. (
state of Ubn-iis, AlenaailerConnly.st. Al-no-
Uer County Cir iii' Court.
In tin- matterof Jo.eph MrlCenfie and .VeUM
lli-e, nrin of McKeiuieA Hu e. T. I'etor .Ini-
i erman. fm pention for Mcchanlra Ua.
l'ublic Noli- e i. hereby jiiven, that in pursuance
OfadeereUI older enteied in the lm entitled
'u-e, in .he Court of ( -inin-ni l'lea, of the eitv
i-f Cairo, on the t day of Xutcuiber, A. I. U(,
ol llm Nou n lr term, U7, of .aid Court of Com
limn I 'lea., und a t -ruin order entered in the said
Circii l Court of Alexander county, on Mm flr.t
dayof October, A. IMMW, of tha heplember term
ls.,9, of aid Circuit Court, I, John J. Jlarman,
Mi-teriu Chancery for .id court, on the Ninth
day of April A. L IsTo, ut 3 o'"'lnck in tie after
noon of said day, will -ll at public auction to th
li cbe.t bidder, forraih, at the .oulh.wt.t doorof
tlieeourt hou.e in Mm city of Cairn, In sanlcoun
ty.the ColluwinK df nbed real e.tate, titiute in
Ihe.Kir.t Add'tlon tortile city of Cairo, ooiin,ty of
Alexander and Hlale of I'limn., lo.wit: Lot num-l-erel
Twenty-eiijht (3') in Hr-H-k numbered
Forty-etsht (i.) a. known and de.ienated on the
recordei map r plat thereof, together with all
anil siUiiuUr Mm tenerneula and hereditament
thereunto 1-eluneinK- . , I v
Ma.ter in Chinee ry.
Cairo. Illinois, Msrch Hth, A. I) is:.
i;itsirii. Theroparln'rsli-p in the jjro. ery and prtii
ion bu.ine.. heretofore en.tinxlietweeii II. J.
Cundirt and A H Cundiit, under the firm name
or It. J. A A. M. t'und.tt Is this dav di,oed by
mutual eotiieni. It.e busineaa will be coniiuili.l
at Iho old nan irner of b'mli street and Com-rnen-lal
Avenue, by It. J. CiiuditT. who will etll
all debts oolngby the Ann. and who j. aihorie.i
tor-He. t ill dbt.,due tberrto
It. J. Cl'NDIKK.
March 10th, hT".
i m retir ri from the tirmof It. J. A A. M Cun
dill, I dstire toc)irr my thanks far the liberal
OitroimuK heretofore l -tiowi'd, and aiV for the
hou.e, under its new ownership, n cnnlnnunts at
the same. A. il. CCNDIFF.
March Idtb, H:(V-mrlW6t
iu:hii i 'ssali:.
Hi- virtue ol A Soecial Kxoeullon tn'rne diiected
by the Clerk of Mm ou- ilit eouit Of tlnlali county,
in Mm riui-t of Illnioi", in fvnr of HryanXhan
ney hii-i u.uii.i Kiiubelh A. Vail, I will oRrrat
public mIv at the south westerly door of lb
i unit hou.e, in the ciiy of Cairo, county of Alex
nuiler uud -taio of lllinoie. oi tho fourth day ol'
April, A 1 W, Uin ru the hours of 1; n'af:k
a.m. and uriiof u day, to-wit Lot uuintx-r-ed
ihiry-(thl it) in Uliwk numbered Fort).
soicn U-lin tho Fir.t A-ldmon to the city -ot
Cairo, i-ounty of Alexander and f-ule ot llllnui.,
Willi all improicineiils thereon liimte. .is tht
pioperty of Mm said I'tiaaUth A. Vail, fsreathto
naii.fv sa.d execuiion.
I.Oflij II. MVKIW.
C herifl r f Alexandir Coiinlv, Illinois,
March lkh. l7o-wlt
To James Mitchel, the heirs of Oeorfto Uttmcui J,
and all other, nucleated.
V,... .... I ........ ....'...., . 1. r..t ,ml
1 wi. nir i.i- ..,.-. ..,. w, w, ,...
town lots Ut the stale, oounty and. otter uxri.t,
fur Mm war U7, held at the chifri house In tlm
city of Cairo, county of Alixuuder and tateof
Illinois on I lie Will and.mih i aysof July, liia, 1
bo-iii,,. tbv puKlnuer vf Die folluinui; JniiUJ .. . ..
property, ic.-uii In the name of James MUctirl.A-.
the N Wof thQ.N T.of Vcc I.I in Town li, lUitKv'i't )
West, in iii-res, for tho sum of Jl in Mm n-uin- J
of (ic.ii-e lliltllgard's heir., lot No, 'ii in l)oek y
ii !! . i. tl... ..Hi rtf f-uir., for tb .11111 f.l f'Jl i?. .
and Mist the limo of rr-di-mptinu uill eiplryiu ;.
the rnli and .X'tli days of July, Is", and II Lot if :
deeimsl at tlwt limn I shall uplil) i'ur lidendaiid
pos.e.iuiuiif ihealmie iti-.i 1II..1I piemites.
' N. HCNi-( K Kit, I'u ri-ha.er
Cairn, I'ebruar) Ith, U'li.T-M-ttdlUltw, 1 ,
VrATi:il-Alexander County Orders, at ed vt.
YY sml City Scrip at b5ccuts 011 the dollar, (or al
kinds ofl.umbcr and Itnlldrrs' Materials.
laalSdtf W, W, THORNTON.

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