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i f I y I Doin t 1 s at the State Ca ll1 Special J Brumby By Correspondent I j I a i
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1 i 4 4 Y OVON
1 Special to the Ocala Banner
Tallahassee Aiiril 4 Yesterdays
i j
4 session of tin legislature was not
t marked by many actions of particu t
lar importance to the state at largo
t half a dozen hills being introduced 1
into the house and fortyone in the i
senate Several were passed under j
t suspension of rules I
The house was in session from ten I
oclock in the morning until noon and
the senate from Uo until about 430
in the afternoon In the morning a
number of senators were present in II
the house as s I ectators and in the
afternoon a still larger number of
representatives attended the session
of the upper body
t In the house the first thing was the
reading of the special message from
the governor defending the trustees
of the internal improvement fund
the attacks made upon them by var
ious newspapers and through pamph
lets and otherwise Representative
Carter of Alachua introduced a res
olution house concurrent resolution
No1 for the appointment of a joint
committee of three senators and four
representatives as requested by Gov I
ernor Broward The bill is along the i
t same lines as the Beard resolution
passed in the senate Tuesday after
noon except that it is shorter and in
the preamble recites that the fact that
the Governor requested the investigation
Yestigation Representative Reese of
4 Escambia the home county of Sena
tor Beard suggested that the senate
resolution be passed but it had not
been certified to the house and Judge
Carters resolution prevailed by a I
unanimous vote In presenting the 1
resolution Mr Carter staled that he
did not know whether the charges
were true or false that had been made
against the trustees but that the
truth should bo known as soon as pos
sible and if the trustees were guilty
impeached and retired from office if
not fully vindicated
f A resolution condemning in un I
measured terms Richard Barry au
thor and William R Hearst publish
er of the article in the Cosmopolitan
Magazine concerning peonage in Flor
ida and extending the thanks of the
house to Hon Prank Clark for his de
fense of the state in the halls of con
gress was introduced by Mr Dorman
of Suwannee and seconded by Mr
Knight of Citrus who denounced the
article vigorously
Another resolution by Mr Dorman
appealing to the trustees of the Inter
nal Improvement Fund not to spend
any more money in the attempted
reclamation of the Everglades until
the people and tax payers of the state
should signify their willingness to
proceed with the undertaking went
I over at his request under the rules I
Resolutions were introduced and
passed over under the rules providing
for joint committees to inspect the
reform school and convict camps of
the state and committees to visit the
state university and school for the
blind at St Augustine and similar
1 resolutions were introduced in the
senate in the afternoon
In the senate in the afternoon Sen
ator Cot troll was sworn in by lust ice
Parkhill and President Harris an
nouucfd the committee appointmlnt
Nxi hills of uwoli general ilnportancc
l were IJa st5 < Ml except Senator Buck
f innns hill to restore the number of
1 grand jurors to the old number from
f twelve to eighteen Bills were intro
r < luc < Ml coverins many important sub
t jeers such as the slate schools fran
i chise taxation milroads and other
t public service corporation The bills
t wore referred to the proper commit
fi tees Both senator Crane of the
eleventh and Senator McCrenry of
t the thirty tnndh jnt rod u Cttl bills to
provide for state uniformity in text
Special to the Ocala Banner
Tallahassee April 4Tht report of
t V the commission itotntOO IU le Ins
session of the legislature to receive
E and consider chums for rents of ar
mories presented its report to the sen
ate and house today
After passing upon several the com
Mission recites There is also sub
t Bitted herewith the claims of Marion
county from which it ash
pears that RM armory was turn ihl
tltta troops of that co mty during the
period covered by the ac and that
the rate of rent was renewable but
t Is believed that the sum of S279rtH1
which appears to have been added to
the amount of rent compounded at
the matt of S per cent shi > old be tie
4 ducted making the claim when cor
rectal amount to 234ctu instead 01
S5224V as rendered by the county
The report is sighed by A C Croom
coniKroller W H Ellis jutorney
general aad J Clifford R Foster ad
juiantgoneral as commissioners
Tallahassee Fla April 5Bot11
houses of the legislature adjourned
after the morning session until Mon
Eiphtyfour bills have been introduc
ed in the senate so far as against
thirtyone for same period last ses
sion eightyeight in house as against
sixtynine first week in 1905
Senator Newlands of Sewannee
r j c
1FL w IJo K
J A t > 11 17
04 m Oe M f > v VTTVVYV
died this afternoon at Live OaU mak
ins a total oi four deaths in the sen
Tallahassee April > A very in
teresting day was yesterday in both
the senate and the house of represen
tatives a large number of bills intro
duced in both houses 29 in the senate
and 13 in the lower house
The house passed a bill under sus
pension of rules to authorize a bond
issue of 5000 by the city of Talla
hassee for the purpose of buying
leasing or otherwise acquiring and
improving the waterworks system ot
the city or of establishing a munici
pal system The bill was introduced
by Mr Wells of Leon
The house also passed under sus
pension of rules the bill passed by the
senate validating the bond issue of
S45000 by the town of Bradentown
for municipal improvements
The Buckman bill restoring the
grand jury to the original number was
referred to the house committee on
judiciary and senate bill No 69 re
lating to the municipality of Key West
and introduced by President Harris
was referred to the house committee
on county and city organization
Speaker Mathews announced the ap
pointment of the standing committees
of the house the chairman of the
principal committees being as fol
Judiciary Mr McWilliams of St
Finance and Taxation Mr Wilson
of Hernando
Constitutional Amendments Mr
Clark of Jefferson i
Railroads and Telegraphs Mr Dor
man of Suwannee
Appropriations F Harvell of San
ta Rosa
clucationJr Dudley of Hillsbor
Corporations Mathews of Ma
Canals and Drainage Mr Donegan
of Osceola
Organized Labor Mr McKenzie of
Census and Apportionment r
Vartmann of Marion
State Pensions Mr McClellan of
Senator Humphreys of the twentieth
district and Representative Pettigrew
socialist of Manatee introduced in
1 their respective bodies constitutional
amendments incorporating the princi
ples of direct legislation as expressed
through the initiative and referendum
Senate resolution Xo 1 was receiv
I ed by the house and Mr Dorman mov
ed to substitute it for house concur
rent resolution Xo 1 both providing
for a committee to investigate the in
ternal improvement fund of the state
Mr Carter of Alachua the author of
I the house resolution vigorously op
posed the change and was support
led by Mr Vilson of Herdando Mr
Dorman and Mr Watson of Dade fa
voring it The proposition was lost by
a vote of 1 to LO whereupon Mr
Knight of Citrus moved that the sen
ate resolution be substituted for the
resolution introduced by himself the
day before and then on the calendar lI
Mr Willis of Levy moved to table l
Mr Knights motion and it was done
bv a vote of to I on a division
tly Marion members voting with the
I Meanwhile in the senate the bouse
Iconciirrem resolution was under con
sideration and Senator Beard of
the second author of senate resolu
tion moved to strike ail after the en
act in clause in the house resolution
and substitute his own in place of
that stricken This motion was lost
but amendment proposed by Senators
Adams and MeCrenry were agreed to
Viand today the resolution will be sew
buck to the house as amended This
shifts the seat of war back lo the
lower hon l
It is probable that a joint commit
tee will he appointed to draft a reso
lution suitable to both houses before
time matter is finally disposed of and
I the prospects are good for a very in
jteresiing debate today between oppos
i ing members of the house
Special to the Ocala Banner
Tallahassee April 5 Jude JOE H
i Bell of Tallahassee has been here
several days partly to confer with liK
Marion county delegation relative to
laws affecting county judges court
returned home this morning
Mr John T Lewis state convict j
in < Motor who has also been an inter
lesied onlooker in legislative halls for
several days left yesterday for a trip
of inspection down in Taylor and La
Fayette eonuties i
i Mr T E Bridges is another recent
Ocala visitor
t In the appointment of chairmanships
of important committees Marion coun
ty was well recognized by Speaker i
i Mathews Wart man is chairman of
I the committee on census and appor
tionment a very important committee
this year while Mathews Iras the
I chairmanship of the committee on
I corporations a position which is much
l i sought after
So far the Marion delegation is more
I than holding its own
Senator Baker is the chairman of
the senate committee on legislation
This committee will have considera
tion of some of the most important
legislation ever introduced for the
i benefit of the whole state of Florida
1 Y
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I C c ED ty I
p ROCK p
f eta N a DOOOCO 7
ij ATLANTA t t
I 4
s 11 1
p VTL 6 n Ale
mm I 1 Red RocK Ginger
Isilr I stands out all other drinks as an
a I I S i11s U1t among 1 1
I ti I I F exceptionally pure highclass article K r t
I t t + 11 It has the active endorsement of the most ethical medical t t
1 > men and is widely prescribed as a home drink for all j i
I r people suffering from the various forms of indigestion t t iF t t
LooK for Red RocK Crown Stopper on Bottles
I y
I 4 Q r
a + t 1 ti
l t aJ
l I i t I 4 p 1V J P r titlt il
I 1 h t 1 t l
Manufactured by THE RED ROCK COMPANY Jacksonville Florida i
He is also a member of the committee
on Public Printing Fisheries Militia
Mineral Resources and Privileges and
It is probable both senate and house
will adjourn over today until Monday
both to give members a breathing
spell and to permit committees to
consider to some extent the volomtin
ors number of bills already introduc
ed a volume practically unprecedent
ed in the history of Florida legisla
Tallahassee April Everything
was harmonious everybody was unan
imous in the organization of the leg
islature or it appeared outwardly o
at the caucus Monday night Senator
Harris was made president of the I
senate and Mr Mathews speaker
I without a dissenting vote Mr Ap
Ipleyard went like a lamb to the
slaughter without a murmur and
Mr Keluni bore off the clerkship of
the house without a protest Xot un
til nominations were made for door
keeper in the house was there any ex
citement For awhile it looked like I
popular old Dan Wiggins would lose
lout as his opponent not only was a
Con federate veteran but had killed
Indians but his supporters stood
firm and he was nominated A pic
turesque incident developed when
11 r Dupont of St Johns insisted that
the candidates for reading clerk
should give a demonstration of their
ability to read so that the house
jcould decide entirely upon the merits
of the two candidates Col Nat 11
Walker of Waukulla easily walked
off with the honors in the contest
falling into his familiar swinging in
tonation as naturally as if he was in
the middle of a session Either by
i accident or design the selection read
was Governor Drews contract with
Sidney Wailes out of which grew the
famous Wailes claim which like Ban
tjuos Ghist stalks th o legislative
The most interesting contest in the
I house caucus was among the pages
i There were sixteen candidates Mr
Melton of Duval moved that all the
candidates stand up in a row so that 1
he could see them all Boys are my
weakness explained Tncle Steve It i
used to be girls but now it is boys
So a row of bright faced boys faced
the crowd I
Among tin candidates was a boy I
about twelve or fourteen years of age
tlit oldest of a family of six father I
less children In nominating him his
friend said Tljis boy has got to bo I
a father to those six fatherless child
ren and the dear little man stuck out
his chest and looked determined
enough to father a whole > colony You
do not wonder that he vas nominated i
on the first ballot
t Tallahassee is 11 bud place for any
I one or anything with a shady past
just now The spirit of investigation
is rampant Governor Broward is
calling loudly for investigations and
jlhe legislators are likewise calling for
j investigations The whole body is re
solving itself into a huge interroga
tion point The otlicials are just as
anxious to be investigated as the leg
islators are to investigate so
1It the public does ont get all the in
II formation that is coming to it it will
not be for lack of zeal at the capital
I Notwithstanding the published re
ix > rt of the state auditor upon the ac
counts of the trustees of the internal
fund the insists
t improvement governor
silts that every official act of the
I boards from the beginning of the trust
shall be subjected to he closest scrum
itiny Governor Broward is properly
angry and is tiring hot shot into the
ranks from which h 41c come all man
ner of insinuations of wrong and nis
Hon R Pope Reese of Esoambia
county succeeded in passing a bill
relating 10 local affairs In Pensacola
the first day of the session Mr
Reese has created a very favorable im
pression at tho capital and will be
one of the influential members of the
house He is a young man full of
energy and vigor with an appear
ance and manner that begets confi
dence Another young man whose in
fluence in the house will be felt is
Hon I L Farris of Duval county I
I feel a special pride in Mr Farris ca
t reel He is a Marion county boy
who has by sheer force of character
and his own ability made a most en
viable record as a lawyer and a man
Marion county has a good working
team in Hon E L Wartroan and Hon
Geirge G Mathews Mr Wartman is
r 4
1 r r c
serving his second term and has a
strong following Mr Wart man ap
plies the honesty and integrity that
mark him in private life to his of
ficial conduct Mr Mathews enjoys
the distinction of having held an
American consulship under President
Cleveland at Para Brazil HP is a
good speaker and will be interested
in good measures
In the Senate lohn Beard is prob
ably the most striking personality
Distingueshed in face and manner and
mental attainments and thoroughly in
earnest he holds the attention of his
hearers What he will accomplish is
yet to be proved Mr Beard will be
a candidate for the Tinted States sen
ate against Senator Mallory in the
next campaign
Dr Theop West of Jackson coun
ty and Senator James E Broome of
Gadsden are two men who add dis
tinction to tho senatorial body Both I
are gentlemen of the old school with
charming manners and delightful
oldtime comtliness Dr West is
serving his first term in the senate
dl r Broome has served three terms in
the senate and is known as one of
the orators of that body
Tallahass April > Tbo sessions I
of the renat and house uf ivpnsiitu
tives today pre both very brief om
parutivHy jpiakin the suiiit > a < l
jminriud shortly after eleven oclock
until three oclock Monday afternoon
Hiul the hous at lLyO till Hi a ui
the same clay
In the senate two bills of si < chil in
tirest to PIn alnlt voro passed und r
HUspciisjdH Of rules in the inate lilt
amendment to tin city charter pro
viding1 for the t lection of city officials
now appointed by the council uhioh
passed the house yesterday and a
hill by Senator Beard authorizing the
city to loan its money An amend
m nt to the first bill offered by Sena
tor Bard excepting the city engineer
and ejerk from the appointive oflicers
was accepted and concurred in by lIlt
I house on motion of 11 r Reese of Ks
canibin who was the author of the
In the house n large number of tom
mktei clerks were provided for and
several rposiutions providing for joint
coMiuikteis to visit and report IIpn
the various state institutions wsr t
upon second reading Mr Knight of
Citrus withdrew his nsoiution f > r tt
joint committee of three to invetsigat
the internnl improvement fund nid t1r
motion of Mr Wilson of IGrnalI
the house unanimously lahicd vuit
eon urreni resolution No I by S < ni
tor Meant providing for a joint mm
mittee of seven to inspect th < iu
fund and the matter now awaits the
iturn to the house of how t > ii
current oIwian Xo 1 by Mr < i1
Ii ter wit h the senate amendment
eveml of the nuinbers asked to b
excused from attendance for se vtr1
I days nml a resolution was passed IX
cusins the Iiitts from attendance upon
all Sundays during the session
Mr MaUiMws of Marion imro < Iu s d
a resolution to amend the conMitu
linn by abolishing the nffieo of tiln
ty treasurer and assigning the duties
of this oilice to tan tax collet tor It
I was referred to the committee n < n
I stitutionul amendments
During the first four days of MI
tts ion xg bills were introduced fn the
S1iat and S7 in the house
A news item tells us that the t
of Washington will spend 1 < i a
year for several years to come it 111
v nifina the ivsmmvs of that w t 1 r
ful tatP 1ile with nf > rretir n < n L o
do thing The legislature nH ti
propriat this mony and think jf
money well spent although thr roW
bo some men who vamp it don Iay
to advertise Advertising hHI Pf J
Jhe valleys and hills of California with
rich and poor the successful antI th <
neVr do wells and It made orange nl
ture profitable in that state bringing
the crop in competition with th sroM
en fruit of Florida Apalatbicola
Tin > a
Fine Carload of Horses and Mules
Mr D W Tompkins has just re
received an exceptionally fine carload
of horses and mules from Columbia
Tenn They were selected with great
care and are warranted sound and
perfect in every respect They are
a particularly excellent lot Call at
Mr Tompkins stables and inspect
them x
o i t r mIt
tri F >
> r
r < 2 r
Jf = i t w o e rJ
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Sash Doors and Blinds
Paints Oils and Varnishes
Mill and Mining Supplies r
Turpentine Snpplies r
Improved Farming Tofe o
Marion Hardware Company
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If you have lands you wih to sell kar Tcd t
or if you want ti > buy laiuls tor farinini giwstngl I
turpentining 01 lumber 11lrplnt < v I
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West of Court House
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Education by Mail
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Colon tui ecrjyrpHTPtnii trt Jvrf h t m
Ikx Vlffj ry Antnmeic Aer 11 r 01 r try
Gr r IRAT lieVnc ft jttt lLtr rr rAn e I
Thoroughly Tuu ht by ilnlL Inv IntrL od
topa LTrtr U1I v r fTv + w < mMJrv I
tnC A rta1 HIMKSlolatknaia i
t I
Branchs Genuine I
Rattlesnake Watermelon Seed
Only Pure Strain in United States I
Carefully < r lrtei t 1 ir flrfY
years o rhr varied truw tn I
plantation of irmi ncr h Pun 4ft
imposfibk where ditfront kitid
are grown l oaUSc 2oz 2V 4 out
40c 12 Ib nor lib 1 jIb Hin lflU
S50 delivered
I Remit registered Utt r or moncr w
der Send for seed annual
J Manual on melon culture on all or
Columbia Co Berzelia Ga I
Jerry Burnett j
Merchant t
Tailoring c 1
Ocala Florida
l4inPit lrUpo Pd
rrC Mif
Dome tie CIas i
f Aril ilt8 ru t
> GUfiIR I4 h n
Proprietor of the
Is now prepared to hip area Cake
Pies Etc M on ahert nMfc and sty
antee tall > sfactlen in all McL
Give him a trial

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