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The Bow
bells Tribune
Catered at the postofRce in Bowbells M. D.,
January 26,1900, as second-class matter.
Published on Friday of each week.
Official I'aper of the City of Bun-hells.
A WASHINGTON special suvs that
Senator Hansbrough of this state is
preparing a relief measure for the ben
efit of those persons whose applications
for commutation of entry on home
steads on public lands, has been reject
ed, because of the ruling of the interior
department of Feb. 27, 1906, in the
Katie F. Beecht case. The ruling is
that anyone who failed to live on the
land for eight months continuously,
after the constructive period of .six
months, must begin residence anew
and live continuously on his claim for
fourteen months, in order to avoid the
necessity of making the full term of
five years residence for a homestead
and to get the land at $1.25 an acre.
Prior to this ruling an absence of a few
weeks or such a matter on business
was not held to vititate the residence.
Under the ruling, however, no absence
was allowed, whether for business rea
sons or otherwise. Absolutely continu
ous residence was insisted on. The
special bill of Senator Iiansborough
will effect all cases of date prior to the
lieecht decision, and, if the bill passes,
all such persons will be permitted to
prove up under the old rulings. It is
understood, however, that the rule will
remain in force as to all others.
A CHICAGO clergyman now attacks the
Christmas holiday on the score of Un
burden of gift-giving and the burden on
business. To abolish gift-giving on ac
count of its abuses would take the
savor out of half the year for the
majority of people, and business is
only too anxious for just as much holi
day burden as it can bear, even with
.swaggering. The critic in question
has chosen an unfortunate subject I o
arouse sympathetic pessimism.
BKIIKMAN, the anarchist, who some
years ago shot H. C. Prick, has made
the harrowing discovery that anarchy
doesn't, pay. He can't, make a good
living at it.. This testimony coming
from such a source is important as
showing that, the race is not prepared
as yet to be regenerated by abolition
of law and order. The moral is one'
which it is to be hoped men who lie-1
lieve in elevating men by shooting them I
down will take seriously to heart
AND now Rear Admiral Nebogatoff
has been sentenced to death for sur
rendering to the Japanese. But, of
course, the Russian government is not
going to make itself a pitiable spectacle
befon? the other nations in carrying
the preposterous sentence into execu
tion. The Czar will show the same
magnanimity as the other case-:, ami
pardon the expected and the inevitable
for having happened.
PEAKY is going to make another dash
for the North Pole. Now that modern
enterprise and resource are fairly on its
trail, that elusive object may as well
come out in the open and surrender at
AMONG the most prominent issues
that will demand the attention of the
present, state legislature will be car
shortage, railroad taxation, two-cent
fares and primary elections.
BRYAN admits he'll be a presidential
candidate again and Jim Jeffries has
decided to re-enter the prize ring.
Now look out for another Adelina
Patti farewell tour.
A conscience-stricken man in Iowa
has sent ten cents to the conscience
fund at Washington. The fund seems
to be kept up mostly by dime-sized con
Advertised Letters.
Letters for the following named person*
remain unclaimed in theBowbells postntlice
for the week ending Friday, .Tan 11. 1!I07.
Parties calling for any of these will plt-usn
say ''advertised
Anderson, Miss Julia
Fairham, Erick
Foothills District No. 107
Gominsky, Frank (4)
Meyer, John
Masters, Miss Clara
McScott. (2)
Nudell, Miss Agnes
Olson, Mrs. Nancy
Pahl, Emma
Renstrum, Alfred
Sang, John
Shaw, A E
Seibert, Mrs. Marv
Watts, Will
Waters, Mrs.
Kothe, W (Foreign)
Rasmussen, 0
In order tu secure prompt delivery of
mail have all your letters and papers dii^et
ert to the number of your It. F. D. route or
hox iiumher. Ti,ON* HIIKT.Y. I'. M.
School opened Monday after a vaca-1
tion of two weeks. Each one should
plan to accomplish great results during
the remaining months of the school
year. Each succeeding month should i
find us stronger in our' work then we
we were the month before.
Those of the Seventh grade complet
ing physiology take the state final ex-!
amination, Friday. Prof. Otterburn!
has been appointed special examiner by'
County Supt. Warren.
Emil Lorentzen and Edna Rosengreen
entered school Monday.
Mary Nicol has returned to her home
in Paynesville, Minn.
Esther Rosengreen entered the sev
enth grade Monday.
Lump ComI
Katie O'Donnell has enrolled in the
eighth grade.
Marr Bogus entered school the first
of the week.
William Glenn is on the sick list this
We, the members of the Roosevelt Third Term
League, having at heart the great social and political
problems now confronting the people, and in order that
the rights of the masses be protected and that national
harmony be preserved, deem it imperative that Theodore
Itoosevelt. lie re-elected to the Presidency in
We have come upon days in our social and political
life, fermenting with distrust and requiring firm control.
We view with alarm the evils already grown from the
abuse of corporate power and see in these evils a fer
tile lield for the demagogue, from which might readily
spring a political and social revolution, and believe that
nothing short of temperate and prayerful solicitude, on
the part of the people, will hold our political and social
structure intact.
To the people irrespective of party lines is due the
credit that their President, to-day, is Theodore Roosevelt..
A new era of real freedom and vitality in our institutions
of government and politics was demanded, and they
wisely saw in him a means to attain it.
So valiantly and wholeheartedly has this man reflected
the wishes of the people, that his personality has entered
into and become a part, of every department, of our na
He has won the confidence of the people and this fact
alone, makes him the most potent factor in the solution
of the present disturbing conditions. To eliminate this
personality which is to eliminate that confidence at a
time when the people, as a whole, are restive and trem
bling with apprehension, is to invite national disorder.
So closely woven is this bond between the President
and the people, that he has become to them a public
necessity, an essential part of things in the social and
political fabric. Therefore, Theodore Roosevelt is not
only the one logical candidate for nomination, but mani
festly is the only logical President for the people.
Already has it been demonstrated that the frightened
and vengeful wealth-controlling forces of the country will
resort to any means to defeat bis nomination for a Presi
dential Third Term. We, therefore, must be on the alert,
and quick to action if we would save that which has
already been accomplished by our illustrious President.
We are not unmindful of the fact that Theodore
Roosevelt himself declared in 1904, that, "under no cir
cumstances would he be a candidate for, or, would he ac
cept another nomination."
We challenge, however, his right to refuse to accept,
the Presidency of the United States for a Third Term, in
the face of the people's demands, especially at a time
when so many undertakings of the highest importance
have been brought and set in motion by him, and so sub
ject them to the danger of an untried and unproved suc
cessor, to whom public confidence would be reluctantly
extended, if at all.
Manifestly, the selection of its President rests with
the people. The public, alone, is judge. No man may
say lie will not accept. It is not the province of Theo
dore Roosevelt to say he will or will not be the President.
He, who acts as President, acts solely as a servant of the
people, and when called by them, must. come.
We further hold, that in point of fact, his re-election
in would not constitute a Third Term. He has been
elected to the Presidency but once. Inasmuch, however,
as the issue has been so generally spoken of as a Third
Term, the League has adopted the title.
We, therefore, in the interest of public welfare
mand that Theodore Roosevelt be nominated for
Presidency and be re-elected in 1!H)8, and to that
hereby pledge our support.
The best on the market always on hand. Our
8c per
inch, or
ton. Come out and get coal at any time, as
we are 011 hand and prepared to do business.
Gille & Miller Mine
S. E. 20-162-93.
Proprietor of
he City Dray Line.
Exclusive Line. Prompt Service.
Ingison Mine.
til S2.00
l»ei' ton
Nut Conl at
Largest tons and best quality in North Dakota.
Nn business done bet ween Friday sunset, and Saturday sunset—Hnbbath of The
Lord our God.
I Have on Hand
Ever on Display in This
City. For the Best and
Cheapest Call at My Store.
F. J. Glenn
The Furniture Man, Bowbells, N. D.
S" T*!
E. ('. IIAYKK, Secretary.
HUWAKI A. I IoUNKK, President.
N. K. The Secretary of the League would like to hear
from every one interested in the progress of this move
ment. Address E. (!. Hayek, Secretary, Roosevelt Third
Term National League, Tribune Building, Chicago.
about $l.20a per
Most Up-to-date Line of
]KM' toil
V "'ij, i 4 A.
e have
Special Notices.
Money to loan, by A. W. Movius. 52
Remember, the Miller bakery is now
making Vienna bread.
I'inc Salve Carboliwd acts like a poultice:
highly antiseptic, extensively used for Ecze
ma, chapped hands and lips, ruts, burns.
Sold by E. Krueger's Drug Store.
We now have our bakery rebuilt and
made fire-proof inside, and w«e have
bread and cakes for one and all.--Pur
ely & Son.
ManZari I'ile Remedy put up in conveni
ent. collapsible tubes with nozzle attachment
so hat the remedy may be applied at the
very seat of the trouble, thus relieving al
most instantly bleeding, itching or protrnd
iiiu piles. Sat is fact ion •:uur.inteed or money
refunded. Sold by E. Knickers Dint:
For Rent. Four furnished rooms.
See Peter Dalilquist.
FOR SAM:. --One !)-room house re
cently completed, with lot 50x140, lo
cated on Washington street, six nice
lots on Main street, on one of which is
a well 155 feet deep and some minor
buildings, and three lots in the Leer
skov addition, south of the railroad
tracks, also a quarter section farm six
miles north and two miles east, ot the
city, all broken and some buildings on
same. For particulars inquire of Ralph
Sclmdar, city. 7t.f
First-class furnished rooms, heated
night, and day, $1 per week and up, 25
cents per night, and up, on Main street,
over Purely & Son's store. -Mrs. F. E.
Lyons. Htf
Mike Hopkins has a large list of
Montana lands for sale cheap and it
will pay you to wait and get his prices,
lie can also locate you on timber, stone,
i desert anel homestead lands in Idaho, in
that part through which the Milwaukee
railroad is' now building. Call on or
I address M. Hopkins, Ambrose, N. D.
Office in Citizens' State Bank. 8-10
W hen the cold winds dry and cracl the
skill a box of salvo can save much discom
i fort. In »u.vm*K stilve look for the name on
the box to avoid any imitations,and be sure
you tret the original DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Halve. Sold by E. C. Krueger.
Fifty barrels of those beautiful Ben
Davis apples, at .$3.50 per bbl. at Pur
Piles get quick relief from Dr. Shoop'?
Magic Ointment. Remember it's made
alone for piles—and it works with certainty
and satisfaction. Itching, painful, protrud
ing, or blind piles disappear like magic by
its use. Try it and seel E. Krueger.
R. E. Knowlton will pay cash for six
head of work horses. See him.
Croup can positively bestopped in it) mill
I ut.es. No vomiting—nothing to sicken or
distress your child. A sweet, pleasant, and
safe Syrup, called I)r. Shoop's C'ough Cure,
does the work and does it quickly. Dr.
Shoop's Cough Cure is for Croup alone, re
member. It does not claim a cure for a
dozen ailments. It's for Croup, that's all.
Sold by E. ('. Krueger.
FOR SALE OR RENT Four-room cot
tage, good cellar and cistern. Inquire
at The Tribune office. 8tf
Clear up the complexion, cleanse the liver
and tone the system. You can best do this
by a dose or two of De
Witt's Little Early
Itisers. Safe, reliable little pills with a repu
tation. The pillsthateveryone knows. Rec
ommended by E.C. Krueger.
Girl wanted for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. W. J. Love. 9
To stop a Cold with "Preventics" is safer
than to let it run aud cure afterwards.
Taken at the "sneeze stage" Preventics will
head off all colds and Grippe, and perhaps
save yon from Pneumona or Bronchitis.
Preventics are little toothsome candy cold
cure tablets selling in fi cent and 25 cent
boxes. If you are chilly, if you begin to
sneeze, try Preventics. They will surely
check the cold, and please ,vou. Sold by E.
C. Krueger.
"They like the taste as well as maple su
gar" is what one mother wrote of Kennedy's
Laxative Cough Syrup. This modern cough
syrup is absolutely free from any opiate or
narcotic. ContBins Honey Tar. Conforms
to the National Pure Foot! anel Drug Law.
Sold by E. C.=Krueger.
Mothers who give their children Kennedy's
Laxative Cough Syrup invariably endorse
it. Children like it because it tastes so pleas
ant. Contains Haney and Tar. It is the
Original Laxative Cough Syrup and is unri
valed for the relief of croup. Drives the
cold out through the bowels. Conforms to
the National Pure Food anl Drug Law.
Sold by E. C. Krueger.
For Rent. —The Arlington Hotel. For
particulars see Peter Dahlquist.
Food don't digest? Because the stomach
lacks some one of the essential digestaats or
the digestive juices are not properly bal
anced. Then, too, it is this undigested food
that, causes sourness and painful indigestion.
Kodol For Indigestion should be used for re
lief. Kodol is a solution of vegetable acids.
It digests what you eat, and corrects the de
ficiencies of the digestion. Kodol conforms
so the National Pure Food and Drug Law.
Sold here by E. C. Krueger.
Harnesses, robes and horse furnish
ings in great variety and cheaper than
you can steal them, at the Enderson
harness shop. 52tf
Dade's Little Liver Pills thoroughly clean
the system, good for lazy livers, makes clear
complexions, bright eyes and nappy
thoughts. Hold by B. O. Krueger's Drug
Golden Link flour takes the cake for
making nice bread. Sold by H. B.
"Pinecuhs" (non-alcoholic) made from
resin from our Pine Forests, used for hun
dreds of years for Bladder and Kidnay dis
eases. Medicine for thirty days, $1.00.
Guaranteed. Sold by E. C. Krueger's Drug
The Price of Peace.
The terrible itching and smarting inci
dent to certain skin deseasew, is almost in
stantly ullayed by applying Chainlierlain's
Salve. Price, 25 cents. For Hale by Dono
van Drug Co.
fMjSsWfWW '^f'
January 1st. We will give a
on all heaters sold between now and Jan, 1st. Now is the time
to get a good heater and keep warm during the cold winter season.
DONOVAN BROS. Bowbells, N. D.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a Naf»
Mcdicine for Children.
In buying a cough medicine for children,
never tie afraid to buy Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. There is no
danger from it, and
relief is sure to follow. It is intended es
pecially for coughs, cold, croup aud whoop
ing cough, and there is no better medicine
in the world for these diseases It is not
only a certain cure for croup, but, when
given as soon as the eroupjr coutfh appears,
will prevent the attack. Whooping cough
is not dangerous when this reined* is given
as directed. It contains no ogium or other
harmful drugs, and may he (jivon as confi
dently to liaLiy as to an adult. For sale by
Donovan Drug Co.
Nearly every person who is subject to at
tacks from the stomach suffers from a mor
bid dread of a diet#tic treatment for relief,
that is three-fourths starvation and one
fourth toi.st and milk. On the other hand
you can eat as much as you please aud di
gests the food by the aid of a good digest
ant, thus giving the tired stomach eiiuully as
much rest. Eat what you please and take a
little Kodol For Indigestion after your
meals. It digests what you eat. Hold by E.
C. Krueger.
Bad Stomach Trouble ('itrml.
Haying been sick for the past two years
with a bud stomach trouble, a friend gave
me a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets, They did me so much goed
that I bought a bottle of them 'and have
used twelve bottles in all. Today I am wall
of a bad stomach trouble.-Mas. JOHH LOWR,
Cooper, Maine. These tablets are for sale
by Donovan Drug Co.
You Want Hoy, Did You Say?
I have about 100 tons of first-class
hay in the stack, about 14 miles south
west of town, for sale, cash or time.—
D.W.Kelly. 9tf
splendid line of stoves and ranges, including the
A I ERS, all of which we intend to close out by
timv l)i'ii- Stoic nt rOTKAf is opon niid rondy for
Wo luiven't the* Inropsf dni» sloe-k on onitli, 1ml wo do
"fin y ovtMyt11iiionlin iiil v found in n dnijr store*.
Wo solicit i port ion ol' your p.'it reniiijj o.
It. A. GEROLAMY, Prop.
I liandlo K I:\.\IAiti-: FI.OI'K, I'.i iii^1 in your food—I Tiiid il Always on Icuid and deliv
und itlI who linvo usoel it promptly iilsei always liiivo a. orod to looal trade. You
say it oivos pcrfool results, ipiaiily of food en li.anel to soil, oiin dopond on promptness.
PHONE 41-1
We have put in a stock of the celebrated
KIMBALL and CABLE Pianos. Pur
chasers will do well to look them over and
our pricefc and terms at the same time
take a look at the pretty designs we have
in furniture.
Y) u rs respectfu 1 ly,
Two Months' Tuition Free^H
Complete Business, Shorthand, English and Banking courses. Every gra
duate in a position. Write for particulars and FREE CATALOGUE to
THACKER ft HUGHES, Proprietors v8-I0
Chainbevlain'ti Cough Remedy lUne
IIts n Cltv Councilman at
Kingston, Jamacla.
Mr, W. O'Reilly Fogarty, who is a mem
ber of the City Council at Kingston, a niacin,
West Indies, writes as follms: "One bottle
of ChHinherlain's Cough Remedy had good
effect on a cough that was giving me trouble
and I think I should have been more quickly
relieved if I had continued the remedy.
That it was beneficial and quick in relieving
me ther« is uo doubt and it is my intention
to obtain another I Kittle," For sale by
Donovan Drug Co.'/.
Why Suffer Rheumatism?
Do you know that rh^nmatic pains can be
relieved? If you doubt tin# jnst try ono ap
plication of Chamberlain's-.JPitin Balm. It
will make rest and sleep |NiMible. and that
certainly means a great deai to anyone Af
flicted with rheumatism. Fot-Mle by Don
ovan Drug Co.
"i V
•«,/ -1- i f,. to,'*#!, i .ii 1*^ J?1
U Qo.
SEC. 23-90-161
Grand Forks, No. Dakota
Must Have Money.
Those knowing themselves to be ow
ing me on book account are requested
to call and make settlement at once,
and thus save trouble and extra cost.—
J. O. JUVE. 8tf
LOG FREE. If you 4o not
««iv* it r«0ulftrly, ••nd new to

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