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The paper Of the IPecxole for the People and bv the People
IdA HISAKT1 SAm Local Editor
rt O would some power
The Kim gie us
To reach home and I
The wife not see us
I Mrs Maurice Strauss is a victim to
r the popular disease dengue
r Mr J C Baskin of Anthony was
r in town on business yesterday
Mr II C Groves left last night on
a business visit to New York City
Dr A L Blalock is the guest of
relatives in this city for a few days
Mr J J Gerig will leave in a few
days for New York to purchase his
holiday goods
Frank McEtheridge the private
l detective has again given his trust j
ing friends the g b
r Heron Todd at the Variety Store
I had quite a bad fall and hurt his foot
severely and is now on crutches
The second regiment broke camp
at Orlando yesterday The Ocala
Rifles will arrive home this afternoon
Mr Garrett who represents the H
aad W B Drew Company of Jack
sonville is in the city on a business
visit for his firm
Dr Likner Dr J E Chace8 as
iataut went to his Conner home at
Leeeburg Haturday afternoon to re I
main over Saaday I
Private Detective Frank Mac Eth
eridge has turned up missing much
to the sorrow ota a ab6r of Ocala
citizens who advanced bun various
some of money
Mrs Stevenson of Inverness is the
guest of Mrs W D Condon and
family for a few days She ison her
way home from a visit to her daught
er Mrs Charles Driver at Citra
Fred R Gunby of Jacksonville
I brother of Hon E R Gunby of
Tampa the wellknown politician
died suddenly last Sunday in New
York where he was enjoying a vaca
Among the visitors to Ocala Mon
day we noted the following Messrs i
A J McLaughlin of Fairileld A J II
Doyle and S B Dell of Gainesville I
Edward Drake of Inglis L K Ed
Edwards ot Irvine and quite a num
ber of others
The many Ocala friends of Miss
Lucile Ansley of ihomabVJLle Ga
will be distressed to learn that she
injured her back quite severely a feiti
days ago by a fall in the skating rink
in that city skating now being the
popular amusement there Her
friends hope that she will soon be
entirely recovered from her accident
k Hon W J Borden of Oxford is
the guest for a few days of his son
Ben Borden of the postoflice Mr
Borden has been spending a portion
of the summer in the mountains of
northern Alabama but contracted
asthma and hay fever and returns to
Florida for restoration He thinks
that Florida is a panacea for all the
ills that flesh is heir to
Mr W r Cromer of McIntosh was
among the visitors to Ocala yester
day Mr Cromer is a prosperous
vegetable grower and is a native
Carolinian As he expects to be a
permanent citizen of Marion he en
rolled his name on the subscription
books of the Ocala Banner and
through it will keep posted about
county affairs
Mr J O Lafontisee for some time
past the city editor of the Times
Union has resigned and left Tuesday
for Atlanta where he will spend sev
eral days Mr Lafontisee said that
he had not fully decided what he
would do but he has been offered a
lucrative position in newspaper work
which he would likely accept The
city editorship of the TimesUnion
has been given to Mr J P Clarkson
a member of the local staff Metrop
A Beautiful Character Passes Away 1
Yesterday morning the friends of
Mrs Ben E Raysor were very much
grieved to learn that she had died in
the night at the home of Mr L M I
Raysor at Lowell Mrs Raysor had
I been ill with consumption for long i I
time and for the past several weeks I
her death had been hourly expected
although everything possible had
been done to keep her gentle spirit
on earth as long as human power I
could do so
The decease 1 was before her mar
riage Miss Perla Lester a niece of
Mr S A Standley of Ocala and was
I born near Cuthbert Ga twentysix I
u years ago Some years ago in com I
pany with her mother and brother I
Standley Lester she came to Ocala
for the benefit of Mrs Lesters health
who died shortly after they moved
here Young Mr Lester also wed of
consumption in Georgia about two
years ago
Miss Lester and Mr Raysor were
married in this city on June the first
nineteen Hundred and four and their
married life though brief was very
happy Mrs Raysor was a very
sweet beautiful and lovable char
acter and her family and friends will
sadly miss her She was a member of
the Methodist church and a oevoted
Christian and until her health failed
was a splendid church worker and in
terested in many charitable works
The funeral was held yesterday af
ternoon from the Methodist church
at four oclock Rev L W Moore
conducting the service Messrs L
N Green G W Martin W J
Chambers M M Little S A Stand
ley and Frank Harris acted as pall
bearers The funeral arrangements
were in charge of Messrs McIver
Owens The body was laid to rest in
Greenwood cemetery and the mound
was covered with flowers watered
with the tears of the sorrowing rela
tives and friends
We extend our deepest sympathy to
the bereaved young husband and
other relatives ot the deceased
Mr Robert W Ferguson of Berlin
was transacting business in Ocala
I Monday and shaking hands with
Ins friends Besides being a success
I ful real estate broker Mr Ferguson
I is one of the most successful turkey
r growers in the county and his friends
I never have the least apprehension of
I being without a turkey on Thangs
I giving Christmas New Year and oth
I er holiday occasions during the tur
key season and his birds are as fine
I as any grown in Vermont
Israel J McCall exclerk of the
circuit court in Hamilton county who
mysterioush disappeared in Jackson
ville several days ago has not yet
been heard from and his friends are
more than ever convinced that he
met with foul playA
A young lady in renewing her sub
scription to the Ocala Banner says
The Banner is not only the oldest
but the best paper in the State We
welcome the Banner every week and
cant do without it
Mrs M E Fox who has been
spending several days at Newberry
S C with relatives was in Ocala
yesterday on her way to St Peters
burg to see her father who is quite
Deputy Sheriff Lewis Hall from I
Pine brought Brit Davis to town yes
terday and lodged him in jail he
having been tried and convicted of
carrying a Winchester rifle in the
neighborhood of Sparr
Mr and Mrs J J Tillis and young
son have returned home from Gaines
ville Ga where they have been
spending the summer
Mrs D W Davis and her two little
daughters who have been spending
the summer at Lake Weir have re
turned home
Mr and Mrs Edward Holder of
Dannellon are in the city and are
guests at the Ocala House for a few
fes 7 > t t tI
McDoaeld Dawklns
Mrs Sarah Amanda Dawkins has
sent out invitations to the marriage
of her daughter Julia Bell and Mr
I Walter Lester McDonald on the even
ing of Wednesday the twentyfifth
of October at seven o clock at the
i Presbyterian church in Monticello
Mr McDonald is a nephew of Mrs
Frank Harris of this city and has
visited here on numerous occasions
I and his Ocala friends will be inter
ested to learn of his approaching
I marrriage to one of West Floridas I
attractive belles
Handsome Rice
I Col Edwin Spencer tried his hand
I this year at planting rice and no rice
i planter of Carolina or Louisana ever
I made a better success If you want I
to see something very fine in this
line go down and take a peep at his
l half acre on the old Spencer pond I
planted to this cereal The pond was
thoroughly drained and no such half I
acre of rice was ever perhaps before
grown in this county It is as pretty
i as a picture
Marriage Invitations issued i
I Mrs Fannie Rosa Gary has issued
I invitations to the marriage of her
I daughter Louella Victoria and Mr
I Edward Thomas Helvenston on the
I evening of Thursday the second of
November at nine oclock at the
First Baptist Church in this city
Mrs Jack Camp Master Jack
Camp jr and Mrs Clifton Camp
who have been spending the sum
mer months in a most delightful way
at Asheville N C returned home
I Tuesday afternoon Mr Clifton
Camp met them in Jacksonville Af
j ter remaining in Ocala for a short
I while with relatives Mr and Mrs
Clifton Camp will go to Sarasota
I where they will make their home
I this winter
I The Woodmen of the World expect
pect to have a very large attendance
at their meeting tomorrow night as
it is the time for the regular semi
I annual conclave After the lodge
work a luncheon will be served at
Mr Stalbergs New Idea restaurant
Oysters in all styles will be one of
the features of the luncheon Every
Woodman is expected to be present
and help add to the pleasure and ge
nialness of the occasion
lIr R A Jackson sheriff of Hills
borough county and Miss Namias
also of Tampa were married Wed
nesday in Jacksonville at the home of
the brides uncle Mr John Vereen
formerly of this city
The remains of Eliza Harvey wife
of L J Harvey colored of Rock
Springs were brought to Ocala yes
terday on the Coast Line and iiitered
in the old ccmetary yesterday after
noon at four clock
Mr Louis H Desh foreman of the
Ocala Weekly and Daily Banner has
joined the list of fashionables and is
I I nursing a case of dengue He made
I a brave resistance but finally capitu
Mrs Nathan Mayo and young son
I of Summerfleld are the guests of
t Mrs Mayos parents Dr and Mrs
I Margaret Hood Mclver is the name
i that has been given to the little
daughter of Mr and Mrs D E
Messrs Jeff L Davis and J L
Gillooly have leased the Citrus Coun
ty Chronicle from Mr J S Geiger
Master Hansell Levengood who
has been seriously ill for several days
was greatly improved yesterday
Mr W O Richardson of Gaines
ville who is well known in insurance
circles was in Ocala yesterday
General J C Davant of Brooks
ville afprominent lawyer of that city
was in Ocala Wednesday
Rev G H Harrison is now occupy
ing the Episcopal rectory and is I
boarding with Mrs Spellman
t < 7 > 1 fY t zn ยต O k 1
Call up memory
Telephone back to boyhood days
if you would brush away the dark
shadow of business cares from your
brow for a moment
Turn the pages backward Dont
stop to pine over one that might have
been blurred with a sad incident
turn them swiftly and eagerly until
the brilliant pages of boyhood are
reacheda lad of ten twelve or pos
sibly fourteen summers Draw the
scenes of your old home close into
your imagination until within an
hour you have lived a whole year
back yonder where life was sunshine
and roses
The scene is laid in the big red hills
where the chestnuts swing in hauhty
defiance high up in the topmost
boughs of the tall tall trees Where
the old colonial fence rows are mark
ed with long straight rows of chin
kapin groves I
A boy bounds out of bed as the first
rays of daylight plays across an I
October sky and with happy delight
hails the first white frosty morning
of the season In the long hallway he
is fondly greeted by a faithful old dog
which follows him closely through the
kitchen wagging its tail in happy
anticipation of the good times coming
Here the boy engages 40 Old Mammy
in a sharp argument comes out mas I
ter of the situation by filling his
pockets with fresh sweet biscuits
and warm crip doughnuts then he
makes his way into the back yard I
amid familiar shouts of negro dialect I
and broken sentences of reproof
Bootless and barelegged he braves
the brisk morning air and brushes
aside the frost from the long grasses
with his brown feet Down through
the old apple orchard he flies away
until out of sight of Old Mamy
he stops to divide lunch with the dog
and warm his toes in the sandy bed
where the Calves have lain
The foliage of the apple trees is
I sparkling with a thousand bright em
eralds Jack Frosts diamonds of an
October daybreak and here and there
a big red applemellow sweet and
juicy hangs temptingly just out of
ordinary reach
But this boy is not hunting apples
Provided with a cotton picker bag
which wiiigs from his shoulder and
ilmcbl drags upon the ground he
I eaps the fence at a ingle bound and
hurries toward a grove of trees in the
woods pasture
I Chinkapins My oh Did you ev
er see tile like HP gives oath tree a
heavy shaking and the ground is cov
I ered with the beautiful black spark
ling nuts Thats line Now never
mind the burs they wont stick this
boys feet Oh no He rakes and
picks up and blows the trash and
leaves from every handful Now and
then he catches up the cotton pick
ers old bag in both hands and sizes
up the contents Each time his face
grows brighter Well now Thats
most of em Hell leave the balance
to the pigs
But hold Theres some beauties
sure Goes back pulls a limb down
and adds a few more to his store He
starts again but not without looking
back several times in anticipation of
another early visit there
Cold No no This boys heart is
too warm in the rich wine of life to
shiver in the frost However as he
turns his bright face toward the dear
old home and sees the dark blue
smoke curling trout the chimneys
as the delicious flavor of the morn
ings meal is borne to him on the fad
ing sweetness of the melting frosty
he quickens his footstep
A few minutes later the scene is
around the family board Mamma has
guessed 500 Papa 850 Grandma 1000
Sister cut it down to 300 but Grand I
pa raised it to not less than 2000 I
Ah grandpa youve been to the
trees I guess I
Yes my son many many times
when I was a boy like you I
> it a e N
t >
r iTT
I Home Made 3
Have your cake muffins and tea bis
I cuit homemade They will be fresher
cleaner more tasty and wholesome
Royal Baking Powder helps the house
wife to produce at home quickly and eco
nomically fine and tasty cake the raised
hotbiscuit puddings the frosted layer
cake crisp cookies crullers crusts and
muffins with which the readymade food
found at the bakeshop or grocery does
not compare
Royal is the greatest of bakeday helps
Quite a crowd of Ocala people were I
among the passengers on the Arapa I
hoe which arrived in Jacksonville I
Friday from New York Among the
number were Mr Jake Brown and
family Mr M Handelsman Miss I
Sara Frank Mrs Charles Peyser Mr
A T Starkey and Mr and Mrs
Frank Harris General Charles P
Lovell of Jacksonville arid Mr and
Mrs A D Covngton of the same
city were also passengers on the
Arapahoe The latter were returning
from their wedding trip the bride
having been before her marriage Miss
Kate Freeland who is well known in
Ocala General Lovell had been in
the north for several weeks
Insomnia and Indigestion Cured
Last year T had a very severe at
tack of indigestion I could not
sleep at night and suffered much ex
I cruciating pains for three hours after
I each meal I was frouoled this way
for about three months when I used
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
I Tablets For sale by all druggists m
Mrs Charles Peyser who has been
spending the summer with a party of
friends aria relatives touring all the
I principal countries of Europe has re
I i turned home She arrived in New
York about ten days ago and has
i ben the guest of relatives there
She has been away over six months
i and has had a very splendid tim
i Mr and Mrs Peyser are now in their
I new homo which the former pur
chased from Mr D William during
J his wifes absence and has had it
beautifully improved and handsomely
fitted up
Who would keep their children in
good health should watch for the
first symptoms of worms and remove
them with Whites Cream Vermifuge
It ii the childrens best tonic It
gets digestion at work so that their
food does them good and they grow
I up healthy and strong All drug
gists m
A Cheerul Giver
If it be true that the Lord loves a
t cheerful giver he will no doubt
I provide a very warm place in nis bo
j som for Mr John D Rockefeller for I
he is not only a most bountiful but a j
l most cheerful giver as well He has I
just added ten millions to his other
I gifts which makes him the possessor
i of the title of prince of philanthro I
Equalizing the City Taxes
I The city council is holding extra
I sessions for the purpose of equaliz I
I ing the taxes It will require several
i sittings for the accomplishment of J I
the task i
I Mr Louis J Brumby went up to I
Jacksonville yesterday for a business
visit of a few days
I Mrs James H Hill of Lake Weir
I will spend the winter in Tampa with
her sister
I McClellan has again been nomin
ate i for mayor of New York
7A 9
if < z > 4f = ffi M tr =
Hiring the Convicts Constitutionality
I of theAot Question
I From Hon Nat R Walker of
Crawfordville the Tallahassee True
Democrat learned some of the par
I ticulars of the decision of Judge Ma
lone in the recent mandamus case of
Edwards vs the Board of County
Commissioners of Wakulla county
involving the hiring of the county
convicts under the act of 1903 The
demurrer of Mr Walker tothe peti
tion was sustained and the relator j
was given until the October rule day
to amend
Incidentally and in addition to the
several grounds of demurrer presented
ed all of which were sustained the
question of she constitutionality of
the act was considered and the de
cision of the court thereon has been
promised and will appear later
l Mr Bryan has sailed for Japan via
Honolulu After a few weeks stay
in that now famous land he will pro
ceed to China the Philippnie Islands
India Austria New Zealand Egypt
Palestine Greece Turkey Italy
I Spain Switzerland Germany France
Norway Sweden Denmark Russia f
Holland and the British Isles Mr
Bryans observations and conclusions
will no doubt he quite interacting
His letters will be printed ii the
Commoner The object of his visit
is the study of government tIt
it behooves you to use the best
I fertilizes on your crops Favorite i
Fertilizers are honestly made and
I will give the best results Lang
Sut S Co agents for Ocala x
The Tallahassee True Democrat is
I right bright at throwing out dark
I hints but keeps the state of Florida
a long time in suspense waiting for
the curtain to rise on the facts and
details It is mighty aggravating to F
I be told that a horrible crime has been
I committed and then get none of the
particulars We will begin to think
I that Editor Collins is only firing blank
cartridges at the Jennings adminis
1 tration if he dont up and tell it pret
ty soon Fernandina Star
President Roosevelt has asked that
i the handshaking part of the jjiv am
I during his southern tour be elimin
ated The committee appointed to
make arrangements du his stay
in Jacksonville has sLtti the rail
roads to run excursions to that ejiJy
during his stay there but has not yet
had any assurances that this wJHbe
Cures Chills and Fever
CL W Wirs Nacogdoches Texas
says U His daughter hod chills and
fever for three years he could not
find anything that would help her
till he used Herbine His wife will
not keep house without it and can w
not say too much for it 50c all
druggists m
WANTED About twenty bushels of
Florida seed rye Address U Bye u
care Ocala Banner Ocala Fla 9 8tf
aYti a

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