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L. BITTIKOEB. Oitj Editor.
All lu.lHfss, n'.drrlßgea, deaths 01 resolutions ot
respect and coudoleiue over teu line* will be
chargeil for Ht the rate of one Cent a word.
Unprecedented Newspaper Combine.
yi. World one year, for only $1.05.
The BANNER aud World Almanac,
$1.20. BANNER, Weekly World one
year and World Almanac, all three for
$1.85. Address, OCALA BANNER,
Ocala, Fla.
The Ocala Banner and the Atlan
ta Weekly Constitution, for one Dol
lar and FIFTY cuNTs a year to cash
subscribers. The Constitution is the
best weekly paper in the country, and
is emphatically the people's paper. ' *
The Banner aud Weekly Citizen,
Jacksonville, oue year for only one
dollar aud a half cash, in advance.
New jewelry at Weihe’s*
Some oue said the weather we are
experiencing is the finest ever made.
The largest aud finest lot of bananas
at Smith's.
Dr. Veal, of Cotton Riant, is the
president of the Marion county medi
cal society.
Buttermilk Complexion Soap fra
grant aud desirable at the Auti-Mo
noooly drug store.
At the next meeting of the hoard of
county commissioners they will revise
the election districts.
J. L. Smoak and Jno. H. Mann were
the experts to test the iron cages in
the new jail buiidiug.
The young men have organized a
debating society, of which Mr. Ed.
Helveston is president.
Glimpses of the World’ Fair Pho
tographic views, paper 50c, cloth $1.01)
at the Anti-Monopoly drug store.
The celebrated IV. B. Corset for sab*
at the Ocala Commercial t Bazar Co.'s
for one-half its actual value.
Captain Willard’s Homosassa Inn
is enjoying a splendid ruu. He is now
entertaining fifty-five guests.
The Auti-Mouopoiy drug store is
prepared to fill all mail orders, either
perscriptluus or family receipts, hav
ing full facilties to return promptly
all orders. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Give us a trial.
Mr. and Mrs. li. C. Loveridge are
visiting the Indian river sectiou.
James liliteh, aged 17 and oldest
son of Mr. Furnerss Blitch, died last
Judge Hamuel F. Marshall lias gone
to South Carolina to visit his chil
5 rs. Dr. 8. 11. Blitch, of Biitchton,
is visiting her brother, Dr. Jno. L.
Davis, at Dunnellon.
Mr. Jno. Kendig, of Philadelphia, is
visiting his tine grove near Citra. He
pays it an annual call.
Walter M. Davis, the talented law
yer of Palatka, was married Mouday
to Miss Annie Ackerman.
Will Condon and Prof. Pike sup
plied the music at Mr. Sampson’s
Valentine party, Boardmau.
• Rev. H. H. Baker, of Plaiutield N.
J., an old friend of civil engineer 1).
D. Rogers is on a visit to Ocala.
Ex-Sanitary Inspector Fuller and
Billy Clark, have formed a partner
ship to do a grocery business in Tuck
The veureable Dr. E. C. Hood left
Saturday for Mulberry Grove to look
after spring planting on his Georgia
Mr. O. M.Royster aud wife, of Hick
ory, N. C., paid Mr. aud Mrs. Joe
Mullett a visit the lirst part of the
week. Mrs. R. is Mr. M.’s sister.
Captain Willard, who was in town
Monday said his Homosassa Inn was
doingagood business, tifty-live guests
were enjoying his excellent accomo
dations. Ten wild turkeys a d-,
with tish ami oysters ad libitum as
sisted in making the bill of fare at
Rheumatism, Headache, Earache,
Toothache, and Neuralgia, are only
severe reminders that your stom icti,
liver aud kidneys’ are not in proper
working order, aud that you should
remove the cause at once. Bcggs’
Blood Purifier and Blood Maker will
postively do this as it acts directly on
these vital parts. Every bottle war
ranted by J. B. Carlisle, (tesla.
Court Jury.
F. IX Coates, IX B. Cappleman, X.
A. Fort, li. A. Giggs, G. I, Seekenger,
Fred C. Lucius, C. I>. P. Haycraft, W.
N. Bangs, W. R. Dreher, A. ('. John
son, J. B. Malloy aud J. M. Black
Beggs' Diarrhoea Bt Isam
Relieves Colic, Diarrhoea, and Dys
entery instantly. Always keep a sup
ply on hand. Sold and warranted by
J. B. Carlisle, Ocala.
Btggj’ Little Giant Pills
Relieve Headache, Constipation and
Indigestion. Try them. Sold and
warranted by J. B. Carlisle, Ocala.
All Sizes show cases
for sale at
Manuscript Rejected on the Ground that
it Attaoisits Job Office —A Sample
t iece of Unfairness.
In Us issue of- February 7th, the
Baptist Witness published the follow
ing about the Banner aud its
The Bible Misapplied.—Hon. F, E. Harris, of
Ocala, i:i a unique article published ui the limes-
Viiioii ami the Ocala Banner last week compared
the two thugs who pounded each other in Jack
sonville for the entertainment of a crowd of
gamblers and for a purse of $20,000, to Samson
aud David, two famous Bible characters, who ex
pended their best strength, both physical and
mental, 111 glorifying God and improving the so
ciety ol the times. According to our judgment
he could just as well compare Wilkes Booth.
Guitcau and Preudegast to Geo. Washington. 1. 1
S G*n t and Kobt. K. bee.
We are surprised that Mr. Harris, standing in
the front rank of the editorial fraternity of the
state and an honored member of the Board of
Trustees of our State College at Lake City, would
come out over his own signature in one of
Florida's great dglies and prostitute the Bible to
a level with prize lighting and hold up such a
character a> the brutal Jim Corbett as an ex
ample to our young men. The following are his
closing words and dearly show which side he is
We must uot to harshly censure those who
are just now engaged in showering praises and
adulations 011 the victor of the liaud to-haud
combat that so recently occurred iu the metro
polis of our state. It is the natural and neces
sary outgrowth of the moral, intellectual and
religious lessons of the ttges, aud will uot be
! stopped as long as our civilization is as it is.”
* * * *
j According to the Citizen, editor Frank Hairis
j sees no harm iu the establishment of the* "lottery’s
priutshops” at Port Tampa City. We are afraid
| that Mr. H arris' reputation gained by many
I years of biave. honest and liberal journalism,
; will !e seriously impaired, if not totaly wrecked,
if he does not stop excusing prize fights and
1 lotteries.- Baptist Witness.
To which the editor of the Banner
! made the reply appended hereto but
which the editor of the Witness re
turned unpublished on the ground
’j that it was “an attack on the W itness
j job office and the Florida Citizen.”
| This point we shall not argue, hut will
! permit our fair minded readers to
judge for themselves.
OCALA, Fla., Feb. 8, 1894.
To the Editor of the Baptist Witness.
Mr. Horace Greeley, the most emi
nent journalist of his times, had fre
quent occasion to criticise the public
utterances of his contemporaries, hut
along with his criticisms appeared the
utterances of the man he criticised.
This was simple fairness. It was fair
to the man who excited the vigor aud
fierceness of his pen, and was fair to
his readers, and yet it helped to lift
the American press to the high plane
of journalism it has since occupied.
However roughly his adversary was
handled he could not complaiu be
cause his utterances appeared iu the
columns of the same paper iu which he
was criticised. And Mr. Greeley’s pa
per was uot exceptional in this re
gard. It is the settled policy, was
then and is now, of many of the lead
ing secular newspapers of the country,
aud the religious press should uot he
less fair. Indeed, it should set the
example for fairness. The veriest
criminal is uot condemned before the
courts without a hearing. You con
demn me without according me this
privilege. Nay, you give what I say
an interpretation, taken as a whole,
it will not bear. You say:
* "We are afraid Mr. Harris’ reputation, gained
by many years of brave, honest and liberal jour
nalism, will l>e seriously impaired, if not totally
wrecked, if he does not stop excusing prizefights
and lotteries.
Now, I submit that if you publish iu
the columns of your paper just what
I did say in full, aud not independent
and isoloted paragraphs, that very ‘
few, if indeed, any of your readers will ;
come to the conclusion that you did.
The preacher, whether in his pul
pit or in his uewspaper, must be care
ful of bis utterances as well as of bis
treatment of others.
The worst flaying that I have run
across in many a day was that admin
istered to the eminent president of
Emory College by a devoted member
of his church, and this member a
woman. See Mrs. VV. H. Felton’s let
ter in the Sunday edition of the
Atlanta Constitution of February 4th,
which I enclose.
We live iu an age of independent
thinking; iu an age of investigation;
in au age in which everything the
preacher says is not takeu forgrauted;
so unless he wants his utterances to
lose their savor lie must salt them
down with truth aud a'l the con
comitants thereof.
A false statement, a false inference,
a false interpretation, from the pulpit
or iu the religious press, in the eyes
of this christiau woman, aud there
are many like her, are more pernici
ous and harmful than the avowed
teachings of Mr. lugersoll.
In speaking of the Bible narrative
of the great feats of strength performed
by Samson and David I said:
“As the achievements ot these champions in
single combat are narrated with more or less
gloss and glamour, so have the commanders of all
victorious armies, from Jackson to Graut. been
immortalized as heroes, and pictured to us as
receiving and deserving the plaudits and hom
age of the world and the favor of God; and as
loug as our civilization, moral ami intellectual
preception lead up to these things.instead of away
from them; as long as standing armies are re
garded as necessary annexes to Christiau gevern*
meats; as long as the military overshadows the
civic hero, we must not too harshly censure those
just now engaged in showering praises on the
victor of the hand-to-hand combat that so recent
ly occurred iu the motropolis of our state." And
I added: “It is the natural and necessary out
growth of the moral intellectual and religious les
sons of the ages.and will not be stopped as long as
our civilization is as it is."
I humbly submit that this is not an
excuse nor justification for prize
fight im*.
It is not only a condemnation of
prize fighting, but is likewise a cou
demuutiou of the civilization that has
attained in Christiau governments
which thinks it necessary to main
tain standing armies for Die butchery
of neighboring uatious,and which welt
the earth with the bitter tears of
weeping mothers,widows and orphans
for the blood of their slain, aud which
cries as loud to heaven as ever Abie’s
Again you interpret me wrongly. X.
■The Louisiana lottery has asked for no grant
of power from the legislature of Florida, aifd I
cannot see how the establishment of its print
shops at Fort Tsai pa can work an injury to the
state. Tojthe extent* that it gives employment A ward.9l 'Hi<T heSt Hon
to labor it seems to me, it will be a benefit. And f * — ■ ■■■■■
l think we shall have bigger issues to engage u- OVS km Ol*ldL S FdrlP. jsM
in polities than imaginary ones."
Is this an excuse or a palliation, or *?: j.
it justification for the Louisiana lot- w _
tery. '.>3#
There js absolutely no points of re- 6jj||k <£. f1? :
semblance between a printing estate- ißi £# gel
lishiuent aud a lottery company. sa!/
in the job rooms of the Baptist ??'
Witness are printed the theatrical r CE9FAIM
programmes for this city. Forsooth, y
! should it be charged that the Baptist V&l ~H jitT F
Witness is engaged iu promoting the j§
theatre? And should the moral sen- I JLKimMikAl , v
timent of the community he furiously 7|?ra $3P3S , |k
aroused against it therefor? Viewed r
from a moral aspect there are many I fffF Ifaßl
points of resemblance in a printing UACT rr , n^_r ,_ ... re
establishment printing lottery tickets MOST perfect made.
and one printing theatrical pro- A pure Grape Cream Tirtar Powder. Free
gnomes, and there can be found pet,- *n Ammonia, Alum or any ether adulterant,
pie phairsaical enough to say that the 4° YEARS THE STANDARD.
devil is behind them both. ~~ ".7~TT~T~"~nI -
The Florida Citizen, a veritable San- 011 Promptly Rejected
clio Panza, that is just now waging a There are two pioposilions before
gigantic war against a supposed evil, the council asking for special aud
is charged as being a corporation organ, exclusive privileges that should be
aud established to promote the cor- promptly rejected. Oue is tor grant
porate influence in this state, or to use i u K to E. L. Root, and whoever may
the more forceful language of Senator be associated with him, the exclusive
Call, to “destroy the sovei ignty of the privilege of operating a gas plant iu
people,” and to put itself iu shape to the city of Ocala for the period of
do this it must hide its real purpose by b years; the other granting to
a pretense of morality that it does not Jumes Chambers the exclusive privil
possess, and thus waging a gigantic ege of operating a telephone service for
war on an evil that has no real ex- the same period ot time. I here is uo
istence, is all a blind and a hlutt’, oue time stated wheU theß * gentlemen are
which for ridiculousness is a fitcoun- to besin operations, what they are to
terpart to its first effort iu which it so charge or anything about it. If they
aroused tiie fury of the governors of ure granted exclusive privileges they
two soverign states as to actually hyp- can P° , * iet their franchises, keep oth->
notize them into the belief that it was ers out, and in time sell to strangers
uece sary to order out two armies to what COBt thena nothing hut a display
prevent two men from fighting :t “fair 1,1 cheek. Of course they are propost
fight and uo gougliiug” and that, too, Rons the council can uot seriously eu
with “ gloves on.” tertain.
For genuine absurdity, it capped the b ac klin’s Arnica Salve.
climax, and for downright folly, ex- _ , . u , ...
’ . ... . . The best Halve in the world for Cuts,
cept on the pantomimic stage, has no Hruißeß? Bores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum)
parallel in grown-up his ory. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
No man can view the present condi- Chilblains, Coras aud all Skin Erup
tion of attairs and be blind to the fact tion * :U "! positively cures Piles or no
.. ... , .... pay required. It is guaranteed to give
that there are real live stirring issues satisfaction, or money refund
before the people, aud whatever in- ed. Price 25 cents per bottle. For
fiuence I may have shall lie exerted sale bv Jas. B. Carlisle.
in the effort to prevent them from *
being obscured by fa!Be and uuical Dedicated,
ones. Rev. J. C. Porter, of the Baptist
I think iu fairness you should pub- Witness, went over to Pheuix, anew
lishrny articles which you so vigor- tow " m Levy county, ou the Archer
ouily condemn in order that your Ambler R. R, aud assisted in dedi
readers may see whether or not they eating a line new Baptist church,
merit the interpretation you place which cost SISOO. A big audience was
upon (he o. F. E. Harris. present aud a big dinner followed the
■ ; dedicatory services. A pleasing fea
ture of the deeply interesting occasion
Do You ant a New Mattress. V vas Mr. F. Copier’s contribution of
If so, buy one direct from the lac- towards paying for the church
tori and save "0 per cent. We make building.
mattresses of every size aud material. - -
Try one made of our Florida moss- Mr. Geo. B. Lond, business maua
hair. Encourage home industries and ger of the “Home aud Country Maga
wr-.te at once for prices to Davies and ziue,” spent Sunday in Ocala visiting
Griivesou, moss-hair aud mattress his sister, Mrs. F. J. Durant. Mr. L.
factories, Welaka, Fla. 2-2-4 t. was a former citizen of Pensacola, and
a nis last visit to Ocala was seveu years
Winter dress good* at the Ocala Com- ago, since which time he has seen
mercial and Bazar Co.'s at astonishing- wonderful improvements in our city.
ly low prices. -Inspect then. r * ** a gi eat G. A. R m<*n,and
atteuded the \m.e state meeting at
JLqversof first-dass apples can find San font. He the first post
hem at Smith’s. ever instituted oP the order iu Florida.
The case ot McKibbou vs. .Stevens
& Graham was settled by the ruling
of the United .States court at Jacksou
Captain McKibbou to receive half
the money, stock, bonds, profits aud
other property of the company. To
turn over half interest in 11,640 acres
of phosphate lauds iu Alachua, Ma
rion and Levy counties, sold by Stev
ens & Graham to the Augip-Florida
and Chicago-Flouda Phosphate com
panies, or pay one-half cash, stpek,
bonds aud other property. There be
ing showu that of assets Stevens Jt
Graham had withdrawn $01,757 17,de
fendants w ere ordered to pay to Mc-
Kibbou a half interest. Tnis decree
is subject to order in favor of the
Laud Mortgage Bank of Florida. J.
11. Bun-hell was appointed special
master to tuke testimony aud report
ou McKibbou’s indebtedness to the
Mortgage Bank of Florida.
Sing a song of common sense.
A mind that's full of try,
A man who knows a thing or two
And shows it iu his eye—
Who's well aware (he medicine
That's best for you aud me
Is always Dr. Fierce's Med
ical Discovery.
You can escape just about one-half
the ills that fiesh is heir to, by being
ready for them. When you feel dull,
languid, “oulof sorts” geuerally—then
you may know that some of them are
coming. Don’t let them get any
further. Brace the system up with
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery. That prevents as well as cures:
It invigorates ihe liver aud kidneys,
purifies and enriches the Llood, sharp
ens the appetite, improves digestiou
and restores beal.h aud vigor.
The vanishing city, or photographic
views of the White city at the Auli-
Monupoly drug store. Price iu cloth
$2.50; list price $2.50
A brass band complete
for SIOO, is tiie biggest offer.
Upright Piano,
Square piano,
Concert Organ
Uhappel Organ
Parlor Organ,
and Baby Organ.
Stein way,
Mason & Hanliu,
A. B. Chase,
and Sterling Pianos.
—_ f
aud Accordiane.
< 'laronets,
*- Flagolets,
• .7 and Fifes.
Sheet. Music and
at tiie Ocala Music House, Montezu
ma Block, F. W. Hunt, Agent for
U,a l. >. . M.H.
| Tie yaiolfliiraiL
That if you wiah to take advantage
of Colby’s Free Crayon offer you had
better do so soon as it may be discou
tiuued at any time. 1-23-94 d-w.
To Rent.
A nicely furnished front room, with
fire place aud eioeet. Convenient to
public square. Call ou or address
Mrs. A. E. Miiudcu, Ocala, Fla.
2-9 94 Im.
A-Sew Shoe Shop.
At Smith’s harness shop a finite lass
workman, ready to do all kinds of re
pair! ug, as well as uew work. Ladies’
work a specialty. 2>9-2t
8 try ami 8 tears,
With red side and while back, marked
straight split in one ear aud uuder
nick iu the other. No brand. About
six years old.
2-9-2 t J. S. Edwards,
Ocaja, Fla.
for Sale 10 A ores Land
one mile from Ocala. Suitable for
fruit or vegetable growiug.
Address E. C\, Box 067, Ocala
Fla. dawl-lbtf
Ladies’ coats and jackets at half
price at the Ocala Commercial if Bazar
Co.'s. It will pay you to call and ear
amine them.
J. Barker’a Tailoring Department-
Has removed from Tbompeoo’s
block to Butler’s new block ou Expo
sition Street, where he will coutinue
his business of cleaning aud repairing
suits. Will also have iu stock a fine
line of puuts aud suitiug. J. Barker,
Butler’s uew block. 10-6-1 in
Pomona Hursery Stock.
Every desirable variety and kind ot
fruit trees suited for Florida's soil and
Florida stock for sale. Bedded in lot
uor‘h side of public square. Kraybili
aut. Briggance, nurserymen, Ocala,
Fla. 12-8-981/.
Finest Rnrsery Stock in the Stats-
Consisting of budded orauge, lemon
and grape-fruit trees. Any age de
sired. Those in need of nursery stock
can make no mistake in quality or
price by addressing or calling on E.
D. Coates, H tan ton, Fla. 10-27 tf.
Firat-Oiaia Livery Serrioe.
The leading livery men of Ocala
•Single or double teams and saddle
horses at Liddou Bros., Ocala, Fla.
Ocala House Barber Bhop.
Get shaved and have your hair cat
at the leading shop in Ocala. Special
attention given to children and ladies’
hair cutting and bang trimming.
Work done satisfactory by exception
ally good workmen In shop or at resi
dence. Police Gisette endorsement
March 11th, 1898. C. V. McCoy. Prop
■ A.
’Bus and. Eithh Skkvtck.—Ths
‘Old and Reliable” is now prepared to
move parties on short notice.
made purposely for the business
Leave orders with ths 'has drtvsr
C harles Meyers, manager.

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