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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, May 24, 1907, Section 2, Image 16

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t < j J
+ E c C < t J
IW j x Ef
C h I
E =
Ii v 1
r Ii
E Special to the O ala Banner
Washington May ii1 Attorwy
l GKural liojiapirtes decision as to
j I w what stiTfrrit whiskey Is will put
abnu Yl < I u into the iKXkets of I
I mrolll n wito inks whiskey of that +
13 i Dtittd Aurac h next twelve months t
Twi I i I Hlb rat UK attorneygeneral I
I 1 tthuttl f 1 l n to hip original action I I
J k bic tr f rl 1Vt hIldR Next
Ht rrtt I
11 t 4 + c iJarr relieved notice j
1 nr I that rrf whisky Untied ht i
F borJ aUi V rafter IK retailed ar
Itt l stir tI ttM inert a < ram M to 21 per cent I
T1 r t 1aStror the increase
71 + t
ln hi Ilrk r 1aM that the members
It i L of t1 + e 1t < whiskey trusi can
1 I get r L i tt tM y could liefore the
311u ThCI r f at rj save his opinion j
rI 1 ta has invn oiog
T j up trtr L11 l became known thai J
Ott L21 t f i Ir 1b ii + Iif of the bureau of
vt t r rhtiiihtr > I itntu1cd 10 S trrl tary
Stl i 1 itscti > whiskey containing
It t 1 ail tl 1 tt cumins from the
ti 1 t ail i I entitled to bear tro
S i
llaui w isv ithoiii any qualiiica
r b i i tiin T and the public jump
tI 1c 4 o 1
ti I i ttl i h TH isioii that straight
Lr I whl < IU < > 1IK jnir > t and best i
tt t t
1 + i n > i a 8 < AVilstm disapprov
11t t f ed th r t tinldion of Dr Viley 1
> < ti
of itC rfr < t to blended whiskey the
At f
t gitrti of iie ootrat ht whiskey trust
t i t 4nd t nl er welve toiats It went i
t E op when Atto ia1 1 lieneral Bonaparte t
I t I agreed wu1 Hr Wiley and njected i
13r i t the n1 faa > > ation of Se retar >
iuJr t Wilm
y 1 t t The 11Ilt1 whiskey people loan i
sered n > Tie tat that mill tight tho
1 it Ttonapan Kv < min tht court inn
I t tlaoy will not h abk to cot a decision
i fn ni the p ne court in less Than t
a year
D N Tc J 4sw 4 leaitKS he C43wity Convicts
J If victs
To th t 5diTt iKaLa Kannor
t ear hHing noticed tha i L
I II 1 1t F Roorf Uas through vtttIrJ
I I tttaln = bUh I o > o e cnplain tf < ran
f k CUD tit th
ilUnty + aalr hr
t I 1t1 reei + tct thN rI1t ctrl
I anti iau kd tha in a
t owe d t tit urvile tarn IV C
Ki p ri i n y apcr rr > v
i be aa o ant or ud
s v of iL i tat tt titiOi o
Kttius r 1 vuffit tr L >
I thtittt it j all p < v not
jo sulnuii v owri crana xr
i I was r i 1 b > sc ra
I i
iH 1 r of tt r xra 10 6 rovar o
i I Jkv of vttc pon ti re oh ho J
were mathi 1 tiui > o jir I A h
tree AlT fli l at if c nl
lsttd tit vail to Us Ull aI 1 wart
1 i Oumvict it tntiny ny itl 1
ltIIttht tlih L thrt
1Sen throapb stint t i
trier ti my t I4 vvsrapluT or tt i1z
1tOcb1y have Arisen through lnh t
t urr m putting the matter in print lt
i I is unhk t > but of this lam ptr j
I t itk1 snit chat th membcrip of the i
1 Ilttanl of comity commj tionen who I
t CManmnicateil ttitlx me and asked nio
no prtf rttri ihis notict did dositv t tt
f till for bids ott all elates of coaviott
i lit orger that tho might determine 1
X th e reUiive alue in the Ions ituer 4
t inrdiaie and UMI term hue n ith the 1
i 1 vk w 01 dett ruining which class it i
It WcuW be o the interest of the lUntI
t I + it9 axle Its resetrut iou out of i I
tbe twmntisiner who ctvmmuni
t f l I t tfd With me as this subject tmly 1
t p11t + 4 to m tbeir intent
twtura and 1
r left it t ntirel o me to frame the no I
ice and if thtr > is any defect ia the 1
i notice it te due to a failure on
L 4 my pan i
its that toe ida that 1 had in milt
IS uaIe pn > Tiy to appear in tho
I 1I ft n
The lat e of time wo KiaV
A + 11 dJficuIt ftr me to so more into detail
Inasuiaeh as the number of eonvio
4 In ih eo unt > W quite limned it it
I rltilic > that there could hah bee n t
t lay soparato lettnis of the short or in 1
I teriediate torn cimkts as to ono
or te oier of v hioh 1 ivlievo it t
r 1amt a the nuiuv wae uncertain
i ata4 the refort >
it is natural for me to j 1
fNkdnl e the belief that no injiry what i
tr resulted to the county i
I Very r fully t
I t c Wit HOlt iR
IStwrial to ile < ttt
i t taa IXinner
ft 11 tics X Y May 2 CoUnjei Saa
t i 1 ftttr formerly av < ijtant sectvtary of
r t war who wa nvently appointed by
i d i Utawernor Hushes a member of the
t nnniit to investigate the Xe x
a t 0It XatUma Ouard sailed today to
r C f iat ettg > t peace conference in England
lacideatftlly to sriean idea for the
betterment of the rm i + ire State mi
t litia Coi Saner was appointed by
f pi deat KooeeveU a delegate to the
t HH Cro5 peaca conference which
I t 111 meet iu Londoa the fore part of
I Jttae and when Governor Hagtoo
L w unmet him si member of the National
r 1 i i deter mined to tuako Ms trip abroad
1 i I yert t a double pcrposc j
J r
i t A hut issue of Use AtlautR Cousti
1 t i t tl lttt print illustrations oC tae
1 1 f homo of the AtJaataHomosassn
I r I Fishing Club at llomosassa This
i T
1 club consists of Jlftcoa or twenty of
> I
tlantas prominent business and
1 professional men who spend several
weeks at Honiosassa every winter
i for rest recreation and pleasure
Y j L
Editor Says They Quicken the Public I
Conscience and Aid Reform
Speaking recent ly at a luncheon of i
the Packer Alumnae Association
Dchmmicos in New York Thomas P
P u rs editor of the Brooklyn Times
said shut the present io a time of
quickened conscience and increasing
purity in public and private life Tin
newspaper even the yellow journal
had brought about a better Mate of
morale Mr Ptters aid Hp c ntiu
And the pn s is cumin in for its
hare of a + lv rse criticism Some of
it is deserving No out ran tit ny that
Many journals art yuItr atii rude
iu many respects
One of these journals laid the foun
datiiin for the reformation in the insurance
surance world a rt form that lia
stopped the most suptu < l < ms crafting
that man ever enjiiyed Two tlmies
ftl out ovr th di tribiin n of th
s l roils The gnat dally took up the
fifiht of these nun It employed ex
lHrt < t advim it and instruct P
It kept up the content until an in i
v situation was forced on an unwilling
governor and a man was named TO do
tht probing and he delved so fearless
ly and so unhesitatingly that he won
the respi of the state and became
its governor
In the days of Twed tlu yellow
journals were then Harpers Vceiiy
and the XHW York Times Today the
> ikrv journals ar own by otixjr
uaims but they aT t a con
stant tight asrair and
sham They are an
tp net only tilt u
life as well
Tlis is the la
ism IT uaehes
I r wrtes today
row It is mOT
nark of oir ibe
lluly alain pb
It jnishe s h
carn o o no
m l i 1
Mtk as < t
V t > u ti >
> r
6a F a J
v i
o tar T
5 f h
tt 7 7
t hi o ef t
< e e th nr
prosp o < cr C
rt tnh rt ef cap
inc Trc Ssratv
is to 1 1 co r t
iro iri stare in
poor It v tnn th 2r
ftfcen he itclarei
were ionni S
man w ih a few a
Crtp ii a r tixt tt
la rscr hi hodtnj
is he anchorei tlr
Hher creps of t
g Wtfrt rangtr
ties ivtatoes u
outHs etc are g
itnicb rov n dor
fore What sha
fthen the Kercad
il her arale Und
ki1lful and SnuTtg
htt it1t v TV us th °
jI the otht states >
The Stttjfchfcr Case
The impvTtarT pfvvoedin of the
tt > at ha1 been suscested in ad 1
lance by the un was the argument
o strike the plea ot ntre fois ac
ilea entered by J N Snvbhar
nthltigt Hi with enilnvlement on e <
17th ins siae Attorrey tong who
is nlt ony an atvbitious but ii tai p
fn1 and efficient worker iu the ia j
crct ef the state made the mot ton i 1
And the defendant with his counsel j
Attorneys B A Thrasher and Frank
Clark being in curt the ar unhnt
pas begun
The defendant pmkd by his
attentive wfe showed evdnvv of
serious iao s and to svOftantiate
the siaiemetu of fc
tir coadition a num
ber of affiddMts and statements from
various physicians
Ht and oher
ty wer >
produced and read Infore tilt court
At the tvncusion of tho argument
for striking of pica the court sus
i tamed the nnnion of the state when
the defendant was arraigned and
pleaded Writ jut
Owing to the condition of the de
fendant a motion was made to con
tinue the case until the fall term of
the court and the motion ire under ad
iremeat br he court Uaaeville >
> e3nead1lr
The Jacksonville Metropolis
says I
that the taitevl States supreme court
has sustained the express coaipaay iu
its eouteatioa for the delivery of li
quor to persons living in dry counties j
The t
supreme court holds that the
traffic is interstate commerce I
cannot be interfered with by the I
states 1
1 V
i Jacksonville Charter Bill VetoedRe
apportionment Bill Killed I
Tallahassee May 22 Im I I
Special to the Ocaja Banner I i
Governor Blown today veto xl the I
J Jacksonville charter bill linker i
bill relating to employment by com
ty commissioners of labor passed the i
I senate unnnimoiisly as did Buck 1
I mans bill in aid of Florida Histori
i j cal Society 11e tS reapportionment i
i resolittion increasing number of sn
I slogs and wpresentatives was killed
jfkolngical survey bill passed the sen i
J ate The probabilities are now that
the Tampa Fair bill will pass Extra I
j s Zion tai is becoming very promi
I ntnt tnn IBr
Live Oak nc the Capital j
Representative Dnrtaan of ilwatt
nee county pro nivd a r < unon to
the iqi Ia ore to amend th < i nti
tutlon to proxiile for The i < rmi nf
the ttaN capirol to Live OaU it is i
not Ilklv that the movetnont wil b o
Vviii > rloi Iy v n b > its prcjocrr
Lakland Xw >
Rejivsviratve I > oruian has how
rver gown in th pihiic ee by in
roducinc a bl that win atintid the
constitution and pr viilt > for th i re I
moval of the capal from Tu ahast
to in iak Of eotirse this bil won
arroant to an > hiijr h7lT if it provided
for the removal of r > v canita to
Gainesville er Ooala it Wtl ii atnounr
to sometbini FtTt M > r r > Tro + ea i
Tht > t > ot t1 = country rt
ctntly Ltd a coTivtntim ii Wahinu
ttZ iity A < T tie prouir tT ones
> attenddnf rtes Mr Vnlrew iiltive
tr rntr f the t Char Ho
Nt w Oriis H Mas a pns
i 11 a > ton durrj the Civ
a hv t r a here ks
t rd rjfr n ta and of
> ii ql I > v r new l < i
t 11 I n l tlI
< wJ m E ij
ivi r N N > c i at
O i > I3
c ir j
i l
1 V
v o
H 0
I 1 a
L i
0 = iJ
5 ir M
3 6 a c w
a rz rr
to Z rf
c1 5 i J
ra dad
4 i mt
a =
ra > 14
g ar ari a a
a Vy < ar 1 t I
a Jr < 40 r J
Jt Marios airZia
if of special j f J
omzvisit > a LIl1 h a 1d J
rrj tdir t r ar a aa 1 1
ahasr 5n dFgr S Gc n r
an as the candiafr who i
f x t at Punta Goria and the i 1
a Waycross but cm s to = ay 1
he ha Florida snugly cke < i be1
attII them Ptina Gorda HaiL
Nw if the peop > want a zc o < i j
name to conjure with for governor + 1
let trviu tak about Edwin Br < Voaf
ti i4ckonvtie 1
Whats the mater
vvh Probfon ° Hes all ghLake j
Lty Index i
It is nortd the r
fhere I a general j
itnpswvnuat in the tcnj of new = pa
per They do not now throw nud
and use the awful epithets that tto y t
lid in trecieytimt If tlxy are
act better tlvv ar a s 02 h A
C = o
The Savannah Xew say J that fS
penmect xmdcr the aupic 5 of the
national department of agriculture
tend to show that one ot the
i = richest
alcohol bearing vegetables k cassava
Florida is the house of cassava It
grow here better than anywhere
Senator Platt say that he is sorry
he put Roosevelt in the White
House He says tha when b
kicked him into the vice presidency
he thought he was seadiag him to his
political srave We cannot always
sometimes tel
Governor HoKe T Smith of Georgia i
bas returned home
from Europe j
where he went for the
purpose 01 in
ausruratia a line of imaiisrraaoa
steamers from Germany
to Savmaaah
lad it is believed
that he
was quite
successful veryihini indicates i
that the South is going to make tre
mendous stride from
now on In a
very few years it may be the richest
Special to rsila Banner
The recent rains have been warmly
vficonied by the farmers and stock
owners of this section and never be
i fore have crops looked boner
Messi Henry tri = ga J K and V
S Priest are hnrve jug their line oat
croi of aboiu ihiny acres Tllty art
i the finest ever grown in this sec
i lirs A O Harper is sick wih f
nf Dr Katon Lilt + 111 r of Anthony
is atteiiuini her
The 1lh itauuh r 01 Mr and Mrs
Tom Hol is also quite sick
Mrs Mil r d in Thomas has run II
Ki illmlt on hhslticss
The many friends of Mr That
Tnest were pUasod to w1 him in
till r midst test SunJay
The turpttiute busint ss of Mr
place is proirt sMn n lY uiuier the
matumtnunl oi Mr A O Harp t r
Mr A Mbritton is making qiite
a success of the poultry hu inras
Mst J K Priest and W S i4t
nt1r a trip to Tallahassee 1s t we U
Ill itusiues with the attorney general
Tlu v wore hmhiy pleased with their
isit to th1 capital boinv highly en
nametl by the Marii county rt
rosentatives il sst > Wart matin and
Matu tt s
Mr Henry McQuaiu r + tad overset
ftf Irs district is diins sotii tint
work MI the nnuN which is niteh
IindtI l
Te od > ains that mistt rttme nov
t r comes Mimij ha > proven rue with
K 1 Poly oi this place Within a
m i h Ill has had a valuable mule
hrt r badl as to be practically 1aI i
Ic ss His larze sawmill drvin4 I
rvom mud machinery and lumber
wtir de > trotd by fire No insurance
Snda > m rric his black horse died
Yet Mr r Ill y is n ir nin to give up
it tiuh He infeniis starting rust
ta asaii Mav success atttnd him
nsel li > Ily of ir > > fal Ritr was
he ii < ot hs rotlur E A Poliv
l i Sundav
ii y Tn an I Iharii Terrell
lho hr i nn ur < ia >
1 xnttts htui is infectil vith
t i li < 11ti rnlilP of th
r r < y lqhr 1as lles +
a rt ty tna will clear thc m our
Mis iMti Vae of Palmetto f la
t > rnii M > s Edna Xichols
Ms < Ana Alama of Jacksonville
s siin T Miss Eleanor Trem ri
Parties wishing t o buy fine crops of
vat rr ion = Lotild com to Belle
Th LaJivs Ai of the M E church
me T5day at T he tome of Mr R
C Ridsr
Mr GriifgN I xpwt to ship a car
osdl rf watfrrRrk on the = 1
J Aet Hopkins will have a carload
AarormlrJrH in = hip on June 5
lrrigt F fc A M m H
t F fvtnine of th 2th Two grind
a s for rbl tlrf ftfKrf
At a bi < fiaJ mMimc of lh i nwJ c
r > ff roinrH h td the + Viht rt f
h < s Ch In A fofImaR wa r Ir t Ir r
prad fi t Of tit Irunril i f J h ht
J if fraXle + rt lIntud
The HrJPi it + + I + N txyO th
rjtrlhlrJ his nfiu t < th f + l
an rrinifr
T Herr i i > f tt Ht1t t l el Nl
hy arJ fafif jJ rrll r pu i + 1It
trirYt fr ar tOfr i uIl 7 + r
u r r I r tf ht I Ir rt I tish
r f f ritrr rib + at It hi r
u Jj 1 Jj 0111 t r co r rl c I
jhrl Work rr + JLH Hi a n Q at r
Jrh < ir CiaH of fII 1 < nfuf i i t rh
Lji vrfJft J r f f Ia I
IXV thJAri l of Frrl in Mr t Wilt > f
1 tatiI ar rhir7 U r fII ahJ otto
SIIin i l r r
I f
Jcenllir or I Jii rf i <
u + n r
han f I IrF var
Ttr y 1Sr + ftrj Ji b + 1IlIaIr c II
+ ihosr tYfl of r + 1HI IK i f
lil softs Of W athfr Pt i 1ri l lu hi1
inttrs snow and xtirnrricr i ta rf
tru nty thirty or fCn for y n l k 5 fi
icr rirrnir rarh nd r
the spiritual nceda of hnlf A trNnhip
enting the home hrr + I1nA t
s arcs rhm in rh4 far in thr form
of malisrnar and CIlMu iJIHi 1 j tt + 11t i
comfortinff the porrowlri r hern u
the disheartened oftln with I
thought of compensation Uyonl rhr
good will of thoifr th ry are fryin to
serve They are teachers of tbo
truths of the higher life they are al
Locates of goo4 citizenship thy in
i 1 culcate reverence for law thy stand
for nobe principles and high ideals
j Mary of ikise men have no possi
ble way of providing for the infirmi
ties of age
They receive almost nothing from
the fund for
superannuates they
are I
dependent tad poveriypincbe to a
decree wholly unknown to the busy
I world These burdens they bear In
silence They are worth more to all I
tit is valuable in life than any
standing army that was ever organ f I
ized or will be organized and the
type of manhood they represent is the
highest type Suppose a fund wore
created from which aged and worn
out ministers Tvho have no means to
exceed say 200 could be assured of
Z1 rr
1 I 1 u u f r
t J
Smith Roberts r
I si r y
t i f
11 0 U Q E g I a F urnnure uo
I V3 r t r
unr eamrre
i 1
Vhcn in nccfl oi tnv r
1 rhino m 011 lr fiu 1
I 7 c a
I oet our prices
P c
tom i lI V Zi1 riiZrai iJeDW a
I l I 0 T > DAhit Or hdhrS
It Itl Cath drnl In France Its Equal n
I cWeaitn or Ornanr
1 Tin l I Itt where it tlriuts 41
I fira rats is tar h4 tit + ely S1ta
I Itj raU ubl m ilUktI hnll < 1
J tile vMinne t liuht the Jwtnt Jor
1r r ill s e tllit HOT lesM rise uar 1
I f 1 marvelous a churl ami int
ii eit Is the wvttl that ovcwrp to unt
n ti ttire Inid as to Arthur Yflt
t ii t ilistam billt p There is Is va
r tiu uil in Irattcc that can eijual it in
tc + aiti in extravauanee lit s rpe Iti
I nl or rnuJlttH Tlt fnu n t
la i IIf Paris while + MlUtlhiu lik il
it i > iH ral i kin is ut Inrium sila
to l uy tth t the laci + ie uC = + tr
I Wlt of KciiiiS No OJhef w rsC dJ JJ
arc more theplv iinow 4 l more ri hh
bal tt with SHHl niv nw ui + + n n + w
tier ui > n tier pome statw Iwinr a
unezitrtt itlc ilrntk In eiiaractc + r a >
i Nlh ure othit > Xo UtJHa1 Sculi + tir +
ar s on 5 u + lartrf ami hnjMishur n sn
I Ni oilier c alis nvor the liiNNW + ir
I np1rll In snrh high tense anjrle N <
f other shon wh an entan IeiiHtit I r
I Sjjure nil tiaccries Anil the nut
tall sell lIlt1W alMivi and the n + st
tweeu nI + lioset with ornament tlr
hardly nil 1 Il of li NCt st + nt iviiiin
plwMit tltent in the tralltry ur Kfi
I iht ttues sKtiii ntnler e rv < Mi ties
t pies iiiirieate ilelinte laveliko iiitl I
I rId flfHIn The tall ceiural 11
I frette I gull ilinlx + yant r > aehe ujmn
I hiviT and > n eiuh llf he of It tb tu w
I ers with the hm lineM uf their xreht
111 wfnilons seem illnt on ftlrin
tje ir ry Itf it all ro the v ry lieiul
I of hen VPII
for w ro il hilt and euljUor le
lavish wli n they turned front the west
front Kverywbere it i < the same The
I > K 1 1 < > < < < stand firm n mass of a
ClU + tliItiS hlltrng vlil wniri
nnirtl < and tall piiinrice < or they u t I
llyini HIO < s aisles iu MS light trnifetul I
still oriuite n tliht is If Infamy ven I
ItK only olij Mt They an the tugs T I
iiKintifiil buttresses in F ranee Fermi ion
on sa ys the grandest ltituttl Its Mr I
Moor < leflure and both an rluht I
The tramupt are only new spaces for Ii
new ornament the apse is only a new
molt to for the nexv arrangement of
bultr > is nnd pinnaeles The
irnr I
gor 111 omehov seem more mon
IfJtt tbiin thu > > < that look down from I
otr catbidral walls and around th
lop of tilt nise jiecehed on a hiirh bal i
1lnu are Krotesiiues owls IIHT I
1flft KrilStits unicorns stranire be
htliI but mute of the same family as
Iht th51Ia of Notre Ihtme in Paris only I
HfI IrIIIIi of Helms are where I
Ilrl y fui I seen from below where i
UKV HiV In the d + Morative scheme
ir h lh borfonlnl lines at he IalI
1rr rrul lj vllli f he nfct of still Snot her
f + + A r tIuIIII I buvc waiubrred f rri
+ Iwy Itu jj rjiilHiral without
ing i + ili + iMMl nl1 HM InXbuistible le
tall n in nlinoNt Inptlthll
ii4r < ibe tbnt one1
datu tt milt in HI OPjd wit h onm
rl + i + l hill MM tvwIJM coitld IINII ItJlIIZli
111 aulrn I hurl n rhythmical I
Cuairn + of a > iiipinfoi HioiM Mliibcth I
Ihihhcs Ilui ill in t1nlttry I
f1 + tllrwnwrt for Dciith I I
IIN rl + en la urw n nKiilnr form n r i
t + t f 1 + Ih titi It lu I
bican aM a
atI1 +
H IIMI Itsns + fdcpur
urI arf q + hp inn h I raK nrM h tll tno
Iff 11Nrr ihnn haNa AM languages t
di < > tit > < l I I
fJlII IIIH vI the kind i
whir I Jej Iid I n
iilpTHtltioilS re j
Ill nun In i
incnlloti + Jettlb Ihtfnlr tljJlt I
trndttaliv fuivMfl into a kindly desire
Jo Koffrn
n rhN Idea PusHed r I
lurtI jffiK expire ibroaihe i
rutr I more ttt
nnd een I
Ihc Iau art
expressions of tills nn
tur Mo
1 ci striking of nil Is the H > i
man E bernisni for
be Is deml vl i
H the ha < titt lh IAn
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