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At an early hour this morning
the safe at the Minot Steam
laundry was blown open and ri­
fled of its contents, consisting of
probably $100 in currency and
$359 in checks, besides all of the
•company's insurance policies and
several hundred dollars in notes
and other valuable papers.
The three drawers of the safe,
a Gary, were taken out and evi­
dently the contents were piled
on' the floor, then drawers, con­
tents and all were piled into a
sack and taken away. There is
not the slightest trace of the
iburglars, who evidently were not
amateurs at the work. The men
entered the front door by unlock­
ing it, and taking a large Stilson
^*aJich in the laundry twisted off
the flock of thfc safe, plugging
the hole up after pouring in a
generous quantity of nitro gly­
cerine, carefully inserting a fuse
and fastening it in with soap.
The door was blown nearly off
its hinges and was badly twist­
ed. The books of the company
were partially burned but not to­
tally destroyed. No one heard
the explosion, and the fact that
the safe was cracked was not
known until the proprietors ar­
rived at the laundry this morn­
.Jesse Skinner, of Bird Island,
Minn., Walks from Emigrant
Car Into Space and Falls MO
Feet to Sudden Death.
Jesse Skinner, a Bird Island,
Minn., young man 34 years of
age, stepped off the big bridge
four miles west of Minot on the
Great Northern about midnight
Sunday night, and fell to the
ground 110 feet below, a man­
gled corpse.
Skinner was enroute with a
party of friends from Minnesota
to Buford, where they intended
working on the government irri­
gation ditch. Skinner had a team
of horses in one car with a friend
and was riding out of Minot in an
adjoining car. The train stopped
for some season on the big bridge
and homebody remarked that the
lantern which was hanging light­
ed in the car with the horses
ought to be blown out, whereup­
on Skinner remarked, "I will go
and blow it out." A grain door
partially closed the car door and
-over this Skinner crawled and let
himself down to the ground as he
supposed. Without a second's
warning or a parting word the
man fell into space, and no one
will ever know his thoughts as
he flew thru space to the ground
below, to be
Safe Blown Open
Professionals Get $100 in Currency Besides
Many Valuable Papers from Minot
Steam Laundry==-No Que
to Burglars*
up a few
minutes later by his friends a
mangled corpse, nearly every
bone in his body being broken.
The train pulled on across the
bridge and the train crew was
notified of the accident. A search­
ing party was sent down, and
there between two pilings lay
the mangled remains of the un­
fortunate fellow. A. bruise over
left temple, a terrible cut on
he nose and mouth, and broken
and other internal injuries
Id that death had been instan­
taneous. Word was sent to Mi­
not at once and Judge Murray
land Officer Art Day went out and
ured the remains, bringing
lem to McJannett's morgue.
Payment on the checks has
been stopped, and as all the poli­
cies and deeds had been placed
on record there will be no loss
from that source. The proprie­
tors, Darby & Peterson, do not
hope to secure the return of the
papers which have probally 'been
destroyed by this time. The
laundry is located at one end of
the viaduct and is an ideal place
for cracksmen to do "their work.
The night before a man at­
tempted to steal a bicycle from
O. H. Swndahl who lives near the
laundry, but a woman living near
saw the fellow walking away
with the machine and ordered
him to'return it.
iAlSiR—Mr. Darby and Officer
Art Bay found most of the pa­
pers which were taken from the
safe, scattered over the prairie
about a mile west of Minot, just
before we went to press. The
wind had scattered some of the
papers a mile. Among the pa­
pers were $315.35 in checks pay­
able to the laundry.
.A small tobacco sack, filled
with something that has the ap­
pearance of sawdust, was found
near the papers.
Officer Day placed in jail two
suspects this morning and the
country is being scoured for "more
The Conner's inquest was held
Monday morning, Judge Murray
acting as coroner, The jury, D.
H. Kimball, Edward Keliey and
Jack Shields, came to the conclu­
sion that the man met death
thru his own carelessness.
The remains of Skinner were
shipped to his old home in Min­
nesota, where the man leaves a
wife and four little chiidren, be­
sides an aged father and mother.
Appreciates Our Service.
The manager of the Branch informs
the Independent that the business at
that place tlitt? year has more than
doubled over last, and some weeks
has trebled. The season has been la­
ter and business not overly brisk on
spring goods on that account, yet by
an extraordinary amount of judicious
advertising done almost exclusively in
the Independent, this store has been
able to make such rapid strides.
H. 1). Shepard has been ap­
pointed game warden for Ward
county and will see that no
shooting occurs during the clos­
ed season if he can help it. The
law is plain and gives no man a
better right to shoot during the
closed season than another.
Clarence Riftey has been irt St.:
Paul, representing the firemen in
their dispute with the G. N. offi­
Alderman Burke is entertain­
ing his brother, A..J. Burke from
O.sakis, Minn.
Twin sons were born to Engin­
eer and Mrs. Jo.yer.
Mrs. Stiles is precariously ill
of peritonitus.
Pleased utf
Cast oners
is one roasoa
why businoss
is coming our
S. Mala
Independent's circulation is larger than all other Minot papfers combined. Subscription books open for inspection—5000 Copies Weekly
The Rise of Jammie Jbhnscn.
Got some good'expert*nee, but rather little
'Aa an office boy, so -JSmmio looked arouhd on* day
'After •omethJng better, and foe hit upon a.plan—
'Advertised: "VOSnPlON WANTED—Bya-bright younj manf
Thomas MtOonough, Long Time Res
ident of The Stats, Passed Away
Peacefully. Alter A Lingering. III
ness—Buried In Minot Tuesday.
Thomas McBonough, one of the old­
est and most respected citizens of
White Jiarth ilied at his home Sun­
day morning at 11:40 o'clock, after a
lingering illness caused from the gen­
eral breaking down from old age.
For weeks it was known that he could1
not live lone, and Mr. McDonougti
himself realized that his end wag
sear raeoucaled hlmself with his mak­
er and passed to his eternal rest
Thomas McDanough was born In
Ireland about 78 years iago, but at an
early age left the Emerald Isle to
come to America to seek a better
livelihood. He first lived in the state
of New York, then moved to Minne­
sota, settling :near Rail Wing. Altfiut
forty years age at that place he wa&
out one cold night and become lost
and exhausted and luy down in the
cold to die. He went to sleep, but
finally with till the power left in him
crawled home more dead than alive.
He recovered after many weeks of
suffering, but lost both hands and
portions of Ixith feet. Not withstand­
ing this mis&n'tune "he managed to
make a good living &r has family. In
the early days of the state he lived at
Bismarck .whjsre he worked on the
sections, supporting his family in
this manner. He later located near
Towner where for fifteen years "he was
engaged in ranching, and gave it up
The Engagement Ring
Whoever has an engagement ring to
buy can ha*e no difficulty in selecting
one here.
•We have a full assortment of rings,
mounted with.all the various stones that
are likely to be chosen, and at prices to
suit all pocketbooks.
We also have a fine display of gifts ap­
propriate for the lady of one's choice—
among them a beautiful showing of lorg­
nette chains and dainty fobs—compris­
ing the handsomest styles, in the best
quality of geld-filted goods made.
W. H. Reighart
The Exclusive Jeweler
Watch Inspector for Great Northern Railway
A call will explain
MS S. Mam St.
some four or five years r#go to locate
at "White Earth where i'fe established
Che White Earth Mfcrchi'oitile Co., con
•dirdting a general store*.
He was married to ."Miss Elizabeth
King, and to this union six children
we're born. They are 'Urn., C. F„ M. '1\
The 'uneral was "held from the:
'Catholic church of "Minot, Tuesday
:morniQg at nine o'clock, and the re­
mains wore iirterell in the Catholic
cemetary of tfh.is cflty. The aged wife
of the deceased is very ill at her
White Eart'h honae and could not at­
tend the funeral. Those from White
Earth who attended the obsequies
were Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McGlynn,
Dick Slater, 'Jirace Fleming, Geo
Porger, snTl F. and .William Mc
"Baby Dies Suddenly.
W. "W. Duncan's nine moriths old
•baby Taoy (died very •suddenly of
cramps at tfte Duncan home on River
Street Wednesday
noon. The little one had been en­
joying perfect health until a few
minutes before the grin* reaper
claimed its victim.
Arthur 1 ianson of the Public Drug
store, is in stalling his new soda foun­
tain this week, a thing of beauty
which will prove to be a joy to the
people -of Vlinot during the coming
hot days if the summer—Ji summer
ever gEfus here.
Anton XfBrsnn, thp poraular
F«axholm ]ont rnnstpr cai|pJ on
ina,nj of 3is Minot friends Jast
The church was beautifully
decorated in green and white
with ferns, palms and white
The ushers were Chas. Wil­
liams, Selmer Reishus, Wm. Sib
bald and Henry Mitchell.
Nine of the young lady friends
of the bride sang the "Bridal
Chorus" as the wedding proces­
sion was formed. Lohengren's
Wedding March was beautifull
played by Miss Amanda Hamr
mi inimnmiaiwn iin nm WM1 WHftWNWW—
C. K. Haskins and E. 0. Freeby
1 raise White Wyond' jttes--a
Large Truck Ganden== fVill Er
ct Big Green House in thd
s. A Haskins, assis '".a atcaishier
of the Union Nations ,1 Bank and
E. O, Freeby of Mia iesota have
•o pened "Freeby's P'oultry and
'T'ruck farm" just we ?t of Garden
I \'alley addition. T1 ley pure has
1 ed ten acres of fertat valley i'and
from John Etir and ilready have
f-paeioufi chic-Ken he uses. They
will specialize on VVhi Wyond ot
i'tes and already hjdve a laa'gv
{'number of the birtl^j some of
which have been piise winners at
the Minnesota State 1
"air. They
I will have in several &,ci 'es of gac
Ij den and the fall will" build
flarge biaiddHng lor ag.-re^n house.
Mr. Frt*eby has had sev ?ral years
experience with the-Jew ell-Xurse
wes of Minnesota and dows the
business thoroly.. The promoters
are thoroly reliable and will be
iieard irwm.
A. ('. Cooper, the popula:- voung
banJfer from Mohali will Jeave
next week for a, trip to the .lames
town Exposition. He will be ac­
companied by his wife. They
will visit Mrs. Cooper's mother
at Blue Hill Me. and Mr*. Cooper
will remain at that place until
fall. Mr Cooler has worked
steady at the bank and deserves
Two Hundred Quests Witness the Wedding
of Clifford Welch and Miss Winnifred
O'Dell, two of Minot's Most Pop=
ular Young People.
Clifford Welch and Miss Win­
nifred O'Dell were united in marj
riage Wednesday afternoon at 5
o'clock at the Methodist church
in this city, the Rev. G. L. Pow­
ell, pastor of the church, officiat­
ing, assisted by Presiding Elder
J. G. Moore. This was one of the
most elaborate church weddings
that has ever taken place in Mi­
not, and was attended by about
200 guests.
Florence Miller, followr in the
path of the flower g'^ls, while
Miss Alleta Jacobson, bearing an
American Beauty in which
the ring was con sealed, came
Miss Kathenne O'Dell preced­
ed the bride w'
Martha Reishus, Clara Schn jive(j Minot for about six
zer, Ida Cooper, Harriet
Minnie Fredericks and I iUIiayi
Lundquist, attired in be- notifral
dresses of. white, carri ifae
ropes of s'.nilax. The lit flow­
er girls, I.da Mae Lam' j©rt, jLor
ene Norton, Majorie Jffooreani
Marian joss, came trr ^ing^.lor ,g
scatteri ng hyacinth iossoias a ad
rose pe tails, and following th am
came t'ne pillow bearers, Pau1 ine
TompV .ins and Joy^je Cameroi i.
The bridesmaids, Ethel O'l 3ell,
Bessi Kane, Ola Rasbach and' ing th 3 best of wishes.
thespteadid vocation which he] 5an
will soon receive. I
Still they go, the beautiful trial-i
med hate from otir millinery depart­
ment. More than .five hundred ladies
who have patronized this department
have gone away more than satisfied.
We guarantee satisfaction. Frank &
Frescott Co., Minot.
Are the Saturday Sales at the Boston Store so Popular?
that a dollar goes farther at this store than elsewhere
reason. It's simply this: The buyers have found
entered with
her father. Af bride reached
the altar she the groom who
had already /jeered with his best
man, Earl
when the
ceremony, $, very solemn affair,
took plac
A reo ^^jon
held in the
At of the
church following
the lemony which was attend-
/"-about a hundred guests.
afj ladies who participated in
th fvent were gowned in stun
costumes. Taken all in all,
affair was one long to be re­
membered in Minot.
T'ne bride is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Allen O'Dell and
iars. She has ever been a fa­
vorite in society in this city, be
"mg a beautiful and accomplished
young lady.
The groom is the son ot K
Welch and is associated with his
father in the implement business
in this city. He is a young busi­
ness man of rare ability and with
much promise. Both the groom
and his estimable bride have hun­
dreds of friends who at this time
join the Independent in extend-
Wif ft of the Scandinavian Hotel
Proprietor Passed away Mon*
«day Morning After a lingering
JDnessof Typhoid Pneumonia*
A firs. Stephen Gulseth, wife of
the proprietor of the Scandina­
vian Hotel, died at the Ward
Coc nty Hospital Monday morn­
ing- it three o'clock after an ill­
ness of four weeks of typhoid
pneiu monia. For several davs it
was lenown that she was likely to
die.fc nt everythin«- that humaii
hano s'-could possibly do wasdaie
for the unfortunate wortian, ^ut
he tlxatruleth all thiDgs welfcall­
ed h^-T to her everlastino homeon
high. Her death is particularly"1
sad in liat she leaves besides het'
husbam 1, three children, who
Arthur ared 11, Hilda, 8 and
Magnus, -3. J.ittle Magnus too
was ill *ith typhoid fever and
Wiis only recently moved from
the hospital.
Emma Aarlius was born in
Mover county, Minn. thirtv-seven
jears ago the 4th of the present
month and in 1895 was united in
marriage to Mr. Gulseth at Fer
tile, iMmn. at which place thev
lived for sometime. When Mr
Gulseth went to E*,t Grand
orJcs, Minn, as an emplove of
of the Northern I^cific, the fain
ily was removed thither and
about years ago. th^y mov­
ed to Minot, establishing the
Scandinavian hotel, ilrsr Gul­
seth tooJc great interest in the
hotel worl and
Allan Ttwepkins. "Tho FatherUrqpajntpl rithWthis^ood^^
of Minot" i* 'very iliathisKu-by 'man in Minot, will be extremely
jscn-y to isarrr of her early demise.
her much
hosiery. Thou-
he unerai was held from the
United Luthern Church Tuesday
arternoon at 2 o'clock, and the
reniams were shipped to Fertile
Minn, fcr interment. They were
accompanied by the husband and
her brother, Halvor Aarhus.
Minor, No. Oik.

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