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Related by Himself
OnO nisht a Drummer dreamy
area MI a
1ud tirOOIIHing k
drtut tti ilc 1ted
And lrM4dtt wraty
to the p a lrly Gate
111 fiafctiifaKMi spirit hied
Amd ble b4tre tho Slltnls h stooo
With W24t heal and low
Ny record
illtl rata he said
1 ntss 1ua 1tottltdIJeIJ
1 Se I3ttlhtil it kt
n ftlul
dilniq a kJt
onf SS ItJiill itttttst
And fjltetl USHJ jtwd th t1teshi
Cra IllIIft n hOw re c tsOO
Tilt gcrod st 11 tlOOkf 1 ut him
With kindly SJDUbtt Ye6
But cbe ok his
bi91d i lrHtt
l t ask
1TJlNUhiou btllto sluts
Bu 1t m ask 1i1Ii a hmesflr
A t yHi a imveiftug IJttltltlr
T + LuDPr taw ia tWS strata
Tlj aced Si i began
Yu tl
trallt 0 + ce
t afu
Al vi 4 tile tttIn at mUe
S 1tc d > rat rnms Jibes UId jeers
A l all tb > mfaik
Vu L II tsp at fa n
T carets UyL d its 1 1r1ck
ud < < te11 found as use
Tha > tjr g titter out at six
Youv takes < M0e Ray nnrrhant I
An s < ii a itll or lOon I
lnel I n In t alutly says twos bought
1Hr3ZttdS the day Vfotv
ir sjiont your life at b4 leis
Aii < i eatfl still mwse meals
Wiih ice and Wit r Girls
AH iin down at the heels
Y um v had rout let rs sent astray
Yoir trtmks hat e wandetvti too
Y1th iwrtCTS rlerks aud bIlMftce1ft6lt
Youre fat a rattsuuii Bit W j
And one a uwmtli you EC tirtrnr wIfe
NoM 1011 awe it It smT
It is Fopliod 7fce r
And Ite took his lmt to to
All IL tal good Snini Peter
As ie CJplIIItll the iwrtals torte
Im very triad to meet you sir
Jut kindly stet inskle
Well try to make yew happy here
W1 do tb btt we ctia
You d O arvad yotir Uw e in Hndes
For yowve 1 MeIt n irnveling nmn
The Four Hundred Fakired
Those without tUe pale of Ne +
York soei liy wilt ito doubt lit sur
1 trihd to lllliru that one of the meni
1Hr 41 ttw sjiuut set who has IMM II
UXii ivly uui rained by Mrs John
K Dr xvl Mrs John Jacob Astor ami
others and whom President Roose
velt has consulted frequently in re t
gard to Indian affairs is no other
than the son of Mrs Russell Safes
nejcro cook
Though known in circles of the
eluc tras Antonio Apache grandson of
the famous Chief Cochis this dusky I
Beaji Brtunmel began life as a Louis
iana pickaninny under the obscure
i That such
nam of Tony Simpson
is th true identity of a Hum whom
i they denounce as the most fantastic
fakir that ever fooled New York
was calred today by William M
Corey and Edward W Dcming both I
of whom are well known New York
painttrs of Indian life
It is about time the true character
of this impostor is made publicly I
He is not I
known sHJtl Mr Corey e t
only a fakir but a scamp H is the I
saute neirro who stole a painting i
from we jU o Ut nineteen years ago
served two yin 001S I
aad In coiipeqwenee
in th SlUg Sing prison
lj Floridas Bee King
Thki bee keei > ins Is n pioQinblo in J
dimnottstratel by
dustr in Florida i s moustraie
O 0
Mr M
Hit results shown by
Poi iilet < Ki of Stuart the veteran lee
state He ship
man of The iieninsnlar
extracted hmtey
of t x
iKHi thirteen tout t
last y ar bat owing to the drouth j
be able to shill t
this peason will not
iiKM than half tkat qtinutity j
T 1 kfIVLTn Thel I
3 Ir Pcritl letc n in his iniim i
Capt i
ma coiuaianded by
Ittnkesfee arrived In town Saturday
from Stuart
They are on their way
0 1 the honey from
t Key IAiI11 to secure
C7 colonies of bees Mr poppleton
Pierce he
established there At Fort iII
has 207 colonies that he has
II the
t so that
moved there from StuarLSO
themselves of the
bees can avail t1
Mr Popple
black bloom
mangrove I
ton is greatly interested in his work
which pays him handsomely Trop
ical Sun
lrJ Frank H Damon of Tallahassee
4fxs ed by the rail
see s been employed
roa1 Commissioners as
One of UM
the railroad properties
will be the
first duties of Mr Damon
L railroad
inspection of the
with a view of preparing evidence
for in its
tb commission to use
to secure a reduction in passenger
IP fares on the Pensarola d Atlantic
division of that road
Take Your Local PaperTake the i
Ocala Banner
The following
reasons are so ap
plicable for taking the Ocala Banner
thai v
them as our own
They arc taken from the Aikin S
C Journal and Review
Do you subscribe for your local pa
P Ir
If not why nor
It is deserving or and should re
ceive your support
If it gives you all the state ant
county news
If it contains the ieeai ndrlilS 1
If it is well priutrtl
The price is ieatsunabiQ I
Every man in the county should J
take his foal paper for amom other
thing I
t I
It kteps you in touch with comity I
affairs I i
it kee pa yon ostid as to the titiiej
for iiayiui tides the time for mnkins 1
rnuirns the time of court and the I
1Itlie Amid place of nil religions nud
lmbUe meetiags j
It pHs you what your neighbor is i
ooh how ctrl p s are K YtUig on who 1
is man led slid who has did i
It gives yuw hints a out the farm 1
Work keeps yoti infojm l about the
state of the cotton and product juitr
kets and tells you a thousand mid 1
one things you wam to know j
ir teachers the children w take
all interest iw affnirs and tells them i
+ hatis going on in the Treat bus j
work around thtnn
ODc > its xt H > kly visits lave e > m
mt1rl it will always be f1oUH
land its CTMIUUU is tooli > forward U
Your county patter tiee s your MII t
mm IKTJUISO thn more suliseril > ers a
l a > er has the more It can do for you
Your cotta ttaptr is the stoke
maw for the section in which it is
published li tells the work what ito
to IK found then corrects misrep
rest tationg tnd attracts catital
ctttS dfvoloii the count ry and zealous
ty guards its inlerosjs and good name
The Aiketi Journal and Review is
the oldest established paper of Ai
eft county It has a large number
of correspondents who keep its rend
ors inforutLvl of all Uat transpires
within the county
It is neatly printed its advertise
ments are arranged to attracts the
eye and it endctivors to keep up with
the times
It is a Ini se palter aad sells for
one dollar a year in advance i
Ii Is our desire to increase our cir
culation to UFfOO and to this end we
cull on our friends to help us If
you arc already si subscriber to the
Journal and Review sny a Rood word
for us to your neighbor who is not
If you are not now a subscriber let
us send you n sample copy or bet
ter still send us twentyfive cents
and we will send you the paper for
t months on trial
Circuit Court in Hernando County
Judge AV S Bullock and States At I
torney E W Davis have returned I
from Hernando county where they i
have just closed the summer term of
the circuit court There were quite
a number of murder cases on trial
and there were several convictions
towiJ The state of Florida against i
Tyson sentenced to bo hanged the
state of Florida against John Coun i
cil and Henry Norris sentenced to
imprisonment for life the case
against Doc Hodges who was tried i
as an accessory was uol prossed J
the state of Florida against George
Mitchell AVill Collier and another
sentenced to be hanged All of the 1
al ove named men were tried for j
In the case of the state of Florida
against one Mitchell for selling
qiKir in a dry county the jury failed
to agree and a verdict of mistrinl
was recorded
Bank Failure at Miami
Bank Examiner McDonald has reported
I National Bank
ported the Fort Dallas
at Miami capitalized for SIW N u as
been closed
and it has
i insolvent
i by order of the comptroller of the currency
The otUcers of this bank were
t j ncy
William Brown president Milton
jHhun M
I Cun vice president R It McCor
I R Rumph
mick secretary George
I cashier
I During a late visit to Miami
beautiful residence of the president
the hMtlt
Ii dent of this bank alts pointed out to
deal of suburban prop
I us and a great
ertv which belonged to him and we
1 rich
told that he was one of the
e and prosperous
I est most progressive
But we
men in Dad county
sometimes always tell
come out with
The Ocala Banner
that the Brick City
n statement
comingout party
od have a big
The Banner has
the candidates
e ideas along that
ioin good
i soon pretty
doubt Ocala will prop
i l ll and no
the visitors on the
i ed take care of
i Why cant
i proposed occasion
swim Politics are go
i toW get in the
I anti the voting population
lug to be
should be
ulation of South Florida
location accommodations
enlightened For
h05pita1it Bartow is
trod ations and
all Candidates
the peer of them
matterPolk County
consider the
The St Augustine Record copies I
an article from the Savannah News i
in which it wa statNd that in answr
to the question of the New York j
World What is a democrat T said
that the World had received a three
column letter from Mr William Jen I
nings Bryan but that the explanaj
tions given by the di tiim7iished gen
tloman from Nbraska were so in
definite that the World was left just I
where it was before This brines up
the question that was propounded by
the Son of Man If thy hear not Mo
ses and the prophets neither will I
they be persuaded though one rose
from the dead Not only Mr Bryan
but Senator Raynor and a great
many other democratic statesmen
ftiui a great many eminent newspa
per editors in all pars of the coun
ty have tried to impress upon the
editor of the World the simple mean
ing of democracy but they find it I
an impossible task It was not always I
so The World once Kits an instruct
or in the faith but now idling it the
nutn of democracy is like reading
psalms to a dead horse it is a
waste of time it is worshipping all
the shrine of of her idols
lion J T Lewis state convict in I
sj ecior was in the city last Friday
night and Saturday morning and the
editor of the Advocate had th pleas
ure of siKKMinar him We have heard I
of Mr Lewis often and have watch
ed hs record closely but until last I
week never had an opportui Uy oft
matins him anal we can say now I
that a IIHHV rthts yn eniietligin 1tu
new have shaken lauds with ThM
attic uf state coiivict inspector i one I
rim is hard to till one that the du
tis nitaehed to must Iw worked in j
the oKii where all may see and criti i
riseand the criticism of an olllce oll
ihis kind is sometimes none too just
to the officer In Mr Lewis we be
lieve the state has a man who will do
his duty conscknitiouusly and fear
lessly and when the time comes again
to Oil the rack we predict that an
other Ocala mn will prove the best
nay for the stlnnenOH
The Hon Tom Watson doesnt fa
vor immigration professedly because
IM wants to keep the Southern stock
of Americans pure Seeing as how
he also wants to get rid of the ne
gro it is dilllcult to understand ow I
he would get the Georgia rottonflelds
worked We remember another
great Georgian of whom M r Watson
is a reminder because he is so dif
ferent who opposed immigration
the late Robert Toombs He based
his opposition however on the claim
that there were already in tb1 state
more idle whites than the negroes
could well support or words to that
effect and hft didnt want to take
chances on trotting more We are
quite sure that Mr Watson will eith
er have to have immigrants or hold
on to the negroes in fact the state is
progressing so rapidly that it begins
to look as though ho would need
both Chattanooga Times
The proceedings of the Georgia leg
islature read for all the world like
those of the Florida legislature For
instance in quick succession were
the following An act to prohibit the
sale and manufacture of spirituous or
malt or intoxicating beverages in the
state of Georgia after January the
first There were six bills of this
nature one right after the other
Then came the following To prohib
it the shipment of intoxicating li
quors into dry counties to prohibit i
the shipment of whiskey into prohibi
I tion counties to make it illegal to
maintain a blind tiger or sell intox
I ieating liquors in dry counties All
these hills in part and in whole were
i introduced one after another in the
Florida legislature The Georgia leg
j islntors are also struggling with the
amipass bill an frank bill and
hundreds of other hills When shall
the states of this Union and the na
tion itself gN laws enough
While the partisans of Mr T A
Jennings are loudly proclaimius his
strength as a cadidare for the govern
i orship the Ocala Banner voices the
question that has probably been on
the lips of many an old stager Jen
nings has never been in politics be
fore so what gives him his great
lImB asks the Banner It would be
very unusual for a man altogether
I untried in politics to be elected to
the highest office within the gift of
the people of the state but perhaps
j the friends of Mr Jennings expect
his nonparticipation in public mat
1 tens to prove an element of strength
in his campaign Starke Telegraph
It is intimated that Hon J F C
i Griggs of Apalachicola may be a
candidate for congress in the third
j district If the people send him to
represent them they may feel assured
that they have a man on guard who
will not sleep on post Starke Tele
i graph
v imw
A state exchange wants to know
who is going to play the John Sharpe
Williams to John Beards Vardaman
in the senatorial race in this state
Vill it be Brown Pensacola Jour
What is Going on in the Land of the
Grapefruit and Pine
The San Mat o Fruit Companv
shipped the last of its grapefruit last
week j
Cantaloupes are being peddled on
the streets of Gainesville at 1 cent j
The Lake Worth Produce Company
at West Palm Beach has shippe i
some very fine watermelons ibis > ear
Not enough watermelons were rais
ed at Fruitville this season to sup
ply the home trade let alone shipping
any I
John C Bennett of Titusville has
recently planted a grove of 333 gram
fruit and orange trees ou his preni
iaes south of Lake Isis
Some of the young groves in gild
around Lee hurg are In heavy bloom
and the same report comes from ooh
er sections of the state
West Palm P ach growers say that i
while their pineapple crop has been i
very short this sea > ii their returns
have been considerably better than
us aid
J D McDuffy of Ocala has already
shipped 9 < irs of eamaorr e > and i
busy working on watermelons lie
reports receiving very fine prices for
his melon j
Professor McKinney a peach j
grower at Candler state that ship
ments of peaches are still being l
made not withstanding the dry weal ht
fr If si js that prict are V T > j
TL1 pineapple shippMig season on i
the East Coa t is nearly over Our I
ilg the hitAyitst parr of the ztm
shi tm nts averaged 111 to > ft car a
day The crop this year has been l
very short I
Shipments uf fruit ana vegetables i
are still being made from Fort Ph rce
Minshew and Harper shipped a car
load last week Peter Pierson of tuej
same place is shipping some very i
fine asparagus
Walter Hawkins states that this i
season tare have been shipped from i
the East Coast to England MMH j
crates of pineapples This is consid I
erably more than last year although I
the crop was not nearly as large
The strawberry Industry has been
a paying one for the growers at
Starke this season An evidence of
this is the fact that one bank at that
place has cashed chocks remitted for
strawberries to the amount of nearly i
5oono I
George Close of Ocala is shipping
some very line watermelons He
shipped a car recently containing GUI
melons which averaged fi 1 pounds
each He is getting 17o a car on
the track for his melons while ordi
nary melons are only bringing about
This has been the most prosperous
season in the history of Williston
Shipments have amounted to TSiMio
baskets of cukes SO cars of melons
and IP cars of cantaloupes This
does not include the smaller ship I
ments A conservative estimate puts I
the net income of the trucking busi I
ness at this point at not less than
l IIIIXew York Fruit and Produce
duce News
Letter From Commissioner Fort
To the Editor Ocala Banner
Believing as I do mat all public
servants should be ready and willing I i
to give an account of their steward
ship and in so doing the peopl will
know the status of affairs intrusted to <
others and no doubt the tax payers J
would like to know the financial con
dition of the county I am pleased TO
inform them that the county finan
ces are in the best condition taY
have lon in since I have ben a
member of the board Six years ago
I when 1 entered upon my first term
the county was considerably in d M
on each fund Ve have atruirgt 1
with this indebtedness ever smre
but now I atn glad to say that Wt tin
out of debt except on the builiin
I fund this being for the court h1 > t
We have reduced this from more rLm
I sixty thousand dollars to a liar Mi
I forty thousand However I am stray
too have to inform the people fl t
I their taxes will be two mills this Y3r
more than they were last Thi >
I due to the state millage being incur a
led one and a half mills and ih i
I school hoard increasing their a half
I mill I would have liked to have re
j duced the ruiliage on some of our
I funds to have met this increase but
we found it impossible to meet the de
mands upon us with any less than we
are carrying Respectfully
The Gadsden County Times nomi i
i nates James E Broome for governor
IIf the Gadsden senator enters tl1
I race Lafontisees statement alter
there being no orator candidate will
have to be correctedPe acola
Journal I
Mr Bryan is rapidl becoming rec
ognized as the worus authority on
that obstruse and complicated topic
democracy Washington Star
Some papers seem determined to
dont the Honorable Hudson Burr
out of the raceTampa News
1iGfnfJ CnHmON D McIVEX and lACK l
r I
i 1
1 i l
1 i y
1 f t t 1 >
r f f O II J Z D
P VEtBYf57 t mr I Ii
CF utiY rRS 0 fj Z7 fr 0 F Cr rr f DIRECTORS
R SC sror ItAC tJ l1oS rn l0J
I tH1ANSISliOTAFCODRu o + Ersccnrc r
I I a G > Ittaac a S sr f v AS 45 1 aye a full slk of Collins Caskets
oaltf 25 CENTSo r
cstt clIE th rASiI Zr1 8Y and Buntl Jilt tits pPliRl given to
Burinl trvu PJ
Aurn U AJ SnM arm PAlA1ijA
UflnJUIOIL u FI J Embalming to Order
State institutions for Higher Education
University of the I
State of Florida
Gainesville Fla
A high srul1 institution for Y01ln °
men offering Literary Scientific En
gineering Agricultural and Pedagogi
cal Courses
Strong Faculty well equipped lab
oratories thorough instruction both
theoretical and practical careful su
pervision and discipline high moral
Xo tuition charges to Florida stu I
dents Other expenses Very low I
For catalogue and information aI i
Pri 1 ir
I Florida Female College
Tallahassee Fla
A College for Women without a
parallel in the South embracing a
COlege of Liberal Arts a School for
Teachers a School of Industrial
I Arts a school of fine arts including
piauo pipe organ violin voice cut
fire elocution and Physical Culture
A Faculty of able specialist in all
Tuition free Charges for special
instruction in Fine Arts reduced to a
minimum NOW buildings in course
of construction Write for Catalog
0 0 o
John B Stetson University
Four Colleges and Fin Technical tit hod
J < rXl > l1IO1111
AfKliiilcd with the University r of Chicago
COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTSThe standards are those of the 7nl
tcrs ity of Chicago Stetsons graduates receive their degrees from Ixjth
Setson and Chicago See the Chicago and Stttsou catalogs
COLLEGE OF WGratluates of this College are admitted to prac
tice law in Florida without examination
Mechanical Civil Electrical Engineering and Manual Training courses lead
ing to degrees Fine new building costly equipment
COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Hanking in all its branches Bookkeeping
by best methods Shorthand and Typewriting Elective courses open in
other Departments Large Faculty and commodious building
PREPARATORY ACADEMY Graduates prepared to enter Harvard
Yale Princeton Cornell Michigan Chicago and all first class Colleges
NORMAL AND MODEL SCHOOLS Kindergarten in its own build
ing 2 Primary and Grammar School in separate building These schools
especially prepare Public School teachers
MUSIC SCHOOL 1000000 pipe organ a dozen pianos separate
building large faculty thorough courses of study
ART SCHOOL New Studio Costly casts models etc
Stetson has a faculty of 48 professors and instructors They hold de
grees from the University of Chicago Harvard Yale Dartmouth Columbia
Toronto Wake Forest Louisville Bowdoin Utrecht 13ucknell University
or Michigan Dennison and other Universities There are over 30000000 in
buildings and equipment nearly a quarter million dollar endowment an
endowed library of over 13000 volumes a beautiful chapel with costly fur
l including stained glass windows 7 oil paintings a 1000000 pipe
organ a Gymnasium with complete apparatus an enclosed Athletic Field
tinning track tennis courts baseball diamond and gridiron besides swim
ming golf rowing and other sports separate buildings for men and women
ten large laboratories for Chemistry Physics Bacteriology Mineralogy and
Biology several large museums and shops electric lights electric bells
steam heat cement walks shell roads broad avenues spacious campus
shrubbery and trees social literary musical and other students clubs star
lecture courses Christian and not sectarian teaching The location is beau
tiful and healthful and the expenses are low
For catalogs views folders and information address the Prerident
jjfcg r ji
tc Hv
Pit v
fr iWta j
ytiC v
p J
a c i1lSH1Lr t7
feilM 1PS8 f t
l l f m 1D LASTES
Jj l
i W t7 1 JS 2 j a ni I 419 I
t f buy or wear them In style
i ease and durability Shield Brand Shoes
toe the mark of perfection
W C KISER CO Manufacturers
For Sale by
fr 7 J I
j 41ft ll l k I
tfItCr r t o fUI t L L
i ft j
t P l
0 e > J
M > J I
d t I
tt r1 IfJ = sy f > t P REPAID
4qQ It 0 Q11 sjl
9 00 f4 r r Iso I I
kbf 1 j S 1 ttCJ < Fffii
O < i r It i I Ft
IHB J s Cr <
1vs2 LJ t
Jacksonville Fla jj
M r =

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