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Pm Four
A good sited crowd attended the
4ance Tuesday evening at the I. O. O.
P. Hall which was given by the Mod
ern Woodman Lodge of this city. The
proceeds of the dance will be applied
on insurance for the twentytwo mem
bers of the local lodge that are now
in the service.
The Williston Township, Club held
picnic at the Gromatka farm last
Sunday afternoon. A large crowd
of the club members as well as out
aiders were present and a good time
was enjoyed by all. C. C. Converse
and Wm. G. Owens delivered the ad
dresses of the afternoon.
A marriage license was issued Aug.
24th. to Hans H. Holt of Wildrose
and Miss Anna Caroline Paulson of
Lake Crystal.
The annual church and Sunday
School was held Tuesday evening at
Wilson's Grove west of the city. A
large crowd was in attendance and
for little ones
We have the finest flavor
ed and purest stick and
home made candy that
money will buy. Fancy
shapes and colors at prices
that will bring you a big
quantity for your money.
Home Made Candies
Try some of our Ice Cream
Bride Ice Cream a Specialty
With Us.
Fresh Fruits always^ on
Hand at Lowest Prices
Paris Confectionary
Main St., Williston, N. D.
For Saturday & Monday
Spotless Cleanser, 2 cans for 6c
Soda Crackers, regular 45c per box 39c
Regular 35c Cookies, per pound.. 32c
30c Coffee, per pound 25c
Pickles, 3 pound cans 20c
Seedless Raisens, per pound ..... 14c
30c Baking Powder, per can 20c
10c Arm & Hammer Soda, per box 8c
Navy Beans, per pound 17c
Macaroni, 3 boxes for 25c
Matches, per box 6c
No-Vary Breakfast Coffee, per lb.. 25c
Toilet Paper, large rolls, 3 for 22c
they all had a big time. A splendid
picnic lunch was served.
The English Lutheran Church ot
this city held their annual church pic
nic yesterday at the grove two blocks
west of the post office. The picnic
was made an all day affair
Fosters Cash Grocery
East Broadway Williston, N. D.
Free Delivery—Phone 160
who attended had a good time. Lunch
was served and various
The Happy Hollow Branch of the
Red Cross will hold an apron sale and
a jitney dance on the Metzger corner
on Main and Broadway on Saturday,
September 7th. The apron sale will
be held in the afternoon and the dance
in the evening. All proceeds will go
into the general funds of this branch.
The Muddy Valley Red Cross mem
bers gave a party on their president
Mrs. Lamphere, Sunday evening
serving ice cream and wafers—and
presenting her a beautiful crumb
tray. Mrs. Lamphere is moving out
of the vicinity and resigned as presi
dent of the Muddy Valley branch,
very much to the regret of the mem
bers of the Red Cross branch.
Last evening Mrs. R.' R. Rhodes
gave a farewell party for Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Wilson who are soon to
leave the city for Rugby where Mr.
Wilson will take up work with the
G. N. Railroad. Many of Wilson's
Williston friends were present at the
Mrs. Kather entertained about
twenty of her lady friends at the
Kather home north of the city yes
terday afternoon. A delightful lunch
was served at 5 P. M. which was well
enjoyed by all present.
The First Lutheran Ladies Aid will
meet next Thursday afternoon at the
usual time and place and will be in
charge of Mr. Swenson and Mrs.
The traveling men will have a trap
shoot over the new trap at the race
track Saturday, August 31 at three
o'clock. The hunting season is draw
ing .near and hunters sometimes like
to get a little practice before hand.
The club extends an invitation to any
one who wishes to join the shoot Sat
R. W. Nudd, Field Captain.
The Williston Tennis tournament
which started Tuesday afternoon
proved to be a very successful one and
Williston people had a chance to see
some very good tennis. The finals in
doubles was played yesterday after
noon between Dr. Blatherwick and
Dr. Rogers and Elsworth and Cor
bett of this city. The former team
won, Elsworth and Corbett taking the
first set and Blatherwick and Rogers
the next three.
The finals in singles which was
played this morning was by far the
best tennis ever seen in the city. The
match was between Dr. Blatherwick
of Van Hook, who for three years
straight, won the state championship,
and Alex Drapes of this city. Mr.
Drapes had only been on the courts
three times previous to this tourna
ment and put up some very fine tennis.
Dr. Blatherwick won the match. The
first two sets went to Drapes and the
next three to the doctor. The score
was 5-7, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4.
In the doubles there were two oth
er very good matches. Drapes and
Harding playing Blatherwick and
Rogers put up some very good tennis.
They took the first set 2-6 and lost
the next two.
The hardest double match was be
tween White and Mclntyre of Don
nybrook and Elsworth and* Corbett of
Williston. Forty eight games were
played in this match,'Corbett and Els
worth winning, 7-5, 10-12, 8-6.
The surprise of the tournament was
the tennis put up by Mr. Drapes. He
played a wonderful game considering
the amount of practice he had and
he is sure to make them all go some
next season.
Ends Tomorrow
The Canning demonstration thathas
been in session for the' past three
days will end tomorrow night. This
demonstration is in charge of the
Woman's National Council of Defence
and is being held in the building just
north of Pasonault's Studio on Main
Street. The work is being conducted
by Mrs. G. M. Holland, County Food
Chairman and Mrs. Dr. MacManus
assisted by women from the country
surrounding Williston. They have
equipment sufficient for the canning
of 200 quarts of vegetables during
an afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon
is set aside for the women of the sec
ond ward of Williston and any other
women who wish to bring vegetables
to be canned. Any kind of vegetables
will be canned and ail they ask of
the women is that they bring the
vegeables, a dish pan, parring knife,
dish towel and the cans for the vege
tables and stay and assist with the
canning of their vegetables. Any
amount may be brought and this is
a mighty fine chance and a cheap one
for the women of Williston to get
their green vegetables canned for
next winters use and also learn how
£his canning is done in the right way.
During the past few days of the dem
onstration a great deal of -fine work
has been done but more of it could
have been handled had the women
turned out.
Bring any green vegetables such
as green corn on the cob, beans, peas,
cauliflower, swiss chard, beets, etc.
These vegetables will taste mighty
fine next winter and every family
should have their supply.
Child Welfare
Examination Here
On Monday and Tuesday of this
week the Child Welfare department
of the Womens Council of Defence
measured and weighed about, 450 chil
dren under six years of age at the
Elk's Home in this city. Mrs. Blais
dell was in charge of this work and
was assisted by the physicians of the
city and several other Www belong
ing to the local council.
Many of the children
to be all 0. K. physically wMle oth
ers were found with ailments of which
their parents were not aware of. Two
cards were filled out for each child,
one which was given to the parents
and the other sent into headquarters
at Washington. The object of this
examination was to ascertain the ail
ment of all the children of the com
munity and correct them while they
were young. The examination was
given throughout the country by the
Council of Defence free of charge
and will no doubt have a great deal
to do with the development of a strong
I and sturdy future generation.
The Williston doctors that assisted
with the examinations were Drs. Win
del, Trainor, Nicholson, Distad, Doch
terman, Hagen and MacManus.
Club To Meet
There will be a meeting of the Wil­'derich
liston Community club at the office
of N. B. Ludowese Friday evening at
8 p. m. All those that are interested
in the development of the club are
urged to be present at this meeting.
School Shoos
for tne Poys
and Girls
The test of a shoe is service,
not price. Queen Quality val
ues please because of service
rendered. "Money's Worth"
in style, materials and work
manship is the basis of their
appeal to discriminating shoe
re iv
some very pretty
new lasts in ladies
Crossett Shoes in
browns, greys and
tans, all leathers.
In Williston
23 Years Ago
From news printed in the
Williston Graphic
August, 1895
Wm. Snyder our tonsorial artist
has a card in the Graphic and don't
you forget it.
Jim Heffernan won the prize at the
poverty social Friday night for the
worst looking tramp in the gang.
The most courted of all living things
at the present time, is the festive
prairie chicken.
A light shower yesterday morning
not only slacked the thirst of the fes
tive mosquito, but quieted the rest
less dust in the streets of Williston.
The prairie fire last Tuesday after*
noon destroyed 35 tons of hay for
Sheriff H. Roehr, and did some other
damage to settlers on the Little
Miss Hughes and Mrs. D. Van Dyke
valuable services by their
vocal efforts at the social entertain
ment Friday evening, as did also
Mrs. Bayrell who so skilfully pre
sided at the^gan.
It is now I positive fact that Hed
Bros.Hso' long post traders at
I Ft. Biiford fojill open up a general
at Williston and October 1st.
has fixed as the date of their
1 advent in the thriving city. Hedderich
Bros, are well known throughout this
Win You Accept This
Earnest Invitation?
Beginning tomorrow morning we offer
the styles, the service, the values that only
Queen Quality shoes can give.
We urge you take an early opportunity to
inspect our new showing of this famous make
"QaeenQua)ity"Means Full Money's Worth
Your style ideas and your footwear needs
are realized in Queen Quality famous shoes.
Every model is an approved style every price
means a solid standard of value.
section as thoroughly competent and
reliable merchants, with an abundance
of capital and experience.
Lieut Albright and his surveying
party, who have been wandering over
the prairie between here and the
Manitoba line for nearly two weeks
—practically lost— struck Williston
last Tuesday, and returned to Ft. Bu
ford Saturday. From all accounts
they must have had a hard time of
it, and suffered more from the lack
of water than from any other cause.
There has been shipped from this
point this season 73,000 pounds of
wool and ten carloads of cattle, the
latter shipment having, been made
by W. L. Richards. About Tuesday
of this week it is expected that Mr.
Uhlman will ship 5 cars, and the Mis
souri Valley Stock Growers' Asso
ciation will ship 15 cars more. These
are but forerunners of much larger
shipments that will be made later in
the season.
Dan Harris who has done all the
threshing) in this neighborhood re
ports the yield of oats in this part of
the country very light ranging from
15 to 45 bu. per acre, but the yield
of wheat is exceptionally good, aver
aging from 30 to 40 bu. per acre. The
threshing in this vicinity is about all
done and a few fine days will finish
W. O. Hollar had a letter from his
friend J. W. Shawhan of Elwood, In
diana, recently and as usual it con
tained a few sketches. In speaking
Thursday, August 29, 1918.
Made for American women
by America's greatest wom
en's shoe manufacturers.
Queen Quality footwear is ap
proved throughout the nation
for its smartness, reliability
and value. Every model meets
Government requirements.
Kicker Shoes
for the Boys.
The best ever.
Crossett Shoe for
Men. Makes life's
walk easy.
of Williston Mr. Shawhan said he
thought a "Mitten Factory" would be
a fine thing to build. Just think of
that, a "Mitten Factory'' and the
girls complaining already that there
ain't enough boys to go around. Mr.
Shawhan said it was hot there but.
then, "he always noticed that it was
hotter in summer than -winter.'?
Six Special Class
Men To Grand Forks
Six men will be called to entrain
for service and will receive special
training at Grand Forks about the
first of September. The exact date
for their departure has not been an
nounced. Iliose that will be called
for this draft are: Elbert Palmar,
Williston Christian Arnason, Balton,
Minn. Martin Hemsing, Tioga Carl
Eggen, Bonetraill Gunder Kvande,
Another Draft Call
For September
Six' men will leave Williston on
September 3rd. for Camp Grant, at
Rock Island, 111. These men come
under the special limited call. Those
that have been called for this draft
are: Monte Ailes, Williston Rich
ard C. Mallay, Filmore, N. D. George
Christenson, Wildrose James Priest,
Crystal, N. D. Lars E. Blomquist,
Alexander, Minn. Luciane Mario, St.
Louis, Mo.

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