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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, June 21, 1907, Image 2

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I J 11 = 7 iD
IIA is preeminent
A among nonalco
t If f + holic beverages t
It It has the highest
i Hiq purity ant most su
t perior quality pos
ti sible to produce As
t 11 a drink it is marvclrusly
i efiicient in th i relief > tit
piw rtion of irulirr i i
II and never cat > cj csL
111 potion
Cheap imitations muy
i be had but none av as
rich in tl1 t ginger flavor
rural sparkle and klHfi
cial effect as Rod SocK
So < l everywhere larireor small
batlKs or 5c a sins from bottle
The Red Rock Co
Jacksonville Fia
t c v n
a r t
VVhoelsale Distributors
Ocala Fla
11 14warel I ayMii Ve > Um probabl
i t r e inosi ramon ic srhr in the
I I ruiori4 is now 71 vars old bin ho is
Ii i SWill walkef with whom men one
thlrtl his age cannot compete Forty
il year ago h + a malk H from Portland
t le to Chicapo a distance of 12r iJ
I I fi i ilea in thirty days of elapsed time
1 or iwt ai5six day of actual walking
time Hem not walk on Sundays
I r t Sort weeks honcc he is going io
I t I start out to do the trip over again
Ii 1 t
I ami say hp expects to lower hit record
r i cord by at It act one or two days Last
year ho walked from Philadelphia to
I Ne York in less thau twentyfour
ittiwrs He thinks nothing of a fifty
mll Janut without rest Dr osier
c 11
ouglit to have a 1JIk at the old Ve
I tou tteCore ho talks about idncin the
I 1 t t r lltmatesiblc ape iituit at G years
l Miami News
i I
I IlL Hudson Burr chairman of the
t start railroad commission announces
iliis candidacy for the gubernatorial
i I liMMniiUitimt Mr Burr kaons how to
f run a campaign ht knows what ho
t l will have to buck up against and
trill nut pn into the tight blindly frt
II9 irr as a member of tho state rail
t J road conimi skm hatt made a reputa
itiom as a fearless ady ovate of the
tr t rights of Ibeittaophhm their rights
tl were contended by rich corporations
i r s I Fkb promi 5 to issue a platform
t wi1 his position on state issues
ltwt mill poll a big votelkLaud
t t t I cc F
i j
I i I
i Vill the legislature 4if 19M be a
t I ia + sfnl body if reapportionuieut is not
t trade ia the meantime the Short
Tnlfcs Ulan inquires Sure If it will
I t lint be by reason of this then every
at at ihly of lawmakers since 1SS7
win it should have been done before
Si ttiS nl alLake City Index
I The creating of the new county of
p St Luclc has node u 1tnltOriou nt
I t more inaiKiatory
I Tom Watson in his Weekly Jefer
i1 sauinn last week had a number of
Lu funny errors of the printer One of
L the most amusing is this
1 Ernest Renan was to lecture in
Westminster Abbey London on the
n t subject The Influence of Rome on
the Formation of Christianity The
t newspaper announced the subject as I
The Influence of Rum on the Diges
t tion of HwraaiMtv
L t E f I I
I I V Nfrt r
The Cotton Crop
The following is the condition of
the coining crop according to the
government report just issued
That the acreage is six tenths of
one per cent smaller than that of
last year
That replanting has been necessary
io 4 > per cent of the total area
That the vitality of the plant is lot
aj i Karance often sickly and condition
That the crop is IS days later than
last year
f That cultivation has proceeded o ly
In most southerly portions of the belt
and not universally there j
That stauds of the early planted i
cotton are poor and that the repla t
ill has been so recent that no report
on ands was possible to a general
TLat seed were scarce in all states
< lr the two Carolinas and Texas
1a labor condition are slightly 1 <
F sivorable than last year te
c Hipplie hing draun upti fr
i work
i average of tL cn p on Mav
toi 741 r per cen as COlLUf1
1 lKr cunt lat > t
Tl t Quails Good Friend
y If rai find il nievi in
n > w i wt ir vrki on
hi A t f Kxilroa i n iiaifnl A
d > in office 4 i ft > ate ui
r MU livksf j > ilfrn h
Sir oi tii jtrsnj illUUldj
id ore T 1 iu P aitofd c cad
ii ur Du The r > d < I way I t
r 14 pru14t1 Iim tI
I r anti iarnt I rs itfor a
ti i q t pj r ad hr qua jj fini
lJ itll rt ill fll C stir rs
j 1 place i lr ilJr nts Whii
KM t shop men come uj on then t hfY i
c ll around and leave the pr try lirood
T undisturbed Farmers might tike
a hinT from this and when mowing
their grass leave a little patch if j
th y discover a quails nest within
Th > could even afford to leave a lit I
tic grain for the game reason and In t
thi way these useful birds would be1
naied to multiply more rapidly iI I
J11I > have enemies enough and man t
bhould be their friend All honor to
tin railroad section men and may oth
< tx ot their calling do likewise
LL Hutler Star
Ti foliowiag advice from the tIi
nii Metro > olis is applicable t it all
I rida tons at this particular pa i
ul of th > eir Get out the brooms i j
the lake the hoe he sickle the
lawn nv v erj the wh clharrow the
carr Me trash can the boxe t hp
so t inops tb scruhbinsr brush I
yes Ii liiir1 th > disinfectant
J t51ray r the Imrf and let eneri and
intn ° icy nc take comirand Clean up
tt IiinJ a tar a > well n r rlu
front t MI up tverythiiic that
ne ls oli t alp and do it vv 11 IT is
a Mu jnt for ou day but lJY e pMjr
at it for two or three e1c < w e can
haw a hpotUss ton Thdf are a
few pt ipte who ou11 also Jo be 1
hathed Gainesville S lIl
t do not know that rise abme i
applicable to Ocala since the ortruna
ization of the Ladies Civic Feuinj <
but it will do no harm to print iT It >
shows what is neoded and is gain nn
in other towns i
POor Telegraph Serviee
It might be a good thing to Wic isli i
the 1ttrttrtt Union Telegraph service i
aR Ii nuisance and invite the Postal
Telegraph Company to take its place t
last week the writer was Baldwin I
and was going to Ocala He desired I
to see an Ocala man on important i
busing and wired him to meeT the
train at the depot But the tofu
reached Ocala before the wire did
How long firs t we could not stay to
find out as that would probably have
taken another day But we misjet
our man and were seriously inconvenj
fenced This sort of thing happens
again and again lu fact it is the rule
One reason is the fool custom requir
ing every message sent to Jackson
ville before it can be started on its
destination In the name of a long
suffering public we appeal to the leg
islature for relief Either abolish the
thing or force it to render the t
ie needed Citrus County Chroni
etc i
i Tt St IVtersburp Independent
and the DeLand News have each got
to rich that they are preparaing to in
stall typesetting machine Their
i prosperity is deserved They are
each live progressive papers deg
ted TO their respective cities and to
the stare at large Puma Gorda Her
i Remarkable Rescue
That truth is stranger than fiction
i has once more been demonstrated in
I the little town of Fedora Tenn the I
i residence of C V Pepper He writes I
I was in bed entirely disabled with
hemorrhages of the lungs and throat i I
Doctors had failed to help me and all
I hope had fled when I began taking I
Dr Kings New Discovery Then in i
i stant relief came The coughing soon
ceased the bleeding diminished rap 1
i idly and in three weeks I was able to
i go to work Guaranteed cure for j
coughs and colds 50c and 1 n 0 at I
Tydiugs S Cos drug store Trial bot
tle free i
w 11 > 0 >
6 + it
< r 0
c i A
ff i 1 ii r 2 v t
j The Use of Floats
I The agricultural journals with the
i belief that they are assisting farmers
I are advocating the use of Heats and
the American Fertilizer with the ob
ject of showing the fallacy of so do
ing has several times published
credited articles from the farm jour
nals in order that the claims and ar
guments in favor of applying phos
phate rock on soil may he read some
i a hat as curiosities
i For many yeans the agricultural ex
pertinent stations have cautioned
farmers against purchasing insoluble
and uuavailabble plant foods and the
reasons then advanced are potent at i
the present time i
To be immediately available the
rock should lie treated with sulphur
ic acid of course if the farmer pre
fers to invest his money in phosphates
and wait from five to twenty years
for results lit may derive at least I
some benefit from the rock hut in <
rhis age of large yield and quirk rf
turn it i a loss of time and money
fo 11 = i I Th only method of deriv
ing lull value of the amount inv t
fII is > purchase only available Plant
food f the highest radpo Thon
are > ni = who nr cutting rich by
e < HJiiL Ii I fihat to kbXX wbeiva
Iliiu uroiind Ihate nxIc Ull
they iiiiin too Int 1 Tin1 raw wk
tike i jriMiiite r < itly suair t >
a so iv of pout i = in a roni > ioti
whirl rr 1iiiv p a huiran Flit
time 1 a fir r can rrK
roioj iifiou in + form nf incna
d croji betice uiotivy tli in
vest d wojli pa i n ier if spelt < to
Hie iirclla of > > ible plant food
Ferti r d sloul always age u > d to
a 1Er in larger crtrl s at rtlIHol cor
American Fertiiix
Cairos Curse of Blindness
The wrst thin that impresses the
stranger in Cairo i tbe number of
blind men wom n and children to j
be found everywhere in the shops
and on the street Opthalmia is very I
prevalent throughout Egypt Because
of superstition conce rains the tvil
eye the native mothers of the mid
tile or lower class do not wash the i
eyes of thvir babies at all Watching
the flies buzzing unheeded around aDd
upon these blind children a stranger
hastens lu buy a fiynhisk These are
for t aivi en rwhd aad are quite
attractive with ihoir ornaments of +
fanc > bead + and palmleaf fiber Blind L
beggars greet one at every corner j 1
Evea in the high cla s s Egyptian famt
iiies there are nuiny blind Tbe lowij
T cla > ses of E yj tians are given i i
mucli to hdshetrlT is the lower j
dasher in the lar e citi sand a
iuouih it i again tue law to sell J
it one will have IM hash < eb places I
poiiit ou and t lueu who MU > ke i
ie UriK are seen eer where Th1C t
are tUtill ihhll jy jie peculiar a4 r
itearaiu ot iheir I t a which btHU e
red > olku anti ligy und rueath >
aim by ile p cnar rojor of tie > kin
Which ri fceuibRj oiivhat the sUn f
of a Chinese opium Muoker Leslies C
ttkiy I I
i I
Had Time Enough i
An innocent tuoki rig little buy ac
costed a portly old gemiemana in the
street one day and a kt d
If you pioase will you tell me tuec
I l
tlInr t
The linK my son answered the i
Old Kentleiuana taking out hiswatcb i
is just half past one i
Is it replied the urchin Veil
when its two oclock go and get your I
hair cue
This was more than flesh aril blood I
could stand and the exasperated gen
tleman gave chase after the boy But I
unfortunately on taking a corner at
top speed became in violent collis
ion with a laborer coming in tiv op
posite direction
Who yer runnin into jvr old
tool exclaimed the man when he
had recovered from the shock i
Im sure I am very sorry apolo
gized the old gentlemana pointing to
the grinning boy in the distance
That young scoundrel asked me the I
time just now and when I said it was
half past one he told me to get my
hair cut at two oclock
Well said the man whats yerj
IiOomiu hurry Youve got nearly a I
half hour yetOne of the Phunn
A Series of Cute Pictures
i The New York Sunda
j Sunday World continues
i liuues to give the Sunbonnet Ba
I bies with each issue as an art sup
plement These pictures are excIus
j ive and valuable The make very
t pretty decorations and are attracting
widespread attention The series
I was given in the city of New York
and made such a hit the Vorld decid
ed to extend it to out of town read j
ers A new Sunbonnet is given i i
with the World every Sunday j
Joe Humphries has returned from I
the legislature and has gone back to j
the prosaic life of editing a newspaj
per and this is the advice he gives
out Farmers should plant sweet po
tatoes by the wholesale when the
rains begin Cow peas make splendid
hay and fine pasturage for all kinds
of stock Plant rice its good for I
man or beast I
sa w i =
J f4 TMiVit 1 < Si f
Feeling Against the LowmansPhin
neys Funeral Was a Large One
A report comes from Bronson to the
j effect that Bascom Lowman and his
son George Lowman accused of the
murder of Dunlap Phinney at Raleigh
Saturday night are both in jail at
Bronson Bascom Lowraan being nrj
rested Monday and George Lowmaaii
I It is said that a large crowd late
yesterday afternoon had gathered
about the jail and the spirit of the I
mob showed great indignation over
the matter and It is stated that Sher j
iff Walker has been publicly censurt
e flfor having apparently delayed the i
arrests so long The report of the
censure of the officer 5 s not authentic
bowHVtr i
Xo preliminary ht aring has yeT
tKn Lad and it is understood that A
spfcial thrill of the circuit court 51
ht ak n fflr the trial of th se Ten
It i firh T rporf d that n arv
Jve hlndrtd p ople attend file fu
n > ra < If Mr Plinn y in Willistun
it t taintcvitit Sun
organs Legacy
lalr Mir an tiCa4 a unar man
Prhni < 1 Iv > tat wr proa l an
oth r iii iiim in ability in a ma t r
fill ktio Idue of all lea lm piiiif
JIll > jlIi < ir a titan so reftrf fiI ii
I mono pfr > ttnt rnwav rinr
uncouiprnmisin ill what ip IHlui
ei a public dtry and vho eaine upon
ih 5a of pulilic life wiI a cian r
r curd and left it with a record = o
untarnished afrr over rtt a rrttr >
in the public vje Moutmu r > J > ir
If one iWiId judge by th apTH1 r
ante of the frequent doe of cat
Ihinc driven through the struts tlai
timy to tim it would s cni Hint a
uih r insportanr industry has 1 > < Ill ad
ded to the rapidly incivashm impfr
ante of Gainesville Bunches oi cat
tlt are frequtntly Stfn h < > ing > rortit
to marker from the ranges of the
Wesr Knd and from th + Suvamue
val < y Lafayette and Levy counties
brit one of the laree TO arrive for
s ral nioutis was the dro Ii r fhf
in Monday from the Suwani al < y
by T t J Ho an of Judson uI Arch
Jackson of this city The bunch c in
priscil head and the condition of
the cattle was considerably alHWt Th
average The majority of them wiv
fat and slo t k Ieine evidence if the
fact that the ranues are now i ont tie
pite ihe continual drouth which wa
hroketi onlv a few veeks iu9ttit
Ot cut nmrfy has a femae ol1f
tre ijrr < = cc mor Hrovar having
ippeinte lay t wlk Mrs Gi n vfi 1
y v of 1 R GiHxrt decia W n J
1a eoiny treasurer it the r ru o
tiis dt h This tiling of fima 11
lf hokr b tiu Tn b I
HtH mon in Florida Look out It
might proe the f It eniiu wedre to wo
man suffrage in this Ctathdison
Nev Hwerprise
The ptnsacola Journal rearard ov i
rnor Broward as Floridas r < ni rkal
> r man and it is donbtfjl ir anyone
will care to take issue with ti Jour
nal unless perchance It bo laud
L Engle who since th veto of ih >
stat printing bill shouM rtcnrl t l
governor as remarkably easy Pa
batta News
1ton1 M Barco is being ply aant
y spoken of by many of the star pa
pers in connection with the office of
comptroller Should he bt fIftpJ to
the office wonder if ho will finl if
nf r ssaray to employ so manay
s1Iaflison New Enterprise
It is alleged that the Hon R Hud
son Burr is the administration can
didate for governor next year Mr
Burr should get in his disclaimer as
soon as possible for the man who
fails to inaki the race on hi = own riCr
irs and his own policies is tie man
who is very likely to gd leftIhe
Oak Democrat
Every Man His Own Doctor t I
The averace man cannot afford to i
employ a physician for every slight I
ailment or injury that may occur in
j his family nor can he afford to neg I
lect them as so slight an injury as
the scratch of a pin has been known I
I to cause the loss of a limb Hence 1
i every man must from nei fo ssity be I
j hi5t own doctor for this class of ail
meat Success often depends upon
prompt treatment which can only be
had when suitable remedies are kept i
i at hand Chamberlains Remedies
f have been on the market for many
I years and enjoy a good reputation
Chamberlains Cbolic Cholera and I
Diarrhoea Remedy for howell coin
plaints I
Chamberlains Cough Remedy for
coughs colds croup and whooping
Chamberlains Pain Ball an anti
septic liniment for cuts bruises
burns sprains swellings lame back
and rheumatic pains
Chamberlains Stomach and Livbr
Tablets for constipation biliousness
and stomach troubles
Chamberlains Salve for diseases
of the skin
One bottle each of these five prep
arations costs but 125 For sale by
all druggists
> j it i jii
J S r
q i i = aoK
7Ze + aP f Jo M
J t 4
c a
T oJ
Notice is hereby given that the following dfoscrilJ lands will Desol r
at public auction on Monday the I
First Day of July 199 a
at Ocain in the Counry of Marion or so muck thereof a will be ttlefi foI1rv J
I to pay the amount due for taxes herein set opposite th iw tiiethr rth
of such sale and advertising
I i
j I i = i
r S
i o t lt s = t r
i 3 = i
lots I to 2 < > lac bik i t
li i WI1
I J Grant park sees T an I t 4 T 51
I a lol se f1 of nw 1 Iw
iMarr K Smith
gw 1f of se lt of nw 1 i IT 1 11
s ell of sw M tn 1 Ifs +
° V Roberts
f McGehee yovv 11 M of se M and e 11
i se 11 I i
Thos Wilson U > e3laad s w Moffw 11 II Ii 17
of 14 and ne II
se 11 ne
Thos Wilson seof
of se 14 l L
Jot 2 and fraetl III r 1
Heirs of VT C
inc Hah r
lots 1 to t >
J Philips +
sub of n 1 of It 4
Cahhp1ls ail ka h
Io rr Mitchells rei 1 ito
W T Edwards II
to Xala 1 w
E L CARNEY Tax Coitctcr 1
+ r rrt + rw ii t b
ss i
+ >
i z r 1 i a
L W grs ft4J i1 i
sf x rr J > > i > v j
t + r4 utIt g a
r 2 r tr 1 R t r
< LtwJLt
S 1 i M c n 9 mnrlofppl r
t AVLtrclLl O v mace ul dli 1Vn 1
J buy or wear them In style1
ease and durability Sir k Bricryl ot
toe the lI7i rk of nri < tin
SOLD 13 1L IA t dllANJ5 OdLY
Mm M r C KiSEr CO franufecturars j
> Aj < a f
s t
tilP For Sale by u r
v A J L
fefr f
saii r 1 m 6t iSs Gt x t t
r4 = IJ = alSraJln JI
Oecilo House S ft line RooITs
UU S2i stfliiB nuurgS
I I 1
OLD 1 y r ft > H 53 I J t y
uL t1lltu O J Ui
D L Vo > ltff > it M A H fl H
DtlR m S PYE 7 I
J r t 1
Put up 4 full Qts 1
in Fancy Cartoons
Delivsrzi at
l 1 4 your
Express Office
EOF QI y f JJ t c f 9 l J I
eb u ar JOO a Quart Whiskey t write foi fi
complete Price 4 t
r Ise list
DGaia House 1 Mine ROOlllS
HS a i I Ills
John B Stetson University
flu t ullfir Is iiiUl FV
< Mlni < a > lMU
I > LANl j KJ IM I
I AiKlialecl with the Univcrsitv of Chicago
I AHTSTfc 8Tanflards are ihce of rk IT
persuy of Chicago Sttsons
rns graduates rf c irl fht ir de Krs frfcft N a
Stetson and Chicago Se t the Chi
1 < ato an1 tetssn catalo
I COLLEGE OF LAWrratJuats fir this Colirr arr atnlic1 to ra
tice law
in Florida without
1 examination
Iechanical AHD SCHOOL OF 1w CArn C T5
Civil 11ectrcal Eni
nfrin and
lantJaI Traluiir If 1a1
ing to dercs Fin nf w building
costly eqliplntot
COLLEGE OF BUSINESSBanhin in all lu h
ranh Ft
e n
by best method r r fp
I Shorthand anil Tye
71 1 > writi Ehf
rag Elective
M > cfnr r
other I
tother prtnns large Facull
and oDlDodlom but f ling
I Yale Princeton pttpr tu tr 1 r Jana t
Cornll Michigan
Chicago aDd all first C a 4 s
SCHOOLSI 1 lierarttD
in is
Ing t HI tti
Primary anti Grammar hrxl
Dante building Ttwo sth
especially prepare Pulfli School teachers
hr Ilpe organ a dries pianos +
1t1flding large faculty thorough courses of stud srrpa
Costly casts models
Stetson has a faculty of
yS professors and
grees from the t rnhersit of Instructors Their olllj
Chicago Harard Yale DanmObcb
Toronto Wake Forest
of Michigan Dennison and other CniveJ8iti Bowdoin rtrecht l3uckuelF txJerrsit
buildings and J There are over t 3rsoAr10 rt in
d f n early
nrr a
quarter million
endowed library or over 13000 dollar endowment an
a beautlful cba 1 with u f
Iishings including colstly I r
rr ssars glass windows 7 oil
organ a Gymnasium with INlinUags a j1fJ4Jte Plp
unning track tennis courts baseball aIarllus an enclOMtI lthletle Fltlil
ming golf rowing and other sports diamond and gridiron besides sWiru
ten large laboratories for Chemistry separate Dlldinss for men and Womfn
Biology SEral large museums Physics llacterlolU8Y lInrnlogT a
steam LT cement JT shell and roads shops broad electric tights electric bells
ohrubbery and trees social literary avenges Slpa tons canp11s
musical and other SUd
lecture courses Christian ots clubs star
tiful and healthful and the sectarian teaching The location is beni
are low
For catalogs views folders and
information address te Pre siclen >
I t

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