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Page Eight
The grain-threshing season will be
gin in some parts of the country in
the next thirty days and will continue
throughout the country as the season
advances and grain matures. Ihe
supply of coal for threshers is a very
important matter. The threshing in
dustry has been classiAed by the
Priorities Committee of the War In
dustries Board as belonging under the
following classification as shown on
Preference List No. 1:
"Food—Plants manufacturing, Mill
ing, Preparing, refining, preserving
and wholesaling food for human con
The threshing industry in years
pt.st has largely used domestic sizes
of bituminous coal for threshing. This
year, in many parts of the country,
the supply of domestic coal is limit
ed, and except where there see/r.s to
tie a plentiful supply, operator?, ship
pers and dealers supplying threshers
should supply mine run coal or other
grades of steam coal. Nut and slack
sizes, generally speaking, are not
suitable and should not be supplied.
The Food Administration has a
threshing committee in each county
headed by a chairman who has been
asked by the Food Administration to
work with our State and County Fuel
Administrators so as to provide the
necessary supply of threshing coal.
Operators accepting shipments for
Copper, Brass, Iron, Lead, Tinfoil, Auto Tires, Tnner
Tubes, Rubber Rags, and Aluminum.
Call or write for price lists and shipping tags.
nfCi Hnnia
& ir 4S™r
threshing coal should give same pre
ferred attention so that the coal, as
far as possible, can move in advance
of the threshing season and retail
dealers ordering coal for re-sale to
threshers, should order promptly and
make every effort to keep themselves
supplied with a sufficient supply to
protect threshers, but should not en
deavor to accumulate large stocks of
coal in excess of the known require
ments of the threshing industry.
Where threshermen fail to secure
a supply direct, or retail dealers or
dering for threshermen are unable to
secure a supply, in such cases they
should make their requirements
known through the County Fuel Ad
ministrators to the State Fuel Ad
ministrators, who in turn will place a
request for the requirements in ques
tion with a District Representative
serving the consuming territory in
question, and in
Representatives will see that prompt
atention is given the request.
J. B. Lyon of Williston is district
chairman for Williams and McKen
zie counties and will look after the
requirements of coal in this district.
—Buy W. S. S.—
renin oausnu
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taken. The wire mentioned that Lit
tle Annie, the daughter of a certain
banker in New York died this morn
ing and was buried in a certain ceme
tery. This same message was sent,
out for seven days the only change
being that the daughter was buried
in a different cemetery every morn
ing. After considerable work the
cipher message was translated. The
banker was then approached ana told
that he had about two chances. Be
Uncle Sam Is Counting On
Williams County for $361,860
in War Savings Stamps
fo^ll'the^)^r n? ™ek you must make your pledge
w« L^in^ ii,you
if ™kin*
buy War Savings Stamps to the full limit of your ability.
Remember this. You take no chances when you eo the
They pay 4 per cent interest compounded quarterly. Thev can't ?o below
par. You can get back every dollar you put into War Savfnes StamDS anv
time you need it. You can turn them in at the post office anv time for their
full value plus interest.
WilHamS COUnty must
You will be asked this week to indicate the maximum amount von ran in
FULL ™int
This Space Contributed to the Winning of the War by
Genera) Merchandise
Spring Brook, North Dakota
before January first.
in paying for the war as
y°u- You will not have to
limit on War
a loyal American or be shot. He
took the first and gave the secret
service a letter to Bernstorlf recom
mending a certain man ar a loyal
German. This man, one^ of the' sec
ret service force, was given a posi
tion of Bernstorff's office and was of
great aid to the government.^ He was
there about a year and discovered
among other things, the fact that
Germany was sending millions to
Bernstorlf every week to be used in
corrupting the minds of the Ameri
cans as far as possible into being in
sympathy with Germany.
The difference in the two countries
in war were shown when he quoted
Germany's instructions to fight "Ruth
lessly" and instructions to one of our
armies when it was said, we fight
"With Malice toward none and With
Charity for All."
We are fighting said Mr. O'Connor
for the liberty of the world against
a country whose battle cry is the
hymn of hate and whose war is a
war of conquest. And while fighting
we are at the same time paying our
debt to France an dthat this idea
was uppermost in the minds of the
Americans wso shown when, in march
ing by the statue of Lafayette Gen
eral Pershing said "Lafayette, we
are here."
—Buy W. S. S.—
I have decided to become a candi
date for the office of County Judge of
Williams County, by stickers or writ
ing, subject to the wishes of the
Democratic voters of this county, at
the Primary Election to be held on
Jure 26th, 1918.
I have been a resident and prop
erty owner of this county for the
past nine years, and am satisfied to
stand on my record as an attorney
and citizen of this State and County.
I believe that the work and admin
istration connected with the office of
County Judge are of vital importance
to every taxpayer of Williams Coun
ty and every patron of the office.
Method and system must prevail
throughout the office at all times if it
is to .line the purposes lor wh:.*i
tbe oifire has been created, and with
iry practice and experience feel
qualified to maintain the high stan
dard of efficiency which the office now
holds under its present incumbent.
1-lt. P. P. Campbell.
—Buy W. S. S.—
Subscribe for the Graphic.
investments in toe world.
mce any t,me lor tneir
$362,860.00—the Nation
over,-decide. Be ready to pSge yoS
National War Savings Committee
Wheatless Recipes
Tested government recipes for
wheatless dishes have gone like "hot
cakes" at the library. Those who
were disappointed in getting them
last week will be glad to learn that
a new shipment has been received and
is ready ffr free distribution.
Soldiers' Libraries
What has been done? A library
war fund of $1,700,000 has been gath
ered. 36 camp library buildings erect
ed. 117 librarians now in the field,
many receiving no pay or part time
only. 464 camps, stations and ves
sels served. 109,403 selected books
sent overseas. 300,000 books purchas
ed, largely technical. 1,349,000 gift
books sent to camps and stations.
(Was yours among them?) 5,000,000
magazines distributed systematically.
The American Library Association is
certainly "doing its bit," for it is the
organization that has accomplished
the above.
Library Board Appointments
At the last meeting of the School
Board Mr. A. K. Grube was appoint
ed for three years to succeed himself,
and Mr. C. F. Currie was appointed
for three years to succeed Mr. White,
whose term expired this month. The
Board now consists of Mr. H. G. Han
sen, president, Mr. A. K. Grube, sec
retary, Mrs. Geo. Bruegger, Mrs. C.
Ellithorpe, and Mr. C. F. Currie
—Buy W. S. S.—
Offer your services to some gardener
BB a patrol. He will be glad to pay
you for your labor. Make his crop
the best in your neighborhood. Show
the world that boy scouts can rise to
any emergency. No quitters need ap
Plant.a garden at home. No matter
how small the space. Forego the flow
er garden this season. Plant vege
tables. If you have no garden use a
window bo*. You will be delighted
with the results, no matter how small
the crop. Do it now.
Offer your services to your teacher
to help In securing the necessary in
formation to establish school and
home gardens. Don't be a slacker.
Ask your city officials to organize to
help conserve the food supply of our
country. Have them offer vacant
space for cultivation. Show your pa
triotism. Arouse theirs.
The Government Needs the
Money—You the Stamps
Pledge yourself to buy War Savings Stamps on or before
June 28th.
It's Patriots' Pledge D%y—the day the government will
call upon you to give anew pledge of loyalty new proof
of your will to win new evidence that your dollars as weli
as your hearts are behind the men facing the Hun on the
martyred fields of fair France.
On that day you will be asked to sign a personal pledge
to buy
War Savings Stamps area direct loan from you to Uncle
Sam. Nothing can lessen their value. They're always
at par. They pay you well, though ^that isn't half so im
portant to you as what your money does for that boy—
maybe your own—"over there." Back him up. Keep
food going to him. Keep a coat on him. Keep his clips
full of cartridges. And shoes on his feet. See that he
has a "tin hat." Buy W. S. S.—send him over the top
with the go-get-'m feeling that comes from knowirg
you are pledged to see that he gets what is coming to
Get ready to sign your Pledge of Patriotism on National
War Savings Day. And buy W. S. S. until you wonder
how you were able to do it.
You'll pay $4.17 for each W. S. S. on June 28th—and
you'll get $5
each of them.
National War Savings Committee
This space contributed for the Winning of the War by
Wheelock, North Dakota
rue im runts smtss
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placed emphasis upon the fact that
Burnquist received well balanced sup
port throughout the state. Incom
plete returns gave the governor a
majority of more than 1,000 votes
in each of the districts. In the first,
Second, Third and Fifth districts
Burnquist received his heaviest ma
jorities in face of available returns,
Hennepin (Minneapolis) county re
ported that 100 precincts out of 225
gave Burnquist 13,864 and Lindbergh
8,457. In Ramsey county (St. Paul)
133 of 148 precincts gave Burnquist
11,071 and Lindbergh 9,167 votes.
S. S.—
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cause, I would have been personally
liable for it.
I asked the insurance company to
bring a friendly action, in order to
decide who was entitled to this in
terest, and although Attorney Gen
eral Linde had given his opinion that
this money did not belong to the
state, I insisted that he should claim
the money on behalf of the state,
as I wanted the matter settled.
The case was tried in district court
pf Burleigh county and was decided
in favor of the insurance company
last November and an appeal is now
pending in supreme court. And if
these state officials who are, or ap
pear to be, so much interested in the
Catarrh of Stomach
Did Not Know It
Mrs. Selena Tanner, Athens, Ohio,
writes: "I' cannot find words to ex
press my thanks for your kind ad
vice. I never once thought I had ca
tarrh of the stomach. I commenced
taking Peruna, as you directed. My
stomach continued to hurt me for
about two weeks after I began the
medicine, and. then it stopped. I now
have a good appetite, while before
I ^as nearly starved."
Those who object to liquid medi
cines can proeurs Peruna Tablets.
Thursday, June 20, l8iot
welfare of a foreign insurance com
pany should step into my office they
could readily ascertain that the $1,
250 is here, ready to be paid to who
ever is legally entitled to it.
I have tried my best to have this
matter settled and it is through no
fault of mine that it has dragged
along for over two years. Had I not
been a candidate for governor no one
would have attempted to blacken my
character on account of the above,
but I feel satisfied that Governor
Frazier is not a party to, nor ap
proves of this cowardly attempt to
assassinate my character and repu
State Treasurer.
—Buy W. S. S.—
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was put on in the evening which was
highly enjoyed by all and in spite of
the fact that a storm came up dur
ing the evening the day proved a big
success and those in charge are to be
complimented for their good work in
arranging the program.
Home Guard Drill
During the Carnival in the evening
the Home Guard staged a drill that
pleased the spectators and showed
what wonderful work has been done
by Capt. Jeffreys in the training of
the Guard. The balloon ascention
which was billed for the evening was
postponed on account of the storm
but it is hoped that this will be held
at a later date.
Made Me Well

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