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The Ocala banner. (Ocala, Marion County, Fla.) 1883-194?, March 26, 1909, Image 11

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with untold sorrow and with aunspeakable a aunspeakable
THE PALE HORSE HORSEAND I unspeakable allba at the Ignorance of ofand ntrA ntrAan
The J and an of o nations which resulted resultedgreat c cI M Mrest
JeipaLivese JapaneseKudzu Q P n e s e Kudzu K u d z u Vine Vinec V i n e i I AND ANDHIS HIS RIDER RIDERSermon If great lance lenceThe g lancefire rest a epidemics p idemics of plague P la g ue and a n nlance d pci pcilence
Th T N New I I The Bubonic plague Asiatic ch chcera
IC c cw
Forage NitrogenProducing Nitro o en Producing Produc itg Plant 1 so Rapidly Aa P idI Y Coming into Prominence Throug Throughout h out t the h e South Southi S out t era yellow allow fever small pox P oz typholi typholiand tpholC t P PANDHIS hot
+ + + + i F > fc fc fc AjA AAAAA A A AAJAAAAAAJAJAA1A AAAA X A N A i I s Sermon Sunday y P preached March d 14th 1 by J Ci9 C 1909 C 9 Carroll Carrolli at rrf the I and oh others orLsll111 of similar rty type have ba e
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ps e E t fit f P1a i iMks
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w i errtl 11 J tiro 1 1Atle llllli I IA
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if 1t 1tM
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taro In WS 1101 t LA NrIMt NrIMtlIJ x xt1M
t1M ttNtltm lIJ tttNtta hbwV art artM
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tih 1 M ylslr + t e erw1u t a aMy ttl
My br1NI bat t1M rra11tird rw1u rw1uk tittiI tittiII
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4n Htt III ttt iirr l U I Ili x1111 x1111aria
aria mast St w wr
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lb tiara 1 tat Nmf M bsa Iii IiiNttytt
Nttytt J tr f f I II 4spgtl tt Lb LbttvtlNtht
ttvtlNtht 111 a I umrn M parrms parrmst
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s Li whtlf kln pj tlaesr rp + N N1g
1g taw a1w srssrt 1 T 4 t tJ Ip
p M ribs eAMit J 1 ttmttd the theaaAw I It
aaAw t 11 aMw th ML MN t btt t a N a awtwtw
f wtwtw TT titN e11tt tttlMr a b Mfiwtld by byI
I 11 L1 plrtlhly plrtlhlym A L I JJ JJItlL
m ItlL Ir ar r WI M U w ts Mn Mnw1
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r t tlbM itlkt the thet1w1
ll t1w1 sA Ilk tAhr rl erw IAN Lb I ug ugrifts 1
rifts t 1 I M w tilt sittc sittcwM
wM alai it 1 IttttlN4lNt 1 lilt riot KI KIM ktNIw
w 1m N
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Mw w l4 Nzr + lunet lunettltt ttCt °
tltt > tM S Mw L try 11 I theta tlateMA I
b1 A INtIm I t 1 M a tttttls altsttriablt altsttriabltWhit It Itrlt
rlt Whit IK IKft ltiI Im Imiltllla
iltllla M r N I I Lt ft t iR on IMW of ofta titrI
11 I rI ta the zing zingi1N1 noringmfMr nn nnID16ng
i1N1 IN W tt mfMr t r ksDMtag kMliag11J ksDMtaghf ID16ngf
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r M hr hf ta west westI WtftRtIL weHtrlr
IL rlr 11 tM 1I11CM A11M I I I imriiam nj April Aprilh
1 Jot + mmm I r h bavug < vt tal K the ground groundnew preandrile nd ndI
rile I T Jl U1ratA wwi1 new growth growthor
w tiles N11 11 + te + 1P1 her or hay haya Ita ItaMIe
tit tv 0r ttiM MIe 1 kssg II af a much muchbean ntUcbI rivalw
I < I w Calf w 11M Lb rt4rr4 a bean beanaltnr beanks oan oanIII
ks III w nttrllle aftarmim It tutsridden NRtftfi NRtftfi1tIIa6It
ridden altnr tty1Ntmtw tw 1tIIa6It tni and alHllft in twoi1 two twohNMi twoate
i1 aNnr hNMi tn ate pptulmmtma K > ottad R4I almostH almost ahlt st stQ
Q Nit rw m H 4 nor e > a tltagy > My cured curedIHMMI Mire earedtry
+ try t4its 11 IHMMI mhoah M greatly greatlyiMMtaa Jr treatly1ttrrmtMthe AtJr AtJrr
1ttrrmtMthe r 1111 I la a If + wwo oath tsrasnor tsrasnort IIIDor IIIDorIJJ
t IJJ r N II Made to 4 Ue Uefth tflA
A 1 J IIIta tit 4 yd1M1l M fth t the ftn ftnafter list listIL t tI
IL I tt 1 td sot f Itm uttetr after aftert at
r t till ttthr tout 1 ussds 11 T1Ir t It I IIe 4o 4oan
t t N N IiM K Ttwstll Sf M bad badt
Ie t MMO tNr Ma1h f11r sit 1M 1Mlit tto
t1 e 1u ItMttr MM 481 t
I Itail
tail two w It Is1s tts11 t ty
lit J J JI11R mdk Ala bir MIIIt MIIItTV aspp
p TV s Nhw tttt Us Itm ate atettyt
ttyt tbsltr 1 1W 1Wf W I
11 f tN1s Ku4 F utlasm utlasmtMwt I Ir
tMwt r M tilt ev 1 + jlmpwt I III wNl wNlr
II If r 1tMra1 utAw 111 tlItrs t ttM
tM M tt P 1lsttriMl 1111 r If t hldkli1 hldkli1It Ptd pi pi1l
It Lsbw N Nor Mwwt 1l 1lr1t
4 M aMs r1t If 1uMt kul1111ulTI kul1111ulTII r
I 11 ru tas v vMLp
MLp W I sus an anII
mAsw I 1
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tl te I 1 t troll 8M aim Mire Mirete 1
t S Trtr It fttr M
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1 lid tIr i w1 ww11 J1II br M0m M0mM 1
I ITn ns M t Ibs
r tttyt as has hasat I
Tn at 1 a ttt ttth r
h k tip J N Nt J Pl t 1It
t A J f1 J4 r r1ftV =
tMs PII w All ll tartM 11t1 11t1w
w M 1ftV tyt
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s du M tM tlrtMr
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1 ptt t J
ttaMltvr tM 17 171 171J yt pN1N M tt ttttaMltvr
J Is tttA I swr tlb rlirt + rtit rtitN
rs Ip + vt vtw
w fill etr N n N w 1 1NMM
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rMy I IT
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tllrat tllrataMr sw swi
V Mar r
M i 4 rt1 aMr 1 1n 1f s Saar ttr ttrM
1 1 IS Aa n l
hM hMw
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w fgw 1tW 1tWr
r M ittttll b a
V dltw sar + n 7am r rttutMMtt 1 1I
I ttutMMtt f riIMei v + a NM N
t M time timeh t lWa a a
i laqe laqeJ la Be BeA
J J j < < k late h to
Gl 1 > A aw II tietled tietledw okIod okIodr
r w
M d IiIIY Ottanae OttanaeIHver
IHver I 1rbei 1rbeis tuM tuMJ4J
J4J 11
MJ s te throw trtWMIl throwotN
ttMltN otN otNttMltN MIl 11I wife wifer wifetlheM wifetqr
tqr b M MR r
t w tlheM at arotluci aro ttad It to tott4
R tt4 d g etray V8I It and andww andw
Ih ww w su lll
y rtlrtw an H was necos necosfrom n eeos eeos11e
11e It 1 from thew the theNt
w tom Nt aMtit rile grounds groundsNt
> r Nt MIt around aroundBe aroladwere
Be t pin
it and by the fall of 1905 they had hadcovered hadCovere
covered a space of about abo t 50x80 ieet ieeti ieettall
i all ilt t c is available a 1 between our ourRarUti ourrdl ourgardet
RarUti rdl barn drive atu a neighbors neighborspaolure neighborsahlrt neighborspasture
pasture lot to a depth of two and andBfhalf andAtltalt andanehalf
Bfhalf fee f practically as is shown shownin
in tho accompanying photoghaph photoghaphU
U t was not until the vines began begancrej4 beganCrteIKAJ begancreidng
crej4 creidng K through the bars to the thehorseshod theesbod theharneshod
horseshod esbod and the fence on the theaikchbors the1l theae4ghirors
aikchbors 1l ltors side that I suspected its itsvalue itstalwtr
value 111 aM 8 stock feed My horse sim simply simJII simIrly ¬
ply JII got ot down on his knees reached reachedn4or reachedDr reachedtinder
tinder Dr and nipped every ever leaf that thatwithin thattaM thatatria
taM atria within two feet of the bars barsthe barstlt barswalk
walk the tlt neighbors horses when wheninto whenIto whenttttutyi
ttttutyi into that adjoining lot would wouldmoke would1IIak wouldsnake
snake f fr r the Kudzu vines the first firstiMn firstI firstthittg
thittg iMn I xn and l never leave until the last lastf
M + af f IM reach r ch was eaten eatenRich eatenRich eatenRich
Rich in Nutrition NutritionI
I hen n to < o investigate I cut some somef someK omeel
el f it for hay ha and found it cured much
4 W Wwoody
woody wood and rooted to the ground After Af After After ¬
ter the first cutting ach 1 year ear thevines the thevines thevines
vines are short and tnicKiy set andhave and andhave andhave
have no tendency to take root rootIt rootuIt
uIt It has been suggested by high au authority authorif authority ¬
thority thorif that this vine might prove ofinestimable of ofinestimable ofinestimable
inestimable value in reclaiming the thewornout thewornout thewornout
wornout fields of the south as well wellas
as preventing washes on the clay hillsides hill hillsides hillsides ¬
sides as its roots penetrate the soil soilto soilto soilto
to a great depth in all directions and andthe andthe andthe
the vines taking root at the joints jointsare
are enabled to catch the drift on top topand topanll topanti
and hold the soil beneath beneathIf
ulf If one is to judge its powers as a asoil asoil asoil
soil renovator or nitrogen gatherer gathererfrom gathererfrom gathererfrom
from the number of bacteria nodules nodulesthat nodulesthat nodulesthat
that form on rootlets r at certain stag stages ¬
es of their growth I have never seenits seen seenits seenits
its equal The portion of a root rootshown rootshown rootshown
shown in the accompanying cut bore
250 nodules by actual count and is isbut isbut i ibut
but an average specimen while I had
Photo ui Vines June 1 1907 Showing Growth on 12foot Pole in ill Foreground Fore Foreground i < ore ¬ 11 l j
ground Made in Thirty Thirt Days From the Time Vines Reached Reachedthe I
the Base of the Pole i
i 1
quicker than the velvet bean or cow cowl cowIteR cowilea
l ilea ea hay 11 and subsequent experience experiencehas
has proved it retains its bright greencolor green greencolor greencolor
color even after exposure to the light lightand lIghtan lightanti
and an air for or a year ear and I have neverttellyd never neverMMclled neverUNl
MMclled UNl sweeter hay hayI
I sent a small vale ale > of the hay to tothe totltt tothe
the commissioner coRtml ioner of agriculture atT1Lhthassee at atTnliah atTaIIttINuuoJte
Tnliah TaIIttINuuoJte aee for examination and here herefe hereNl
fe what Nl the tb state chemist Capt R E ERoe EItMe Eltorre
Roe says about it in part partIVar partI
IVar I > Far 1r Slrt Sir I enclose nos result ofaNtmlvtth of ofMuilyf ofyt
Muilyf yt of 0 Japanese Jal IIH Kudzu vine hay hayIt hayIt
It confHtr m HrH es B favorably with cowpea cowpeaand Cop cowpeaatal a aPlv
and velvet Plv < t beau hay may Your sample samplewas
was Hmmrtk particularly rU tlarly tIRrl well cured and put putp putFInd puttip
tip p Find the analysis of the samplehi sample
hi above the average a rR e farmcured hay hayStarch 11fi 11fiStarch hayStarch
Starch Starchand Starchand Starchand
andProtein and andProtein andProtlin
Protein Sugar Fibre Fat FatCfewpm Fato Fat1wpa
Cfewpm o pM 160 4220 201 22t 22 22Voivot 228Iiet
Voivot t m Moan B ltn 147 4100 297 170rweed 170 170B4NKnveo 17tr6f1
B4NKnveo r6f1 L 217 3020 247 230lctmdrtmt 230 230KtMbwt 230It
KtMbwt It 1059 32S1 4009 lGS lGSTin 1G8I LGSTbe
Tin analysis I Sis shows a little bet bett hettfC bet1f1
t tfC r than t cowpea or velvet 4 1 t bean butnot but butnot butIt
not quite It no good l as the beggarweed beggarweedYours
Yours etc etcR etcR etcR
Nature and Growth Etc EtcTho Etcn EtcTh
n Tho rta 1 Iii will 111 I be > e seen that the Kud Kudu
BU u l Is lHItOItel eond in iwint of feed value valuewhen valueturd aluesad
sad when w we consider its many otherped other otheronaliliea otherUtil
ped onaliliea Util it stands easily tsil at thej thejI the theNrlad
Nrlad I of the tt listAi list listAa lilitNt
Aa atated Nt before it is perennial perennialad
tail ad etooely 1oItPI resembles r bles the velvetheart velvet velveti het hetto
heart i < < belonging to the slime great reat or orof orof ordec
dec of plants Lesuniiiiosa L ntlhafil but ut one oneand onepfhulthrg
pfhulthrg 1 and ad cultivating the first sea seafor seAtij seaqt
qt ser r tij e < s for a life lif time if desired desiredStock desired8tiCKk desiredStock
Stock do not seriously injure thevtare the thevtaes tliebr
with withtfc wit Witlrthe 11 111tP
vtaes + e by trampling t on them as
the tfc velvet vc4 et bean and even if they th4 do dothe doHvtllt dooted
the vn vbnea having rooted ro rothe oted where touch touching touchta ¬
ing the ta around quickly put out newgrewth new newgrowth newtrrowth
growth It does not have to be cut cutt cutA cutat
with most for forage forJltts forage ¬
at t ally A certain rtiu time as
age paints Jltts but the earlier it is cut cutMd cutt cutttd
Md the t oftener the more hay ha it will willproduce willN04I willptoduee
produce N04I e It seems best adapted as a apartre awre atwre
would ex experience extltC ¬
however as one
partre lM lMl wre
perience l tltC the same trouble in harvest harvesting harvestIa harvestisg ¬
season as aswith aswltlt aswith
ing Ia the first cutting each
with the velvet bean all after cuttings cut cuttt cuttkt
short fine growth growththickly growthtklckl growththickly
tt tkt tings ps s being of
thickly set and as easily handled as a aheavy aII ahval
of clover or parsley Yethave Yet
hval heavy II crop
of vel velvet velot ¬
some heavy crops
1 have cut
1vet successfully with both bothone bothonc bothone
vet ot beans very
and andwhile andhllc andwhile
one and two t wo horse mowers
while hllc I have not grown the Kudzu to tothe totoo tothe
the extent of cutting with a mower mowerI
reason why it should not beas be beas beas
I see no
as easily asll cut and harvested if not notloft not10Ct notleft
loft until until the vines get old and
I on exhibition at Tampa and Jackson Jacksonville Jacksonyme Jacksonville ¬
ville this last winter specimensshowing specimens specimensshowing specimensI
I showing upwards of two thousand ot otthese 01these ofthese
these nodules to the plant no larger largerthan largerthan largerthan
than the one her shown slwwnPropagation shownPropagation soownPropagation
Propagation and Planting PlantingThe
The Kudzu produces numerous numerousclusters numerousclusters numerousclusters
clusters of delicately fragrant blos blossom blossom blossom ¬
som of brilliant purple much in the thesnme thesame thesame
same manner as the wisteria but so sofar sofar sofar
far as known it rarely rarI seeds in America Amer America America ¬
ica and is propagated by means of ofthe ofthe ofthe
the rooted joints set six to ten feetapart feet feetapart feetapart
apart and kept cultivated ll until the thevines thevines thevines
vines reach out and prevent it itJust itJust itlust
Just how far north it will succeed succeedas
as it does here in Florida remains to tobe toI tobe
be tested though it is hardy as far farup farup fartip
I up as Nova Scotia There it merelysheds merely merelysheds men > l lI
I sheds its leaves in cold weather weat hr the thematured theI thematured
I matured vines living over overThe overJ
J The Kudzu seems to be adapted adaptedto
I to any an soil rich or ipor I cor or wet or drythough dry drythough dr drthough
though the th richer the land the better betterit
it will succeed When I bought myland my mylaud myland
land eleven years t ars ago it would notmake not notmake notmake
make over five bushels of corn peracre per peracre peracre
acre it was so worn out and run rundown runl rtnrIOW11
l down being one of the oldest pieces piecesin
in cultivation here Since I got itit it itj itit
j t it has ha not bad enough fertilizer all alltold allI
hold thold I told ton < on the part where the vine is islocated isI
I located to make one generous appli application appliatioH application ¬
cation and yet the Kudzu appears to tobe toI tobe
be I on rich land and I cut thirty thirtypotnuis thirtyponutls thirtypounds
pounds of dry d r hay from a space ofIiixl of of15x15 of15x15
15x15 feet in July 1907 and in two twoweeks twoeeoks twoMeeks
weeks after it was nearly knee deepagain deep deepagain deepagain
again Vines from a mature plant plantHave plantI plantnave
I nave made the enormous growth of of2S of2S
2S feet in two weeks time with half halfa
a dozen side branches some of them themtwelve themtwelve I
twelve t feet long and yet that landhas land landhas landhas
has never been broken or cultivated cultivatedin
in any an way since years before the thethree theI thethree
I three plants were stuck out and allowed al allowed allowed ¬
lowed to fight their way wa among the theweeds theweds theweeds
weeds and briars briarsBales briarsBales briarsBales
Bales of the hay and specimen specimenroots
roots and vines were on exhibition at atthe atthe I Ithe
the Gulf CoasTand Coast and Florida state fairsthe fairs fairsthe fairsthe
the last two years ears as well as at theJamestown the theJamestown theJamestown
Jamestown and Jacksonville exposi expositions exposiUons exposiltions
ltions tions and Georgia state fair and did didnot didnot didnot
not fail to create widespread interest interestwherever interestwherever interestwherever
wherever shown shownI
I find that plants are best set out outearly outearly outearly
early in the spring of the year ear 1 put putout putout putout
out an acre in February 1908 and andmany andman andmany
many man of the plants had vines ten feet feetlong feetlong feetlong
long May ay 1 though I expect expe to take takethem takethem takethem
them another year to get fully estab established established established ¬
lished lishedI
I I have ha e been asked by many if it Itb
can be got rid of and if it doesnt be become become become ¬
come a pest To this I answer plant plantit planit t
it where it can stay and you will willnever willnever willnever
never want wan to get gettid rid of it so long as asthere asthere asthere
there is a good market for stock A Asmall Asmall Asmall
small patch plowed under last fallhas fall fallhas fal1has
has only onl shown one or two plants this thisseason thisseason thisseason
season seasonThe season seasonThe seasonThe
The first cutting of Kudu hayeach hay hayeach hayI
I each season is taken off before the thevines thevines thevines
vines have rooted sufficiently to in interfere interfere interfere ¬
terfere with the cutting or rakingand raking rakingand rakingand
and after that there is seldom if any anyattempt anyattempt anyattempt
attempt to take root as the growth growththen growththen growththen
then is so small and fine and closely closelyset
set that the vines cannot trail on the theground theground theground
ground and consequently cannot take takeroot takeI takeroot takeroot
root With a good strong plant to ev every e eery every ¬
ery foot of space or even closer and andKudzu andKudzu andKudzu
Kudzu never crowds itself out producing pro producing producing ¬
ducing half a dozen or more ines sinesfrom inesfrom inesfrom
from twentyfive twent five to thirty feet inlength in inlength inJength
length with numerous side branches branchesin
in a few weeks or an equivalent in inthe inthp inthe
the shorter finer growth of after cut cuttings cuttings cutlungs ¬
tings one can form some sort of f an anidea anicIea anidea
idea of Kudzus tremendous produc productiveness producI productiveness ¬
I tiveness tivenessThe tivenessThe tivenessThe
The after cuttings all after the thefirst thefirst thefirst
first crop each year are little if any anymore anymore anymore
more trouble to handle than a heavy heavycrop heav heavcrop heavycrop
crop of clover or pursley hay hayIt
It has been clearly cle rly demonstrated demonstratedthe
the t past season that all stock is fond fondof fondof fondof
of it both as a pasture and a hay A Afriend Afrienl Atl
tl friend having a piney woods cow thatcould that thatcould thatcould
could not be induced to touch ordi ordinary ordinary ¬ I I II Inary
nary crabgrass pursley or Jvet vet beanhay bean beanhay i
hay was given a handful of Kudzu Kudzuhay Kudzuha Kudzuhay
hay ha to o take home and offer her andhis and andhis andhLs
his leport 1 t > ort was that the cow nearly nearlytore nearlytore nearlytore
tore the fence down trying to get to tothe 10the Itothe
the hay that had been thrown down downbeside downbeside downbeside
beside it A neighbors hogs torethrough tore torethrough torethrough
through the poultry netting fence anumber a anumber aI1nuher
number of times to get at the grow growing growing growlug ¬
ing vines vinesOne vinesOne vinesOne
One correspondent writes that hischickens his hischickens hischiclens
chickens are very ver fond of it Anoth Another ¬
er that rabbits eat it in preference pre Terence to toanything toI toanything toanything I
anything else No wonder stock like likeit
it when we learn that it analyzes anal zes bet better bettel better ¬
ter than wheat bran the new growth growthrunning growthrunning growthrunning
running as high as 1760 per cent pro protein protein protein ¬
From the four cuttings of hay ha this thisseason thisseason thisseason
season the last being taken off Sep September September September
tember 18th I have realized by care careful careful careful ¬
ful weights we ghts and measures at the rateof rate rateof rateof
of 1093 tons dry hay per acre
And when wh n we consider that oneacre one oneacre
acre of Kudzu on ordinary piney pineywoods pineywoods
woods land will yield more In value valuejthan
jthan I than five acres of the best cotton and
A threemonths old root of the Kudzu Kudzuonehalf Kudzuonehalf Kudzuonehalf
onehalf diameter showing over 150bacteria 150 150bacteria 150bacteria
bacteria nodules of nitrogen gather gatherers ¬
ers Some roots have upwards of
2000 ° of these nodules nodulesout
out wonder what else Kudzu has in instore instort instore
store for the farmers of the south southOn southOn southOu
On an extended trip last fall fallthrough fallthrough fallthrough
through nine of the southern states I Iwas Iwas Iwas
was amazed at the seeming large pro proportion proporliou proportion ¬
portion of hillj hill wornout washed washedland washedlanl washedland
land as seen from the car window windowLand windowLand windowLand
Land that is bringing bl nging absolutely no noreturns noreturns noreturns
returns to its owners and upon whichtaxes which whichtaxes whichtaxes
taxes must be paid I could see in inmy inI1l inmy
my I1l minds eye Kudzu climbing over overthose tverthose everthose
those hilly hill rocky rock places laces and eventu eventually eventually eventually ¬
ally converting them into profitable profitablepasture profitablepasture profitablepasture
pasture lands It may be difficult to toaccomplish toaccomplish toaccomplish
accomplish but I fully full believe that in intime intime intime
time Kudzu will do o it itC C E Pleas Pleasin PleasI I
in Florida Homeseeker HomeseekerPOLITICS HomeseekerPOLITICS HomeseekerPOLITICS
But if you are lokins for the best bestsection bestsection bestsection
section in which to locate come to toMarion toMarion toMarion
Marion county Florida where lands landscan landscan landscan
can be bought at from 250 to 25 25per 25per 25per
per acre according to location and andimprovements andiJIlproements andimprovements
improvements On these lands we weraise weraise
raise from two to four crops per year yearand yearand yearand
and hence do not have to consume in inwinter inwinter inwinter
winter all that we can lay up in summer sum summer summer ¬
mer merIf merIf merIf
If you are skeptical visit the Marion Ma Marion Marion ¬
rion County Fair December 16 17 17and 17and 17and
and 18 1908 and see for yourself yourselfFor yourselfFor ourself ourselfFor
For further particulars address addressF
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1120tfw 1120 tfw Ocala Fla Flat FlaI
I Baptist church and reproduced at ati a at t
i I the request of the Womnas Club ClubOcala ClubOcala
i Ocala Florida FloridaThe FloridaThe
The Scriptures 3 John 2 Beloved BelovedI
I wish above all things that thou thoumayest thouI thoumayest
mayest prosper and be in healtheven health healtheven healtheven
even as thy soul prospereth prosperethRev
Rev 68 And I looked and be behold behold behold ¬
hold a pale horse and his name that thatsat thatsat thatsat
sat on him was Death and Hell fol followed foII followed ¬
lowed with him And power was giv given given given ¬
I en unto them over the fourth part partof partof partof
of the earth to kill with sword andwith and andwith andwith
with hunger anJ with death and andwith andwith andwith
with the beasts of the earth earthThe earthThe earthr earthThe
The ideal condition of man as depicted de depicted depicted ¬
picted in the Word ofGod of God is one 01 01health othealth i ihealth
health The Bible teaches us that inthe in inthe inthe
the beginning when God created man manof manof manof
of the dust or elements of earth and andbreathed andbreathed andbreathed
breathed into his nostrils the breath breathof
of life that he became a living soul soulHe soulHe soulHe
He meant for him to be well that he heknow heknow heknow
know no disease nor sorrow there therewas therewas therewas
was to be no pain attached to hiswaking his hiswaking hiswaking
waking hours and no troubled dream dreamto
to disturb him by night I I I
The work of his hands was to be beaccomplished beaccomplished beaccomplished
accomplished but without the sweat sweatof
of his brow It vas sin and its en entrance entrance entrance ¬
trance that brought death into the theworld theworld theworld
world This death was of a twofold twofoldkind two twofoldkinda old oldkinda
kind kinda a spiritual death which meant meanta
a separation of the soul of man from fromhis fromhis fromhis
his Creator and physical death that thatmeant thatmeant thatmeant
meant the dissolution of body andsoul and andsoul andsoul
soul soulThis
This spiritual death brought with withit
it anxiety and sit rooted sorrow in inthe inthe inthe
the brain diseased the mind and andmade andmade andmade
made man prone to trouble as the thesparks thesparks thesparks
sparks fly upward upwardThis upwardI
I I This physical doath was to be pre preceded preceded preceded
ceded by every phase of physical suf suffering suffering suffering ¬
fering blindness of the eyes palsied palsiedhands palsiedhands palsiedhands
hands weakened brains congestive congestivelungs congestivelungs congestivelungs
lungs dwarfed bodies lame feet infact in infact infact
fact all the ills to which flesh is heir heirThe heirThe heirThe
The picture of man redeemed by byour byLord byI
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is isthe isthe isthe
I the picture of a perfect man mana a man manwhose manI
I whose soul 10 in i narmony with his hisGod hisi hisGod
i God and whose body bod in the power ofits of ofits ofits
its resurrection from the dead is per perfect perfect perfect ¬
fect From his mind sorrow and sigh sighing sighing sighing ¬
ing shall flee away and the Son ofGod of ofGod ofGod
God shall wipe away all tears fromhis from fromhis fromhis
his eyes Pain shall fall from him himlike himlike himlike
like a garment age shall lose its itspower itspower itspower
power death shall be robbed of its itssting itssting itssting
sting and the grave of its victory victoryThis victoryThis victoryThis
This plan of redemption however howeverfor
for man through the vicarious atone atonement atonement atonement ¬
ment of the S on of God Is twofold twofoldin
in its process So far as the spirit spiritual spiritual spiritual ¬
ual mind is concerned repentance to toward toward toward ¬
ward God and faith in the Lord Jesus
at practically no expense after once onceestablished Christ mean a regeneration so thatestablished that thatne thatestablished
established save the harvesting and andat ne becomes a new creature in Christ ChristJesus Christat
at the same time improves the soil soilinstead Jesus He passes out from under theinstead the thelaw theinstead
instead of impoverishing it we can law of sin and death into the gloriousliberty glorious gloriousliberty gloriousliberty
liberty of the children of God It can
be said of him Beloved now are arewe arewe arewe
we the Sons of God It is a perfect perfectwork perfectwork perfectwork
work of salvation as Christ is the end endof endof endof
of the law for righteousness to allthat all allthat allthat
that believe and it means the sancti sanctification sanctification sanctification
fication ultimately of the soul soulThe soulThe soulThe
The physical effects however of ofthis ofthis ofthis
this salvation are delayed in their fi final final final ¬
nal powers until the resurrection of ofthe ofthe ofthe
the dead sothat so that the spirit is alive because be beI
cause of righteousness but the body bodyis bod bodis
I is dead because of sin The effects of ofthe ofthe ofthe
the spirit being alive however are aresuch aresuch aresuch
such that the body bod can be subjected subjectedunto
unto the law of God and the results resultsof
of that subjection will carry withthem with withthem witnthem
them the fulfillment to a great ex extent extent extent ¬
tent at least of the desire of John Johnas
as quoted in the scripture Beloved BelovedI
I desire above all things that thou thoumayest thoumayest thoumayest
mayest be in healthAll health healthAll healthAll
All disease is primarily the result resultof
of sin and in its last analysis which whichis
1 1is
is death it will be done away awa with withby withby I Iby
by the power of the Son of God unto untoall I
I all who believe But the study of dis disease disease ¬
ease so far as individuals are con concerned concerned ¬ I Icern
cerned cern ed will go to show that as inlli hndividually i ividually t
vidually applied they the are the result resultof I Iof
of any an one of several different things thingsDisease j jDisease I IDisease
Disease may be inflicted directly directlythrough directlythrough I Ithrough
through God as a punishment There Thereare j jare I Iare
are various examples of this given givenin t i iin
in the scripture for instance Miriam Miriamin I
in a sin against Zipporab and Uzziah Uzziahin
in his profanely entering the Holy Hol of ofHolies ofHolies ofHolies
Holies were both afflicted with leprosy lep leprosy ¬
rosy ros There are numerous other ex examples examples examples ¬
amples Again disease may ma be from fromthe i j jthe i ithe
the power of evil or the Devil Devilthrough Devilthrough
through the permissive power of God Godnotably Godnotably Godnotably
notably the case of Job Again dis disease disease disease ¬
ease may be the the inevitable resultsfrom results resultsfrom I
from a physical standpoint of the sins sinsof sinsof sinsof
of the father visited unto the children childrenunto childrenunto I Iunto
unto the third and fourth generation generationDisease generationDisease generationDisease
Disease may be the result of wilful wilfultransgression wilfultransgression wilfultransgression
transgression of natures laws and in insuch insuch insuch
such instances as a general thing itwill it itwill itwil1
will be found that there was a moral moraltransgression moraltransgression moraltransgression
transgression at the same time timeBe timeBe timeBe
Be not deceived God is not mock mocked ¬
ed whatsoever a man soweth that thatshall thatshall thatshall
shall he also reap He that soweth sowethto
to the flesh shall of the flesh reapcorruption reap reapcorruption reapcorruption
corruption corruptionDisease corruptionDisease corruptionDisease
Disease may be the result of ignor ignorance ignorance ignorance ¬
ance but ignorance itself is no excuse excusebefore excusebetore excusebefore
before the law In the study of his history history history ¬
tory we are compelled to look back
iI iIc
neu vied on lntH their thousands luuusauas yea tens tenshundreds u tens tenshundreds n8 all allhundreds
hundreds of thousands and their vic victims yl yltims v1tins ¬
tims were ignorant of either the thesource thesource thesource
source or cure of the malady that thatstruck thatstruck thatstruck
struck them down downThe downThe
I The unsanitary conditions of t the thejdark theI >
jdark I dark ages and the middle ages and andin andI andin
in fact modern ages is largely al almost almost almost ¬
most entirely entire the source of disease disoaseMost diseaseMost dls0 8l 8lIost
Most diseases have their filthbirth filthbirthA
A witty Frenchman in speaking of ofthe orthe ofthe
the middle ages spoke of them an a athousand a athousand athousand
thousand years ears without a bath Un Uncleanliness Cncleanliness D Dcleanliness
cleanliness is pathogenic pathogenicAgain pathogenicAgain pathogenicAgain
Again disease may ma be the result of ofnegligence ornegligence ofnegligence
negligence and carelessness evea evtmwhen eveawhen eveawhen
when we know its source of cure cureAnd curnd cureAnd
And nd last to be mentioned diseasemay disease diseasemay dlsoasemay
may be the result of infection carrying carry carrying carrying ¬
ing with it no moral taint no mor moral moral moreal ¬
al obliquity but only onl the heaviness of ofsorrow orsorrow ofsorrow
sorrow and the pangs of death deathWhatever deathVhatever deathWhatever
Whatever may be the causes of o dis diseases dlAease diaease ¬
ease whether they the be the results oC oftransgression oCtransgression ottransgression
transgression of the law moral or orphysical orI orphysical
physical whether they the be inheritedwhether inherited inheritedwhether InhorltodI
whether they the be of filth whether
they the be through carelessness or nog nogligence no noIi nogligence
ligence Ii gence whether they the be through in innocent Innocent innocent ¬
nocent infection infectionthey they are none the theless theI theless
less terrible terribleBut terribleBut terribleBut
But any diseased person man wo woman woman ¬
I man man or child regardless of the cause causeshould causeshould causeshould
should have the profound pity and andsympathy andsympnthY andI
I sympathy of all Even though the thesuffering thesuffering
I suffering one can say with the psalm psalmist ¬
ist Thou hast made me to pOStJOSft pOStJOSftthe pos os < i ithe
the sins of my m youth and my m sin Is Isin Isin lain
in my bones nevertheless sorrow sorrowand sorrowand sorrowand
and sympathy should be his portion portionAnd portionI portionAnd
I And how doubly great should be that thatsympathy thatsympathy thatsympathy
sympathy and that unutterable love lorefor lovefor lovefor
for the innocent ones unto whom this thisfell thlfell thisfell
fell harbinger of death has brought broughthis
his message messageBut messageBut
But sympathy and sorrow are not notsufficient notsufficient notsufficient
sufficient to weep with those tho e who whoweep whoweep b bweep
weep is not enough in the light of ofthe orthe ofthe
the dictates of selfpreservation race racepreservation racepreservation racepreservation
preservation scientific demonstration demonstrationand
and the law of God When Iam Jesus JesusChrist Je JesusChrist us usChrist
Christ came into the world one of thu thustrongest thustrongest thestrongest
strongest proofs he offered of his dl divinity dlYinity dlvinity ¬
vinity was the power he exorcised exercinodover
over the diseases of the body Ho Holaid 110laid lielaid
laid his cool hand upon the brow of ofthe orthe ofthe
the leper and the scales of Iepro h JtrMY JtrMYfeU y rfell yfell
fell away away His soothing voice ban htttlished banished bnnished ¬
ished the fever from the veins of Its Itsvictim Itsvictim itsvictim
victim His potent finger tips touching touch touching touching ¬
ing the eyes of the blind brought Lack Lackheavenly Lackheavenly Lackheavenly
heavenly day unto those dark crbs crbsThe arbsThe crbsThe
The very hem of his garment was Instinct In Instinct Instinct ¬
stinct with the grace of healing Ho Hocaught liecaught 11 11caught
caught Jairus daughter by the handand hand handand handand
and she awaked from her sleep ofdeath of ofdeath ofdeath
death The pronation of his arm stay ¬
ed the funeral procession and restor restored ¬
ed unto the widow of Naln her only onljson onl onlson onlyson
son The vocal command from those thoselips thosolips thoselips
lips soon to become themselves blue bluewith bluewith bluewith
with dissolution called forth the dealt
Lazarus from his rocky sepulchre sepulchreI
I do not believe in the present dayand day dayand dayand
and time we have the divine gift of ofhealing orhealing ofhealing
healing such su h as Christ possessed possessedand
and the apostolic day cIa knew but I do dobelieve dobelieve dobelieve
believe we have the power at the thepresent tbopresent thepresent
present time in the light of the laws lawsof
of nature which we have searched searchedout soorclutdlout
lout out and the laws of God we have re received rei received ¬
j i ceived to obviate most of the physical pbtralcalI physicalsuffering
I suffering of the world and to prolong prolongthe
the days of man on earth But it itcosts Itcosts Itcosts
costs money moneyIn
In the wonderful vision that Johnreceived John Johnreceived JohnI
I received on the Island of Palmon Palmonthere Pnl Patntosthere M9 M9I
there rode forth rom under tloHt tloHtmighty thOHlmighty tIomlomighty
mighty seals the four horses the thtfirst thefirst
I first white upon which sat the con conquering CODquering conquering ¬
quering One the red bestrode by the thepower thepower thepower
power of war with bloodshed to b bhis be behIS behis
his portion and carnage hi his mission missionThe > n nThe nThe
The black upon which was wn seated aeatetlghastly HlltedI seatedghastly
ghastly famine drying up the riverswith rivers riverswith rtTer5with
I with his drought and blasting the thegreen th thgreen thoi
i green fields with his curse and thefourthti the thefourth lheI
I fourth the pale horse upon whose whosegaunt vAo whsegaunt 8 8I
I gaunt withers was as clinging the h figure figureof ure ureof
of Death going forth in hIs hi hkleoua hkleouajourney hWeotiAjourne t tjourney
journey dogged by b v Hell ell itself Into Intotliis nto ntothis
this figure was given power po r to shiy shiyto
to give death through various al1ott al1ottbut arisesbut arises eanneabut
but most of all death through thr h th thbeasts UbeaSts the
beasts of the field fieldIt
It may be a forced interpretation interpretationit In
it may ma be an erroneous exegeeta exe but butit butit butit
it would seem to me the bests S of ofthe orI ofthe
the field do not include atone the thewild thuwild thewild
wild animals that destroy de tror Tmo Tmothousands TnHfI Trwethousands
I thousands die annually through the theuite UtttI
uite ul to of serpents thousands ananally ananallyfall
I fall victims to the ravening ra tooth am amclaw anti anticlaw andclaw
claw beak and talons of the h berets beretsof < Mi is isof uof
of prey prebut but the greater death and andthe avidthe d dI
I the more terrible Is through thorn thoHminute tltemeI thornminute
I minute organisms so small that by bythe hythe bythe
the thousands they can rest upon the thepoint tilepoint thepoint
point of a pin and so deadly that In Inmeir Inlneir n ntneir
meir multiplication they the can wipe na nations Rations nations ¬
tions from the face of the earth earthWe earthWe earthWe
We have learned to know the thegreatest tilegreatest thegreatest
greatest enemies of mans physical physicalhealth physloalhealth pbysioalhealth
health are not alone the visible and andtangible andtangible andtangible
tangible ones against which the nor normal normal normal ¬
mal eye or ear or nostril or taste tasteor
or touch can give warning but those thoseinvisible thoseInyislble thoseInvisible
invisible foes so small It requires the tnemost themost themost
most powerful microscope to bring bringforth brln brlnforth bringforth
forth with startling vividness their theirdeadly 1holrdeadly theirdeadly
deadly beings Indeed they are best bestknown bestknown bestknown
known by their results and it was a

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