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Mr Frank L Mayes the clever
young west Florida journalist is writ
ing some very interesting articles in
the Pensacola Journal about his re
cent visit to the east coast of Florida
with the editors of the state
The following paraghaphs are taken
from his article in Thursdays Jour
Florida is such a great state the
occupations and interest of its peo
ple are so numerous and varied its
resources In its respective sections
are so different in character and its
means of communication are com
paratively speaking still so limited
that the old saying that one half the
world does not know how the other
half lives is more than true of the
p ple of Florida We of west Flor
i1l know little or nothing of south
r middle Florida and the people of
those sections know little of us
Whon a stranger asks us about some
place in the southern part of the state
and wo can tell him nothing about it
he Is surprised he fails to realize
that Key West is as far from Pensa
cola as Chicago is and that it would
IK just as reasonable to expect a Pen
sacolian to know all about Chicago
as Jt would to expect him to know all
about soUl h Florida
It is rs tiO miles from Pensacola to
Jacksonville ci > from Jacksonville
So Miami 1J > from Miami to Key
West The trip has to be made by
both rail and water and in that jour
ney from the Perdido to the keys and
from the keys via Tampa Bay you
find as many different conditions of
salt climate occupation and resources
as you could find in a journey of sim
ilar length anywhere in the world
8tid you have still not seen half of
Florida nor gained an idea of what
tht state is producing or can produce
when Its resources are developed
Tilt greatest transformation that
any section has ever experienced is1
found 1 suppose on the east coast of
Florida where Henry M Flagler and
the people who followed the building
nf his East Coast railway have con
verted one vast uninviting wilderness
and jungle into the garden spot of
the world with a beauty that cannot
IK described and a magnificence and
st > ltn Jor that can hardly be comprei
Umitieil even when seen
or t 8
One fonture of the East Coast
which particularly impressed me from
Jacksonville to Miami is the good
rcHids Jdeti which everywhere seems
to prevail The Flagler railroad has
I Mtppose the best road bed in the
ltk certainly the best in Florida
r i pd tl e streets of the cities large
itrtA sttiNll and the highways through
the cowiurv nil testify to the appre
ciatkm wWpk these people han of
law vital of good highways to the
eoMIi y which possesses them
Jncksoniltlo is paved for the most
IMt1 wrath brick St Augustine has
uwl bride asphalt and coquina the
I tatter a shell fnrmllt ion which is dug
taut 1 the KiiHind near the coast at
alit u < place s from St Augustine
MMth Vk IHII luKcn tnun the ground
it IK mrfi whtit eK > si < l to the air
it tlhtrrI t poue almost as hard as
ctMfW nint it forms one of the best
t4rte t tiartaa iimierials in the world
T droe R tl Daytona Seabreeze
1 ° alnl WroeU Wel Palm Beach
HKt mul in fact of nearly all of
I Ile Irxht Const towns are paved with
11 and it 141ru a pavement equal in
MtsmMCv to aophalt and as I am
i M fnacfc wore lading From West
F4tlflt M meli to Miami some seventy
aw4ki the ntllHy has built a road of
1 llii wucrixi and with an amonio
MK a MIIU Mini now make chat drive
tm a ft tR Jwmijv
Vawt iMHMfMMt ats these things are
ttM ptvpb of the east coast are not
Itniutk tm Joarlst hiel and auiomo
wlr + s a ONC The Ensi Coast railroad
rtttN elM Jwr roads which have been
le It have Mabi Hl them to develop
bait fMWtkMi of the tame from an ag
1 rlcvtiMntl stxndiioint After you leave
ttnytuw larct orange groves be
Nd IM tvnliict then vast pineries
tlrlreitlshte fields begiu to appear
rnht r xMth craiiefrnit is one of
5r taut i r fltal > le crops and back
1tnl tke Everglades and on the
4mtoi < I portions of the Everglades
t tGIMi a M6 put iu their appearance
Tin chiof pmfitK I think arc to be
umtit iu lt xtallrlcr and tomatoes A
MM who hu bee raisins pineapples
far elt years told me that his
ran < lnut that time had yielded
mt ttv flfe net profit of 12 Jlt per
mew knirU with his present e v
1kH rlei ce JH cam now grow them at U
reltte lbrtcHit
lien tomfo s arc what yitIded the
tat m lif 1 peiu a tiny with Gov
t ntnt Wr lud looking over the
fatttit r ihtiinage work and
r while in that section I talked with
several tomato growers and from
them obtained some very conipre
henstc lig ores a > to the profits of
thaT industry One man who this
ear has 3 II acres in tomatoes gave
r Ferry Seeds i
ire aot aa expert I
meat but with proper cnlO
vaucti iberassnrc success
from the start Users Have no
d bU it plantioff aor dsap
polattiiens at harvest Get
for < surest test crOP
ataU Jlcrs Famousfo c
ci 19075 ituual
free oa request
r D M FtRRY A CO i
S detsolt Mloh
I j
me the following figures as to cost
and profit per acre on a basis of 600
j crates to the acre I
i Cost Per Acre >
Planting and cultivation 1500
I Fertilizer 3500
I Packing and picking 9000 I
Total cost one acre 14000 J
The average price which the grower i
I gets for his tomatoes delivered at
i the point of shipment is 2 per crate
or from one acre of 300 crates 600 f
i Deduct from this the cost of raising
t that acre 140 and you have a net
i profit of 460 per acre t
Atlanta Journal Sayings i
The baseball umpires are now gett
ing ripe In a few weeks they will be
If the women ever serve on juries
the unwritten law will not need any
i bolstering up with alleged emotional
i insanity
The rest of us feel very little sym
Ipathy for those Americans who are
threatened with expulsion from that
dear Hayti
Messrs Shaw Fairbanks Cannon
Taft and Root have sent a joint re
quest to the White House for another i
third term declination 1
1 One reason that the Central Ameri
can war is not a very active one is
that most of the towns are named
after our Pullman cars
Every season has its trials Just as
we were beginning to get happy over I
baseball the thought would come of a
rusty lawn mower
The resignation of Senator Spooner
may have been a patriotic impulse in
the hope of showing Senator Platt and
Depew their plain duty
The Illinois legislature says it
should be pronounced Illinoy But as
long as Chicago remains in the state I
it should be pronounced Illinoise i
When the president gets through i
i with Mr Harrimans roads people
i may be inclined to think that the bigje
1 stick has been turned into a clothes
wringer i
The space given to Senator Spoon I
< er since his resignation is enough toi
I convince any unprejudiced person
that he belongs among our neargreat
Do Not Crowd the Season
I The first warm days of spring bring
I with them a desire to get out and en
joy the exhilirating air and sunshine
I Children that have been housed up
all winter are brought out and you
wonder where they all come from I
The heavy winter clothing is thrown
aside and many shed their flannels
Then a cold wave comes and people
say that grippe is epidemic Colds at
this season are even more dangerous
than in midwinter as there is much i
more danger of pneumonia Take
i Chamberlains Cough Remedy how
ever and you will have nothing to
fear It always cures and we have
never known a cold to result in pneu
monia when it was used It is pleas
ant and safe to take Children like it
For sale by all druggists m I
New Yorks Big Water Works
Now that New York city formally
has taken title to a strip of ground
20i feet wide and 10 miles long
stretching from the city line to the
Ashokan reservoir in the Catskills all
is in readiness for beginning real
work on the aqueduct It is on this
enterprise that the city plans to spend
161000 00 to provide an adequate
source of water supply for its inhabi
tants for generations to come
It is along this strip of land to
which title has been taken that the
great aqueduct will be built to bring
hundreds of millions of gallons of wa
ter daily from the Catskill mountains
to the city Now that the legal trans
fer of the property has been fade
contracts will be awarded shortly for
the buildhur of the work
The job of building the reservoirs
and aqueducts for the city is as big
a one as the construction of the Pan
ama Canal and the city will be lucky
if it does not have to pay at least
200 U 0000 before the work is
through It is estimated that twenty
five years will be required to finish
the work and the supply thus devel
oped it is figured wjll last the city
for fifty years more
Cause of Stomach Troubles
When a man has trouble with his
stomach you may know that he is eat
ing more than he should or of some
article of food or drink not suited to
his age or occupation or that his
bowels are habitually constipated
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets to regulate the bowels and
improve the digestion and see if the
trouble does not disappear Ask for
free sample Sold by all druggists
Tetter Salt Rheum and Eczema
These are diseases for which
Chamberlains Salve is especially val
uable It quickly allays the itching
and smating and soon effects a cure
Price 25 cents For sale by all drug
gists m
There is a distinct joy in own in
land unlike that which you have in
owning money in houses in books
in pictures or anything else which
men have devised Personal property
brings you into society of mtn But
land is part of Gods estate in the
globe and when a parcel of ground
is deeded to you you will walk over
it and call it your own it seems as
if you had come into partnership with
the original proprietor of the earth
Henry Ward Beecher
A negro student of Harvard Univer
sity has been awarded the Rhodes
scholarship at the Oxford University
1 from the state of Pennsylvania
The shipbuilders strike at Milwau
kee continues and several ship yards
in the vicinity are also tied up by the
f > i >
From last Fridays Daily
The second day of the recent meet
i ing of the Florida Press Association
iat Key West was devoted principal
ly to sight seeing
I Never were a people more gener
ous with their hospitality than the
citizens of Key West from the genial
and affable mayor Mr George L
Babcock on down Nothing was left
undone and the members of the asso
ciation and their friends left that city
with kindliest and most grateful feel
ings towards the citizens of Key
Ve tthe city that will some day be
one of the most important ports in
the south
In the morning the naval reserva
tion was visitedand the editors were
shown the manner of working the
guns and everything of interest was
shown them and thoroughly explain
ed hythe gallant and accommodat
ing officers in charge
This was the first of the many pleas
ures of the day and the visit to the
naval reservation was one of general
interest and enjoyment
The afternoon was devoted to vis
I iting the railroad camps of the Key
West extension The entire party
were taken in a lighter ten miles to
camp No 14 located on the key near
est to Key West
This camp is in splendid order and is
conducted in a most model manner and
everythingpossible is done for the com
fort and convenience of the work
men Could Mr Richard Barry of
Cosmopolitan fame visit in person
one of these camps the statements
made by him as reflecting on Mr
Flaglers treatment of the laborers on
his road would cause him to hide his
face in shame
This wonderful piece of engineer
ing which is perhaps the greatest
marvel of the century is steadily go
I ing on Dredges are at work between
leach key and many thousand workmen
are daily and nightly pushing for I
ward this wonderful work It is con
jfidently expected that within two
more years trains will be running
daily between Miami and Key West
and the latter city will no longer be
an isolated island but will he in di I
rect and daily communication with
the entire outside world
Before many more years it is con
fidently asserted that the schedule
from New York to Havana Cuba will
be only forty hours Think of it
This memorable day in Key West
i was concluded with the fish supper
at the Metropolitan restaurant
The Island City is everywhere
noted for her delightful and great va
i rieties of fish and on this occasion the
editors were given the privilege of
tasting many kinds of fish prepared
in the most tempting manner There
were crabs shrimps baked kingfish
broiled pompano and mackerel fried
fish craw fish salad yellow tails and
i many others In fact it was a feast
lfit for a king and ample justice was
done to the supper by the seventyfive
persons who were seated around the
tableDuring I
During the visit of the editors at
Key Vest they were taken through to1
the HavanaAmerican cigar corn
pangs establishment It is a motif I
factory and employs daily about five1
hundred men Through the courtesy
of the young manager Mr alone
we were taken through the factory
from start to finish seeing the tobacco
co as it is brought to the factory
through its different stages until it
leaves ft as fine a cigar as is made
in the world I i
On Friday evening at the i
San Carlos opera house the bust
ness of the association was concluded 1
and the following program was rendered
tIered and much enjoyed
Paper How to Run a Newspaper
by Frank L Mayes Pensacola Jour
Paper The ClawHammer and the
i SpikeTail Coat in Journalism by
I Mr E 0 Simon Pure Painter Au j
ricuhurist Jacksonville j
Paper h My Ideas of a Model News
paper by Mr K O Davie News i
West Palm Beach
The Value of Expositions to the I
MateHon Ti L Brown of Tarn
Newspaper Short Talk by Hon Tno
M Caldwell News Jasper
The resolutions as offered by the
committee called forth a number of
comments and some hot discussions
We have not sufficient space to pub
lish these resolutions but they will
be found in full in the printed min
mites of the meeting which will be is
sued as soon as possible
Through the interest and enthus
iasm of Mr W B Powell editor of
the St Petersburg Independent that
city was chosen as the place for
holding the meeting next year and the
editors of Florida are eagerly looking
forward to their meeting at beautiful
St Petersburg
The following is the list of commit
tees appointed for the ensuing year
Executive F Sherwood Demo
crat Live Oak chairman C L Bit
tinger Star Ocala Harry L Brown
Record St Augustine William A
Russell News Palatka M F Hoth
rington News Lakeland the president
and the secretary j
Legislative I H McCreary Sun i
Gainesville chairman Frank L
Mayes Journal Pensacola J M Cald I
well News Jasper
Membership L J Brumby Florida j
Fruit and Truck Grower Ocala chairman jg
rman Arthur B Brown News Fort j
SPierce W B Folsom TimesCourier i
Marianna i
Arbitration and Grievances Li
Bragg Sun West Palm Beach chair
man Phillip Isaacs Press Fort h
ers Columbus B Smith New Enter
ieprise Madison chairman C H Wai I
f ton Advocate Tftusville A M C
t s r
t t on Tobacco icnptoves it Li1 t T osti
m ves Gwen tjtsee4 rtups t
S3i tnutaYig anna Taite oUMi
iin SchnapQsTobocco
and Cotttt
Three ways are used by farmers tobacco grown in the famous Pied =
for curing and preparing their to mont region requires and takes less
bacco for the market namely sun sweetening than tobacco grown in
cured air cured and flue cured any other section of the United States
The old and cheap way is called air and has a wholesome stimulating
cured the later discovery and im juicy full tobacco taste that satisfies i
proved way is called flue cured tobacco hunger Thats why chewers
In flue curing the tobacco is taken prefer Schnapps because Schnapps
from the fields and racked in barns cheers more than any other chewing
especially built to retain heat and tobacco and thats why chewers of
there subjected to a continuous high Schnapps pass the good thing along
temperature produced by the direct one chever makes other chewers
heat of flame heated flues which until the fact is established that
brings out in the tobacco that there are more chewers and more
stimulating taste and aroma that pounds of tobacco chewed to the
expert roasting develops in green population in states where Schnapps
coffee These similar processes give tobacco is sold than there are in
to both tobacco and coffee the cheer those states where Schnapps has not
ing and stimulating quality that pop yet been offered to the trade
ularizes their use A loc plug of Schnapps is more
The quality of tobacco depends economical than a much larger loc
much on the curing process and the plug of cheap tobacco Sold at Sac
kind of soil that produces it as ex per pound in 5c cuts Strictly 10
pert tests prove that this flue cured and 15 cent plugs
Russel Argus Brooksville
Resolutions and Memorials Frank
Harris Banner Ocala chairman L
D Geiger Citizen Apopka Fred Pas
co Advocate Live Oak T D Mc
Beath School Exponent Gainesville I
E S Mat news Telegraph Starke
Publication D Powell Indepen
dent St Petersburg chairman W
L Straub Times St Petersburg TI
J Appleyard Index Lake City I
The Worst Climates
A harsh raw wind was blowing
Now and then a Hurry of icy rain fell
The streets were ankle deep in slush i
Speaking of rank climates said t
a globetrotter as he laid on a fresh j
log 1 have experienced the three
worst I
Of these three unspeakable cli
mates I give the palm to the Straits i I
of Magellan There it rains on an
average of three hundred and fifty
days in the year The wind blows a
hurricane from January to December i
The thermometer never rises much 1
above the freezing point A year i
round of raw bitter days of rain and
Next comes Sierra Leone on the
African coast The lowlying marshy
region has an average temperature of
eightyone degrees and the annual
rainfall is one hundred and eighty
iiiiie inches enormous There are
too the smokes These are mists
smelling like oyster mud that rises
continually from the marshes giving
marsh fever to nine out of ten of the
white men that breathe them A year
round of hot and sticky days with the
vile smelling clouds of mist and whirr
ing clouds of mosquitoes
hLac J comes the high table lands of
Central Asia where the lack of mois
t ture in the air makes the days Saha
f ran and the nights Artie Days like
ia red hot furnace nights like a Jan
uary blizzard before this range of
jtemnenum1 no human constitution
i cnn stand up Minneapolis Journal
i Paper Boxes for Oranges and Vege
I The new pulpboard orange box will
bn on the market This box is the
invention of Henry Ruggles and will
be a great success It is light strong
I well vent hated and cheap Theres
four points of superiority over the
wooden box The factory will he hero
and it will not be many weeks before
this new box will no on the market
The pulpboan1 will be manufactured
in Wisconsin the local people here
having bought the only mill in the
country which makes this particular
kind of pus 1 board which is used in
those improved boxes The l oxes are
shipped in the shook which brinks
freight charges down to the minimum
Rerilands < Cat Citrograph
> u
So he best of us only have an
ounce of soul At this rate of measj
t uremem if will require about three
thousand souls to measure of to the
avoirdupois weight of an average man
If therefore the souls of men HI all
space where is the mathematician
iwho will be able to calculate the
number And if at death the soul
leaves its tenement of flesh as these
eminent Boston doctors emphatically
declare will the soul be subject to1
I the same laws as the body and will
jit be capable of experiencing the sat
iferinj of torture and pain and other
things that are supposed to belong
purely to the physical
A commission has just returned
from the Isthmus of Panama and de
l clare that the canal will be complet
ed by January 1 1915
If you have lands you wish to sell leasts or rent
or if you want to buy lands for farming grazing
turpentining or lumber purposes
Write to
Agatheridan Society I
The Agatheridan Society held its
regular meeting Fridav afternoon
After reading minutes of last meet
ling the following program was render
ed I
Subject Jackson
Oration Jackson a Product of the
Times Wilbur Cleveland
Essay Life and Character of J ielc i
son Legie Blitch
i Declamation Edward Green
tI Essay Jackson as u General Sum
Recitation Marcclla McLnin i
Essay Jackson as a Pn ichmr
I Ethel Crosby
Declamation Earl Lytle
Essay The Hennitase Ethel Tur
Debate Has the treatment of the
Indians been just Affirmative Wil
ibur Cleveland and Helen Drown 11g
alive Grace Glover and hwz Gates
The judges Maggie Lytle Wilbur
Smith and Clarence Meffert decided
i in favor of the negative
After the paper had been read and
J the critics had made their report it
being the regular day for the election
t of officers the following were elected
j President Mary Burfonl vicepresi
dent II rant ley Weather = secretary
Lola Raysor sergeant at arm W ft r
nor Smith i
i The being no further bu in ss the
society adjourned to ineei March 2
i The Young Man Needs a Guardian
Why that was a vile slander he
said speaking of the Cosmopolitans
peonage article Think of a man lw
lag access l cf collusion with an of
ficer to secure labor by rnilrortltiiK
negroes into the convict camps That
is a monstrous thing to say and I
have been employed b > Mr C V
Miller to sue the Cosmopolitan for
a hundred thousand dollars damans
The statement thai Mr Miller is nfl
ty of such collusion is a libel per IW I
and we have only to charge this IUlfl i
they must thru prove their statement i
which of course can not b < urine
This peonage article was ordrtd
originally by McCluros Magaxine ami
I happened to be in New York wli n
it came to the office of that publica
tion I read the story and talked to
1 Mr McClure about it tellinsr him that
fit was colored throughout with false
hood He replied Mr Anderson I
have no desire to print anything that
Is not true and the story WitS ar1
cordingly refused by that magazine
only to appear later in the Cosmop
olitan Magazine And it will work
great injury nor only to Mr Millar 1
but to the whole state of Florida Th
young fellow that wrote that thlnu
I needs a guardian fl L Anderson
i in an interview in Tallahassee Sun
Proprietor of ths I
Is now prepared to ship Bread Cakes
Pies Etc on short notice and guar
antees satisfaction in all cases
Give him a trial
Head Camp Jurisdiction T Elects Of
ficers for the Ensuing Term at
JacksonvilleNext Meeting
to be held in Atlanta
Special to the Ocala Banner
Jacksonville Fla March liTbe
convention of the Head Camp uTo
Woodmen of the World at its session
yesterday elected its permanent of
ficers as follows
Head consul C W Campbell Ma
icon GH
Hood advisor H T Uoozer Lake
City Fin
Head dork W C Uonnolt Atlanta
Head Imnlter F H Hunne Jackson
ville Fin
Head < Sort VV M Hfrr Sfivnmiah
Head natch limn J B Brooks
Gainesville Fin
Head sentry A W SUaUwck Nuw
Smyrna Fla
The bnxril of mnnnser < IO n
It G R Calhown Sanford Fin
It H Mnrlln Dawson Ga W II M
nuehiiiiit Tampa Fin George F
Chidsey Koiix tt W H Lantjloy
Ifusmola Fla
Head Camp uT In entitled to four
representathes in HIP sorurelgn
camp which moots In Norfolk Va
next May J Mac Tow tie IUlMt hoad
consul TamiMi and C W Camnbull
heixd consul of Macron fo to the sov
ervitii camp by virtue of their office
The delegate at lan 4 selected ar
C D Mills or JnckBonville FItt J
W Dillon Thouiatrllle Ga
Alienintete C H Dam Ocniii Ha
II H M SiCMVHti DnxvtMtti Gn
Atlanta wn aNlect d aa the Hd
nUn place In a uwtitiniouB eKe
Grand Officers Elected
Til Gram Lodge K of P heW
their n nit Ita I nuetinc nt Orfcuuto fa t
week It wan laruHr aft < M4lo i anti
war In e1 way a vry a ell Itt
The following ollictr worn ol et
d for the maiiiuft veer
Henry Homier of Pettariochi Post
Grand Chancellor
L 0 Lynch of Gnhimvtlto GraatI
J Emmett Wolf of htrnrncoIa
Grand Vice Chancellor
Harrv Prlchard of St As tlae
Grand Prelate
H Clay Crawford ot Tnltau6Ht
Grand Master at Arm
W R ONeal of Orlando aa l T EL
Well of PtI1 > acoln SUP tar r iw
cental ives
Win H Iatlm wa rcofI Jectod 38
Grand Keeper of the Hoconle and
Seals while W C lest was also re I
elected Grand Master of Exehgtftir
The severe cold weathtr In Coan
ticttt for the past ws has drlrew
birds and other anintls to the farm
houses for protection In their star
ing condition they ut with the dome
tic fowls and seNn pe < r tly tame

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