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Some time ago this paper stateh
that the Tarpon Springs Leader, one
of our weekly exchanges, was edited
with consummate ability, so just to
give an idea of the force and strength
of the editorials appearing from time
to time in this excellent publication,
we reproduce from it the following
which we think will do well for Sun
day reading:
3n men whom men condemn as lii,
I find so much of goodness still;
In men whom men pronounce divine,
J find so much of sin and blot,
I hesitate to draw the line
Between the two, when God has not.
—Joaquin Miller.
"Did you ever stop to think how
ready men are to judge other men?
Did you ever notice how ready that
portion of the same race which be
lieves one thing is to condemn that
portion of the same race which be
lieves something different? Was your
heart ever saddened by the attitude
of aloofness and superiority of one of
those “holier than thou” individuals
who believe himself the incarnation
of righteousness and who goes about
congratulating himself because of
this, while at the same time sorrow-
I seldom fail to
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Wouldn’t You?
If I should sit up late at night
Beneath the candle’s gleam,
If I should work with all my might
A-doping out a scheme,
A plan to make by business grow,
A thought so crisp and new
I wanted all the town to know,
I’d print it—wouldn’t you?
And if I wanted folks to read
My pamphlet, card or book,
If I expected them to heed
And give a second look,
I wouldn’t let the matter rest
With “something-that-will-do”
In other words I’d want the BEST
IN PRlNTlNG—wouldn’t you?
—The Business Printer.
ing over what is going to happen to
the great majority of the balance of
humanity? Did you ever read the
passage in Scripture which says,
"Judge not, that ye be not judged”?
"By what right, in the face of the
admonition “judge not,” can any
claim, or even feel in his own
heart, that any other man is going
to meet with the condemnation of his
Maker on that great day of judg
ment? When he classifies humans,
picking out certain ones whom he
believes pleasing in the sight of God,
and others whom he believes not to
be so, isn’t he himself violating the
injunctions of Holy Writ?
“And still, this is a thing we see be
ing done every day. And the sad part
of it is that in far too many cases
it is those who claim to have a thor
ough knowledge and understanding of
Christian teachings, and who profess
to be followers of those same teach
ings and who hold themselves ready
to tell the rest of the world where
the dividing line between good and
evil lies, who do this judging.
"Judge not, that ye be not judged.”
, “Is not this a part of Christian
"We would not condemn those who
seem to have forgotten this command.
We know not what is in their hearts,
any more than they know what is in
our heart. But we do regret the fact
that this part of the Christian teach
ing is so frequently ignored, and that
by its failure to incorporate itself
into the thoughts and acts of those
endeavoring to follow in the paths
of righteousness, the cause itself is
“How wrongly men are sometimes
judged in our courts in matters* of
civil concern, where every known
means is employed to bring out all
the evidence in the case. How much
more difficult, then, to know what is
in a man’s heart and conscience and
so judge him accordingly in respect
to the relationship existing between
him and his Creator! And even were
it possible to know the innermost se
crets of other men’s souls, how can
any man dare assume sufficient wis
dom to permit of his pasing judg
ment as to whether or not a particu
lar soul is pleasing to its Maker?
“Much of the unhappiness and sor-
row of the world would be eliminated
and the struggle of life made easier
if we could bring ourselves up out of
the narriw groove of our own thought
into the broad light of tolerance and
respect for other people’s opinions,
knowing that in doing so we are but
following one of the most vital com
mands ever given man, “Judge not,
that ye be not judged.”
Marion Camp No. 56 J. C. V. met
February 7th, 1922. The commander
being absent, Col. F. E. Harris was
requested to take the chair.
Prayer by treasurer B. H. Norris.
The following comrads answered to
roll call. Alfred Ayer, J. L. Beck,
James Duffy, M. P. Frink, W. J. Folks
F. E. Harris, B. H. Norris, Geo. Pasteur
C. C. Priest, Geo. Smith, H. R. Shaw.
Minutes of the las meeting read and
Col. Harris received a communica
tion from Gen. Frink, commander of
the first Brigade, suggesting that each
member of every camg pay fifty cents
more to the state and national com
mands as the present dues were not
enough to keep up the organization.
Marion Camp passed resolutions
saying that it was willing to pay the
additional fifty cents if it had any
assurance that other camps would do
the same; that it is a matter that
should have been taken up at our last
state re-union.
Eor the Construction of School House
at Anthony, By the Ho.-trd of Pub
lic Instruction. Marion
County, Florida
Notice is hereby given that the
Board of Public Instruction in and for
Marion County, Florida, will receive
bids for the construction of a school
building at Anthony, Florida, on
Tuesday, March 14, .1922,
at their office in the Marion County
Court House in Ocala, Florida, accord
ing to plans and specifications to be
secured from E. C. Hosford, architect,
Lakeland, Florida, or said plans and
specifications may be seen in the office
of the superintendent of public in
struction, Ocala. Florida. Bidders
should send twenty-five dollars to the
architect as a guarantee of the return
of the plans and specifications.
All bidders must deposit a certified
check for 2 per cent, of their bid with
the said board as a guarantee of their
good faith.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
Done by order of the Board of Pub
lic Instruction in regular session Feb
ruary 7, 1922.
Board of Public Instruction Marion
County, Florida.
Chairman Board of Public Instruction,
Marion County, Florida.
Secretary of Board of Public Instruc
tion, Marion County. Florida.
2 10 st.
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In Paris Style
Ac Cleo, the Parisian Midinette,
Who Became a Dancing Star
in “Peacock Alley."
thk *jcala banner
The following poem was read by
Mrs. A. A. Winer before a recent meet
ing of the Daughters of the Confeder
When memory opens wide her books,
Revealing the pages of yesterday.
No name with brighter lustre shines
Than that of Robert Lee.
Robert Edward Lee.
In memory’s temple high.
Through brave nad noble deeds you’re
Whree your name shall neer die;
For you gave the best you had to give,
You claimed no honors when
You led the way to freedom’s cause
And upheld your drooping men.
You never faltered, neer lagged.
And never was known to fear.
Your ready hand was firm as steel
When war cries filled the air;
And in the tragic sceneg at Appomat
When the flag we love was furled.
Records give no firmer stand
In the history of a world.
“Marse Robert” is asleep—yes—
But as lives the soul of Joan of Arc in
So in the southland lives the soul of
As the months and the years advance.
Not dead! Ah, no! Lee cannot die,
But ever lives to prove
That all he did was just to show
His great and mighty love
For mankind in their fight for right.
To prove himself a friend
Who made no compromise with shame
But was faithful to the end.
War weary? Oh! we know you were,
And yet you knew the power
Of Gods great eternal love
Would keep the trying hour;
And you would yet find recompense
For all you’d lost in war.
And find that only duty done
Could place you where you are.
Full well you chose the better part
And though wrought in bitter tears.
The deeds you did will live on earth
Beyond the reach of years
And ever go on and on
Even unto the perfect day,
Until you hear the welcome words:
Youve won the right to stay.
Oh, Richmond, guard well the sacred
Of him whose anniversary we keep
In lasting reverance and love,
i. ntil we, too, shall fall asleep;
So in memorys bright and lasting vase
w e place a floweret rare.
Proclaim him still our beloved chief
And breathe for him a praver.
Miami, Florida.
Master James Hampton celebrated
his birthday on Wednesday afternoon
at the home of his parents on Okla
waha avenue. He invited about forty
of his playmates for the occasion and
the afternoon was pleasantly spent by
playing all kinds of games.
■ Mrs. L. M. Murray, accompanied
by her brother and sister-in-law are
spending this week on a delightful mo
tor trip down the East Coast.
The O. K. Teapot Grocery is cer
tainly “Johnny on the Job.” The Tea
pot rocery has been serving the peo
ple of Ocala and surrounding country
for over thirty years. During this
time this store has kept abreast of
the itmes, has kept an assortment of
goods that would do justice to any
Cash and Carry Self-Serve
We are glad to announce that on Saturday the 18th
we will open to the public a
Cash and Carry Self-Serve
department in connection with our present store. You
will save money, Come to see us.
0. K. Teapot Grocery
i Auspices of International Bibles Students Association
Do you want to buy good honest merchan
dise all this season’s goods at half the new
price. If so go to
He is offering this week and until March lat
all his fall and winter ready-to-wear goods
positively at half price. The stock consist of
SWEATERS and DRESSES, Children’s
CLOAKS and SWEATERS, Boys’ and
Men’s SWEATERS .and Men’s and Boys’
This is a great sacrifice sale of honest up-to
date winter merchandise, but the goods must
go. We are also offering great reductions
in ladies’ high top lace shoes.
Helvenston ’s
city, and served its customers well.
This store now announces that it will
open a Self-Serve department in con
nection with the present store. Con
ditions are changing and no doubt the
proprietor feels that it is up to the O.
K. Teapot to fall in line with the pro
cession. The entrance to the Self-
Serve department will be at the cor
ner. We wish them well in this un
Biggest small tractor ana smallest bit
tractor on the market today. Does the
work ot one horse quicker, cheaper and
better; just the thing to work your crop*
or orange grove. It operates at half tie
cost of maintaining a horse. Send for
literature or come and see it work at
J. S. Reitz’s, local agent, Weirsdale, Fta.
1- 28 lyr
Dr. F. E. McClane now located in
Commercial Bank Building. Ofßct
phone No. 113—Residence phone No
161 .——9—l d-'-tf.

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