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J 4U t q > c 1 = = i
L r Fourth of July Enthusiasm
r and Politics at the Capitol
The Day of Independence Celebrated How Frank Adams
Resignation is Interpreted in Political Circles Jules
Solomon a Candidate for Railroad Commissioner
The Pension Department Busy
r illlh3i t ee Flu July G UIj
iSpaeiml to tthe Owila Banner
S id oM Taiialiftsaee got off her
ulltity atoll d on Ute 4th of July to
hu1ulg in a parade of the military
company Ju newly organized Blox
Iwun RU s ho trudged out to the
iF golf links cow transformed into
SVImiroe Stivtc Park through mud
and rain loilowafl by tt procession of
carriag b a j 1 eats itocortttQfl with
flags and Buntings
Hon R Hudson Burr lion E B
JVIcLiu anti Mayor Mcintos occupied
the first carriage Mr Burr wade the
address Without any reference to
polities mud n keeping with the oc
casion Mr Burrs address was a very
pleasing one Mr Burr was intro
duced by Mr McLin who is a ready
speaker awl whose remarks were de
cidedly cl vc r A ball game between
the Tallahassee and Apalachicola
teams followed
East and west north and south for
the day one sentiment was univer
sal Our country may she over be
right but right or wrong our coun
try i
Out of ilv fullness of the heart the
mouth speaketh thus runs the scrip
ture So if I write too often of pen
sions it is because at present I am
living pensions We are in the midst
of the usual quarterly rush of pay
ing pensions Requests for applica
tion blanks continue to come in hun
dreds although we have sent out
over four thousand from which we
are receiving an average of forty
from each county approved by the I
county commissioners In some of
0 I
i the counties a second meeting of the
county commissioners will be held
during the month to approve applica
tions There will be between fifteen I
hundred and two thousand applica
tions filed in the pension department
by August 1
John L NfHyr wno has seriously
I considered becoming a candidate for
railroad ommission r and who re
coivod flsiuerias mention in connec
tion therewith has announced that
he will not h A candidate It is uu j
dersiood that Mr Necly will give his
support to Mr Jules Solomon who 1
has aanoire < t his candidacy Mrt
i Net ly serv < l as secretary of the tirst
commistioii and is well known in the
state He has a lucrative law prac
tice in Tallahassee and is n young
man of promise Mr Solomon is one
of the best known men in Florida
and has plenty of friends all over
the stat + Ho has traveled the state
continuously for many years and is
well posted in politics The fact that
The board of public instruction in J
s and for Marion county met this the II
second day of July 1907 in regular
I ii session with Isaac Stevns chairman I
an 1 S Grantham present Mr B
It DUtch being absent on account of
the severe sickness of one of his
Minutes of last meeting were read
and approved
The question whether the Simpson
and Cameron children being in the i
MayviUe school district will be al
lowed to an end the irsdalc school 1 I
but at the same time considered a j
I imrt of the Mayville school or wheth
er they will IK refused permits to I
attend the YhSd all school was de I
ferret for mill action until the An i
St tweeting of the board
Airs 11 W Meets was awarded i
ft coutract ID convey the children I
from South lat Weir to Weirsdale
at S3 s per month provided she will
go by Mr Ui sops house There
were no bids to convey children from
Blue Springs neighborhood to Dun
nellon or from Cottage Hill to Fel
lowship or from Silver Springs to
Ocala and any person or party desir
ing to bid for such contract to con
vey children from above mentioned
places to their respective schools are
J requested to have their bids before
w the board by the first Tuesday in Au
Chapel Austin supervisor of Mag
i nolia colored school appeared before
the board and asked for aid to assist
in building anew school house lie
was instructed to teach in the pres
ent house this term and the board
will consider the matter next year
Mr R S Shortridge was appoint
ed supervisor of the Andalusia school I
The resignation of E 1r King supervisor
pervisor of Hurricane Pond school
was acceded and the patrons are re
I t
t h r
t I A
0 > Sj
1 ci jir 1
Mr Solomon will be the ouly Jewish
candidate fur a state oilice will gm
him a solid vote from hU people a
decided advantage to start with a 5
he is probably the only man who has
announced for railroad commissioner
who has a solid vote from any sec
tion to dtMKftid on
There is a rumor alo t that Sena
tor John Xeel Mill be a candidate
fur nilroad commissioner also Mr
Xeei is of that clas of men known
as the salt of the earth Strung
and substantial and with a good po
litical following and would make a
gOOd oiliciui in almost any branch of
the SlaW government
Senator Adams resignation from
lw senate is regarded ut the capital
as practically an announcement of
his candidacy for the United States
senate The senate of limy will be
materially altered from the senate of
1JOT Four of the strongest men of
the last senate will be absent Ad
ams Xeel Trammell Massey Two
others Jackson and Baker it is un
derstood have aspirations toward the
railroad commission
Mr Adams has long been one of
the leaders of the senate His career
has been marked by liberal conserv
ative progressive action An able
debater a skilled parliamentarian a
man of broad safe judgment and un
questioned honesty Mr Adams will
always wield a strong influence in the
affairs of the state Further develop
ments in connection with his candi
dacy are awaited with interest
No one seems to take seriously the
candidacy of Thomas J Laud Browt
of Tampa further than to indicate the
fact that Congressman Spurkuiau will
not be a candidate for the senate
But if Mr Brown knows what Mr
Sparkman has decided he is in pos
session of information that no one
else has been able to get It is a pop
ular saying here that no one but God
knows what Steve Sparkman intends
doing and Iw wont tell Another
candidate whom the people refuse to
tal seriously is Achilles Beard
Yhen W J Bryan was in Tallahas
see recently 1tr the first time in
months his friends took special de
ll ht in culling him Senator Bryan
and it never failed to bring forth a
smile Mr Bryans ambition is to
repreesnt Florida in the I n 5 ted
Status senate and it is an ambition
that I expect him to realize sooner
or later Ho has as yet mad no in
dication of intention to outer the race
in the next campaign
quested to recommend some one to
fill the vacancy Mr E W Forbes
had been previously recommended as
supervisor of Hurricane Pond school
and Miss Eugene Morgan as teacher
but as there were objections to both
parties the patrons are requested to
make further recommendations eith
er by calling a meeting of the patrons
or by petition
The salary at Mayville was fixed at
5 per month from the county and
5 from the district
The trustees of the Ocala school
appeared before the board and asked
for aid to buy a lot now being offered
for sale in a most desirable location
for a school building for the pri
mary department of the Ocala High
School They stated that the Ocala
school had outgrown the present
building and that some arrangements
wili have to be made to accommodate
the children It was ordered that
14 wio be appropriated to be paid this
year and 14 VM to be paid one year
I from now The trustees were re
quested not to spend nay money on
allY additions to the old building
Reports and accounts amounting to
S4 4156 were approved nud ordered
paid A warrant for 540 was order
ed drawn in favor of T E Pasteur for
money he had used in taking up mis
cellaneous warrants
Mr T E Pasteur presented his ac
counts for commission and interest
for all the special school districts
which were approved and ordered
It was also ordered that warrant
Xo 233 for 600 and warrant No 294
for 500 in favor of T E Pasteur on
the Ocala special district and dated
August 1 1904 be taken up and can
celled and new warrants be drawn in
lieu and a warrant for 102 be drawn
for interest now due on said warrants
Tho treasurers report was exam
ined and approved as follows
Bal from last report SSGS2
Reed from W D Cam ex
amination fees 57jo
Recd from A C Groom A
C L Ry taxes 344912
Reed from A C Croom S
A L Ry taxes 21rt37S
Reed from A C Croom tel
egraph taxes 77Gj
Reed from T E Pasteur
temporary loan i4 < Mio
Totals J747 Iss
Disbuursetl diturlug month 747 9 7
Balance in treasury S 291
I The treasurers report for tin H > <
cial districts was approved sho > i4
the following balances Ocala i
cents Mclmosh LiU Belli H
2S5 > 9 Fantville Slfi yi > DunntAm
S2i7G Reddick 225 Pine L vi
13V2J May vllle 20v 4 ticir sd <
lsGM Citra r14f > Grinor Far a
327 Buck Pond S12I71 Iarr
173K Candl r f I297 FI1il > < <
ship 7S2 Rlertra Juj BUch
lion ISf Martel SI Ir
I King tlfta Capnlet su Lmu
dale 5771 Cotton Plant nr t
Orange Lake SJ532 oak lh
JOiM Moss Blutf 1125 Fair J ll I
JIt2H Couage Hill ISJ2 hat
Oak G Pedro 1711 Kendnfu
I 942 Oklnwaha I54 TuMlf
itlio ol 1V D LK V
Long Live the King i
Is the popular cry throughout Euro
pean countries while in America the
cry of the present day is Long ie <
Dr Kings New Discovery King of
Throat and Lung Remedies of
which Mrs Julia Ryder Paine Truro I
Mass says It never fails to give >
immediate relief anal to quickly curt j
a cough or cold Mrs Mrs Pauses
opinion is shared by a majority of the i
inhabitants of this country New
Discovery cures weak lungs and son j
throats after all other remedies havei
failed and for coughs and colds its j
the proven remedy Guaranteed by
Tydings Co druggists
Craccer Land Juuv f Ifln7 I I
To the Editor Ocala Banner i
A voter and one who never misses I
an election and one who is very de
sirous of becoming acquainted with i
our national and state candidates s
pecially as to their views on the irf
sties of the day so as to enable my
self to vote more intelligently and i
being nothing but a onehorse far j
rater and whose i
opportunities like
Thousands of others are vi ry mea
ger as to finding out who is bpst to
vote for and believing that it will
help both the candidate and people
to become in closer touch one with
the I other I believe the sngg c toll
j made by the Ocala Banner for a candidates
didates convention cannot be ex
II cel 1 1
If the convention meets in Ocala 1
will be there and believe that fifty
per cent of he country voters would
come too We would tell you city
people that we farmers are not in the
I soup this year never struck it rich
er and want you to know it see and
fetI it and well help yon make it a
wateriueloupric success and as we
are raising yellowlegged chickens
not all for preachers and little
shouts and big shoats and goats and
yearlings we want to come with our j
wives and children yen wn do not
want to leave a hoof behind and
thereby show the state at large some i i
thing they dont see through a car j
window in the way of a happy and
prosperous people and show thorn
the fat of the land by the spread wo
hornyhanded sons of toil would
make i i
We believe the people from the
CU ntry wojlcl help you and as hr
is to be a national state and county
ticket to be named would suggest
that you begin the evening before the
convention by giving a supper with
a thousand plates at a dollar a plato
to help pay expenses and have some
of the great big candidates talk then
the next day have the dinner and
the convention
j Best Medicine in the World for Colic
and Diarrhoea
I find Chamberlains Colic Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy to be the
best remedy in the world says Mr I
I C L Carter of Skinun Ala hi am
subject to colic and diarrhoea Last
I spring it seemed as though I would
I die and I think I would if I had not
taken Chamberlains Colic Cholera s
and Diarrhoea Remedy I havent
j been troubled with it since until this
l week when I h d a very severe at I
tack and took half a bottle of the
twentyfive cent size Chamberlains i
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem I
edy and this morning I feel lIke a
I new man For sale by all druggists
I x
A Peculiar Case
Word come from Kentucky that
Mrs Hume Mitchell is lying at
I deaths door at her home the result
of an accident which happened i
I more than thirty years ago and
which it is declared will euveatual i
ly result in her death I
About thirty years ago Mrs Mitch i
I ell wore a riding habit in which a 1
needle was sticking This needle
I worked into her body without her I
knowledge while she was out riding I
one day and has given her more or j
less trouble eer since There are j
y a4lrre yF j 1ti
J r BL
E = 4M
J < rk 1 ji >
I y l
I Vi j f Red Rock Ginger Ale iI
fc Is the Real Article
I i p I An inferior weak flat imitation ginger
I f ale will cause indigestion and constipa
j Q tiondefeating the very purpose for which
1E come famous
The value of Purity and Quality cannot
W Til be to stronoIy urprH Get RED ROC 4 rco GtRP t 5
1 fA r A REAL i1KGER ALE which stands out among r
I 1 4 t all othr li tinds foreign and domestic as the acme
+ + f f i of perfection combining purity quality and
lt t J lIl herIth lvh ivsnilrf
jY 17 t
Fif J J t SSA t WJ y hi re aryri ncl snail bottle
1J 1 r 1 tr Co u ola from bottles
Uelllzu w v THE 18 ED ROCK CO i
i JacKsozville P Floai ne
c t
f I
r s 1f
THE CARMICHAEL SON CO Wholesale Distributors Ocala Fla i
= 1
f AN VV v J =
Thos H OVA
Keating f j
i + Spec f r oral
Company Since the ad
1 rains onP mdu
the tim of ma
Successors to Strauss Co been ahanloned
J ter Ar Fairfit
weBs were dry
never Kn mn to
i that did f > land
J WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALERS A t were the demand taxed to t
wagons coild b <
spring each as
The summe
Ocala Florida v and Mre Strict
and some of til
week for CIe
E Per Gallon
Star Rye 1150
S Rod Rock Ryu l3
Kevstone gun
Belle Isle 230
Log Cabin 30u
Keatings Pride Syo
Monogram 350 I
Vncle Joe 33J
Pilgrimage 400 I
Fern Hill 500
Strauss 76 500 j
Tenncssof Corn 150 i
North Carolina Corn 173 J
Statt sviI1t Corn 200 j
Mountain Corn 250
old Harvest Corn 300 I
Swan Gin laO i
Tom Gin 175
Holland Gin 200
Crown Gin 250
Perfection Gin 300
Ness England Rum 250
Jamaica Rum 300
Blackberry Brandy 150
Apple Brandy 300
Peach Brandy 300
California Cognac 300
Catawnba Vine 150
Port Vine 150
Blackberry Wine 150
Sherry Wine 150
Imported Port Wine 400
Imported Sherry Wine 400
FOR 290
t e will send express
prepaid full quarts of
FOR 350
Ve will send express
prepaid 4 full quarts of
i FOR 350
We will send 4 full qts
The best goods to be
had for the money
FOR S600
We will send express
prepaid 4 full quarts of
76 RYE
stealth and nii
CASE WHISKEY Boyd ant chiM
I Per Qt Bottle Fridy left on
1 bia S r to ci
Bdle Isle 75
Mr Ji ni r no
King of Kentucky 75
i Uncle Joe 100 of Sourh Cuu
Strauss Royal Reserve 100 Oth r are s
Old Maryland Rye 100 variou n r
I Old Harvest Corn ldo f
I Pilgrimage 125 tO SP f ti 4 r > J
i Cascade 125 tolled tilt r hori
1 White Ouk 125 i
to SPtntl t I f
Fern Hill 150 sp
I Strauss 76 ISO mer hH r il 1
told Oscar Pepper not in bond 150
the n ralo
Planters io
I Black and White Scotch tool but rtr anl PI
Mt Vernon 175 Jane >
I GIN by a hr it
I Per QL Bottle said 1 onar
London Taking If a
I on Dock Gin s 75
I Tom Gin ieg worst of ir a
I Holland Gin IQO man w to sm
Phosphate Gin 159
Booth Torn Gin 150 froD + 1 1tLP v
MALT WHISKEY and war 1o
Per Qt Bottle meals and If
Duffys Pure Malt a 100 axe and so P
Bowmans iQO f to try to se <
SWEET GOODS I to compel to
Peach and Honey an grade Per Gal 150 W 1 from a dppp
Peach and Honey aa grade 200 and for the
Rock and Rye a grade 150
Rock and Rye to h > sFn
aa grade 200
Orange Brandy 306 work a tr i
Apricot Banana Brandy Brandy 300 300 day the alit I
if r
nL tr mat
his canning
Thos N Keating Co f afternoon t
ed in pa r
the tin f I
laid In a > n
Ocala Florida f Tli r train
> our la t i
> J the W r T
too 5 ro
NVVAtjl J L rain It a
p jrioils during uhuii iC JMIII uav s
hr a1tottlwr iiil otbn ii which
it is fxcruciarin Of lau hl T trou
ble has been increasing Her conli
lion is regarded as exceedingly mu
ral with no hope of recovery
This make four cases of a similar
nature of this kind ia this country
One has proved fatal the other j
three persons being alive and two of
them apparently enjoying good
Bad Burn Quickly Healed
I am so delishted with what
Chamberlains Salve has done for
me that 1 feel bound to write and
tel yon so says Mrs Robert Myt
ton 457 John St Hamilton Ontario
My little daughter had a bad burn
on her knee I applied Chamberlains
Salve and it healed beautifully This
salve allays the pain of a burn al
most instantly It is for sale by all
druggists x
Fine Brood Mares
We have just gotten In a car load I i
of the finest brood mares ever brought
to the state and to see them is to ad J
mire them We will sell them at
very reasonable prices Come and and I
look them over at
x x Ocala Fla
q r R
tnlnL irt
that a a c x
THE her of r N
part n
which < or
t what b 1
MarioQ Hardware Gonpaiy I the i hi
with CTV <
Rev C i
from diT
grower aII
Av I f as farrrf r
American Wire Fencing Georgia in
a his cotton c
Sash Doors and Blinds r II rr4 season go t
cure his cu
Paints Oils and Varnishes years plan
in the Held
Mill and Mining Supplies 1 tends the
but the se
Turpentine SrippKes used
She ear
Improved Farming ToofcSb matf 311 I
U Special Cor
Marion Hardware Some to
ir being s
Urge ahipi

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