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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, April 19, 1907, Image 5

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j is the best spring tonic 11
3 j J +
rt I Si00 per Bottle 8 Bottles for 500 f f
11 JL A i 9 V
e rv
I U V iA
oCt AT TH1 A
f 11 f < S 8
f > oIV
ett ff I i p C +
f r a
+ h is j d S z r tt 4 ES It I
+ 1 fl Va 1 a f J1 4 4 5 i u < ai n Q
9 fe UwlUiasULF tJ 1r n vs g 1 t 1 tJj it t1
Q4s90 L4Hd + t Oa1r iWv9 + 43 44iC444 + O +
lr frrifi94f t id4 ui OC fib 6LG4 > 43 d 4b94Q 4
a a e + w orsln f ftl tNmLAattrZ efu2rbL = ILI K3147w
T 1 t
11h TD
If you have laml you vi < h to = = elL easdr rrnt
or if you want to buy land for farming grazing
itllrp Hiining or lumber lurpoes
t Write to
Sheriff Hnry lordon hits turned I
ltorne front Tampa
Mr and Mrs O E Km n and little
S4ar rgu oMSt ail tbt + jckhi vlaba Inn l
i4r E M Howard is eji joying s JU I
nir wk at his phtt a vf bu 1net I
Dr littotc ltt ts 4f lnv iii w
vtd anrJnr Sttt s ir visitors in
j Ir S S Saa t jr fJi rndl has I
c dl n sl riding the flint 9 v rat lays in
l Ooola II
Mrs E L Meintmsh returned hone
f I v4igy frenl a brIr t visit lit 1r
Air J K CtuI ian tC Lit lnirosh
1 Wa5 amonI the many bMtrlr a vaiti r
to Octtla Twt sda
TJtfI Eri k tr JiIi NS AI lIth s
will iI lleed Ie learn that site Is
vry uunt impiivdd
Mr Richard S Hall Dft rtturltti1
nU e fnm a short bMSi > s visit to
Bnstnn and Xew York
Mr and Mrs Kt nth JUPh = rn
f1f Mulberry ire in the city the rw ts
the tailors fiarents Mr and irs
l tf 8 H Seymour
r A
V J f I
t ° Mrs M H S w v fL who has bn
I quitE sick for some day 5 Cetffm n I
from th attack i acute in41 sdon I
1 has oMp i trI y recovered I
f 1 y 1
Mr John Dunn Buekatew who has
b n spending m wt of the a8tm in
I < rata and f ke Weir will leave today
for Whit Sfirinjw Fla and tar on
will return to his h < r me at Jamesbur
1C J t
Mr and Mr c J Q PeatKk waif t
b Trtly grin h4kcpn sr in Mr and
Mrs VT T Crutohern home on South
St > itd tit and Mrs Oruteher wilt t
s 0 to Kentwoky to spend the summerr i
with rttht
Mr Bradfwd W t teh of t ht St ndard 1
Um coniiany + f Kndrick was A
pleasant visitor tn o rof < ice yesterday i
w Ike iir VVhituorth with his red I > u
1 ir3wr ys h rs Mr Wehb has s Atn i
2 Jngthat nri iw the otd or dmuchi
1l I + + t tR He isTn biff luck I
i Mr J K Chi tiait wh r twrnilurtE a I
nferoaatil establishment at Mcfnto h t
and DtwneltMi was a pleasant visitor
1i Wednesday He says thai when a i
VTorMla trucker runs up against an un i
b parssIknt drought and frost and ice in 1
April he is wp aeains two hard prop i
ositkms I
3tSr A Y Strunk has been away all i
the mek ere ° tinff a windmill for > lr i I
W 2 Priest who lives about tww rIkz 1
hi dr Anthony A windmill Bet ves a 1
altlab turn on the farm aDd ds l I
Teat labor saver and as labor S I
T + v + mrs Can and higher winlmil
will bmm mYrM in demand
A mad dc wa seen in the north i
std of the city yesterday aril r r cdue i
ed qmte a scare Word was finally sent I
to Mr Will Mo 1P at the gas works i I
I and he armed himself with a pistol
and went in wan h of the dog h
at It several tim4s but dtd not kill it I 1
The 4osr ran in the dire tMIt of iM
WNtds st son rt4dittg in hat I
s fun ot the city had better be oa j
their guard f
Mr C H Mathis of Blackville S i
f C who hajet ned to Florida when in
if S > rmati r u reached him n f our sudden i
tX Pall in tul erature was feeling d > I
r chtfuliy well yesterday when n e i
i aw him Ht said that he bad just re j
turned from an inslt tin of his can i
taioupe fields neer Martin and ftas I
happy to report that they escaped un
injured He aid that he had asoj
heard from his cantaloup fields atl
brine ami at Ymi ton and the same 1
g < vvd new s r ache i him from these j
places Mr Mathis also said thnt the
t beans are hurt only slightly Indeed j
Marion emerges from the cold spell i
with flying colors TVe nope so at
least and hope also that all of our
truckers will be rewarded for their toil
IT risk with bountiful crops orl bc
Jn 5
I l Ir H H Vhitvorth wa < in town
I yesterday and says that the cold did
not hurt his rd Duroc Jerseys He
I advis all his farm friends to do as
h has don and try the Durocs
Mrs K L Burdine and two little t
I daughters arrived in Ocala Tu sday
I tftrno to join Mr Burdine who is
the pharmacist for the Hunter Drug
company They are for the present
ru n > nt the Tkklawaha Inn i
I Mr L Harrison of Jacksonville at I
t Mn y for the S A L railway and a I I
I former member of tihe board of trus i
tees of the University of Florida wtis
a prominent visitor to the city Tu s
The Lincoln Heights sales is treat
in intense interest among our colored I
in jple and those who sav up money j
and buy lots on the days of the auc j
tion will do a good days work AI
i t1tme roots one to the roil and slakes I
t l ritixenship
A little son was brn to Mr and
Mrs Joyce Monday morning at their
home in tnt second ward Mr and
Mrs Joyce are new residents of Ocnln
Mr Joyce being the new soda waterman
man at the AntiMonopoly drug store
I i
I Dr antI Mrs Guy Ayer Miss Bessie
j Pewter and Mr Clifford Ayer wertt
down to Lake Weir Tuesday after
jaoon to sh > w Mr Ayer the bauties i
of that section They erturnd yes
terday afternoon
Dr W V Xewsom Dr AL Ixlar
and l > r W H Powers went down t o
Tami Tuesday afternoon to attend Uv
annual ftlcttin t > f the state medical its
si dation During the ab nce tlf lir
Pv wers5 Mrs Powers and litle son will
tw the cnests of ilr and Mr Fran
The Hunter Drug company rt s mbL
ed a sanv in s rme metropolitan city
last night Under the reflected light
of many colored electric jets waa soft
and delterhuul music and the table3
wtre crowded with Ocala beauty and
chivalry it certainly prseni d a
plea iint and animated seen1 and one
that titan nowhere be duplicated in any
Florida interior city It is now the
ta to have ice cream partieand
iaet night there was several of ttw
f arrtit
apt T H Johnson ifs a happy man I
He says that he has thirtytwo acres
in an orange tOe near Lakeland that
were nearly perished for the want of
rain They were all the world like a 1
man famishing from thirt and at one
time he feared that every tree would
die But the rain came the trees re
vived and w iln he went down H look
at them the other day the leave bad
i assumed the green Mossy appearance
of life and were in full bloom He says
the appearance ot tba grove was a
ft at u his eyes and a delight to his
n art
I ihn Cypress a iull blood Semi
nole pa > ed here on the train Friday j
morning last on his way to Tampa for
treatment for wine physical disorder
He was accompanied by his friend I
8h riff Tippen of Lee county in whose
charge he had placed himself to retard
him from the imaginary dangers of the
trip The Seminoie it is said will
not venture far from home unless un I
i der he charsre of some white friend
I in whom they have niidence Wil on
I Cypress was dressed like a white man
even wefirinsr that abomination of civ
ilisAtion a derby hat Punta Gorda
I Tht Consolidated Realty and Im
I provement com puny of Waycross Ga
ot which Mr J E T Bowden a name
well known in Florida is s neral man
i ager has formed a close partnership
j with the printing offices where it does
business and as n result has not yet
failed to score a big success This com
pany has pictured success all over the
state of Georgia and expects to do
th same for Florida Read its ads
and see how a live concern does busi
great deal to our city and will inspire
all lines
I a cpneral awakening along
Vat r the pate s of tie Banner from
t otij to day
v ts
Mr M E Robinson if Tampa is
at the Ocala Hoti > t
Mrs Crosby and children of Mar i
tin are the guests of Mr J W Cros i
by on Ft King avenue j
Mr F E Crawford of Montbrook
f rn rly liss Cora Rawls was amon I
th visitors to Ocala SV dn day j
11 Tim f fn a
put + i in full Air Bar r rch on j
thr Tfwal Id tlw fifteenth amendment
Mr Arthur William is up from Ga
briIla for a few days Mr Williams
i j n the naval stores business in that
p1I i e j i
I Ir J AC Keller f AbbevilK S C1
in the city for a few day and is i
th > sruest of his relations Mr and i
Mr < C N Schlemm
Th u M h 4Pq Wolf of XW York Wfco
° rIy r id in itt rtk are in th
fllr A f pw day < visit
M Anni MithfA tent onn VI
i r v i ra s lay afternoon to upend
v Jay < > ith hr brother and nis
L Mr and Mrs John Math > ws
M r John T > i 7iMr is now at Azalea I
X 4 vher he at press nt will be io
kteii for F w ral months His family
ill probably jnin him there later on
Mrs T K Slaughter vho has been
in Ocala ill for the pat tn days has >
rdturned to her home at Lon Her j
friends are pry pl ase d to know that i
she is very much improved and almost i
well again i
Miss M Byrd Wartman tvt Wi
Citra yesterday to bi present at the sil I
vr ending anniversary of her broth i
er and sitter Mr and Mrs E L Wart
man last night
Marshall H ight now Lincoln j
Htitrhst will soon be known as th
fashionable quarter for Oealas swell
colored population
< iiu 4 if the ptissen ers on the At
lantic Coat Lin railway says that the
further dovv n you s o the wors the
v s tablM crops look that they really
IOoOk better in Marion county than in
any othr se tin rf th im
Mr Eugene Cox who now own two
fine drug stores one at East Point
and the other at Collect Park Ga is
in the city on a visit to his moth
Mr W S Plk Gene has hosts of
friends in Ocala who are Clad to s
him and who ire xc edinerly glnd to
know that h is tlr1ng < o well
Mrs Virginia MiJ r 4ine of the hest
known antI nldst residents of Crys
tal River died at her horn at that
plar Tuesday aftern H > n after a fen
we k s nines She was an aunt of
Rev F c Edward of this city wh
went down > n Wdn sday to attend
the funeral and sh was a most esti
mable and splendid oman
Ii the recent municipal elton in
Gainesville Mr Pinkoson who has
bI n marshal ui the University City
for M v ral year wa defeated fr r
election ln Gainesville the peoplt are
permitted to vote for marshal In
Ocala the people are d > nid this prix
ilesre In a card jvrim 1 in th Gain <
xille Sun of April 13 Mr P says that
during his icrm of oftico he nforc l
the ordinanc s of th city nyr i
straddled the fend and always tood
on the side of law and order Wh n
an ordinance was pass + vj authorizing
the impounding of rattle he impound
ed them He says he captured a pat
many blind tigers and not only cap
tured the animals but had turn tril1
in the courts and convicted Mr
Pinkoson must have been a model of
ficer and he says that those who Vllt l
for him believed in the strict env i
ment of the laws and inferentially
that those who voted for his succt ss
ful rival do not favor the strict > n
forcement of the laws and if hiz h
true a majority of the vtfrs of f > cr
sister city seem to bfo on th wrinsr
end of the string Those who ba > IuA
In a lax enforcement of the laws p < i
to be in the majority in the Univ r
sity City
Mr J E Roach and Miss Acres Rog
ers to be Married in Way
Uhrnnnc tnerlt ha b pn made of th
riteagem nt of Mr James E Roa ° h
of JaekonvlH and lic Agn s Rog
ers of Clearwater the marriage to oc
cur in May
Mr Roach has for years represent
ed the Central of G H rria railroad in
this territory and his friends are only
limited by hi = acquaintance He ha
visited VaIa at frequent intervals tVr
the lilt eitst yv ar and its wH a l
favorably known thr u hut the stag
Miss Rotrer is one of the most popu
iar young ladies in south Florida Sh
was one of the yt ung ladies who rp
sensed Floritia ai illy st Lomis xpxi
sitlon bavins won the first place n
the Time Unions contest in the stfth
Florida district t
After the w ddlas = Iand Mrs j
Reach will en joe a tour to New York
Washington and the Jametonrn atp > j
sition and will b at home in Jack1
cnnyilla when they rurn
Cards were rec iV d fn Ocala Tu > =
day to the marriage of Mi Luoil
Ansiey and Mr John landlord Jew
ett which will take place on the ev i
ening of April the thirtieth at nin
oVSock at the home of the bride s i
mother Mrs Martha Thornton Ans
Icy in Thomasvill Ga
Mr Jwtt win he accomoftnie d t i
I Thomas vi1le by his brother Mr i
Stephen Jewett wh will bt his best
man and his sister Mis iieta Jewett 1
Mr and Mrs Jewett will return to I
Ocala directly after their marriase
and wilt be at home to their friends J
AT the Dittmer r sid nce on Fort
King avenue which Mr Jewett has
taken for the summer i
Miss Ansley is a very attractive and
I charming young woman and is ex il
ceedingly popular in Ocala and it is a
y + tat r tf rir l TJ TO t Ho T
O3ola is to b Lr f Jtare
Mr Walter Munden Weds Mrs Croom
Mr Walter L Munden ff El Burillo
Cigar I o and Mrs room Curry
both of this city wrt united in mar
riage Sunday at h39 p m at the Fir t
Methodist parsonage by Rev W K
PI nor The only persons present were
the brthr of the bridegroom Mr
Claul 1IuntJn and Miss Lina Herring
Messr James Herring and Arthur
Brooks After the ceremony the party
enjoyed a dinner at the Gran Oriente
and the bride and room left for At
lantic Reach After May 1 they will
be at home to their friends in this city
Tampa News
Both Mr Munden and his bri are
former residents of Ocala and the
above announcement will be of inter
est here The groom Is the youngest
son of Mrs A E Munsln who rKi + l
> t 1 in this city many YiiS H is a
sh I nrl y nnsr nat awl h ar < i Mr
ltun len hat thv b st = > > If their
many fri ndp Th < ai iner ex
ttnds it r ngrutlOIti d bt
i e Give Japanese Play
llituYuXi IL a very 4 lev r < i
pretty Japanese play will be givn t
the armory in this city next Thur lay
night for the bnerit of the civic lag1
The east of characters indJltlo 4
i om < of the bet ameteur talent of tN
City anti this entertainment will in all
probability be one of the best Things
that hat bn given in the city in sovn
tlmp All of the parts will be taken
by women there will also be several
little girls taking part and in every de
I tail it will be thoroughly Japanese The
j costumes and stage appointments will
show the bright and attractive color
of Japan and the play will be in very
respect a most captivating one
t The Dade City Democrat writs a
column article in praise and d fn e
i of Mr George Wilsons democracy It
i seems to us that there should be r >
i factionalism among democrats in
Florida The two wings of the party
art coming together in the nation and
indeed if Mr firavx supposition bf
i true there seems to be a coalescing f
all parties to why should dem + rats
continue to flsrht each ther Lets d + >
away with factionalism and corns to
gether Editor Wilson i < a good dem
crat He has shown it all through his
life S t has Governor Rroward The
governor is ronscienti > u = There i =
scarcely a newspaper in Florida that
has not aid that he N conscientious
Sf why cannot both factions in Flor
ida com tosrerher set an example fr
the nation aril rut the party in a po
sition to wm a glorious vIctory in
29th in tl > < tau < and T r nation
Frost and tee in April
I There was frot and ice Monday re
ported in many places and it wa the j
coldest day we have had in April in
many years perhaps since 1S49
Fortunately however as we had had
severe winds and told weather for
nearly two weeks the vegetable plants
were in a condition to stand a sooil
deal of old and many of them ha t
aped uninjured This particularly
is true of the cantaloupe crop We
have conversed with several people
and have sn an exhibition of the
vines and can state positively that
they are only slightly injured Th
watermelons and beans djd not fare
I o well and it Is estimated that there
J4rop have 1ern iujired forty or fifty
Fortunately the melons that have
been injured tan t > o replanted and till
mature in time fr a profitable Irp
tn l > tiF < = Jp se thit mane < > f the
truck uil replant
H th a t l ears b n kill I th
i I c i d nr
crop would not have matured before
the rainy season and after that time
t the Florida cantaloupe is worthless
Mrs Miller and Miss Williams to En
I tertain
I Mrs R Edward Lee Miller and Miss
Hattie WiUiams will give a reception
on Saturday afternoon from four to
I six oclock for Mrs Ayer of Atlanta
and Mr McCollum of Gainesville
The reception will be held at the resi
i dence of Mrs Millers mother Mrs S
i A Standley
I 4
i Death of Col Cockrelf
Col AV Cockrell of Jacksonville
I one of the leading lawyers of Florida
the nctor of the Jacksonville bar and
I lather of Robert S Cockr a justice
of the supreme court of Florida died
at his home in Jacksonville Tuesday
morning He had been ill only a short e
time and was d tnty yar ot awe t
i Who would have thought that John 4
Temp Grave s would nave violated
th traditions and advocate a third
t term Let us supuow that Mr Rom i
celt rcejve a third germ nomfna t
i tim what position would it place Mr
i Grav s in Will he so back on his
hiir > gn < i h arI r > t support 1
a fi8 e5oe8ee eeee
= = = = = =
lie To visit my New Depart e
j ment Store when you come I
e to Ocala We have been fft
opening up this week a big
9 = lot of
i i
Visit My Sc and iOc Store
e f
ee NN i N ee
Thos H Keating i
Successors to Strauss Co 1
Ocala Florida
Pr t d I
Y 1
Rvk R > IT
K > s vn 1
t i if Ih t
L > fr Cabin 3 Ilia
Kttmsr Pride 311
llvn gram 1 >
inil Joe 3u °
Flcrimase 4nl
vrn Hill 11I
l ST ass N 5 411
T rr i irn 1 i <
Xrth < arolina Cora 1 T
Sitville Corn a 0
f lurtain Corn >
1 1 Harvest Corn 31 n
Scan Gin 12 +
J Tm Gin ITJ
H hard Gin > >
t niwn Gin 0 I
Prfection Gin 303
New rlngland Rum JO I
Janaica Rum 3H
Blackberry Brandy 10
Arpl Brandy 300 j
Pith Brandy 3Ot
CaUfirnia Cognac 200
ttivaba Wine I5
For Vine 15 11
Plci < berry Wine 15r
Sherry Wine lt u
I > ported Port Win 4 1
Iw rtt < i Sherry Wine 41
FOR S290
We will end express
prepaid 4 tnll quarts of
FOR 5350
We will send express
prepaid 4 fall quarts of
FOR 5350
We will send 4 fill qts
The best goods to be
had for he ones
FOR S600
We will send express
prepaid 4 full quarts of
76 RYE
Pr Qt BottI
r I1o > 11 7 + e
Kin of Kr mucky 7 > et
tnole Jo LI + I
Strauss Royal Rrierve VII j
i old > arylan l Rye LiJ
Oh1 Harvest Cora vn s
Pilgrimage 1i
t < i > fade 15
Whiv Oak l r
FrnHill 1 > 0
Straus To 1 S t >
< ld Oscar Pepper toot hi bond 1 0
j Planters 13 >
Black and Whito SeoteH 2 0
I t
Me Vernon 13
G1 N
i Psr Qi Bottle
London Dock Gin 5 75
Tom Gin 1 WO
Hcrifaml Gf a l0
Phosphate Gin 15J
Booth Tom Gin l5 t
Per Qt Bottle
littleL04 a
Duffys Pure Mall L04
Eow nan 100
Per Gal
Peach and Honey a rra Je 5150 f
Pach and Honey aa grebe 00
Rock and Rye a crade 150 I
I Rock and Ry Iart grade 200
Orange Brandy 300 I
Banana Brandy 300
Apricot Brandy 3 ° ° S
Thos H Keating Go 1
Ocala Florida
N r

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