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miflAT. PKTEMBKR m 2
Short Items of U tl Information
TM F*nn*y vauia Railroad serves 1
•ppronmiivly 11.9U0 meals daily in :
its dining cart.
• *
When a locomotive rounds a curve
the r ill suffers from the pressure of
to,son pounds a square inch.
e e •
A Saint Andrews Roller canary
trained to sing and stop on command
has b#*>n to Mrs Harding.
• • •
Mt Kverext c inibers find that an
•xhauxte I man does not recover his
Htrength quit klv in descending the
Himalayan mountains as is the case!
in the Alps, which are much lower.
a a s
A pair of trousers, said to have
be*n the property of the American j
hero sailor. Captain John Paul Jones,
•old at auttiou in London recently
for S9O
• • •
Abundant fruit crops in Holland {
failed to benefit the growers, as Ger-;
many is not able to buy and Britain
is well supplied. Consequently the
fruit is selling at extremely low
• • •
Anthracite in sealed box cars i3 be
tog shipped to western cities. This is
necessary to assure full shipments
reaching destinations, as otherwise
the cars may arrive with about one
half the original shipment, after go
"" " - 1 . L
A “RUN DOWN” feeling is a dan
ger signal. If you neglect it, '
you are leaving the door wide
open to dangerous diseases.
Build yourself up to health and
Strength with Gude s Pepto-Mangan.
it will purify and enrich your blood,
toot up your nervous system, and help
you eat well, sleep well and feel well.
Gude's Pepto-Mangan is a time-tried
tonic, recommended by physicians for
over 30 years. At your druggist—
liquid or tablets, as you prefer.
Tonic and Blood Enricher
We want a reliable man
to represent us in the
sale of Monuments and
Headstones in Ocala and
surrounding section.
Pleasant and profitable
work. Write at once for
Ball Ground, Ga.
—1222-4 t.
f —— 1 %
<Stop it nou’f
Only too often is that annoying
Uttle cough the warning of ill
nosatococne. Check its develop
ment with Dr. King’s. Grateful
relief forscratchy, irritated throat M |
anti inflamed tissues quickly fol- [I I
lows. Feel the congestion dis- II
appear and your cold vanish, II
At all druggists. I
syrup for coughs & colds p
E sailing Tile, •
Kitchen Sinks,
Quickly removes
takes everything look
ee that the name
on every package.
r#rk as. a.
through communities where coal
is arce.
• •
rive safely. A, fatal accident oc
c sd here.” A number of signs
b ng that inscription have been
P< id on a Massachusetts highway
n Boston, at points where persons
lu been killed by automobiles.
e e •
je followers of Emiliano Zapata,
rebel leader of Mexico, are
to* given a tract of land in the
st| of Morelos by hte federal gov
eifent. One of Zapata’s aids will
j he| the colony, in which 150 former
Zitaists and their families will
* •
lothy Healy, the governor-gen
er )f the Irish Free State, is the
fir untitled person to be chosen as
th ing’s representative ia any Brit
isl omain. The governor-general’s
ai< vill be officers of the Irish army
i ini id of officers holding commis
si! from the king, according to re
ee dispatches.
* * •
:tra girls,” from middle west
fai , factory towns in New' England
an he plantations of the Mississippi
Vi y are thronging the streets of
H< wood, waiting for an opportu
ne to break into the films. Many
ar acing heart-breaking social and
fit dal with but little
ho for the future.
airplane photograph showing
33 quare miles on films 100 feet
lo: was recently taken by the Bu
re of Mines. It required 450 mo
sa and 16 hours of flying to do the
j jol Some of the richest oil-bearing
re res on the public iands are in
ch l 1 in the area pictured. These
in ied the Salt Creek and Teapot
oil ids in Washington.
n m m
, Vest Indian hurricane was re- j
c€ r followed for two weeks over j
a ance of more than 5000 miles by ;
m s of reports made to the Weath
er ureau. Tile storm originated
sc where betwreen West Africa and
ItiiVindward Islands, and traveled
[to Joint about midway bttween Por
jtc co and Bermuda. It then swung
ni. and east, finally breaking up
. oi ie west coast of Europe.
* *
j reral thousand birds alighted on
tl leeks of the Cunard liner, Scy
tl when the vessel was about 400
a i out of New York on her voy
ato Liverpool. Among them were
w canaries, redbreasts, thrushes,
s -pipers and Juncos It i3 pre
l s>d that they had been blown to
k | J during migration from North to j
I < h and Central America. A num-
l were still flying about the ves
l i\ deck on her arrival at Liver-!
I •
! jh entire point of land 30 feet
■ i and four acres in area disap
fed into the upper Big Eauclaire
Ije on a chain of four lakes locat
fl.B miles east of Gordon, Wiseon-
I Geologists surveying the spot
lid that the entire point from the
ling shore line to the 30-foot em
jkmentk had dropped into the lake,
ling a precipice 30 feet high,
les 30 feet high are barely visible
jve the waters of the lake
Jrltish antiquaries are rejoicing
ir the finding of an ancient Egyp
*i palace in thee “Valley of th
figs” on the site of ancient Thebes,
Ir Luxor. The gem-studded throne
ITutenkhamun, one of the heretic
Jgs of the Eighteenth Dynasty, was
Ind directly below the tomb of Ra
ises VI. This throne is described
I one of the most beautiful art ob
its ever found. Furniture, robes
j House Furnishings,
Funeral Directors
'■drrttklks Parlor 117 S. Magnolia
and statues were also found, as well
as important papyri w'hich are expect
ed to clear up many important points
relating to conditions as they existed
there about 1350 B. C.
Rub Rheumatic Pain,
Soreness, Stiffness
Rub Pain right out with small j|
trial bottle of old
“St. Jacobs OH.”
What’s Rheumatism? Pain only.
Stop drugging! Not one case in
fifty requires internal treatment. Rub
soothing, penetrating “St. Jacobs Oil”
directly upon the “tender spot” and
relief comes instantly. 'St. Jacobs Oil”
is a harmless rheumatism and sciatica
liniment, which never disappoints and
cannot burn the skin.
* Limber up! Quit complaining! Get
a small trial bottle from your drug
gist, and in just a moment you’ll be
free from rheumatic and sciatic pain,
soreness, stiffness and swelling. Don't
suffer! Relief awaits you. Old, honest
“St. Jacobs Oil” has relieved millions of
rheumatism sufferers in the last half
century, and is just as good for sci
atica, neuralgia, lumbago, backache,
sprains and swellings.
Every month shows an increase in
the number of Florida people wrho are
becoming steady readers of The Tam
pa Morning Tribune. People who
have been reading The Tribune for
the past twenty eight years say there
is something about the paper that
“takes” and “holds,” and that it soon
becomes just as essential as their
meals. These same people say they
can depend on every scrap of news
of any interest anywhere showing up
FIRST in The Tribune- Our corps
of Florida correspondents and the
full night and day service of the As
sociated Press takes care of that-
The Tribune is by far the most wide
ly read newspaper in South Florida
and is the representative paper of
the state. Daily and Sunday rates:
Yearly SB.OO, 6 months $4.00, 3 months
$2.00,* 1 month 75c. Daily only rates
yearly $6.00, 6 months $3.00, 3 months
$1.50, 1 month , 60c.—12-22-St.
j The annual meeting of the stock
i holders of the Commercial Bank of
Ocaia will be held at the office of
said bank in Ocala. Florida, on the
ninth day of January, 1923, at three
o’clock p. m., for the purpose of elect
ing a board of directors for the en
suing year and transacting such busi
ness as may regularly come before
,?aid meeting. December 20th, 1922.
Vice Pres, and Cashier. —12-22-3 t.
IN 1922 and 1923
Practically a Daily at the Price of a
Weekly. ..No other Newspaper in the
world gives so much at so low a price.
The whole world is being made over
and the United States is taking the
lead in the work. This year, particu
larly, history will be made, and every
Americr n citizen will be deeply inter
ested. No other newspaper is better
equipped to give the new's of the w’orld
at the time it is news than The New
York World.
The Thrice-a-Week edition of The
World is the greatest example of com
prehensive journalism in America. It
will keep you as thoroughly informed
as a daily, which would cost five or
six times as much. It is a unique
newspaper, published three times a
week, for $1 a year. This is the regu
lar subscription price and it pays for
156 newspapers.
We offer this unequalled newspaper
and The Ocala Banner together tor
one year for $2.25.
If Adam could come back to life
he would find 1,700.000,000 of his de
scendants living, latest world census.
That would surprise the old gentle
man. but not as much a3 that no two
of these descendants are exactly
alike —in looks, mentality or person
ality.—Jasper News.
There made have been a mixture of
races at the time of the confusion of
tongues in the building of the tower
of Babel.

Proliib. Agent: “Is there any iquor
/being manufactured illicitly around
Old Native: “I dunno exactly how
it’s bein' manufactured, but it sure
“It was the schooner Hesperus
That sailed the w'intry sea.”
She was a modern Hesperus
And her cargo wasn’t tea.
The skipper stood beside the helm;
His heart was in his throat.
For he was only Three Miles out
And the Dry Fleet was afloat.
Then up and spake an old sea dog,
He’d made the trip before:
“Better tack and run away
From that dry and arid shore!”
Too late the skipper changed his
The Drys w'ere close abeam,
•So overboard his cargo went,
And the cargo wasn’t cream.
There on the ocean's bed it lies
Where salt tides ebb and flow,
And Davy Jones keeps New Year’s
’Neath the Line of Smugglers Woe!
—N. H. in Brooklyn
-666 cures Bilious Fever.—-6-2-tf.
The inauguration of Oklahoma’s
new governor promises to break all
dinner records either of ancient or
modern times.
A special from Oklahoma City says
that a call for enough provender to
serve 200.000 persons two days hhs
gone out over Oklahoma.
Governor-elect J. C. Walton, Dem
ocrat. has invited the world at large
to his inaugural party, January 10
and 11, at the state fair grounds here.
He said he expects his guests to
come by ox, trains, airplanes, motor
cars, special railroad trains, riding
the rods and the cushions, afoot,
horseback, and by all available other
methods of travel.
He wil! serve them barbecue- and
give a square dance —on the com
pletely floored-in circle of a half-mile
race track.
Here is a tentative list of supplies
for the barbecue, prepared by Lack
ey. Five hundred beef cattle, two
hundred hogs; two hundred sheep;
five thousand chickens; one thousand
turkeys; three thousand rabbits; one
thousand squirrels; two hundred
opossums; five hundred ducks and
geese; ten buffalo; ten bears; ten
deer; ten antelope; five tons of cof
fee; five tons of salt; five tons of
sugar; one thousand pounds of pep
per; two hundred and fifty bushels of
onions; one hundred thousand loaves
of bread; one hundred thousand buns,
fifteen carloads of fire w'ood and three
carloads of. pine-knots for kindling.
Here might be included also, as
listed by Lackey, three thousand per
sons to serve the multitude, and five
hundred expert butchers, slicers and
The new governor is to take his
office on a stand erected in the race
track paddock. The two houses of
the state legislature will convene in
joint session on the stand, and swear
into office the chief justice of the
supreme court who will then admin
ister the oath to the chief executive.
This is to take place on - January 9.
The two-day celebration will follow'.
He will ride a $5,000 saddle horse,
seated on a SIO,OOO saddle, in a pa
rade which will start the festivities.
The horse has been promised, ac
cording to Lackey, by Col. Zach Mul
hall, of Mulhall, Okla., and the dia
mond and ruby studded gold-mounted
saddle by Col. George Miller of the
101 Ranch. Both are members of the
central barbecue committee, as is al
so Pawnee Bill, showman and ranch
Word has gone to democratic head
quarters in every county of the state
to enlist all the old fashioned fiddlers
who know' how to play “Turkey in
| the Straw.” Other old-timers who spe
cialized in calling the figures for
dances are being sought.
Adjutant General C. F. Barrett has
promised that units of the Oklahoma
national guard will police the gather
ing. From national guard and regu
lar army sources in the state, accord
ing to Lackey, it is expected that
enough tents can be gathered to shel
ter the visitors.
Among the specially invited guests
of the new governor at his inaugural
party will be about 1.000 Indians, rep
resenting all the tribes living in Okla
homa. Several tribes have promised
to stage dances.
Governor-elect Walton was the no
minee of the Democratic party. In
his state-wide campaign he promised
that if he were chosen for the office
of chief executive his inaugural ball
would be no “pink tea party,” for the
“four hundred,” but would be a real
old-fashioned outdoor celebration for
anyone who cared to be present. The
barbecue will carry out his campaign
Walton’s barbecue, however, will
not be the first inaugural celebration
of its kind in Oklahoma- C. H. Has,
who in 1907, took the oath of office
three hours after the president had
signed the state-hood bill, gave such
a celebration at Guthrie, the former
state capital.
The Supreme Court has recently
ruled that all real estate not returned
for assessment by the owners must
be assessed as unknown. The Tax
Assessor’s office is now open and will
be during the entire tax paying period,
therefore I appeal to the citizens and
tax payers to list their property with
me for 1923 assessment, when they
pay 1922 taxes... If this is not practi
cable be sure and either see me on
my rounds in January or write me.
Yours for best possible service.
W. L. COLBERT, Tax Assessor.
Chamberlain’s Tab:ers Have Done
Her a World of Good
“Chamberlain’s Tablets have done
L. Button, Kirkville, N. Y. “I hare
recommended them to a number of
my friends and all who have used
them praise them highly.” When
troubled with indigestion or consti
pation, give them a tral and realize
for yourself what an excellent medi
cine it is.
Rub-My-Tism, an anticeptrc.—6-2-ti.
Temple Theater
and Kemper p*
” vjHSP* m^r
By Miiy Roberts Rinehart and Avery J
2 \ears in NewYork Seen by 5. 000.000 nersmu
1 Year in London Played to SI,OOQ, 000
1 Year in Chicago - Praised by Every Critic
Presented here exactly the same as in
Prices: sl.lO, $1.65, $2.20, Box $2.75
Tax Included
li IQ
fw&i jj
Driving Comfort in Winter
The Buick “Model 43" Six Cylinder ‘1196
As complete aa hat been the development of the T--‘rnr* mt.
Buick designer* have not neglected to Iniprev the open type of em.
building into it • measure of comfort, convenience and weather
protection aurpeased only by the more expensive clened vehicle.
Protection against wind and snow is sssnrcd by the sneg-dtttnf
storm curtains that open with the doors. The Bakk 4ef and
storm curtains with a special weather atrip presides a conaoaa.
comparable to that of any dosed car. while windshield artper end
tight fitting windshield, adjustable from within, make driving
safe and comfortable.
Added to this, and equally important la winter driving, ia the
splendid performance that a Buick car always predates - ho
constant and surplus power—its roadability and perfect balance .
aad its unquestioned dependability.
Por cold weather driving there ia no superior to the Buick open jam
V he Buick Line for 1923 Comprises Fourteen Models: ' *
Pouro—23-34, $865; 23-35, sß*s; 13-36. $1175; 83 37. 8IMS;
23-38.3-325. Sixet—23-44, $1 ITS; 23 45.31145 1J 41 sttl
23-47. $1985; 23 48.31895: 23-49. S!4JS. 23 59. $2195 ilt*
$1625; 23-55. $1675. Pricer f. o. b. Buick factort*. Ark .bout tki
Q. M. A. C. Purchase Plan, which provide* for Deferred Pay <*<-•*.
*. , u-tsmsm
When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick will
Build Them
Two Blocks East on OCklawaha Avenue
Wilbur Counts, Prop.
Cleaning , Pressing
and Dyeing
Hats Blocked and Cleaned
Work intrusted to us will
at all times receive our |>er
sonal attention
216 S. Main St. Phone 605

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