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First Day's Enrollment Was Ninety
—All Members of the Faculty
Were on Hand—Three New
Hie Minot Normal school opened
Tuesiajr with a registration of ninety
studeats, which will be augmented be­
fore the end of the week. President
A. G. Crane was present to assist in
the epehitig. He will remain for a
shert time before leaving for the
Walter Reed hospital, Washington, D.
resume his war work. The
wocfc this year will be in charge of
Actfaff President W. P. Clarke, who
has been connected with the institu­
tion ia a very prominent way ever
since its organization.
"Pie following is the list of the fac­
ulty, all of whom were on hand for
the opening::
President A. G. Crane.
Acting President—Wm. F. Clarke.
Eleanor C. Bryson—Home Eco­
Everett Davis—Manual Training.
E. S. PERSON, President
JOHN EHR, Vice President
Adelaide Dressel—Science.
Herbert C. Fish—History.
Helen J. Hover—Physical Educa­
Julia G. McDonough—English.
Florence C. Perkett—Psychology.
Amy M. Simpson—(Music and Draw­
Margaret Van Fleet—Mathematics.
Huldah L. Winsted—Geography and
Mary G. Rud, Principal Model
School, Critic 'First Primary.
Elsie J. Cook, Critic Grammar
Hazel McCulloch, Critic Upper In­
Agnes McDonald, Critic Second Pri
Johanna G. Soland, Critic Lower
Grammar Grades.
Genevieve Staudt, Critic Lower In­
termediate Grades.
Mary Agnes Cantwell—Matron-pre­
H. G. Webster—Secretary of School.
All of the faculty memberes on the
staff for 1918-191& have served there
before for one or more years except
three. Each of 'these come to the
school with special preparation for
their own work and splendid records
of experience in other fields. Miss
Mary A. Cantwell was Matron-Pre­
ceptress during the year 1915-1916
but in the interim 'has been engaged
in business in Minot in Ye Novelty
Shop. It is a great pleasure to an-
This is a good time to make
some provision for warming
your homes. Perhaps you are ad­
verse to starting your furnace.
At this time of the year why
not get a Dakota Hot Blast Heat­
er and warm your rooms with a
small outlay of fuel.
Prices are from $19 and Up
This Heater 19 has 15-inch
lire pot, height 40 inch, and 6-inch
pipes. Weighs 104 pounds.
Minot Hardware Co.
Then What?
"Economy", saving, thrift, the aboli­
tion of waste, will be drilled into Mr.
and Mrs. Average Citizen (you and me)
by every means the Government knows
how to use."
But' when all this is accomplished,
then what? Come to the bank to cash
in on your "economy" habit, to con­
serve them, and increase them. Get
the banking habit these days.
Ml. I'M ii
1 1 1
nounce her return to the important
position of head of the dormitory.
Mr. ^Everett Davis, who will have
charge of the Manual Training and
Agricultural Departments is a grad­
uate of the Indiana University and
has been a graduate student ot the
University of Chicago. He has had a
wide range of experience in the Pub
lis schools of Indiana as a teacher
and principal of hijjh school. He is
especially well qualified for the Man­
ual Training both by training and
practical experience.
Miss Adelaide Dressel has special­
ized in Science both in undergraduate
work at the University of Michigan
of which institution she is a graduate,
and- in her graduate study at the Un­
iversity of Chicago and the University
of Cincinnati. She has served as
high school principal with a very suc­
cessful record for several years at
Roodhouse, 111., and as an 'instructor
in the Cincinnati high schools and the
College Preparatory school of Kansas
City. The Normal school is to be con­
gratulated on securing the services of
Miss Dressel.
Miss Genevieve Staudt is a gradu­
ate of the Junior College of the Iowa
State Teachers College and has taught:
in the grades of the Public Schools of
Charles City and Sioux City, Iowa.j
She has also been a successful critic
teacher of San Marcos, Texas. Miss
Staudt will be Critic Teacher for the
Lower Intermediate Grades.
Over Three Hundred Pleas of Guilty
to Various Charges Made During
His Term of Office.
State's Attorney O. B. Herigstad'
submits some interesting figures for
I consideration of the voters, in his can
dldacy for re-election.
During his term of office as State's
I Attorney, he has secured 304 pleas
of guilty to various cnarges.
I Eighty-two piggers have been sen
There have been convictions of 81
charged with felony.
Forty-nine permanent liquor, gam-i
bling and bawdy house injunctions
have been secured.
$5,100 has been collected for Ward
county from defendants in those in
junctional cases.
$5,425 in fines and costs has been
collected in criminal cases.
"If the work of my first term meets
with your approval, I shall be glad
to serve you for a second term," Mr.
Herigstad says in submitting his can-,
didacy to the electors.
Longing for Minot.
D. H. Trumble, in remitting fci':
his Indeepndent from Polo, 111.,
writes: "We certainly enjoy getting
the Independent each week as it
brings us news from our western
friends which in no other way would
reach us. We still claim Minot as our:
an or he a of re
C. H. ZEHRINGER, Cashier
V. R. TOMPKINS, Asst. Cashier
Union National Bank
Minot, N. Dak.
i,.iw^l«ii,jiu.iiMMi.pjl!ijl IJII mWW'WTP'!
•yuj I ?IIW) I Jit
Recognized Great Organizations
Representing All Creeds and
Elements Welded Into One.
$170,500,000 IS THE GOAL
Plan of War Department to Avoid
Waoto of Knergy and Duplication
of Effort Enthusiastically Adopt­
ed and Unity lo Achieved.
"Give me nine men
who have a hut and I ta
will have
The drive will be a new thing under
the sun. For the first timo Protes­
tants, Catholics and Jews, forgetting
all their differences, will line up shoul­
der to shoulder, welding their individ­
ual organizations together In their
common devotion to the boys In the I
cantonments and over there. This
amalgamation of the seven great agen-!
cies engaged In war work is one of the
fine developments which have been
brought about by the war and under
the wise guidance of President Wilson.
The seven organizations which to­
gether will make this united appeal
are the Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., Na­
tional Catholic War Council and K.
of C., the Jewish Welfare Hoard, the
War Camp Community Service, the
American Library Association nnd the
Salvation Army. Each of them will
need funds this Fall each had planned
a separate campaign for support,
Now, acting on the suggestion of the
President's "letter of September 5, the
seven campaigns will be rolled Into
one. The American people will be
•pared the burden of seven separate
appeals, aiul the nation will have ah
,W»^(V^.V^ ^,«, *i.v»y t^ «,y jr-
more effee-
tive fighting force than
if I had ten men with
out it"
—General Pershing.
Mi in tota
On November 11 the American peo­
ple will start a one week's drive to
raise the largest amount of money
ever given outright by any people In
the history of the world.
opportunity to demonstrate splendidly
that mo ind women of all creeds at:
home can work together, as men of
all creeds over there are fighting and
dying together.
Dr. John R. Mott, whom President
Wilson has spoken of as one of the I
ablest and most useful men of his gen-1
eration, has been selected Director
General of the drive. It is Interesting
to note that Dr. Mott's name was
placed In nomination by John G. Agar
of the National Catholic War Council
and seconded by Mortimer L. Schiff of
the Jewish Welfare Board. The gen­
eral committee having the campalga
In charge contains such well known
names as Raymond B. Fosdlck, Chair­
man of the Commission on Training
Camp Activities George W. Perkins,
Chairman of the Finance Committee
of the U. S. Steel Corporation James
F. Phelan of Hornblower nnd Weeks
Honorable Myron T. Herrick, formei
ambassador to France Cleveland H.
Dodge, Georjre Gordon Battle, Mrs.
Henry P. Davison and Frank A. Van
derllp, president of tne National City
In every city, county and town the
campaign will be In charge of the big­
gest men of the community.
Together these seven organizations
represent work that Is staggering In
Its proportions. They have more than
15,000 uniformed workers, standing
shoulder to shoulder wltti the boys ev­
ery step of the way from home to the
front line trenches. They operate mora
than 3,600 buildings and ship 500 tons
of supplies to the boys in France ev­
ery week. Fifteen miles of film set
•all for the other side each week un­
der their direction, and the regular
'weekly attendance of soldiers and sail­
ors ut their motion picture shows Is
more than 2,500,000. ,'Bhe Kilties fur­
nished to the boys since the war broke
oat .would, If piled one on another,
make a pile more than twenty miles
"Morale," said Napoleon, "is as oth­
er factors In war as three to one." By
which he meant that one man who Is
kept contented and happy is better
than three men who are discouraged
and homesick. It Is the business of
these seven great agencies to help
maintain morale. They are keeping
up the fine fighting edge of our boys,
and by their ministrations, helping to
pat added power Into our army and
navy and so hasten the honr of victory
when they will bring our boys home
It Is predicted by national leaden
that this great victory drive, will "go
ovor the top" In a larger way than any
(Mapalgo that has preceded It
Don't Miss This!!!
10% war tax placed on phono­
graphs on November 1st, 1918.
Place your orders now for
(A Phonograph With a Soul)
On request we will place one of
these beautiful instruments in
your home without cost to you,
to show you its merits and how it
surpasses all makes of talking ma*
chines. The New Edison plays all
makes of Records and is the only
instrument that produces sounds
Write or Phone
Minot Drug Co.
30 So. Main Phone 97
Prepare For Cold
Weather, Con­
serve Fuel
Be prepared for the cold snap without
starting a big coal fire.
Purchase a Portable Electric Steam Radi­
ator and enjoy genuine comfort on cold,
damp mornings and evenings.
A new Electrical Appliance, scientifically
perfected, that supplies clean, safe, health­
ful, heat instantly. As economical to op­
erate as an Electric Flatiron. Attach to
any socket or base board receptacle.
Telephone 70
Northern States
Power Company
201 Main St., So.
Death of Ruby Tangedahl.
Miss Ruby Tangedahl, eldest daugh­
ter of Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Tangedahl of
Parshall, formerly of Ryder and Mi­
not, died suddenly while visiting rela­
tives in Montana. The remains were
interred at Parshall.
Paul Shorb Promoted.
Word has been received that Paul
E. Shorb, son of Elder and Mrs. D.
M. Shorb of thiB city, has been pro­
moted to the position of First Xiieu
tenant. He is now located at some
New York state camp.
3 The potato is a native Ameri
for 4M Ward County In
topeadaat—ll.M per year.
Taylor Drug Co. ft'
Ward's Drug Store
Years, of- experience sellla* nMk
and machinery. Satisfaction gvff
anteed: .~"n
or Address

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