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No. 1 Northern, 52
No. 2 50
Flax 72
Girl wanted at the Argyle.
Girl wanted for general housework.
Mrs. T. F. Marshall.
Thomas Seftou of Ellendale spent
last night at the Argyle.
Miss Emma VauHorn has been on
the sick list this week.
Rev. Carver went to Fargo Monday,
returning Wednesday.
ftarris advertises school supplies
this week, He's gotthem too.
Joe Smith was over from Ellen
dale Tuesday to look after his father
The Fredericks Lyceum company
at Oakes next Thursday, Friday and
Harry Walters has moved his fami
ly into the house recently occupied by
.Engineer Malthouse.
Yesterday the thermometer regis
tered 101 in the shade, said to be the
hottest day this year.
Notice the change in the advertise
ment of Ash the resturant man. He
.has fresh oysters on tap.
'Miss Sipe has returned from Chic
ago with her millinery goods and
will open her store in a short time.
Father Dillon returned from his
trip in Sargent county Wednesday.
,and left for Ellendale this morning.
Mrs. E. E. Rorapaugh and daugh
termoved to Grand Forks last week
where they will reside for the future,
S. H. Cranmer, the portly populist
attorney of Aberdeen, was looking
after business matters in Oakes this
Mrs. T. W. Millham of Ellendale
is visiting friends in the vicinity of
Hudson this week.
•Mr. Jas. Scott has moved his offi.ce
furniture from the T. W. Bush build
ing to the building adjoining Mr.
Peterson's cigar store.
Mrs. Mat Smith entertained her
sisters, the Misses Minnie and Stella
Bingham of Oakes, on Thursday and
Friday this week.—Havana Herald.
Mrs. W.R. Bishop has returned
from a month's visit with friends and
relatives at Watertown, South
Postmaster Chamberlin has been on
the sick list this week, suffering from
his old army complaint—remember
ing Dixie as it were.
Senator Marshall returned from
,a trip to Detroit Lake last Saturday
U8\has been confined to the house
with hay fever most of the time this
Many Special Bargains will be Offered at
the Mammoth
c. M.C.
Will Good came down from James
town on the Northern Pacific Wed
nesday. He will move his family to
Jamestown today.
Mrs. Wayue Stanley aud daughter
Maude drove over from Nicholson
Wednesday and did some shopping
in the railroad city.
The grand opening of the M. C.
commences next Monday. It will be
better than a circus—and far more
profitable to visit.
James Holborn arrived in town
Thursday from Pierre, South Dakota.
He says he came up to help soma of
the Dickey county farmers thresh.
Miss Lillie and Mr. Warren Den
ning departed this week for Minnea
polis where they will attend the Min
nesota State University the coming
Dr. Teal, Oakes' reliable vetinarv
surgeon and dentist, has a card in the
Republican to let the readers know
that he is still on earth, and willing
to do business.
Mrs. H. E. Blv and Miss Helen
Harris went to Monango last evening
where Miss Harris took part in a con
cert given there last evening under
the direction of Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Mrs. Chr. Gorder drove down to
PortEmma yesterday, where she took
the Great Northern for Ellendale..
She will visit with friends at the coun
ty seat a few days and then go to
The Cannon dental company will be
in Oakes until Sept. 10 They had not
learned of Dr, Ellrworth's return,
and we learn they will not again vis
it the towu as they do not care to in
fere in pratice of local dentists*
Mr. Earnest Brownson left last
Friday for his sehool at Williston,.
North Dakota'where he will assume
lis duties as principal of the Willis
ton schools. Earnest will go by way
of Fargo and have his. eyes treated.
J. C. Hamilton, .the genial sta
tion agent at Kilb&rnie, went east
Sunday night ko relieve the agent at
Gorman for a few days. Hamilton
says his religion is to help one
another, and he is simply going
down there to carry out his creed.
new time card went into effect on
the Soo Sunday morning. The train
going east leavee at 7:45 in the even
ing and goes west at 8.10 in the
morning. Under this arrangement
they are nearer on schedule time than
John McCarthy ^departed Wednes
day on the Northern Pacific. He
will visit for a few days in Fargo and
Two Harbors, Minn, and will then go
to Duluth where he will take a course
in the business college at that city.
John har the making of a good busi
ness man.
T. W. Bush papered the room to
be occupied by the new millinery
store this week, acting as his own
trimmer, paster and executioner,
lady who peeked into the window
while he was at work says Mr. Bush
is not an expert paper hanger.
Compositor Bly went pluming up
near Fort Ransom last week, and
the Independent says he got lost.
Printers should confiue themselves
to pi and potatoes and let subscri
bers have the plums. They are too
rich for common people any way.
The Dr. Westfall company, an out
fit that sells worm medicine and gives
away good advice and
The water tank was out of repair,
the first of the week and the water,
had to be let out entirely to fix it.
After thy Aermoter had got about
four feet of water into the tank a
casting broke on top of the windmill,
and things are at a standstill without
water at present. The fire engine
will be used to fill the tank.
Ex-sheriff Coleman was over from
Ellendale twice this week on livery
business- There is some talk of the.
populists putting him up for county
treasurer this fall. We hope they,
wont, for -well we would hate to see
anyone on the republican ticket de
feated, and Denny is popular,
Mr., and Mrs. J. H. Denning ac
companied by Mrs. T. W, Mi lib am of
Ellendale, drove over to Fori Ran
som last week Thursday, returning
Saturday. They report plums a
good crop, this year and brought back
about five bushels of the fruit.
An informal reception will be
C. J. Appelequist and Capt. Court-
ney drove ove-r from Ellendale the
first of the week in one buggy Mr.
Appelquist was looking,after business,
matters and Captain Courtney was
acting, in the capacity of liveryman,
Theygdro-ve- into town.late, and the
hotels and resturants held a mass
convention to get them up supper.
Dr. Ellsworth is satisfied that. he.
will not be called to the front for
for any longer time than to be mus
tered out, and he will again. take up.
the practise of dentistry, in Oakes..
He pulled a tooth Jor the Republican,
editor the other day and got every
thing but the bald spot on top of his
head,so we are able to say from, ex
perience that h& is all rights
Th& State University is to organ
ize a department of lajv undar pro-
uuu comic songs,
passed through Oakes this week
bound for the northern part of the
state. They were merciful to Oakes
people and did not offer them any
worm medicine.
Samuel Glover was in from his farm
yesterday and took dinuner at the
Argyle, He has been threshing for
two weeks and has about half finished.
His crop will average somewhere
about ten bushels per acre,, which
will give him about fifty thousands
bushels of wheat.
en Rev. E. iJarver this evening at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Haus
Lee, Saudwichies, coffee and lemon,
ice will be served. The reception
will be given-in appreciation of the
services rendered by Mr. Carver dur
ing the past four months..
vision of its original charter,, with ex
Chief Justico Corliss as dean. The
plan contemplates a corps of. lectures
to be appointed
the bar of the
state and one resident instructor.
The cours© will be two years and in
struction is expected to begin in
September 189S.—Fargo Argus.
The 3tate industrial school board
held a. meeting in Ellendale last week
and decided to commence building
at once. About half of the fifteen
thousand dollars available will be
used for the building and the other
half for equipment. Work will be
commenced at once and the founda
tion walls completed this fall.
The Republican wants more corre
spondents through the county, es
pecially one from Silverleaf, Guelph,
Glover, Yorktown, Fullerton, and
every other locality where people are
alive. We furnish stationery and
stamps, besides paying for those that
send news regularly. Anyone will
ing to send the news will be supplied
with stationery on application. If
subscribers would send us an occa
sional item of news from their neigh
borhood it would be appreciated.
Myrtle Vinton, supported by the
Fredericks Lyceum Theatre com
pany, will be the attraction' at Oakes
Opera House on the evenings of Sep
tember 8, 9, and 10th. New plays,
new and special scenery,, new songs,
new dances, in fact a new company
Seats now on sale at the-usual place
for the opening night.
Last Monday City Marshall Bunk
er and deputy sheriff Sanderson took
a stranger by the came of Nelson to
Ellendale to go before the insanity
board. Mr. Nelson was adjudged in
sane by the board and brought back
and confined in the Oakes jail until
Wednesday, when the officers in
charge took him to Jamestown to be
ired for in the asylum.
Rev. Gallagher of Casselton prech
ed two able sermons in the Presby
terian church last Sundav, Rev,
Gallagher is chairman of the mission
ary comniit-tes and is spending his
vacation getting acquainted with the
needs of the churches under his
charge. While here ho called a con
gregational meeting and they decid
ed to-let him send a young ma&ihere
for a three months trial as soon as
the chinch is vacated by Rev. Carver
who goes next week to resume his
studies at Princeton.
The Fredericks Lyceum Theatre
compauy will play a three nights en
gagement at the Opeta Bouse in
Oakes, beginning September 8th.
This companv is a geol one and will
bo remembered, having played a pre
vious engagement, in this city.. The
company is said to be larger ami bet
ter -than- lash season and the press
speaks very favorably of then:,: Their
plays are all new and each member of
the company will appear nightly in
new songs and daii«es. SeatH.uww on
sale at uswal place..
CbnsfcaJsle Sears s.f •Ellend'tute and a
i!epresenfcative of a. threshing -machine
company undertook to taktv a thresh
ing. rig oa- a chattel over rieo? Silver
leaf tho othc-'i- day,. a»d tho uwrser o3
the rig resisted
School open* up a.ext Maatlay
morning. The- building' has been
throughly renovated,.the walls tint
ad,. and it presents a. very inviting
appearance,.. Thu steam gating
plaat is not, yet in place, but the
work of putting the* boiler together
(is now gciug on ii& Mr. ©order's
shop, and.it, will ncjdoubt b&4n place.
,'in about a month. Prof. Crock&r
wishes us to ajmounce that those
having children who are to go this
term foi,-this first.time should start
thorn in, at the very beginning of the
school,.and not wait for a. few weaksj
as it interferes somewhat with, the
W.& have sant out statements, to all
subscribers *sho are ia arrears, just to,
remind them that, th& day of contsi
bution is at hand.. We hope those
who are satisfied wish the paper will
pay for it.promptly, and those who
are not will pay for it up to date
Ijand have it discontinued. We do
not care to sendi the paper to anyone
who is not willing to pay for it—not
necessarily in advaccj, but at least
once year. We are about to open
a new subscription book, and want
every subscriber to acknowledge the
account at. once, whether they pay or
not, so w© can correct errors before
entering the name on the new book.
For Sale-
Sows and pigs. Geo. M. Taylor,
Blacksmith Wanted,
C. C,
take* A scrag,
ensued and Mr,-. Sears worsted has
man—as usual. lie- was arrested for
assault and battery, tried. befoae.Jusr
tice Fiiweett and discharged. W&
have-not learned) what became of thsi
rig.,, iatti the faufc that th» constbaL®
went after it ia. pretty gso«i evident®
thai lie got it,.,.
blacksmith pr a good
helper thirty days work.
An Interview with Prof. Salimitt,, the
Opposition Nominee*
Schmitt of Jamestown1, nomi­
nee for state superintendent on the
Opposition ticket, was a caller at the
Republican office last Friday. He
was on his way home from conduct
ing, a summer school at Forman, and
went north on* the Northern Pacific
Friday afteruoon.
After introducing himself as Mr.
Schmitt, city superintendent of
schools at Jamestown ha was asked:
"You are the populist candidate
lor state superratendent?"
"No, I am not, a candidate, I am
the nominee, I will admit. I received
a telegram while sit Elleadale asking
me if I would accept, and before I
could get a reply- to the commit tee
that made the nominaticB.s they had
adjourned andigone horn^.: I notified
the committee that, I would- not ac
cept the nomination, and. they re
quested me to wait until after they
bad met again before withdrawing.
I will do this but if I follow my own
inclination I shall .withdraw. I have
a very good position whore I *im, as
city superintendent of sohools at
Jamestown. If She state superinten
dence- were only out of-.' politics I
would not object to- accepting if there
any assurance that I. could have
the place long enough to t:ceomplish
something. But to give up. what I
have now got, and go into this polit
ical fight, where I. have certainly got
to get trom ten to fifteen thousand
republican votes-to bo elected, and
then q^nly for a two years term, I
really can't see may thing .in -it for me.
Mr. llaliand has-made the best sup
erintendent the state has ever had,
and lor the educational interest of
the* state it would be a pity, to make .
a-, change."
'"•Then you hasw not, withdrawn?"
'-Not, exactlyI.believ&I have to-•
life a withdrawal- in some f-orm with
the officials at Bismarck.. I have not
done so- yet. I .will meet with the
committee at Fargo next- wnek, and
jhave promised not to do. this until
jafter tiaat meeting. This4s all I care
feo say about, iJu If you.soy anything
about me, saj.I.aai, the- nominee,if
you wish to, but, please-do not say
that 1 am a candidate."
''B,«st if
should:raa andgetsthe
election harj&j'ou anything new. or
novol to inaugurate inte, the adminis
tration of the. affaiiR-of- the office?"
"No, I can't say. that. I have. The
inducement is being,lie-Id out to. me
that on .account of the scandalous
stories regarding. Ma 11 and I could
gat. republican votes, enough t© elect
nie. But uvea, then, I should feel.
that I bad boen elected by s&publi
votes, and. would necessarily have
,to act 5u harmony with the republican*
jjaduiinistration, ofi the state.. I don't:,
that 3. could: make any inaprovment:.
in the administration of the office.,
and for the shaft time I would be»
these it would hardly be worth while
trying. Our educational, iuterests-ia
the stata are. in very good shape, but
of course there is room, for improve
ment, and perhaps thee© always will
Mr.. Schmitt is a fine looking man,
'and would be taken for a clergyman
in a crowd any wher®. If he should,
happeu to be the next state superin
tendent he would no doubt continue
to be what he is today, an educator
instead of a calamity politician. The
Opposition have choson more wisely
than they knew.
After having speut two weeks in
the Chicago markets, I shall be pleas
ed to show the ladies of Oakes and
vicinity some of the many new cre
ations in fall and winter millinery.
Will also be prepared to do firsfj
class dress makiug at reasonable
prices. I solicit a share of your pat
ronage. I shall be ready for busi
ness by Sept. 15, 1898, one door west
of Oakes Bakery.
Respect fully
Miss B. I. Sipe
Chance of a Life lime,
I am at home over C. J, Fenton's
hardware store wit a line of Hamp
den, Elgin, Waltham and Seth
Thomas watches. I will sell these
watches cheap for cash for the next
5 days or as long'as they last. Eyes
tested and repairs as before.
Wood, Jeweler, Oakes. N. D.

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