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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, August 30, 1907, Image 8

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i J
Fearful Picture of Poverty and
The A vfJl Spectacle That a Bitterly
Coin lEvening In Wintar Disclosed te
tke Wayfarw In the Street The
HczrE mnd TTwiir Customers
fiit TI h ssttkt11ItI tti4iI t
t ns > lUau 1raMI and nn re
Thu 2i1 It K a io lj J
ii of flioi atii f Isaop 1 t
i z n tii l v5n and ii
4X at K Jtv 41W eeil ljp v i
l 1b LIh41e r
i ft itunIiy iiilit iu uiiir ii 1i
ii1 Tlie niud fr nt
t I1I w < hither and thiLz Tit
t tia > ilua Irp and n u
t4 sttl his < it the n av i
c ir It b IcrI3 14 iiii t i
tbIr tR1k tiver tlei
t ad iin turn up their coat liars
1itinii ti ir jh ulder < = and thru th < > fct
Itl ltfifr in ih ir IKX kets and The
a lvj jHvd < taiil > ll > m rZid Iietu
ttlK > hffs f tl rauiitt multitude
tbIcr aiwl Miine as they cney SM
4s1 tttTttard with chatierine ttib
tied iur > k llp which tih and
irilM3er IKIf from voW and half from
I houses
cLN at < aie tiC the faces The
wwnitt hIv their hnlr drars > d l nck
from t1tir fir4ahz Tbe eyes are
hardly fsiMt The it ses are short auU
IrtusI The i lwl ber lip rea h acr ss
tliclr swolkU faces The men have
PhJfty eyes Their umlerjaws rojet
There is u it hint in their faces wLiIcIt
Kitpjes < ditrnity or kimlne Ou all
Ihe taeos you read satisfaction aud
content KVCH the starviuf children
I eep a i unit vLtt excitement
On the top rail of a stall stuck upon
lkP1 awl Just hhjh fiiou h to srln
above tilt uiultltuile are tbe heads of
two suckhii piijs The eyes irt half
op n ami wear a ulas y smile Hound
the rhn of the ears ami at the cdtre of
the tilitbu prlnnlni lips is a line of
Mood They set m to hnut thr like
the prc < idlnc tleities of th market the
pods of this sonlkl festival
KutcUers stand l efore their o jn
wiiniow raluc loudly anti briskly
for customers and readmit down io nt
of meat from teel laiik < which they
filth to man lu < idv to In weiehe
C1ttktrn releadtHl aad Iu nt s
< lir zit tlkbn1ztlvt atiiont the crowd
oiTeriai Kvt r ts on pie es t f dirty
ncwspajK r Tin stret t i > filled with
ei1ei There is a smell of rih and
uy cmuoits into our faoe as we
po forwanl foul fat women wth
hoarse voice8 slw e hnndfuSof aatfta
matter tlilai < all l41v nn i drealful
> nml tell u < that the cost is only two
ponce At another harrow au old w
limit and IKM tttrco dauptiters are st n
luj for pennies twonnce > thr v
< ijoucoj and fv uri ouces the hhui 1
OiUUuout < trni their ra r > Lip
< Uys p ttioAts iiitriittlrt ses trou
I sers waistcoats aiit cap all of them
i4 oddeit iud musty that tve do tl > if
they vukI huriiaz suitche up fan
the wide stall Uousished In the liZt1 t
of 1e uaj iitlii laiui s auU dune a
to he h irl e > t l i Uler J t1 H few io
I Aud whtk thi < market is z at
LL1b4 1 whie the air is tilknl With the
kli4ri sio ts of the hucksters out
the i u lc hiUKt = like l ws dJ
ilndcre rn a wanu drop lueti aud
flit1 tif etryn lait
in tiar arm atul 11kII way rt
t sltr1 > nC K w
irt T iII iI n rfI dietl
rmiiiiei with i o > t aud chl
rtJhwn Tin n ty r iref h T > V ie <
I are v 1 ts of 1I 4j 1 t
L < < 1 < t u ts st i z y
t v i t i j
it1ir l
i Iq te ir i vl
I 4r Ii < z t i td ott I
tIk et r ILk
I t h t rs u tttir
t t1tt f r tH iiuia The > t
leV tlslr < rx ncr stii And the
u ti s vt r Ms denser ai
tftai The uuU o t it till the soul
man wib a cbi11 in
rt e njt in oC a ibIzbLic iiui 1
UlUs wfc ansi a c rl friend foikm after
lluiu tiuHkitic Irm for iroin home s < >
icjirly Th m fr taeme a Uai y t f ihree
ar fonr tu tutlis iM her arm iu ihe
iiit1 of the raml tbe cirls U trin to
4iigtui and > tnc The husband tnrv
TIIad anl Luurti Tlie cbild in his
thi1 mttta at7d even waiclu IUT
2aLtMI aiitl dLi1th The dirty
Iuru eats tt ly haI tis off
I ls th mother whirl aK ut auJ we
j fib > H T little buld head v n <
iim3 and r Ul m the gire of tlu
tsaUti4 UA w tluit ti loa n u n
4 smau II tt i > t u iicr at
ll iLer f i t r
111 y irr a v
l4eIt UtisisI ial rounl n uut an i
tuisL t > llM > hrt k Hl tune s
lSally W lit the iti let w ile the
1tatiiI titia miaiju jml the LZ iri
fr tu1 Iltdv rb aal sr vs down
lIt 1 l irr < w ihiu khu umi curs
I Ivtro Ncu
To the Lunpt
1t Ilk t A
b 1ttM 1st x la laniemc There was no
lt11ttt1Qt The lump was husisj over
tin u tl Ue of the street in the cftitor
of u Ctri which pitted oer pullea
fit the plrs of the strtet The lump
Ii was let down the person to be handed
4 WAS substituted for it 8Ut the euds of
ri the cord pulled London Notes and
i uerlvi
t Kuwlegge au4 timber nhoultlt tx
i ck u4 till tky haIoed
The Tenderfoot
I latVs turn wluMi I yivut to olu
r d4 to kntk t miur r Huy 1 < u
t n ni liL t at terra i ui rf iha
was MfplUU i in ui n ith a
J who cniae fr ui nviliie1 c tnitri s I
i had Iten an utilise u 4Lir and a
I rmiuutM HimlHT lw tb in StUIl Aaies
i a aud Iwnt Tlutvloru 1 1141 not
f e anj propriety iu ihe lyrtu for uie
I i 1 soiie royal sood fellow at
< oilrail rintfp and s sn after my ar
r tl tlwte vt entertained by a part
at iipp r At hit table ppwjte it
I sit Mark I ykILa who had evideiit
I Inu LL jM t
le entirely citeieM of his dr f r
ilth jztj from hi lancfut < re ad h
i inii rx it va 4I to < That h <
s It l ist f a zly u eil lireil aid
t 1tlI h tr t thy ir 14
1 it < itui woleu thtr of the n mti
to ay Uotli 4 iti rvi lv r and cl
indues strti Ml to h waist He lihi
n pair t f oid jrrax eyes with bDhv
b i ws over thnj anSI wore a jierpetnt
i erin r espre iou on his fate 1
tentioneJ h i tnlt 1 he Matvr
I lion in < witzirUt > ykemant s iwcr
1 tkIUfiI
I id you to tap ten < erf iot style
I i asked wkb a lot of men to hold
I up with a ruIw aud ttt your steps
f sr u uf Aid you do it jourselfr
1 onfe I was irritated ivben I te
on the Matterhoru Is not to bo
clitnlnHl like tlk se hills about ber Itu
1 a mountain
I dont doubt be rotorttHi that its
I a mountain and a steep one i only
doubt your ability as n climber
1 Im troin up Plkos peak tomor
i rv7 I said mieivoriac to speak
without n siiow of choler I slml
climb it alone
T t > you know the wny41
I Never 1v1t s on the moKntaia in tay
And you eoMskliT yourself able 11
I p > to the top whhlii a reasonbit
t time
I do
Tut maar he saarliil Youre no
j cltiiiltr Youre at tenderfoot
I lll K I you I retorted lositic ny
j caution thxt 1 climb the mot nun 1 sink
nk > m and in a reasonable timewhat
a reasonable tisne is to be uied by the
zk1tIItser j < f this imrty y u and I ex
i Vhtt do si take me for Do you
i think Im hev to make a sun Nt with
a teaderfo to t bl < money uu
fiirlyS I kiu H a blind man that can
I eat ou on a race
ftone UJinti Til bet yon Sl hv
an climb o the p of Pikes i eak
soaucr tbau you
It veem < To me L replied a bet
like that world lie all ts my favor
I > o you take tlk tflb t or take water
There was a coki blooded di Mtree
nble look iu the man c utetuptuous
gIsue that Irritated me beyond
I Of ix urse I take tbe bet lie who
dau vs must pay the pip < r If yon
I4st lu cal nsr me a tenderfoot you
iiut hand out thf ci st
It was tlkn arranged that I mud a
half dozen tlKr were to start from
the liate of lakes peak the next morn
ins and that if a blind man liit me to
the top i was to lose the bet The
ta M ey was put up and we broke up t
e > to Ivd
11 > e next iiinrnitt we met at an ap
11t4111flI reu evous yketuan w =
tbb1i and a covl nap had evident
away hi divp tuition to taun
K tor he tviti l rif vc ivli I
xa tudei r Hl t tiK < < r ru te
1 oU of er VH or The purt whoh r
ihty > si ictsl the in
ttt or t a i
UN I 4 t i it nil tit v < t re
i irv t w f >
H t > v
i > t > Vd
t i Ht a 1 t > i o >
I 1 h u pii > r ttc ii
j r i who > i in ii rht i t c T
ti 1t p Mt v vr lvi lik
i ulcd U < wa < ii irit the tr i ti an
1 Ulaj m the tiitfr Tbti U ttie
riig of a ye iver we starred
I 4t1 found that I had U eu put oi
the usual tvute taken by thove whr
ceuUtl thv peak Why th had been
ote t cmild no ttnaeme t vit inferre J
that ii wa t o trte me every 3fl3
iu onltT that tlKrv should IH no war
rant f > r blau ou the part of those
conducting he contest for taking an
nafair advatit ee of a stranger Purely
if after hn at Iven stanej nsut I
couldnt beat a blnd man to the sum
nilt I de red the opprobriou epithet
of tenderfiHit ttie thine my xxi
ence ia eh in bins did for incIt
easy fir me to detect the uaturil route
Nfore me tbnly once or twue dd I
delax iii xtkHttt the best cround to ro
over and uot one was I obliged t r1
trjuv riy t s I was m farly eo > d
ivHShvo T h a nitis r step I knew
I w MA cHHl t ute and when 1
tt Itflt P
VMS sure I v Uil vio trie teat in a few
hte rs as auy tae could do It
A I approached the highest point I
K < oUd up t see ii an > vtif was there
> or t jersoi Mi ii Lt I felt a
tr if plfsuu n i i us puaished
1 It f r j ttCtv i y ati 3 11
s ou t l st H 1 on wrt l at rrst Lt
the snuituii I t 4Lng aside
i MO that 1 neexed t i so a Jittlt hitrber
I Then iur thi rir > t time i > aw a nida
I lytiifr asleep on the rouiui It was
l > yk emau
Souiethias ithm me ol3 > s < Mi 1
went to him aud poke H > Jtdnt hear
Uie I woke him up
Well l saM svo won
Tve wcn4
H rHchei out for his nTolTer
which he had laid aside aad I noticed
that h < was oblIged to feel for It He
was wone blind
Louis XIV Greedy Physician and an
Lns kpuicus Surgeon
In 1 uti ti 1stii XI V lirn < i
fee the hrt t t it > of iuv hl < pSi t
cimi oriifjfil hit to IKI lhl on v a
month Fhatt < tity iv v of rourt in
trurStnl t farci bil hi Iri > h snr in
lli n H < at the tiuit in Pari > i
r iti i h tlUal Jounml a ci
h t of ihe tTRit vho u > ifMl thf
i M u UirUiiij hi fortune by 1 ti
listf T a klnu Tu e1erprie vi i
iuit JUt ht kfltW that ihe most Jii
< Nr can often IK 4 > ued with a sold
Mi key
l t1ivlii ilu pcU of liio he put
ni iif hi hi i niti > IT nn iu
tnnh1 ti < n t At ii IM j ai t1ut
k M N tJiSf i in A h intu
ti i v t < i l t ii n a t
ji t v f thi I > i wt ui kj
t > It > t 1tl 4li i til titt 1 >
tr Mi vtrt it iv i 1 > i
h Li in 1 t > t i t
< T > MM > < > i < n > e 5
L l r thf j
It i > T in i tv rli c t i tnft v
a q MM uil ut T f fit k >
t e ht zi t
i et ert i J f r hit dty 1 t
nIn fi l Tii > pNirtniiit tit info
ie In pro nli ifl ho LtI ril
at hand fr tlw ptri e Fe Iitii the
kiucs puNe ti Ilornin 84 iiMwl b
p rtetitIeI t Ie ztltrxneil at lt = trtntli
a nl lnw and ordtrsI the tIltirtn
p ad iit to l bled ft > n wiih A
Murhal was away the ktni hltzt
but fear o m marie him yifld to
hI The y tns
Ure4II1 Ikt1 th king and I ap2in
h is uoziy
In the meantime a mage had hn
dispatched for Mar chal who was aot
far off He returned to Ver allle In
ha te and was much surprised to nn1
that the kIn whom he had left in the
best of health had been bled He wa
not on friendly terms with l > aiuln
and he quit kly grasped the situation
II went to see the younu surgeon and
forced him to disclose the whole plot
When the king learned the truth hp
flew into t terrible rasre ordered Da
quiii to l e arrested and placml the mat
ter ia the hands of the count il of state
That > t < e iuio < Udy after a very 1
short deliberation unanimously vottit
that the phyii ian who had trai
in the blood of the kin deserved death J
The rojnl wrath however subidtl t >
some extent and he trracion ly spare1
naqnns life bt Ueprhed him if hIs
othe and exileU him fnmi the rotirt to
Qnlupkr < or ntln The too trreedy i
4 ihysIIin did not Ite tirvtr hi dls
graeeIox41ln Statulani j
rheerfunk i rat
toananry ai 1
Nesrh try T think h i > a
jtidvre of human izatnrv
You cant Jo anythins K ry well if t
you d < nit want to do it
it I n t difficult to prove j n are
rUrht frotu Tnlr own point of view
HOW j > opl < > Pi oti Qiized In the oM i
day But not many people do H now 1
Some men would do wonderful inlnff
IC omc little thins were not tn the j
wcy i
When a I oy wtn R fjror rom hi
parent he a ks Lik fathers iertil lop 1
and Jells tots mother be i coin to k >
The avwnire frimlsliip Is wrtvked
upon the fact ihat the averase er
s T 1 lea of a rnI i = flt one b
can lnposw ttp n Athl1 1 q lol e
Burro Orivers Curry Cimdj
Ii > Al lli l Vv e fi v htn1
4z1 r T i r j t g it
i > a 1 at 4t Il > rt
r i
t r i
r i u l i t < r
a S nru r tt i i itit °
w r r > t a
c a < i i a M
ap s i r t
i j
1V s r i
t1J r tr T s s t fj 4t e r i
lr ST ti t ti larkne
Morn M c
English Jurors Eerrtun raio
1 Le = at t n > t iuratn f Enir h
eiuln i Knfii i absurd In a civil
case ia ilnsurd a conitnou JUTymnn I S
allowed o l > iUiies 4I1 a day for a
vtewthat K fr in pe nnt any prop
erty or thin in dispute but otherwise
be l ia law tit enttTle to any re
muneration It is usual nower r in
th hirh conn to srive him a fee cf 1
hilins and in the cr tmiie S pence I
pt1al Juryii receive much hicher
reniineraii The fee in the county
co irt is 1 shiai a ca < e la the tiny
r < ourt 2 > euce and m the L n < lu
s rrs court 4 peae Cha
Ts a IVe > irint Im hacd you
have niaan id Mari Him and
flit way tlkv aut Ireland thi
momi Re < f ivcle i a far At man
a jrentleniaTi Aiiil ti r1 aiar man
bnh Tid a < S d to their w tes
maant Inot hc h rn s you l t
ttioes and tl iT fr > ni th tiiarket Rut
dtir ienr Tlat k id iiever 2Iv
I Independent Criticism
i A litte cir sat razinc ftxeily at tbe
fleV bflflt of t re < f her avtherF vi <
itorp until the caller sralllusly ke 1
Do you like it ay dear
The child innocently repliexl Yes
1 I do Mamma and Aunt Mlily d It
1 was a perfect fright but it doesnt
frighten me a bit
He who couaEoU aa Injattlct Ii IT
made more wr tcbtKl than ht who tuf
j fers ItPlato
I Settled Out of Court
> rzriI j
larry him ruttiiiu pud Jti ttr
iey TbtrKs no uth > r way out of tN
Marry that 4114 r t1 Never R ian
UIlWifl 1 I t
p an how i oid I f > irr > ni
nn i har had Itsni iuanvl fo
An voritM ic re tln a inat
for 11 < > for 1 i
rrl tuni e Y r f ri
Ti v iv v dont look t II
t i r
M I V i1 > 1y I l T > T 4
I i i S i
t1 iff tvi < t > > v r i
i V i ii
i v i i i
u d it
to ivi t t t
> i Mlr
i oai iir i 1 ti r
< > 3 Iiter t if v i
1 u ui i < id uir I r t > >
m j > tf fiat d
o in 11 frn k the Mp f L T t t
jis i of hi LMre > < Tlivre v t >
MO UIItt ia t it ii tei tiI to
riiii tlotn a > QC t f ti iav
Mi Tue letter wa hiiI1 wuh The
j orlijLrs uiai to Mr rstiiaj h hi
riitin iid hei I uh IVd
his rirIry Io n on ie I ill let
ers terre thtk 1D44P1
ie read Mrs Valoity to hi mn < I
f atir h +
< le tI her a v omans handwritinr Te
Id man arinff At a inatJniott
j illian p mijir not please his heir un
lertook to nke the reply hinniif tit
Ioils inter fjted the reply and sv t
I one that he had written himself Kor
j reason of his own he poured out Just
j txh or1 us he would write to his
u Ltdyioe
TIitn foli > w i a correspondence tltar
would warm beirt froteu f r centn
re Mi = Ward wonid write Mr
> l eutMtvs letter rea < l tlietu to her
aunt for approval and mall them
i Th old fool the lady would ex
claim to l cauclit b such thatl
liV lucky Betty I hav > > u to wnte
he < e letters I never c uld do > t in
tie world Then when the replVs ar
t ivtI it would la How sickeninc I
wonder if he wtil epet me To 1 xttn
to that rnbbi h when we an marred
Ilovi er he will pay well for the
pnvileire He is ur > to win his ia1
i t the end arid tht v1I bankrupt u
wbtres tttk tnanMatfe wll mak ti
r h Youll I e weil paM for yIr 1 f
r wrttti Itty 1 liaI setIe l w I
A year > u jo fur dr
Flow Irrtis yU are uunie Vu ra
are always thinking of other never o
Ahii o the coriep Tideict went on
irrowlmr wanner the vhle till at last
there came a proposition of marruri
ia it was nohn of the l usie prop
ositlon Mrs tValnnly had Intended tall < >
tall forth but an ardent love such a a i
youui mau would pour out to a youni
ir I shall love you the old wax
aid in your youth and chen h you
In your old ase The lady threv
town the letters muttering Not IB
my olj age you old tooir Youll te
1unuer sround twenty years before Im
au old womaa
When MJSF Ward handed her antit
ih reply she had wr ttu Mrs Pea Mnv
> oniuerte iti it I lie were u > MTI
nn Bett it would e inely There I
some excuse fr If rfter ali consid
ers Uow vtty ytu write
1 > vat tlit it rCi lent fr tI
t Ut t
i > r t It irf
r i ht u I at tl h > T
N r xl i i r < > r
11 t > i < > ta > i
< ts i t l
1 i s > iiI
L S I 1 s i b
i II b
1 I i U
t lae yf
t I Liav mj
1 h ti t t
TI1 n 1 14 i vrriiy ttcw array
+ j wr ir > tin 1st Ittier uf tLs iuiis
t e < p mileuce before un eii astetaeiit
ttil Mrs I ea jdy wttt t > ber rooir
i > r 1ue f jr the ordeal
Lt Mr rodmans carriasp Irv e
up t > Mr ivaboUys door the sun wa
the birds were singing indeed
efrythng portended a betrothal of i
youthful par Louis Cudman alish
< 1 Zt hto iiranclfatbvr out of the car
fiacre and < u > poried him Into the housc
Mr < IVabody and her niece reeiv Hl
them in tfce drtwins room The vli Li
ma w s iryn 10 ay sometbing gt L
latt wlieo bis srajidson internipted
Griftpr said b pert me
I an iboJt t > mat iu uns uaoement
to y1 an1 iri iiaVo iy Jolaily
t i Mr < IV = rt letter p
I r < < zed i t the cenune fre s
of a you rl I answered ttr its
re t a LLt strala Lii
EHzJv eh Ieabmly aad I have bvea
oorrepoudrc over tie had of o ir
elders we Lje cx liiased hkeaesses
aal have frv reuty i t The pruo >
iitoa I to unite tae M tat Interests
nfl peid < i hay
e t Vw days a o
secured an o1r f 10 court uf
chascer sc z t > juieis of
the Colmaa estates a T bands ua
account of the fall tj ht liri ot my
grandfather If the matter is to be
settle our of court It must be euled
with me Mrs Peaboly I have th
honor to ask the hand of your niece in
The old maa cast a feeble laquLlas
glance at h grandou aad Mrs P 4
j body uttered aa eiclsimatioa of rslief J
t With all my fceart the exclaimed
The cptTiajf aaraa cast aaotb U
f eble glroce at bSs grandson and p1 C
Ia 1i hand oc Ms heart ald
VI T iW v MtSS 6tfIp raej iK >
S Sr Jai
eu > fc ± C
= j Sr MSlIVl i
i V ig t S2J i i
> Vyf 1 v ii stt VJSsc M
> <
Two Significant Ones That Were Se
lected and Rejected
foundy Fort P tt
U tbo Fort Itt y
ls fr tt lliniwr
Pa were ttit n
Puritan two 3 v ntymch run
hlrt tt
W n
Captain V t ASth
aaval bureau of ordnance propoMd to
cnl Saun and Lucifr This propel
ion called forth protf I rtI <
riI ii linn h at
pastor of at PnMjtnm
PUtsLur who churu terel it a
most unseonIy if not inipiojO 1 setter
referred l3 the mtnlm ot
letter was y
cohere to wiui it wu lttresL to
lbi department aw fii ily cti lilt 1
the hirtN of ri ii Vts fr ivpy
h < pt injMrVi u the
f rtn Utti of r v i V > tl
1 ktL
fer ini ui to coi y i r
PUT f thf Vtn t JTtir u 1 in
btte ill f irnii VUl lh lin
ed M u ver r4pt i f > r
pea v ai rlu utttv ibr 4 < i < I wul
tovr < LrL Iil t > Iut < t s i 1
niis < h f artl estni ri n > n human U
iriis it tiMe of war tlir iittuitk >
fh < > d il tr to il > zt al ttiit < H
further niride I hs l n al critu t t
a Mui B > f iltr yti i h nl rt > >
without j ri > t < i hk a < t of < iiritin
IUJT a jirt oTKe of Lir tsertil4y
of ndn ixiIieutkueti the firt tsveu
ty nrli irm c tt for the navr u FU el
z ml > II tvver the rjrnm nf Ii i
ut priit for reigimtz ntnint was
affqetire in prevputirr itii ti > of Fil
1 iel nomenclature Army and Ny
They Are Knevn as Apaches and
Work In Gangs
l Apuie <
They work ii canss In the under
< world tiitir as Kiatiotis lire f > njplve
i and distinct Fame has < > mv to the n
to the WIM of Bebort of Montpnrn t
of Oejene of the Courtile the i Jreen
t Crarat > the Oostamlj of the Vllletrp
the nteorair of the Waticnolles
Against these bands tin1 police war in
vain They waue their bntries in opr > i
day for some mome thnt Blrt hits
i stolen fntm Geeene A btiml eotne
down frrm the hIthtfr of Hellevile or
of Tharonne and rald < a peaceful ipiar
tera home iruint cab 1 vnrrounded
the pts enper stnftbe through the win
doir and robhe1 They prey on the
public Baud vnrs uwu ban < i There
are nightly duels n the fortithationx
or under the bridgeswhen th Beau
Totor meets Ioiene dA < ier knife to
knie in a arace and not nuloynl way
Ycrtnj all from sixteen to twentytwo
rarely older Wlierv do they coo
from Everywhere They row on
the pavements of Paris nlonc rhe put
ters foundlings or denned children
sons perhaps of that Iab > rini class
whi h is on the edw of crime and l > ec
jrary The life of the Apache is short
but for every one ent to the jail or
the sulliotine two stand ready at the
door of the slums They used to haunt
the deu of ihe Pen Lunette From
The Slums of ParK by Vane
Thompson ia Outiuc Mairaaiae
Nurses and Cancer
i find thu trtnti nurses brave
eaouph tn most eats uf contciou di >
ea + said a Bn klya doctor but
tbere is one ihin at which they balk
Whats ibac ake a frieu
No cuicer They have all the un
traiie womans horror of that dis
ea4 The raost faithful uf them will
io without au engajement for weeks
ritcr ta r take a ian r faM Y > t
tie p > ril s s ht ct mpir l wnh whnt
tLey fp a i r w > nt tltOflgi if
iu it siou
A nt1 4 r i i f t V1U p
htt bru t into n ita
ttt with th
4a T1 v > 4aui r ott of f ur
w r a e nt nn u iit aiil tan e
1 ut ut rv s lfiy The
Ti i n UV jt all > r
Intoxicated Midge Flies
niiii the hte history of the
parti rar little rnie that patnmizes
the arum in Enciaud very little Is
known yet it is certain that when
arums are bloominp these nudges iive
little tine to anjthiut be4jes drunien
orsries within their h li r You have
only to cut open a bloom at vhe narrow
neck portion and look down to the
lower part to s the helpless insects
lyiasr in heap ail tnore or less iatoxi
cateJ hitoxiated fma overindulgence
ia arura pollen Strand Mauazlae
l MpM ttjiu
Two Views
Wbat a pity you
enirasea so
yoan cy dearr said the maid who
was besriamui to
carry weight for a
iou will never kuow
r what tim it is
to reftise a man
No I ttppo < e not rejoined the fair
debutante bur you caat iiaasrfne Low
touch fur there is in accepting
CbIeao News
TH One Thing Left
But what will ther b
left tor
to do after your
toiling and cbemia g
and self denial have
you the
millions you covet5
What there be left Gosh I
SO to New York and
spend em > can t
IrChlcago RecordHerald
It Hurt Him
TommyDid the fowl
you Mr
Bqulrvs Mr SquiresWhat dyou
a my dear What fowl Tommy
well I wanted to know if it hurt
cauw mummy said you bad been hex
pecked for twenty
yearsStrand Mas
I A Sustitigt
4Anna yoo wished to bay a die
1 have mtrri A profetwoc
Megfeadorfer Elaur
A Pool th 1atrrnv i
i z
I ritrd
Mr dear utnjui > we cant all niir
ry this spiemiid fortune WITh x > nier
kan Lirl for an iK iulnnu c t I wm
of IH ha tbe nua tt 4 oJ L hr prj
ely V u ha in htft UiIIU
HIH Lis iit tlt s n Of a 4 a n v ih
best elm me N w I pru trial w
auike up a pool to b your r i
p4r s tf f urt > Ui > sAd ii
to us with av 4U Ier t
afttr x r1t t
flt a1 1 lf M4y IIIp 1
uv f tu haI t th i I A
It f
i V I hi
ar r it o rir l t r tr ti
is trt13 ii
1 t j r te
ill t n + rii f t t
v 1 1 i4te a lii iil 1 t thv
1 I11C jr v
i y tLt if 4
t PSL 1sf ti N r
t htxi I friti et11 t r t
tie sif Tijii ti Nttt tlii wt hil tl
OMT t the narjuK who that
very eieiim on M Fiick and ffiran
to lay uri to hcr hirt
iv Lo neirui shi x1aImed
Awful triad to < e you
1 ame iiatemoiele to ak yur
mother and yotirelf to tro witli r the
the oera
Mother Hootiy rrack > u mar tah >
Do you SUPPk I hare tilt mother
traipslnr around after me X > sir
Ill tfo to the opera with you b >
other for me
But aindemoteplle to Paris J at
would orcaskm remark
4th thKs It Very are w ll aI
mother Will you ro iuimmyt
I suj po 111 have to
The y > uiir man pocfMed mtLtt
i ylly Pnrlnjr this his ilrat e alI h tokI
Mis Molly of his aaeienr lineage wtn1
ku up with a rtecription of th hateiiu
uf the Courtemaohes hnilt several tva
turks ain and now a run Then heav
Ifis a dtep sich bt said he would love
to repair and live in it Mis Molly i
lened attentively and asked what It
would cust The inarijHi repliv that
U would require r rf Hi fraacs or a
luillion of d rlars wuereufto the rtri
ivmarktti that if that was ull she won
dered why be didnt make them at
The marquis after his visit met hi
friends at the club and reported pros
rtfss For a month he devoted birwIi
to the heiress lie uor only acconi
panitni her on hr sirhi > eeiuj tour to
Versailles Fourftitiebleau rns ani
other curi > ud p > iuts In the environs of
Puri but secured for her and her
mother liivi cations to the best bouse
in Paris
Hut at the end of the mouth < a
one morning awoke to fln l In bk vt
packet but A Piasle naiH > le n of the
money furui btl him it u s ne t b
gary that IK bring iate > u a hetiL
Half rhv nai f ieoa he rwnt f r 4EdY
and tlie ot vr half for itovivrs Tbe = e
hfi > eut Mss Flrk drinsr t ° Iy
oeourn d to him to save a f fraai
for a brtwikfast the aor > r iftr tii
proposal but If he uvishd in tvin
aiiii the heiress he coM tuae A fur
ther loan from hi frier uu I lie w5
yure wf winniair
About y oclock m tfae evenmsr be
went to the hotel where she Flick so
journed and sent up uis canJ While
wailing be pue l back and torth in a
terrible suspeu It s eiuf l aa air
Till ho was ssuiiuuoned th < tti it w
only tn minntL f t hervd nro t
artnieat asei for a rvtepnoa rum
h itr tandiujc on a till ttw flowers
lit hid enc ami the 1 < 3t
The I4b X was em pry I
rotae la here tuar jUi kiktt the
cbiery oi v uf M ts M41y
With vion of a iriitf
datcLii iti tit > hM I IIOB t 1 the
urt r i ll < n t vae tr
Try i x u < > e i i a
v1e iu j a r
The man jui did a 1i bO
biddn stiI he aw uo oa
This prjom prweath nil ti
Ob mademoiselle what 1i t pr
ty game yon are playia i re
you ho you call to tue frou i
i hope aoi i donc wart > o t
heaven just yet Im in here
Again the inar inis entrti nnnAtf
room only to i > e led firtNr lad ft
thy rooms all communicate aarl th
girl Itd him In a circle tii ue siooU
aa1n where be had storied i the re
cepUon room Ih was very inucb cha
frriaed at being force 10 piay UUs
juvenile am for the amo mem of
Mss Flick but he retuemf ri chat
she was barely Lthteit L1 f no
French irl would hae dune TJ sdumr
there wa no French tfirl wttl tfl enor
mous formae thai he could n arry
he kept his temper arid w > r < u j erpt
ual siclle thmkiair that afvr 4 wa
yery droll
Youre erettfair warm tame ihs
sirls voice a he went haatiag chrootrh
tae room
Very warm 4
Baking hot
He jfut to a curtain hanirlns b
ore u rees Fie knew iifss Flick
was bhnd it How straajce these
Atnericuns He pullfd a < ide the cur
I and started hack A youaa man
was with the girl
Games up cried Molly Mar
s this Is George Tncimmghaai j t
come over to join us He brought
this And oa the third finger of her
left baud she displayed a ring The
marquis has been awful nice to me
George took me to the opera and lots
of places YonIl show George arotmd
ont you He doesat know any
t thing about Paris Thafs a dear okt
The nezt raornlng Gattoa went with
out his breakfast and pool stock stood
V it
I Ii
l ha
c > r
2 br

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