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Court next week.
We had a quiet Fourth—it rained.
Have you worked out your poll tax?
It hasn't rained tor a whole week and
the farmer ia most tickled to death.
It Is now reported that coal has been
discovered near Lunde, the new railroad
town on the Lskota extension.
Twenty-five Langdon excursionists left
(or the Lake yesterday and will visit the
Chautauqua campers until Saturday.
Last week's rain fall only measured
2:25 inches, which isn't so bad when the
flown pour the preoeding month reached
eleven inches.
Our tennis players have a couple of
fine courts laid out on the fair grounds,
Where they practice mostly every evening
now the weather is settled.
The board of county commissioners
adjourned Monday evening until August
6th. The full official proceedings will
appear in next week's issue.
The progress of the Barry murder
trial, which fpens in district court here
next fteek will be watched with great in
terest throughout the state.
The teachers summer training school
at the state university opened on Mon
day of this week. Comparatively few
Cavalier county teaohers are attending.
Berry picking parties are now the
order of the day and some profitable
excursions are being made by numerous
Langdon people to the woods along the
Pembina river.
Park Eiver and Edinburg were both
Well represented here on the Fourth and
it is to be regretted that the weather
Interfered with the carrying out of the
day's program.
A score or more Langdon families com
pose a colony of upwards fifty over at the
Chautauqua. The campers today enter
tain those who went around to the Lake
on yesterday's excursion.
The proceedings of the board of equal-:
Ization and news items from half a dozen
neighboring county correspondents
..crowds our local space so muoh this
week that we feel called upon to apologize
The Presbyterians at the congrega
tional meeting Friday evening received
reports from their committees which re
sulted in the decision to go ahead with
the building of a new $4,000 church.
Tenders for letting the contract are be
ing advertised for and the ground will be
broken for the foundation as soon as the
old building can be moved'off the site.
effort is being made by the July
4th celebration committee and the stock
holders of the Langdon Driving and
Agricultural Association to pull off the
postponed program of sports in conjunc
tion with a fall fair on Aug. 7th and 8th.
It is intended to arrange a list of
premiums for exhibits of horses, cattle,
stook and farm products and make the
fair one in which all farmers will feel
they have an interest.
U. S. Commissioner.
OME and see
•, V,:_.
And charge moderately for the work. Time pieces
which hare become erratic in their movement, going fast
or alow or not going at all will be pot in thorough work-'
ing order and guaranted.
Yours for Trade and Satisfaction,
No truer line waaeversaid—"Hannah's
Pride" makes perfect bread.
States Attorney Dickson spent Sun
day with his family at the Lake.
.Best patent flour $2.10 per 98 pound
sack at Parsons flour and feed store,
Mrs. T. B. Hankey visited over Sun
day with friends up the line at Hannah.
Cashier O. E. Thompson was the guest
of Walhalla friends on "the glorious
For Hail Insurance see Farrell & Burke
Farm Agent St. Paul Fire And Marine
Insurance Company.
HELP WANTED:—Girl to help in
kitchen at the Armory Restaurant.
Good wages. W.A.Ferguson.
Windmills for the purpose of watering
their lawns have been erected this week
on the residence properties of Postmaster
McHugh and Dr. Donovan.
J. B. Boyd drove over to the Lake last
Sunday accompanied by Miss Louise
Boyd and Miss Emma Morgan, who join
the family in camp over there.
Ed Sherwin says he will have a soda
fountain here in a few days now and
will then be right in line for all kinds of
soda water drinks and ice cream sodas.
Walt Qould writes from Butte, Mont.,
that he was aboard the train on his trip
west last Wednesday when the train wss
held up and the express car robbed of
E. Moore, who has been ailing all week,
today finds himself laid up with typhoid
fever. The family have gone through
more than their share of siokness in the
past few months and have the sympathy
of everyone in Langdon.
Mooney & Champine
Jos. Crawford is putting up a com
modious two story residence on ground
within easy distance of his flour mill
property south of the Gt. Northern track.
The carpenter work is under the super
vision of Contractor Voll.
That Langdon's K. of P., band will
take in the Winnipeg fair is now about
as good as settled. The fair manage
ment supplies transportation and all
expenses and guarantees the boys will be
treated lika princes during their week's
stay at the 'Peg.
Carpenters and painters have this
week completed work on the new
photo and art studio opposite the court
house and Photographer Thos. Smith
expects to open up for business by
August 1st. The first floor will be used
by his brother Dr. F. S. Smith as office
rooms in his dental practice.
It is iearned that a report has gained
circulation out west that numerous small
pox cases existed in Langdon and as a
result much trade from that direction
has been diverted into other channels
that would naturally come here. The
report is entirely without foundation.
The city has had no occasion to establish
a quarantine as the rumor intimated had
been done and the McDougall and
Kinna cases, both mild, were isolated
immediately on being dingnosed and
have recovered completely.
Attorney at Law.
a,t Law.
i£ you want your Final Proofs made. We
have had twenty yearB experience in this work and can
save you money if you come to us.
We hare an abundant supply of MONEY ON HAND
TO LOAN on Cavalier county farms and give you all your
mortgage calls for, and pay you money as soon as papers are
eigned. We also BUY AND SELL LANDS.
Come and see us and you will not regret it.
'V"\ sS»?f
One pound of good tobacco for 35 cents
at Kelly's store.
W. F. Winter and family left yeeter
dao to spend a week at the Chautauqua.
Mrs. Win. Buoklin returned home
yesterday from a visit with Crookaton
Ex-Com'r Henry Porter, of Fremont,
came in on the train from the Forks on
the Fourth.
For the be3t smoke call on Flumer
felt & Bucklin and get a "John Sher
man" oigar. 45-5
Go to Sherwin's ice cream parlors when
in town. The best flavors, fresh fruits
and pure cream.
Mrs. John Loynes came down from
Hannah and is spending the week in the
oity with her husband.
State Treasurer McMillan came up
from Bismarck to spend the Fourth and
look after his local interests.
Dan McGruer was the guest of Lang
don friends Tuesday. He left yesterday
for a business trip to the Forks.
H.Bewell, an old time acquaintance of
Dr. S. G. Gibson was over from Winni
peg for a visit of several days last week.
Cordon A. Lamb always have
Cash for farm loans.
The Allert family left tor the
Chautauqua across the aountry Sunday
and will spend the balance of the as*
sembly in camp.
F. E. B. Meroer returned Tuesday
from Devils Lake, where his wife and
baby boy are enjoying camp life on the
Chautauqua grounds.
Others come and go but we are here to
stay with fresh bread daily, also fancy
pastry of all kinds at the City Bakery
Joseph Little, proprietor.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Mahon and Be v.
Thos. Dougan and neice, Miss Jackson,
started Monday for the Yellowstone
Park where they will spend an outing of
two weeks.
Auctioneer Fahey was in from Klein
part of last week and says that with
favorable conditions the crop out
through there may be expected to reaeh
tho 40 bushel mark.
News of the illness and approaching
death of their mother at Detroit, Mich.,
was received yesterday by Cashier
Sheehan aad brother. They left for the
family home on the afternoou train.
The city of Langdon is suffering from
an aggravated cdse of weeds—oommon,
every-day weeds. It is no part of the
bnsiness of the
commissioner to
cut them—the man that owns the pro
perty ought to do it to improve the ap
pearance of bis own property.
The annual election of officers of the
local W. C- T. U., held at the meeting of
last week resulted in the naming of the
following: President, Miss Flo Currie
vice president, Mrs. C. W. Holmes
recording secretary, Mrs. Hay ward cor
responding secretary, MissNettie Prinyer
treasurer, Mrs. Wm. Plummer. The
above new officers have been elected for
the year ending June, 1902.
The precipitation during the past
month has been slightly in excess of
eleven inches. As the normal raiufall
for this section of the state for both rain
and snow is nmeteea inches it will be
seen that an abnormal quantity has
fallen recently. The figures show that
considerably over one-half of the total
rainfall of the year has fallen within the
past thirty days.
The DEMOCRAT acknowledges the re
ceipt per yesterday's mail of an invita
tion to attend the reception and ball
tendered by J. C. Cramond and wife on
the occasion of the opening of their new
hotel on the 18th inst. J. C. and his
estimable wife number among the most
popular caterers to the public in the
state, have friends all along the line and
from all accounts the Hotel Cramond is
likely to prove a drawing card.
Langdon's junior ball team upheld the
reputation of the home town in the game
played with Cavalier last Wednesday,
score 6 to 5 and the orowd was more than
"tickled" over the work done. A return
exhibition game was played on the
Fourth when the size of the score was
the only feature of the game that cut
any figure at all. Buns were made
galore and the game went to the visitors.
It is the first time that a visiting team
has beaten the kids on their home
The Fourth was a damp one this year.
It rained enough in the early morning
and during the forenoon to render im
possible the carrying out the program of
the day's celebration. The sun came out
towards noon and the clear sky brought
to town quite a crowd of visitors in the
afternoon who enjoyed in a quieter
fashion than usual our country's natal
day. A ball game between the juniors of
Langdon and Cavalier played on the
down town diamond in the afternoon,
following which the trap shopters o! the
county gathered at the grounds of the
Langdon Gun Club for a shoot. In the
evening the rain came down in torrents
and made the bowery a general retreat
for the crowd and the pleasurable sensa
tion of good music kept the dance go
ing till morning.
We have 125,000 on hand to loan on
farm lands at low rates and easy
terms. Call and see us before mak
ing your loan. Satisfaction guaran
H. J. Haskamp Loan & Collection Agency
A nioe line of shoes now going at ooet
at Kelly's store.
GIBE, WANTED—Atthe Hub restaurant,
one that can cook. Apply at onoe.
Mies Jean MoMillan is at Hannah and
in Manitoba for a couple of weeks.
"John Sherman" cigars means quality.
Flumerfelt & Buoklin,
sole agents. 45-5
Frank Kyncl was up from Minto over
Sunday to visit with relatives and old
H. Weiland drove across to Morden
last week and spent Sunday with old
Manitoba friends.
A score or more young folks from town
went out to theDebrow farm, north of
town, where an en joy ah'e dance was had.
Mrs. Clara E. Knapp left laBt week for
the home of her sister, Mrs. J. C.
Cramond, at Rngby Junotion.
Chas. MoCormiok, jeweler at the
Donovan drag store, reached home from
his trip to the south on Thursday.
The funeral of the infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Myers was conducted
this afternoon by Bev. T. H. Robertson.
Farrell & Burke will make your Loan
for you at the Lowest possible terms.
See us before making your loan else
"Hannah's Pride," high patent, is a
triumph of modern milling. It makes
the kind of bread your ohildren will like
and grow fat on
Ab Heppner and wife of Berlin town
ship, welcomed the arriyal of a little
daughter last week. Its birth dating
from the 3rd inst.
Mrs. J. J. Mahoney and daughter,
May, arrived Tuesday from Omaha for a
two weoks visit. Mrs, Mahoney is a
sister of Mrs. P. McHugh.
Dr. Gibson reports the birth of a son
on the 6th at the home of Albert Myers
east of town. On Monday he attended
the birth of another boy to the family of
W. P. Cheatley out west.
E. E. Sherwin wantB the public to see
the fine new stook of fresh fruit con
fectionery and cigars that he is putting
in his store at the old Elford hardware
Wednesday of next week, the 17th
inst., the ladies of the Elkwood Presby
terian eliureh have a pleasant affair in
the form of a pionio in Ridley's grove.
If its a fine day they should realize a
nice sum.
Baptist services will be held on Sun
day by Bev. T. H. Robertson at Bosa
Lake at 11 a. m., at Myer's at 3:30 p. m.,
and in Langdon church at 8 p. m.
Subject of evening service, "How Can a
Man be Just."
The usual services at the Presby
terian church Sunday will be conducted
by Bev. Jas. Austin of Hannah, in the
absence of Pastor Dougan who is taking
in the Yellowstone Park during a two
weeks vacation.
High Patent.
Milled from Choicest
know always I
it. _1
FOB BENT—Bast southwest 4
southwest southwest
A. Schulke is making extensive in
terior changes in the Trade Palace this
week and the length of floor space will
be increased to 100 feet and a warehouse
built on the rear. The second floor is
being re-arranged for the arriva. of the
Trade Palaoe's fall stock of gents cloth
ing and ladies oloaks and mantles whieh
will give more room to the dry goods and
grocery departments on the ground floor.
As indicative of the great interest
which is taken in the Winnipeg Indus
trial by Amerisans, the management are
in receipt of letters from Mayor Johnson,
of Fargo, in which he states that he
expeots to bring up a big crowd on
Amerioan Day, and also offers to provide
a band, A bandmaster from Langdon,
N. D.,has also offered to bring up his
band if the board should see fit for no
charge other than the expenses of the
trip. AH indications go to show that
this year a record attendance of Ameri
cans will be registered.
The trustees of tho Presbyterian
church are on the lookout for some one
to purchase the old church building
The building is 14 24 and 24 40, and
though no longer of any U6e to them,
owing to the congregation having out
grown the accommodation it afforded, it
could easily be remodled into a story
and a half dwelling or taken apart and
two useful separate buildings construct
ed, It is for sale and is not likely to
remain long on the hands of the board
of management, being in a good state of
repair. T' iliis is
pnmethincr that you
are wanting you will have to hilrry.-
You can geteight pounds of good coffee
for (1.00 at Kelly's store.
One pound can of baking powder for
15 cents at Kelly's.
A oar load of shelled oorn unloaded
this week at Parsons' flour and feed store
Rsv. Sykes. of the Presbyterian ehuroh
at Milton was in the city awhile yester
Scott Brown enjoyed a visit here with
his sister Mrs. Dr. Sheppard, over the
Frank Stadle and family are expected
to return this week from their month's
visit with friends in Iowa.
Cordon A Lamb always have
Cash for farm loans.
Farrell & Burke will make your Loan
for you at the Lowest possible terms*
See us before making your loan else
Mrs. George Cechran and family went
up to Wales yesterday and will establish
a home on her husband's farm in that
If going camping or to a picnic you
want canned goods, lunch tongues, etc.
You will find an excellent line of the
best at Sherwin's.
First Class Engineer—Understand
traction engines. Wants to hire for
threshing season. Good references.
Enquire at Gt. N. depot Langdon, N. D.
Singer sewing machines and repairs
can only be gotten through the com
pany's authorized agent, Thos. Dunford,
Office in the Beiber building, Langdon,
N. D.
Mrs. Jno. Currie is reported as makiag
very satisfactory progress under the
treatment she is receiving for canoer
trouble at Fargo. A permanent cure is
Rev. Jas. Austin conducts services
at the Presbyterian church at 11 a m.,
at the Dresden school house at 2 p. in.,
and in the Presbyterian church at 8 p.
m., ou the coming Sunday.
Played by Local Talent—Benedicts Win a
Close Game From Single Men.
Two interesting home talent ball games
this week have afforded lots of fun. Mon
day night the heavy bitters of the Gt.
Northern Hotel batted Cashier Thomp
son, the pitcher of the Columbia Hotel
boarders, for 20 runs. Murry Archer was
put in the box for the other side and
kept the score down to 16. Wonderful
feats in the way of fielding, base running
as well as getting hit with the ball gave
entertainment to the orowd. With the
exception of catehertthe line up of both
was striotly non-professional. They
went to bat in the following order:
3s£ northeast section 20, township 163,
range 69, Hope township. Also south
east }4, section 13, township 163, range
60, Mt. Carmel township. Apply to Geo.
M. Price, Langdon, N. D. 49-50
Tomorrow Langdon's league team
starts to play a series of out of town
games including stops at Larimore,
Lakota and Devils Lake. They have
been doing lots of practice work since
the weather oiea-ed up and a big gain
may be looked forin their standing before
reaching home. Manager Champine
aocompanies the boys on the trip and
will see that they all get in the game.
Brenna, Seinplo, ss
Archer, Lamb, cf
P. Kelly, 2 Gordon, 2
Bucklin, 1 Thompson,
McComb, ss Conwell,
O'Reilly, 3 Hayes, lb
Powell, rf HaUett, If
McCrea, If Cleary,3b
Barnard, cf Dedrick, rf
Score by innings:
Great Northern 4 7 0 5 i—20
Columbia 5 0 8 1 2—16
Last night the enthusiasts had another
fine exhibition of amateur ball playing
by nines made up of Langdon married
and singles with Pat McHugh located
behind the pitcher to call balls and
strikes. The two teams put up a gilt
edge though not altogether errorless
game, still the score was kept down to
3 to 4, of which the benedicts captured
the big end. Jabe Souch pitched for the
victors with Joe Kelly behind the bat.
The singlemen had Hayes and Jack
Crawford as their battery. That no
scores were tallied until the second
innings shows that both sides were
attending to business all the time. It is
a long time since such an interesting
game was put up and shows that some
cf the old "has beens" have not yet
retired to the bench. Tonight the
benedicts will undertake to "shut out"
the Langdon juniors.
IColly N Hayos
Souch Crawford
Wm Bucklin lb Gordon lb
Spencer 2b Kelly 2b
Win Stevenson 3b Geo Dorval 3b
Crawford cf Alvin Orton ss
N Charrier rf Stevenson rf
Drurv If Lamb cf
Fred Kelly ss O'Reilly If
Score by innings:
Benedicts 0 0 2 1 1—4
Singlemen 0 0 1 0 2—3
The Gt. Northern's Free Trip to Fargo on
Honday, July^agth.
Below is printed as complete a' report
as it has been possible for the DEMOCBAT
to obtain of the fifty Cavalier county
farmers who have been selected from the
different localities to take in the free trip
to the Fargo agricultural college. Those
going will find transportation awaiting
them at the nearest point along the line
in thi» county, all that is necessary being
proper identification by the company's
agent that they are part'es entitled to
make the trip:
Olga—Thomas Hunter, Ed Clermont,
Fremont—Alex Russell, George Flemii
5th Com'r Dist.—Simon Thompson,
Is attained in the Yehicles we offer. They possess
many points of merit over those of othermakes.
They are constructed of thoroughly well seasoned
timber are strong and symmetrically proportioned
tastefully painted with good material
K. Alma—Mel Close.
Loam—Jacob Besinius, Jos. McGauvran.
Harvey—Alex Cameron, Robt. Murie.
Hope—Knute Anderson, Joseph Diemert.
4th Com'r Diet.—Leonard Segar, C. F. Erick
Billings—0. B. Aldricli, 'Samuel Nelson.
Perry—John Power, George Perry.
Jackson—Joseph Haman.
Langdon—James J. Gordon,
Gordon—H. A. Rimer.
Berlin—David Fehr.
Henderson—John Crough.
Huron—R. P. Kargel.
Trier—S. Gau.
Weber—I. J, Schragg.
Storlie—Sam Iverson.
Moscow—Carl Araoth.
2nd Com'r Dist.—J. Heapy, Alex McDonald. 1
Cypress—George BassmgthwaigUtc, Eli Sha
Lindon—Mat McKnight, John Montgomery.
Dresden—Richard Hall.
Mt. Carmel—John Bcesl. J4,
Glenila—Samuel Myers.
Grey—Archie Sillers Sr. 5 sag
South Dresden—George W. Chass. iwiffl
1st Com'r Dist.—Peter Murchie, Peter Reid. ,.?«$
The excursion from Cavalier county :,v
will start Monday, July 29, and reaches
Fargo the same night at 10:30. Dele
gates will visit the Agricultural College st,
the following day and and return borne
the next morning, leaving Fargo at 5:10.
It is suggested by the faculty of the^H
college that delegates be notified as to
time and place of starting and should
any fail to show up substitute other
farmers in their plaoes. '*§1
On arriving in Fargo, representatives
of the different hotels will explain the n&
relative merits of their respective places.
But it will be convenient for oounty delega-
tioas to remain together.
Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock teams
will be in front of the Elliott Hotel, on
Broadway, and couvey all exoursionists,
to the Agricultural College—free of1
charge. Be sure delegates are all there/
ou time for they cannot hunt them up.
Oil arriving at the college delegates
will be required to go to the Drill Hall.y
and register. They will then be divided!
into groups, and, under the direction of-^
a guide, visit the farm and buildings.
After the grounds have been visited
they will be conveyed to the city for
lunch. In the afternoon at 2 o'clock
the teams will be in front of the Elliott|^l
Hotel to convey delegates back to the
Drill Hall again, where a short session
will be held for the purpose of answering
questions delegates may ask, or make
explanations relative to the work of
the college.
President Worst very advisedly says
that future favors to your neighbors from
the Great Northern Railway Co., wilL
largely depend upon the attention of the
particular purpose for which this excur-^Sss
sion is granted. It is not a junket. It
is for instruction.
Teams will run to and from the Elliot
Hotel because it is a convenient starting/
and stopping place. Parties can walk
from there to and from their respective
Twenty=Five Dollars Reward.
The above amount will be paid for
information as to whereabouts of my'
son, aged 16 years, who left his home,
Friday, June 14. He is about 5 feet
height and weighs °110 pounds. Had on
dark grey coat and black winter cap
when last seen. Address nil informa-v
tion to
Lnngdon, N. Dak.
Papers in Cavalier, Walsh and Pem
bina counties and Manitoba please copy.
Money to Loan.
Farms Bought and Sold, General In
surance and Collection Business.
F. R. MAY, Wales, N. D.
of e'ear timber all well ironed perfect broke. Wheels
and gear are of excellent material. Strong, durable and
of easy draft.
large bede
•', V-

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