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fftllUY, DECEMBER 29, 1921
Residence Phone No. 475
Office Rhone No.l
Isn't It a wonderful thing that
grown up* real y are but children at
heart ' And is there anything that
draws out th-ir childish spirit more
thsß Christmas?
Christmas day this year In Ocala
was absolutely perfect ns to ‘the
weather, and a* far as we have been
able t.. m Nlsia it wan a beautiful
aad bb**‘*d day In almost every home
throughout the city and the county.
There were many guests, college!
bi)r* sad girls at home, family |
tn- -tn .s tf i, public rtces nad j
Christina* parties, a I combining to I
mak the Christmas season a raeru* j
orable and happy one.
Mr and Mrs- R. T. Blrdsey and j
•hildten are th > guess of Mrs. Bird
sey’s mother and aunt. Mrs. Ford
and Miss Htotesbury.
Mrs. Carmack and daughter of At
lanta are the guests of Mrs. Car
mnrk's sister. Mrs. Harry Borland.
Hi aad Mm. R. L Scott and two
little daughters. Kathleen and Alice.
f Birmingham, are the guests of Dr
firott's parents, and will remain dur
ing January •
Mrs. Fred Newbern and her three
touagest sons are down from Jack
■ogvllle spending the holidays with
bur parent*. Hr and .Mrs. C. Y. Mil
Mr and Mrs. Walker of Barnwell,
** C, ate the guests of their daugh
ter. Mrs L P. Wilson.
Mr aad Mrs- Frink and baby aad
Mi* Frances Mclver are the guests
o f Mr. U. Iv Mclver.
Mr and Mrs. John Freer have as
their gitfx** their brother end sister,
Mr bed Mrs Minter, and their daugh
ter. Martha, of Cossack. Ga.
Mr Asher Frank of Tampa wa3
the gue*t of his sister. Mrs. Max Is
dr nod Mrs Ale* Woods and baby
of Tetrpa and Mr. and .Mrs- Charles j
Woods of Oriando were the gues*s of j
their parents for Christmas. ,!
Mtws Chita Kendrick of Anthony
was the guest of her aunt. Mrs. Fj|
A. How*#, for Christmas day
Mr W V Ifewsom of Jacksonville
and Mr George Newsom of Orlando
• neat Christmas at home with their !
Myer and another teacher at j
the Cathedral School # at Orlando
spent < irUtntas day in Ocala, guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
Mr aad Mrs Dudley Spain and lit
tle son of Columbus, Ga.. are the
guests of Mrs. Hnstn's parents. Mr.
*nd Mrs. *. R Whaley. They will
eave for their home on New Year’s
after niton
Mr and Mrs. Phillip G. Murphy
>tnm up from j4*tupu and were the
g <**•*4 of friends for Christmas day.
Viihs Olivia Stap es of Roanoke,
Vi. aad Miss Catherine Bivins of
Clearwater are the guests of Miss
Ktobe Henry
Mr Bam Hit kle was down from
j,* ksoavllie to spend Christmas
with bia parents, and Mr. John Batts,
another former Ocalu boy. came up
from Miami for Christmas.
Mr and Mra. O. F. Armstrong and
daughter of Havannah. and Mr. and
Mrs K F Fitch and children of Jack
gonvllle, have spent the Christmas
week with their Ocala relatives. In
their honor Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Camp enteratined at a family Christ
mas dinner Monday, their guests in
■•>' members of the fami’y.
twenty four la number, all of the
members of the raml y being at this
reunion with the exception of Mr
r C t amp's wife and two children,
who are (till In Europe.
Mr and Mrs. J. K. Walker have as
their guests Mr. Walker's mother and
two sisters freni Virginia.
Mr and Mrs. Jtmes Pooser aad
three children of Charleston. S. C..
were Christmas guests of Mr Poos
•Fs mother and brothers In Ocala.
Mr and Mrs. H. Chirk came up
from la* He Weir and spent Christmas
dar with Ihelr daughter. Mrs. E. C.
Vr. and Mrs. E U Rivers and baby
of Tal ahassee are the guests of Mrs.
Rivers' parents, Mr- and Mrs.
"lIT and Mr.. F. Drake hare a.
their .*-... Mr., Drake'. .1,.- Mra.
,r,.h Of N* erray. *“ dher, ’;°
util. .ph.w. Thorn., .nd Eret
""Jr"!,. Mr. Harry and little aon
Jaekaonrllle are the guests 1
Mr*. Ilarry e eleter. Mra. C. C. Be*
"Sr a.d Mra. F. O. ft We.Ue^ad
■ their (Utdt their son.
“‘" ..' family of Deeeburc and
Pfeiffer, of Jacksonville.
Mr and Mre J. O. Perkins had
their guests tor Christmas their
brotaer and sister. Mr. and Mrs. J.
B. Riggs, of Jacksonville.
Dr. James E. Chace ot Jackson
' e spent Christmas with his two
sons. Dr. J. E. Chace and Dr. Henry
Miss Hovermale of Tallahassee is
t e guest of Miss Marguerite Ed
Col. and Mrs. Raiford Simmons
were down from their Georgia home
to spend Christmas with their son
ami daughter. Mr. Paul Simmons and
Mrs. L- E. Futch and their families. 1
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Brown, of
Ohio, are the guests of their daugh
ter. Mrs}, C. L. Collins and will prob
ably remain in the city all winter.
Mr. Pat Oi'len was home from
Gainesville for Christmas day at the
home of his mother. Mrs. Mary Gil
Dr. Thomas C. Thompson, of Jack
sonville spent Christmas with his
mother, this being his first Christmas !
at his boyhood home in a number of
Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, of Sayannah,
Ga., were the Christmas guests of
Mrs. Meyer’s sister, Mrs. J. Malever
and family. -
Mrs. Clarence Phillips and pretty |
little daughter, of Jacksonville are !
the guests of Mrs. Phillips' sister.
Mrs. George L. Taylor-
Dr. and Mrs. Sylvan McE'roy and
son, of Orlando were the guests
Christmas of Mr- John Dozier and
Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Dozier.
Miss Catherine Livingston is home j
from Sarasota for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsh and ;
baby of Atlanta are the guests of the ]
former's mother for the holidays.
Mrs- T. E. Bridges has as her !
guests for a portion of the holidays
the following attractive bevy of young I
iadies: Misses Harriett and Sara
Lucius and Lottie May Melnnis, of
South Carolina and Misses Evelyn
Hill aad Margaret McLin of Orlando, j
Mr. Charles McLin of Orlando is also
a member of this jolly party.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Walters and
their small son spent Christmas Eve
and Christmas day with Mr. J. A.
Whiten* and Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Armour and family. Joining them for
dinner on Christmas day were Dr.
and Mra, Harry Walters, completing
this family party-
Mr. and Mr3. L. W- Duval have as
their guests, Mrs. Duval’s father and
his sister, Mr. Stiles McDougal and
Mrs. Margaret Williams, of Elizabeth
town, Ky. They will be in Ocala and
Leesburg all winter.
Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Nichols have
as their guests Dr. Nichol’s parents,
who arrived in Ocala Christmas Ere
from their Ohio home
m m
Mrs- Koonce Entertains
At Auction
The first of the holiday parties was
the beautiful auction bridge party
that Mrs. J. B. Koonce gave last Fri
day afternoon/ Her party was a
special compliment to Miss Nina
dfonp and Miss Agnes Burford, both
dLnhom were graduated from eol
legt last summer, and to Miss Eliz
abeth Hooker, who is home from the
Rando ph-Macon Woman’s College
for the Christmas holidays.
Mrs. Koonce’s invitation list includ
ed principally her younger friends
and several of her older friends. In
vited to play auction with these
three attractive young girls were the
following: Mrs. Clarence Camp, Mrs.
Mamie Hall, Mrs. N. P- Davis, Mrs.
Christian Ax, Mrs. R L. Anderson,
Mrs. Georgs 'Armstrong, Mrs. T. P.
Drake. Mrs. R. L. Anderson, Jr., Mrs.
Edmund Martin, Mrs- W. M. Palmer,
Mrs. Albert Harriss, Mrs. Charles
Lloyd, Mrs. Jack Camp, Misses Mar
garet Eagleton, Stella Camp, Nettie
and Carßa Camp, Eloise Henry, Oliv
ia Staples, Adele Bittinger, Margue
| rite Edwards, Pearl Ray and Ethel
and Elizabeth Horne.
An invitation to one of Mrs.
Koonce’s parties always carries, with
it an assurance of a very dainty af
fair and one that always gives a
great deal of pleasure to her guests.
Assisting her last Friday in making
this party a thorough success were
Mrs. R. A. Burford and Mrs. Clarence
Camp, and serving punch in the early
afternoon were Misses Stella and Ca
rita Camp.
After the games of auction were
over Mrs. Koonce’s guests enjoyed a
delicious supper served on the card
tables, and the prize for high score
Was presented to Mrs. AX, and to
each of the honor guests Mrs. Koonce
gave an attractive souvenir of their
own special party
• * *
Mrs- Albert Harriss has gone to
ja^kfcOß^l l6 t 0 spend two' weeks
with' her parents, who are visiting
relatives in that city.
The Eight O’clock Dancing Club
Gives Christmas Ball
The Christmas ba’l given yearly by j
the Eight O’clock Dancing Club is •
always one of the leading social .
events of the holiday season in Ocala- 1
and their ball this year on Christmas i
night was a wonderfully enjoyable j
affair and was attended by a large
number of the dancing set. Besides ;
the club members there were a large j
number of college boys and girls and >
out of town visitors present to en- '■
joy the delights of ‘the evening.
The dance was begun with a march j
at 8:15 .o’c’ock led by Mr. and Mrs. j
R. L. Anderson, Jr., assisted by Mr.
and Mrs. Patker Painter, introducing j
some very pretty figures.
Following the march a program
dance of fourteen numbers and sev
eral extras were danced.
The music was furnished by the !
University of Florida orchestra and !
it was the most heel tickling, rollick- j
ing music and when now and again !
the musicians broke into impromptu i
song, it lent to the dancing a de i- j
cious lilt that quickened the swing
of the lithe dancers. The ball ended j
promptly at one o’clock.
Some very charming costumes were |
worn by both maids and matrons at
this ball-
Miss Lucy Armstrong, of Savannah,
was girlishly attractive in lavender
chiffon and silver ’ace.
The Misses Grumbles, of Dunnel
lou, wore pretty dancing frocks of
pink and blue and Miss Clara Kibler j
was handsomely gowned in majenta
velvet. 8
Miss Staples, of Roanoke, Va., wore
black lace over gold cloth and her
hostess, Miss Henry wore a draped
model of cerise satin with silver trim- j
raings. I
Miss Mary Burford wore a beautiful
dancing frock of gold iace and Miss j
Agnes Burford wore a lovely gown
of rose satin and tulle embroidered
in silver.
Mrs. Jack Camp was lovely in a
gown of pink and silver and her
guest, Mrs. G. F. Armstrong, of Sa
vannah. was handsomely gowned in
majenta satin and silver lace.
| Mrs. E. F. Fitch, of Jacksonville
wore a black net and lace gown and
! Mrs. Charles Lloyd, of Jacksonville,
| wore white tulle embroidered in sil
! ver-
Mrs- A. O. Harriss’ pretty gown was
jof yellow chiffon embroidered in j
| silver. Mrs. Allison Wartmann was j
! unusually attractive ia a stunning j
! gown of pale green and silver and j
! Mrs. M. vV. Lloyd wore silver lace j
i over silver cloth.
* * *
The Municipal Christmas Tree
A Big Success
Christmas trees held a very large |
| part iu the hifppiness of the holiday |
! season, the biggest tree of course be
| ing the annual municipal tree on the
I civic center lot last Saturday night,
I given under the auspices of the Wo- j
■ man's Club- • J
] The tree was a magnificent- pine, !
j brought in from the nearby forest, j
It was beautifully decorated with
! many kinds of Christmas ornaments,
‘ and red, white and blue lights, and at
the utmost top was the “Star of Beth
lehem” surrounded by colored lights.
On the stroke of seven the lights
were all turned on and shortly after
wards the program began.
The J. A. Coburn band gave a few
splendid pieces. This company had
a date in our city for this night, and
it gave them great pleasure to add
to the pleasure of the occasion by
I A number of selections were also
| given by the Ocala School Band. This
[band is composed of a number of the
; school children, led by Mrs. B. G.
A few Christmas carols were sung
by the „ audience, and after the pro
gram was over an auto horn was
heard in the distance, and upon in
vestigation it was soon discovered
that good old “Saint Nick” had ar
j rived with his pack full and running j
j over. Each child present was given j
a Christmas box filled with caady,
nuts, etc-, and they were given ap
ples and oranges- So bountifully
j had everyone contributed that no one
was overlooked.
Other Christmas trees included the 1
! one at the Industrial Home for the
girls there; the Methodist primary
Sunday school tree last Saturday aft
ernoon, at which a pretty program
was rendered; the Presbyterian tree
Friday night at the Presbyterian
church; the Christian Sunday school
tree on Christmas eve and the Bap
tist tree and annual Christmas pro
gram last Sunday morning. Each
class in this school, as has been their
habit for many years, gave gifts,
frnit9, candies, etc., to some of our
worthy char ities, thereby being made
Victory Notes And 1918 War Saving Stamps.
Victory Notes Series A to F inclusive are called for
redemption December 15, 1922, after which date interest
1918 War Savings Stamps are payable January 2nd.
1923. To avoid congestion and delay-the above should
be surrendered as early as possible.
T his bank will receipt for and make collections for
above without charge.
Ocala National Bank
happy by the beautiful feeing that'
“it is more blessed to give than to J
Last night at the rectory the [
members of Grace Episcopal Sunday j
school held their annual Christmas;
tree and frolic, and had a very happy j
and merry evening.
• mm
Miss Henry Gives Holiday Tea
The H- W.* Henry heme on Ok’a- i
waha avenue was a love'y island of
light and color Wednesday afternoon
from four to six o’clock when the
older daughter of the home, Miss El
oise Henry, gave a small tea for her
two attractive guests. Miss Olivia
Staples of Roanoke. Va-, and Miss
* 1
Elizabeth Bivins of Clearwater.
A welcome change from the cus
tomary card parties was this delight
ful little tea, and the presence of a
number of the young men added to
the piquancy of the affair.
The house was most attractive in
its holiday attire of holly, poincet
tias and other Christmas flowers, and
the hostess and honor guests receiv
ed their callers most informally and
there was no formality nor stiffness
to mar a most pleasant two hours.
In the dining room tea, cakes, fruit,
nuts, etc., were served. Miss Agnes
Burford pouring the tea and others
of the guests assisting in passing the
* * •
Mrs. Tompkins Entertains Her
Sunday School Class
La3t Friday night Mrs.* D. W.
Tompkins entertained the members
of her Sunday school class, her
daughter, Miss Irene Tompkins, and
a few of the latter’s friends at a nov
el and delightful party. They met at
the Tompkins home and then in
cars did hie themselves to the woods
fer* a picnic. The air was most crisp
and delicious ia the woods and a big
fire was built and weinies roasted
and coffee boiled, which with rol’s,
sandwiches and other accompani
ments proved thoroughly delightful.
• * •
Script Dance at the Woman’s Club
At the Woman’s Club Tuesday
night there v.*as a host of young
girls and a bunch of young fellows,
who were not too tired from the
Christmas dance the night
who demonstrated that the lure of
the dance is very strong. For sev-
hours they danced with unabat
ed enjoyment, splendid music being
played by “The Strollers” orchestra
m m m
Mrs. Neil Allred, of Washington, is
spending a few days at Summerfield,
the guest of her girlhood friend, Mrs.
Nathan Mayo. Mrs. Allred was for
merly Miss Nelie Hubbard and Mrs.
Mayo was Miss Nora Newson, of this
city. This is Mrs. Allred’s first visit
here in many years and she is renew
ing many pleasant acquaintances
* * *
Mra. W. Hickman Chambers and
daughter, Jane, spent Christmas with
Jacksonville relatives.
* • •
Miss Mary Burford returned home
on Christmas eve from Brimingham,
\ Ala., where she spent several weeks
! with her sister-in- l aw, Mrs. R. A.
Burford, Jr.
m • m
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Miller spent
Christmas day at Fairfield with Mr.
Miller’s parents.
• * *
Mr- aad Mrs. Whitfield M. Palmer
spent Christmas at Clearwater, the
guests of Mr. Palmer’s mother, Mrs.
Julia Palmer.
* • •
Mr. Robert Riddle, popular resi
dent of Ocala, was a cailer in Orlan
do Friday, combining business with
pleasure.—Orlando Reporter-Star.
• ♦ •
Mr- and Mrs. Albert Roberts
have had as their guests this week
at their home on Meridian Heights
their cousins, Mrs. Nellie Hubbard
Allred of Washington, D. C.. and Mrs.
! B?rtha Hayes Crenshaw of Sheffield,
| Ala. Mrs- Crenshaw left Thursday
j and Mrs. Allred Saturday, to visit
! ocher relatives and friends in south
| Florida. Mrs. Crenshaw being a for
: mer resident of Tampa, and Mrs. All
; red a former resident of Oca’.a.—Tal
i lahassee Democrat. Mrs. Allred’s
■ many Ocala friends hope she will vis
it in Ocala before returning to Wash
-1 ington.
m * •
Mr. Bernard Koonce has returned
co his home in Oca'a after spending
several days in Ocala- —Tampa Trib
une. Mr. Koonce spent Christmas
with his grandmother and his moth-
• m •
Mr. W. K. Zewadski of Ocala, Mr
and Mrs. Clarence Zewadski of De
troit, Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. Olaf
Zewadski of Miami are the Christ- 1
i mas guests of Mr. and Mrs. W .K. !
! Zewadski, Jr., at their home on Sec
j ond avenue.—Tampa Tribune.
• • •
! Little John Frederick Lyon, four*
j months-old son of Mr- and Mrs. Fred
I C. Lyon, 303 West Park avenue, is
1 enjoying his first Christmas activities
1 and on Wednesday evening his pa*
! rents entertained a few of their
I friends with a merry party. The
: house was gaily decorated in the col
| ors of red and green, and pretty bells
were suspended about in the various
rooms. The Christmas tree contain
ed gifts and favors of paper hats
which were distributed-—Tampa Tri
i bune. Mrs. Lyon was formerly Miss
Marguerite Moore of this city. Among
; the older guests at her party were
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Leavengood, also
former Ocala residents.
• • •
Mrs- William Hocker and daugh
ters, Misses Elizabeth and Margaret
•Hocker, left Wednesday afternoon
for Leesburg to spend a couple of
days with Mrs. E. H. Mote, aad from
there they will go to Tampa today
for a sho;t visit with Mrs. W. 11. j
* * •
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Robinson and (
little son of Inverness spent Christ-,
mas day in Ocala the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. George K Robinson and
• • *
The many friends or Mrs. Ethel
Mills-Price will regret to learn that
she is suffering with a broken arrn.
, sustained last Friday night by a fall
from a step-ladder.
. • •
Dr. Carl Lytle of West Palm Beach
and his friend, Mr. Horace Loomis,
also of West Pa’m Beach, spent the
Christmas holidays with relatives at
East Lake Weir, and were among
the out-of-town guests at the Christ
mas dance in Ocala.
• • •
Mrs. Annie Martin and her daugh
ter, Mrs. Jack Walker, have arrived
from Greenville, S. C., to spend the
| winter at Mrs. Martin’s cottage at
/East Lu’te Weir. They were visitors
|in Ocala during the week.
• • •
Miss Dorothy Driver of Citra, who
attends business college in Tampa,
spenc the Christmas holidays at home
with her parents
• • 9
Mrs- Jennie Moody, widow of the
late Vincent Moody of this city, died
in New York City on December 25.
as the result of an attack of pueu
monia. Her body was sent to her
girlhood home at Orlando, where the
funeral was held. Mrs. Moody dur*
i ing the life time of her husband fin
. | iced in Ocala a number of times and
j friends here of the Moody family re
i j gret to learn of her death.
• • •
Mrs. Ailen W. Bridges aad son.
i | George D., and mother, Mrs. James
: j L. Ford, and guest. Miss Annie Ford
; jof Martinsville, Va., will go to Mica-
I • nopy tomorrow to spend the
, lead with Mr. and Mrs. E. A- Hickson
All Social Itsms Must Re In
By Noon Thursdays
They will motor to Ocala for a afcnrt
visit with relatives and take in U •
beauties of Silver Springs before r
turning. Mr. Bridges will join tbe*
for Sunday.—Gainesville Run
... s • s
The Tag Girls Give Their
Annual Ball
T. A G- spe’ls a good time ands
splendid success for everything aa
lertuk-n by the girls composing this
club and their dreams of th* yes
“<ame true” last night when thev
and their guests danced for several
hours at the Womans Club. Never
have they given a more beautiful
dance, and it was quits the inrges'
and most elaborate of the holiday f**
‘The club house waa most charm
ing in IU decora Pont* of purple and
white, the T. A. G. colors, and hast
growing ferns and flower*, shaded
lights and the girls themselves in
their lovely varl-colored party
frocks looking like a beautiful aad
fragrant bouquet of rosea, all com
biued to make the scene n very fen
leidoscopic and entrancing one
Receiving the guests, several hue
dred in number, were the TAG
girls, and during the evening they
were assisted by their mothers and
a number of older friends la nerving
a delicious refreshment course and
in other ways.
The dance began at nine o'ctnrli
with g. inarch, led by Mies Jena He
Hon dancing frith Mr. Ralph < uiteu
after which a program dance was on
joyed until one o'clock During tie
evening several pretty feature danr
es were introduced
• Miss Sarah DeHon was etqnlelte
in a gown of lilac tulle embroidered
u crystal beads of the same taler,
and her sister, Miss Jew DeHon. was
extremely pretty in n pole roe* ehtf
fon frock.
Miss Cornelia Hosier and Mian Lest
reen spencer were gowned In frocks
alike, the former in pink and the Int
ter in rose silk, aad the blonde prettl
tiens of the one enhanced tbs bru
nette prettiaeas of the otb**r.
Miss Sidney Cullen in white thff
f m was too sweet for oortla. and
Misses Christine Close and CRlhan
Saxton In black net. lace and chiffon
party dresses, were a stftk*ne <*oo
trast to her.
Miss Elisabeth Horn# were a band
some gown of sliver chub and bar
sister. Miss Ethel Horne, was na
da in * y amt sweet as eeoid he tn a
frock of (old and row metal cloth
Miss Frances Mclver spent n
couple tif days durian the sreeh slit
friends in Gainesville.
s • s
The O. H. H. basket ball girls were
again th# winners In their game on
last Friday afternoon, when they
played the crack girls team Irons
lOrenburg. The game was a sonppr
one from start to flnish. each gu*t
1 p ay ing their part In a 'mar'* tnshtnn.
The Anal score wee 91 to t. As seen
as the girls gum* was ever the beys
| played th# bo> s’ team frees 14 Ultatee
They were beaten hut put up a spleo
did tight.
1• • •
Miss Noel*ah Btaak*a*htp spent
j the Christmas holidays • ith trtends
! and relatives la Gainesville and Keo
| berry.
e e e
Mr. and Mra Grover Mi Mullen and
j their two children. Irene and Walton
! spent the Christmas holidays la Clear
! water the guests of re at Ives
Mr. Harvey Clark #n(i to leave
th* 1 first of next week for e has tease
j trip to New York
s s s
Mrs. J. H. Tkerrell had the pleasure
of entertaining during the hoiida>s
her sister, Mias Annie Mtcbsai, at
North Carolina- This In Ml*e Michael a
second visit to Ocala and the fvteade
she mads on her former visit ween
> dvURMed to see her sssin
I* . *r *i?

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