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The number of catttle dipped in Ma
rion county is, 1263.
■•* * •
The Citrus Fruit Exchange is ap
pealing for emergency freight rates
to keep perishing crops from going to
•• • •
Preparation of Land for Watermelons
Marion, Citrus and Lake county
watermelon growers should get their
seed m the ground before February
20, says A. P. Spencer, vice-director
of agricultural extension work in
Florida. The season of planting may
be from the 10th to the 20th, depend
ing on labor conditions. From that
section northward, the seed should be
planted about ten days to two weeks
later for each 50 miles. In South
Florida the seed should be in the
ground by January 25 to February 1.
Early planting is necessary so as to
give time for replanting when needed,
and at the same time to imure an
early crop.
The preparation of land for water
melons is simple. Usually new ground
is secured, or, if land, it should
not have grown watermelons in the
past five or six years. Plow new laud
four to five inches deep put it in a
good state of cultivation. This plow
ing shou’d be done early so that the
capillary action of the water in the
soil will be active when the seed is
placed in the ground.
If the ground is not p owet until
a few days before planting the upper
surface will be dry and this will make
it. difficult to get a good stand of
plants. When the ground is plowed,
harrowed and a good seedbed made,
thn checks should then be laid out
either SxlO or 10x10 (feet); then,
about ten days before planting, apply
400 to 600 pounds fertilizer to the
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We carry all*the leading and standard varieties of seeff that have been
tested and known to be adapted to our soil and climate. SEED OATS, RYE
The planting season is near at hand. Our information service Is free,
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acre, freshening the soil before put
ting in the fertilizer. By doing this
the fertilizer will be well incorpo
rated with the soil, and there will be
no danger of injury to the seeds
from the caustic action of the fer
It is usually advisable to plant
again two or three times, with about
a week intervening between plantings.
After the seeds are planted no culti
vation is advisable until the danger
of frost is over. Those who cultivate
before this time always take a risk
on the crops being injured more se
verely should frost occur, —Agricul-
tural News Service.
** * .
A good habit is to have a covered
kettle into which scraps of fat can be
dropped to be dried out twice a week.
Strain and boil with a few slices of
Irish potatoes to remove flavors or
•* • *
No farm is modem or progressive,
however find the cattle or machinery
if the farm house has not running
water and other conveniences.
■* * •
Do not urge guests to eat more
than they want; it is rude. Do not
load the table; it is not healthful.
•* * *
Dannie Monroe of Jefferson county
has accomplished something that
should open the eyes of every boy
and most of the men in Florida. W’hat
is it? He took a 67-pound purebred
Curoc pig and in 145 days made him
grow so fast and big the judges at the
fair in Jacksonville had to say he tfas
the best shown. By having the best,
he won S3O and a trip to Chicago, the
trip being paid for by Armour & Cos.
•* • •
The Wauchula truckers are reaping
s?? t 5.. "v v' y ■
another rich harvest. From 700 to
900 crates of vegetables are leaving
there daily an<f the growers find
ready sale for them at the shipping
platform at attractive prices. Egg
plants are bringing $3.25 to $3.50;
peppers, $3.00; beans, $2.50 to $3.00;
cucumbers, $3.75; okra, $3.00, and
squash, $1.75.' It is believed that
prices will now rapidly increase.—
Plant City Courier.
•• * *
Florida Ranges Producing Better
Grade of Cattle
Asa result of a study of beef cattle
production on the ranges of Florida, it
was found by the United States De
partment of Agriculture that in Palm
Beach county approximately
acres appear to be required to carry
an animal through the year. It also
was iaerned that a calf crop of 50 to
60 per cent may be expected annually:
rapid improvement of the native stock
can be made by the use of purebred j
bulls; the mortality is no higher on
these ranges than on the western
ranges; the use of nitrogenous con
centrates in connection with winter
grazing offers the most practicable
solution of the winter-feeding prob
lem; utilization of the native grasses
with the object of gradually improv
ing the pastures may be considered
one of the chief problems.
It appears that the ranges can best
be utilized in units of considerable
size; 10,000 acres has been taken as a
convenient unit on which to base esti
mates. There is great need for furth
er investigational work on range prob
lems in connection with large opera
tions, not only in Florida, but in the
entire Coastal Plain area, the specia
lists say.
•* • *
Cane Syrup Improved by the Use of
Earth Filter
Infusorial earth applied to the man
ufacture of cane syrup produces a
clearer, milder, and more palatable
product than is usually obtained by
sulphur clarification or by skimming.
The Bureau of Chemistry, United
States Department of Agriculture, has
been experimenting with the new
process, and their report recently
published in Bulletin 921. seems to in
dicate that the day of the dark, mud
dy, unattractive cane syrup has nearly
passed. The use of milk of lime and
sulphur fumes to separate the impuri
ties from cane juice is difficult to con
trol properly and not entirely satis
factory. Too much lime makes t|ie
syrup very dark in color and too much
sulphur dioxide gives it a metallic
taste, which makes it generally un
Skimming, which is another method
used for clarifying syrup, usually pro
duces a palatable product, but one
that is apt to be discolored by sedi
ment and difficult to standardize.
The new process consists in heating
the juice as it comes trom the mill to
the boiling temperature. At this stage
a small amount of infusorial earth—
about 12 pounds to 200 gallons of
juice — is added, and after mixing thor
oughly the juice is pumped through
j a filter press. The resulting filtrate
lies bright and clear and ready for im
j mediate evaporation to syrup. No
; further skimming or other treatment
iis necessary. The color will depend
upon the care taken to prevent scorch
ing during the evaporation and the
i flavor of the syrup will be the natural
j caue flavor. The material added is
an inert, tasteless substance which
| has no action other than to remove
; impurities from the juice.
The process can not be conducted
I properly by the farmer who produces
i only a small amount of syrup by skim
jir.ing and evaporating, but it does
I lra 4 itself to small steam factories
j ®hd to the larger syrup factories of a
j capacity ranging from a few hundred
to many thousand gallons a day. The
i earth filtration process in a syrup fac
tory handling 50 tons of cane a day
ill add about 32 cents per ton of
cane ground to the cost of manufac
ture. However, in a plant of this ca
pacity employing the skimming pro
cess, the daily loss is figured to be
from 25 to 50 gallons of syrup. When
using the ne\v method, this loss can
be reduced to 3 gallons of syrup. At
an average price of $1 a gallon this
means a saving of about $22 a day.
Another advantage gained by the
use of the earth and a filter press is
J n the saving of time effected. The
juice as it comes from the filter press
is clean and bright and can be evapor
ated as rapirdly as possible to finish
ed syrup. .
Flooring $35.00
Ceiling $25.00
Sidln S- $25.00
Dressed $40.00
La* l * $ 7.00
Shingles $ 7 00
Shipped in complete house bills,
freight prepaid, all standard grades in
stock at very low prices.
Box 398 Perry, Fla.
To a cold take 566. 11-26-13 t
Florida's citrus fruit prices
are governed by speculative
railing, to overcome which
Handicap is the mission of ■ : i
the Florida Citrus Exchange
‘ . t
Membership in the Florida Citrus Exchange requires
oa!y tiie ability tr co-operate. No initiation fees,
no membership dues, For information, consult the /? fRBJC/R.
manager of nearest asscriation or sub-exchange, or • 6 ■%
vmte teethe busiccM naaaaggr at Tatapa.
The Board of Public Instruction in
and for Marion County met this the
4th day of January, 1921. in regular
session with W. T. Gary, chairman, C.
R. Veal and A. J. Stephens present.
Minutes of last meeting read and
On account of crowded condition
of the Ocala Primary school another
teacher was granted for first grade.
Complaint was made that party
conveying children from Marshville to
Burbank were getting them to school
too late. The Superintendent was in
structed to write Mr. Luther Marsh
and. state that children must be got
ten to school on time.
Frank Abate was allowed $30.00 per
month to convey pupils into Ocala.
Plan of F. G. report sheet,
referred to Superintendent.
At this period the incoming Super
intendent. H. G. Shealy took the
place of Supt. W. D. Carn. The new r
Board was organized with W. T. Gary,
Mr. C. M. Carn of Reddick recom
mended /that School Board buy lot of
two acres facing Dixie Highway, in
Reddick, from Peter Brown at SSO per
acre, on which to build negro school
building in place of the 0116 destroyed
by fire. Also that the old lot of on
half acre be sold for one good well,
cemented all the way, completed on
new lot. Chairman and Secretary au
thorized to issue warrant to Peter
Brown in payment of said lot when
applied with written endorsement
from Trustees of Reddick District
and abstract.
Motion of A. J. Stephens seconded
by C. R. Veal that sloo.oo} per month
be allowed fox: office help for next six
months ending with July, 1921.
Complaint of two Trustees at Sparr
that absentees from school be looked
C. C. Higginbotham, appointed at
tendance officer of said district.
Request of Mack, HaHaffey, colored
for increase in salary at Citra refus
All sundry bills and teachers re
ports examined and ordered paid.
Foard to meet Wednes
daf morning at nine o'clock.
Wednesday morning all members
A resolution of thanks and appreci
ation offered by Mr. Stephens was ac
cepted by Board to Mr. W. D. Carn
for his able administration as Super
intendent during last year.
Mr. Ross of Gaiter called in behalf
of Pine School, stating that they only
had eight pupils. It was agreed that
j Fine Level school be discontinued.
| that Miss Nora Colson be employed
as teacher for Heidtsville. Mr. Ross
agrees to convey pupils from Pine
Level to Heidtsville for fifty dollars
per month.
Resignation of M, J. Timmons as
Trustee at Citra accepted by Board.
Petition for the consolidation or
Ebenezer and Paisley school districts
into one and one school be maintain
ed. Petition deferred until next
Motion that extra session be held
January 15th to pass on bills and re
ports carried.
Bank statements checked and found
No further business Board adjourn
ed to meet January 15, 1921.
H. G. SHEALY, Secretary.
U. S. Go/ernment Warns Farmers
About Disease Caused by Rats
They carry Bubonic plague, fatal to
human beings. They carry foot and
mouth disease, which is fatal to stock.
They kill chickens, eat grain, cause
destruction to property. If you have
rats RAT-SNAP will kill them. Cre
mates rats after killing them—leaves
no smell. Comes in cakes, ready for
use. Three sizes, 25c. 65c, $1.25. Sold
and guaranteed by the Court Phar
macy. adv.
Of Interest to You---
An important business transaction has just been concluded that
will interest you because it concerns every farmer in this locality.
It is this: From now on
We Will Handle the Full
International Line
Harvesting Machines, Hay and Corn
Machines, Tillage Implements, Plows,
Seeding Machines, Kerosene Tractors,
Threshers, Motor Trucks. Kerosene
/ Engines, Cream Separators, Manure
Spreaders, Farm Wagons, Feed Grind
ers, Binder Twine.
The above listing covers all machines and implements represent
ed by the service-renowned, time-honored trade-names: McCor
mick, Deering, International, P. & 0., and Chattanooga.
What Does This Means to You
Asa Farmer?
It means, first of all. that you
can buy farm operating equip
ment of - service-proved quality
and efficiency for every farm
purpose from one concern —us.
It means that you won’t be tak
ing chances on experiments or
implements that might be “or
phaned” one or two years after
you buy them on account of the
manufacturer going out of busi
ness, because the Harvester
Company is too well established
for its permanency even to be
Tack this advertisement up in your
machine shed as a reminder when in
need of International repairs or ma
Clarkson Hardware Cos.
When You’re Nervous 'ijjyß 1
Whatever the cause—overwork, JF * j
worry, grief, loss of sleep, ex- I’A'leil'
citement, business troubles, £\L, |§Oj
stimulants, narcotics there 1 * 9
one medicine that will help y :
Dr. Miles’ Nervine
t Dr. Miles’ Guaranteed Medicines* 1
has relieved thousands of cases . ...
, , , . ... . . i Dr. Mnes Nervine
of headache, dizziness, irnta- Dr Miles’ Heart Treatment
bility, sleeplessness, hysteria, Dr Miles’ Tonic
epilepsy. .Buy a bottle ofyour J: r ’ Y'L• W! Y
druggist and start on the road Dr . Mi ,„. Laxative Tablttt
to better health tod y. Dr. Miles’ Tonic
Ycull Find Dr. Miles’ Medicines at your Drug Store. |
If you want good melon seed saved from selected melons I can supflA
you for SI.OO per pound. If ycu want the best melon seed, from tbe fiudl
melons that set on the vines I have them for $1.50 per pound.
KilltThat Cold With
c.u.~...k. %s&> u
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Tak* no chances. Keep this standard remedy handy for the first nnmt
V Breaks up a cold in 24 hoars Relieves
• Grippe in 3 days—Excellent for Headache *
*• w - * >—
* • • 1
It means, also, that you don’t
have to go to the bother' and
expanse of trying to get repair
service from half a dozen or
more different companies. And
you won’t be taking chances on
expensive delays waitipg for re
pairs during your busy season,
because we are going to carry
a big stock of repairs on hand,
and any extras that we might
not have in stock at any time
can be secured in a hurry by a
’phone call to the International
Harvester branch house.

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