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I r
Ie e l FRANK HARRIS Editor
e P V Leavengood Business Manager
be u
La I f
k t Ire
S IF r
i Motto The Banner believing those
at the top well able to take care of
d f themselves has taken its stand in the
barricades with the common people
and its fight will be made for the bet
terment of those at the bottom
U n
I Tampa is to have a new theatre
t Gaines ille has started a dimes say
ing bank
There are 11753 autos in the city of
1 New York
I New York citys help cost last year
i Los Angeles Cal is suffering from
I a terrible fuel famine
The death list of the Terra Cotta
vreck reached a total sixty
The Tampa Herald is going to print
a comic supplement ev ry Saturday
I Punta Gorda had fresh grown water
1 melons on Christmas day
1 The Christmas holidays brought a
x new visitor to the souththe train
An editor ought nier to put him
I self in a position to explain or apolo
In the fight for a subtrenswry in the
south Birmingham won The Georgia I
delegation bolted the caucus
Cortleyou has retired from the
chairmanship of the republican na
tional committee
The south is after a subtreasury
Atlanta Savannah Macon Binning
c Birmingham won
Irs Mary Graham of Jersey City
N J lived to be 97 years old and
never rode on a car
Governor Broward did not eat bis
New Years dinner in the new execu
tive mansion
The Seaboard Air Line railway has
purchased the Macon Dublin Sa
vannah road
St Augustine is getting out a new
i city directory and expects it to show
many new names and business enter
Mrs Mary Scott Hartje claims to
+ have paid out 330000 for the employ
ment of detectives in her recent di
vorse troubles
Maj Gen J Franklin Bell who has
been in command of the army of
pacification in Cuba has returned to I
Dig arragements are being made for
the Ponce de Leon celebration Ef
forts are being made to make it mem
orable in the citys annals
The disbandment of the negro troops
I continues to be discussed in the sen
ate Foraker thinks he sees his way
to the presidency by that route
The St Augustine Tatler has again I
made its appearance for the winter
This year it will be more elaborate
and artistic than ever
The Hudson Manhattan ruilroul
comimity mortgaged to the Standard
Trust on New Years day its property
antouiuins to UH tCuuO
Mr John D Rockefeller has made
another gift to t1e University of Chi
cago The amount was the magni
ficent sum of three million dollars
Conductor C C Stewart of < u
C L railway fell dead on his train
l Friday night while en route from Sa
i vannah to Jacksonville
The Palatka News one of the most
hr moderate journals on our exchange i
list and most cautious in its utter I
it ances is battling with a 10rt 0 libel I
it case II
The question now is will Foraker I
get the republican nomination by his
c recent fury over the discharge of I
the negro battallions I
T In a speech on New Yearss day 1
in reply to Judge W A MacWililams
representing the labor organization
Mr Henry M Flagler among other
L Lgs said I have never changed
in my feelings of affection for St
S Augustine and have made provision
that when my life ends my body shall 1
remain here i
u j 2 z
We are sure the message Mayor Iz
lar delivered to the city council
Tuesday night will be read with de I
light by all who are interested in the
citys development and improvement
The language with which the mes
sage is clothed is graceful and ornate
and the suggestions are both timely
and important
The mayors duties are clearly and
i di > tinctly pointed out and he promises
lo hew to the line and says thaT
this administration of the affairs of
the city shall he as impartial as the
I symbol of justice balancing the scales
las nearly as possible between right
and wrong doing
i If the suggestions of our new maor
i to be put in active operation Ocala
I will not only become the city beau
tiful but will also be noted for its
trade and commerce and business en
1 terprise
I The mayor touches upon all things
I of pressing importance and promises
i to go more thoroughly into details of
the citys finances and franchises as
he shall become better informed on
these subjects
The message is a dignified and able
document and puts him in line for the
gubernatorial nomination if it be true
that the voters of the state Cincin
natuslike are looking about for solid
and substantial executive timber
For and on behalf of the citizens of
Ocala we thank Mayor Izlar for his
splendid message
Mr Cromwell Gibbons is still in
Cuba hut it is not stated that his visit
there has any connection with the
political unrest that is now disturbing
that unhappy island
The St Amjustme Record says that
in no case wu any damage done to
the orange tiees in that section h v
the recent cold snap and where the
groves were fired the fruit was unin
jured The peojje living further south
where the cold seems to have
been wors can not understand it
It is said that a friend in needs
a friend indeed Mr Parrott has
jshown that he is entitled 10 be so re
garded On account of the distressing
freight conditions Jacksonville found
herself out of coal and was threaten
ed to he in total darkness Mr Par
rot I came to the rescue and saved the
city from this calamity by placing r no
tons of coal at the disposal of its of
ficials In addition thereto as a New
Year boon to the employees and at
taches of his road he increased their
wages 7 per cent Mr Parrott is de
termined that the Florida East Coast
railway shall be an exception to the
saying that corporations have no
It it reported that an important
clue in the investigation now going
on at Brownsville Texas by Gen
eral Purdy has been discovered
It is said that Lee Reeves a
negro soldier has revealed the names
of two men missing from hu com
pany at the time the sound of arms
was given at Fort Brown immediately
after the shoot up at Brownsville
It is believed that Reexes testimony
will lead to the arrest and probable
conviction every negro soldier who
participated in the murders at Browns
The CourierJournal of Louisville
Ky takes the same position in regard
to the discharge of the three compan
ies of the 25th U S Infantry that this
paper does It says that if the memo
berg of this troop had been white
men instead of negroes the incident
would have passed unnoticed IrHl l
it sujs that Senator Foraker admit
that 3n men of the regular army had
been discharged without honor with
in two years previous to the discharge
of the negro companies but being
white soldiers the country was not
i wrought up to a white heat over it bur
I in the case of the negro soldiers For
aker an I a few other unscrupulous
politicians of his type saw iu it an op
portunity to ferment strife and bad
I feeling and made the most of ft
Our Authority
The area of Florida U greater than
i the combined areas of Connecticut
Delaware District of Columbia Massachusetts
sachusetts New Hampshire New Jer
sey Rhode Island Vermont Maryland
land the embriyo sate of Porto Rico
It is the largest state east of the Mis
i sissippi river except Georgia Now
what do vou think of that Tampa
Tribune We have been called down
on our geography but it occurs to us
that Florida is even larger than Geor
giaOcala Banner
Crams Atlas of 1901 gives the area
of Georgia as 59475 square miles that
of Florida as 5Sfi O making Georgia
the larger state by a slender majority
of 795 square miles Not much its
true but she beats us We solace our
selves with the conviction that size
doesnt menn anything A fellow
weighing 1S2 pounds threw a big Turk
weighing 330 pounds in this city Fri
day night Florida has the grit and
a mighty good subsoil of clay and
marl to bootTampa Tribune
Appletons American Cyclopedia
gives Georgia 5SOOO square miles
even Florida 59268
c t
The Seaborc has created tne omce
of genertl transfer agent which it is
hoped will prevent freight congestion
and accelerate the shipment of
Black Patti is now touring Florida
At Roanoke Va she had to have her
husband who is a hotel waiter in
that city arrested for assault and in
JudgingfrotheNewYears editorials
orials Floridas editors begin 1907 in
good shape and spirits Much of the
prosperity that has befallen the state
is owing to their ceaseless and enthu
i siastic efforts
Uneasy lies the head that wears
a crown Attorney General Jackson
of Now York city has begun legal
nroceedines to oust Mayor McCIellnn
and to establish the lawful claims of
William Randolph Hearst
Boston is all stirred up asm in by
the rigid enforcement of the Connec
ticut blue laws It will soon be so
that it will be Impossible to get a
hot dinner on Sunday in the capital
city of Massachusetts
The Leesburg Commercial says that
it is authorized to announce that Sen
ator Mallory will be a candidate to
succeed himself as a United State
senator from Florida This announce
ment in all probability will make the
seatoria bee get busy
The Ohio river is higher than it
has been since ISSt The lowlands
are flooded and farmers have been
forced to flee from their homes to es
cape drowning Great damage has j
been lone to stock and crops and the 1 i
railroads have also suffered consider J
able damage I
Bristol TtMin celebrates the New
Year by insisting that tht town cow
must go Thus the blight of eivllisca
rion spread over rural communities
Atlanta Journal But Ocalfi sticks
to the cow having the privilege of the
streets and the Hover gardens
The New City Council
The new city council held its flrsr
meeting Tuesday night in he city alI
After winding up the buslnrps of
the oM year the old council adjourned
sine lie and the new member were
sworn in by Mayor Izlar
Mr John D Robertson was elected
president and Mr T Owen president
pro tern of the new council
Mayor Iziar then read his message
which will he found in full elsewlt re
in these columns
A Fifty Story Building
i Vhen wo vme in New York last we
were amazed ar the construction of aj
building which was to l > e fortyone j
stories high The was the Singer
Sewing Machine companys building j
on lower Broadway Now we are told j
that plans have been made for a fifty
story building above Madison Square
It will be two stories below the
ground and fortyeinht above and will i
tower 690 feet in the air A giant i
clock in the structure will be visible
i for miles Six express elevators will i
be installed in the tower four of
which will terminate at the fortieth
story and the other two at the forty
second No wood work will be used I
in the construction nor finish of the 1
building It will occupy the site of
i Dr Parkhursts old church and Napo
leon LeBrun Son are the architects
j The Good WorkGoes On I
i The Miami correspondent of the
I TimesUnion says that it is said
that since Mr Henry M Flagler made
a personal inspection of the work of
the extension and in consultation I
with Mr Parrott it has been deter 1
mined to erect comfortable cottages
for the ranking employees and their I
families Many of the men employed I
have families and it h as been a
source great inconvenience to them
to be separated from them These
cottages will be built at point where
there is a large amount of work to I
be done The cottages will be made i
large enough to accommodate the I
faun lies and will be very comfortai
bh r his will be very pleasing news j >
to th engineers superintendents
foren n and their families
Mayor McConathy Commended
Mayor McConathy of Ocala vetoes
a telephone franchise because no com i
pensation to the city is provided for j
Correct No community should grant t
any franchise for any business pro
position that does not pay the pub
lic for itcash down if the project
is to be immediately profitableor a i
future payment whenever it does be
come profitableSt Petersburg
Right you are Bro Straub No val i
uable franchise should ever be grant
ed a corporation without a reasonable
compensation in return Too often i
great inducements are offered to
franchiseseeking corporations who
once installed in power become dom
ineering insolent and careless of the
vlshes of the people whom it is their
business to serve Let the corpora
tions pay for what they getEstero
i American Eagle I
cc <
106000000 IN GIFTS
The United States continues to be
I recognized along the lines of benevo
lence as first among the nations
I As he greatest individual philan
thropist Andrew Carnegie is entitled
to wear undisputed the laurel wreath
and I standing beside him and measure
lag nearly up to the line that he has
marked out is John D Rockefeller
the controlling spirit of the Standard
Oil trust
To the University of Chicago alciie
t MrRockefeller has given over twen
tyone million dollars
If we had the distribution of these
i millions we would apply them in an
entirely different direction
i Instead of giving S210 < MiXHi to a
i single university we would build ex
t quisite little school houses in the
country districts and furnish them
j with all the modern rudimentary ap
I pliances and thereby enlarge the
scope of the country boy and the
I country girl to whom we must at
last largely look for the preservation
J and perpetuation of our institutions
i I As literature is now so cheap in
I stead of building libraries as Mr
Carnegie is doing we would build
I homes for the indigent and aged
i and hospitals and infirmaries for the
I sick and afflicted
I But because we or some one else
j would persue a different policy along
philanthropic lines in no way discred
its colossal munifinance of those
j great Americans they are distribut
I lug their riches along lines marked
out by themselves as they believe will
promote the best interests of our coon
try and are entitled to all credit i
The Chicago Tribune has compiled j
the benelicaries for 19 fi as expressed i
in gifts and bequests in sums amount I
ring to over 1000 which have boen
iiuade public and they aggregate 10J
j 5SSOG3
i This total dues not include conti ibm I
I tions to charity in ihe general sense i
church collections or minor subscrip
lions but only such donations and
i bequests as have hton ptiiillshed in
the dnily papers j
I As compared with former years i
j the record stands thus 1101 tthe rec J
ord breaking year 1J2SSS7SJ lJt2j
I 779i167 ltE 766W7S 19el
4629d9S0 and 1905 10I5S6J22 The
j donations for 1906 amounted to SSI1
179GOw and the beque3ts to 15208
970 the Total was distributed as fol
I lows To educational institutions
2i I > 263f to charities P 193976121
to religious organizations 55 14L475
I to museums art galleries and H1h1ie i
improvements S16S497nis and to libraries
braries 1704617
As usual Andrew Carnegie is the
I most conspicuous figure in this his
jtribution His donations amount to
i llOHOOO which is 3S67iti less
I than those of 1905 l9587oi He
i nas provided buildings for seventeen
i libraries at a cast of 73000 as
I compared with fifteen libraries at a
cost of 355000 last year and has
given 1168000 to fortyfour small
colleges as compared with 275570
Ito 141 colleges last year His gifts
of organ to churches as reported are
10925 as compared wtih 11325 in
Rockefeller Stands Second
I John D Rockefeller falls behind in
I the race with Carnegie his contribu
tions amounting to only 7085000 as
compared with 1620000 in 1905
These contributions have been as
I University of Chicago 4390000
Young Mens Christian As
sociation 15000
JI1eni p Reformatory in
New York 1000000
School of Applied Design for
Women 25000
Childrens Hospital in New
York 125000
Foreign Missions 275000
Richmond Va Calver
sky 25000
Church 40000
McMasrers College ftOOOO
Dr D K Pearsons Hrcr has not
been as actively employed as in past
years He has given 115000 to the
following small colleges Guliford
50000 Yankton 30000 T S Grant
500j McKendree 10000 and
5000 to charity
A new philanthropist Mrs Rnss ll
Sage appears Her gifts thus far are
small amounting to 52200 for schools
16000 to the church and lno to
charity but it is estimated that she
will make some large donations in
The donations and bequests during
l90G amounted to 1000000 and up
ward were as follows
Years Great Charities
San Francisco relief fund15000000
Charles T Yerkes by will
to found Yerkes hos
pital 9000000
Marshall Field by will to
I Field Museum S00n000
Andrew Carnegie te Carne
gie School 7000000
IP A B Widener gift to
I found Home for Crippled
j Children x 8000000
David Rankin St Louis
i gift to Industrial School 2000000
I John D Rockefeller gifts
to University of Chicago 1500000
Marianne Brinner Boston
t I od ii
I gifts to Museum of Fine
Arts 1315000
D B Shipman Chicago
will to charities T 1260000
I Andrew Carnegie gifts to
j Fine Arts Building 1000000
Ijobu D Rockefeller gifts to
I Juvenile Reformatory 1000000
jV V Laurence New York
i gift to charities 1000000
Charles Fergus Philadel
phia will to charities 1JXKMH >
Albert Wilcox Seabright
i N J will to Audobon
j Society UHM >
C E Shoelkopf Kansas
City Mo will to churl
i ties 100000
John D Rockefellers presrnt gift
of 29l700u to the University of Chii
cago makes his total gift to the University
I versity during eighteen years 52
received by
I 324322 The present was
I Acting President Harry Pratt Judson
flit a letter from John D Rockefeller
j jr speaking for his father It was
given unconditionally and is one of
I the three largest donations that the
I founder of the university has made
since his initial subscription of 23
000 in January 18S9 He gave the uni
versity 000000 in November IS15
and 3215000 in December 19U
A Clay county merchant puts it this
way Early to bed early to rise
work like Helen Blazes Advertise I
We have missed the Live Oak Now
for two weeks Has it kicked out of
the tracesLake City Index Ditto
If you turned a wheel for Lake
City in 190 make it two for ltltl i
Lake City Index Let this be the watch
word for Ocala also for 1907 I
If you think thestatepress is In i
the pay of corporations you are not I
reading the papers nowadays They
are knocking the bad service from j
I Dan to Beerbheba and doing their
best to get things in better siinye
Lake City Index II
The Apalachicola Times 3Uggs I
that if Mr Rockefeller will try rb i
Apalachicola oyster he will have them
if they do come high Bui gocwl al4
tiiey are they are not quill so flue asj
the Homosassa brand to which we j
can testify by the barrel sent us by
the Williams Fish company and for I
fish Apalachicola is not in it a little I
Ibit either for size or flavor to which I
we can also testify by some most d <
icious and mammoth ones sent us by
the Williams Fish company
I Let us all unite to keep Talla
ihassee dry at any cost The legisln
j tore will meet there in a few months
land it should be a matter of solioi
tilde over the state to save our so ions
from temptation and give them an
j environment that will encourage clear
heads in the important work of re
I pealing old laws and making now
ones And this from such a sensible
i paper as the Live Oak Democrat r
our lawmakers are such a weak lot
I as to be in need of guardians it would
I be better to take that method of
protecting them Lake City Index
i Appoint a chaplain for each member
Wants Jennings For West Florida
If there is any significance in the
announcement of the Lake City Index
I that J Ed OBrien will be a candi
date for governor in the next pri
mary it is that faction in state poll
I tics of which Mr Appleyard is an ex
ponent realizes that west Florida is
I going to dictate the nomination of the
next governor and that for some
reason they have found that T A Jen
jnings is not acceptable The mos of
those more interested in a good man
I for the position and whose nomittA
I Lion might he secured without the
bitterness of three years ago Mr Jo
inings seemed to fill the bill very
I well indeed but then it should be
remembered that he has never so far
us we have been able to learn eveji i
I rated that he would be a caadt
1 date DeFuniak Bretcze
Broward and Drainage
1 The Fernandina Sar has ike fol
lowing to say of the drainage invest
igations I
Now after the people of the stale
have disposed of the half cooked
jurninage proposition with an over
whelming negative it is being got nt
iirt i safe and sane way by the na
tional government in accordance with
the bill introduced in congress by
I Hon Frank Clark providing for a
survey of the Everglades A drainage
I expert has been two weeks in the
state investigating the Everglades and
has gone back to Washington to pre
I pare his report on the practicability
of making a survey Vhat that re
port will be cannot be forecasted
I But this is a beginning at the begin
ning and if followed
up in the same
way will result in some practical
knowledge which is a good deal bet
ter to base conclusions
on that
sumptions and theories
In view of the fact that the Wash
ington expert has decided that drain
age is possible it would seem that the
governor was right in the assertions
he made during the recent
along this particular linePensacola
c 14 >
I From Skin Disease from Birth Until
Ii Six Years OldFather Spent
Fortune on Her Without Benefit
Old Doctor Suggested Cuti
cura which Cured Her in Two
1 Months Leaving
4 I have a cousin in Rockinirluim 10
I who once had a kin liscae trom her
I birth until she v no MX yours of < gce
I Her father had spent n fortune on her
to get her cured awl none of the treat
ments did heranygooti Old Dr G
suggested that heir the Cuticura Rem
edies which he did When he com
menced to use it t11f child wad almost in a
solid scab lie had UMd it about two
I months anJ the chili nas well I waj
there when they commenced ioitjyour
Cut icura Remedies I stayed that week
and then returned home and Brayed to
weeks and then went buck Mid stayed
with them two weeks longer and when
I went home I could hardly believe she
was the same child Her skin wa as
soft ad a babys without a scar on it I
I have not seen her in seventeen years but
I have heard from her and the Iat time
I I heard from her she was well That u
where I became acquainted with Cuti
cura I hope this may be of some ser
vice to you in the future Mrs W P
Ingle Burlington N C June Iti 1905
Is Cuticura Ointment
For rahes eczema itchingg irrita
tion > scaling ami i haj Mng > tor red
rough and grvasy conpli Xle HI for ore
itching burning hat t aini f tfi rbubv ft
rushes itchmgs int rhannss and for all
the purpose of the rikt bath and
nursery ut ieurn Ointment ai3tcd
by Cut icur fcoup r invaluable
C mpM External and lateral Tn lNM t for Iivrv
Humor I item CMlrfivn MM > l Mto M HI f cut
cur O 12500 J to C1ese 1l1 SUa rrtrw fHIorat
I 1ft Hrml tti su apAI f1etJcu KINtTt t
tkflntt if Ci4 Na IU MI prIt oStu b
pluUy It Mlowt N41 u t5 wnrs l > lkr
Dr Ch m Corp 01 lmf H < hM Mi
Of M JcU Frrs Att About a kta aDd Hap
In h ut > ac to rh > lrlolatrer
of NVvi YorK t4rnlJ r Hi < b n
JOUIMDts ctMiNriR uf rnr t rfr tor
mnor of V ft w York rlfv where fIu
Va a Miaidalr aKA tiIec lA
Th Taliahe w Sim Ita nit trw
away its Thresnf hottlr aal enU bin
tIer on New Y MI > Day Whv f be06 1
fl Wpltiper arttPwt r r
hri 40 th way of rbr MpnMtir 1 pep
per box
t i
I The Prfsilrttt te ail clrrml up r
The BrowiMTillr Jter m4 Snqsi af
fairs inc ifcut to wfeirfc tfe a >
I gm flotdtor ha behaved kiy S
i he ta ONitif up M MtoMt t MMI nfl
of the negro troop to tb PlMMp
I The cold felt us n ittir rap wv
I cmildnr dock tt bw daws l alnT
I one turn fool nail k ttw9 we lta1ltt
he fn knocked one tor It to wut ztl
though wf N ii 6t adiittM W4f ate not
quite ready Cite uaothor bom wit
Jack Frost Miami Mttroi > olfe j
rnit States Senator Carmack
has condliloiMilly aeoKMi tin pretI
lency of th AiulSalixMi Lmtvmn and
I has pledged hime lf to tjck er the
I ext rminntkiit of saloon IM Tnnei
t se Hv tfxpticts to mate a Tlg roiu
ihrht nI morally en uHkti < < t set
t tl at Itlt on Ur
1 it Auett IttWS MY 11
thiiia4eI bY or r If Gmgj WI
aral tor ru to k lINt 1t Ct
gary tftLtrd sit ct rpr TJh re
oanhidaaIo for the tantwa of
t lopsa7 waa ap t tJ GfItI
Po tpr who I I 4t raMd h tM r un
j rh mtlUary lMeiIWy ar i whn
durIn < < bu tarm uf uirr
i Hits RoeNOrc
i It I iitki thai hMU IS tot
aM yva eokw4 etflr will 4
b t
t to I I
11 at Joap r a
i treat LoaawU Cair Jst 1i
sal J
o Why the Oitferenec1
tJOft rd
i Colton am Mi ylac
i To be oblill1 to
OIts lady
lapptas fmoi otn ni b sxtk4 s
mor MimeauiS p ovrty HHMI to im t
i obHged to beg ones dail read
And yet there f
are countless mes f
y will kan
hopefully around
i bier bwt
scorn to apply at tW
I u for a meal Unilerllle Cou
I ierJo rnaJ
I A Big Pomp no Catch
The largest catch of
I brought In this I
season by any
I boat anil at any one tin and j
ably the
largest catch in the hja
he port WaN brought up Fr
night by the smack Pocahontal
the Atlantic Gulf Coast Fish Co
Pany and
Were packet
aatJ sklgpe4
sisted of 7000 ponuetaolnetao
markets The catclt es
sisted of 7000
POURds ot
the ckskt

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