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W 1M
Most people know that if they have 0
Ak been sick they need Scotts Emu 0
< Ot ro sion to bring back health and strength S
JJ But the strongest point about Scotts
r T Emulsion is that you dont have to be J
w A sick to get results from it S
v y
T It keeps up the athletes strength puts fat J
4 on thin people makes a fretful baby happy A
j o brings color to a pale girls cheeks and pre
jji vents coughs colds and consumption tO
1 ajji Food in concentrated form for sick and 0 0
Ci I 4 well young and old rich and poor
s 1
i i And it contains no drugs and no alcohol
To tte Honorable City Council of
QcaJhi Florida
I Gtomlwiieii rpcm uis mitig the of
t otf mayor el lt e city It is proper
anti b ell vee the custom that I lay
hofwe you the line of public policy
wkicii I titian puue ns well n su g
gww for yrmr eouKid nuioH any mal
mr whtcik I deem for the interest of
f 1J ityfor the advancement of Ita
4Mtl rial altd jruntl i r st and pros
ll erit > wit h 1 n rl hardly a ure
act I hv very mttf b III heat
t Asr > ou kAt w I atn UUlIrathpl It
Iu1 m soar ndllt lft dug been
MOIl dU flat quite four velS nnl
IHttt < lrt StlgllC that tilt mayors of
Bc nisid t e i nlited and csirrd
tlplth in I 4txM < Mi my lime almost ex
H Itai K to my profession in ur eli
fact h ttiM u r a ttUf ta < Kg iu r about
ter del SHd I hare been trmiwHi to
t a 4 cnniw > mitt < ly uaxe mgt m
t laa + retrwl to nMtfocm myaelf 10 the
J inrwtat qvtt or roadxt ia f f ho
tllltikili wSMr of tMtr city Still I
Ylt t yes alit i MMV Ears and I
br and aaturnlly i sv tad hear a
f fp t mam t hitlgr which ha
l tn e a h K > d which in my hum
r t Me judicifKiMt would add much to the
tt J ft4tan tmnt and prosperity nf our
cttt a wall ns add tn its uttmrtive
< < a I tlra and t1 inibiUy as n place for
a bec awd it r the in un > m of
capital Ird ofKitiiii up nf utmiuftr
ttuu and otter lnd rial euter
Bwwecs and Duty of the Mayor
iars my eKrtion to the uwy raliy
i Uttc y L tvore l to inform myself
Nlcr iit HO to the powers and du
I tiiua t f the anise find find that my
f4 r sire executive judicial and
41vieory In lIay executive capacity
It ita Niectoci of me to enforce such
ktw uiMt ordinances as I may find
tot obtain or may hereafter be
i r mwtctt d for the government of the
I lt it te scarcely necessary for m
It to say gentlemen that having in my
oatk ol qualification solemnly promis
ed to do that to the best of my abil
Hy dtftt I shall faithfully observe my
oath The statue of justice is repre
stJJud as blindfolded holding the
h In trembling hand This does
stet mtItln that justice is blind to jus
tlce bvt blind to everythinb but jus
Ille fa tae given case and in attempt
In to execute the laws and ordi
S of the city I shnll endeavor to
t at t thimitr but the right iu every in
ttltDt t turd will follow this as 1 see
M and umJkrstnud it u the letter
But KNHltnti in extifisiag my ex
r wvtive Aractiou your cooperation
r ia an maay l slIt s essentinl It
4 > Is + eU aiaii imt oible for toe to eu
r 1 forr ottK of thf laws and ordinances
tlerr ia force in ihe city unless you
r r M c to my Assistance by supplying
4 t4 ieco 8ftry tiH tu Aiituicial HK > S
rJ IrltMpk lat Had 1b < r ISwth which
Iw work require to be nccompiish
Ac d aknaf can IK done To say by
Ga a that thi and that shall be
dote aM4 then say that n is the duty i
af the mayor to execute that ordi
nance aad yet make no provision for
the HHttas by which it is to be carried
taw effect is indeed worse than re
iwiriitc the making of bricks with
f L in t straw I therefore solicit and i
ro hope to receive the sincere and united
cooperation of the city council in my i
4 efforts to execute the laws and ordi I
J nances which now are in force as I
well as providing for successfully car i
s rying out of certain measures herein I
after suggested I
In so far as my duties in the ju i
dicial department are concerned I
I Ii think 1 shall be able to tread the
t IL winepress alone and will strive to
I so conduct it that evil doers will
cease to do evil and learn to do
well and the lawabiding rest mon
1 securely under the shield of the law
Still in this department too justice
> shall be meted out with a firm but im
partial hand hewing to the line let
the chips fall where they may En
deavoring to be just fair and impar
I tial in all case The Ia v is for all
aHliP anI all mut obey it or else
tlHY shoulder the responsibility vol
untarily and should therefore accept
the consequences which legitimately
follow with the best grace possible
In such cases if anathemas are to be
pronounced let them pile them upon
their own heads and not upon me
I In my advisory capacity there are
j a number of matters to which I
wish to call the attention of your hon
orable body In my opinion some of
i them at least most deeply concern
the future growth progress and pros
perity of our city
tI Ocalas Excellent Natural Ativantatjcs
Orai geagraphiculiy is environed
with natural advantages which if uti
lised will place her on the forefront
i of most if nor all of the interior
cities of Florida Situated near the
center of the state and peninsular
upon an elevation above the sea tevel
5 great as any and greater than aio > > t
of he inland town of the stnte with
large and prosperous phosphate tur
pentine and lumber industries with
fertile soil and a ciimuie which en
ables our farmers to produce sasses
fully many valuable agricultural prod
ucts an endless variety of choice
vegetables and citrus fruits we must
I upon reflection acknowledge that Na
f ture has dealt with an exceedingly
generous hand towards this locality
i In addition to all of this we have
two of the most beautiful and inviting
bodies of water to be found anywhere i
IP all the world Lake Weir and Siij
jV < Springs almost at our door The i
latter calls loudly to us u utiliz the
i means which it offers to Jiild up the i
commercial interests of fie city and
community i
The Question of Transportation
This brings me to the question of
transportation It is unnecessary
that I enlarge upon it The city and
community are well acquainted with
the situation with the oppressive and
discriminatingfreight rates and mis
erable service we are now having with
the railroads which as matters stand
are our only dependance I am thor
I oughly convinced that the needed re
lief is within our grasp if we but
I have the will to reach out and take
I hold of it By a determined and unit
I ed effort a company can be organized
which can acquire and run a line of
river steamers from Silver Springs out
j into the sea if necessary and the
I came company can build a trolly line
to Ocala from the Springs and con
I tinue it on to Laky Weir if desired
I am satisfied that this
scheme is
practicable and with proper well directed
rected effort capitalists can be found
who will readily undertake it for the
i j simple reason that it will pay The
e S government can and doubtless
I will do its part by appropriating
funds to clean out and do whatever
dredging may be needed in Ocklawa
ha and Silver Springs run In my
I opinion once such an enterprise be
comes an established fact the trans
i portation question will be solved
and solved in such a way as to re
Juound to the lasting building up and
j prosperity of Ocala and Marion coun
ty as well as other neighboring terri
tory But to accomplish it it will
require the hearty united and persis
tent effort of our citizens and the in
vestment of some of their money j
but it will be a paying investment i
in many ways From its natural loi
cation our city will then become a
distributing point for a large territory
and wholesale businesses will be built j
jup and increased population will come
Jin money put into manufacturing en
terprises and the city will grow in j I
t extent and wealth and all properties
1 greatly increase in value
But we must be up and doing with
united and common purpose and no I
longer each one struggle for himself
and in the struggle hope for the
survival of the fittest but labor to
the end that all may be befitted to
I I do not know that this matter comes
j within the province of the city coun
cil but I earnestly suggest that any
aid and encouragement that your
body can give as well as that you
as Individuals can do will engage
i your earnest and strenuous attention
Drainage and Sewerage
I Another subject which has been
i and is now engaging the attention of
our citizens is the question of drain
age or sewerage This is of vital
importance and cannot receive too
careful and thorough consideration at
i your hands I am informed that
ome experiments and investigations I
have been and are still going on for i
> the > information of your body and I i
Earnestly suggest that the matter be +
thoroughly systematically and scien
MlicaIy pursued without abatement
until some practical and mcst efficient j
Asroin he determined 111011 and put i
into operation I a minformed that i
uv rneath the city at what depth
I lo not know there is a running
stream of water of consederable vol
nme and force If this be true then
H seems to me that by a series of
I wells sunk until this stream is reach
I ed and sewer pipes run as may be
needed into these wells that a safe
sanitary and efficient system of drain
age is kindly provided for us by na
ture Of course if this stream exists
some means should be adopted to as
certain where it empties its waters
as it might neither be wise kind or
safe to throw the sewerage of the
city into it if by so doing it would
greatly injure others else the last
i state be worse than the first
I If it be found that no such stream
I exists or if existing it cannot be safe
ly utilized then some other system
should be devised that will prove sat
I isfactory and safe The systemif
such it may be callednow in use in
the city should be carefully and scien
tifically examined into and tested in
order to determine to what extent if
any the drinking water of the city is
I contaminated thereby Surely science
which has acocmplished so much in
our day is equal to the solution of so
simple a problem as this appears to
the uninitiated to be The tests made
in the city some months ago to my
mind are not only superficial and un
satisfactory but were not even of the
kind sufficiently extended Let the
tests be continued always keeping
in mini the facts that the earth is
the beer purifier known and that iu
nil cases water runs down hill and will
seek its level
I Street and Lot Improvement
1 In calling your attention to this
subject I do not by any means intend
tlai other sanitary measures should
be overlooked By all means let care
ful attention be given to keeping the
city clean Garbage filth trash and
debris of all kinds should be removed
from all parts of the city From the
isitveto from all premises from all
vacant lots Let the sanitary com
imiesicu see to it that this is promptly
doue and if neglected that all delin
iquints be reported in order that prop
er measures may be taken to enforce
the ordinance in that regard Too
much importance cannot be given to
I Keeping the city clean neat and at
tractive both from a sanitary view
point as well as pride in ourselves
and the pleasure satisfaction and de
i light of the strangers within our
gates To this end I earnestly sug
gest that every possible effort be
I made to build and keep in good repair
lour streets and sidewalks Nothing
I adds more to the beauty and attrac
tiveness of any city than good well
i kept streets and sidewalks It is
1 strong evidence of the thrift as well
as the pride of the citizens in their
city and to strangers coming amongst
jcity I > I > I >
us it is a strong incentive to invest
ment in the homes and industrial en
terprises of various kinds
I I therefore recommend that under
i e direction of a practical street com
missioner this work be undertaken
and pursued in a regular systematic
way Do not try to work in a slip
shop way all over the city at once
land have a little done here and a little
there which gives the streets the ap
pearance of a patchwork quilt but
begin at the public square and have
the streets around it either paved
with some substantial material and
the sidewalks all made with some
good smooth durable stuff amid then
from the square take up the streets
systematically and have the sidewalks
i regularly and evenly laid off and cov
ered with some material that will
i make them firm and do the streets
likewise Of course all of this can
not be done in a day month or year
but systematic work once inaugurated i
will be taken Ui by your successors
and after awhile we will have a city
the streets of which will be a thing
of beauty and a joy forever The
work once well done will be lasting
land will not be forever needing the
quiltwork patching In the end it
will be economy and a good invest
ment for the public funds
While on the subject of street im
Iprovements 1 suggest and recommend
i that an additional policeman be add
led to the day force Obtain ifpos
i sible an active energetic man of
good judgment and a fair practical
i knowledge of surface draining and
road building and while he should be
I vested with full police powers let
i his chief work be to take charge of
jail street laborerswhether employ
ed or serving out sentence of the city
courtand direct and supervise the
i street work whether the same be
building or repairing This work as
< >
I I have already said to be begun and
continued in a regular systematic
I way as laid out and ordered by the
i street commissioner The scavenger
Ii wagons and carte should be kept con
stantly at work either carting away
the filth and debris from the streets
or when that is done then to be used
in hauling material for the building
and repairing of the streets and side
walks of the city I feel sure that if
this is done and the work well looked i
after by those in charge of the sever
al departments we will soon see a
ast improvement in the condition of
our streets and they will cease to be
Igrazing grounds for cattle and hags i
Our yards and flower gardens will no
longer depredated upon by these
trespassing beasts j
I How the City Can Be Kept Clean and
I Made Beautiful
I The mayor is expected to see that
i the laws and ordinances of the city
I are enforced and he will do his best
but to succeed he must be supplied
t with the necessary force and imple
Iments to carry on the work and it is
for you gentlemen to hold up his
i hands You alone can supply these
I and he hopes and expects to receive
I your cooperation
I On this same subject I further sug
i gest and recommend that when the
I summer is well on and the weeds and
grass have encumbered our streets
sidewalks and vacant lots that the
i city provide itself with a good one
1 I horse mowing machine and mow the
weeds and grass at least twice during
the season I say onehorse mowing
I machine advisedly because a good
mule will be sufficient to do the work
I and will be able to get at the weeds
I in nooks and corners where the two
I horse machine could not be very well
i worked I am aware that there is
an ordinance that requires the prop
erty owners to clear the sidewalks
i and lots of their respective premises
but it also provides that if they do
not do so the city will do it at their
expense Now where labor is scarce
and those who can use the grass
few is is not possible for owners to
have the work done and even those
who can secure the labor find the
work poorly done If the owners
must pay for it in any event why not
I the city do it for them and collect
the pay It will be economy for them
in the end for the city with a mower
will do more cutting in one day than
the best grass blade cutter can do in
a weep and in addition to that it
will soon all be done and the city will
present an appearance everywhere at
once that will be attractive and pleas i
ing to the eye and a delight to ped
estrains If this be done you will be1
surprised that it was not done long
before Let not a vacant lot street
or sidewalk where weeds grow es i
cape and if necessary levy the ex i i
penses on the owner You have no t
idea how quickly it can be done with I
a good mule and machine with a com i
petent and industrious driver nor I
i what a difference it will make in the i
I appearance of our city But some
will say that when the weeds are cut i
they must also be carted away I say I
it is not at all necessary and I speak i
i from experience If the work is done i
I before the weeds are too rank and j I I
J large the sun in a few days will re N
duce them to powder sticks and with I
out the least harm resulting from it
1 It was done for years in the town of i
i BIackville S C where I came from I
and the mortuary report of that little
town was less per thousand than any
place in the state Three years my
family lived on Carolina Heights at
1 the head of Ocklawaha avenue and
I each year I had the weeds mowed j
down all around my premises tuicp a
year and we had no fever that could I
possibly have resulted from that on I
the place You know our good doctors
tors tell us that the theory of inhal n
or drinking in malaria is now ex i
ploded it is now administered to us i
hyperdermicully by the pestiforo
mosquitoes We need not produce inns
quitoes The ova may be doposr d in
waternot in dew or rain drop
and the hatching and developing
must go on in water until the 1i l e
fellows get wings Then they cra1
out and dry and are ready for busi
ness So the only reason why he
weeds should he carted away i > Lr
appearance sake and unless they are
very rank and large they soon disap
pear at least to such an extent r3i3
they are scarcely noticed
The suggested inprovements to the
streets and general cleaning up cf
the city are all the more necessar
now that we have our handsome and
s ooing court house nearing comple
tion and anticipate at an early day
the erection of a still more imposing
building by the United States govern
i ment These buildings will be the
pride of the city and county and will
look like a pearl set in a copper ring
unless we do our part in making the
contrast appear less conspicuous
We would be unworthy of ourselves
and injure the fair name of our city
if we permit the city to suffer by com
parison with the public buildings of
which we do and well may proudly
Some time ago I noticed in the
press that an ordinance renaming the
streets and providing for posting the
names of the same and for renumber
ing the houses was on its passage
before the council I do not remem
ber to have seen whether the ordi
nance became a law or not I pre
sume from the fact that I have seen
no work being done to carry the
provisions of the ordinance into effect
that it must have failed in its passage
If so I recommend that it be
taken up and passed I think it i
a good measure and would i
prove beneficial to the city in several
respects which will readily suggest I
themselves to the members of the city
council and the expense of carrying
out the provisions will be inconsider
Financial Affairs
We approach a subject now gen
tlemen of the deepest interest to
every citizen of the city and especial
ly of the taxpayers
Since notified officially of my elec
tinI1 to the office of mayor I have
len engaged whenever opportunity
presented itself in making investiga
tions and getting up data from which
jl hoped to be able to present you a
i clear plain and easily understood
statement of the receipts and expen
cures of the various departments of
the municipal government showing
the amount of money received into
the treasury and from what source
received the amount paid out in each
department and for what purpose I
i have tried to find out what property
is owned by the city and its estimated
j value To ascertain whether the elec
tric paint is or is not paying expen
ses producing a profit or a loss to the
city To ascertain what water privi
i leges the city is entitled to under its
water contract with the Water Works
people and see if the people are get
i ting all that is coming to them un
i der that contract and if not why not
But while the courteous clerk of coun
icil has made up for me a summary
statement from the books and explain
ed all matters as far as he could do
so still I am sorry to say that with
all of this and all oral explanations
mat were kindly given me by all upon
whom I railed my investigations have
not supplied me with the data which
House Furnishings
Rugs Art Squares and Mattings
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In all the different finishes I
enables me to make up a statement i
which I could lay before you as even
approaching an absolutely correct
I showing of the financial affairs of the
city It will neither be safe as a ba
sis of action or fair for me to make
I statements and base recommendations
iiuon these most important questions
tr tit I am prepared to do so with at
least a high degree of rtalnry as
i to their correctness and reliubPtry
IT shall continue ny invet tiaums
with the hope that at an arty dare I
tray Joe enabled to submit a saiisfuo
tory report of these matters with such
recommendations as I may deam ad
i visable to your honorable body In
the meantime I would suggest that
city council by committee or other
wise make investigntior s along these
iliues as too much consideration can
I not be given to the financial affairs
of the city in order that the taxpay
ers may be protected and that they
get value received for the money they
pay into the city treasury I think we
should hear less complaint of high
city taxation if our citizens are made
i to see that they get full value and
the best results possible for the
j tars they pay They are entitled
j to that and it should be our aim to
I fulfil their expectations of us as pub
lie servants
I I may add in passing that is does
lappear that the police department has
no nly paid expenses but has a sur
plus of 3175500 to its credit at the
end of December 190G
A Word About Our Water Contract
i In such investigations as I have been
able to make into the financial af
I fairs I was surprised to find that the
t city paid out last year and for some
years past over t001 for water priv
I ileges It seems to me that this sum
is largely in excess of the real value
ue of the water used by the city even
I taking the rates charged to individuals
las a basis Naturally I was led to
examine the contract ordinance of
the city with the Water Works Co
i and while rot now intending to an
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