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{North Side of Public Square*
e *
► French Cook end White service. Meals at all J
hours, and everythin* in season. The best *
{ Catering ever offered the Ocala Public. *
> DR. C. C. HARRIS, Manager.
L. BITTING KR, City Editor.
Banner Piemiums for 1891.
New York Weekly World and Banner
one year for $1.85.
Banner and Weekly Times Union, one
year for SI.BO.
Banner and Weekly Standard, one
year for $1 75.
Weekly Banner and World almanac
for $1.20.
Ocala Banner, the Weekly Conner-
Journal, each one year for $1,85.
Dress goods at Hood & Nash's.
Call at the National for tine liquors.
Mr. C. B. Collins (Tom Sawyer) is qnite
ill again.
Sam Jones is warming up the Jackson
ville sinners.
The Richard Markham murder ease is
now on trial.
Mrs. Haialey’s father and sister, of
(ieorgia, are paying Iter a visit.
> The cabbage men are not very entbn
siastle—prices are too low for profits.
Dr. Howard Crosby, the eminent New
Yoik Presbyterian divine is dead.
The Joe Ellis rape case was disposed of
nst week by the jury, acquitting him.
Mr. Smith, merchant at Evinston, has
been very sick and liis life is despaired
Miss Nellie Green has been paving her
cousin, R. A. Green, a visit at Okahurap
ka. .
Editor C. M. Gardner, of the Florida
Gazettee, Palatka, was in the. city Thurs
Florida Guavas, guava jelly in bottles
and cans, guava marmalade at Hood A
Nash’s. mchlStf
Mrs. Campbell, mother of Mr. C. H.
Campbell, arrived on a visit to her son
to-day. _____
Twenty-seven couples were granted mar
riage license during March, in Marion
Mr. D. 11. P. Beall, of Davisboro, Gil,
is on a visit to his daughter, Mrs. Z.
Dr. B. P. Richards is again connected
with the Ocula Lime Woriw, hh i* it*
general manager. and
Mr. Louis Heffner, a former builder of
Ocala, but now of Anniston, Ala., is on a
visit to old friends.
Mr. F. F. Koonce has purchased the
Frank Williams place, on Orange, near
South Second street.
Mr. A. Mead and D. 0. Cutler continue
to f hip cukes to Jacksonville for which they
realize $1,35 a dozen.
General Bullock has returned from
bis visit to friends at Grahamville, an and
his health is slowly improving.
The Farmers’ Alliance of Marion
county will hold their second quarterly
meeting, May 19th, at Boardman.
The Durmellon Phosphate Company
are derdgingdaily thirteen tons of phos
phate at tho month of Biue River.
C. F. Brewer of the Ocala Music House
returned from Brooksville last Saturday,
where he disposed of eleven pianos.
Brooksville is enjoying a great revival.
Over thirty have joined the church. Rev.
Win. Waller is conducting the exercises.
Rev. A. E. Pierce, of Tampa, is in the
city on a visit to friends. Over mission •
work compelled him to rest for a few
Mr. C. A. Liddon returned Wednes
day from Kentucky, with a line lot of
horses, which can te seen at his livery
Wednesday, Will Hopkins sold a
ticket to Los Angelos, California, and
oue to Bramin, Germany, over the F. C.
A P. line.
Dr. Fakes will take less than $5,000
profit on his cabbage crop, but wont budge
one cent on the returns from his Irish pota
toes now blooming. .
Clarence L. Sweets, a graduate of the
Banner composing rooms, has accepted
a position on the Anniston, (Ala.) Daily
Hot Blast, with a raying salary.
Taylors, the sash door and blind man
ufacturers.have moved their saw mill to
a point two miles west of Kendrick, in a
beautitul supply of Umber country.
Tbe bank examiner and post-office
inspector were in the city last week,
and found those institutions in a most
nourishing and satisfactory condition.
Mr. A. B. Davis, late manager of the
Montezuma Hotel, accompanied by his
wife, left for Fall River, Mas3„ Tuesday
morning. Mr. D. will return in several
The Hon. W. D. Wombwell, in charge
of Florida’s State Agricultural Bureau,
was in Ocala last Friday, putting a
“string and rider” on his new agricultu •
ral fence.
Mr. Selby Bailey, the express deliv
eiy messenger, who has been home at
Brooksville, recruiting from a sick spell,
returned Monday and is as good as a
new man.
A1 Bogors, when the| circus was had an
,ye towards acquiring valuable zeological
specimens for bis ' Zoo” but they had
mithing to take Al’s eye, and so he let
them pass on.
E. L. Stewart, of Anthony, appeared
before the Fifth Judicial medical ex
amining board, in Ocala, last week and
passed a very creditable examination
andis now a full fledged M. D.
The lire alarm Monday night proclaimed
the presence of flames in ‘‘rotton row,
but the amount of damage consisted of
two shingles being consumed, but the city
Ore department did nobly all tho same.
• The Crystal River convention, com
posed of Red Lever, LeConto, Crystal
River, Fainnount, Mannfield, Homo
sassa and Stage Pond district, voted 21
to 18 in favor of LeConto for the connty
seat at the coming election.
William Dabney Stratlier Tavlor, a
nephew of President Zachary Taylor, and
the oldest surviving member of the
family, who died recently at his home in
Jefferson county Ky., ;\v'as the venerable
father of Mrg. E. S. Apperson, who has
spent several winters in Ocala.
For photographs and landscape pic
tures cad on Colby. „ tf
Mr. S. Saunders Neck’s steroptlcon
lecture at tbe opera bouse Friday night
was very fine. No finer pictures were
ever thrown on canvass than those de
picting Stanley's life in Africa. Mr.
Neck’s lecture was interesting an I in
structive, while his singing and playing
were splendid.
This office had the pleasure of a call
during the week from Mr. Millar, of the
extensive fertilising manufacturing firm
of Couper, Millar <& Cos., London, No. 1
Fen Church ave,, also manager of the
Fort Mead Phosphate Company. Mr.
M. bad been making a tour of inspec
tion of the hard rock belt.
D. McCraney, one of the sturdy aud
pi os pe rous young men of Stark’s Ferry,
< ailed to see the Banner and ordered
fifty-two additional waves. He was ac
companied by T.S. Hammond, formerly
of Stark, but now a baggage master on
the .1. T. & K. W. line, between Jack
sonville and Sanford.
From the Local'i Trip to South
The persistency which other demands
make on the space of the B as neb ad
monish me to make my introductory
short, sweet and to the point, and all re
marks I may offer in the way of obser
vation shall be on the line of brief
The State Teachers’ Aasociat'-m,
which convened at Tampa, will be dis
missed with the assurance it was the
largest, most enthusiastic and instruc
tive that ever assembled in Florida, and
Marion county was honored in its offi
cers by re-electing Geo. Stewart, of An
thony, Secretary and Treasurer.
Those who watched the labors im
posed on Gounty Superintendent Payne,
insist that on State occasions like the
one in question he is overburdened.
The closing incidents that tried the
patience of the teachers was the Metho
dist church excursion to Egmonl Key,
(mouth of Tampa Bay Harbor), to wit
ness the “ White Squadron,” satisfy
their curiosity and pride in the Ameri
can navy aud assist in contributing $509
towards*replenishing the chnrch treas
But instead of sailing around the
finest ships of war that float in the
oceans of the earth, they gazed at them
afar off, three to ten miles, and in the
irdmcemible mass and confusion that
distance lends in a case in kind, they
wrecked their bitter disappointment on
Mullet Key, where the general govern
ment is erecting a $30,000 quarantine
and fumigating station, and all vessels
from suspected or infected countries
must halt and tie up and go through a
process of microbe extermination in
double quick time, all done by ma
chinery and hot air and with certain and
deadly effect on anything that has the
taint of suspicion of yellow fever about
The works were full of interest and
instruction and demonstrated that pro
tection, even against the most insinuat
ing and stealthy of invading foes, could
be checked and successfully held at bay
through the aid of science and the in
ventive genius of man.
What almost caused an emute among
the four hundred educators of the State,
was to fiad after they had been quaran
tined, Commodore Plant, who was on
the excursion steamer Margerat, in
duced the captain to take bias to aee
Commodore Walker, of the White
Squadron, and not only disappoint them,
but compelled them to remain in quar
antine natil 5 o'clock, when they had
been promised to be returned to Tampa
by six, so that they could take the eve
ning trains home.
Result, they did not get home nntii 10
o’clock and via Port Tampa, and in no
very amiable state of mind, if they were
willing to admit that Commodore Plant
had built the handsomest hotel in the
State, but one; had created the iargeat
fleet of merchant vessel* that sail the
Southern waters and opened up a trade
with the South American countries,
whose future promised the greatest re
turns ever whispered to the United
States, and whose commerce would
make of Tampa the futnre great gulf
port city of this continent.
In our journeying to Bartow from
Tampa, we passed through Plant City,
where Bro. Merrian is doing good work
inpublishing the South Florida Courier.
Thirty miles from the ‘ City-by the
Gulf,” we came within the pleasant en
vironments of Lakeland, wtioee hiatory
is remarkable from ,tbe fact that flve
years ago, in the hurrah and,abandon of
newly developed towns in South Flor
ida, land changed hands at $1,000 an
acre and deeds conldn’t be written fast
enough to accommodate the eager spirits
of the investors.
That place has changed—-attorneys
and notary’s public’s services are not so
excitedly sought tor nowadays for simi
lar advice and work.
Things work slower, because vaulting
ambition and greed for hasty wealth
has overlapsed itself, and the fickel
jade, "fortune” having ontwinded itself,
is taking things very moderately and ac
commodating itself to the hum drum
affairs of ordinary mortals, and so
“things” are catching up.
The town of 700 persons is beautifully
located and surrounded with shining
lakes and rich foliaged orange trees.
That Lakeland is slowly and surely
recovering from the deep depression of
over land trading of past years, is evi
denced from the fact that this season,
within a radius of four miles of the
town, over 1,000 acres of new groves
have been planted. This is certainly a
healthy and inspiring work. L ! ke all
progressive Florida towns, it has a
good newspaper, the Advocate, another
evidence of municipial solidity and
prosperity, and to be fully abreast of the
moving procession of growth and suc
cess, we need but name the fait that a
gentleman, a limb of the law, Mr.
Briggs, who has light in his eye and
deals in briefs, wifi also handle elec
tricity by the Jacobi’s Candle power
aud make every denizeu of the burg see
that it is to bis interest to advertise
their town with the electric lights.
In passing we must not forget to state
that we met at Lakeland, Rev. Mr.
Thompson, a Presbyterian preacher, for
merly located at Crystal River, and who
is serving those people very acceptably
in a ministerial way,
A dozen miles south by east brings
the traveler to the metropolis of Polk
county, Bartow, where every prospect
pleases and the only object to cause
wretcLsngs of conscience is the too
astute politician.
Of this fair city and her pebble phos
phate we wtil speak in our next.
Passed Over the River,
Although it was thought that Or.
Harvy Knight, of Belleview. would re
cover from the stroke of paralysis which
overtook him on the 18tn of March, yet
such was not to be the case, for, on last
Friday morning all that was mortal of
this energetic, progressive and worthy
citizen ot Marion county only remained,
his spirit having fled.
He was forty-five years of age and
leaves a widow and son.
The doctor fame* to Marion county
over seven year* ago; became largely
interested in and greatly assisted in
building up the pretty village of Beiie
view, whose most prominent and repre
sentative citizen he was.
Fall of energy and ambition, he soon
found himself in the phosphate current,
and became largely interested in the
batd rock and pebble deposits.
Deceased was also interested in the
sulphur beds of the Windward Island.
He was a director in the Merchant’s
National Bank and Cashier McIntyre
and Directors H. W. Wright and Charles
Rhienaurer attended Dr. fu
neral at Relleview, Saturday.
Recessed was a valued citizen and bis
loss is greatly deplored.
The Lame Walk.
Pitiful indeed is the condition of those
who are confined to their beds or charies
unable to walk. How grateful all such
must feel when they recover from their
helplessness. B. B. B.(Botanie Blood Balm
has made more than one lame person
lira. Emma Griffiths, Unitia, Tenn..
writes; “My little boy had scrofala so bad
his knees drawn up and his knees
stiff, and he cop Id not walk. He derived
np benefit from medicines until ( tried
B. B. B. After using it a abort time
onlv, he can walk and has no pain. I
shall continue its use.”
Mirtle M. Tanner, Broonville, Ind.,
writes; “I had blood poison from birth.
Knots on my limbs were as large as hen’s
eggs. Doctors said 1 would be a cripple,
but B. B. B. has cured me sound and
well. I shall ever praise the day the men
who invented Blooa Balm were born.”
Tenney's bon-bons and chocolate
creams in sealed packages at the Anti-
Monopoly Drugstore. feb24dtf
He Succeeded.
We all like to hear of people who suc
ceed, and the Banner never grows
weary of mentioning the names of Ma
rion county residents who have made a
big success in whatever line they em
barked in.
One of these truly successful persons
is A. D. Moore, of Candler, who came to
that place seven years ago from the old
Bay State, with precious little of filthy
lucre, but what is better, with energy,
strength and youthful ambition to suc
To-day he has an orange grove for
which he refused SIO,OOO cash, and a
business worth several thousand dollars
a year, in taking care of groves for non
residents, having nnder his control and
management 150 acres of trees.
Better still, he not only lived comfort
able while accumulating this valuable
property, but established a character for
probity, enterprise and thrift that can
not be estimated by dollars and cents,
but has taken to his cozy home a comely
lassie who, as devoted wife, has added
sunshine and domestic happines in
quantity that no human metric system,
invented by man, can guage or analyze.
Mr. Moore has done more to make
Candler the most prosperous village in
Marion county than any man in it and for
it all be is respected and honored by
every citizen in it, and who are heartily
glad of it, in which the Banner joins,
with a long succession of prosperity.
Mtcanopy and Across Lots.
We made our first visit to Micanopv
last Saturday, and wbat we saw and the
impressions formed of so lovely a pi ice
are worthy of a column but spa:e will
barely permit us to say it is the mo3t
flourishing country village we have seen
in Florida, embowered as are its cozy
homes amid luxuriant and thrifty orange
A richer or fairer country does not ex
ist iu the state than can be found be
tween Micauopy and Orange Lake nor
is there a tract of country for the same
number of miles that has more aud
finer grovesor richer aud more prosper
ous vegetable farms. '
The landscape and the very air U
redolent with an atmosphere of pros
perity, thrift, progress and abundance.
Micanopy has all the requisites of a
thriving community, from a first-class
Seneral merchandise store, hotel, etc.,
own to a barber shop, not forgetting
the Tuakawilla News, over whose desti
nies Messers. Thompson A Buhl, preside
and ably too, for their plqck, energy and
"get up and dust” quatities, making the
journalastie tree thrive in that burg like
untothe proverbial bay arbor.
We have referred to the handsome
groves that line either side of the road
from Micanopy to Boardman and acres
and acres of vegetables. -
At tbe latter place Mr. Holies does the
merchandising, is buildings nice house,
as is Mr. Sampson, brother of the large
orange grower, whose packinghouse and
buildings have bten treated to a liberal
supply of paint.
Master at South Lake Weir.
The Easter services at South Lake
Weir, Sunday, were highly interesting
and attractive.
Professor Slreator preached an elo
quent aermon to a crowded house, while
the floral decoiations were certainly
beautitul and in their arrangement
evinced tlie rare taste of the ladies, for
which they are noted.
A pyramid, surmounted witii a cross
six feet in height, with ground work of
arba vita, covered with exquisite roses,
was tbe most striking* and lovely deco
ration in the building.
Another object that attracted great
attention and excited admiration, was a
small cross, covered with water lillies,
while all over the room were numerous
faces, trays and flower pots, filled with
The music was excellent. Mrs, Al
her son presided at the organ, while Mrs.
Fisher led the singing.
In the language of one of the parish
oners, “the day waspeifect and its suc
cess complete, because we had our old
friend, Professor Streator, to preach for
Sunshine in the House !
"l a weary with work! ” the good wife sighed,
“But alter all,*’ she said,
“It's sweet to labor for those we love—
No wonder that maids will wed.”
A wise housewife lightens her toil and
gladdens the home circle by her cheerful
ness. But health is the first requsite, and
her just prerogative. * Health follows the
use of Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription,
which repairs the ravages caused by those
peculiar diseases which afflict womankind.
It enriches the blood, cures the cough, in
creases the flesh, prevents hysteria, nervou
ness and low spirits, and is a verition, or
tho price ($1,00) refunded. Of druggists.
Faster Services.
Services in the various churchoi of the
city were appropriately observed.
The decoration of the Episcopal,
Methodist and Catholic churches were
especially noticable.
Roses in their freshness and fragrance
graced altar and chancel.
A cross, covered with Marchalneil
roses, was particularly noticable in the
Episcopal church anu drew all eyes to it.
The singing there wa3 aIBO very fine
and the solos of Miss Garnsby, Mr*. Jew
ett and Mr. Williams were greatly en
The ladies of the Methodist church
with commendable diligence and devo
tion made the altar appear as a veritable
rose bed.
The exercises of the Young Peoples’
Society of Christian Endeavor Sunday
afternoon in the Methodist church was
full of interest and drew a large audi
Meeting of the Democratic Execu
tive Committee,
A meeting of the Democratic County
Executive Committee of Marion couuty
is hereby called to meet at the Court
House at Ocala on Monday the Gth day
of April next, 12 o’clock m. to select suit
able persons to serve as a board of county
commissioners of the county for the next
ensuing two years. A full attendance is
solicited. H. W. I.oxq.
Wbat dose it Mean?
A change has come over me. The light
of Gods’s love is dawning with more
beautiful brightness upon me, and shin
ing along my pathway and making it
plainer and smoother.
Yours in Christ,
A. S. Mann,
- •In Florida Church Advocate.
Brooks’ Dancing Academy.
Prof. Brooks will give a hop every
Thursday night, to unite his classes, com
mencing April 2nd, 1891. Good program
and music each week. These hops will be
very interesting to all who attend. Ad
mission, gents 50 cents; Ladies free.-
Mrs. Gaffney's Concert,
The concert given by Mrs. F. P- Gaff
ney and her music pupils at the opera
bouse Monday night, for tbe benefit of
the Methodist church, was a very pleas
ant and entertaining affair.
The children did admirably and de
lighted tbeir hearers, showing that their
instructess had spared no pains or labor
to bring them up to that high state of
perfection which made success assured.
The enterprising firm of Benjamin k
Fox will remove frorq under the opera
house to the store occapied by Hood <Sj
Nash, and in consequence they will have
during the month of April a clearing
and removing sale, Bargains in every
Read their new ad. and see to what a
feast of bargains they invite you.
Religions Services.
Bishop Moore, of St Augustine, will be
in Ocala over Sunday and preach morning
and evening in the Catholic church, Satur
day night, a sacred concert will be given
at the Ocala House parlors, in bis honor.
In art matters Colby leads, never fol
You (Will Find,it In the First
National Bank Building.
This beautiful and useful article which
has attracted so much attention since its
arrival, is located in the First National
Bank building: it is a now and novel
inovation in Ocala and the latest acqui
tion to this popular, reliable and trust
worthy fiscal institution.
The officers of the bask ,mve seen
tlie necessity of one of Halls’ new bank
depository safes and now the people of
Ocala and surrounding country can avail
themselves of its use and protection.
An inspection of Hal 1 ' Depository is
invited and when seen, i.,ose who have
valuable papers, mortgages, deeds, wills,
jewelry, or valuables of any kind, to
protect against loss or theft, will find a
depository for them and under their
own lock and key, with an assured
safety that must he truly refreshing to
those whose worldly goods give them so
much anxiety and uneasiness.
We need not refer to its mechanical
construction, which is really beautiful,
but to its fire and and burglar proof
qualities, for it is a noticeable fact that
Hall’s safes have been in use for over
half a century, and though tbe larger
part of the banking capital of the coun
try have been kept in them, burglars,
with all tbeir ingenuity aud devices,
have never succeeded in forcing their
way into them.
The Depository contains 140 boxes, in
size from 3, 5 and 7 inches in height
and width, to 16 inches deep, which you
cau rent from $3, $5 to $lO per box 'per
year, and to which the renter has a key
and sole aud alwolute control and occu
The system on which the Deposit lock
works makes it absolutely safe. The
master key is held by the bank; this
only partially unlocks the box, needing
tha key held by the renter to complete
tbe opening, so that in case the renter
lease nis key, the finder cannot take ad
vantage of the renter’s loss and abstract
his valuables, as would have been the
case under the old method.
Again \ve assure our readers that tho
First National Bank officials are desi
rous the pnblic shall come and inspect
tli is wonderful 22,000 pound Hall steel
combination lock depository safe, and
assure those possessing valuable papers,
jewelry or plate, that they will find just
what they need for their safekeeping.
Dr. Lafferty's Lecture.
Du* J. j. Lnfferty, of Richmond, Va,
the most brilliant and gifted humorist of
the American pulpit, who has been filling
an engagement with the Mount Dora
Chautauqua, and is now courting Florida
climate on Indian river for “rhemnatjp
joints”, has consented to stop off one niglit
on bis return home and treat the fun
loving Oealians to his rare lecture “The
old times and the new.’’ Concerning him
the Atlanta Constitution said after his
visit to that city editorially: “ Everybody
who heard him will, make affidavit that
there is nothing funnier in Cervantes,
Mark Twain, Bill Nyo or any humorist
living or dead. A more amused and inter
ested audience never heard a more original
iqan. When they were not laughing they
were applauding uni when they were not
applauding they were listening as if their
lives depended on what was said.”
Reserved seats can be secured at tfie Oca
la News Depot.
lie will be hereout one night. Do not
miss hearing him.
The Trials of W inter.
Winter is a trying period, even to those
who have strong consitutions. but it is
.gauUy ttmilxft to Hwma mluv w*Jr juul
delicate, or who have a tendenoy to the
various diseases that arc bred ana fostered
in the stagnant atmosphere of closed and
heated houses. The system should be kept
strengthened and toned up with a liberal
course of S. S. S., the great blood tonic
and purifier. It acts like a charm. It,
increases the appetite, soothes the nerves,
and beautifies the complexion—in short, it
makes life well worth living.
Tlie fruit and vegetable growers of
Orange Lake, Mclntosh, Boardman, Evins
ton and Micanopy held a large and enthu
siastic meeting at Center Point, Saturday,
to elect delegates to attend the Inter-Sta te
Railroad Commission, which were in ses
sion in Jacksonville 'the early part of this
President Ditto, of the sub-Alliance, was
made president, and Editor Thompson, of
tho Micanopy News, secretary. Messrs.
Hicksou, of Orange Lake, Nonvorthy, of
Mclntosh, CoL DuPuy, of Boardman.
Brown, of Evinston, and Johnston, of
Micanopy, were appointed a committee to
recommend. They named J. B. Martin,
Win. llicksqn, W. H. Kennedy and Gaits
kill, who were confirmed.
Those present interchanged views on the
good that would come of a proper repre
sentation of their freight grievances to the
inter-state commission
The Democratic clubs of that county
commissioner district then met, when Mr.
Barron resigned as a member of the county
executive committee, and Mr. J. 11. Gaits
kill, of Mclntosh, recommended in his
As Mr. Barron will shortly move into
Alachua county, the club recommended
Mr. Geo. W. Avery as his successor on the
What's the use of feeling languid,
Mopy, dull aud blue '
Cleanse the blood and give it rigor :
Make the old man new.
flow? I'll tell you. To the drug store
Go this very day—
Buy a medicine to banish
All your ills away—
And that medicine is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, the very best blood
purifier on earth*. It builds up and
strengthens the system because it cleanses
the blood, and that’s what the system
must have to lie strong and healthy.
There’sjnothing that equals it Absolute
ly sold on trial! Your money back, if it
doesn’t benefit or cure you.
Killed Under the Cars.
Word was received Tuesday by tbe
mayor from Eatonton, Ga., that Al.
Pinkerton, a youth of twelve, was killed
under the cars at that place.
This is the boy who ran away last No
vember, turned up at Tallahassee, Fer
nandina and other places, wandering
whither his sweei will inclined aud sub
sisting ofl of the kir.duess of stranger.
The lad was a cripple.
liis parents aud brother reside in
Ocala and have the sympathy of the
community in his tragic death.
"No Need furCnilun."
Mr. W. O. Massey, wbq took a suc
cessful phosphate trip to West Florida,
returned home last Saturday, aud in re
lating his interesting aud exicting ex
periences told of thopmyer of a “colored
brother" on the boat, between Apalachi
cola and East Point. A fearful storm
overtook their watqr journey and in the
lashing of the angry waves it looked as
iftheir little boat would go to Davy
Jones' locker sure. In the trepede.tiOn
and anxiety of the hour, the colored ax
horter sank on his knees aud in water
np to his chin , poured forth a fervent
prayer to the God of the universe for
the protection and safety of the boat
and those on board. Among other
things be said: “Oh, God, thou know
est our peril and need for assistance.
We need thee; come thyself, don’t send
thy son, Jesus Christ, for die am no time
for chiton!” It is evident the prayer
was answered.
The Graded High School.
This school opens its spring term
under very favorable auspicies, number
ing 150 pupils, and promises a very in
teresting and instructive session of two
All the old teachers are employed and
Prof. Streator says that in tbe four
lower grades, especial attention wilt be
given and time devoted to reading,
writing and arithmetic, in which these
classes will be thoroughly drilled.
Actual Sales Made by C. F. Brewer m
Organs were sold the following per
sons at Bariinell: W. H. Hart, G. H
Evans, M. W. Way; Mrs. L. M. Peters
Istachata; M. E. church, Evinston-
J. J. Higgs, Cotton Plant; J. E. Springs
tead, E. Rodgers, 11. J. McCoy, J. s.
Rogers, all of BrooksviTie; L. G. Connell
Pianos were sold to the following: K.
C. Allen, Geo. MacKav. Mis. Carrie
Parker, al! of Ocala; W. R. Frie-id, Dade
City; J. J. Pyles, J. A. Pordew, Central
Hotel, E. 8. Wilson, T. C. Davant, all of
Peyser has the Twist on ’Em.
Charles Peyser is the proprietor of
the El Tropico Cigar Factory and makes
the brand which has become so pooular
known as“ Peyser’s Twist.” They are’
a high grade and fine Havana leaf made
smoker, without a superior iu the land,
at least that is the verdict the Banner
force pronounced on a box that found
its way toto this office. Smoke Peyser’s
Twist if you would be happy.
Our Very Best People
Confirm our statement when we say t hat
Dr. Acker’s English Remedy is in* every
way superior to any and all other prepar
ations for the throat and lungs. In
whooping cough and croup, it is magic
and relieves at once. We offer you a sam
ple bottle free. Remember, this remedy
is sold on a positive guarantee. Sold by
Wright & Fraser. ]
Tnc Florida News.
Leßoy is growing ambitious and put
ting on metropolitan airs since it has a
monopoly in no phosphate
and ozone expanse of salubrious piny*
woods to draw on, and will have a
weekly newspaper, to be known as ‘‘The
Florida News ” and will be edited by A.
C. Ferth, of Fos*er Park, and editor of
the Lake Weir News.
It will make its appearance April 6th,
w ith an issue of 17,000 copies.
Who Says Raising 1 Chickens Don’t
I have eight Plypionthrocks and six
Wyandottes in one i*n that layed, from
Jan. Ist up to date, 452 eggs; one White
Wyfinflottp, from Feb. 12th to date, 30
eggs; five Pekin ducks laved, from Feb.
Ist to date, 147 eggs.
Mrs. A. Bro bee.
Horse Lost.
Light bay horse, star in forehead, s’%
years old, weight about 900 pout’d*. Last
heard from was at Reddick. Liberal re
ward for information leading to his re
covery at Banner office or E. 1.. Bugbee,
Ft. King avo. \
R. R. Tickets Around the World.
Spring travel has set in and Will Hop
kins can ticket you around the world.
Call on or address. F. C. & P. up town of.
ficc. Wim. Iloegiss,
i y Agent.-
Have now on dicSlay a complete line
of line millinery goods, not only a com.
plete line of n;:|iin;ry, but a first-class
milliner direc t froDM-i rmstrong, Cator &
Cos., of Baltimore, where she has been to
get the latest spring and summer styles.
Dress making in all branches. apr 3m
Wanted to Loan,
SSOO to $5,000 on good town property or
highly improved apet productive coun
try property. Money always ready
U'UAI’A KAi'tni'il.V .!li.l 1-. if. I.
The Bi-m u Loan & TntsT Cos.,
2aug td Ocala Fla.
All persons having claims or demands against
the estate of Ilarvey Kuiaht, deceased, late of
Belleview. Florida are notified to present them to
me without delay.
As Administrator of tl;e Kstateof Harvey Knight,
Belleview. Fla., March 30,1891. Ap 3 8w
Iu the Circuit Court, Fifth Judicial Circuit, Mar
ion County Florida.—ln Chancery.
Wright & Frazer )
vs > Bill to Enforce Cion.
T. Brigham Bishop et al.)
to the bill filed in the above stated cause that
tlie defendant therein named are non-residents
of tbe State of Florida and are residents ot Clif
ton, Stats of New Jersey, and over the age of
twenty-one years; it is therefore ordered that
said non-resldout defendants be and they are
hereby required to answer or demur to the bill of
complaint filed ia said cause an or before
MOM) AY, THE !,Tli DAY OF MAY, A. D. 1891,
Otnerwise the allegations of said bill will be
tateir as confessed by said defendant.
It is further ordered that this order be publish
ed once a week for four consecutive weeks in tite
Ocal 1 Banner, a newspaper published in said
county and State. This isth March. 1891.
J 1 D. A. MILLER, Clerk,
i SbAI - f By S. T. SisTHCNX, D. C.
Bullock & Durford solicitor 9)r complainant.
In pursuance of the Statute in such cases made
and provided, notice is Hereby given of the for
under and by virtue of the provisions of an Act
oi the Legislature of the State of Florida, en
titled “ An act to provide for the creation of cor
porations and to prescribe their genecal powers
and liabilities'' approved August Bth 1868 and all
acts amendatory thereof, and wc, incorporators
of said Company do hereby certify and publish
as follows, to wit:
first : The name of said Corporation is de
NY, and the place oi business of said Corporation
shall be Ocala, Marion Coanty, Florida.
second: The general nature of the business to
be transacted by said Corporation shall be that of
maintaining and operating a livery, sale, aud
feed stable in the city of Ocala, Marion County,
Florida, to buy and sell livestock, conveyances
and all articles incident to a well regulated livery
business,4olet, rent, and hire the same from time
to time and to transfer for hire persons and bag
gage from place to place in Marion and adjoining
Comities in tbe State of Florida, and generally to
do all acts necessary to operate and maintain a
livery, sale, and fil'd stable in the said city of
third: The Amount of Capital Stock author
ized to be issued tATen thousand Dollars (*10.000.-
00) each share to bt of the denomination or One
huudred Dollars (*100.00) and not to be issued
until it is paid for in full, six thousand dollars of
which has been subscribed and paid in full, and
is represented by chattel property, a description
of which is as follows, to wit Horses, convey
ances, harness, blankets, robes, whips aud vari
ou other articles usually kept and incident to a
well regulated livery business, all now in the city
of Ocala in tne stable formerly occupied by
Messrs E. Root & Cos. ana valued by the Incorpo
rators thereof at Six thousand dollars 1*6.000).
More than half of the authorized Capital stock
has been subscribed for and paid in, the balance
to be paid for as may be prescribed by tbe Board
of Directors after the same shall have been sub
scribed for.
Tbe Stock of said Company shall be non-as
sessable when issued and paid for in fall The
liability ol stockholders to creditors of said Cor
poration shall be as prescribed by Chapter 3739 of
J the tows of Florida.
i focrth : The Corporate existence of said cor
poration shall date from the day on which copies
uf these Articles are filed in tbe office or the Sec
retary of Stale, and in the Office of the Clerk of
the Court of Marion County, Florida, and shall
continue for ninety nine years from said date un
less sooner dissolved by operation of tow or
tifth : Tbe business of the Corporation shall
be transacted by the f glowing officers, to wit;
A Board of Directors consisting of three persons,
a President, and secretary aud a Treasurer, all of
whom shall be slock holder:, r,r.d hy tuch Agents
as the said Board of Directors may deem necessa
ry to conduct the business of said Corporation.
Several offices mr y be filled by the same person
r,t the d* jeretion of the Directors. Any vacan
cies which occur in any of the Offices may
be filled as the By tower may prescribe. The
Board of Directors for the first year shall consist
of the undersigned Incorporators, the said J. N.
Strobbar to be President, and the said P. C. Al
worth to be Secretary and Treasurer until the
first Annual election shall be field aud until tbeir
successors shall have been chosen aud qualified.
Any vacancies which may happen in tiie Board
or in the caber offices of said Corporation shall be
filled as provided in the By-tow*.
The Board of Directors shall elect annually
from among tbe members of said Board, the
other officers referred to in thia Section and the
members of the Board above named and the arid
President, and the Secretary and Treasurer shall
serve unlli the first annual election is held, which
will be held mi the fust Tuesday in April A. D.
sixth : Tbe highest amount of indebtedness to
which the Corporation can at any time subject
itself shall not be in excess of the Capital stock
subscribed for and paid in.
seventh : The said Corporation shall adopt By
tows nuineouxistent with these articles of In
corporation nor with the tows of Florida, for tbe
government of iu affairs, which By tows may be
amended or repealed ia tbs manner to be therein
WITNESS our hands and seaU on this the thir
ty first day of March A. D. I SOL
J. N STROBHAR, [asaul
A. MARTIN, (scat.. \
V diamonds,
Fred. G. B. Weihe, Ocala, Florida.
Intending to remove to the corner now occupied by Hood & Nash
In order to reduce our Present Large Stock. A Prettier Line of
Spring and Summer
Have never beeh shown in Ocala, and our PRICES WILL ASTON
ISH YOU!!! Special Bargains in
And our big stock of
Opera House Block - Ocala, Fla.
# wi/, 2
\ y / Is
h-J O /\ HOE y\ IS -gg
w o /Va gs =
a / Axis!
Z /#/'?\%\ w
/ Gy / \ Ov\
/^/ THE, V \
/ / Electric Age Shoe. \ '
We, the undersigned hereby give notice
that the Hon. A. P. Baskin, of Anthony,
Fla., has been appointed agent for our
fluids in Marion county, Fla., being de
scribed as lollows:
Lands in name of Geo. W. Witte—wl of
nwj and si sec 32, all of see 31, tp 13,
range 22, in all 1040.
Lands in name of Witte Bros.—ej of
ne} and el of se] secß, and swj sec 3, and
ej of no}" and se} of se.} sec 4, tp 13,
range 20, and s| see 33, tp 13, range 22,
and w$ of nw} sec 4, tp 14, range 22, all
of see 5, tp 14. range 22, ej of se} and
se} of nef sec 0, tp 14, range 22, 1600
acres, iess about 20 aeres’released in sec 5,
tpl4, range 22. Geo. W. Witte,
27mar6t Witte Bros.
We make our own Seidlits powders fresh
every week, and guarantee full weight at
the Anti-Monopoly Drug Ssore. 2jantf
Everybody call and see our stock. The
cheapest shoe store in town.
3loct Neely & Cos.
Full line of ladies underwear at Hood
& Nash’s. nich]3tf
Latest designs in wall paper and deco
rations at the Anti-Monopoly Drugstore.
feb27wtf _
If you want repairing of any kind, do
not forget Burnett & Co’s Job Carpenter
Shop. febßl>
Denmark gilts, bronze and embossed
wall paper of latest designs and patterns,
at the Antl-Monopolv Drug store.
, ■- ' “ ~ |
If you want perfection in fit, with j
freedom from corns and ail discomforts i
buy your shoes of Rowell. *loct !
Mantle work a specialty at Burnett &
Co’s Job Carpenter Bhop, on Expedition
street. feblß
“ u ' FOR SALE V
A Beautiful Horae for Some One
A very nice place, about two miles and
a half southwest ol Ocala ; ten acres in
vineyard, just bearing; anew and very
fine residence and a number of orange
trees, etc., etc. Avery desirable prop
erty and will sell at a decided bargain.
For further information, call on
Skrc.f. Maly van,
Gary block, Ocala, Fla.
A Wild Stray Cow.
A stray cow, descriled as follows:
One small red cow with white back, with
unmarked yearling, marked swallow fork
under bit in one ear, underbit in other,
no brand to be seen. The cow has been
with my cattle for about two years. If
not claimed in 30 days will be sold by
the justice cf the peace to pay expenses.
Any one wishing to receive information
regarding tbe above can address
James Coi.mss.
mchl3w4 Ocala, Florida.
1.300 Acres.
Of choice phosphate land for sale,
owned and oontrolled by a partv, who
located thousands of acres for Baldwin,
of Sav&nah, and “knows a good thing
when he sees it.” Weil pitted; average
analysis: 81.85 per cent, phosphate of
lime, 1.56 per cent, iron and alumina.
Close to railroad; price, $37.50 per acre.
Write to P. O. Box H,
wtfmcbl2 Florida..
Fine Photographs and Crayon
Professor Colby, the superb artist, is
again on deck.
For superior workmanship and life
like pictures in photographs and crayon
portraits, call at his art gallery and
studio, over the Ocala Music House, on
Maguoiia street. tf
If You Want Money
for the purchase of real estate, the erec
tion of buildings or the making of other
improvements on lands, or to pay ofl in
cu on be ranees thereon, write to us stating
amount desired, and location of property
you deeire to purchase or improve, and
we will loan an amount equal to its full
appraised valuation, payable by instal
ments for any term from five to twenty
Sears. Mutual Land and Building Syn
icate, 76 Montgomery otreet, Jersey
City, N J. jan 9 91
Smoak'a Great Specialties,
Tbe best wagon, for all uses ever got
ten np in the South, for tbe money.
Call around at Smoak’s new shop on Ex
potion street and examine it.
J. T. Lancaster,
Large bodies of land suitable for colonies, for
fruit and vegetable growing, in
Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Hernando,
and Polk Counties.
Maps and Prospectuses
of Marion County, tbe Gem County of tbe State”
sent on receipt of ten two-cent stamps.
Parties desiring to place Loans at 10 per cent.
Interest net to tbem will receive prompt attention
Neatly and promptly made.
Deeds, Mortgages, etc.,
Carefully and safely drawn. Returns for assess
ments made. Title searches and abstracts
drawn. Taxes paid for non-residents.
I annex below only a few of my
If you fail to find anything among them that
will suit you, please notify me, giving me as near
as practicable your views, and I will send you
description of property
That Will Suit You. •
Tweuty-three acres Tearing orange grove ou elevated hammock laud.
Small three-room house beautifully situated in midst of large live oaks
one mile from ccrporate limits of Ocala, ou principal avenue leading in
to the city. (Fort King.) This property is offered for the next MO days
at 25 per cent, less than formerly asked to realize. Price, 814,000.
Six hundred acres of hammock and pine land situated about two
miles south of Flemiugton iu north-western portion of Marion county.
This is very elevated land with fertile soil situated right iu the midst
of prosperous farmers who make at home all they consume.
"1"'“' I . "Ml" I .1.1J 'I ■■-fc *■ i ■ Ilium. |*M' 4MM4H
One hundred acres good uuxeu tana, unco Sum . yi.jkr -*■
Orange Ave. Thirty-five acres cleared and fenced, set with about 1,000
orange trees. One three-room house. Being*so situated it will net
good results as au iuvestmeut at 83,000.
Ten acres four miles south of Ocala. Entire amount cleared, iu cul
tivation and fenced with rails. Two acres in (rearing grape vine, nine
varieties. Two acres set to five-year old buds on two to four inch
stocks. Quito a variety of peach and other miscellaneous fruits. One
good three-room house, yard of beautiful flowers, good hart), horse and
wagon. Price, cash, $1,200
Oue hundred and sixty acres good pine land, eight miles south west
of Ocala near Leßoy. Small house, good well of water. Five acres
cleared and fenced. Price 15 per acre.
1,600 hundred acres timbered laud near Ocklawaluv river. The new
survey of the S. S. O. &G.B. K. passes through it. Price 8-1 per acre.
Two thousand seven hundred acres oak, hickory and hammock land
near Martin’s Station on Florida Southern Railway. In solid body bar
gain at $30,000.
Eight beautiful lots 70x140 inCaldwclls addition to Ocala, about six
blocks from court-house, best resident portion of city. Price S4OO each.
Forty acres best hammock land, 2 1-2 miles from Belleview,
Price $25 per acre.
Fourty-four acres of good pine land 7 mile; west >f Ocala, 2 miles
south of 8. 8. O. & G. K. It., near Leroy, Price S3OO
Twenty acres best hammock land, 15 acres Cleared and three acres in
bearing grove 15 years old; 2 acres in Tangarin and Mandarin trees 3
years old at Moss Bluff, on Ocklawaha river. C’rop of 1888, 400 boxes.
Price $3,000 —easy terms.
Eighty acres of good piue laud near Santos, on F. 0. & P. Ky.. about
6 miles south of Ocala; good large house; 12 acres cleared and fenced;
300 orange trees from 3 years old to bearing; 100 pear trees,
Price sl6 per acre.
Four acres of land with dwelling at Lochbie, on Orange Lake,
squares of depot; all necessary houses; well fenced. Price SI,OOO
Ninety-eight acres on Fla. So. Ry., south of Reddick ; 25 acres clear
ed, 6 acres in grove. This is fine mixed land—oak, hickory, and pine;
store, mill and postoffi co near. Price $1,600
Forty acres-of good hammock land mar Summer Held, 20 acres in
grove 8 years old; buds from one to two years old ; well fenced. This
is remarakable cheap at $2,500
Forty acres at Lowell on Fla. 8. Ky., splendid pine land; 7 acres m
orange trees, 2 acres l>earing, balance trees 3to 8 years old. Splendid
bargain at $1 ~jOO
Ond hundred and twenty acres 3-4 mile from the Ocklawaha river.
60 acres virgin hammock, balance good pine land. \ cry desirable for
vegetable culture. • Cheap at $1,200
Three choice building lots in block east of and adjoining t lie public
school building, in the southern part of the city of Oeala.
Cheap at 300 cash.
Seavcnty-six acres of desirable land within one mile of Ocala, 8 acres
being hammock, balance pine land, 5 acres cleared, balance forest. Has
one frame dwelling with four rooms, and a good cistern. Offered for a
short time at $35 per acre.
A desireable lot in Dunn’s Central Addition to Ocala, containing 1-2
acre with one-ancL-a-half story cottage, near F. C. I’, depot.
Price SI,OOO
Forty acres of high pine land on Diamond Lake, 4mileafrom Graham
ville, a river landing of Ocklawaha river; 15 acres cleared; about 100
orange trees, some bearing. Price $ < 00
Thirty acres good pine land 2 1-2 miles from Grahamville; 20 acres
cleared, 5 acres set to 3 years old budded trees. Price $ <OO
Eighty acres on Mothershed lake, 3 1-2 miles from Grahamville
acres cleared, 50 acres bearing orange trees, 1,000 nursery trees.
. Exeellant bargains at SBSO
Sixty acres land, 15 acres cleared, 100. fine bearing orange trees, one
double log house, 10 miles from Grahamville, Price S9OO
Fifty acres good pine and hammock land 2 miles west of Anthony;
45 acres cleared and fenced, 30 acres in sweet seedling orange trees,
from six to twelve years old. Good well of water, crib, small dwelling,
variety of fruits, Price $7,000
Two-story store house in Anthony, building well plastered and ceiled
both firetand second floor. Barn and horse lot; waterworks; situated
on one acre lot near depot. Price for quick sale $2,000
Twenty-five acres good pine land 1-2 ipile south of Anthony between
public road and railroad; about 200 small orange trees in grove shape ;
some large bearing pear trees, Veiy cheap at SSOO
Five acres of land, all cleared, newly fenced and under cultivation.
Set to four years old orange trees ; beautiful location for building; 1-4
mile from depot at Anthony, * Price SSOO
Four lots in block on north-east cornor of public square, 21x200 feet,
suitable for store or business block Price S6O per front foot.
A beautiful 10 room dwelling, situated in desirable portion of town
six blocks from public square, nicely furnished, hot and cold water
throughout, Pnce ?3 * 080
I will furnish reliable information in regard to phosphate deposits
and will quote prices on lands containing phosphate.
Call on or addreaw
Union Block, Ocala, Flat
| IK) vor W ANT MONEY? !
* LwL°!L^?tL*? oUrc ** me on •* kinds oi „
? Room Burner Block. *

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