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l-'roni tliu Flax tun Timos.
Miss 10 mm
a Niesliuni of Decorah,
accept a position as clerk with the
linn of Dolphin & Glaze.
dish and a cut glass olive dish.
Mrs. J. C. Spencer left Tuesday
for Willow Bunch, Sask., where Mr.
Spencer has tiled on a homestead.
Chas. Vinitsky of St. Paul arriv
ed here last Saturday to take charge
of the Flaxton Clothing Store, lo
cated in the L. B. Lodmeil build
The parents of the Presbyterian
Sabbath School children pleasantly
surprised Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Will
C'lerence Grina, who has been em
ploved 011 his brother's threshing
ris" this fall, suffered internal in
juries last week while assisting in
{lifting the flywheel of an engine
onto its shaft. As a result he was
compelled to quit work and
__ __
Interesting News Items Clipped from Our Exchanges 9
Thursday evening of last
week. The host and hostess were
presented with a silver serving
Mrs. Chas. Stevens, wife of Chas.
Stevens of this city, arrived here
on Saturday morning of last week
from Mount Vernon, Indiana, Mrs.
Stevens was accompanied by her
lather, Mr. Fortner, and sister
Grace. It will be remembered that
Mr. Stevens joined the benedicts
his trip east last June.
Business interests prevented Mrs.
Stevens from accompanying her
husband on his return trip.
suit a physician. He states that
lie is now on the road to rapid re
covery, and that the injury will
in nowise interfere with his pro
fessional career as a slab artist.
the 1'ortal
Peter Owen was arrested here
this week for stealing a slab of
bacon from the Soo Restaurant,
lie was given 30 days in jail
Justice Messenger upon the prison
er's plea of guilt. Deputy Sheriff
lludli took the man to Minot Thurs
A. W. Ilurly moved into his new
pool hall last week. The new
building is one or the best in our
city and will make a splendid room
lor Mr. Hurlv's business. Next
spring Portal is promised a build
ing boom and several new struc
tures will be erected.
Morrison Bros, have commenced
work on their skating rink and ex
pect to have everything in readi
ness for the lirst hard freeze. They
are also considering the advisabili
ty of building a curling rink. Por
tal will sure be on the map this
winter with a hockey and curling
This v.eek J. S. Upper bought the
residence property of P. L- Haw
kins. The latter also sold his
dray business to Peter Kennedy
who will conduct the business in
the future. Mr. Hawkins and
family intend to move on a farm
near "Scout Hill" in Canada.
J,. P. Carr, of Watertown, S. D.,
was 011 Saturday last sentenced by
Magistrate Neal to nine months in
Kegina jail for the stealing of an
overcoat from the Grand View ho
tel. The coat, which was the pro
perty of a commercial traveler, was
recovered but. the order forms, etc.,
were lost. Carr is to be deported
at the expiration of his term in
Last Tuesday James Connors was
arrested here on suspicion of his
kidnapping two children. He was
lodged in jail as there was no evi
dence lie was turned loose. The
boy is about 8 years old and the
girl 10. tl is supposed that the
children came from Winnipeg, and
the Canadian officials are holding
the man until they hear from the
officials at that place.
From the Powers Lake Echo.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
B. J. Steen is quite sick this week.
Miss Nettie McMillen, teacher at
the Sadek school, has gone to her
claim on the Berthold reservation
for a week's vacation.
The gambiing schemes worked by
some newspapers to increase their
subsciption lists seldom prove sat
isfactory and should be legislated
out of business.
Jens Norgard has rented his farm
and is preparing ,for a visit to the
old country. He will hold an auc
tion sale of stock, machinery and
household goods on the 25th of
this month.
Mark Hanson is leasing 'the
Lake View Hotel for a term of years
and will take charge of that popu
lar hostelry as soon as his mother
and sister arrive to assist in the
management. The basement will
be fitted up as a pool room and
cafe and the hotel will be improved
in many ways for the benefit of
the transient trade.
The work of veneering Ole Gar
nes' store building with brick is
being pushed forward rapidly.
Andrew Lantz being in charge of
the work. The front, of press
brick, will be one of the most at
tractive in town, while the spaci
ous store room will be made (one
of the most comfortable and con­
Nels Johnsberg and John Gun
derson are preparing for ,a trip to
Norway, their home country. They
expect to leave here about the 21st,
as the vessel on which they will
cross the water leaves New York
on the 28th.
Ingvald Thronson, of Battle
view met with a painful accident
while visiting a neighbor, Gus
Grote, last Saturday. He was
standing near the front of a buggy
to which was hitched a pair of
colts, when a couple of dogs mix
ed up in a royal battle underneath
the buggy. One of the tolts kick
ed at the dogs, but Ingvald's leg
happened to be in the way and re
ceived the full force of the kick,
breaking the bone just below the
knee. Dr. Lancaster is treating
the injured man is at his Powers
Lake hospital and he is improving
t-'ii-m the C'oluTiifoup Reporter.
Its really too bad, when the re
port that Jack Johnson had been
killed proved to be untrue, that
there wasn't somebody close at
hand with a swamp-elm club to
make a sure thing of it.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hierath
announce the arrival of an eleven
pound baby boy at their home in
Milk River, Can., on the Ttli inst.
Mother and babe are doing nicely
and happiness reigns supreme at
the Hierath home.
A car shortage has hit a number
of the towns in the state and the
elevators are blocked. As yet we
are pleased to note, that the towns
along the local branch have missed
the shortage and the local buyers
are handling the large amount of
grain with ease.
From the l.iur.it'j Bulletin.
Nick Pontius, manager of the lo
cal pool hall, made a business trip
to Minot Wednesday. During his
absence "Dad" Carpenter will have
charge of the pool hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Anton Frank and
family, who for the past two years
have been living above the Frank's
Hall on Main street, moved into
the house which Mr. Frank re
cently purchased from O. E. John
son, Thursday.
The citizens of Lignite extend
their thanks to the proprietors of
the Hotel, which has been closed
for the past few months, to accom
modate the teachers who attended
the teacher's meeting here last Fri
the teacher's meeting here last
Paul Pommie, manager of the
Rogers Lumber Co., of this place
left for Galesburg, Hit, on Tues
day morning, where he was called
to the bed-side of one of his very
intimate friends who is very ill.
He intends to be gone about two
weeks. During his absence, Mr.
Henry Thorson of Minot, will
have charge of the local yard.
"I believe," says an old subscrib
er, "that every time The Youth's
Companion enters a home it does
that home a genuine service."
That describes the purpose of pub
lishers exactly. The paper is not
filled with mischievous or idle
thoughts to fill an idle hour. It
provides healthy pastime, recrea
tion that builds up. It is to the
minds of eager and impressionable
young people what sound athletics
are to the bodies.
At cost of less than four cents a
week The Youth's Companion op
ens the door to a company of the
most distinguished men and wo
men in America and Europe.
Whether they are revealing the
latest discoveries in science, or de
scribing great industrial aetneie
ments, or telling of their warder
ings in strange corners of the
world, or feeding the imagination
with rare stories, they are giving
Companion readers the best of
Seven serials at least will be
published by The Companion in
1913, and nearly 200 other com
plete stories, in addition to some
50 special contributions, and a
treasure-box of sketches anec
dotes, expert advice as to the ath
letic sports, ideas for handy deviee
es round the house, and so forth—
long hours of companionship with
the wise, the adventurous and the
entertaining. Announcement for
1913 will be sent with sample co
pies of the paper to any address on
Every new subscriber who sends
$2.00 for the fifty-two weekly is
sues of 1913 will receive as a gift
The Companion Window Transpar
ency and Calendar for 1913, the
most exquisite novelty ever offered
to Companion readers also, all the
issues of The Companion for the re
maining weeks of 1912, free.
144 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass.
SjiV«snr =ssfi
venient stores in Burke county.
J. J. Smishek is to raise more
cattle and less grain in the future.
He has a splendid crop this year,
but thinks there is more money ii,
diversified farming than in depend
ing wholly upon wheat and flax.
Now that the city sewer system
is completed several property own
ers on Main street have employed
Geo. W. Kemper to connect their
basements with the main pipe, and
work on same is now being done.
Among those who will have their
basements connected up this fall
are the Richardson Hotel, the First
State Bank, R. T. Blenkner, T. B.
Hurly, and Donovan Bros, on one
side of the street, and the Burke
County State Bank on the other.
In the basements of all these
buildings and several others there
is water which has been standing
for many years, and the stench
from same unless pumped out al
most daily is unendurable. Under
this condition the floor above the
basements have been unhealthy to
say nothing of the unpleasant odor.
It is hoped that those who own
property on Main street and have
not yet. made arrangements to in
stall the sewer system in their cel
lars will do as soon as possible.
In addition to connecting his
building with the sewer system H.
L. Richardson is also connecting up
with the city water works system,
thus giving him running water at
all times in his hotel together with
a place to dump all sewerage.
After January 1st you may buy
a postal saving bond, if you have
the price of one on deposit with
the postal saviijgs bank. The
piece of parchment will draw two
and one-half per cent interest,
which is not a very heavy rate of
usury. Of late deposits in the
postal cavii:
Since the old-fashioned theory of cur
ing eczema through the blood has been
given up by scientists, many different
salves have been tried for skin diseases.
But It has been found that these salves
only clog the pores and cannot penetrate
to the inner skin below the epidermis
where the eczema germs are lodged.
This—the quality of penetrating—
probably explains the tremendous suc
cess of the well known liquid eczema
remedy, oil of wintergreen, thymol, gly
cerine, etc., a.° compounded In D.D.D.
We have sold other remedies for skin
ive increased very millions of the people's money left
rapidly, un', i .v there are many with the postofflce department.
Why Salves Can't Cure Eczema
E. F. NELSON. Manager
troubles but none that we can recom
mend as highly as this for we know that
D.D.D. stops the itch at once. We can
give you a trial size bottle for 25 cents
that will be enough to prove it.
Of course all other druggists have
D.D.D. Prescription—go to them it you
can't come to us—but don't accept some
big profit substitute.
But if you come to our store, we are
so certain of what D.D.D. will do for you
that we offer you a full size bottle-on
this guarantee:—If you do not find that
It takes away the Itch AT ONCE, It
costs you not a cent.
Want you to list your farms with them, and will also
buy if the price is right. We also have properties of
all kinds in Minnesota to trade for North Dakota Lands
The undersigned will sell at public auction at his
place, ten miles southwest of Coteau, on
n w a a
Commencing at one o'clock in the afternoon, the following property:
Roan Mare, 12 years old, weight 1250 Bay Mare, 9 years old, weight 1250
Cow, 7 years old Sucking Colt about 75 Chickens 3 Hogs 3 Pigs
Farm Machinery
Diamond sulky plow, McCormick mower, hay rake, 20-disc Van Brunt drill, iron drag, American 14-inch
gang plow, 7-foot cut Deering binder, home-made low wagon, bob sleigh with 4-foot runners, home-made
cutter, fanning mill, 600 pound sack scale, set double harness, 16-disc pulverizer, set of blacksmith tools,
drill, forge, vice, taps and dies, grind stone, forks and scoop shovels, 75 tons of hay, and many other
articles too numerous to mention here.
Terms of Sale
All sums under $ 10 cash. On sums over that amount time will be given un
til October 1, 1913, on bankable paper bearing 10 per cent interest
A. G. SHAW, Owner
C. E. HOVLAND, Clerk J. W. MOORE and Col.E.C. MAH0NEY, Auctioneers
I City Barber Shop
S. SMITH, Prop.
Agency for the
Minot Steam Laundry
Basket goes out every Wednesday morn
ing:, return ins:
Saturday evening.
Ag-ency for the
Halsey's French Dry Cleaning
House of Minot. Basket groes twice a
month. All work guaranteed. Prices
For Farm Loans see Harris &
Loo. tf

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