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p Tj
r V
I Straighten and Deepen the Ocklawaha
L River and Dig Canal to Ocala
Savannah Ga April 1906
k To the Editor Ocala Banner
T1 notice In Washington dlspat
ches that when President Roosevelt
T J was asked to give hls support to an
r 1 International Exposition to be held In
Tampa to commenorate the beginning
of the digging of the Panama canal
that he refused to interest himself in
4 the enterprise
4 Now I have from time to time in the
last year noticed in the Ocala Ban
ner a good deal in regard to steamboat
traffic from Jacksonville by way of the
Ocklawaha river and SHver Springs
4 from Ocala and Leesburg and also the
disadvantages attending such traffic
1 On account a lack of water in some
places and narrow crooked places with
more or less dangerous snags
T Now would it not be more beneficial
to the state generally and especially
to the great section of the state that
is traversed by these streams If the
people would bend their energies to
getting congress to make an appropri
ation sufficiently large to qjean out and
4 straighten this stream and to dig a
canalifrom the head of Silver Springs
to Ocala Then the whole section of
country tributary thereto would be
given direct steamboat connection
with New York which would lessen
ii freight charges about 50 per cent and
k it would tend more to the rapid build
ing up of Ocala than anything else In
ten years Ocala would be built solidly
J I clear totho Tiead of the beautiful Sil
ver Springs the most romantic and
I mystical river In America and which
has no counterpart in the world
I merely write this as the idea sug
gests itself to me very forcibly when
I see an effort made to throw away
a lot of money that would do no good
beyond a temporary stimulous to cer
tain interests for a few months
While such an improvement as I have
spoken of would be a lasting and ever
increasing benefit to all of the people
of Florida
And it can be brought about by a
1 little public agitation and persistent
J work on the part of Floridas public
men It will be productive of more
good than all of tho noise about drain
ing the everglades
Yours truly
The Confederate ReUnion at New
I The Confederato Reunion at New
1 Orleans has not been postponed and
will be held as originally announced
viz April 2526 and 27 The patri
1t otic citizens of the Crescent city are
active In the matter and expect to
n 1e this gatherlng memorable In the
annals of the U C Vs
p I Gen Stephen 1 Lee has sent out
I the following statement
Gen Stephen 1 Lee commanding
the United Confederate Veterans has
carefully investigated the conditions i
r prevailing In New Orleans and as a
r result has given the folowing to the
Associated Press which was printed
I I everywhere Sunday morning but Is
reprinted by special request today
J You may say to the people of the
United States for our order embraces
the whole country that the reunion
will positively take place on the dates
already named and it will be the
grandest gathering of the wearers of
the gray that has yet been held
The capacity of the city of New
Orleans for entertainment will be put
I to its severest test for all our advices
p indicate that great crowds are corn
ing front all portions of the country
eyen from points most distant Ample
financial provision will be made by
t thepeople of New Orleans to make the
reunion a brilliant success
ii As soon as Col Maglll receives a
jr reply from DirectorGeneral Castle
man Gen Fleming will incorporate it
1 in special orders and it will be for
warded to all camps of veterans In the
Mr John T Lewis Declines
z Moss Bluff Fla April 4 1906
To the Editor Ocala Banner
Please allow me space in your val
j uable paper to say to my neighbors
and friends throughout the county that
owing to my business engagements it I
will not be possible for me to enter
the race for any office during the pres
ent campaign
r take this method of thanking my
t friends all over the county most sin
S cerely for the many letters received
k from them urging me to mak the
race for county judge or for the leg
islature and to thank those also who
talked to me personally urging me to
become a candidate
L I take these as evidences of esteem
and confidence my ability to per
form the duties of said offices accep
4 tably Those marked favors are very
gratifying to me and I hope that I
shall do nothing to impair the good
opinion so generally and universally
4 rI expressed in my behalf and regret that
in At jneg3 Is Such as to deny me the
1 privilege nd pleasure of becoming a
Very truly
r trulyj6HN T LEWIS
I c
1 i i t
ijto N v I
SLtSKeL3t L 1
Items of Interest From the Land of tKe
Grapefruit and Pine
Some oranges and grapefruit are
still being shipped from Tangerine
Yfoor City growers are getting as
high as 12 per barrel for their pars
In Fort Myers all varieties ot cit
rus and tropical fruit trees are cov
ered with blossoms
Recently Tom Johnson of La Grange
shipped 60 boxes of oranges to Phila
delphia which netted him 154
Quite a few Irish potatoes are be
ing shipped from Plant City and grow
ers arepleased with the good returns
The second car of tomatoes of the
season left Miami last week It went
to S T Fish Co Chicago
W E Tucker of Trilby is shipping
some very good cabbage from that
place He still has more to ship
Peaches are doing fairly well at
Candler but the crop will not be as
good as was expected some time ago
At Picolata Irish potatoes were not
hurt by last weeks frost A fine crop
of peaches is looked for from this
W A Evans of Bartow made his
first shipment English peas last
week The stock is very fine and fan
cy prices are looked for
Wm H Earle of Tangerine has sole
the balance of his oranges and grape
fruit The oranges netted him 250
and the grapefruit 350 f o b
Dr Douglas of Tampa has already
shipped eightcars of celery and It is
estimated that his seasons profits will
run in the neighborhood of 15000
Heavy shipments of beans are still
being made from Jensen Since the
rains have ceased the beans arrive in
the northern market in much better
Peaches are doing wonderfully well
at Sorrento Some complaint was
heard in that section about the melon
crop but warm weather has helped
the crop along
Some fine cabbage is being shipped
from Sanford and the returns are very
good All shipments of celery from
the same city are also bringing good
Evinston is shipping about three
cars of cabbage a day in addition to
express shipments The movement of
lettuce is still heavy and good prices
are beign realized
Some of the grapefruit on exhibi
tion at the Miami fair has been sold
at an average of 503 a box Oranges
exhibited at the same place were sold
at an average of 4 I
The recent cold spell damaged
strawberries at Stark about 15 per
cent A few have lost more than this
while some have lost only very little
Most of the growers have sold enough
to pay them out of debt
tlIt is a continuous succession of pay
Ing crops in Florida Just as the or
anges pass out the cabbage tomatoes
beans and eggplants are coming in
and if we are not shipping out some
thing that pays every month in the
year the fault Is ours says the Fort
Pierce News
Tomatoes though not as forward at
Philippi as on the lower east coast
still are In a flourishing condition One
dealer In these plants told the writer
one day that he had before an order
the day before for 90QOO plants and
later when called upon for more plants
the same dealer said that he had more
orders than he could get the plants to
mINew York Produce News
About Rheumatism
Thehe Is few diseases that afflict
more tortue than rheumatism and thre
Is probably no disease for which such
a varied and useless lot of remedies
have been suggested To say that it
can be cured is therefore a bold state
ment to make but Chamberlains
Pain Balm which enjoys an exten
sive sale has met with great success
In the treatment of this disease One
application of Pain Balm will relieve
the pain and hundreds of sufferers
have testified to permanent cures by
Its use Why suffer when Pain Balm
affords such quick relief and costs
but a trifle For sale by all drug
gists m
Miss Weathers Will be Maidof
Miss Esther Weathers one of the
most attractive young ladies in Ocala
society has been appointed one of the
maidsofhonor to represent Florida at
the Confederate Veterans reunion at
New Orleans the latter part of this
Miss Weathers is a charming sou
thern girl and a member of promi
nent Marion county family No fitter
representative could have been chosen
to represent our fair state at the an
nual reunion and it is hoped that she
will accept the honor that nas been
conferred upon her
Ballards Horehound Syrup
Immediately relieves hoarse croupy
cough oppressed ratling rasping and
difficult breathing Henry C Stearns
druggist Shullsburg WIs writes
May 20th 1902 I have been selling
Ballards Horehound Syrup for two
years and have never had prepara
tion that has given better satisfac
tion notice that when I sell a bot
tle they come back for more I can
honestly recommend it 25c 50c and
100 Sold by all druggists m
WantedBy the Interior congress
men who will work for something be
sides the Improvement of rivers and
Gathered From all Parts of the Coun
try for the Busy Reader
There will be a large acreage of
cants at Duplin Pender and Wayne
NC this season
The Brookport 111 Fruit Grow
ers Association has been Incorporat
ed with a capital of 750
It is reported that the Australian
banana crop was severely damaged by
a hurricane recently
I Heavy rains around Polntada
Hache La have done more damage to
the vegetables than the cold
The apple raising business bids fair
to be one of the greatest industries in
the western part of South Dakota
Reports from Medina N Y are that
while the Elberta peach crop has been
somewhat damaged that section will
have plenty of peaches
Hazleton Pa farmers report that
apples have not kept well during the
present winter requiring frequent
sorting to keep them from decaying
0 P Dovel purchasing agent of the
Southeastern Nebraska Fruit Growers
Association Auburn Neb is in the
market for appl boxes peach and
grape baskets by the carlot
Townsend Del farmers will grow
an unusually large acreage of toma
toes the coming season as they are of
the opinion that the price of tomatoes
will be even higher than last year
There are said to be 0000 bushels
of onions held by Wayne county N Y
growers There is absolutely no mar
ket for them this spring and they can
be used only as fertilizers
Dominion apple growers have decid
ed to do away with the Xs in mark
Ing their apples which was made nec
essary by the fruit marks act and
grade the apples as fancy No1 No
2 and No 3
By vote of the Massachusetts Fruit
Growers < Association the third Tues
day in October has been formally set
apart as a day to be devoted to the
eating of New Englands staple fruit
the apple
A fruit growers special train was
run over the Maryland Delaware
Virginia railroad one day last week
with a view to encourage the grow
of fruit in that section of the Eastern
Shore of Maryland
At the meeting of the Ozark Fruit
Growers Association at Monett Mo
last week reports showed that straw
berries were in average condition On
ly one town Decatur Ark showed an
Increase in acreage
L ng Island asparagus growers are
very much pleased over the fact that
they are to get specialservice from the
L I R R for their grass It will
give a great impetus to the growing
of that vegetable on the island
The Franklin County Fruit and
Truck Growers Association with 40
charter members has been formed at
Decherd Tenn The Growing of fruits
and vegetables in that section will be
pushed harder than ever now
Duplin county N C truckers are
shipping lettuce now and the crop
will be fairly good ttyls season In
Warsaw township the lettuce crop is
large and several leading farmers
have gone into the business quite ex
For a Weak Linestion
No medicine can replace food but
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets wil help you to digest your
food It Is not the quantity of food
taken that gives strength and vigor to
the system but the amount digested
and assimilated If troubled with a
weak digestion do not fail to give
these Tablets a trial Thousands
have been benefitted by their use
They only cost a quarter For sale
by all druggists m
More than 11000 immigrants arriv
ed in New York on Thursday which is
said to make highwater mark for the
spring movement The arrivals are
said to be a remarkably likelylook
ing lot the undesirable element being
conspicuous by its virtual absence
How many of these newcomers will
turn their faces southward for the
purpose of taking up and tilling our
vacannt but fertile lands Here is
where the southern real estate agents
ought to get in their work
Governor Browards Everglades
drainage scheme Is useless valueless
and an unnecessary burden on the tax
payers of the state Good schools and
good roads are more Important There
Is great need of these There are mil
lions of acres of lands that are avail
able for cultivation without drainage
When these uncleared and unsettled
lands are cultivated then will be time
enough to talk about taxing the peo
ple to drain the EvergladesLeesburg
Starke Is hustling to the front at a
more rapid rate at the present time
than it has in many years In the past
This can be traced to The Telegraph
which would lead a stranger to be
lieve that Starke was a city of 5000
backed by a good farming country A
good paper cuts a sure help Gaines
ville Sun
Justice Charles B Parkhill justice
of the supreme court of Florida has
been signally honored by the bar of
Bade county which body has made
public a signed card advocating that
he be renominated at the coming
primary St Augustine Record
o rj
> ii
This Tax To Be Separated From Oth
er Taxes and Held in Obeyance
Until Judicial Adjudication
Tallahassee Fla April 4 1906
Special to the Ocala Banner
The Board Drainage Commission
ers who were In session today in this
city passed a resolution advising tax
collectors in the drainage district to
consent to severance of drainage as
sessment from the state and county
assessment and defer the collection of
the drainage assessment until final de
termination of the injunction against
the same v
Southern Motorists Federation
Special to the Ocala Banner
A call has been issued to Southern
motorman for a meeting at Jackson
ville Florida April 10th which is the
second day of the AtlanticPablo
Beach races which will be conducted
by the Jacksonville Automobile
Motor Boat Club The purpose of the
m etIng is to discuss Southern motor
ing matters and good roads with a
view of forming a strong Southern
body which will work for the better
progress of motoring in the South
land and to organize a crusade for
better roads
One of the Important things to be
discussed is the talked of main trunk
line hard road from Richmond to
Jacksonville It is the ardent wish of
all automobilists that a good road be
built enabling Northerners and Sou
therners to use same in summer ad
winter The Savannah Automobile
Club has already commenced planning
for the building of a road from Sav
annah to Jacksonville and if the Flor
ida people build the talked of road
from Jacksonville to Miami and from
Jacksonville to Tampa through the
interior over 400 miles in length the
day may be nearer to us than it is
thought it is when the automobilist
can drive from New York City to Mi
ami or Tampa This would give near
ly a 1500 mile run
It is thought that a purely south
ern organization can do more for lo
cal and state interests than a national
organization can which up to this time
has more or less neglected Southern
and Western matters
Herbert B Race Secretary Jackson
ville Automobile Motor Boat Club
Is in receipt of many letters which
state that delegates from all over the
South will be present at the meeting
April 10 Prospective delegates to the
convention should write Mr Race
stating what time they will arrive at
Rubbing Broward Hard
We are getting kind o down on the
administration of the states affairs at
Tallahassee and first thing anybody
knows we are going to break out and
say so For unsophisticated and
downright audacity we have rarely
seen anything as flagrant as the in
fernal thievery that is going on there
right now But singular as it may
seem these state officials have select
ed the same dirty and contemptible
sheets that slandered and maligned
them before their election to do the
fawning bootlicking act after getting
into office
As for the part the Floridian played
in trying to elevate Mr Napoleon B
Broward to the highest office in the
gift of the people of Florida we have
no apologies except that we have been
sadly mistaken in believing him the
type of man he has proven himself the
most flagrant antithesis
To use plain and unbroken United
States we voted for Mr Broward
and used the columns of our paper to
help elcet him firmly believing him to i
be a good man We regret to say we
have no such opinion of him now
His talk about Hessians is as
puerile and disgusting as we have
ever heard Coming In the form It
does Its a reductio ad absurdam in
the strictest meaning of the term
The very instruments of torture
he now uses to inflict his own dis
gusting rot upon the friends who
helped to honor him are the same
slimy filthy Hessians whose mouths
were the sewers for the corruption of
their hearts In the campaign that made
Napoleon Broward governor of Flor
But may God in His Infinite good
ness and mercy draw the mantle of
pity and commiseration over this very
same individual as we remind his
friends that these same Hess Ions
who were then hired by others to slan
der and malign him are now hired by
Governor Broward and paid by the
hard earnings of the taxpayers of the
whole state of Florida to fawn and
flatter an administration as deserving
of censure as the blackest in the days
of radicalism and reconstruction
The plea of Ignorance will not hold
It is inctured wIth entirely too much
audacity and ommon decency de
mands that it be called down Jack
sonville Floridian
The Tampa TIme continues to make
I discoveries along tft dizzy flatsom
and jetsam heights
For District Attorney
To the Democratic Voters ot the Fifth
Judicial Circuit
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office of States Attorney
for the Fifth Judicial Circuit at the
democratic primaries to be held May
15th 110S
For County Judge
To the Citizens or Marlon County
I announce that I am a candidate
for nomination and reelection to the
office of County Judge of MarIon
County subject to the Democratic
Primary to be held May 15th 1906
As I am engaged in the active ad
ministration of the duties of the office
It will not be possible for me to make
an active or extended campaign
I solicit the support of the Demo
cratic Electors of Marion county and
pledge to them an honest faithful
and upright administration of the dut
ies of the office if it be their desire
that I shall again serve them
For District Attorney
To the Voters of the Fifth Circuit
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of state attorney for the fifth
Judicial circuit of Florida composed of
the counties of Marion Citrus Sum
ter Hernando and Lake subject to the
democratic primary to be held May 15
and solicit the suppo of the demo
cratic voters of this district
For Tax Collector
To the Marion County Deocracy
Believing that Khave filled the posi
tion of tax collector for state and
county during my occupancy of the of
fice acceptably to a large majority of
the tax payers of the county I an
nounce myself a candidate for re
election subject to the action of the
county democracy in the primaries of
May 15 next From now until
the primary comes off will be my
busiest season in the office so much
so that it will be impossible for me
to neglect my duty to the public In
order to make a personal canvass of
the county It would be a pleasure
for me to meet the people at the var
ious meetings that in probability
will be arranged by the county demo
cratic executive committee to take
plac over the county within the next
two months but I think that all good
citizens who know me will understand
that it is duty before pleasure with
me I submit my candidacy upon my
official record an dif elected for an
other term of office I will do my duty
as I have in the past
Very respectfully
For Tax Collector
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of tax collector of Mar
loncountyFlorida subject to the
democratic primary to be held Mayq
15 1906 and solicit the support of the
voters Qf this county
For County Treasurer
With the assurance of my hearty
appreciation for past support I res
pectfully submit my candidacy for the
treasuryship of Marion county sub
ject of course to the coming democra
tic primary
For Tax Assessor
Thanking my friends for past fa
vors I respectfully announce myself
a candidate for renomniation in the
next primary
For Representative
To the Democratic Voters of Marlot
After due consideration and at the
request of numerous friends I here
by announce myself a candidate for
representative to the egislature from
Marlon county subject to the demo
cratic primary to be held on May 15
1906 T E BIGGS
For Members of the School Board
I respectfully announce my candi
dacy for reelection as a member of
the school board from the Blltchton
district BR BLITCH
To the Democracy of the 20th Senator
ial District
I hereby announce my candidacy for
I the office of state senator from the
I 20th Senatorial district to be voted for
at the coming primary of May 15
1906 I heartily endorse the resolu
tion passed by the executive commit
tee of Marion county of March 17
1906 asking that Marion county be
made an individual senatorial dis
trict and I promise if nominated and
elected to use my best efforts to car
ry Into effect the wishes exoressed in
that resolution and also to serve the
best interests of the people
Very respectfully
For Representative
To the Democratic Voters of Marion
The many kind expressions coming
to me both through the press and
personal interviews endorsing my
record in the legislature f 1905 and
with assurances that my services in
the past were acceptable to a large
majority of the voters of Marion coun
ty I again come before the people of
the county as a candidate for the leg
If elected I shall in the future as in
the past devote my best efforts to ad
vance and the interest and welfare of
the people
Many important events will face the
next legislature of Florida and witl
my past experience I feel better qual
ified to materially aid in good legis
lation which shall be my sole consid
eration Very respectfully
For County Commissioner
To the Democratic Voters of Marion
Through the solicitation of numer i
ous friends I hereby announce myself
as a candidate for county commission
er for the second commissioners dis
trict of the county subject to the ac
tion of tho ensuing primary election
My record of fifty years residence as
a citizen of Marion county Is the plat
form upon which I stand and by
which my fellow citizens are request
ed by their
ballots to pass upon my
For the Legislature
I hereby submit my name to the
democratic voters of Marion county lit
the primary election to be held May 15
as a candidate for member of the leg
islature from this county if elected
I promise to earnestly and conscien
tiously represent the best interests of
my constituents and on that platform
ask the support of the Marlon county
democracy at the coming primary
f <
For Representative <
I am a candidate for r
and I want the job I
the rules of the coming
promise if nominated Jl l
the world at my slates C
be the biggest fool In Tallju
af coming loaded and cand
Itively no infringementd om
paign thunder Patent a
L 30
For Tax Assessor
To the Democratic Voters
At the solicitation of w oJ
friends I believing myself t
offices should be changed
I hereby announce mYself
for Tax Assessor forMal
subject to the democratic
be held May the 15 1908 I
solicit the support of the
voters of Marlon county
For County Commissioner
To the Democratic Voters e
I hereby present my xttotl
voters of Marion county as a
date for the position of Co II
missioner from the Fifth Dist
ject to the action of the prl
tion to be held May 15 10
> i i
hor Commissioner
To the Voters of Marion CoM i
Since it is impossible for t
house to be completed this VM
believing that I can serve t
In the completion and final
ments of the same as well a
In the district therefore It
method of announcing my c
for reelection to the offlca of
commissioner from the 4th
my official record is well ki
you and I ask your conslcta
the same
For County Commissioner 5tfe
Thanking the democratic v
this county for the flattering
en me two years ago for the
county commissioner for the5t
trict and being assured thatjifj
duct In office has given satlsl
obedience to a very general r
announce my candidacy for n
What Leading Factors Say Ah
pentine Conditions
J P Williams Co Savannah l1
outside the coming crop eaa k
slightly in excess Ie of the prMM
and with the difficulties the
are experiencing in securing
laborers to handle their fame
not believe that the next crop
ceed that of the present sesoe
do not think that the labor B 1
will improve as the season pr
es One of our customers has
ed for Hungarian labor to taJ
place of negroes This and t
perlment with Chinese labor
watched with great Interest sat
be the entering wedge for a
In the labor situation hereafter
it is conditions have been goiac
bad t6 worse
John R Young Co Savannah
look for a decrease in the crop >
19067 as compared with the
one of probably five per cent >
reports we have received from
do not indicate that the crop
will be as large as was antic
There will not be sufficient JM Ir
go round and the result will bt
In the receipts as the season JllP
gresses With a total supper fr
greater at the outside ahd p
less than during the past seaseS
see no reason why prices sho 4i
continue very good <
Southern States Naval Stores
The early movement of the crop
not been what was looked forJ
ing from what we can learn t1N
no likelihood of the coming crop
any larger than the one just i t
up Many places are now M
that they will not be able to make
stuff they set out to make It s1
old story of producers planning IC
a certain amount of work andftail i
themselves unable to carry It thr
Labor rules the crop and COM
will not find any increased supfi
for them the comIng year
IN MEMORIAMGeneral Wh e4r
Or hero mould
With heart of gold
His life was pure and knightly
Than his no star
In skies of war
Has ever beamed more brightly
On scrolls of Fame
His martial name
Is theme for song and story
Grand gallant brave
With concerning gave
He scaled the heights of glory
Since time began
No nobler man
Made worship of his duty
Or did the right
With more delight
Knowing that Truth is Beauty
In Honors quest
He knew no rest
No fear of death appalled him
Through dangers dire
Through battle fire
He rushed where Duty called bl
His hand waa steeled
For camp and field
His sword blows smote the foeroa
For friend nor guest
For homelove zest
His was the heart of woman
Brave men so are
In peace or war
Compound of strength and beauty
Long as they breathe
They twine Loves wreath
Round the stern brow of Duty
Earth holds in trust
Thy mortal dust
O Warrior true and knightly
Sweet be thy rest
Upon thy breast
May the green turf He lightly
But thy great soul
Spurned Deaths control
This thou didst not surrender
It sped its flight
To realms of light
And shines with starllke tJD1fndJ

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