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budget of home news.
I. hittingKH,City Editor.
Banner Premiums for 1891.
New York Weekly World and Banner
one year for $1.83.
Banner and Weekly Times Union, one
year for $1 .SO.
Banner and Weekly Standard, one
year for $1.75. -
Weekly Bannsr and -World almanac
for $1.20.
“Thejail yard is badlv in need of a
Mr. and Mrs. Sweat, of Candler did
not forget School day.
Our market has a plentiful supply of
all kinds of vegetables.
Professor Wertz is assistant at the
desk of the Montezuma Hotel.
Mandarin sent 10,000 boxes of straw
berries to the Jacksonville market in
one day.
■ ■■ ... . M '■ '
Mr. L. B. Sanders lias disposed of his
house and lot to Mrs. Mixon, and will
move to Brooksville. ’
Mr. S. D. Zicharias wfill erect a neat
and sightly cottage in the rear of Ida
Ft* Ring avenue residence.
Hotel Togui, Jacksonville, was sold at
auction recently for $10,000. It was bid
in by H. II. Buck ham, attorney.
The Anti-Monopoly drugstore to-day
secured a consignment of turpentine
and broke the drouth in the market.
Tenney’s bon-bons and chocolate
creams in sealed packages at the Anti-
Monopoly Drug Store. feb24dtf
Mr. Douglass Eichelberger begins the
shipment of cabbage this week, of
which he has a large and splendid crop.
The next issue of the Phosphate Field
will be issued form Inverness. We hope
that it will be improved by the removal.
Mrs. Judge Davies, mother of Mrs. J.
W. Barker, and Mrs. C. B. Atkinson, of
Ashvllle, N?C., are Visiting Mrs. Bar
ker. esaaSfcHaas-'.w-..
Mr. G. M." Thy lot, the builder, will
erect for himself a cosy tone in the
neighborhood of Col. Parr’s Bew resi
dence. ' .. - j,
I’hos. C. Hoge, president .af the 8. S.
O. & G. railroad, is in the will
attend.4he railroad election of officers,
u rsday.
iJny was a healthy day for Ban
ner subscribers. All the school teachers
and school unarms, took the Banner. It
is their favorite paper.
Don’t forget to visit the cheap shoe
store of,-Neely A Co. 3loct,
Mrs. Koehnle and her charming little
daughter Ilottie, departed to day for
their St.Lonis home to the regret of
their many friends.
Capt. Lytle, of the beautiful Lake
Weir, Stanton, and the game cock of
the Farmer’s Alliance of Marion county,
took in F.ducational day.
The Free Press under its. present,
management, is growing better and bet
ter every week. Its “society gossip”
column is a special feature.
Air. George A. Nash, of the enterprising
and prosperous dry goods and grocery
house of Hood & Nash, is in New York
making his spring purchases.
A full liue 0/ Spring btts at Howell’s.
Our chief enjoys the pleasant dtstincUon
of wearing one of his latest styled
Panama head gear—it’s a daisy.
Mrs. Wm. Sinclair, one of the most
highly cultivated ladies of Candler, was
in attendance at the Exposition School
day. She was the guest of Mr.i. E. W.
Dr. Gary returned Friday from St.
Augustine, where he visited Alicia Hos
pital and saw the patients who are
taking the Koch lymph consumption
Mr. Lewis Cliazell, manager of the
Florida Phosphate company, whose de
sirable property is located in Citrus
county, ami nart of which they pur
chased of Mr. J. W. Sanders, was in
tow-n Thursday.
Mr. A. N. Young, of Texas, has pur
chased, of Mr.S. H. Brown, near LeRoy,
fifty acres of fine, rich hammock land, of
which five acres are set in orange trees,
and coming into bearing, f >r fifty dol
lars an acre.
If yon are offered a bottle of Salvation
Oil, without wrapper, or mutilated or
defaced, don’t buy it at any price, you
may be sure that there is something
wrong—it may be a worthless or dan
gerous counterfeit. Insist upon getting
a perfect, unbroken, genuine package, in a
yellow wrapper.
*Straw Hats, cheap, large stock, new
styles, at Hood & Nash’s. mchl3tf
Alderman P. B. Dukes, it is said, will
get out an injunction, restraining the
city council from issuiug city script with
which to pay the Chicago Graphic for
its pretty pictures it contemplates mak
ing of us and giving to the world of our
Commencing with yesterday, Sunday,
March 8th, the train known as the
“ Flying Cracker,” will stop 50 minutes
at Silver Springs, to allow passengers an
opportunity to get a view of the won
derful surroundings, dinner and a row
on the Springs, if desired.
The Banner was the first to report the
sale of the Citrus County Hard Rock
Phosphate Company to the New York
Phosphate Company, and is on track of
another sale of equal magnitude. Phos
phate stock is climbing up, way up, ter
ribly up. Rich oil is being struck in
aU directions.
Mr. Geo. E. Campbell, the successful
nurseryman and orange grower of Lake
Weir, was in the city Saturday and to
the query whether he was shipping
many nursery trees to California this
season, said so far only two cars, one of
which went to Bloomfield, Arizona,
where parties proposed to experiment in
orange culture.
Mr. Walter H. Geissinger, a noted ar
chitect and building superintendent of
Philadelphia, who has charge of the erec
tion of an extensive cotton mill in Ala
bama, took a run into Florida and paid
our Exposition a visit and told Mr. S. S.
Aikens he was delighted and agreeably
pleased with what he saw.
Louis J. Haisley, of the enterprising
real estate firm of Haisley & Co., re
turned Thursday noon from Tampa,
whether he had gone to make a bid on
the bonds, with the proceeds of which,
Hillsborough county will erect a mag
nificent $100,000 court house. Mr. H.
was acting for a Cleveland financial firm,
for whom Mr. Haisley is agent. His
hid is under advisement.
Say it softly ! Speak it in whispers !
Hist! The Times-Union may get 011 its
ear! The Hon. Robt. F. Rogers was also
a prominent arrival in Ocala yesterday!
What does his presence and consulta
tion with other prominent Allianceraen
mean? Is there a determined effort to
paralize and torture the T.-U. and send
it into raving hysterics? Watch out for
political richness given in startling
scare-lines in the Atlanta Constitution:
“The Plotting of the Consperators,” “An
Unholy Alliance!” “A Boodle Combine!"
“etc., etc.” The T.-U. is a chip, chippy,
and affords almost as much amusement
as the “ossified man” and other won
ders of a one horse show. It is fresh in
politics. Don’t Jay it too much. Give
it time and let it rest.
Beds or Phnsphate~-Beds or Gyp
sum—Whole Islands or Humus
and Two Hundred Acres or Splen
did Orange Grove Property.
lent, Vtdi, J’ici/ was Caesar’s excla
mation alter visiting and so easily con
•quering Pontus, a part of Asia Minor,
many centuries ago. After visiting the
property of the Withlacoochee Company,
and seeing its rich beds of phosphate,
its rich beds of gypsum, its islands of
humus and ita more than two hundred
acres so splendidly adapted to the
growth of oranges, wo shall have to
transpose the epigrammatic quotation of
the great Roman general and statesman,
and say, that “We saw and were con
A great deal of phosphate history is
connected with the Whithlacoochee
country. It was here that the phos
phate industry had its birth. It .was
hero that the discovery of gvpsum, bv
our pioneer hero, Mr. Adam L. Eiehef
berger, was made, and which later on,
led to the greater discovery of phos
phate. It was here that the great bu
mns deposits were discovered, and it
was here that Mr. Eichelberger made
his great reputation as a' -successful
It is a rich, beautiful and wonderful
land and will add many a leaf to the
wreath which is destined to crown our
state in horticultural, commercial and
mineral wealth.
The lands are watered by the Withla
coochee river, which give easy commun
ication, and wild orange groves line the
shore. These trees, or the most of them,
have long since been budded with sweet
sprigs and for many years have been
bearing the famous “Eichelberger kid
glove,” that has given that section a rep?
utation for the production of line
oranges, which is unapproached by any
other section of the state.
But were there no phosphate, were
there no gypsum, were thsre no humus,
were there no marl on tb)* .property, its
orange industry alone, according to the
value put upon orange grove property by
tbe late sales at Citra, would be worth
the capitalized value of tbe company.
But tbe deposits of phosphates are ex
tensive, and out of tne first pit, upon
which work has scarcely begun, a thous
and tons have already been extracted,
and phosphate experts think that it will
not be exhausted for many years yet to
come. There are ten separate and dis
tinct deposits on the property, some of
h show a larger area than the first
et and upon which work is being
prosecuted. *>.
The gypsum deposits have merely
been pitted, and while its importance
tor the time being has been overshad
owed by the discovery of phosphate, Mr.
Eichelberger thinks that in time it will
become as valuable, and the deposits on
the property of the company are almost
as extensive as the deposits of phos
The humus is four feet in thickness
and covers a whole island, and when we
State that Prof. Shepphard, an eminent
chemist, says that the ammonia alone,
t list-can be extracted from every ton of
it, is worth seven dollare, some idea of
its value may be approximated.
Soon the South Florida railroad will
tap this property with one of its numer
ous spurs which will augment its value
and carry its stock beyond par.
The capitalization of the company is
only four hundred thousand, and from
thwacreage, on which it is based, and
the richness of the same, the Witlilacoo
chec stock ought to be. and will be in
our opinion, the most valuable on the
Agnew's old Gin Honse in a Heap
of Ashes, bat was Occupied as a
Warehouse by the Ocala Furnt
turniture Cos., Who Loses SS.OOO.
This Thursday morning, March 12th,
at about 4 o’clock, three colored youths
raised the alarm of fire in front of the
Ocala Furniture Company’s warehouse,
known as the Agnew gin house, which
alarm awoke Johnnie Siler, the reputed
“imp” of the Banner office, who quicklv
notitied Captain Wasson and he turned
on the alarm.
Although the fire companies respon
ded promptly in the order nained.No. 1,
2 and 3, including Hook and Ladder,
colored, the ilatnes were so advanced
and the material so infiamable that it
was impossible to stay its ravages and all
that could bo done was done to protect
neighboring property.
Henry Allred and Will Kincaid were
sleeping in the building and barely
escaped with their lives, losing their
personal effects, among them a very fine
gold watch, of Mr. Allred.
Mr. Watson, the mattress maker, w ho
was absent in the country, but slept in
the building when at work, lost all his
personal effects.
Mr. T. J. Misselwhite, who \ra? em
ployed in the building, and had ali of
his household effects stored, lost them to
the value of $250. x
We understand one or two other
parties had furniture stored there which
of course was lost.
The fire is said to have originated
under and near the center of the build
ing and was evidently the work of an
in -endiary.
The stock of furniture ranged between
four to five thousand dollars, while the
insurance on same is between two aud
three thousand dollars.
Ten minutes after the alarm was
sounded, No. 1 was at the fire.
Commodore Bird made a lucky escape
by going to housekeeping and removing
his stored furniture.
The same good luck befel E. C. Connor,
of the Buffman Loan A Trust Company,
who made a timely removal of his
household effects.
The building was built some twenty
years ago by the Agnews, who for many
years, in the days when long staple was
a power in the land, used it for ginning
thestaplecropof Marion county—cotton.
During the reign of Editor F. E.
Harris as mayor of Ocala, six years ago,
an attempt was made to fire the build
ing in three different places and with
great care as to details, but the fire iu its
incipiency was discovered by Mr. Brant
ley A. Weathers and extinguished. On
two other occasions was it the invidious
work of the fire bug.
While the loss of the Ocala Furniture
Cos., is heavy, yet the loss will not in the
least effect their business as new stock
has been ordered and ali orders' for
goods in their line will be promptly
Dr. R. R. Snownen and Ball Snowden
are tbe principal sufferers by the fiames.
There were some things somewhat
curious about this fire. Heretofore our
fire’s have occurred on Sunday morn
ing's, precicely at 3 o’clock. This one
broke the record and occurred on a week
day morning at about 4 o’clock. The
fire fiend got in his work all right, but,
as Judge Marshall says, got his calendar
somewhat mixed.
The night was peculiarly favorable for
the safety of “rotten row.” The fire oc
curred j list after a heavy rain, the roofs
were old and soggy and each shingle con
tained about a quart of water, by actual
measure. The “fire laddies” made hero
ic efforts across the street, to prevent the
Hick, Weaver and Lloyd buildings from
catching, but the forked tlaraes refused
to take undue advantage of the situation
and “rotten row” remains with us.
The question that was uppermost aud
oftenest asked was: “Will the Phosphate
Field wear crape or bunting, shed tears
or come out with a double leaded leader?
It is estimated that 2,000 persons lined
Exposition street before tbe fire was fi
nally extinguished.
The Banner Always Prefers Facts.
The article that appeared some time
ago in the Banner about Messrs. Mead
apd Cutter's hot house cucumbers and
recieved for same and the suc
cess stranding their raising of poultry,
was doubted by the DeLand Agricultu
rist, who wrote to Mr. A. Mead and said
the only mistake the Banner made was
that it forgot to deduct freight and com
mission which, on the four crates, was
sl4 52, leaving a net balance of $10548.
Mr. Painter, the editor of the Agricul
turist, was so pleased with the confirma
tion the report that he not only
prints Mr. Meads' letter, which gives
valuable hints about growing hot-house
“cukes,” but reproduces the Banner’s
aiticle on poultry and cucumbers.
The Banner alway prefers facts to fig
ures of the imagination, except on off
days and off-occasions, in which the
cuke story was not one of the excep
Wliat Shall the Harvest Be?
Why! What can it De but suffering
and sorrow, disease and death, if you neg
lect the symptoms of a disordered liver ?
Take Dr.’ Pierce’s Golden Medical Dis
covery. It outsells all other remedies.
Sold under condition that it must either
benefit or cure the patient, or the money
paid for it will be promptly returned. It
cures all diseases arising from deranged
liver, or from impure blood, as biliousness,
“liver complaint,” all skin and scalp dis
eases. salt rheum, tetter, scrofolous sores
and swellings, fever-sores, hip-joint dis
ease and kindred ailmeuts.
Denmark gilts, bronze And embossed
wall papei of latest designs and pattern?,
at the Anti-Monopoly Drug Btore.
To the Town Authorities.
I, as a citizen, have due respect for all
your city laws, but you will pardon me
formating a suggestion. One of your
laws prohibits stock running at large in
the corporate limits of Ocala. Now,
this may he right, but when you agree
to pay any person 25 cents for" each ani
mal driven to the pound, it is an induce
ment for every unscrupulous vagrant to
go out far from the suburbs and drive
cattle in, which, as many know, is fre
quently done.
I suggest that you employ an honest
man to guard the town, and let him
alone impound all stock found within
the corporation.
A Citizen:
“Away ! A way! There la danger here !
A terrible phantom Is bending near;
With no human look, with no human breath,
lie stands beside thee—the haunter—Death!”
If there is one disease more than an
other that comes like the unbidden guest
at a banquet, it is Catarrh. Insidiously it
steals upon you. “with no human breath”
it gradually, like the octopus, winds its
coils about you and crushes you. But
there is a medicine, called Dr. Sage’s Ca
tarrh Remedy, that can tear you away
from the monster Rnd turn the scythest
point of the reaper. The makers of this
wonderful remedy offer, in good faith, a
standing reward of SSOO for all incurable
cases of Catarrh in the Head.
Mr. S. E. Rowe, ot Silver Springs Park,
and deputy United States marshal, who
returned from his raid on illicit stills in
West Florida, was in town Saturday,
having returned Captain E. B. Richard
sen’s horses which Mr. R. had hired for
the work and without which he and his
assistants could not have done the af
fective work they did. The summary of
the work is as follows: Destruction of
23 stills, 5 of which were demolished by
the operators before the deputy and his
men got to thom;22 prisoners,of whom 9
are now in Eseonbia county jail and 3 in
prjson in Alabama. One hundred and
thirty seven gallons of spirits were found
in one still and in the others were capt
ured five gallons and upwards. The
raid was a very successful one and tor a
time at least distilled eano iuice will be
a scarce commodity in West Florida.
Charley Ball was one of Deputy Rowe’s
Messrs. Dr. Emile Van Espen and Dr.
Victor La Fosse, accompanied by a
friend, came up from Grabamville Sat
urday aud paid their respects to the
Banner by subscribing for same and as
suring the reporter they intended to
test the growing of tobacco in that sec
tion. Dr. Emile Van Espen made a
venture last season and with such satis
factory results, that he will try five
acres this year. The doctor is quite re
cently trom Brussels, Belgium, where he
spent last summer and during his stay
acted as immigration agent and brought
over four of his friends, of whom Dr.
Vidor La Fosse is of the number, who
will practice bis profession in tbe Gra
bamville district. Dr. Victor La Fosse
is a young man of fine acquirements in
his profession and we trust he will meet
with great success, and the samo wishes
are tendered the oilier friends of Dr.
Emile Van Espen by the Banner, with
a hearty welcome to their new home.
Cany the news to Mary,
Aud, pray, be not too long,
For she Is fast declining,
And, surely, ’tvvould be wrong—
not to tell her of Dr. Pierce’s Favorite
Prescription. We do want Mary to know,
in some way or other, that this world
famed remedy will cure her beyond and
doubt. It's just the medicine for young
womanhood, and thousands has it bridged
over that perilous sea.
From every’State, from every city, from
nearly every neighborhood in this broad
land, comes the grateful acknowledgment
of what it has done and is doing for our
daughters. The only medicine for the
distressing and painful irregularities and
weaknesses of woman, sold with a positive
guarantee to give satisfaction in every
case, or money refunded. In other words,
sold 011 trial.
Several months ago we noticed the
fact that Messrs. Louis J. Haisley & Cos.
disposed of a block of land immediately
east of the city limits, belonging to Mr.
Geo. S. Mavo, to Captain McKibbon, of
Putnam county, at a price that was
deemed a wonderful advance over the
price paid for same several years previ
ous. Now comes along Mr. W. N. Jack
son, of l,ane Park, Lake county, and Mr.
Tom M. Rickards, of Candler, and see
McKibbon several thonsand more than
what he paid for it and they now own
the desirable block of unimproved
property. Price paid for it was $8,500,
and deemed by real estate men a good
C. Rheinauer & Cos.
C. Rheinauer & Bro. are desirous to
let the public, and especially their num
erous lady customers, know that the new
spring styles in dress goods, selected by
Mr. Maurice Rheinauer during his late
visit to New York, are now arriving
and open to inspection. A special re
duction will be msde on all goods in
Mr. Frank W. Chase, of the Expo
sition orchestra, has been engaged as
pianist for Brooks’ Dancing Academy.
He is highly recomended by the citizens
of Ocala.
A Wild Stray Cow.
A stray cow, described as follows:
One small red cow with white hack, with
unmarked yearling, marked swallow fork
underbit in one ear, underbit in other,
no brand to he seen. The cow has been
with my cattle for about two years. If
not claimed in 30 days will be sold by
the justice cf the peace to pay expenses.
Any one washing to receive information
regarding the above can address
JJ James Colli xs,
mchl3w4 Ocala, Florida.
1,500 Acres.
Of choice phosphate land for sale,
owned aud controlled by a partv, who
located thousands of acres for Baldwin,
of Savanah, and “knows a good thing
when lib sees it.” 1 Well pitted; average
analysis: 81.85 per cent, phosphate of
lime, I.s*> per cent, iron and alumina.
Close to railroad; price, $37.50 per acre.
Write to P. O. Box M,
wtfmchl‘2 Florid,*..
A Bountiful Home for Some One
Avery nice place, about two mile3and
a half southwest of Ocala; ten acres in
vineyard, just bearing; anew and very
fine residence and a number of orange
trees, etc., etc Avery desirable prop
erty and will sell at a decided bargain.
For further information, call on
Serge Malyvan,
Gary Block, Ocala, Fla.
In the Zeßutt Hall.
The Ladies and children are cordially
invited to attend the opening of the
children’sciass, Friday afternoon, March
13lh. Prof. Crookß will give an exhi
bition in dancing, and will solicit pupils
for the children’s class. All are invited
on tliis occasion. marl3d2wl*
Full line of ladies underwear at Hoed
& Nash’s. mchlStf
The Date Fixed.
In that exhnberance of spirit that
comes to all of us when we have scored
a great success and achieved a great vic
tory, It is not at all surprising that the
Hon. H. W. Long is telling his intimate
friends, that on the 18th day of March,
he will lead to Hymen’s alter one of
Gadsdene .county’s fair daughters, Miss
MattiaGregory.. .... .
Pleasant Plains, Ala., \
January 29, 1891. /
I and my family suffered with La
Grippe for several weeks before we
tried Johnson’s Tonic, but when we did,
we found speedy relief. Have not had
a bottle returned or complained of.
Yours truly,
Silver Springs & Ocklawaha River
Military Excursion, Saturday, 14th, Inst
The steamer “Eureka,” Capt. James
Coons, will leave Sil vei Springs on arrival
of F. C. & P. train from Ocala, and re
turn in time to connect with evening
train. Tbe Fxpoeition band for this day
only. Dancing on board. Fare for
round trip from Ocala. $1.25. 9mdswl
Belle of Nelson Whisky
The only unadulterated, pure and
genuine brand of Kentucky, Belle of
Nelson Whisky. It is famous the world
over, and wherever the starsMd stripes
float, there you will find this excellent
beverage. So famous has it become,
that imitation “belles” like Queen of
Nelson, King of Nelson, Pride of Nelson,
and other brands have sprung up like
“mushroons” in imitation, but none of
them have taken rank or found favor
with the original “Belle of Nelson.”
For this celebrated beverage, and other
well known brands of wines and liquors,
call on, at The Old Stand,
Ocala, Florida. mchl2tf
Full line dress goods in latest style
and patterns at Hood & Nash’s.
I have used Dr. Bull’s Cough Syrup
personally and in my family—it cured
us and I recommend it to all.
H. C. Dickinson, Richmond, Ind.
Latest designs in wall paper and deco
rations at tk“ Anti-Monopoly Drugstore.
■ y ———
For Sale.
_ Good small bouse in betf. part of tbe
city, beautiful sha'ie trees, city,' wate-i
etc. Price reasonable, terms 10 suit.
Apply to ' \
The Bvkfam Loan& TbcF .Cos.
21nov3tn ' /
49-Ask for catalogue.
TERRY M’F’G CO. Mashville. Tenn.
We make our own Seidlitz powders fresh
every week, and guarantee full weight at
the Anti-Monopoly Drug Ssore. 2jantf
For cooking purposes there is nothing
superior to the pure leaf lard or good
cooking butter sold at “The Butter Stalls,”
Large consignment of new buggy and
wagon harness at Tom Smith’s. They
must be sold.
Notary Public.
Elmer T. Townsend, Notary Public.
State of Florida, Recorder Bowlder Min
ing District. Office at Blue Springs,
Fla- lOoctly
Everybody call and see our stock. The
cheapest shoe stoic in town.
31oct Neely A Cos.
Notice 19 hereby given, that the uit
ilerstgned, James B. Borland and David S.
Borland, of Citra. Florida; Ella O. Browne, of the
city and state of New York; Hattie O Allen and
Georeo K. Allen, of Red Bank State ol New Jer
sey, have associated themselves and formed a
corporation named THE CITRA FRUIT COM
PANY, having its place of business at Citra,
Marion county. Stale of Florida, to conduct the
business of acquiring lands iu said Stale, on
which to raise oranges aud semi-tropical fruits,
to cultivate said lauds and market its products,
and to buy and sell oranges and semi-tropical
fruits, and also the purchasing and selling orange
groves and lauds.
The authorized capital stock of said corpora
tion is 5102.500, divided iu to 1025 shares of the
face value of 5100 each, all of which has been
subscribed and paid for m full iu real estate in
said county, described generally as follows;
Ist Parcel: Beginning at the southeast cor
nerof the southwest quarter of northwest quarter,
section 28, township 12 south, range 22 east.
Running thence west 18.60 chains, north 40
chains, east 6.06 chains, south 4.76 chains, east
4.87 chains, north 4.76 chains, east 12.60 chains,
south 6.90 chain, east 7.13 chains, south 6.42
chains, west 13.63 Chains, south 13.60 chains, east
1.03 chains, south 13.08, chaius to beginning, con
taining 81 acres.
2nd Parcel. Commencing at southwest cor
nor 01 Alred's survey of Geo. I. F. Clark, grant in
township 12 south, range 22 cast. Running
thence west 440 yards, south 387 yards, east 230
yards, north 156 yards, east 210 yards, north 27%
yards east to east boundary of lot 9 of said survey,
north SBJ4 yards, west to west boundary of lot 9,
north 115 yards to beginning, containing 81%
Sn*> I’arcel. Lot :: of section 21, township 12,
south range 22east from the south boundary of
said section to Orange Lake, containing 68 acres
4th Parcel Beginning at northeast corner of
nw of section 28, township 12 south, range 22,
east; running thence east 7.52 chains, south 13.32
chains, west 434 chains, south 3.18 chains,
west 3.18 chains, south 10.69 chains, west
12.88 chains, north 6.58 chains, west 8.15 chains,
north 13.60 chains, east 3.63 chains, south 10
chains, east 10.10 chains, north 10 chains, west
10 links, north 13.32 chains, east 7.57 chains to
beghining. containing 47>$acres.
stu Parcel : Commencing at northwest cor
ner of section S3, township 12 south, range 22
east; running thence east 1.55 chains, south 7.07
chains, oast 5.25 chains, south 4.C8 chains, west
5.25 links, south 1.55 chains, west 3u links, north
1.35 chains, west 4 23 chains, north ILJS chains
to beginning, containing 7 aero?.
6th Parcel: Beginning Howards south of
northeast comer of Lot 5 of the Allrod survey
aforesaid ; running thence south no yards, west
220 yards to western boundary line of said let;
north 110 yards e.at 220 yards to begiunmg con
containing 5 acres, which lands aro of the value
of 5102,5C0.
Said capital stock may be increased from time
to time to $501,000, payable in money or prop ■
Said capital stock is nou-asscss.ble and the
private property of stockholders in the com
pany shall not be liable tor Us debts or llabiUtles.
Said corporation commenced its existence on
March 4th, 1891, aud terminates ninety-nine
years thereafter.
The business of this company is to be con
ducted by a board of directors, elected at the
time provided In the By-laws; tor the first year
said board is composed of the incorporators
The officers of the company are a President,
Vice-President, Secietary and Treasurer
The highest amount of indebtedness or lia
bility to which this corporation can at any time
subject itself is ten thousand dollars.
Jamb B. Borland,
DavuS. Borland,
Ella O. Browse,
Hattie O. Allen,
George K. Allen.
Cttta, Fla., March 19.1891,
marl 341
Florida Guavas, guava jelly in bottles
and cans, guava marmalade' at Hood &
Nash’s. mchl3f
Ocala Bailding and Loan Asso
Tbe regular monthly meeting of this
association took place at Zeßutt Hall
Tburiday night.
In the’ absence of President Mclntyre,
Mr. S. D. Zacharias occupied the chair,
while Secretary Fox, who returned last
night from New York, attended to tbe
clerical duties.
Twenty .four hundred dollars of funds
were sold at 30} and 31 per cent, pre
This means two more houses for
Poisons In Cosmetics.
It seems to bo the fashion for young
ladies with pimples and blotches on
their faces to make experiments with
various cosmetics. Madame Piffypaffy
advertises her foreign-named compound,
composed of a combination of poisonous
mineral substances that deaden and bur
den the delicate substances of the skin.
There are no complexions like those
that nature give. The tonic, strength
ening and healtligiviag effects of Swift’s
Specific (S. S. S.) permit nature to work
her will in this respect, as thousands of
ladies, both young and old, have dis
covered. Tiie cheapest and most beau
lifnl complexions depend on health and
vigor. It is in the office of Swift’s Spe
cific (S. S. S ) to give vigor and tone and
health to the system, and in this way to
give lustre to ths eyes and roses to the
For Enrol ting Clerk.
. Robertson, editor of
the lirooks vi 11 e News, is a candidate for
enrolling clerk of the house.
As the gentleman filled the position
with great acceptability in 1381-3, and
being a member of the Florida Press As
sociation Committee on legislation, we
trust he will be honored with the place
of responsibility, feeling assured he will
honorably acquit himself and be of great
service to the {Wees of the state and in
serving them will no less serve the state.
Our Uery Best People
Confirm our statement when we say that
Dr. Acker’s English Remedy is in every
way superior to any and all other prepar
ations for tbe throat and lungs. In
whooping cough and croup, it is magic
and relieves at once. We offer you a sam
ple bottle free. Remember, this remedy
is sold on a positive guarantee. Sold by
Wright fcFraser. 1
Wagons, carriages and buggies built
at Smoak’s new shop, on Exposition
street. 4mard&wlm
t T
* S
| f
■B Illustrated, .descriptive and Priced H
1 See 6 Annual!
■ For 1891 Lilt be mailed FREES
■to ali a ppiida ,ts, and to last season’tH
■ customers. |t is better tha
B Every pevson using Garde*, S
M Flower or Field Seeds,
K should stud for it. Address m
m D. Mt FERRY A CO. ■
J Largo t Smkncn in the world
Bargains i
Closing Sales
For Thirty Days.
WANTED.—The consent ot 10,000 Smokers.
to .end each, a sample lot ot ISO “NICKEL”
Cigars and a 20 year cold filled Watch, by Ex
press C. O. D. *5 25 ana allow examination.
q*Mt Havana Cigar Cos., Wlnstoa, N. C,
Fred. G. B. Weihe, Oeala, Florida.
Ready for Inspection.
An Entire Assortment of New
In all Faterns and varied Qualities
and Prices. In Announcing
We desire to call Attention to our
Goods remaining over, To
make room for tko iiew goods
and to close out Remnants,
we will make/
Special Reductions.
Dout forget! we liaTe the goods and
... - —4. ■
# \W% ~
wo AA gs
S / /\ \ ** s
/&/ ▼ Vt\ -
/^/ THE \* \
/ /Electric Age Shoe. \ '
phosphate: lands.
Call on or address. ,
Rrom 5. Marion Block. Ocala. Fla.
17) an td
At a Biff Bargain Por 80 Days Only.
Four hundred and ninety acres of su
perior Marion county pine and ham
mock lands for rale. They are located
in the following sections:
One hundred and sixty acres in sec
tion 33; 160 in section 35; 40 in section
25-40 in section 8; 40 in section 27.
Besides being among the best lands in
the county, phosphate indications are
good on them.
Also 40 acres in section 20, township
12 south, range 19 east in Levy connty,
known to be rich in hard rock phos
Title perfect. Remember, on the
market only for 30 days.
Call on on address
H. B. Kisg,
Ocala, Fla.
For Sale;
A young beautiful double combed
Plymouth Rock rooster.
24fehwA _t Mas. Aracari Bi obke.
Thirty miles down Silver Springs aud
the famous upper Ocklawaha River. A
chance never before offered to the trav
eling public to visit the eighth wonder
of the world.
The new and commodious steamer,
“ Eureka,” Capt. James Coous, will leave
Silver Springs everv morning upon the
arrival of the F. C. & P. train from
Ocala, and return in time to connect
with evening train for Ocala and all
points south. Fare 11.25.
SSOO Reward !
WK will pay Um above reward for ny cue of Ltrer
.Tompiaint. liyspepela. Sick Headache. Induction, Con.
■upatloa or Coctirenees we caamot core with West’*
Vegetable Li*er Pills, when the direction* are strictly
compiled with They are purely Vegetable, and never
fail to glee malefaction. Sugar Coated Large borne,
containing 30 Pills. t cent. Beware of counterfeit
and imitations. The genuine manufactured only by
For Sals by Abti-Mosopoly Drcc. Store,
aofebly' Ocala, Fla.
J. T. Lancaster,
Large bodies of land suitable for colonies, for
fruit and vegetable growing, in
Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Hernando,
and Polk Counties.
Maps and Prospectuses
Cof Marion County, the Gem County of the State
sent on receipt of ten two-cent stamps.
Parties desiring to place Loans at 10 per cent.
Interest net to them will receive prompt attention
Neatly and promptly made.
Deeds, Mortgages, etc.,
Carefully and safely drawn. Returns for assess
ments made. Title, searches and abstracts
drawn. V :es paid for non-residents.
I annex below only a few of my
If you fail to find anything among them that
will suit you, please notify mo, giving me as near
as practicable your views, and I will send you
description of * property
That Will Suit You.
Twenty-tbreo acres bearing orange grove on elevated hammock land.
Small three-room house beautifully situated iu midst of large live oaks
one mile from corporate limits of Ocala, on principal avenue leading in
to the city. (Fort King.) This property is offered for the next
at 25 per cent, less than formerly asked to realize. Price, $14,000.
Six hundred acres of hammock and pine laud situated about two
miles south of Flemiugton in north-western portion of Marion county.
This is very elevated land with fertile soil situated right in the midst
of prosperous farmers who make at home all they consume.
Price $0.00 per aero.
One hundred acres good mixed laud, three miles south of Ocala on
Orange Avo. 'ijiiirtj-live acres cLaretbaiui :■■■»;*;.
orange trees. 0»ie three-room house. Being so situated it will net
good results as an investment at $3,000.
Ten acres four miles south of Ocala. Entire amount cleared, in cul
tivation and fenced with rails. Two acres in bearing grape vine, nine
varieties. Two acres set to live-year old buds on two to four ineli
stocks. Quite a variety of peach and other miscellaneous fruits. One
good three-room house, yard of beautiful flowers, good barn, horse and
wagon. Price, cash, $1,200.
One hundred and sixty acres good pine land, eight miles south west
of Ocala near LeRoy. Small house, good well of water. Five acres
cleared and fenced. Price $5 per acre.
1,600 hundred acres timbered land near Oeklawalia river. The now
survey of the S. S. O. & G. K. R. passes through it. Price $1 per acre.
Two thousand seven hundred acres oak, hickory and hammock land
near Martin’s Station on Florida Southern Railway. In solid bodv bar
gain at $30,000.
Eight beautiful lots 70x140 iuCaldwell’a addition to Ocala, about six
blocks from court-house, best resident portion of city. Price $400 each.
Forty acres best hammock land, 2 1-2 miles from Belleview,
Price $2."> per acre.
Fourty-four acres of good pine land 7 miles west of Ocala, 2 milts
south of S. S. O. & G. It. R., near Leroy, Price $300
Twenty acres best hammock land. 15 acres cleared and three acres in
bearing grove 15 years old; 2 acres in Tangarin and Mandarin trees 3
years old at Moss Bluff, on Oeklawalia river. Crop of 1888, 400 boxes.
Price $3,000—easy terms.
Eighty acres of good pine laud near Santos, on F. C. & i\ Ry.. about
G miles south of Ocala; good largo house; 12 acres cleared and fenced;
300 orange trees from 3 years old to bearing; 100 pear trees,
Price $16 per acre.
acres of land with dwelling at Lochbie, on Orange Lake,
squares of depot; all necessary houses; well fenced. Price $1.000
Ninety-eight acres on Ha. So. Ry., south of Reddick ; 25 acres clear
ed, 6 acres in grove. This is line mixed land—oak, hickory, and pine;
store, mill and postoflieo near. Price $1,500
Forty acres of good hammock land near Sumnierficld, 20 acres iu
grove 3 years old; buds from one to two years old ; well fenced. 'I bis
is remarakable cheap at $2,500
j£.Forty acres at Lowell on Fla. S. Ry., splendid pine land ; 7 acres in
orange trees, 2 acres bearing, balance trees 3 to 8 years old. Splendid
bargain at $1,500
Oud hundred and twenty acres 3-4 mile from the Oeklawalia river.
60 acres virgin hammock, balance good pine land. Very desirable, for
vegetable culture. Cheap at $1,200
Three choice building lots in block east of and adjoining the public
school building, in the southern part of the city of Ocala.
Cheap at 300 cash.
Seaventy-six acres of desirable land within one mile of Ocala. S acres
being hammock, balance pine land, 5 acres cleared, balance forest, lias
one frame dwelling with four rooms, and a good cistern. Offered for a
short time at $35 per acre.
A desireable lot in Dunn's Central Addition to Ocala, containing 1-2
acre with one-and-a-half story cottage, near F. C. 1'. depot.
Price 9 1,000
Forty acres of high pine land on Diamond Lake, 4 miles from Graham
ville, a river landing of Oeklawalia river; 15 acres cleared ; about 100
orange trees, sonic bearing. Price $700
Thirty acres good pine land 2 1-2 miles from Grahamville; 20 acres
cleared, 5 acres set to 3 years old budded trees. Price $700
Eignty acres on Mothershed lake, 3 1-2 miles from Grahamville ; 20
acres cleared, 50 acres bearing orange trees, 1,000 nursery trees.
Excellant bargains at $850
Sixty acres land, 15 acres cleared, 100 fine hearing orange trees, one
double log house, 10 miles from Grahamviilc, Price 8000
Fifty acres good pine and hammock land 2 miles west of Anthony;
45 acres cleared and fenced, 30 acres in sweet seedling orange trees,
from six to twelve years old. Good well of water, crib, small dwelling,
variety of fruits, Price $7,0b0
Two-story store house in Anthony, building well plastered and ceiled
both firstand second floor. Bam and horse lot; waterworks; situated
on one acre lot near depot. Price for quick sale $2,000
Twenty-live acres good pine land 1-2 mHc south of Anthony between
public road and railroad ; about 200 small orange trees in grove shape;
some large bearing pear trees, - ' Very cheap at $500
Five acres of land, all cleared, newly fenced and under cultivation.
Set to four years old orange trees; beautiful location for building; 1-4
mile from depot at Anthony, Price $500
Four lots in block on north-east cornor of public square, 21x200 feet,
suitable for store or business block Price $60 per front foot.
A beautiful 10 room dwelling, situated in desirable portion of town
six blocks from public square, nicely furnished, hot and cold water
throughout, Price $3,000
I will furnish reliable information in regard to phosphate deposits
and will quote prices on lands containing phosphate.|
Call on or address
Union Block, Ocala, Flal

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