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TUESDAY, MARCH 122, 1870.
lor Nale Cheap. '"' 1
Four pigs -I months old. Enquire
corner Twelfth and Walnut streets, Cairo
HI. tf
Atrrl thvKvll.
If mothers would give Mm. VVitcomb's
fiyrup to tliclr children when sick, mor
tality would bo less among them. It
costs only ili cent. mSldawl w
I'liriitaliliix liond. '
The complutust stock of gentlemen's
furnishing goods In the city , Is to be
found at Miller and Miller's. It would
he a remarkable want, Indeed. In UiIh
lino that they cannot satisfactorily supply
at the very lowest flgurea ruling In thfrt
Ho, rir Mottiifl t'lly.
The navy tug will leave our wharf ut
0 o'clock to-morrow (Tueday) morning,
for the accommodation of such citizens as
muy wish to attend the sale of govern
ment stores at Mound City. Slia will re
turn immediately after the closu of the
Yon ran ltrnlnlr i,r Colur
Every natural shade from light brown
to deepest bhick Is Imparled by Phalon's
Vitalla or Salvation for the hair. The
number of applications determines the
tinge. It would be lllfe comparing shin
ing water to the draining from u marsh,
to compute R with the ordinary hnlr
dyes. m2ldawlw,
U'Miitral at llir M Cltarlr lliilrl
. . ,We want Immediately one exper
leiiced dining room girl, one lln-t clans
washer and irouer and one chamber
maid who thoroughly understands the
business, To such us can come well
recommended and are well qual.lled, wo
will give permanent employment, liberal
wages, und prompt payment. -
Jewktt Wilcox A Co., Proprietor,
Our Trliil Mi Met ,
To prove that Duoley's Chemical Yeast
Raking Power Is superior In every re- 1
spect to any other ever manifested. It
is put up In , J, 1 and ' pound cms,
which contain that quantity of powder
by actual net tcctyht, while tho majority
of Raking Pow lers olFered, fall short
from one-eighth to one-half of what Is
roprected. Ask your grocer for Dooley's
and you will not be m.tMled with any
0,,,fr' . - ... Itmwas,
Tu ias.iM)-is
Turtles owing State, County und I)s;
trlct School taxes, must. If they would
save cost', pay them on or bfore the!!Sth
day of March, as on that day I shall
start on my tour through the. country
precincts and shall be ah-eut two weeks.
Immediately on my return 1 shall
commence preparing inv delinquent
Persons owing personal taxes only,
must pay up Immediately, u I nm com
pelled by law to collect them without
marlltd Iitns H.Mvkils.
Tbr M. Mlrholn Motel ami ItrsUurnut.
Thli popular and eligibly located house
of public! entertainment is now lilted
and furiiMicd throughout in good style;
and, under the management of .Me-sr.
Walker it SIou, Is doing a large and
thriving business. It is kept upon (lie
Kuropeun plan the guest calling for
what he wants when he wants It, wheth
er in tho day or night time, and paying
only for what ho orders. The rooms arc
largo and clean, furnished with the best
of beds and bedding, while ull other fea
tures of the establishment aro arranged
with an especial eye to the comfort and
convenience of the guest. JoOtf
Our NihuoU.
The second' term of our public schools
will close on Friday, :25th lust. A public
examination will begin to-morrow
morning In the rooms of Misses .M.
Kelsey, Maggie Aubery, Delia W. Haw
kins, Alice Slmoiidw, Mary A. Hawkins,
I.. Walhrldgc, Ahhle Goss and Mrs. H.
Huge; Thursday, In rooms of Misses A.
Hatch, raiiK Reebu and Mattie War
wick; Friday, In high school room. The
examination to eloo with essays, de
ohimatlous, select reading, vocal and
Instrumental music. We tiudertand
that all tho teachers desire a thorough
examination of the schools by n compe
tent hoard of examiners, and that their
desire has beou communicated to the
hoard by Iheniiperinteudent. Let par
ents and natrons attend. Your presence
will Inspire pupils to renewed and -still
greater eH'otts.
I.rrlurr 1'rltUy Kvriilu.
Dr. Geo. Vasey will lecture before the
nigh School Literary Society, on Friday
evening, next,
Dr. V is acknowledged to be ono of
tho most learned Ijotaulsts In Illinois.
Ro was selecteJ, many years ago, to ac
company MaJ. Powell In his famous ex
pedition to the canons of the Colorado,
having special charge of the botanical
lflu militniit rm Krlilnv ..vonlnr- will tin
"Natural History " . Messrs. Miller and Miller have Just re- i wltlou. We hear of no cases In Cairo.
Veappend tho iioto from Dr V rewlved an unusually large, well assorted ; The disease provalled hero to some ex
celved yesterday by the secretary of the and strictly fasluoaahle supply of piece j j ;t month or so ago, but has entirely
Society goods, to which they ask special atten- 1 R"P!cttred.
J..! , aMn- "arfU 0"- 'r,ie Iot unbrace the tlnesi ofoths ; .The Jloatd of AldTrmaV, ut the meet-
Y,S,-v.m' r aHa. ca I ine on Saturday night las,, elected Al-
on eVln the h, vita ion the Ca ro'
Hk'h School Society, to lecture before
them on the 2oth lint., is received.
in reply, allow mo to say that it will
ttlVord mo pleasure to be present at thn
time mentioned, and contribute what I
cau to the interest ami prosperity or your
iour.i, Kespecuuny,
Mr. A. 11. Haflbfd Is at Chicago.
Use En tier's
Chill Cure.
"It never
The continuance of' M3II11I0 ns Jailor
given universal satisfaction in the city.
t A nowstipplyof Calf Bonis and (laltern
Just recelved'at P. Ne''H( No. 79 Ohio
Dr. Newman, of Chicago, lslho guest
of V. T. Heott.at tho Metropolitan Hotel
In this city.
Tho tug, .Magnolia, carried quite a
number of our citizens to tho govern
inentnale at Mound City.
Just Rkceivkd. -The Shoo Fly Elliott,
und Don't Rodder Mo Hats and Cups at
I I. Nell's, No. 7
0 OhloLcvcc.
The question Is: "Shall now shingles
ho put on the market house' or the old
ones ho taken oil"?"
Good Cotton fcocks, only 16 cents per
palror ?1 . cents per doz., at I. Nell's,
No. 79, Ohio Levee. tf
No Cough Medicliio used givessuch en
tiro satisfaction as Norman's Chalybeate
Cough Syrup. Sold by 8. J.Iluuiiu.
Clothing for the million at P. Ntfl's
No. 7i Ohio, Levee. Tho best goods In
the city will ho found at this house, tf
Font good Reaver, Caslmerc, or silk
mixed suit, gn to P. Nell's, No 79 Ohio
Levee. tf
I-.verylmdy ues Wizard Oil, and
Raroloy RroV. sell It cheap for cash.
Patronize home institution. Ruv from
the Ran-lays.
The only Medicine of known vlrlut
that children cry after Is Norman's
Chalybeate Cough Syrup. Sold by S. J
Hiimni. m'.'IdOt
Vouthi' boys' ami children's clothe
nt less than New ori (trices, will be
Mild (lit week, at I'. Netfs, regardless
,-)fcot. tr
Tho Continental Is the only cook ntov
; with sliding oven doors. Warranted In
' nil respects. Pitcher A' Henry, at 192
t ommerclal avenue, cor. 12th street.
Just received at P. NefPs, No. 70, Ohio
Levee, a splendid lot of spring Cuslmers,
j Coatings and Vestlngs, which will be
n.adeupln the mott fashionable styles
(lnndt prlcertn suit the tlmes. a perfect
fit guaranteed or no sale. if
I'ho performances at the theater hint
night were, on the whole, good. Mr.
Ruchumtu. u ti Mini, demonstrated ilie
f.it that he lone of our best living ac-
,or?. lo-nlght an, excellent JiijI- is pre-
cnteo to the pulilic.
The perfume from tin-slaughter house
I Incoming a well.dettned stink In all the
neighliorhood west of Washlnutoii ave
nue, between Tenth and Twentieth
streets. As the sun's rays become
warmer, the stink will become moro In
tense. The butchers should reinrt to
water and split brooms.
If John Sheehaii Is as good a police
man as he was a good Street Supervisor,
he will lay all his colleagues on tho force
into thctdiade; and If James Ryan makes
a elllclent a Supervisor as Sheehan did,
tho peoplo of the city will have reason to '
highly commend tho Mayor's judgment ;
In making tho selection he did.
Mr. Martin Smyth, brother of our
fellow .townsman, Reruard Smyth, has
made a host of friends during his resi
dence In Cairo. Hu proposes to return
to his home In Ireland within a few
weeks, and will take buck with him the
friendship und good wishes of every per
son who has made hi acquaintance In
this city.
The annolntmcnt of Mr. Cain as a
1 member of the police force, by Mavor !
Wilson, was an act that deserves com
mendation. It was strong evidence, that
Mr. Wilson is capablo of riling above
petty selfish consideration. Mr. Cain
, was a supporter of Mr. Ohorly in the late
' municipal canvass, and did not expect
any favors at tho hands of the new administration.
Tho now supply of silk hats Jim ,'ecelv i Mr. Mathews, in his 'Price-Current' of
ed by Miller and Miller Is woi ihy of to-day, calls attention to the fact, that
especial attention of gentlemen who wish Cairo Is the market in .which pur
to purchase anything In that line that Is I chasers of produco in the Interior of
sttlctly fashionable and of Hrst-class ! Georgia till their orders; and he truth-
manufacture. The supply embraces all
sizes; and as to price und quality satis
faction Is guaranteed. feh28tf
A negro man, name unknown, raised
quite a disturbance In a grocery on WaN
nut street, by threatening to dash the
brains out, or knock tho head off; a whlto
man. He was arrested by ofllcer Cain,
and lined by Squire Rross 517 00, which
he paid, and Is now breathing dlro
threats of vengance. He should be
moro discreet. The Fifteenth Amend
ment does tint authorize
MM, Of Ally .
other darkey, to make a noisy fool of
j Himself. ,
l4?"0" " "
ue ccommouuieo. nuns or garments
iroiu uie.cRH?'!"uoe.i'M.n.erniwie
I I 1.. a., .a. ....I. .
uesi lUHiumr mm laii-a. iy,v, unu ni ,
tlgures mat win neiy competition. or i
i!UU ill hiita won vw ur u rj it
trjiil. At all events call around and see
rta,nr nf lllia IIWtlT ATI IF BQL' rt ln Ilntlt
The High Bcbool Literary Society Is a
"mir iJKvr ik
U3K" Etidere' Stomach
Drawers and Undershirts, at a sacrifice
at P NelPs, No70Ohlo Levee. tf
.... ... . ..
Louis Mathews.' excellent 'Price-Current
is published Tuesdays and Fridays.
Bauo.vis! RakdainsI -A good suit
of clothing for ten dollan at P. NeiTs,
79, Ohio Lovee.
Of course tho weather Is fine. We keep
no other kind of weather in Cairo. Ask
our river reporter If wo do. Ho knows.
I I I .-. 0IM 11.1111 I. .
Good Calf Roots for two dollars and
seventy-fivo cents only, at P. Nell's, No.
I 79, Ohio Levee. tf
Pitcher & Henry's largo stock of hard
ware, cutlery, tools, stoves, tinware, etc
will be sold without regard to coat. tf
.. -
Miss Kate Putuam, who has a hou of
friends In this city, and is a very clever
uctress, is In Wisconsin. Molliellowe Ih
yet with the troupe. N
Alderman Kennedy, with Jimmy Eng
lish, is on a trading excursion down the
Mississippi river. He will be absent
probably two months.
The steamer Talisman had to refuse
freight on Monday, and the other boats
at our wharf were tillered all they could
take. How's that for a shipping point?
In tho Interval between Thursday oven-
log of Inst week and Koti'lay .ivening of
the present week, 4,lWo barrels of Hour
were sold by our flour merchants.
Mr. John Linegar, of this city, has
been appointed by the United States
Marshal, John Iogan, to take the cen
sus in Alexander county.
The 'Sun' will shine for nil Radicals,
and week-kneed Democrats, on Thursday
next. Mr. Davis, we understand, Is the
sole editor and publisher.
Business is all that wu have any right
to expect it to bs at tills seaon. The
voice of (he croaker Is not pitched to the
high note it held a few months ago.
Humm has received a large stock of
choice perfumes and toilet articles, from
the labratory of the renowned chemist,
Solon Palmer, of Philadelphia, which ho
Is otlering at very !ow prices.
Thu St. Nicholas Rllliard Hall Is one
of the largest and best furnished In the
country. It Is the resort of Itoth citizen
and strangers who Indulge bllllHrd play
ing. jntiOtf.
We desired and still do desire, to, pub
lish Mayor Wilson's Inaugural address;
but, owing to the fact that he did not tile
the manuscript with the clerk, wo have
been nimble to lay It before our readers.
special couvoenlton of Cnlro
Chapter, No. 71, R. A. M. will he
held at Masonic Hall this (Tuesday)
evening, at 7 o'clock, for work In the
M. M. ft P. M. degrees
M. L. DuNNiNO,.Secy.
Tho Market Master Is lonesome and
forlorn, watching two butchers, who
require no watching. For which labor-1
ous work he obtains eighty-three dollars
per month. Ought this sinecure to bo
til ii en longer tolerated?
Alder in an' James Carroll, late chair
man of tho Roard of Alderman, when
put In nomination for re-election Satur
day night, peremptorily refused to stand,
and withdrew his name. Mr. Carroll
was a good presiding ofllcer.
Wo received a call this morning from
Mr. H. P. Gfiodall, now of the Chicago
'Sun,' and formerly of tho Cairo 'Times.'
Ho Is In tho city on a business visit. Wo
aro glad to learn from him that t?c
Goodall Brothers are prospering In (heir
"ew PlttCe of uin.
Potter, of the Mound City 'Journal,'
says a religious revival In Mound City,
; would do no harm in that community.
I Who that knows Potter will contradict
this assertion? He Is a most estimable
I gentleman, but would not bo injured by
t n reasonable dose of religion, discreetly
fully adds, that In no other market can
thqlr wants be as speedily and cheaply
Rltteuhouse and Honuy, desirous of
closing out their present stock, will give
patrons inducements that will insure
sales. They haJust added a lino lino
of prints etc., und have a very completo
stock of seasonable goods, every article
of which they will sell, without reserve,
at greatly reduced prices. marl8flt.
rnirn in Mnnml f!Hv. .nvnrnl MiiMr...
,led of the disease during the past week
and others aro lying In a critical con.
'rmn Jo.eph Mendell, for the ensuing I
nUcftl yean Mr. Meudell will till the '
nostl0n in u eredltable mannsr. .!..
0 doubt, prove to be a popular chair
,n!U1. n0 hn9 utl the decision of charac
ter and knowledge of parllraeutary law
that a required In an excellent presiding
I Wo defy competition in Job printing.
Wo can executo all kinds of work, at pri
ces Ah low as the lowest. No citizen
need send away to other , cities to have
his work done.
. .
The peach hilds aro about ready to
burst Into blossom hereabouts. A little
more sunshine llko that of yesterday and
to day, and tuo reach trees will no as
fragrant as beautiful.
There is a leak in tho gas pipes of tho
theater; and tho smell of the escaped gas
is very uisagreeablo to tho patrons of the
drama, who nightly congregate at tho
Athencnum to witness the performance
of Buchanan's flrst-rate troop.
. . -
A child, living In tho upper part of
the city, was, wo are informed, poison
ed yesterday by eating "Shoo-Fly
Candy." It was thrown Into convul
sions, and for a time was In great
Mr. W. L. Scott, to-day advertises his
hotel as tho only first-class placo of outer
talnmeiit in the West for tho accommo
dation of colored guests. Scott Is ono of
our most energetic colored citizens, and
has bulit up for himself quite a business
within the past year.
The members of the High School Liter
ary Society will canvass tho city
for the purpose of selling tickets to the
lecture of Prof. Vasey, to be delivered
next Friday night. The admission fee
has been fixed at twenty-live cents.
' vcrywiuy snoum owyaucKeu
i T. I 1 . 1 I i .
, Jolmsi,n Co,emnf n nf,er,th Amend-
ment, was chanted with stealing a pair
of ear-rings, valued at 31o, and fell Into
the hands of Sheehan. The ear bnh
wero tho property of Eliza Gibson, also a
Fifteenth Amendment. The uugalhiiit
Coleman should he disfranchised.
Peter Nlpliant complained against
Rebecca Raker for assault, and Sheehan
went for the belligerent damsel. She
was fined $5 and co?t. The non-combat
ant, Peter, no doubt, feels considerably
relieved, now that the law has stepped In
to shield his delicate body from tho blows
of the llerco Rebecca.
Street Supervisor Ryan Is at work, in
the upper part of tho city, repairing a
cioxsiug. He hus live hands employed
When did the Council order this work to
be done? Tills Is a question some of the
members of the Council are asking. If
the Council did not order the work to be
done, who did? And if somebody cNe
than the Coiiuoll can order work' to be
done that takes money from the pockets
of (he olty,w)iat ue have We fur a Coun
cil? Say'
There was an Interesting set-to yester
day, on Commercial Avenue, tin-ween
one of our lawyers anil anolbi r citizen,
growing out of a d!Hrcnce of opinion
concerning each others honesty, etc.
Blown wero exchanged, elurot drawn.
and - friends interfered and separated
thecombat ttiitn. One of tho parties be
ing an advertiser In the 'Bulletin,' and
the other a friend of the paper, we re
frain from giving publicity to the names
which fact shows the Independence of
the press I
Mrlropnllian Jlolrl,
The Metropolitan Hotel is tho only
Nrst-class hotel kept for the entertain
ment of colored guests in the West. Sit
uated on the coruerof Commercial aven
ue and Third street.
mar22dtf V. L. Scott, Proprietor.
The I'lrr Drparluiriit.
Councilman Barclay, at the last meet
lug of the Select Council, submitted to
the board tho following resolution, which
was adopted, viz:
Resolved, That the ordinance commit
tee, be instructed to report an ordlmuico
appropriating a speciuo amount to each
lire company, in iieu of quarterly allow,
ances now belnir paid them, to Ik paid
in regular insiuiinienis.
This resolution, In Its Instructions to
the committee, is rather Indeftlnlte. If
we understand It, the ohject is to give,
once for all, a sum of money say $.1,000
to each of tho fire companies, payable,
for instance, .T 0 down, and tho balatice
In six, twelve and eighteen month.
This would boa movement worthy of all
commendation if tho city could bo fur
nished with any assurance that at the
end of the eighteen months the com
panics would not ask for auntherspeclflc
sum. But tho resolution says, that the
proposed appropriation is to he made In
lieu of quarterly allowances now being
paid. If wo have not received Incorrect
Information on tho subject, no quarterly
allowances aro now given to tho com
panies, Under tho ordinances, as now
written, the ajdty Is pledged to pay tho
current running expenses of the Arab
mid Rough and Ready companies, they
to be allowed to determine what tiioso
expenses shall bo and to make out
their owi bills. Quarterly allowances
are much to be preferred to this system.
They are cheaper. Rut the fact Is, the
Council should be luiormed of a fact In
this connection, which seems to have
escaped thelrattentlon, Under a State
law, In lieu of the licenses heretofore' col-
Ucted from Insurance companies, a city
' may collect a certain tax from the gross
' rf celpts of each company collected with
in the olty, said tux to be appropriated to
the maliitunance of the lire department
; of the city, and used for no other pur-
po.e whatever.
If the Council would I
refer this law to their oidlnanco com
mlltie W III) Inslructlons to draft n
ordinance in accordance with Its provls.
Ions, they might be aved tho necessity
ot looking farther for tho means to meet
tho expenses of our elllclent lire depart
Hotel ArrlvuU,
v suM rnii HotoIJIuivli 121.
O N Camp, Mo W M Farer, do; W U
Carrol, Chicago; H Geroge: A Howie,
Cin J Austen; J J Moorman'," Louis;
J Lawrence; K FCulIciiiSt Louis; AB
Commlngh, N Y; W JirownlccTlTcMon.
denhlll, city; J Goldsmith, Vt: H Davla;
OL Randall, Rome, Ga; John .Gate,
N V.
I).m AWe, ColumU., Shamrock, Cincinnati
(llf ndalc, M I.onl. Rat an, I'onif roy
Mo how It. . r it o Wilson, I'..mror
Hllc !., .eir Orlesin N W C, CMcyrlltu "
'P 'to Mlnneola, Mfmphta
Tollnnnn, Niihrillo
liKiurnck, HI l.ouln
)tinnola, Clncliinsti
M JVick.NeTOrti-ar,
A linker, Kaitport
fjfiillc, J'ttlshure
llclle l.if, I'Uucnli
The weather Is clear, calm and plct
The river has fallen eight Inches slnca
lust report.
Thn Mississippi is again rlslug.alowly
at St. Louis. (
Tho Ohio is rising at Pittsburg, with
six feet large In the channel and a pros
pectfor heavy rains, It will probably
rho several feet. It is about stationary
ut Louisville, with nearly nine feet in
the chute oyer the falls.
Ruslness continues good. Tho receipt
of froight of all kinds by the I. C. R. C
still show up loan enormous figure, while
the amount of groceries and sundrns
from tho South per river for rohlpmont
North and East per that railroad Is quite
The Belle Leo brought 220 hhtls sugar,
17.1 bbls rice, 17". pkgs orauges for
The Nashville puckeU have coin
menced bringing tobacco for reshlpment
east per Blue Lino, and It is expected
that the amount, during tho season, will
he very large much greater than evr
The Bello Leo proceeded to Piucah
at noon, to receive what little tobacco
had accumulated there, and will retura
here to-morrow morning to load for Ne
Tho St. Louis papers have published
several accounts of tho purchase of the
s'eamcr Dexter by citizens of that, old
fogy burg, but It seems, by dispatches
from Louisville, that the sa'e.was never
really constimated until last S.iturday,
she was sold lo the same parties who
purchased tho Richmond for $17,000.
The little tow-boat "Odd Kdlew," hi
rapidly approaching completion at our
wharf. She will have the machinery
of the defunct steamer Mississippi, which
will ulve her ample power to do any
ordinary job' oftowlnfc. "'
Tli- Thomp.-on Dean is expected, here
to eomplte her cargo for New Orleans.
The Quickstep I Hie reirulur packet for
Evansville till evening.
Copt. fhss. T. Hinde Is agent for the
ub'iVe boat.
I'lZ'TIf Xlf.'IIT!
Tuesday Krenlnpr, Jlarcli'iiiTTSiO.
Titr; woni.n iiknownkd tiuokdian,
Winn M,rfor,ii',r in all llio principal tlitri
nii.rtMi lifiimii, Aiitmlu, ( alii'inua, dii.l mliir
pnrt i f niri' -I, ln nrMVisI uilliftrrat
ri.tliu.lilil I'V Icarnsil anil fj.linunllo auilirn.
rf, mill pronottiirist In 1! ainni In irlt Iit
Iiii! uril-li s, Mipponixl lira Firsi-l1
slfo((sfrmn iht-i'ilnnpi) T'itri (it
llostnn, New Vork ami Philadelphia.
ThpmIhj Evening,
3Iiirnb 22iiriS"0,
Th KTni'nr' Kntsrtainni'nt will ponii4i nf
l. ..p iri-'n iir.ui'l Trj'IVof
The Battle of Bosworth Field.
Chance or lri;rninine Ilech Kveuluir.
Ponrs open at T oVloV. Piirl.itn rlrs S o'clock.
Ail in lx Inn M: Rrtcrml seal 7ie. Il,.r..rti-
ijin ecry tiny at tu o'clock, n.iu.
r-.iiir.i iv iiitii'iiiii ni sn cnu'K nsramlmitliji-w.
I'nci't risltiwil: children l.Vj niluli .',
II. W. MW.VAIIII. .t...m.
NTII.iMMUI-NliMf w-Vklj frum VrJ.
T d It
t.ltrool nuil iireutluwu.
1'or piuj;o ppjily to
CHA3.T. ui.Vin:.'
- -'Cnlro,"tiliroi.
OrtoH. ItOWK.Gou, WVtlern Aumt. Xe. i I.aku
Slreut Chloai;.., . .. fcflr
f.f i
V N .

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