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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, August 02, 1907, Image 2

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+ yie w d 1r
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3 IcrSg31g 1cra XCa gt1gaEr g B 33 3 = r 1Er aa 8 r a
ei We Want to be Fd i t I I
t s
taQ vs TOURING the GREAT SALVAGE SALE a few of our new clerks made errors in
9i adding up the sales tickets and while the greater part of sam Jae gamItst we g
find a few against our customers Now we dont want a single customer to Lose a ce nt
tJ 3Sfcfc W HMIH H BHUM4
Q in this manner therefore we take this method of notifying themthatjif they will mail to f
it r FTsnmsa
111 us the duplicate tickets we will gladly I i 4 to < Vef t I
b a Refund Full Amount = jJ t i b j
S in cash for all errors We are very sorry that this happened but during our Big Sales we j b
are forced to engage new help of which some are inexperienced = r
k kg n
DJ I We hope these will never occur again I D
J I We wish to thank the public for their liberal patronage during this the last sale to q i
CqI 1 I be conducted for us by the Newark Salvage Company D
DJ I I This has been the most successful sale ever held by us which we certainly appre g
y S ciate a it goes to show that the people of this section know a good thing when they se e it
3ySF I wy
V 1 Please bear in mind that we always sell our goods for less than same is being sold by m
bj other merchants We can do it because we sell for cash only and have strictly One Price
Y We want your trade because our methods deserve it
ilJ Every purchase must be satisfactory or YOUR MONEY REFUNDED Try us D
JQ and be convinced q
Salvage Salo 1rlS SaturdayAug 39 g
Z J ill 5
v C 0 It U 1r B y UiU I j r i li i
r g f + NN64 fi0PP44 + 1ffiN0036M + 4KBfQfPN04004Nb4iM444 4 H444ffHf + f f 9 pl j j y fJ
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lf7 zrY r i7 I7 rzrl7RrzJ7czratC7J2dz ra wBSK
Eta c C a 73S rl i K r c r < VZP > = < Kra < M < CZ g Q71L m
t = a
1 a i clad
Alt l
lti 1 3 t a
I tad Jetti Mc
ka1a Saturday
C MI tirv 1 f 1 4 > a
urday ltrn v j a i IeIn Sunday In
to th r hT t l M FIo < le Tur
I t
Itl J ti IUkn tM > iit Switftr uc1
t tndat ra largo lot kiag titr his or
a ch
F J taarher and son pa <
1bruh oar city en route to Ocaln
llftetatia Mr t allaeher ivuuirktNi to
t 1aII Adtcat aaaa that ihlaes were
ttlKil > R ii Unc i Nn1 ai his ood
lir4 town of l iiaiioa
1Ir 11 Thalitotl and children rt I
I r ater1 W iln lay tJtun Palatka I
x I + ttt r tn v hat btlD n visitliw for th e I
a t tO 1ttk I
tirur hal1ia came up from Crys
tal Itlr < 3l1nbt gad opetit a day I
t sn t t1 th t > ftu t of his raud
imtt r M J t1 John 1
Mr t V Rath and litt boy r t
una + d Tia ft wat lk qei r
r 1 h t tad hn fr M coral day s
HU ltl S
Vr 1 1 I n 1ft furS hittI
S r n > et n ia > liT U HI
M + n Mr FViKrtf ha no
t I + H n w < r tla 1t ft > w 00 H ks an l
e t + tj S p TO t t i rjni mill bt
i t i i ni t m
p r S i L in To iy ann
a rr to Tj 1101 h
i v > 41 u TV iHnanont
1 < > i < ti i 4I lto r ana arl
V 1 I ut i f tuaa < am > t1
1 1 e tttN pru of
t1 r 11 tr < ti 14
H r O jnc t tati rih
M It t IHr f Oro n Point an1
tl M thif Ott Ner1 marrid
It drti 1l 1 1 tdntitlay at
T m a 1 t 1lNh in the prttttnlt
d a 1 nHlli arl rati lS The
t V It ft tU the oclock
train ftiir ljck mill < wht tb y
N11i n1l Iir futlta hlme
Tht narx fri nd of Mr SC M
Ttt and Mint B rtha Crosby will
2S n o l iam of thvir war
nag wt h tx vurr d here Wedue
lay Jnh J 1 Tb meddimt took place
at the honu cot tNEI n reaankr
mih hotn tee Hide had ben rteids
iyt for the Mit fr Teinl mouths m
f t oc Iark Jt Out lAud UeiRtilig
Tb Mppy upM bonrde the north
114 4 traia and showers of cou rat
tta + lwe good wtsate HIM rice from
tt 1 r 1tetrdt aas tttent u While I
FIa e tk 1 USp ll a
L t
r r L a = T w 1 rn
Afi I f h iiu fu ti ir frit u
< t 1I It F Duk vh t1o the wr
rrir i i > > r a 1P tin uirl arrans1
i Ultnto can h tnail to keep house
i ThN automobile rceaily purcha 6f
by Mr A B Kiblr and Dr J G Bas
I kin arrived iu tuwu Tuesday it uas
i immediately pulled out of the boxcar
and fired up and uiy how u did
run its a dandy and with its kook
kouk lad chug chug proved quit
I a little excitement to our native
Fred McCr die waats it to be shod
rfsrtu away sos t T can talth hard
i I roar all right and Ed Ciemeuts was
150 aenous he just couldnt sit still
j < o he sun the bind ead and told
111 tip l rer hi ° hbIlIL Hoffman th
1 Iot aewit the editor John Garabl
Doc Leltuer and a whol lot of tha
rest of us still think well set to rid J
in it yr
Captain W J Tucker Received a
Handsome Birthday Present
Capt W J Tucker returned Wed
uesay morning from Jacksonville
I where he writ lat week to cel > ratE
i his six ystvtntb birthday last Satur
day The captain is delighted with
thr uan c favor showered on him
wtie there and is exbi king several
handsome birthday presents given
him by admiring friends and among
Hwtli S a beautiful gold medal made
anti presented by Greenleaf < e Cras
b > The medal contains his na file
and the following inscription y et r
an Seiuiaole Indian War ls56575s
While in Jacksonville Captain Tuck
er met many old friends and com
rades of army day with whom he
eujiwed his stay there Accoidin rn
the last pewsion act he is entitled to
a jieasioa from the state for service
rendered ia the civil war and this
amomu be donated to the Old Sol
t t diers Home iu Jacksonville where it
t tis needed more than by himself This
j act is highly appreciated by the troy
tees of that institution With his
pension money received from tin
Iuited States government for Sem
inole war services the captain is pr e
i eying to erect his own monument Iu
Jacksonville which place he has seen
grow from a hamlet of three stores to
n city of ortMH t people
Captain Tucker has the unique dis
laClion of owuiiiff the old parade
rroirtid where fifty years ago he
drilled as a private in the United
States army something not often ac
coittpHsheti by a soldier This is ati
P c 1ti x Y
no C
Li I t 4 l J i
> > V
o f21 > t u
M1 < A X V 19
t < Ft r > > j t Ih i 7 > XTI
Te cap ain is away nady 70 an
E of thf uld fia > sFort Pi rct N tw 5
I Harpers Journal of Civilization
Harpers Weekly i8 a thirtysix col
oafs u9 pap r but as its columns
are about half the size of those of the
Ocala Weekly Banaer this makes the
two papers very nearly the same
size The price of Harpers is H a
year The price of the Weekly Ban
I ner is SI ft year So there you are
i There has been a constant retrograde
I movement on the part of Harpers and
a constant upward movement on the
j pan of the Weekly Banner and the
Dinner does not pretend to be a
j journal of civilization either Har
pers never drew an honest political
breath hi Its whole career It has
1 been a sectional sore It has kept j
j the chasm separating the North and I
South always open and yawning If
It were not berating the South for
1 some supposed siu of omission or S
commission H were easaged in mis
representing the Souths material
I conditions and its political thought
Ai the present moment it Is eollgag e d
i upon the latter business So far as
its own business is concerned it has
gone from bad to worse When it
was prating rnou loudly of the coun
trys wholesale and wholesome pros
periry i during Bryan first campaign t
it was four million dollars in debt It
has long ince passed out of the hands
of the Harpers and is doing dirt to
the memory of these good od Metho
dist brothers Harpers was never
more bankrupt financially than it
has been politically and morally It
now wants to pretend ihat the South
is in arms against Bryan and is very i
maCh in love with Roosevelt
Ocia Water Works
I The Ocala water works wa estab
lished in hz The capital is ht
11 HI which is owned
principally by
dew York and Philadelphia parties
The equipment of the company is first
class The water is secured from an
artesian well bored to a depth of 122
feet which
places the
I at a
i point absolutely beyond all surface
contamination The capacity of the
I well is 5nOiNtci gallons per day The
t water is palatable and healthy and I
i is impregnated with sufficient sulphur i
to make It j
very plensing to the taste
The company has 4 < 3 service taps j
and 35 regular patrons there are
fl fire hydrants nine miles of mains I
and the rate for ordinary residences I
is six dollars per quarter The
pany is liberal in making any exten
3 6M
FJa Arid IIfIIita
ww w S
0 a Ilt > a y Tl
vjaiiviT of ill firx
A taremtni will Itf found in an i
r portion of this book thowi i
number of gallon r onumrl
the last five years Imnigra < E
Tk > a Industrial Record
The present year has been r
lest the United
States has stii f r r
half century In the matter of wn r
wny development
All ov r r rf
country dredses are at work
in t >
ing channels and gangs of mn ar
i toiling in the disein of canals Th
developm of th
terway system of Florida according t
to reports received
n fl by the govern
ment engineers is icing advanced
rapidly The CUt that opened the
East CoasT canal from St Auustin i
TO Biscayne Bay has l een made and
the labors of thirty year han
brought the
canal that near TO com
pl < nion Surveys are being mark foe
the furtherance of the scheme wncb
calls for an entrance on the 3 Tnn
near Jacksonville Xo one is ii > r
inerestr d in the work in Flonia JT 1
the Gulf States than Coasres
re n < jr Ti >
seph E Randall a hasp honi >
Lake Providence La Mr RanI 1 S
president of thE National Rtiu
nr ar1
Harbor Congress and as c + rl s
instrumental in securiae the i < > <
of the big rivers and harbor rr
prtatioa bill at the last sessifi T
organization i s marshalling i 7 > r
for a campaign Crisp the SIXnfr
ress and to fret end is wn j
determined effort to hterea s
niTibership An appeal j = 1
male to the South to join the rI
men which means f0 mach f M r
a vaacement of Southern in
and commerce
Governor Broward is coin T
t < i
inir the selection of a sheriff tr Er i
ford count to
I f c r
The I
governors action is m a tu 4 n h i
I all sorts of
i >
of surprise amazement gratfraj n
I etc What say some of try nfva
papers has the governor
no fa r
ites iu Bradford and do all Bralfri
county democrats look alik to hin
Big things are doing these
e days In
DeSoto county Our
cattle kings act
so quickly and are so modest that
thousands go Chris
know about the
negotiations Hon W H Hooker our
representative to the legislature has
bought of Mr James Hendry of Fort
flyers several thousand beef cattle
and a number of stock cattle The
consideration was 550000 j
ZJ p <
M 7 h TV
1i lit J > t yt1f
1 1
t 11 IO
F ic
7 jj
> t o riJ oJ r = r = < MJ x
c f = > u L t 1
7 c Ii 11
l L
Against holes No more
darning if you buy
fnIBJrccF c
> All the popular colors
FOR MEN Egyptian
t Cotton medium
k cr
rt hffht weight Sold
in boxes of six pairs
for 200
Fox LADIES Egyptian Cotton six
pairs for 5 = W A guarantee Icf tl
with carp pair
Sold by M F1SKEL
Tlk nf laljf r rf rl cm n r ry gii
ray i1IIrilp L e i pnUr In rhf > Ha
ttrrl ta
I Fine Brood Mares r
We have just gotten in a car load
of the finest brood
mares ever brought
to the state and to see them is to ad
mire them We will sell them at
very reasonable prices Come and and
look them over at
Ocala Fla r s
J R Moorhead D S WoodrOw
President Secretary t
B J Potter Gen Mgr i
Builders of
Dealers in
Manufacturers of
Estimates and plans furnished and I
I contracts taken
I P O Box 956 Ocala Florida t
r ti
A1 rt A I 11
ftSr t lB m
M 1 I
M iid b
lI I f f fi rh
1 s
lito x j t2 t
ir 4 rUlL Q J f > > EXPRESS I
I QT I t ttI i7 Easvr tft krflu I
ej t S nri t
and we iIl shp <
ci > e nti1 ro p 301 j i
+ t a s1 ov It
> f t
Try it ai 11if i on dont find cxj re j
all rL
let t uu ever Listen I > cn l it back to i L
L > r > r <
r pene and your r > 2S will be
hIt that a f ir ontr protnptlj n I
i Rem mber we are ui tillers
from so whtn J
to us you save the
1t ers nn i avoid tsalrnfitstft >
< all
Hit of adu1t ratin y
sure of getting our whiskey ire
r t e our distillery without t a it cni r 1
vay s being tampered uh n
is If
p four you quart prefer of corn our ALLAN whi s he SINCLAIRS tit i t > u I
+ ti I buy a better express prejMiii Yuui Ie t
r corn whiske
any price whiskey from am boly eUe at
l i refun Our guarantee goes with of perfect satisfaction or r cey
l t I q run no risk when every shipment we make You
I lI j of our You deal with us as the
company have owne
Vlf7 CREEK 0 I SI I and will do esactl resources of a million dollars
exactly as we say
r G J
Owner of Registered
Outillenr No 29r
Creek Ga
i L Oo +
s iVrt
G Z r
ttt 2i 4 oJ
IM fi <
> a
< <

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