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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, September 20, 1907, Image 6

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r 4oJ I w < i i <
1 I
t II
r Li h
> 0 1r
Mc ac 12 s > 2rarar mo fr3 t r
m Jo 1iIIiJ < p C 7 I i t 7 7ZC4dLi
1 S
I P V Leavengood Business Manager
Rev 0 Badlfy of Cleveland has
T preecb Gfl1 sermon
The Miami Metropolis say hat Mr
iFmgif has not abandoned hi work
I sill
on tae Kev WQt extension
I The Florida Life Insurance Com
j pany is contemplating f rectin a flve
ory building in Jacksonville
A New York jrwel is using a
toot of the prekleat as a setting for
J a rfag The fools seem to multiply
San Mao is raiding money for R
I fine new school hous Residents are
I subscribing to a building fund and the
1 laudable effort promises to be success
I fet
I According 10 the most reliable in
ipld formation there are 2 GCfJ4 Sunday
IQ schools in the world with a total en
J rollment of 2Sf < N loiflOO pupils
The Tampa Tribune has discovered
I di
that the constitution of Florida prohibits j
hibits the callin of a prohibition elec
I tion > xcep at a regular session of Ui C
lot I oisktun I I
1H Mr Morton F Plant one of th e
I jMindfml stockholders of th Atlantic
II Coast Une Railway is haviasr a new j I
fa sififlw yaoht built in England It will
I li 2 a beaut v 1
I k
I 1 Willis J Winston a aeero who had I
i both I = broken in the wreck in
I v 3ir President Spencer of the South
I7 era Railway was killed has been riv
I a iS < dawaees
A eottpK ar to b > married at the
v W York hippodrome in their bath
I 11ag swtw for a i urs of nt in gold
f Tie niftrriase c remouj win be per
d fomwyi m the his haihm tank and
Ut tUi y ar iotfc > vi > ert swimmers
I T A Xew York faiwr i < mourning
I Ih eaL a barber cut oii his treaty
I ynur < growth of whiskers while he
ill wn Iftp He ctuu console hfaiself
I If 1tk P Thotrcfe that thy will have
Um Jo srrow out aaiu betor th re
15 pbK4ar party reforms tls tariif
15I Cftfft came y ry near lo > ine the
distiu < lion of hol
I > n holding th big com
1 ilt OtiC coiiveatioa Most of the big
a guns were up at Greeavjlle last week
I The difference was they defended the
recent legislature instead of announc
J ing their candidacy hut they were all
there with an eye to the future cam
I paign Fort Pierce News
Avocados are now beiaj brought in
to tbe city in wagon loads and each I
store aad fruit stand is well supplied <
with the fruit This years crop is be I
k w tbe av rasre but the fruit is of
finer st aad quality tlxui that of
iirvkus seasoafc Many jH ile are
i l lag fmacy prices for the seeds 1f
ib a viern to plattriuc iu the future j
Tro kat Sun
Go Broad is to lie comtneiuted
tsi tliat hk corlj and did ri > t k abort
Titanshp in 1b charee made
mst Sheriff Purvis t a littl co
tTi of > oalVd nolirjcians Altbmmh
Iw may liaxv pointd out wft rtcin the
flHTiff tn nc t track ttu > la closely
lit ft ihfl i ma not an intentional
< violaTim of Jhe 1tw on the officers
l arL lit TniX
kvrnr ntu ui IN tn far of Iri
Hiarh if > ii hi wa > f tlV ttt >
Hut tit is hotu ai If In the recent
lrftiuir > hl l m Ptt vunt > Editor
t < m < nuin won out in he primaries
Tt e Rtn Ilr rtfttv i h commission
him and apll11td ciujr Metcalfs lath
er who ua no in tht second pri
wai r at i1 t The rimaty i all right
wbuii the right man wiu
The Ocala Banner delights in crft
k4st R C Dunn at every opportul
tolty fdvtn iT Mr Dunns tlectiou is i
lalRlnl As lone aft th Banner oplM i
es himMdItiu Recorder The I I
Orflla llannor doe hot remember to i
kao saul on < word in opposition to
Mr Tiutin candidacy hut on thej
triMtrry in a Woual terview the 1
editor Has deUfrhtfully and favorably j
SiHWresrHxl with the youne uiau The I
Deaia Banner did iy however that
jvir Dwan did himself very reju iuj
wiitE lu permitting his name to ai j
par as editor of a iai or to which ltej
twidCntl ssiive uo OetSi lt1u1 Mr
Pnrk Tramaie if cvWently umkiug
i tho same uttke
In a long and able apology ior th <
mn who under tho pretens of ben
tfiting humanity have robbed man
kind of more than a fair share of th
word wealth Editor Herns of the
Ocala Banner allege that the true
and lrtins and endurin greatness oi
t naion comes through th silent and
pupating channels of trade
That is through venality through
h e worship and acquirement of th
almighty dollar in fine through the
employment of armies of laborers in
buildms up individual fortune 5 Tha
is tho gist of Editor Harris argument
which is simply a plea for Mr Rock
efeller and his class
j To controvert Editor Harris asser
I tion that the gratness of a nation
I comes through the channels of trade
jjit is enough to point to the Elizabeth
I an ere when brain not business
made England the greatest countr
on earth But greater even than the
golden ag of brains is the golden age
of philanthropy of practici Chris
I itanity That nation is greatest in
which the intellectual and spiritual
characteristics of the people have
I reached the highest degree oi cultiva
tion and development
The history of ancient nations and
municipalities as Carthaee Tyre
I Babylon and Venio Assyria and
Egypt proves tha commercial great
ness i = but ephemera and peoples >
who have had only this as the foundai
tion of their glory have long since i
passed oway or sunk into insignia1
Xapolton aid that Christ establish
ed the only enduring kingdom and
Napoleon spoke tlie truth England I
and the United States today are what
they are solely because of the pre r
dominating iniiuence of the Christian
religion I
IH rein is the offense of Mr Rock <
feller and his fellows They have
not applied Christian principles to
their mon yetting By crushing op
position and reducing the cost of pro I
durtion and delivery of comniodiiee
they have reduced prices tint at tie
same time wniag from consumers a
I mrger pront tcan is justified oy gen
uine philanthropy Had they not
done this ihry could not have acquir
ed the enormous wealth ith which
they are accredited I jI
It is as if a man owning R bore I
i is forced by his own circumstances or
i a combination of his neighbors to sell
him at less than his value end the
r purchaser who is possessed of bright
er wits or other advantages over the
original owwr sells him to a third
j party at more than his actual value
J and in so dola makes a profit of a
hundred p r cent Here wo men
judea l > a Christian standard are
j rouged that one man may proat and
j this shrewd fellow who thus makes
I from hij neighbor is accounted as
a philanthropist r Edior Harris i
Xo matter whc ier a man believes
in thf Christiar relteioa or hOt if
j h > does not conduct himself ia ac
jeordance with its teachings he falls
I far short of being a genuine philan
throi t or one who contributes any
I thing to the greatness of his country
Mr KoekMler claims to be a Chris
tian and he tries to prove it to the I
world by great socalled benefactions
by eiving large sums ro universities
and other institutions While remark
tug that it is easy to give away other1f i
peoples money it may be observed i
that Mr Rockefellers alleged ben
factious benefit only a limited number
of people whereas if he and his a
sociates would agree that an annual s
dividend oi ten per cent would be t
enough for th in and reduce the price 1
of kerosene oil accordingly They t
would perform a reai benevolence r
that would benefit ev rybo Iy in the el r
rnihl S ate and a good many pet > n
pie in other parts of the world n
she ddt nib which tnaMt Mr f
Rockefeller to give away aJt sum xv
fur the benefit of a limited mmiVr of t
l eoi t billS sere to show that h e b
an Li tvlavp charge a rat or prof
f that i > not ju tit od ly the Chris
ian tan larl of
philanthropy Thy
nakr tluir neighbor pay no nrr t1
for keroteno oil and ar > lit rfnr
under tht Biht condemnati of it
ing extortioners t
Xo ithst nding Editor Harf < l
anvat admiration for the t mtn they 11
do not contribute anything the
to real n
greatness of this nation but on the
contrary their conduct has a direct
e 1
tendency to place our country in the
doomed cias to which ancient Venice
aDd Carthage Once proudly belonged
Punta Gorda Herald
When Christopher Columbus dis
covered the Xew World we art told
by tie less an historian than Washing
ton Irvine that he was welcomed to
these shores by a gentle mild guile
less people I
These people had not yet tasted of
the fruit of the tree of knowledge if
so they bed failed to adorn them j
selves with the mi meat of ig leaves
made famous by our first parents 1
Columbus found them entirely j
itwde They lived a coimmmal life I
Ti ry haW everything in eomiaoiiJ
t 2
They wre injpndl nt happy free
Hill and valley mountain and sea
UT their
They worshipped the Great White
Spirit Their government was patri
archial They had no ships of war no
standing armies Thy were ignorJ
anant of the use of fire arms and
heir o ensve and defensive weapons
were lances hardened a the end by
fire or pointed with rlint or the ttt th
or bones of a fish Thes11 were used
Ii to protect themselves from wild
blasts and not from one another
They bad no penitentiaries nor pris I
on camps no suiliiiaes no thumb
screws nor other relics of religious
Columbus believed that he had dis
1 covered a new paradise The woods
were redolent with the perfume of
j spices and the song of birds The
i stream were pure and limpid And
abounded in nsh
There was no private ownership
in the soil
There was ao squalor nor want nor
th fearful dread of want on the oae
hand nor predatory wealth oa thfoI
< The Indian had builded ao cities11
nor temples of worship He lived la
i shacks He had Invented no alpha
bet He had founded no philosophy I
I and was a total stranger to the fine i
Ilns I
As poetized by Alexander Pope i
Lol the poor Indian whose untutor
ed mind I
Sees God in toe clouds or hears bla
In the wind j
His soul proud Science never truight
to stray
Far as the solar walk or milky way p
Yet simple nature to his hope has giv
Behind the cloudtopped hill aa hum I
bier heaven
Some safer world ia depth of woods
embraced I
Some happier iSland on the watery
waste j
Where slaves owe more their DatlI
land behold j
Xo friends torment no Christians
thirst for gold i
To be contents his natural tieeire I
He asks ao angels wiat ao seraphs j
i fire
But thinks admired to that equal
His faithful dog shun bear hUn com
To all intents and purposes the ia
diaa was living as Adam and Eve ia
the Garden of Edea before the fall
guileless and innocent How long he
had lived on those shores is a mere
matter of speculation but it is safe to
say that had he n ver been discover
ed by the wMte mannthe civilized
wanhis untutored mind would
still have been content to ramble
within the limits pronounced by Pope
and if it be true that tenoraace is
bliss he would perhaps ave been i
all the happier for Iz i
Had the Indian been swept oS these H
shores by some fatal malady he would j
have left behind him no trace of his I
existence except his bones that may
have escaped the ravages of time I
p a
When ti > Moors were driven out of I
Spain by the Christians we are told j
by another United States historian j
Dr John W Draper that they were
living in palatial homes with glass i
window tiled floors luxuriant baths
and other articles of usefulness and
Cordova boasted of more than two
hundred thousand houses and more <
han a million inhabitants After sun
se a man might walk hroush It for1
en miles by the light of the public
amps Seven hundred years after 1
his ther was not as much as one j j
ubic lamp in London and the nil
rs of Germany France and England
lived ia window < and chimneyles
with a ho in he op of the roof f
n r th1 tioke to eKai like the wig t
an of the Indians Cordovas
rtf wer soIHIy paved Learning
trY reached a liuh l zr po and seog a
a hy atn aigra 1 ohr
16 > an o al anced z
T 111 wrre auert in h1 scl 01
hy hat brns O3 rlwi1 that
ty alreah bad a kn > wl dcr < > The
phtrical form of the arL an1 Ira a
r ay a niOl l of an enj ir > was
cvveri in one of lir chiiI
Medicine surgery an I iirnrrv were h
practiced Tht tannli of ieahr
aa4 reached a high state of 1 cion al
nIl he fabrics of hE loor t art not a
evea excelled in our day
The Moors left their impress on the
civilization of the world that will en
dure as long as we have a written
Mr Henry George attributed the
decline and fiaal downfall of the Ro
man Empire to the private ownership
of the soiL All the lands finally bej
came concentrated in the bauds oi m
few and the great mass of the people
were not flrrnly rooted to the soil and
became aliens
Dr Draper says that the conceatraj
tion of power and increase of immor 1
ality proceeded with equal step in
its earlier ages the Roman dominion j
was exercised by a few thousand per j
sOilS then it passed into the hands of
a score of families then it was sus
tained for a moment by a few individ
lals anl at List was seized by one
man who became nAter of one huni
c red and twenty million
As the prucets went on tht virtues
which bad adorned the earlier times
disappeared and in the end were re
placed by orlmes that cannot be re
peated in polite literature
Caesar put a premium on marriage
and cave regards to women who had
many children He fcad more coa
cern and had a need for more con
cern as to race suicide than our
strenuous president
But what else does Dr Draper say
1 He says that the Roman demagogues
i a s is the instinct of their kind in ail
1 aces and in all countries mad pout
leal capital by attacking industrial
f capitaLfind I
I We and this hysteria sweeping i
over the United States today A great 1 1
hue and cry is being raised against i
j industrial capial and if is almost iui 1
possible for capital invested in t gir1
imate channels oi trade to obtain a j
fair trial before our courts See how i
fares our railroads n all the courts j
of our country I I
Can a nation endure that resolutely i
refuses to mere out justice to the rich i
end the poor the great and the lowly
altkQuoting j
Quoting he word of Napoleon the
editor of ihs Punta Gorda Herald
says that Christ established the only i
enduring kin dom but we suba 1
that large standing armies great
ships of war swords gun and ihej
ever ready revolver are not symbols of I
lihe kingdom Christ established i
a I
Lucretius and his followers deny
that Creaiioa is the work of au All
Wise Being because every human want i
ts nor supplied ready to hand A1
Lovias Father they gay if he couM
prevent it would not compel his chil
dren to dig and delve and earn their I
bread by the sweat of their face j
Sir Richard Blackmore one of the i
early English poets puts into verse
Jthe contention of the Lucretiaas in a <
rather pleasing way He says
You ask us why the soil he thistle J
breeds < I
Why Us spontaneous birth are thorns j
and weeds I
1 Why ior the harvest it the harrow
I needs
I The Author might nobler world have i
I made
I in brighter dress the Bills and vales j
arrayed I
And all its face in flowery scenes dis i
I played I
I The glebe untilled migbt plenteous
1 crops have borne I
1 Aad brought forth spicy groves instead
i I
stead of thora
1 Rich fruit and flowers without the i
gardeners pains
i Might every hill have crowned have
honored all the plains Jc
j This Nature might have boasted had
the Mind
Who formed the spacious universe de
signed f
That man from labor free as well as
Should pass in lazy luxury his life
There have been fault finders since f
the creation ot the world and will j
continue to be anti it is all right if
by registering kicks they can better
conditions We are now and have always
ways been tolerant of cranks and v
All experience shows that labor f i
wbfch wrings sweat from the brow is
conducive to mans happiness It
gives him a good appetite and a splen j
did digestion aDd puts him in fIne J
shape to eajoy rest and sleep Th1
toiler and he somnambulist arlo
i rang n evry lacuity in tne hu
man frame n eds exercise for de n >
opmeat and it i development rha
wak 5 mien and nations srrear
Thi Ialr aiI that th rue anI
nLrng gru n of a natlor ron
thnvL th > F an i pulu ua llan
tHI I 4 aj
T 1tJ 1 Pura IIra B
1 < 1 t 3 hrr111
thro r tb x p an1 Frrern
ot r MJ U < iar
V h d 1 ir PrLili n
ari i lii v
4y L r
Ail > 1 alnjr
a >
> ir j > no ho h t
L c iTi
r 1 u r
lt j I df i JI IJlrIf
Th > r > PuLa oa ri ¬
lIi cl irat i a
purp JC of <
art jf tr
ala Banru wa
Y a ea f or Ir ckdtir and i
e atnd th i z > S on to ay that r
th f t Dln w > atiIi d with Hl
anna diMdi f 111 pr cent an
instead of r lars benefacior
to colIe i WU1d reduce the pf
of kerosene ou hty would do a r > a
benevolence and benefit ereryboly
The Dutchmans one per cent
familiar to all persons in trade
Fifty per rent thirtythree and a
third per c l1tDd tweaty3e
cent an not regarded
as extortion a
pro ts in certain articles of tri l
any more than eight
per cent b r
garded as u > for th
usury the use of rrr
e r in cerain localities
We hav a
run up against these conditions
an 1
will perhaps continue to do so un
til tbeend of time at least until
end of our time
So if the profits we have named are
A 1
i i
F Jit
fJt Z tAoor
in contlict with the
not regarded as
principle of th Christian religion
of the
the application
wh > > hould not
rule be general
Kerosene oil Is not one of the neces
i arles of life It had not been discov
and is
the civil
I ered previous to
rapidly supplanted by gas
now I
I electricity and other Illuminants 1
i that the Standard Oil I
We suppose
I people would be very well satisfied
j with an annual dividend of HI per i
I cent
centTheir made on oil
I Their prortts are not
and the l
the btproducts
I alone but on i
I reason their profits have reached i
is because
I such colossal proportions
j they have so many men in their em
ployment and they are supposed O
make a profit on every mans labor j
rhe same as other persons engaged i
i n all occupations I
Like the man who set his trap for
coons the editor of the Herald hits
the Standard Oil people gwine and
He ends his article by saying that j
lit they would decrease the price ofi
ioli they would benefit the whole peo
pie would live up to the golden i
rule and be entitled to its promised j
reward yet in the beginning of the ar J
tide the editor says the great sin of I
Ii Rockefeller and his associates in j
business was in lowering the price of I
oil and crushing out competition
Like a good many others the Her
ald is going to damn them if they do i
or if they dont
The Herald ends its article in say
Ing that these men have contributed
nothing to the real greatness of this I
nation but on the contrary their I
conduct has a direct tendency to place I
our country in the doomed class to I
which Venice and Carthage once
proudly belonged
Is giving millions to the promotion
of education nothing Is carrying on I
colossal trade nothing Is giving em
ployment to labor and paying big
wages nothing Has Mr Flakier I
contributed nothing to the upbuildina
of this state Is converting a wilder
ness into fruitful fields and orchards
nothing Is advertising the resources j
of the state nothing Is building pa i
latial hotels and making Florida dur j
lug the winter season what Switzer
land is in summer to th world noth
ing Is bridging the ocean said by
e ngneers to be one of the great enter
prises of the century nothing
The rich men of Venice and Car
thase did not givE colossal fortunes
to public benefactions
Men are not slothful servants who
refuse to bury their talents but on
the contrary employ them to useful
and beneficent purposes
It is to this class of men that Christ
save his commendation in one of his
marked characteristic and most in
comparable parables
We repeat that the
greatness of
aatioa is found along the
of in
dustrial enterprise along the paths
of pace when the temples of Janus
are securely closed it is
found in
tent and field and shop it is found
where the atmosphere is dense from
rhe smoke of
puffing engines and the
sea white with sails
the builders of
1 nation are the
men and the women
behind the keyboard loom and throt
Iethe men who have laid bare the
ruitful womb of the universe and
have linked the forces of nature to
man as his servant and handmaiden
Governor Broward was here
day but somehow he
neglected to ask
our opinim of
an vra
Jackson > Florilian
I p
Face and Feet CoveredRest
Broken and Would Cry Until Tired
OutCradle Cap JJ Added to
Babys Torture Tries Cuticura L
Soap and Cuticura Ointment
My baby was about nlnp months
old when she hd rash on her face and
feet Her feet seemed to irritate tuv
most especiall f
nights Theywoultf
11 cause her to be
3 I broken of her rest
and sometimes she
would cry until she
was tired out I had
always used Cuti
cura Soap myself
and had heard of so
I many cures by the
4 S Cuticura Remedies
that I thought I
1r would give them a
V trial The improve
ment w noticeable
in a few hours and before I had used
one box of theCuticura Ointment her feet
were well and have never troubled her
since I also u > d it to remove what
is known as cradle cap from her
head and it worked like a charm as it
cleansed and hal d the scalp at the same
time New I keep Cuticura Ointment
on hand in case of any little rash or
insect bites as it takes out the inflam
mation at once Perhaps this may be
the means of helping other suffering
babies Mrs Hattie Currier Thomas
ton Me June 9 1906
Consisting of Cuticura Soap
Ointment and Pills
A single set is often sufficient to cure
the most torturing disfiguring itching
burning and scaly humors eczemas
rashes and irritations with loss of
hair from infancv to age when all
other remedies and even the best physi
cians fail Guaranteed absolutely pure
Complete External and Internal Treatment tot
Every Humor of Infants Children and Adula con
slats ot Outlcura Soap < 25c > to Cleanse lae Sfcin 1
Cuticura Ointment < 50r to Heal the ktnaRd CuU
cum Resolvent 50e tin tho form of Chocolate I
Coated PHf 25o por via of oO to Purity the Blood
Sold throughout the world POUT j
Drug fe Cem
Com Pole Propa Boston Mara
r1d31W Free How ta Cure E an1 ScAip I
I Frank Mayes editor of the Pensa 1
i cola Tournal has the backbone and
nerve of a real editor In a lengthy
and powerful editorial in a recent is 1
sue of his paper he comes out f
straight for prohibition In a saloon i
town like Pensacola it requires iore
than moral courage to do this it
strikes direct to the pocket We have r
I admired Mr Mayes for his honesty 0
and freedom from corrupting inSu
entes ever since we have been read a
in his excellent paper and his last a
move causes to hold him in still hicb tJ
er esteem Such men as Mayes are C
an honor to the profession Waucau ti
la Advocate t
Hon George G Mathews says that n
if he enters the gubernatorial race he 11
will go in to win He will give the a
people such a campaign that beside it
Daviss and Browards will II
appear IIh
tame h
U tlo
Four Thousand Acres of Potatoes o
Ed J Seymour was in the city for B
a short time this morning He re 7
ports everything Hourinshing at Hast llm
ings and stated that he thought about
4000 acres would be planted to Irish c
potatoes this winrerSr Augustine f
Record r
The Knights of Pythias are holding P
a convention in Jacksonville pI
ot 9 9 4tC 1J 9 9cOg 3 grax
j That
t hacking
J Y cough continues
ilf 1q Because 4 11
your is
1 t system exhausted and
J 1 your powers of resistance weakened Is
t Take Scotts t t W
a s Ern sicn i
1 111
It c11 ill
4 bulds up and strengthens 0 co
ycruranUrs cyitexn
f It contains Cod Liver t 9 pr
lr Oiland 1
and Hvocpho hites RC
o prepared chat Lyprp1 es so
eparea t at it is tG take I Y
ant easy to direst 11 lit
50 = AND i
jf Mo A CO jI
j ftiO 1 C av
h I I = 1 n 41
t n
u v c 4 It 9 I a
t L
1 In
A tt reI
c t i dto
3tr cn
v fkK C4 trJ1
bmetl 1b
tytvc 1 11 fot dr
Mean I ifhi
made to all who I himo
buy mo
gs ease and durabj1jt wear them In style tvit
toe the mark Shield Brand Shoes L tio
Perfection uIn
CO Manufacturers 1 en
For Sale by
frarjftf t

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