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Did ou
They are satisfied.
So are we.
A pamphlet of information
iaws, Showing How to
Normal ant Classical Academy
A tehoti wfiieh offer* superior advantages
all department* of ttudjf—Combining
tkamugh work with the culture and care cf a
refined Aome.
particulars address,
ansa s. JE^BKOWW,*.i
)IN8 OCT. 18, 1891.
Consider that a firm's ability
to make low prices depends prin
cipally on their expense acount.
Business is rushing with us.
Why? Because we sell Hardware, Stoves,
Tinware, Cutlery, Etc., at prices which more
pretentious firms are unable to give.
Every day we sell to customers who have
looked all over town.
If vou need anything in our line call in.
It won't cost you anything to look and it
may save you considerable money.
Enterprise Hardware,
Mathisen & McQuarrie, Props.
Or^Any Musical Instrument,
148 and ISO East Thtfd
Work of allkiiids turned oat on
notice at the DKMOCBAT
that always rait.
B09 and_BII Nicollet AvenuS.
The Oldest/ Largest 'and Most Reliable Music
Hew Upright Pianos, $225 to $1,000.
New Parlor Organs, $60 to $160.
Musioand MnsfoTGoods of Eveiy Description fc Immense Variety.
We Guarahtee Lowest Prices, Best Goods and Perfect Satisfaction.
The Harvest is Pa$t,
but the summer is not yet ended, and
is the time for building and repairing.
The farmer AY ill know by this time the
extend of the damage done by frost
and will have a fair idea of the amount
of improvements he can afford in the
way of building and repairing. Almost
every man in the county will have to
something in this line this season. We
would be pleased to meet each and
every one of you and talk with you
about lumber. We would be more
than pleased to sell you your building
material. We have a good dry stock of
all that is needed for building and re
pairing. We will not be undersold and
will try to make all our dealings pleas
ant and profitable for you.
We will buy barley this year, and
will take all kinds of grain in exchange
for lumber or accounts and will pay
one cent above market price for same.
Are you married? if not send your
address to the Amercan Corresponding
Club P. O. Box 648, Clarksburg, W.Va.
040I -Take Motlce.'^Vs
All accounts due the Columbia hotel
Since November 6,1890, and up to and
including July 1st 1891, will be paid to
tiw undersigned.^!
•o*. T. E. BUBKB.
Picked, Pointed and'
served for Beading
Regular Reporter&feS
Wm. Hutton, of Mono, and Pat Mc
Gauvran, of Loam, were in the city on
Thursday last, and each took home a
new threshing outfit.
Martin Acorn, one of the pioneer
machine men of Milton, spent Sunday
in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Breckie, of Crystal, vi
sited friends in town.on Sunday..
Hon. Fred Dennet came in on Satur
day evening's train. We suppose he is
looking for harvest work.
Lars Wall visited at Crystal on Mon
day last.
Dr. Sutter, of Crystal, was in town
on Sunday, attending Mrs. Dr. Archer,
who is in a very critical coudition.
Henry Dickson went to Crystal on
Monday in answer to a telegram an
nouncing the severe illness of Charles
Peterson, who has charge of John P.
Anderson's store at that place.
The Misses Libbie and Bertha Hub
bell, who have been stopping with their
uncle, Mr. A. II. McKillips, of Osna
brock, passed through here on Tuesday
morning's train, on their way to their
home at Alexandria, Minn. Master H.
McKillips accompanied them.
Threshing and stacking are in full
blast. Wheat is yielding from 22 to 24
bushels to the acre. Oats from 40 bush
els upward.
O. J. Gjevere is rustling the shock
threshing these days.
Mr. Neshang expects to start shock
threshing next week if his rig arrives.
Messrs. Griffith and Smith were out
to Moscript's herd
got some mutton.
Farm hands are scarce in this vicin
ity and it is almost impossible to save
the immeuse crop of the golden No. 1
Hard wheat, aud the oats and barley.
Crops are something wonderful.
W. II. Fuller's children haye had the
whoopiug cough but are now getting
J. T. Moscript went to his herd last
week aud found everything O. K. on
tlia range.
H. M. Livingstone finished harvest
last Friday.
Messrs. II. McKeclmie ann Angus
McLellan returned to the mountain on
Threshing has commenced and the
yield of coarse grain is exceptionally
good. We have not heard how wheat
is yielding or what kind of a sample it
will be.
We are pleased to state that Mr.
Nodwell's family are all convalescent
at present and we hope that they may
soon be fully restored to their usual
Some of our young men had rather a
strange encounter one night last week.
While enjoying the repose due them
after a hard day's toil, they were
awakened by the furious barking of
their watch dog, and this continuing
for an unlimited time, they thought
that they would investigate the cause
thereof. They accordingly proceeded
to arm themselves and sallied fortb.
One carried a rifle and another a shot
gun, while the third accompanied them
with a lantern so as to throw a little
light on the subject. After a time
they located the cause of the disturb
ance and opened fire but owing to the
excitement occasioned by the unusual
hour, their aim was a little erratic.
After a time the object of all the dis
turbance thought that it was about
time he took a hand in the fun and ad
vanced upon the enemy, when, to their
horror, they perceived that it was that
genteel little animal denominated
skunk. Our two nimrods immediatelv
fled leaving the field to his majesty the
skunk and the light bearer. The lat
ter, after taking a general view of
matters, fired the lantern at the cause
of the disturbance and then put on a
two-forty gait for the house. The
skunk then proceeded to investigate
still further and entered the cellar, thus
causing our young friends to vacate.
The next time that dog barks he is
likely to have the matter left to him
Tenders will be received by the board
of commissioners of Cavalier county,
N. D., up to noon of October 5tb, 1891,
for seven suitable rooms to be used as
county offices for a term of three years,
said tenders must specify the location
and size of rooms and amount of year
ly rent asked for said tenders must
further specify the number, size and
kind of vaults in connection with rooms
if any.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids.
Dated at Langdon, if. D., this 9th
day of September, 1891.
County Auditor.
Ladies get your calling cards
styles, at this office.
,v*e: *.V
and other
bowel complaints
cured and prompted
by the prompt?.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills
regulate the liver,
cleanse the stomach,
and greatly assist
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.
Lowell, Mass.
Newspaper Law.
Any person who has taken a paper
regularly from the postoffice—whether
directed to his name or another's, or
whether he has subscribed or not—is
responsible for the payment.
The courts have decided that refus
ing to take newspapers or periodicals
from the postoffice, or removing and
leaving them uncalled for, prima facia
evidence of intentional fraud.
If any person orders his paper dis
continued he must pay all arrearages,
or the publishers may continue to send
it until payment is made, and collect
the whole amounts whether the paper
is taken from the office or not.
S Land Office,
Grand Forks, N.
D., Sept, 22,1891.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has nlea notice of his intention to
make final live year proof in support of his claim
and that raid proof will be made before the
jndge of the eounty court for Cavalier county,
N.!)., at Langdon, N. D.,on Oct. Slst, 1891 viz:
EDWARD J. FOX E No. 9090
for the seW, Sec. 15. Twp. 161
n. E 60 w.
He muiien (he following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of.
said land, viz.
Patrick McHugh, William J. Mooney, Robert
Beard, Charles Jackson, all of Langdon. P. O.,
Cavalier County, N. D.
6-11 JAS. ELTON, Register.
U. S. Land Office,
Grand Forks, N. D., Sept. 19,1691.
Notice is hereby given that the following
his intention to
is claim and that
proof will lie made before the Register and
Receiver of the U. S. Land Office,at Grand Forks
N. D., on Oct. Slst, 1891. viz:
IU OU11U1 were OUt urauu rUTKH. «. u.
Notice is hereby given that
last luesday and
named settler has tiled notice of hi
mako final proof In support of his
said proof will he made bofore the
for the n\v se]4 mid ns'- n»X ne^Soo. 7.
Twp. 168 57
names tlie following witnesse. to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
paid land viz:
EdwardS. Getchell, Edward C. Getchell, James
Pfl'fct Cavalier County, N. D„ and H. A. Mayo
of Pembina county. N, I),
6-11 JAS. ELTON, Regislcr.
U. S. Land OBiee,
Grand Forks, N. I). Sept. 21,1891.
Notice is hereby given tliattlie following mimed
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final five year proof insupport of liis claim, and
tmit said proof will be made before ihe clerk
district court Cavalier ountv N. D, at Langdon.
N. 1). on Nov. 7th, 1891. viz:
for the sw sec 82 Twp. 165 59.
He names the following witnestes to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
said land, viz:
James Field. Merlin Lund, William Johnston,
Heary Scott, all of Langdon P. 0., Cavalier Co..
N. D, 0-10 JAS. ELTON, Reyieler.
LT. S. Land Office,
Grand Forks, N. D., Sept, 18,1891.
Notice is hereby given that the following named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final Ave year proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Ihe Clerk
district court Cavalier county N. D., at Lansdon.
N. I)., on Nov. 7.1891, viz.:
for the netf eec 28, Twp. 168 n, It 60 w.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz.:
Ambrose Kroetsch, And tew I Kiehmstedt,Louis
Schneider, Jacob Schneider, all of Sit. Carmel,
P. O., Cavalier Co-, N. D.
6-U JAKES ELTON, Register.
U. S. Land Office,
Grand Forks, N.D^ August 25,1891.
Notice is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler has filed notice of intention to make
flual five year proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the clerk of
the district court of Cavalin countv, stale of
North Dakota at Langdon, oa October 19, 1S91
for the ne *ec IS, twp 161 n, range 59 w.
He names the following witaesees to prove his
continuous residence upon, aad cultivation of,
said land, viz:
James Lindsay. James Debergr Daniel Horgan,
Michael Horgun all of Langdon, Cavalier coun-
2*7 JAS ELTON, Register.
Grand Forks, Dak.. Aagnst 24,1891.
Notice is hereby given that the following-nam
ed settler has filed notice of his intention to mate
final five year proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Clerk of
the District Court for Cavalier Cotmlv, N at
Langdon, N. I)., on October 8, 1891, viz:
for the ne#, eec 82, twp 104 n. range 62 w.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continnous residence npon. aud cultivation of,
said land, viz:
A S a nines, John Hannah,
David Hannah all of Hannah P. O., Cavalier
county, N. D.
2-7 JAS. ELT04?. Register.
Notice To Creditors.
In the matter of the estate of Mlahael Langan,
late of the town of Osnabrock, county of Cava
lier, State of North Dakota, deceased
All persons having claims against said Michael
Langan. deceased, are required in exhibit the
same with the necessary vouchers to the under
signed duly appointed and qualified guardian of
said estate, at her residence in the town of Os.ia
brock, county of Cavalier, state ofiNorth Dakota,
and that four months after the flrat publication
of tins notice has been limited as the time for
creditors to present and prove- their claims
against Bald estate.
iDated the 8th day of September, 1891.
By H. A?BU861EREs)e
Attorney for Gnardian,
Langdbn, N. DakoU
First publication Sept. 17,1891.
Notice of Xortgoc* Bale.
Notice, That under the power of sale contained
therein and bv virtue of aaid default, no action
having bee« instituted at law or otherwise to re
cover the debt secured by said mortgage or anr
part thereof, the aaid mortgage will be foreclosed
and the said premises fold at public auction to
the highest bidder by tha Sheriff of Cavalier
county, on Saturday the 7th day of November,
A. D. 1891, at 10 o'clock a. m. to pay the amount
of fifty-live dollars (Kft),
7th day of November,
m. to pay the amount
being the interest doe
and unpaid upon the principal note secured by
claimed to be doe at this date, and coat*, $50
attorn"" «*•*aUnnUteil
BUKKB COBBBT, Attorney. 5-11 Mortgagee.
The Cavalier County Bank is now
prepared to loan any amount of money
on Chattel security .f i.
Now, notice is hereby givea, that by virtue of
said power aaid mortgage will be foreclosed and
said premiKcs sold at public nnetion by the sherifP
of «aULcounty or his deputy, as by statute pro
vided. Octobcr 15th. A. IX 1881, at 2 o'clock in the*
afternoon, at the front door of the office of the
Begisfcer of Deeds for said connty, at Langdon^
lnsaidcouuty,to paysfliddebMnterestandattor*
oey fee of $25, as stipulated in said mortgage.
aud the disbursements allowed by law.
D.S.lf.JORK6T05 LAND Co.. Mortgairee
in.» mortgage dated July 24th,
A. D. 1889, recorded in Cavalier county. Territory
of Dakota, (now Slate of North Dakota.) on the
27th day of July,
P. 1888, a* 1:15 o'clock p. m„
In book 16 of mortgage*, oa page M. whereby
George Blednammer, mortgagor, mortgaged to
Farmers' Trust Company mortgagee, theEaat
one-taalf of the North East quarter (e of ne 14)
andtheEajrtone-halfofihe South Kail qoarter
(e Hot se&) of section eighteen (18) In township
one hundred sixty-three (163) north of »...•£
liztf (00) w«(.
Having replenished our Fall Stock or Hardware we are now prepared
to furnish goods at priceB that defy competition.
Bite, Farmers and Mers
will do well to call and examine our goods and get prices.
We carry the Largest and Most Com
plete Stock of Hardware in 's.
Cavalier County.
Having carefully watched the wants of our customers we feel confi
dent that you will not be disappointed in coming to us for any.
thing you need in our line.
Plummer & McNi ven
Chigago Store
50 Pieces Dress Trimmings.
200 Assorted Laces.
500 Doz. Dress Buttons.
50 Pieces Dress Ginghams,
75 Dress Prints.
First publication Aug, 27,1891.
Notice of Sale.
WHEREA8, default fcos been made in con
ditioBB of a mortgage, containing a power of sale
dated January 24th, A. D, 1888, and duly recorded
In the office of tlie lteffiet*r of Deeds of Cavalier
county, then in Dakota Territory, now in Btate
of North Dakota, Januoiy 30th, A. D. 1888, at 4.J10
clock p. m. in book 8 of mortgageR, page 432,
whereby Daniel Jerome unl Mary Jerome, (his
wife).mort« aB eor8, mortmiKod to I). S. IJ. John
ston Land Mortgage Company, a corporation
duly organized and existing under the laws of
the state of Minnesota, mortgagee, the eastBtif
of the southwest quarter te%ofsw%), and the
southwest quarter of the soatbeast quarter (swli
ofee.V) of section numbered eighteen (18) and the
northeast quarter of the northwest quarter
(neViofnwft) of section nineteen (19), Jn town
ship sixty-two( MJ2)of range flfty-sevw
corrsaimug acres,moire or IRKS,accoidingto
the government survey thereoJ.in Cavaliercounty.
then in Dakota Territory, now in State of Nortfc
Dakota,, by which default satd power of sale ha*
become operative and no proceeding or action at
law bit* been instituted to mover the debt re
mMining xeenred thereby or any part thereof, and
there is claimed to be due and is due on said,
mortgage at the date hereof $16.25.
51 Fairs of Lais' aid Bilto's Sloes.
500 Pairs of Moil's aid Boys' Stas.
All these Goods must be sold inside of
—20 DAYS—
All the Goods above will be sold
Attorney Mortgagee
Dated August 25th, A. I).
1801. VaUey CUyTN.Ifc
U. St Land Office,
Grand Forks, N. D., Sept. 12,1891.
Aatice is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler has Bled notice of hislntenliou to make
final Ave year proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the clerk of
district court of Cavalier connty, North Dakota,
at Langdon, N. D., on November 2,1891. viz:'
D' ranSe60
V* ee
'4, sefc
He names the following witnesses to prove hfo
coallnaoQS residence upon, and cultlvaticn of.
saddland, viz: Herman Dohman. Anton Mnhs.
a™ai sit^:^.Hani"n: *u
JJU. KLTOK,Register.
First publication Sept. 17,1891.
Notioe of Kortgw* Bala.
existing in a mortgage dated May 21st,
& S'i??1'™co™?ln Cavalier connty. Territory
ofNorth Dakota,) on the
May, A D. 1880. at 2:80 o'clock p. mi
in book IB of mortgages on page 887.
paries B. Wrightson and Humah. his wifeT
mortgagor mortgaged to Farmers' Trust Cbm-
power of sale cooiained
•aid defanlt, ne, action
or otherwiset
cover uiA iftfumii Mtii
which is
mortgage or
aaid mortgage will betaecloaea
day of Kovember. A. D. 1891, ,t
m-Jo pay the amount of thlrty-fonr
^0,5*™JJW!, being the defaulted iaterort upon
raid mortgage up the 1st day oi Jone, A.V iK,
Sj claim^fio be doe at this date and costs, and
of Ladies Dress Goods
(First publication August 0th 1891.)
No tire of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale.
Default having been made in the condition of
£«e,ta!5 executed and delivered by
\rn ?DInarrr,ed woman, mortgagor,
to the Dakota Mortgage Loan Corporation, a cor
poration dnly established and having its princi
Sf.y?iLCe **o»ton In the county of
huffolk and Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
mortgagee—the name of which said corporation,
said mortgagee, having been sicee the execution
of said mort»igeand to wit: on the twenty-fifth
1888« by act of the legislature
of Maid commonwealth, of Massachusetts, ap
proved on saM day. changed to Olbbe investment
Compauy,—said mortgage being aated the tenth
day of August A.I). 1886, and recorded as ft
mortgage in *ie registry of deeds In the county
vli$Terrl5?r50f (now state
M„inves,1?ent Company Ifcrmerly the
°"fonrteentMay of August
A. D. 1885 lu book 9 of mortgages oa page 5.
And whereas the 8tid mortgage was assigned
rS? ^ort£*Ee Xoan Corpora
tion to Charlotte A. Johnson by aa» assignment
"fid registry of deeds on the
21*t day of September A. D. 1885 idt book 9 of
Mortgage Deed* on page 5 and whereas said
mortgage was irftcrword further as*%ned by the
Corporation) to said
And whereas there is claimed to be-dne on said
mortgage at the date of this notice the sum of Sh:
Hundred Sixty-two and 5-100 dollars HF62.05) in
cluding taxes and interest, penattyandlSoste
Sflid land
after default
the payment thereof by the said mortgagor.
snd miercst oa all thoreof in accosdance with
the terms and conditions of said moctgage, and
no action or proeeediug at law or otherwise hav
ing been instituted to recover the debt secured
by said mortgage orany part thereof and where
t£e V°ver oftale contained in and recorded
with said mortgage has become andtls operative:
Now therefore, notice is hereby gl*en that by
virtue of such power of sale and off the statute
in such case made and provided, the said mort
f!®?..Xji',be £o*ecl°sed by sale of the premises
Jnsaidmorteage,which sale will be
'h| "S?' door of the c*ort house or
ballding ased as the court house in Langdon. in
CavaUer In
tte S»«e
of North
SSSlJ Publlcauctlon by the sheriff of said
last named county, or his deputy, on Saturday
d«y °f September A. D.1891, at
two clock in the afternoon, ta satisfy the
with the interest thereon an& the ooste and
•new of foreclosure.
The premises described In said mortgage and
so to be sold aie situated in the said wiunty of
i„ »^^K.
in township one hundred and sixty-thne (ISO
BneUm^ AxaI««SMTe.
stipulated ln said mortgage
eighteen (18V
a A 'k0ta'
°f the fifth
AndsBid premises will be
•old subject to redemption at any time within,
one year from the date of sale, as provided Jy
CHjutums A. JoH»ojf,
salve in the world for cuts*,
bruises, sores, ulcers. saltrheum,fevei
sores, tetter, ohappedhands,«^ilb)ains
corns, and allakin eruptions, and pos
Itively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction, ormoney refunded, Pric 26"
T^weby E-JLUonoyan.

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