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= jcpen es of City Government Given
in ViriOys Departments Pur
chase of Bonds Recommend i
edSilts Paid
Official i
The city council hed regular mwi
j 4ft council chambers Ocala Flor
a on this the 4th dmy of Joae1907j
Mating called TO wkr by the press f I
cent roll called and following nrem
i l s pr i1ut J D Kobenson piesi
dent T J Owen f W Dttvrni A G i
Gates 15 E Jiclver R i2Coartft C
Ebefnaoer and C K Sa gc coincil I
I IDJI Mr Carmichael arrirod ttfrr i
nt roll call e
M mutes of May 21 1S67 < ts s ti t t
CIIfOBMMMIoa dine M rij < < ftri to1 i
lanFrtmtr bills were rtd aal o ttiled i
teathL btw 7 tmp Oo t 10
IKwib Lane 130
1t estinghouse EI ricM It iuw j
iacivriag Co 553 f
l Vetittshous LampCo t r
OT Jv Grocery 5225 I
Mci seer 4k MacKay fi4S3
E r lkUDrH petty aM actiotntt I
I t
1 itl
Ocala Wtekly Star 41
S miitontbly pay roil tlectftc
eht department HG325 t
A C Gate 3225 1
L C Smith ± I i
Auxiliary fire department 53 i
A G Gates 11t i
HC Sistruuk i 43l
II 6 I 3 and t4O2
A G Gates S121 au JI
H W Douglas Sl 3rt
fiver fc MacKay 4u ceatft
j Daily and Weekly tar
1 J J Tiptoa 21
i Gus Uddtm ir75
Ocala Banner 43 also 1SKM5
1 rarer juiaury Co i
General Ek > ctric Co r Ll
I Abe Bro it ttm SSJti
l fet Uuiomhly pay roll of o kern
Gulf Refining Co S aS
H R Masters X4345
l Marion Hardware Co 2
T A Fort 5
Ian + r Robertson f 54I
H B Masters 147 t
lVTtii5hois > Ekctric Mfg CoCo
j It t
MCXT k MatKay Si2
Vtt in bou se tutric Mfs Co
fie f 11
C T Iildin 21
1 J Tipum 14
Xewclmer Iur eo t
Pine dl Co f 1351
i e It1a Banner tTr +
t W stinirhowse Elvctric Mfg Co
ig + avral FItctrlr Co 3I5 1 and
Fabrk Ht 5 Co 4 v
If So Swwcrtr Mu rj Co 3175
< W leVCtafd Kw and 1
Mariott Hardware Co S aa
A VV Bridpe fr
I aily and Weekly Star 3
R E Yoore 4 Co 23
Martin tffc Cam G2
< cala Banner d < +
A O Gatt tt 2
O S Stint 115
Bill for city lighting drawn on gen
+ ral fund for E L fond 44390 and
< Iawn on fire and water fund for gen
cral iimd 1 3000
1TL e matter of the placing of certain
art liirhts in city was discussed aDd
t appearing that there were only two
more that could be put on at present
upon root ion duly carried letc ia the
bandit of the electric light mad water
committee to look into the matter and
s to itlac these lights where they were
Cioct needed
Wfcerea by resolution ol council of
date May 7 1S < 7 whereia the office
cf cby tax collector and treasurer
WI < caufolidated under name of city
ax collector and treasurer Mr Car
r hadl having voted for reflation
paid meeting moved for a recoa
ration of same wfcich was secodn
t ty WT ftheinauer aDd upon roil
ft s aI J D Robertson T J Owea G
A < amiichael L W Duval A C
at t s and Charles Rheiaauer voted
ay > and D E Mclver R 34cConathy
in l C K Sage voted no Motion pre
Mr CarmIchael moved election of
officers now pending be postponed
b next n gUlarmeEtlng Carried
1 T I ton motion of Mr Buval the fol
lowing resolution was unauimotisly
Whereas tuere is only 511342 is
the general fund and outstanding
scrip in the sum of S537C1 and
whereas there is in the fire and wa
d i r r fund the sum of 720511 and
whereas there will be needed not
more than 4000 therefore be It re
solved that the clerk be authorized tc
trar fer i I n frum th4 Ire and wa
ter fund to tin general fund i
Tfco follow in resolution introduce
by Judge McConathy was adp fd
Mr Rheinauer voting against it i
Vh reas there is in the treasury
to the credit of the faking fund
5523C27 and to the credit of interest
fund t14S7a and whereas wt will
need only iiv + to pay interest due
July October it in therefore ordered
that the city treasurer purchase one
SltMMt puHtric light bond of th + city
of gala at ill 12 with accrued inj
rarest and that the said treasurer is I
advised and directed to purchase j
eight t HIM general fund bonds of the i
city of Ocala tn 1u to and accrued in
terest and pay for same out of above
interest and sinking funds
The matter of obtaining the cost of
an official map of city and also grades
for streets was again called up Mr
Robertson stated Mr Veaable a civil
eosrtneer was present whereupon
rules were waived and Mr Yenable
addressed the board relative to mak
ing the map heretofore referred to
and also grading of streets and
agreed to give his services to the city
In getting up this work at R salary of
125 a mouth and stated also that it
would be necessary for him to em
ploy iwo hands to assist Him in the
work for which the city would have 1
to pay
1pon motion duly carried a spe
cial committee consisting of R Me
Conathy L W Duval and D E Me
her were appointed to draw up con
tract between city of Ocala and Mr
I Venable in the matter aforesaid and
submit same to the cfuucii at special
meeting to be held June li 1907 for
I ratification
i Mr Duval moved that superintend
ient of electric light plant be author
i iced to put elbows on blow off pipes
at the electric light plant Carried
I 1pon motion of Mr tic ver it wa
I ordered that the matter of building a
fei r e at the electric light plant be
i left in the hands of the L and W
committee with lower to act
The following reports of city attor
ney and report of judiciary committee
on same were adopted and ordered
spread upon ho minutes
City Council of Ocala Florida
Gentlemen In the matter of elec
tion of the superintendent of strwt
the question was referred to me as to
whether or not there had been creat
ed such an office
i I find by examination of the various
charters of the city that no specific
mention is made of suds office In
dr the charter of June to iti97 sec
tion eight there is a provision that
the council shall have power to dis
continue any of the om ers not spe
tally provided for by law and to cre
ate such new offices as from time to
time may seem to necessary and
advisable for the good government of
the city and administration of its af
Tix n examination of the various
ordinances I have so far failed to dis
cover any ordinance creating such an
office The minutes of the city coun
cil show that a street superintendent
was elected by the council as far back
as 1S S it also shows that in 11H J
there was an election of a sanitary in
I epector subject to the sanitary committee
mittee In the following year Mr C
L Moore was elected sanitary inspec
tor and street superintendent I find
no further election of sanitary officer
I but contlanously since that date there
has been elected a street superin
tendent by the council There being
no specific ordinance creating the of
1 ace the election by the council of
a superintendent of streets is merely
employment by the city of some per
son to have charge and supervision oi
i the men that are employed by the
city thereon or its committees and
those working out 3aes as an over
seer or guard as it were without nay
specific authority as to mode of con
struction of work to be done or
where it has been usually left in the
hands of the street committee to di
rect the movements of the street su
priatendem as thai committee has
the burden of any misconstruction or
failure to look after the streets the
mere election by the council of su
perintendent of streets is an employ
ment only and he would be subject to
be discharged at any time by the city
I am of the oplaion that in order tc
create the office of superintendent ol
streets would be necessary to pass
aa ordinance defining his powers du
ties and his term of oiSce and under
whose supervision he would work
etc As the matter now stands the
council has selected a superintendent
j of streets and under the ordinary and
j general employment authority h e
I would be subject to the street com
mittee which committee has this spe
t cial branch of the city government ir
chart arid would 1 i > sutij ct TO ttir
direction the sane as the sanirary inspector
spector is subject to the direction of
the sanitary commit e and the oth
er employes of the city who are un
dor committee directions
The matter of sanitary inspector
there was a specific ordinance creat
ing the office witb cr ain powers and
duties This ordinance ha been so
modified and merged Tinder subse
quent rules and health regulations
that it is a practical abandonment oi
sanitary inspector and the office has
been heretofore elft to the discretion
of the sanitary committee and board i
of health under whose direction he
performs his duties I
Very respectfully
T E BIGGS City Auy
To the City Council of Ocala
Your judiciary committee has con
sidered the above opinion of the city
attorney and coincide with his views
t I
June 4 iiHjT
City Council of Ocala Florida I
Gentlemen Replying to the ques
tion referred last of
to me at meeting
the council as to term for which MrI
Bennett was elected as superintend I
ent of the electric light plant I desire I
to advise that in liWo Mr J C Wil
liams was elected superintendent for I
II the term of two years Mr Williams II
resigned in June 18 + > G and on July IT I
ISftfi H M Dearborn was elected to ll
I till the uuexpired term which ended II
June 1 ItwT
Therefore under the charter of tbj i
city of date June 3 lain it is provid
ed that election of superintendent of
I electric light plant should be for u
I term of two years the election of Mr
j Bennett is for a period of two years
j expiring June 1 liMrtJ unless sootier
i removed in accordance with the law
Very respectfully
T E BIGGS City Auy
To the City Council of Ocala
I Your judiciary committee have ex
amined the law and agree whirr the
j city attorneys conclusions as above
I expressed
j June 4 1JM7
The following report was read or
dered filed and spread upon minutes
To the Honorable Members of City
I Council City of Ocala
Your street committee begs leave
to report that during the first five
months of the year iy < 7 we have
spent in this department for the im
> provement of streets and the main
jienance of stock the sum of 221445
which sum has ltt n spent in the following
lowing way
j For paving Oklawaha avenue
Ht 4i1
I For paving and grading Sanchez
street 52t
j For building and repairing culverts
i Paving South Third street Sl H5
I Paving South Fourth street 2t 8
Feed 3024
Tools and repairing tS50
Prospecting for road materials SO
Yours respectfully
Amounts collected from citizens
I Sanchez Street
i Mrs Hunt 3 2lM
1 W R Brwst i25
I Mrs Anthony 5325
S A Rawls 3250
Balance due on Sanchez St 361
The following reports were ordered
died and spread upon the minutes
Report of Finance Committee for
I May 1906
j To the Honorable Members of the
i City Council of the City of Ocala
i Your nnance committee respectful
ly reports that it has examined the
j reports of the various officers for the
mouth of May checking the same
with the books and reports of the city
i I treasurer and finds that all reports
are correct
i The city marshals report shows
that during the month of May the
I city received in cash from fines costs
I and pound fees in cash the sum of
37195 and in work on the streets
I 52227 making a total of S59465
1 The marshal also reports the sum oi
j 2924 as having been collected dur
e ing the month by him for taxes
The city tax collectors report
shows the sum of Sll collected for Ii
I censes for dog license 375 mar
ket rents 6100 electric light depart
l ment 170392 total S17S327
The city attorneys report stows
collection of taxes due for the yea
of 1906 of 19754 less commission
l of ten per cent Collection of ten per
Cfm in = nary I7 < < raI 2172r
which IHST the c < jiii < ion of un per
cent show = an amount i > ai l into tht
treasury by the city attorney of
The cly erk rptrt = how rash
from iirc < l parn it raV uf horse
Si w ash rJLl tax redemption
I1 > i cal from tines street de
arrnin 14Lv cash from the sale
of iron city abler r12 cash from
the street department paving oi25
making a total of 4 272
The city treasurer also filed his
summary report showing that there
was paid scrip from the general fund
lbU21G paid scrip from the fire and
water fund 2S4f1 paid scrip from
the electric light fund S228325 teak
lag a total of S44A3G2
Tb city clerk report shows dis
bursement for the month of May in
the various departments a total of
S40M71 This report is duly certi
fied by the clerk find is attached
hereto The above reports are duly I
receipted by the treasurer
The treasurers report shows a
balance on June l ll + 7 of 2063934
which amount includes a receipt from
the bond trustees for r3 + 0 worth of
geiitral bond coupons numbered from
1 to 27 and from 37 to 45 numbers
inclusive and 107650 interest cou
I pons on hand
i All of the above reports are hereto
attached and made a part of this
I your committees report
Relative to the matter of purchas
ing outstanding bouds the committee
passed a resolution authorising the
I purchase of bond Grant Cowan at
113 12 and making arrangements for
the purchase of StN + or SiHW worth
of bonds i
I Ve beg to report further that we
j find the following amounts in the sev
I oral funds General fund e 1154
tare and water fund S72 u 51l bond in
j terest fund UH v7 sinking fund
So2o 5j eltctric light fund lSS 354 i
making a total of 2 G39H as per
treasurers s report
I There is at present outstanding
scrip general fund 53761 are and
i water fund 137434 electric light
fund 2Gs6i making a total of out
I standing scrip of 110a9
It will be seen from the above ng
i ures that upon the presentation of
I the outstanding scrip the general fund
I will be short 42219 white we ahve
I on hand in he fire and water fund
the sum of 73ll the latter being
far in E xoE OSC fjf tbj necessary amount
that Tii find will require for the re
I mainder of the year We therefore
i itcommend that J Iron be trap lewed
I from the fire and water fund to the
general fund
t We also find that during the city
clerks recent illness the cirys light
bill for the month of March of 4 w
i was paid into the electric light fund
I by scrip drawn Olt of the electric
light fnnd instead of the general
I fund vhich maces the electric light
funJ til short
esi cfuy submitted
R rt of ths Electric Light and Wa
I ter C
t To the Honorable Members of the
City Council of the City of Ocala
GentlemenYour committee begs
t to make the following report
j Beceipts
i For lighting HS22 2
For installation 7342
i Total receipts l < t
J Experse1
Wood burned t2S cords at
225 per coca
i Oil 174e
Carhons and waste 74
f For repairs and renewals 4221
i Salaries 32S25
1 Sundry expense account 6S5
I Total expenses 86866
I Less amount charged consum
I ers or wiring 964
Total expenses for month73642
j in comparison with the preceding
i month this shows that the total ex
I pease for April was 7107 and the
i receipts over expenses 3G53S5 this
j i shows a decrease in running expenses
of the plant o f 11205 gaia in re
jceipts over expenses SS257
We now have on hand at the plant
Sir cords of wood
i The amount of the citys lighting
1 for the month cf May is 40590
i TVe have also investigated the cost
of putting an arc fight on the corner
cf Magnolia street fond Fort King av
enue which was referred to the com
mittee at the las meeting and we
j find that the cost of installing an arc
lamp at this corner would be 1405
as per the Itemized statement bereto
I attached marked exhibit A Your
i committee recommends that this light
be installed as this is a portion of
tht ri y whirh > hnu d W > liulr 1
We have Lad 5l wiih us tt mized
bills by the wapf company for water
furnished to the dry hall city lire
station jail and city pound and for
filling the basin at the electric light
works These bills art for tht first i
three month of this year ending
March ol and are in amount iv
We have also had filed with us a Mil
for 14461 which is an itemized state
went of the bills heretofore report
by this committee and is for water I
furnished the two drinking fountains
of the city hall and jail and the city
market We request tbat this be re i
ferred to the city attorney with re j
quest that he report as to the citys
liability on same at the next meeting I
of the council
Yours respectfully
CpOB motion of Mr Mclver second
ed by Air Carmichael and carried I
bill of C J Weaver for 30 J for the i
loss of mare and colt in city pound I
was refused
Marshal reported Si overplus for
sale of cattle impounded had been i
turned over to ciTy treasurer
The matter of awarding the con
tract for the publication of the min
utes of the council for ensuing year
was deferred until next meeting and
nuance committee requested to look
into the matter and find out for what
amount the papers would publish
hem Carried
Council thereupon adjourned
Clerk City Council
Try Dlsiafecto in the hen house
it drives away mites 3t + cent at the
O K Grocery x
Doings of the School Board
The loan of public instruction in
and for Murion county Florida met
the third lay cf hrie i9a7 in rvsuiar
session trim Isaa = Sevens chairman
B R Bur iii unJ J S Grnmham pres
Mintu s of list MKting were < al
and approved
The Fellowship school was irartfl
onehalf the cast of putting down nip
ing for well and buying puma
It was ordered that the And t1t as
school he reestablished and that the
patrons bp asked ro rt commend someone
Mrs Maud ntH
one as tupEr ° sor <
kr was recommended us teach
The Andalusia school was giantfj
on half the cost of putting down Jrl
The Bethlehem school was rant
ed II to assist in gating watt
Mr G W Stevens was commend
fd and appointed a rrustee of the
Fellowship i 1 ool
Mr K W Forbes was recommended
as supervisor of the Hurricane Pond
school but as Mr E WKing has
not resigned tht superimenUtnr was
instructed to write Mr King and nsk
him it he desired to remain as super
I The Oklawaba school was granted
5 u to ceil the house
The Greenwood school was granted
50 to cover house and lit to assist
in getting water
A request was made to establish a
colored school at Whites Ferry The
request was not granted
I Mr Joe Akins was appointed a
trustee of the Blitchton school
Mr C C Hteginbotham was rec
ommended as supervisor of the
j Greenwood school but as Mr L B
i Jordan the present supervisor has
s ot resigned the superintendent was
instructed to write Mr Jordan relative
1 the to the matter
j It was ordered that anyone wishing
to convey children from South Lak
Weir to Weirsdale school and from
the old Blue Spring neighborhood tc
Dunnelion school and from the Cot
tage Hill neighborhood to Fellowship
and from Silver Springs to Ocala to
have their bids before the board by
i the first Tuesday in July That the
panies state the route they will trav
el ani that it shall be understood
that whenever the average number oJ
pupils conveyed falls below six the
I wagon shall be discontinued
Mr W J Young resigned as trus
tee of the Fir King school and the
patrons are asked to recommend
some one to fill the vacancy
1 Teachers reports and other ac
counts amounting to 73304 were ex
amined and ordered paid
The treasurers report was approv
ed as follows
Balance from last report Y Uti J
i Reed from A C Croom one
mill tax 28994C
I Reed from E L Carney levy
I of 1906 107453
Reed from E L Carney polls
Of 1 H t 16400
Total receipts a4SS3it
Disbursed during month 3S9SS7
Balance in treasury S 32
The treasurer report for the spe
cial districts were approved awl
show the following balances
Ocala iC20 Pine Level 110521
Fantville S1DJM Citra 31173
Sparr 1147 Electra 21005 Ft
King 6719 Cotton Plant 1374 i
Moss Blulf 1525 Charter Oak 75
Oklawaha 290 Mclntosh 5SOH
Dunnelion OOS May ville 35S4
Griner Farm 24535 Candler 17SS
Blitchton 18573 Capulet 4S2
Orange Lake 3020 Fairfield
< 10221 Pedro 1711 Belieview
11937 Reddick f 3627 Weirsdale
< > D Buck Pond D010 Fellowship
1534 Martel 7306 Linadale
I 40fI6 Oak Hill 3024 Cottage Hill
4892 Kendrick 3020 Totals
The board adjourned to meet the
first Tuesday in July
W D CARN Secretary
Teachers Who Successfully Passed
I the Examinations
I Following is a list of applicants
I who successfully passed the June ex
aminations and wore granted certifi
cates which will entitle them to teach
I in the schools or this county
I White
f First GradeLucy Ervin Iltgey
I Fla Susie A Fort Adams Iron
I Ella Litter Wildwood Fla B A
Weathers Jr Ocala Fla
Second Grade Belle Haycraft
Ocala Fla Mrs P W Green Belle
view Fla Leila D Litter Wild wood
I Fla Evelyn Liddon Ocala Fla
I Kate Nash Rex Fla Nannie Perry
Pedro Fla Blanche Proctor Pedro
I Fla Cora Perry Pedro Fla Harriet
I Simpson Weirsdale Fla Delia
Smith Fairlield Fist Winifred E
i Villmott Lake Kerr Fin Myrtle
Men McIntosh Fla
Third Grade Julia Jerkins Citra
Fin Rhoda Liddon Ocala Fla Ben
i lair Wiggins Ocala Fla
i Grading Committee W Smith
I Miss Miriam Pasteur Miss Sarah E
j Second Grdec A Adams OcaJn
Fla W H Burrell Santos FlaAn
ilea E Murray Ocala Flu
Third Grade Josephine Dixon
Montague FHa Ella Jackson Rod
i dick Fla Aqnilla Shnrperson Oc hi
i Fla Addie Ward Fesaeiidtn Fla
I Failed Maytne Bowers CJainas
I ville Fla Hattie M Bagley Spnrr
Fla Theresa E Bonnet Kendrick
I Via Marion Bonner Kendrick Fla
j Mamie V Boyd Ocala Fla Cieola C
Curry ocaia Fla Martha A Dixon
Montague Fla Claudia Jenkins Mar
tin Fla Carrie James Kendrick
j Fla H C Jacobs Ocala Fla Mar
tha P Moore Citrd Fla Lilla G
Mitchell Ocala Fla Addie L Mlch
ael Ocala Flu Marie E Mitchell
j Ocala Fla Mollie E McCray GaInes
i rifle Fla Evelyn Rivers Gaines
I ville Fla Effle E Taylor Montague
Fla I Ies1er Ferguson Ocala Fla
Addie L M Dickerson Ocain Flu
Applicants who passed the June ex
amination 1007 but are refused cer
tificates Because it is bartered they
had papers and questions before examination
I Sallie A Berlack Ocala Fla Le
ola Bowks Tampa Fla Annie H
i t
i Grooms Ocala Fla Anna M Cannon
Ocala Fla Hattie D McDiiffy Ocala
i Fla E W Daily Berlin Fla Lottie
I B Harwell Fesend Fla Annie
J L Kinsler Martin Fla Mabel JMc
I nain Gainesville Fla W C Page
j Rutledgo Fla Matilda Quarterman
II Ocala Fla Josephine K Stewart
I I Ocala Fla
A model uA Cadillac with toiuteau
carries 5 people tonneau can bs re
omoved and made into a runabout par
feet running condition Lsed daily by
owner now New tires new chain cyclometer
i clometer two lamp horn tools
I I Cost when new 950 in St Louis
I Will sell for 250 cash to quick buy
I er Reason for selling onr flint rock
roads cuts tires all to pieces In irrU
sting mention the Ocala Banner
II W B Powell Editor Independent
St Petersburg Florida
Jamestown Exposition
The Seaboard Air Line is operat
ing double daily trains with through
sleeping cars to Portsmouth the gate
way to the Exposition
The popular McCall patterns can
on IJ be had at the Boston Store and
our stock is lager than we have ev
er handled before The Boston Stores

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