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Published every Thursday morning at Lang
don, Cavalier county, North, Dakota,
Bntered at the Post Office of Iiangdon as mail
matter of the Secon Class Matter.
Subscription $2 per annum, or 91.50 if paid in
adv&noe. Advertising rates .on application.
Communications must bo roceivod by luesaay
uoonlo receive prompt attention.
DICKEY C9unty has already this
season paid bounty on 204,489
gopher tails, to the amount of
THE silver issue is said to be
causing trouble among the Ohio
democrats. The term has a
familiar sound.
DOWN in Richland county
prairie chickens are so large in
August the sports do not like to
wait until Sept. 1st to gather them
THE fact that republican papers
continye to heap vituperation and
ridicule upou W. J. Bryan shows
that Mr. Bryan with his paper is
still feared by the friends of the
"One hundred and twenty-five
years ago last Thursday the
American Declaration of Indepen
dence and the foundation of the
world's greatest government was
thereby proclaimed in the finest
utterances known in the history
of nations.
The anniversary was a fit time
for sober contemplation of Ameri
can politics and for estimating the
maintained strength of American
faith in the crced upon whicli our
fabric of government rests. There
is no national policy which may
be approved with safety by the
American people if such policy is
hostile to the spirit of the Declara
tion of Independence. There is
no surrender of any element of
that spirit possible without dan
ger to the life of the great re
public which sprang into being on
the day of the signing of the
"Withiu the past three years
for the first time in its history,
the United States government has
been conducted along lines which
constitute a repudiation of the
splendid truth that all just govern
ments must derive their power
from the consent of the governed.
This doctriBe has been denied and
overruled. The American Con
etitulion, a product of the spirit
which created the Declaration, has
been violated by congress in order
that this truth should not prevail
to control American action. The
termination of
era of constitu­
tional liberty in this country is
threatened because of this denial
of the right of others to the
liberty proclaimed by the Declara
tion as the birthright of all men.
Congress and the supreme court
have alike failed to prevent this
abandonment of the American
creed. The constitutional safe
guard has been removed. A
president of the United States
to-day possesses a power of ab
solutism which may not be viewed
by thoughtful Americans without
the profoundest disturbance of
confidence in the permanence of
liberty 011 the western continent.
On this one hundred and twenty
fifth anniversary of the signing of
the Declaration of Independence
it is advisable that American's face
the truth of American conditions.
A return to the principles upon
which their government is found
ed is still possible. If there is to
be a further divergence from the
true American faith such return
will soon be forever impossible.
It is for the American people to
make the choice while the privilege
of choosing is still theirs. The
choice is one between a republic
and an empire. Which shall it
be? You should ask yourself this
question and answer it as be
comes an American who is still
faithful to the truths announced
in the American Declaration of
For Hail Insurance see Farrell & Bnrke
Farm Agent St. Paul Eire and
Continued from Fint Page.
of increase and decrease be aa follows:
Alma raised 126 per cent Berlin raised
36 per cent -Billings raised 60 per cent
Bruce School Distnet raised 36 per cent
Boyd School District raised 56 per cent
CypreBB raised 70 per cent Dresden rais
ed 100 per cent Easby raised 70 per
cent Fremont raised 60 per cent Glenila
raited 36 per cent Gordon raised 70 per
cent Heuderson raised 51 per cent
Jackson raised 29 per cent Langdon
raised 240 per cent Linden raised 94
per cent Loam raised 30 pereent Mont
rose raised 13 per cent Mt. Carmel rais
ed 70 per cent Osnabrock raised 43 per
cent Storlie raised 13 per cent Trier
raised 25 per cent Weber raised 12 per
On motion duly seconded and carried
the value of sheep was equalized among
the several townships to average $1.
each, and that the percentuin of increase
and decrease be as follows:
Hope raised 24 per cent.
South Dresden lowered 44 per cent.
On motion duly seconded and carried
the value of swine among the several
townships was equalized at $2. per
head, aud that the perceutum of increase
and decrease be as follows
Alma raised 14 per cent Billings rais
ed 40 per cent Bruce School District
raised 11 per cent Cypress raised 78 per
cent Dresden raised C9 per cent Easby
raised 10 per cent Fremont raised 83
per cent Gordon raised 44 percent
Henderson raised 60 per cent: Hope
raised 37 per cent Huron raised 5 per
cent Linden raised S3 per cent Milton
raised 66 per cent Montrosii raised 100
per cent Moscow raised 27 per cent Mt.
Carmel raised 81 per cent Olga raised
100 per cent Osnabrock raised 100 per
cent Perry raised 35 per cent South
Dresden raised 25 per cent Trier raised
56 per cent Weber raised 48 per cent.
Langdon lowered 31 per cent.
On motion duly seconded and carried
the value of sleighs among the several
townships was equalized at $5. each,
and that the percentum of increase and
decrease be as follows:
Berlin raised 19 per cent Billings rais
ed 12 per cent Boyd School District
raised 4 per cent Cypress raised 3 per
cent Easby raised 14 per cent Grey
raised 41 per cent Henderson raised 3
per cent Hope raised 118 per cent
Montrose raised per cent Moscow
raised 9 per cent Olga raised 7 per cent
Osuabrock raised 10 per cent Storlie
raised 27 per ceut Trier raised 122 per
Bruce School District lowered 14 per
cent Glenila lowered 11 per cent Huron
lowered 20 per cent Langdon City
lowered 22 per ceut Linden lowered 14
per cent Mt. Carmel lowered 6 per cent.
On motion duly seconded and carried
that the value of wagons, carriages etc.,
among the several townships was
equalized at $10. each, and that the per-,
centum of increase aud decrease as
Alma raised 33 percent Billings rais
ed 6 per cent Bruce School District
raised 3 per cent Boyd School District
raised 40 per cent Easby raised 37 per
cent Fremont raised 68 percent Gor
don raised 66 per cent Grey raised 66
per cent Henderson raised 30 per ceut
Hope raised 70 per cent Jackson raised
37 per cent Montrose raised 21 per
cent Mt. Carmel raised 38 percent
Olga raised 20 per cent Osnabrock rais
ed 32 per cent Perry raised 66 per cent
South Dresden raised 17 per cent Trier
raised 70 per cent Weber raised 20 per
Berlin lowered 6 per oent Dresden
lowered 5 per cent: Glenila lowered 14
per cent Huron lowered 20 per cent
Langdon lowered 19 per cent Langdon
City lowered 25 per cent Linden lower
ed 35 per cent. Milton lowered 9 per
On motion the board adjourned until
9 o'clock a. »»., Friday, July 5th 1901.
FIUDAY, July 5th 1901.
The board reconvened pursuant to ad
Present:—Peter Reid chairman and
Commissioners Joseph Heapy, Ole I.
Gjevre, Alex. Honey and John Reid.
On motion duly seconded and carried
the value of organs among the several
townships was equalized at $20. each,
and that the percentum of increase and
decrease be as follows:
Alma raised 167 per cent Billings
raised 300 per cent Bruce School Dis
trict raised 100 per cent: Boyd School
District raised 50 per cent Easby raised
140 per cent Glenila raised 300 per
cent Harvey raised 179 per cent
Henderson raised 100 per cent Langdon
raised 140 per cent Langdon City rais
ed 75 per cent Linden raised 100 per
cent: Loam raised 168 per cent Milton
raised 4 per cent Olga raised 300 per
cent Storlie raised 233 per cent South
Dresden raised 100 per cent Weber rais
ed 900 per cent.
On motion duly seconded aud carried
the value of pianos among the several
townships was equalized at 950. each,
and that the percentum of increase aud
decrease be as follows:
Alma raised 43 per cent Billings rais
ed 25 percent Dresdeu raised 586 per
cent Easby raised 100 per cent Harvey
raised 33% per cent: Langdon raised 400
per cent Langdon City raised 23 per
cent Linden raised 135 per cent Olga
raised 66% per cent.
Resolved that the following changes
be Biade in the assessed value of Agri
cultural tools implements and machinery
and that the perceutum of increase arid
decrease be as follows:
Fremont raised 75 per ceut. Goidon
raised 100 per cent Grey raised 10 per
cent Hope raised 150 per cent Montrose
raised 100 per cent lit. Carmel raised
100 per cent Perry raised 20 per cent
Trier raised 50 per cent.
Billings lowered 33% per cent: Cypress
lowered 15 per cent Easby lowered 25
per cent Gleuila lowered 20 per cent
Loam lowered 33% per cent South Dres
den lowered 33% per cent Weber lower
ed 20 per cent.
Resolved that the value of bicycles
throughout the county be equalized at
$5. each.
Resolved that the following changes
be made in the assessed value of
structures on farm lands, and improve
ments on government land, and that
the percentum of increase and decrease
be as follows:
Alma raised 50 per cent: East Alma
raised 100 per oent Fremont raised 100
per eent Hope raised 25 per cent Loam
raised 15 per cent Montrose raised 40
per cent: Osnabrock raised 10 per cent
Perry raised 50 per cent South Dresden
raised 40 per cent Trier raised 75 per
Grey lowered 25 per cent: Glenila
lowered 40 per ceut: Harvey lowered 20
per cent Henderson lowered 20 per
cent: Jackson lowered 20 per cent
Linden lowered 20 percent: Olga lower
ed 10 per cent Storlie Jowered 20 per
cent: Weber lowered 25 per cent.
Resolved that the following changes
be made in the assessed value of thresh
ing machines, engines and boilers, and
that the percentum of increase and
decrease be as follows:
Easby raised 50 per cent Fremont
raised 50 per cent: Jackson raised 100
per cent Mt. Carmel raised 33% per
Billings lowered 33% per cent: Glenila
lowered 25 per cent: Grey lowered 40
per cent Langdon lowered 25 per cent
Linden lowered 25 per cent Montrose
lowered 25 per cent South Dresden
lowered25 percent.
Resolved that the following changes
be made in the assessed value of goods
and merchandise, and that the percen
tum of increase aud decrease be as
Billings raised 200 per cent: Dresden
Township raised 100 per eent Hope
raised 50 per cent.
Storlie lowered 33% per cent.
Resolved that the assessed value of
elevators in Langdon city be increased
10 per cent, and reduced 10 per cent in
Alma township.
Moyed seconded aud carried that the
following changes be made in the assess
George McComb East Alma 4 horses
value $135. and one plow value $10
ordered struck off the list, assessed for
the same property in Towner county.
Threshing machine assessed to Ole
Johnson and John Oakland ordered
struck off the list in Billings township,
assessed for the same property in Mont
rose township.
Personal property assessment of Ole
Johnson ordered struck off the list in
Montrose township, assessed ior the
Bame property in Billings.
Personal property* assessment of
Andrew Zettel in Mt. Carmel township
ordered struck off the list, assessed for
the same property in Harvey.
Threshing machine listed to Edward
Skahl in Osnabrock township engine
valued at $100. separator $60, omitted
by the assessor.
On the recommendation of the town
board of Alma the personal property
assessment of Chas. Humphreys was
ordered struck off the list, it appearing
that he is assessed for thesame property
in Mineral III.
Assessment of Donald McLauchlin in
Harvey township for of threshing
machine was ordered struck of the list,
the same property being assessed to
James McLauchlin in Langdon town
One horse valued at $30. assessed to
John Abrams of Glenila township order
ed struck off the list, the same having
been killed since the assessment was
The assessment of P. Xorum on goods
and merchandise in Hope township was
ordered lowered from $600. to $300.
The personal assessment of Rev.
Beerwagon of South Dresden township
was ordered struck of the list.
The assessment of John Ferguson of
Mr. Carmel township was lowered $7.
on neparator and $18 on engine, the
same property being assessed to H.
Howatt in Hope township.
The real estate assessment of Thomas
H. Prior on south east% Section 11,
Township 163, Range 62, was ordered
lowered from $400. to $320.
Application of Joseph Crawford for a
reduction in his assessment on Lot 12,
Block 21. Langdon city was presented.
No action taked.
Application of J. C. Stadle for a re
duction in his assessment on goods and
merchandise in Langdon city was pre
sented. No action taked.
On motion the board adjourned.
County Auditor. Chairman.
Insure your crop against hail in
the old reliable
St Paul Fire and Marine Insurance CQ.
To Owners and Operators of
County School Notes.
By Supt. N. C. Macdonald
A few teachers are somewhat slow in
sending in the monthly and term report.
As a matter of plain duty this part of
the school work should not be neglected.
The records of thiB office are not com
plete until all those reports are on file.
The list of those pupilB who have at
the recent pupils monthly examination
made a standing of 75 per cent or over,
in at least four subjects, is BO great that
it cannot appear in this column. At
this time, the names of those who have
made a standing of 80 per cent or over
in all subjects that they should be carry
ing, will appear in the county papers.
The folio wing made the latter standing:
*Bello Sillers RoseHodgins Addie Hodgina
Foster Robeson Millie Porter Annie Leacock
Greeta Robeson H. Jeffrey *Bella M'Knight
Edna Parsons Mary Dick *AmoliaQaustad
McCullough RMcCullough *Lucy O'Brien
Ida Kraemer Kraemer Sara Rabenvoitz
Koehmstedt Loyd Hoffsky *Tena McKenzie
A Matherson Matherson Edna Wood
.Lucy Wood! Pearl Hoffsky Mary Matkerson
*Annie McLean S. Balfour Bert Stappleton
*W Bestvater Henry Wall *H Warring
Mable Hunter StanleyHunteiHenry Arthurs
Rosa Phillippe Viola Parsons Fred Struthers
Milly Arthurs "Lizzie Byrne Willie Kershaw
Jennie Kershaw Angie Perkins Frank Perkins
•Mima Stewart Jacob Stewart *Lena Lomen
Cora Nelson Melling *Maud Haight
Owen Grimes Mary Murray *Katio Herron
Milo Olson A Campbell *Mable Stewart
Frank Dostal Lizzie Muhs *Marie Watson
Ethel Watson Edna Wright Beatrice Watson
*Susan Murchie Grintoau Minnie Peterson
Wesley Etie.
NOTE—All marked are Teachers.
The Langdon teachers district associa
tion met Saturday, June 29th. The at
tendance was good, fifty-two being en
rolled. Papers were read by Deputy
Superintendent R. Heyward, O. H.
White, J. G. Johnson and Miss Ida Fer
guson. Miss Stewart prepared a paper,
but being absent the paper was read by
Miss Ferguson. All the papers were ex
cellent. The discussion was good and
much interest was shown by all the
teachers present. The association will
meet again some time in August. The
following responded to roll call:
Heyward Mima Stewart Pearl Haight
Ethel Smith Anna Johnson Jean Brotnerson
Percy Abbey Ella Gogin O White
Ida Ferguson Roy Loynes Mrs A Cameron
Minnie McLeod Alice Webb Katie M'Donald
Carrie Dunford Mamie'Milne Susan McGinnis
Johnson Katie Herron Rose Porter
Vera True Lizzie Byrne Mable Stewart
Lillie O'Brien Will Wait Sadie M'Cumber
Eliza O'Reilly AnnieJohnsoa Emma Fultz
Lottie Koerner Alice Kelly W Alexander
Lucy O'Brien Jos Wait Nellie Thorn
SimonO'Connor John Dynes S Orminston
N McKechney Lena Wilson Johnson
Maud Haight Lavina Porter O Paquette
Emma Webster Kate Stewart Atkinson
Report of the attendance and teaching
at the Poplar Grove school during the
month ending, Friday July 5tli, 1901:
No of Pupils Enrolled 33
No. of Days School was Taught. 19
Aggregate Days of Teaching, 627
Aggregate Attendance 163
Aggregate Absenco 54
Aggregate Non-Membership 110
Average Daily Attendance 24
Average Membership 27
Per Cent of Attendance 89
The following pupils were present each day:
Sarah Bailey Flora Carson Robbie Carson
Harry Carson Arthur Conat Carrie Carson
Naddeen Carson Charlie Paris Willie Caison
Willie Paris CliarlieConat David Fultz
Henry Fultz Alvan Fultz Cynthia Fultz.
H. R. POUTER, Teacher.
To introduce this famous Writing
sellsl.it at 25 cts per pound, En
velopes 10 cts per bunch. This is
without doubt the greatest value
ever offered in high grade up to
date Stationery.
"We prosecute and defend contests before the
United States Land Office and Department
of the Interior.
The Parsons Self Feeder and Band Cutter
Is tne only Self Feeder In the Market. It don't increase the load on your
Engine. Will feed your Separator better than it is possible to feed it by
hand. Saves you $8.00 to $9.00 per day in wages. It don't kick on long
hours, bad grub or have to be kicked out of bed in the morning. I attach
it to any make of Seperator, new or old.
Write or see me for prices, terms, etc.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids for the erection of a new
Presbyterian church in the City of Lang
don, N. D., will be received at the office
ofDiokson & Dickson Langdon, until
two p. m., on Thursday, the 25th day of
July. 1901. The right being reserved to
reject any or all bids. Plans and speci
fications can be seen at said office of
Dickson & Dickson Lsngdon, N. D.
Chairman Building Committee.
Open Tender.
Will be let by the board of Hope town
ship on Monday, July 15th, 1901, at two
o'clock p. m., for the repair ofbridge and
building of a grade at the Ankers cross
ing of the Little Pembina river also at
the same time for the putting in of a
bridge and grading of approaches at the
Murphy crossing of Hope's coulie. Full
particulars as to material and construc
tion will be given at the time of let
ting the contract.
By Order of the Board:
W. L. DRURY, Chairman.
Ice Cream Parlors.
We have opened up oar Ice Cream
Parlors for this season. They are newly
fitted up with especial care for the oom
fort of the general public.
Advertised Letter List.
The following list of uncalled for let
ters have been received at the Langdon
post office, during the week ending
Thursday, July 13,1901.
Means, O. T. Trace.v Jno. M.
Hamilton, Win. Erson, B,
Corey, Geo. L. Benedict, Leslie.
Hollbrook, Miss Rea. McEwan, Mrs Nannie E
Parties calling for any of the above
letters will Btate that they have been ad
vertised and be required to pay a charge
of one cent for advertising.
P. MOHUGH, Postmaster.
A. F. GARDNER, Ass't.
Taken Up.
Came to my place four miles north
east of Wales on Saturday the first day
of July, one blind horse, color dark bay,
weight about 1,100 pounds. Owner can
have same by proving property and pay
ing costs and expenses incurred, or same
will be disposed of as provided by law.
Postoffice address, Wales, N. D.
I have money on hand at all
times -for farm loans.
You can pay any day after sign
ing papers and stop interest.
Interest and principal payable
any place you name
These privileges are printed in
the papers.
I will make your loan at as low a
rate as any one in North Dakota.
Langdon, N. D.
Agent for the
Of Cincinnati, Ohio.
DeWltt'a Little Early Risers,
The famous little pllU.
We Buy and Sell Farms and Make Real Estate Loans at Lowest Rates.
Remember We Did Not Commence Business Yesterday.
Clerk of District Court. U. 8. Commissioner.
Berlin School District,
County of Cavalier and State of North Dakota,
for year 1900-1901.
Cash on hand at beginning of school
year, July 1,1900 $ 440.86
Total amount received during the year
from the apportionment of the state
tuition fund 295.46
Amount received during the year from
taxes levied by the district school
board, including outstand in# warrants
redeemed or indorsed in the collection
of taxes 198.91
Total receipts fo» the year, including
cash on hand July 1,1900 $ 930.23
Amount paid during the year for school
houses, sites and furniture $ 112.50
Amount paid during the year for teach
ers wages 469.00
Amount paid during the year for ser
vices and expenses of school officers.. 60.00
Amount paid during the yoar for inci
dental expenses 43.25
Total expenditures during the year 684.75
Cash on hand June 30,1901 245.48
Grand total, expenditures and cash on
hand, to balance above total receipts. 930.23
Treasurer of Berlin School District,
Approved this 9tli day of July A. D., 1901.
M. MICIILINK, President.
By Order of the District School Board:
JAS. A. ELT.EFSON, District Clerk.
Take notice That whereas, Edward Walker
did, on the 1st day of April A. D. 1901, entrust
to my care for the purpose of feeding and
pasturing, tho following described personal
property, viz:
One bay goldingcolt 3 years old, by virtue of
which I claim a Lien on the aforesaid property
for feeding and pasturing the same and,
Whereas, There has been a default in the
terms of said lien by reason of non-payment
thereof and tho amount claimed to bo due at
the date hereof is $2.00.
Now, therefore, notice is horeby given, that
by virtue of said lien and for the purpose of
satisfying the sarno, and costs of this proceed
ing, I, Charles Keeling, tho ownor thereof will
sell the abovo described chattel at public
auction to tho highest bidder for cash, at tho
front door of District School House No. 1
known as the Irelnn school house, in the Town
ship of Fremont, County of Cavalier and State
North Dakota, at tho hour of 3 o'clock in the
afternoon of July 20,1901.
T. D. STACK, Att'y, WalliaUa, H. D.
Dated July 8th, A. D. 1901.
Department of the Interior, United States
Devils Lake, N. D., May 22,1901.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been
in this office by William J. Nicholson contestant,
against Homestead Entry No. 19046, made
March 10th, 1900, for the southwest quarter of
Section 33, Township 161, north of Range 64
west, by Peter Weber, contestee, in which it is
alleged that the said Peter Weber has never es
tablished his residence on said tract and has no
houn or other habitable building thereon that
he has wholly abandoned said tract, that he has
changed his residence therefrom for more' than
six nwntlis since making said entry that said
tract is not settled upon and cultivated by said
party as required by law that tho absence of
said party is not caused by reason of his em
ployment in the military or naval services, or
in the marine corps of the United States, during
the time of war, il3r at any time That said
default still exists. Said parties are hereby
notified to appear, respond anJ offer evidence
touching said allegation at ten oclbck a. m., on
July 17tn, 1901, before H. D.
Allert in his office, in
the City of' Langdon, Cavalier county. North
Dakota, and that final hearing will be held at
ten o'clock a. m„ on July 24th, 1901, before the
Register and Receiver at tho Unitod States land
office in Devils Lake, North Dakota. The said
contestant, having in a propor affidavit, filed
June 6th, 1901, setforth facts which show that
after due diligence personal service of this no
tice cannot be made, it is hereby ordered and
directed that such notice be given by due and
proper publication.
45-48 OLE SEKUMGABD, Register.
State of North Dakota, Cnunty of Cavalier—
In District Court, Seventh Judicial District.
In the Matter of Changing the Name of
Thorlack Finnson.
Notice is hereby given, That on the 16th day
of July, 1901, at ten o'clock a. m., 'of said day
or as soon thereafter as the matter can be'
heard, tho undersigned, Thorlnck Finnson, of
the County of Cavalier and State of North Da
kota, will apply to the above named Court, at
a special term thereof, to bo held on the 16th
day of July, 1901, at the Court Houso in the
City of Langdon, county and state aforesaid for
an order changing his name from Thorlack
Finnson to that of Thorlack Thorfinnson.
Dated May 18th, A. D., 1901.
Oar 15 years experience in Land Office Prac
tice is
guarantee that the interests of our
clients will be well protected.

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