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Page Eight
Red Cross News Notes
First Thursday of Each Month
Second Thursday of Each Month
Third Thursday of Each Month
Last Thursday of Each Month
First Friday of this Month
Second Friday of this Month
Third Friday of this Month
Last Friday of this Month
At present the schedule for the
surgical dressing workers is as fol
Volunteer workers every afternoon
from 2 to 5:30.
Monday evenings 7 to 9 me:: work
Tuesday evening 7 to 9 women vol
Wednesday evenings. Eastern Star
and others volunteer workers.
Thursday evenings high school
There is room now to accommodate
a *large number of additional volun
teer workers, and there is an urgent
demand for more workers and for
more work to be turned out.
Williston is the only place, in the
county where the surgical dressing
Catholic Altar Society
Methodist Ladies Aid
The Mondays of each week are devoted to Red Cross sewing,
and the Saturdays to Red Cross knitting for a while.
The Red Cross instructors wish to have it announced that a
one is invited to help work on any of the. days
and that the days are not for the organizations alone. It is also
requested that anyone in need of Red Cross material to work on
or has work to turn in will please call at the Elks Home.
Red Cross Acre
I hereby subscribe for Red Cross support, proceeds of one acre
of my 1918 crop, after deducting expense of seed and threshing.
Proceeds to be delivered to WILLIAMS COUNTY RED CROSS
CHAPTER when marketed.
My farm is in SEC TOWN RANGE
This branch of the Red Cross work
has grown very rapidly and in order
to accommodate the workers addi
ditional room was needed. The work
rooms are over the Post Office and
recently Mr. Mansfield and Mr, Byerly
have very kindly arranged their of
fices so that the Red Cross workers
could have the entire north end of
the building. This gives the work
ers ideal quarters, being central,
light, clean, warm and sanitary.
Mail Pledge to Van R. Brown, Ray, N. D.
work is done as none of the other Salary Miss Gorman Assistant 38.00
branches in the county are as yet! Mrs. Winterfield Supplies and
equipped or ready to do the work. refund Jr 30.45
Funds in the Red Cross treasury are Am. Red Cross Supplies ........ 5.50
low and surgical dressings can be Bruegger Merc. Co., Supplies 15.82
made for one-fifth of the co*t. of other Printing 5.50
branches of Red Cross work.
Episcopal Guild
Congregational Ladies Aid
American Lutheran Aid
Yeoman Lodge
Norwegian Lutheran Aid
Royal Neighbors
There has been an impression that
only those persons who have taken
or are taking the regular course in
surgical dressings would be allowed
owork. This is a mistaken idea as
there is an immense amount of the
work that can be done by women who
have not received previous training
and who can become very proficient
in turning out large quantities of
special kinds of dressings in a very
short time. The rooms are open for
these volunteer workers every after
noon between 2 and 5:30 and a few
minutes instructions will enable one
to learn to do one kind of dressing.
Men workers are wanted to do the
surgical dressings Monday evenings,
and on Tuesday and Wednesday even
ings, and every afternoon women
workers are needed. If you can come
out and help and if you do not do so,
you are not doing your best. That is
the Red Cross Motto now,—not your
bit—but your best.
of the Williams county cnapter of
the American red cross for the month
of February, 1918:
Express 42.45
Postage 16.82
$ 2.50
Nessoin Valley Refund 5.25
Mr. Hoover asks you to save butter, lard, suet Mazola
is a pure, vegetable oil for deep frying, saut&ng, short
ening—wonderfully economical.
With the Nation-wide movement to save animal fats the
housewife is confronted with a serious problem—if she would
continue to serve fried foods.
Thousands of American homes have found the answer in
Mazola, the pure cooking and salad oil from corn.
Because Mazola is a vegetable oil—and because a thorough
test on the part of housewives has proven that Mazola is more
practical, more economical than the old cooking mediums.
It makes fried foods digestable—and the great big factor for
economy in Mazola is that it can be used over and over again—
does not transmit taste or odor from one food to another.
A recent demonstration showed that the same tinful of
Mazola could be used eighteen successive times for deep fryingl
Mazola is fine for salad dressings, too.
Get Mazola from your grocer in pint, quart, half-gallon or
gallon tins. The large sizes give greatest economy. Also ask for
the free Mazola Book of Recipes—or write
us direct.
Your money refunded If M»xo!» does not (tve entire satisfiction.
Cern Products Refining Company
New York
Beaver Creek
Telegrams and Telephone ....
Fare Ray and return, 2 ... in
Re dCross Dues January
J. W. Disney, Supplies and la
Rent Sewing Machine
Nesson Valley 15.60
Wheelock 37.50
Epping 36.00
Trenton -10.14
Hebron Twp 3.00
Ppland Ladies Aidjby Carney.. 20.00
Alamo 24.00
Nesson Valley 14.00
Spring Brook 9.00
Tioga 9.00
Ellisville 1*00
Temple 47.00
Wheelock 35.00
Hamlet 18.00
Summit Valley 2.00
Hebron Twp 44.00
Marmon 14.00
Hanks 75.00
Medicine Lodge 15.00
Buford 1-00
Happy Hollow
Brook 27.50
Total Disbursements $688.19
Cas hon hand 481.16
Juniors 134.16
Suplies and Donations 47.50
Pledges 378.75
Knitting parties 51.75
Stout lecture 138.00
Memberships 34.00
Junior Donations from differ
ent branches 105.75
Supplies and donations (in
cluding some Jr. Mems):
Buford 25.50
Tioga 50.05
Ray 20.00
Temple 45.72
Wildrose 133.55
Marmon 35.21
Spring Brook 41.40
Hanks 69.65
Beaver Creek 1-78
Alamo 20.00
Total Receipts $2354.10
Total Disbursements 688.19
Bal. on hand $1665.91
Patient's Equipment
6 shirts, 4 pillow cases, 2 hot-water
bags, 3 suit pajamas, 2 pairs bed
socks, 4 hospital shirts, 4 pairs socks,
1 pair slippers, 1 bath robe, 3 wash
rags, 4 face towels, 2 bath towels.
Comfort Bags
1 tube tooth paste, 1 toothbrush, 1
cake soap, 3 short studs, 1 spool black
thread, 1 spool white thread, 1 pack
age needles, 1 thimble, 6 clothes but
tons, 16 pins, 4 safty pins, 1 handker
chief, 1 pipe, 1 pencil, 1 pad paper, 6
Every American soldier now enter
ing the trenches carries a Red Cross
comfort kit containing towel, shirt,1
writing paper, pencil, soap, handker
chief, socks, mirror, and tobacco, ac
cording to a cablegram received at
the national headquarters of the
American Red Cross.
The number of kits can not be stat
ed, the cablegram continues, but the
fact that every soldier has one means
that the work done by American
women is a big comfort to the sol
diers now on the firing line. This fact
should be a solace to the American
women, who have made them, as well
as to the soldiers. More kits. are
wanted with socks and tobacco.
Mrs. Gutton Anderson, Moorehead,
Minn., 76 years old, has undertaken
to knit one pair of socks for each en
listed man from that city. Though
unable to walk without crutches, Mrs.
Anderson has already completed 63
pairs of socks.
Another worker of Morehead,
George Metcalf, 76 years old, has
made over 125 sets of knitting needles
and given the proceeds to the Red
Though having a widely scattered
population, Kittson County chapter,
Minnesota, has systematized its Red,
Cross work so that much is being ac
complished in every phase of the
A record is kept of all shipments
sent to headquarters from the chapter
and its 19 auxiliaries. A weekly let
ter with suggestions, and announce
ments is mailed, together with the
Northern Division bulletin, to the dif
ferent organizations.
When drafted or enlisted men
leave the county, each one is pre
sented with a comfort kit and assured
that letters will be written them reg
In one of the rural schools, an en
tertainment was given, for the bene
fit of the Red Cross, which brought
In spite of the cold weather, which
made it impossible for the chapter
school committee to visit schools,
Aurora county, S. D., has 20 junior
auxiliaries of the rted Cross.
Every pupil in the grade school and
nearly all" the primary children at
Plankinton, S. D., have learned to knit.
The Eastern Star lodge, Thief River
Falls, Minn., recently held a surgical
dressings contest which took place
in the work rooms of the Red Cross
Chapter. Every Eastern Star mem
ber was challenged to enter the con
With a population of less than 100,
Wasta, S. D., raised $1,385 for the
Red Cross in one day.
Articles which had been donated
by town and county people, were sold,
a supper served, and in the evening
a dance given. Among the things
sold and resold was a loaf of war
bread decorated with, an American
flag. This loaf was sold 72 times and
finally brought $36.
DeWitt Clinton Moore, a 7 year old
boy of Grafton, N. D., is doing his
bit by economizing on sugar in order
to buy thrift stamps. He uses one
fourth of the amount of sugar he has
been accustomed to, and sells the re
mainder to his mother.
W. J. A. Meyer, food administrator
of Missouri, who read a notice in a
Missouri paper of DeWitt's "thrift
habit," wrote the boy a letter com
menting him on his patriotism.
On March 3, 1918, the war coun
cil of the American Red Cross re
ceived the following cable from Major
James H. Perkins, Red Cross Com
missioner to France: "At the request
of the United States' army, the Red
Cross has just arranged to install
with all American troops, now en
gaged in actually fighting Germans,
special front line service. This is de
velopment of the front line canteens
through which the Red Cross has dur
ing the past six months served more
than one million Poilus wit hot
drinks and above all else a friendly
boost or write up, in or near the
trenches themselves.
"Today the Red Cioss has fifteen
rolling canteens behind the lines.
From these canteens are sent forward
daily, often in the small hours of
night, fifty or more large receptacles
containing hot drinks. These are
served free to men going on or com
ing off duty. The work has proven
itself to be of such value to the
French that the American Army has
asked the Red Cross to have this ser
vice directly in touch with medical re
lief stations which are nearest the
front. The work is often done under
heavy shell fire and requires men of
great bravery and sympathy.
"Eugene Hale, brother of Senator
Hale of Maine, has finished six months
without vacation wit hthe rolling can
teen service near Verdun. He has
served thousands of French troops
and gained great commendation from
a French general who noticed the
character of his work. Returning to
Paris today just before leaving for
America, Hale says, 'While men are
glad to have hot drinks, their chief
astisfaction consists in the sense this
service gives them of a friend being
there to extend a helping hand and
cheering word at the critical or tired
"American army officers are mani
festing keen interest in having this
service at the disposal of American
troops and the Red Cross plans to en
list in France and in America a sub
stantial number of men of the high
est caliber to undertake this wonder
ful service. It will be performed at
a point nearest the fighting line at
which civilians will be permitted to
contract with men."
At the meeting of the Watford City
commercial club President Johnson
was re-elected and J. S. Smalley
for another
year. A comprehensive plan for the
ensuing year's work has. been outlined
and efforts will be made to keep Wat
ford as prominently before the peo
ple the coming season as it has been
in the past.
Twenty seven counties out of
fifty-three in this state will bond for
seed grain this spring.
Charles BcGonagle, formerly taxi
driver in Minot, lost his hand in
France by the accidental explosion
of a hand grenade. He will sobn be
invalided home.
Dickinson is soon to have, a paud
secretary of the local chamhber of
Attorney T. I.. Dahl has been noti
fied to appear in Washington to take
a position in the government insur
ance department. Dahl is practising
law in Grafton.
School lands sold at the sale at
Ellendale, recently at $125 an acre
and out of 134 quarters of land offer
ed, 129 were sold.
It is whispered about the federal
building in Fargo, that the leniency
extended by federal judges in the
first cases of dealing with non-regis
trants is past and that jail sentences
will be the portion of those who try
to evade registering or service.
John Wishek, candidate for gov
ernor on the German-Alliance Repub
lican ticket in 1914, has been indi
cated by the federal grand jury for
sedition. He went to Fargo dnd gave
himself up to the authorities and
was placed under heavy bonds to ap
pear at the next term of U. S. Dis
trict court at Bismarck, for trial.
Three Fargo nurses receiver orders
to leave for the base hospitals last
Friday night. Those to go are Misses
Haldis Sundre, Helga Nygaard and
Ruth Bjornaby. Two others, Misses
Monica E. Gerding and Mary Spring
er, graduates of St. John's hospital
left last Wednesday night.
The annual State convention of the
Knights of Pythias to be held at Man
dan this year, has been postponed
until 1919 on account of the war.
An exchange defines "9 Consumer"
is town man who wants the farmers
to feed him for nothing and lay the
provender on his doorstep. "A Pro
ducer" is a countryman who wants
every cent a town man has leaving
him nothing for pool ad tobacco. How
men do unto others as they would
have thers do unto them.
Because L. C. Salisbury permitted
his young daughter, Maxine, who is
less than 16 years old, to drive his
car, a jury in district court has
awarded Samuel Dickson a verdict for
$50,000 for injuries sustained June
2, 1917, which he was run down by
the Salisbury machine. It was al
leged that the daughter was alone in
the machine at the time, an dthat
when Dickson, riding a bicycle, sud
denly rounded a corner at Edgely,
she became confused, lost control,
and permitted the machine to crash
into the boy, who sustained injuries
which are said to be permanent in
Bismarck and Dickinson held me
morial services Sunday for the boys
who were lost 'over there' in recent
trench raids.
Thursday, Marcfc 1«
Buller Brothers
Have a department just for
that work. All work guaran
teed. Have your suit or coats
cleaned and pressed.
J.E Pasonault
36 Main Street
WiIlisten,.N- D.
For the next 60 days we
will give you reduced prices
-n all re-orders and en
largements —remember we
give you as good work as
any studio in the larger
cities. See our work, and
you be the judge.
36 Mail Street
She Kept Her Locks Dark and
Glossy, with Sage Tea
and Sulphur.
When you darken your hair with Sage
Tea and Sulphur, lio one can tell, be
cause it's done ao naturally, so evenly.
Preparing this mixture, though, at home
is mussy and troublesome. For 50 cents
you can jbuy at any drug store the ready
to-use preparation, improved by the addi
tion of other ingredients, called "Wyeth't
Sage and Sulphur Compound." You just
dampen a sponge or soft brush with it
and draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time. By morning
all gray hair disappears, and, after an
other application or two, your hair be
comes beautifully darkened, glossy and
What You Want to Know!
QUESTION NO. 1: "What can you do for my lame back?"
Chiropractically, we always look for the cause. Stiff back,
lame back, sore back, or backache, may be caused by over work,
but frequently it is a symptom of some deeper seated trouble. In
fact, we can find tenderness in the back linked with most any dis
ease. However, when we speak of "lame back," we usually mean
the most common form, known as lumbago, (which is nothing more
than rheumatism of the muscles of the back) or "muscular rheu
Plasters, liniments, woolen cloths, various baths, electricity,
serums and what not. have been used to combat the misery. No
doubt you have tried them all and STILL YOU SUFFER—ALL
tent Chiropractor could relieve in a short time.
Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace,
is a sign of old age, and as we all de
sire a youthful and attractive appear
ance, get busy at once with Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound and look years
younger. This ready-to-use preparation
is a delightful toilet requisite and not a
medicine. It is not intended for the curc,
mitigation or prevention oi disease.
Hard work, falls, sprains, and any one of a hundred different
incidents during life, cdn and do produce these slightly displaced
vertebrae in such a manner as to pinch the delicate nerves.
Don't let spring work catch you with a lame back, or, for that
matter, with any soreness. Let's go over the "top" feeling good
at seeding time for your labor is needed by your country in this
critical time. Also all chronic ailments successfully treated.
If you are suffering don't put it off.
DR. T. H. DAVID, D. C.
Licensed in North Dakota. Offices in
Hedderich Block
Office Hours: 9:00 to 12:00 a. m., 2:00 to-5:00 p. m.
Sundays by Appointment

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