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Legal Advertisements
la the Cfrcuit Court of the Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of Florida, in and for
Marion bounty— In Chancery.
Joseph O. Parker, Complainant, V3.
Celia E. Parlcer, Defendant. —Order
for Constructive Service,-*
It is ordered tlifct the defendant
herein named, to-witi Celia E. Parker,
be and she is to ap
pear to the bill ot eoitfplaint filed in
this cause on or before *
Monday, the 4th Day of August, 1919.
It is further .ordered that a copy of
this order be published once a week
for eight consecutive weeks in the
Ocala Banner, a newspaper phblished
in said county and state.
This 29th day of May, 1919.
(Seal) P. H. NUGENT,
Clerk Circuit Court, Marion Cos., Fla.
Complainant’s Solicitor. 5-30-9 t.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been duly appointed
and qualified as administratrix of ine
estate of Simon Feinberg, deceased,
and all persons having claims or de
mands against said estate are hereby
notified to present them to me within
two years from the date hereof or the
same will be forever barred accord
ing to law. All pjersp#* indebted to
said estate are requested to come
forward and make settlement without
delay. .
, ,/C Administratrix.
Dated "at Dunneilon, Fla,, this the
89th day of May, 1919 \ 3-30-91.
In the Circuit Court of the Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of Florida, in and for
Marion County—ln Chancery.
Wilfred C. Clarkson, Complainant, Vs.
Charles J. Mixou and others, De
fendants—Order for Constructive
• Service.
It is ordered that the defendants
herein named, to-wit: • Charles J.
Mixon. Edward M. Mixon, Jr., John
Beard as Executor, L. H Drysdale as
Executrix of Johti Drysdale, deceas
ed; George R R. Fairbanks, Anna E.
Pasley, John F. Sappington, Godfrey
E. Smith and D. be and
are hereby required td appear to the
Bill of complaint filea lb this cause
op or before Monday, the 4th day of
August, 1919. 4 V 1 >
It is further ordered that a copy
of this ordpr be published once a
week for eight consecutive weeks in
the Ocala Banner, a newspaper pub
lished in said County and State.'
This 4th day of June, 1919. ',
(Seal) P. H. NUOEN*
Cldrk Circuit Court, Mar-ion Cos., Fla.
By Ruth Erwin, IX C.
Hampton & Trantham, *
' Complainants’ Solicitors 6-6-9 t.
• “
Notice is hereby give a to cred
itors, legatees,. dilfftnbuleee, and all
other persons having, claims or. de
mands against th&9state of A. 3. J.
I.'cKenny, deqsasM,- ifo present the
aame to ttye duly proven
within twp years from this date, to
wlt: TSiis 2nd day of line, A. D.
As Executrix of. the last will and tes
tament of A- S J, McKenny, de
ceased, P. O Stanton, Fla r
6-13-9 t.
la the Circuit Coprt, Marion County,
■ Florida—ln Chancery.
E. L. Johnson, Complainant, Vs. E
O. Johnson, Defendant.
The defendant, E O. Johnson, is
ordered to appear to tiie bill of com
plainant herein, on ‘ Monday, the 4th
dajr of August, 1919~ •
It is further ordered €hat this order
he published once a week for four
consecutive weeks Ifi the Ocala
Banner, a publish r
e’ in the County of Marion in the
State of Florida,,*'.
Thin the 25tfc June, 1919
(Seal Ct. Ct,) K/H NUGENT,
(Clerk. of the .‘Circuit Court.
By Ruth Ervin, D, C.
S. T. JBistrunk, *<■
Complainant's Solicitor.
M7-6t f ■ ~. **
Under and by'virtue of au execu
tion issued out of and utider the seal
of the Circuit Court in aud for Ma
rion County. Florida, dated July Ist,
1919, in a certain cause wherein A.
A. Mathews is Plaintiff aud I. T. Til
man ia Defendant. I have levied on
and will on Monday, August the 4th
1919, the being a legal sales
dpy, and* during the legal hours of
sale, will ogpr for sale at the west
door of tfcp '.Court in Ocala,
Florida, and sell ithe jjjl’me to t the
highest and beTk, biddqf for cash, the
following described estate in
Marion County, Ffaifda, to-wit G SE X 4
of SE*4. Sec. 5,7% 17, Range 23
Sold to satisfy sahff; execution and
all costa* . if \
Sherifffhlarioh County', Florida.
S. T. Sistrunk,
Plaintiff’s Attorney.
’ 7-4-st. • ,
i ,
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned administratrix will six
months aften tli.e. publication of this
notice present to . the Honorable
County Judge, Marion County. Flor
ida, my accounts and vouchers and
ask for a final J jjjpttlement and dis
charge from the administration of
the estate |f yilljam P. Hammons,
deceased *
Administratrix of the Estate of Wil
liam P. Hammons, Deceased.
(r27-i) mo. i > *-
in the Circuit Court of the Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of Florida, Marion
County—ln Chancery.
Wilfred C. Clarkson, Complainant,
versus* Edward M. Mixon, Jr., and
others; Defendants.
Notice to Unknown Owners
To thp unknown heirs of / John
Drysdale, deceased; the unknown
heirs of John C. Tauner, deceased;
the unknown heirs of John Carling-
Iton, deceased; and all persons claim,
ing an interest under the persons
hereinafter named in the lands set
opposite their respective [/names,
whether as fieirs, devisees, grantees,
by direct or mesne conveyances,
creditors, lieqors, trustees, holders of
powers or powers in trust, reversion
ers, reniainderpien, joint tenants and
or tenants in common, holders or
owners of tax deeds, and or tax ti
tles, or holders or owners >,of claim
ants of any vested or contingent or
any other interest or interests m the
property involved iu this stilt, to-wit:
John Drysdale, John Beard as
executor, and Uois H. drys
dale as executrix of J6hn
. Drysdale, Charles J. MUbn.
Edward M. Mixon, Jr—
South half of sec 14, tp 12, r 19
John C. Tanner, Jqssie Hurftt—
All of ex lots 1 to 6, and 10
acres square in sw cor lot 7,
J. P. Smith’s survey of the J. C.
Tanner lands, 3ec 15 tp 12 r 19
Hephzebaoh E. Taylor, Wil
liam E. Taylor, John Car
lington, Jessie Hunt, Chas.
Hunt, John F. Sappington—
NEVi of NE% dnd commenc
ing at NE cor NWVi of sec
22. run West 17,28 chs, South
5.80 chs, East 17.28 chs, N 5.80
chs to p o b SAC 22, tp 12, r 19
John Carlmgtoa, John Beard
and Lois H. Drysdile as ex
ecutors of John Drysdale,
George R. Fairbanks, John
West 2-3 of lots 1 and 2 of
sec 24, in' the Arredondo
Grant— sec 24, tp 12, r 19
and to all other perspps whom.sover
claiming any interest in or to the
lands aforesaid,’' adversely to the
Wilfred C. CIarkson—GREETING:
Take notice,, that the complainant
in the foregoing cause, WILFRED C.
CLARKSON, has filed his bill of com
plaint herein, alleging' that he be
lieves :thqre are persons, interested in
the lands above described, whose
names are unknown to him, and that
there are persons whose names are
unknown to him claiming by, through,
or under the persons aforesaid, to the
lands aforesaid, or some part thereof, j
and having prayed for the making of;
this order,
THIS IS THEREFORE to command j
yon to be before this
court to anhwedT the bill of complaint
ia said cause an
Monday, the First Day of. Septenfher,
that being the first Monday in said
month, ahd a rule day ; otherwise the
complainant will proceed exparte.
It is ilurther ordered thht this order
be published once a weelf for twelve
consecutive weeks in the Ocala Ban
ner, a newspaper published in Marion
county. Florida. ‘ 1
WITNESS The ’Honorable W. S.
Bullock, judge of the circuit court of
the fifth judicial .circuit of Florida,
aud P. H Nugent, clerk of the circuit
court of Marion county, and the seal
thereof at the court, house in Ocala,
on this 4th day of June, 1919.
(Seal.) P. H. NUGENT,
Clerk Circuit Court Marion Cos., Fla. i
By Ruth Ervin, D. C.
Complainant s Solicitors. 6 G-13t i
In the Circuit Court, Marion Couaty,
In Chancery.
Jessie E McDougal, Complainant, Vs.
Walter McDougal,' Defendant.
The defendant, Walter McDougal is
ordered tq appear to the Mil of com
plaint herein on Monday, the first
day of September, 1919.
It is further ordered that this or- -
der be published otipe a week foi
eight consecutive wweks in the Ocala
Weekly. Banner, ,e. newspaper pub
fished iu Maridn Qounty, Florida
This the day of June, 1919
(Seal C%’ ; *Ct) H. NUGENT,
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
By Ruth Ijjrvin, D. C.
S. T. Sistrunk,
Complainant’s Solicitor*
No.tice is hereby given that on the
12th day of August, 1919, I will ap
ply to the Honorable W S. Bullock,
Judge of; the Circuit Court of the
Fifth Judicial Circuit, in and for Ma
rion County. Florida, at his office ia
Ocala, Florida, for an order author
izing me, -is Guardian of the Estate
of M. F. an insane person,
to sell at private sale the following
described property belongiug to th i
said M. F.. Messett ,to-wit:
Commencing at a point on Magnolia
Street on the Eaat/mde of spid Street
|in the City of Oc ila, Florida, said
!Point being located Eighty (80) feet
' South of the cerubf where the East
1 boundary line of said Magnolia
! Street the -Mouth boundary
line of Street, cunning thence
East 119 ftmt, thence §outh 45 feet,
thence West 119 feet, thence North
,45 feet to point of beginning.
* Said land to be sold !%• the best
interest of the said insoiie person.
This ,3Qth day of June. 19ul.
Guardian, of the Estate of M. P. Mes
sett, au Insane Person.
Read Banner . Advertisementa.
In the Superior Court of Chatham
County. Georgia, March Term, 1919.
I. A. Solomons, as Executor, Etc., et
al, Vs. Importing and Exporting
Company of Georgia—Receiver
To the Stockholders and All Person*
Having Claims of Any Kind or
Character Against the Importing
and Exporting Company of Geor
. Under by virtue of an order
of the Superior Coqrt of Chatham
County, Georgia, of date May 19th,
1919, you anti each- of you having
claims of any kind or character
against the Importing & Exporting
Company of Georgia ,as stockholders,
creditors, or otherwise, are hereby re
quired personalty or by attorney to
intervene in the /.Superior Court of
Chatham County, Georgia, and set up
what claim, if ariK you have to par
ticipate in the distribution of the as
sets of the Importing and Exporting
Company of Georgia, and especially
iu the recovery made by the Rece.v -
ears of said corporation against the
Government of the ' United State -
Said intervention must he filed in the
office of the Clerk ot the Superior
i Court of Chatham Coilnty, Georgia,
ion or before November ist, 1919, and
i a <?opy thereof served ufion Evan B
:Basch as receiver of said 'corporation.
|ln default of such intervention b
; Che date aibresaid, you and each of
j you will be thereafter barred from
intervening or establishing any claim
Witness the Honorable Peter W
Meldrim, Judge of said Court, this
2fith day of May, 1919.
Cledk Superior Court, Chathm Coun
ty. Georgia,
(Seal of Court)
Osborne Lawrence & Abrahams,
Attys for Evan B. Basch, Receiver.
Savannah, Ga, . 6-13-eow-3 mo.
In the Circuit Court of the Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of the State of Flor
ida, in and for Marion Couuty—ln
Tampa Realty Company, a Florida
Corporation, Complainant, Vs. All
Persons Claiming Interests Under
Mathew Ennis, et al, Defendants—
Suit to Quiet Title.
Order for Constructive Service
It is ordered that the defendants,
to-wit: All parties claiming interests
under the late Mathew Ennis, de
ceased, or otherwise; and all parties
claiming interests under the late
Duncan L. Clinch, deceased, or oth
erwise; and all parties claiming in
terests under the late John Houston
Mclntosh Clinch, deceased, or other
wise; and all parties claiming inter
ests under the late J. H. Clinch, de
ceased, or otherwise; and all parties
claiming interests under the late Ab
ner H. McCormick, deceased, or oth
erwise; all parties claiming in
terests undsr the late Charles P.
,Shier, deceased, or otherwise; and all
parties claiming interests under
Jf.loridvi, Orah^y- Company, or
whose names are unknown to
the /'complainant who have or claim
to have any interest of whatsoever
nature in and to the following de
scribed lauds qr any part or portion
thereof, situate in Marion county,
Florida, to-wit:
S% of seVi, sec 33, tp 12, s, r 21, e
wy 2 of 86(44; eM: of se%
of nwH of sw 1 /*, sec 4, tp 13
s, r 21 e,
Ne% of excepting and re
serving the following <f
scribed tracts:
1. Beginning at a point 55
links south of half mile post
on eastern bound ar y of said
section 4, run thence west G
chains. thence north 3.33
chains, thence e 6 chains,
thence south 3.33 chains to
p. o. b.
2. Beginning at point G
chains west of a point 55
links south of half mile post
on eastern boundary of said
section 4, run west 7
chains, thence qqrth 5.35
chains, thence
thence south 5.3§ chains to
p. o. b.
3. A ttact 15.72 chains east
and west by 18 chaips north
and south in the southeast corner
of the said neVt of qe l 4 of
said section 4.
| Beginning at a pojqt 1.89
chains south o< the nqythwest
corner of the sw*4 of
sec 3, tg 13, s, r 21, e
run thence east 10 7!J chains
to the Atlantic Coast Line
Railway, thence south along
said railway 1,51 chains,
thence west 11.19 chains,
thence north 1.51 chains to
j P- o. b. •’
|NV 2 . excepting and reserving
a tract containing 2¥>, acres
described as beginning at the
southwest corner of nwr}4 of
said section 5, run tjhenca
east ;2 chains, thence north
12,5 chains, thence - west 2
chatps, thence south _ 12.5
chaSus to point of beginning
! / . sec 5, tp 13, s, r 21, e
aad sw*4 of * r"
sec 5 ,tp' 13, s, r 21. e
be and each of them are hereby re -
quired to appear to the bfii of com
plaint filed in said cause on or before
Monday, the 3rd day of November, A.
$) . 1919.
It is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published once a week
for twelve consecutive weeks in the
Ocala Banner a weekly newspaper
published in said Marion county,
! Given under my hand and seal and
the seal of my office this the 14th
jlay of July A D. 1919.
(Seal.) p. H. NUGENT,
jPlerk Circuit Court, Marion Cos., Fia.
By Ruth Ervin, D. C.
i Complainant’s Solicitor. 7-13-I3t

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In the Circuit Court, Marion County,
Florida—ln Chancery.
M. L. Prine, Complainant, Vs. R. W.
Ferguson, et al. Defendants —Order
for Constructive Service.
To William Trantham and to Josie
Whereas, the complainant in this
cause has filed in this court, in the
above styled cause, an affidavit alleg
i ing that you and each of you are non
j residents of the State of Florida, and
| that yout residence is unknown to
| the complainant, and that in the be
lief of the affiant, each of you indiv
i idually are ova. - the age of twenty
I one years, And that there is no per
| son in the .State of Florida the ser-
I vice of a subpoena upon whom would
! bind you or Altlier of you.
Therefore, ft is ordered that you
Und each of yon be and appear before
'this courf on Mpnday, the first day
|of September, 1919, the same being
: a rule day of this,court.
It is further ordered that this or
der be published in the Ocala Weekly
Banner, a newspaper published in
Mafion County, Florida, once a week
for eight consecutive weeks prior to
the said rule day in September, 1919.
Witness my hand as the Clerk of
| the Circuit Court. Fifth Judicial Cir
j cuit of Florida, in ahd for Marion
I County, and the official seal of said
{court, this the loth day, of June 1919.
j (Seal Ct. Ct.) P. H. NUGENT,
Clerk of rhe Circuit Court.
By Ruth Ervin. D. C.
S. T. Sistrunk,
Solicitor for Complainant.
G 27-91.
In the Circuit. Court of the Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of Florida, in and foi
Marion County—la Chancery.
John T. Moore, Complainant,, Vs.
Unknown Heirs of W. C. O'Ban
aon, deceased, anfi All Persons
Claiming , Under. Sjiid W. C. O’Ban
non, Defendants.—Order for Con
ctructive Service.
Tt is ordered that the Defendants
herein named, to-wit: Unknown
Heirs of W. C. O’Bannou, deceased,
and all perspks claiming under said
W. C. O’BaonnV,in and to Lots For
ty-eight (48) and. Forty-nine (49) iu
the Town of Dunneilon according to
map or plat of said town, a copy of
which Is on file in: the Clerk’s office
in Ocala, Marion Cfrtinty. Florida, be
and they are hereby required to ap
pear to the Bill of complaint in this
cause on or before Monday, the 6th
day of October. 1919.
It is further ordered-.that a copy
of this order be published once a
week for twelve consecutive weeks
in the Ocala Weekly Banner, a news
paper published in said Odunty and
This 26th day of June, 1919.
(Seal Ct. Ct.) P. H. NUGENT,
Clerk Circuit Court, Marion Cos., Fla.
By Ruth Ervia, D. C.
Hampton & Trantham,
Complainant's Solicitors.
6-27-13 t.
In the Circuit Court, Marion Couaty,,
M. L. Prine, Complainant, Vs. Rob/
ert W. Ferguson, et al. Defendants, j
To all parties claiming interest as!
heirs, devisees, grantees or other 1
claimants under John F. Toomy, de-|
ceased, to all parties claiming inter!
est as heirs, devisees, grantees on
other claimants, under William H. j
Campbell, Trustee, deceased, and to
all parties claiming any interest in i
any lieh upon the land involved in
this suit /or auy part thereof, iu the
following lands lying and beiag in Ma
rion County, viz:
The southeast quarter, of section
twenty-nine,. in Township fourteen
south Range twenty east, and where
as the complainant has filed in this
court duly sWorn to in w - hich it is
prayed and avAred that it is believed
that there are parties having inter
est in or claiming of liens upon the
property invplveti in this suit, other
than the known defendants, named in
the said bjtU. wbhse names are un
known to the said, complaiuant, aud
prayed for relief against the said uu
known parties or defendants, aud
having demanded fthrn the clerk of
this court, the issuance of an order
and the publication thereof, requiring
such unknown parties; or persons, to
appear to said bill of Complaint upon
a rule day of this court! not less than
twelve weeks from the leaking of this
ordqr and to disclose to this court
whoever interest you or either of
you may have in the said lands.
It is therefore ordered, that all par
ties claiming an interest under John
F Toomy, deceased, and all parties
claiming an interest under' William
H. Campbell, trustee, deceased, or
otherwise and all other parties claim
ing an interest iu or having any claim
to a lien thereon, or any part thereof,
involved in this suit are required to
be and appear before this court on
the 6th day of October, 1919.
It is further ordered that this or-
Uier be published in the Ocala Weekly
Banner, a newspaper published in
Marion County, Florida, once each
week for twelve consecutive weeks
prior to the said 6th day oc October,
Witness my hand as the Clerk of
the Circuit Court, Fifth Judicial Cir
cuit of Florida, in and for Marion
County, Florida, and the official seal
of the said court at the Court House
in Ocala, tils’ the 25th day of June,
(Seal Ct. Ct.) P. H
Clerk. of the Circuit Court
By Ruth Srvip D. C.
S. T. Sistrunk.
Solicitor for Complainant.
6-27.13 t.
n-- :
Notice is hereby given that at a
meeting of th%/stockholders 0f... the
McDowell Crate* Lumber Company
held on th*£ of June. 1919 - ,
it was proposed lty; - a vote of three
fourth of the entire outstanding stock
of the Company to alter and amend
- :
the charter of said corporation in
jthc particulars set forth in a certain
; resolution adopted at said meeting,
i which resolution reads as follows:
! Resolved, that the charter of the
company be and the same is hereby
amended in the folowing particuars,
That Article 1 be amended to read
as follows:
i Article Four. Term. This corpor
ation shall exist perpetually;
I That Article 5 be amended to read
ns follows:
■ Article Five. The business of this
; corporation shall be conducted by a
i -resident, a Vice President, a Seere
i .iry and a Treasmrer, and a Board of
Directors consisting of not less than
I three nor more than seven. The Di
i rectors shall be elected on the fourth
Monday of August. 1919. and annually
tb -reafter oii the same date by a ma
jority of thq stock. The President,
j\'ioe Presid'Vqt, Secretary and Treas
urer and such other officers as .diall
|be provided fqi in the by-laws, shall
Ibe chosen as the by-laws may pre
scribe. When authorised by duly
adopted by laws any two of the offi
ces above nainad may be held by
jtlie some persoq
| That Article 6 he amended to read
■as follows:
! Article Six. Indebtedness. The
(highest amount of indebtedness to
v. nidi this corporation shall at any
t .:e subject -itself is Five Hundred
•Thousand Dptlar,.
ill personfi are hqyeby notified that
:/ is the intention of sard corporation
h apply .to the Governor of Florida,
a Tallfiiassee, on the 6th day of
August, 1919, Cor letters patent
sme iding said charter as aforesaid.
Com pan;,.
By T. I. Arnold,
;7-l-5t President.
| ___
‘ Under and by virtue of au execu
tion issued out of and under the cir
cuit court in and for Marion county,
Florida, dated the Bth day of Febru
ary, 1919, in a certain cause wherein
Sanders Fertilizer Company is plain
tiff, and B. E Raysor is defendant, I
have levied upon and will on
' Monday, July 7th, 1919
the same being a legal sales day, and
Aiming the legal hours of sale, will
.offer for sale, at the West Door of
j the court house in. Ocala, Fla., and
j will sell to the highest and best bid
der for cash the following described
real estate in Marion county, Florida’
: to-v'it:
Commencing 180 X A chains S of
iNW comer of SW 1 / of Sec. 26.
i Township 13, Range 21. thence S 3.16
' chs., thence E. 6.32 chains, thence N.
116 chs., theqee W. 6.32 chs.
! Also commencing 432 V> feet N. of
SW corner of NWK of Section 26,
.Township 13, Range 21. thence N.
464 ft. thence 1020 feet, thence S.
46 4 feet, W. 1020 feet. Also
commencing 11.53 chains S. of NS,
corner of NW44 of NWI4 of Section
26, Township 13, Range 21, thence
;W. 415 feet v thence N. 210 feet,
. thence E 415 ft, thence S. 210 feet.
Also iL7y 2 square in SW cor
;aer of NW% of Section 26, Town
jship 13, Range 21, as described in
deed from R. C. Williams, Jan 1,
j Also all the interest of said B. E.
! Raysor in the land the title to which
!is in the name of B E. and T. P.
I Raysor. described as fqllows:
* Commencing 12.26 chains W. of
[NE corner of Lot 3, in Section 26,
j Township 13, Range 2i, thence S.
i 11.33 chs. to the fijpe of the Broward
{Grant, westward with thq Grant line
jto the intersection of a fine parallel
,to the first line qnd 6.20 dhains west
thereof, thence N- 14.48 efis. to the
(North line of Lot 3, thence East
6.20 chs. to point of beginning.
, Sold to satisfy said execution and
■ all costs. F
Sheriff Marion Couaty, Fla.
i Alexander &. Martin. %
■ Plaintiff’s Attorneys. 6-S-st.
The above sale is continued to Au
gust 4, 1919. „
Sheriff Marion County, Fia.
17 -11 -4t.
. ——
;In the Citreut Court of tiie Fifth Ju
dicial Circuit of the State of Flor
ida, in and for Marion Countv—ln
! Chancery.
Lake County Land Owners’ Associa
tion, a Corporation; Complainant,
vs. Virginia E. Wiley. Defendant-
Order for Constructive Service
j lt .if ordered that the defendant,
(Virginia E Wiley, be, and she is
(hereby required to appear to the hill
|of complaint filed in this 04bse on or
before Monday, the 180? day of Au
gust, 1919. /
j I1; is further ordered that this or
■ der be published once a week for
(four consecutive weeks in the Ocala
i Ranker, a newspaper published in
Isaid county and state.
{ Witness, P. H. Nugent, clerk of
jsaid court, aud the seal thereof this
(12th day of July, A. D„ 1919.
! (Seal), P.'H. NUGENT,
| By {ttuh Ervin, D C.
Solicitors for Complainant.
’ Notice is hereby given thar on the
18th day of August, 1919, the under
signed wilh apply to the Governor of
•the State ot Florida, for letters patent
to issue ot* the following proposed
charter. . ■*.*-
EDW. s. french,
ARTICLE I. The name oi this
j corporation shall’ be BELLS VIEW
• i TILITIES COMPANY. Its principal
j place of business \yhall be in B*aileview
j Marion County, Florida, bu* H may
-- • - u —’ —
(establish such other places of busi-
I ness, either within or without the
j State of Florida, as may be deemed
necessary or expedient for the cor
porate interests.
ARTICLE 11. The nature of the
business or businesses to be trans
acted by this corporation are as fol
1 The manufacture and sale of elec
tricity and ice;, tiie operation of
modern cold storage warehouses and
sale* of its products; the operation
of a modern feed mill, and sale of
its products, as well as other mer
chandise; the operation of a modern
creafiaery, aud the sale of its prod
ucts; 3 the operation of a bank as a
jbraqek of some other bank; aud the
(sale and installation of dynamos and
|other electrical appliances, wiring,
jet;:. ’A’-so ’he sale of wafer for do
ruestid and other purposes; also the
operation, of a telephon > exctiinge.
ARTU LE 111. The t tpita’ sto kof
said corporation shall be t.v city-five
i'our- d Clara, divi ia d i to fivo
hundred shares of the par val: e of
{fifty deltai> eacii. All of any part of
I such capital stock may be paid for
!iri cash, - or- in property, labor or ser
vices, at- a just valuation to be fixed
jby the directors at a meeting to be
{called f3r such purpose. Property,
(labor of services may also be pur
jchased and paid with capital
j stock at a just valuation of such
! property, labor or -services, to be
! fixed by the directors of the corpora
j tion at a meeting called for that
I purpose.
A.RTIGLE-TV. The term for which
this corporation shall exist sh !l be
ninety-nine years.
ARTVL® V. The business of this
corporation shall be conducted by a
president, and vice president, a seere
-1 tary and and a board of
directors, to he elected annually;
the directors shall be elected by the
stockholders at their annual stock
holders’ meeting; and the other offi
jeers shall be Elected by the directors
!at their meeting after each an
iiiuul stockholders’ meeting. Such
board of directors shall consist of
not less Ul4ll three nor more than
seven persons.. The office of secre
tary and treasurer of said corpora
tion may be held by one and the
same person The annual meeting ot
this corporation shall be held on the
second Tuesday in January each and
every ye;*r, and shall be held in the
City Hall in the City of
Marion County, ■ Florida, or at such
place as tiie board of directors may
select. The following officers shall
conduct t,he business or businesses
of this corporation until those elected
at the first election shall he quali
fied :
F E. Martin, President.
John L. Carney, Vice President.
Edvv. S. Frendh.. Secretary and
Treasurer; and M>.L. Proctor. Louis
Weihe, F. E. Martin. C. W. Quick,
John L. Carney. Edw. S French!
John TANARUS,. Lewis, of Directors.
AR riCLE \I. rhe ifrghest amount
of indebtedness to which this cor
poration can at any time subject it
self shall be fifteen thousand dollars.
ARTICLE V£l. No subscriber to
the capital stock of this corporation
shall own more than forty shares
thereof; twenty-five per cent, of the
put value of the stock subscribed
shall be paid in cash upon applica
tion, and said remainder or balance
of said subserfbed stock shall be paid
in such manner and at such time or
times as the directors require. Sin
gle share shall he paid for in full in
cash - at the time of application.
Properties consisting of utilities in
the City of Belleview may be ex
changed for capital stock in this cor
poration. The names, places of resi
dency of the subscribers, and the
amount subscribed for by each, are
as follows:
Name Residence No. of Shares
Frank’ Martin. McHenry, 111. 24
J. L. ‘Carney, Lake Weir, Fla, 5
E. B. French. Belleview - , Fls. 20
B. N. Tanner. Belleview, Fla. 24
Delbert Haskell. Belleview, Fla 2
Marion County.
I -hereby certify that before mo
personally came Frank Martin. J. L.
Carney, E. S. French, B. N.
Tanner and Delbert Haskell, to
me known to be the persons
who subscribed their names to the
foregoing proposed charter, and’ that
each of them acknowledged to mo
that he executed said instrument for
the purposes therein expressed, aud
that he subscribed for the amount of
capital stock set opposite his name.
I further certify that my commission
expires on the 6th dav of October,
A. D. 1920
WITNESS iny hand and official
sehl at Belleview. Florida, this July
12th, A. D. 1919.
7 : 18-5t. Notary Public.
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