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With the thermometers registering
85° and 83° on Monday and Tuesday,
real summer heat has been experienced
this week.
H. T. Parker, who has been engaged
as principal of .the high school for the
present school year, came down from
Dresden Saturday.
H. O. Storlie, clerk of the district
-urt is back at the court house after a
•^n days stay in the southwestern part
of the county look after the threshing of
crops on his farm.
Local Happenings
Seven weeks from next Tuesday
2nd and election day will be here.
Monday the offices at the court house,
the banks and the post office were closed
in observance of Labor Day—a legal
Arthur Foster was a passenger north
Friday to Wales, returning from a trip
east where he interested eastern buyers
in lands offered for sale by the Cavalier
Co. Immigration association.
"!Prof" Thos. Little, who a year or so
ago played here with the Langdon band
and orchestra and was an accomplished
clarinetist is now at Park River, where
he has a music class and does piano
Traveling Agent Arthur Foster of the
Cavalier Co. Immigration association
went east on Tuesday's afternoon Strain.
His destination was Leroy, 111., and Mr.
Foster took along with him some fine
specimens of the county's 1908 grain
crop for the investigation of prospective
land buyers.
These days the harvest hands and
threshernaen are the lords of creation
Since the score or more of machines
operating in the vicinity of Langdon got
a good start with the fine weather of a
week cr so ago, there is no longer a
surplus of men around town seeking
work and all coming in on the trains are
engaged almost before they step onto
the depot platform. Tuesday five men
were taken out to Hugh McDowall's in
J. McLauchlin's auto.
Jule F. Switzer, familiarly known by
the playgoing public of Langdon, and in
fact over the state as "Old Switzer," is
dead. He had been an actor for up
wards thirty years, the past quarter of a
century having been spent with "The
Crows," Mr. Switzer died on September
1st after a month's illness at the home
in Ray, N. D., of J. Earle Harrington,
his associate in the theatrical business.
He was in his tifty-sixth year and is
survived by a wife and their young son
Max. The remains were shipped to
What Cheer, la., for interment. No
more popular or better known actor ever
appeared before the public in this
locality, and his personal friends, to
whom he was known as "Old Switzer,"
are legion.
Dr. E. I. Donovan and Co. Auditor Jos.
Power made an automobile trip Tuesday
out north to 13ac where a private eleva
tor is being built and townsite platted.
This is the point at which the Canadian
Pacific railroad is building a spur across
to the Cavalier county side of the boun
dary line from Mowbray, Man., for the
purpose of shipping grain under bond to
Fort William, the C. R. R'y terminal at
the head of the lakes. The first move
ment in starting a town at Bac is the
putting up of a private elevator. A large
general store is another projected enter
prise that is assured. The elevator it is
undertood will be in charge of Mr. 13y
rield, formeily a well known grain buyer
at Dresden.
farm and Fire Insurance get low
est rates at the Mooney State Bank
Simon Schefter Sells Star Shoes.
Wear sox guaranteed six months. Get
them at Simon Schefter's.
You can get regular $1.25 threshers
quilts at C. J. Kelly's for 90 cents.
Sittings on Sunday by appointment
only. W. R. Opie, Photographer.
D. H. McMillan, returned on Tuesdays
train from a week's business trip east.
Mrs. F. G. Foster, was an over Sunday
visitor in the city from Hannah, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ferguson.
Miss Tillie Cregan, the obliging
assistant of Postmaster John McGau vran
made a visit over Sunday at her home in
Miss Mary O'Reilly left Monday for
Jamestown, N. D., where she enters upon
a year's study at St. Joseph's academy
this fall.
Have you looked at those $1.50 plow
shoes at Kelly's Arcade store. When in
town don't fail to look over Kelly's shoe
bargain counter.
E. A. Wadsworth returned Saturday
from a two weeks visit in Iowa, closing
deals with purchasers for Cavalier
county real estate.
The Kind that you used to pay from
$15.00 to $25.00 for
Now Sold and Guaranteed for
The Jeweler.
Mrs. J. J. Mahoney was an arrival
Friday returning from a visit of nearly a
month with friends and relatives of the
family in the Twin Cities.
Miss Flo Morgan, sister of Mrs. F. E.
B. Mercer, arrived yesterday from Devils
Lake and will make a few weeks visit
here with the Mercer family.
Mrs. Forbes and daughter were
arrivals in the city yesterday from Gilby,
N. D., and are visiting with Mrs. J. F.
Ramage, daughter of Mrs. Forbes.
Miss Letta V. Gillman, the popular
teacher of the Langdon city schools,
returned Saturday from a vacation visit
at her home in Sauke Centre, Minn.
Miss Jennie Currie, stenographer and
typewriter in Attorney W. B. Dickson's
law offices, is enjoying a vacation of a
week visiting with relatives at Hannah.
Rev. Thos. Dougan, is here from
Chicago for his annual visit and is in
cidentally looking after the threshing of
crop on farms owned in different parts
of this county.
Merchant Adolph Langevin was a
business visitor yesterday from Olga,
looking up the-deeds to property at that
place and at Concrete. The latter town
Mr. Langevin states is just beginning
to get real busy.
Mark and Parnell O'Brien, returned
Thursday last week from Estevan, Sask.,
where they participated in the opening
to homesteaders of Canadian lands, the
entry upon which had been heretofore
obstructed by railroad grants.
Prof. R. Heyward, formerly superin
tendent of the city schools and now hold
ing the position of state inspector of high
schools was here from Grand Forks a
few days this week to superintend the
threshing of the crop on farms owned
near Langdon.
Attorney and Mrs. W. A. Mclntyre
returned Saturday from their two weeks
visit in Minnesota, having on the eve of
their departure from St. Paul, attended
the wedding of Mrs. Mclntyre's brother
Dr. Fowler Freeman Fletcher and Miss
Grace Iddings.
Mrs. Robt. McGrath, is making a visit
this week at the home of her parents,
Postmaster and Mrs. John McGauvran.
Mr. McGrath came up from the Forks
with hit wife and the family and is
spending the week looking after business
matters at Hannah. He is expecting to
to open up his new drug store at Grand
Forks about October 1st.
j"1 •*'s
Win or help your friend win that
piano at Simon's place.
Allert & Winter have plenty of money
to loan on first and second mortgages.
You can't afford to make a farm loan
any place but with Mooney & Johnston.
W hen you want the best for your
money in boys clothing ask for the
•'Viking" suits. Sold by C. J. Kelly.
Miss Alma Bleakley is assisting her
father, F. W. Bleakley, with the clerical
work of his abstract office at the court
D. F. Drier, left yesterday for Valley
City, having visited a couple of weeks
here at the home of his daughter, Mrs_
F. R. Lilly.
Banker W. J. Mooney and wife return,
ed home Monday from the Twin Cities,
where they have been visiting during
the Minnesota state fair.
Money always on hand for first and
second mortgage Loans on Cavalier
county lands. Best of rates and con
ditions. O. E. Thompson. Cashier.
Mrs. Theresa Donovan and daughters,
arrived in the city yesterday, returning
from a visit of several weeks with friends
in the western part of this state and
W. E. Stevens, formerlyjjjticket agent
at Langdon with the Gt. Northern, ar
rived Tuesday from Kalispell, and'.^will
remain to enjoy a few days hunt '.'with
old friends.
Ernest Fletcher, stenographer in
Attorney W. A. Mclntyre's office, is off
duty this week laid up with a sprained
ankle, the injury being sustained while
out chicken hunting last Friday.
Rod McHugh this fall, takes up his
first year of study in medicine and
surgery. He has already completed a
highly satisfactory preparatory course of
study at St. Thomas college in St. Paul.
Schulke's department store announces
the fall opening sale of millinery and
ladies cloaks for Friday and Saturday
next week. The show windows of the
store are for the present the attraction
of the passing crowds.
R. B. Falconer announces that he is
agaiH in shape to properly look after
and attend his city water delivery)
drayage and other team work. Prompt
attention given to all orders R. 1
Falconer. Phone 97 Langdon, N. D.
Wm. O'Shaughnessy, has finished} up
threshing on County Treasurer Shee
han's farm south of town. The wheat
averaged 16 bushels per acre. A much
better yield than was looked for con
sidering the lack of rain while the crop
was growing.
David Harding and daughter, Mis.
Nettie Harding, were in the cityMonday
from their home near Loma to Backoo.
in Pembina county, where they will re
main some time while Mr. Harding sees
after the threshing of crops on a farm he
owns down there.
Miss Lulu Hodgins, visited a day or
two in Langdon last week with her
father, F. J. Hodgins, of the McMillan
Machine Co. Miss Hodgins spent a part
of her summer vacation in Colorado and
left here Saturday for Forest River,
where she has been re-engaged as
principal of the town school for the
coming year.
DENTISTS Donovan Block
Cashier O. E. Thompson and Thos.
Finerty, are among those who have join
ed the ranks of the automobile drivers
during the past week. Mr. Thompson
has a fine Buick touring car of the latest
pattern, Mr. Finnerty is driving a Ford
runabout, similar in pattern to the Ford
machine bought two weeks ago by
Allert & Winter.
Tuesday a telegram from Far^o, con
veyed news of the serious illness of Miss
Annie Muhs, who since entering
Catholic convent at St. Paul, six years
ago has adopted the name of Sister
Martha. Four years ago she was trans
ferred to St. Joseph's hospital at Fargo,
taking up the duties of a trainod nurse.
Her illness consists of typhoid fever and
the condition of the patient when Lang
don relatives received the news was
considered critical. Her father and the
family removed from Langdon to Mc
Minnville, Ore., about five years ago
Her uncle, Mr. L. Rose, and her oldest
brother, Louis Muhs, took yesterday's
afternoon train to Fargo.
In the Lidgerwood, N. D., papers we
learn that Sup't and Mrs. N. C. Mac
donald have each been awarded Master
of Arts degrees during the past summer
on work done in the Universities of
North Dakota and Chicago. During
the past five years they have spent the
greater part of each summer in study
under the direction of these institutions
and these higher degrees come as a well
merited result of the improvement of
their time during their vacations
Sup't Macdonald's tinal thesis was '•The
Financial History of the Public Schools
of the Territory of Dakota and of the
State of North Dakota Mrs. Mac
donald's was "A Teacher's Manual on
English Masterpiecesjof the High School
Course of North Dakota." They have
been offered doctorate fellowships, on
these theses by two leading universities.
Farm Loans. Farm Loans. Farm
Loans. See Cleary & McLean.
viOii* 4' WS* iL -V-.* .JX
Petticoat Specials
Women's Black Sateen Petti
coats, with three ruffled flounce
good quality sateen. Special
Agent For
Butterick's Patterns
tor farm loans Mooney
is the only place.
Everybody has this kick on
shoes, you can't wear 'em out.
Mooney & Johnston are the only ones
who have cheap money for farm loans.
Merchant John Trotter, one of Osna- in his new automobile.
brock's pioneers in the mercantile line,
transacted business in the city yester-
Clerk Geo. E. Dunnigan of the county
court office has been spending the week
looking after threshing on his farm near
Miss Hazel Prom from Milton, came
up on Tuesday's train for a visit of a few
days with Miss Emily Smith and other
Langdon friends.
C, S. Hunter and wife got back Tues
day from a week's visit with friends in
Minnesota, including a stay of a few
days at the state fair.
Money always on hand for tirst and
second mortgage loans on Cavalier
county lands. Best of rates and con
ditions. O. E. Thompson, cashier.
Mrs. Allie Mclntyre and little son)
from Howell, Mich., are visitors in the
city this week, stopping at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hunter on north
Third street.
Elsewhere, in the want adv't column
of this issue will be found the announce
ment that a home laundry has been
opened by Mrs. Dave Ayott, who lives
in the Mrs. Oake residence on Second
If you apply soon. I also have Western
Lands to trade for Farms here.
Growing Alfalfa, Fruit and Grain, for
sale cheap. Apply to
Walt Davis, has gone to Dresden to
take the principalshipof the town school
at the opening of the fall term. The
departure of Mr. Davis from Langdon's
will be felt by the band boys, "Walt''
was also a stella attraction on Langdon
all star ball team during the past
Rev. F. J. Hibbard, was unable to
preside over the services at the Presby
terian church Sunday owing to illness,
the pulpit being tilled by Rev. Noorde
wier, of La Moure, who is making a
vacation visit among his former
parishioners at Milton. Rev. Noorde
wier and wife, a daughter of Postmaster
Powles at Milton, leave this fall for
Scotland where the reverend gentleman
will pursue his theological studies in the
Edinburgh university.
Fall Millinery Opening**
Sept. 18th and 19th
Practical Millinery Imported Pattern Hats of the
latest designs exclusive novelities, selected personally by
our Representative in the Eastern Market. Popular trim
med Hats at popular prices. Nobby Street Hats in the
leading shades. Ladies of Langdon and vicinity are cordi
ally invited to attend our Fall Opening.
1 I I
We are also Headquarters for Ladies New Fall Cloaks
Exclusive Selections are Possible, owing
to the broad variety of Styles.
New Fall Jackets
48-inch Jacket, made of line
quality Caracul, beautifully
braided, full lined with fine
grade Italian lining, extra
special value—
New Fall Skirts
We are now showing the most
complete line of Women's Tail
ored Skirts ever brought to this
city, in all the leading styles
and materials in every wanted
shade. See our special leader
in Chiffon Panama, at—
Heatherbloom Petticoats,
Hyde Grade make, with deep
shirred flounce or accordion
Sole Proprietor.
Ready mixed house
at Mercer & Lavin's.
and barn paints
Dr. J. Alex. McKay from Clyde, Sun
dayed here with old friends.
Rev. Father m, wag at
the CQUnty geat Fpiday from Came]
r'^a^ anc'
Broom for
a visit of a
Saturday, September
On Friday and Saturday
25th and 26th the Ladies Guild of the
Church of Onr Saviour will hold their
annual rummage sale. All who are will
ing to donate articles for the above sale,
will please communicate the fact to the
secretary of the guild, Mrs F. W. McLean
I have neglected this line on account of being
too busy in other departments, but now we will
just quote you a few prices which talk for them
16 lbs. Granulated sugar i.oo
8 lbs. good Coffee i.oo
Gallon apple, per can
White House coffee, lb.
5 lbs. Baking powder
Marquet Tomatoes, best
in market, per can
Regular 25c pkge coffee
We can give you a good
who will be glad to take YOUR ORDERS and deliver goods
Let me figure any bill you are contemplating sending awaj"
and if I do not save you money, give it to the other fellow
Kelly's Arcade
G. J. KELLY, Prop.
.'/ p\ \T"T- 'W':
New Fall Coats
Extra Special
54-inch long Box Coats, made
of the best quality Montanac,
full Skinner Satin lined, velvet
and braid trimmed collar and
cuffs: a special heavy and warm
garment for winter wear: excel
lent value. Special—
A great variety and attract
ive styles in loose, semi-fitted
and tight fitted garments, in
black and colors, made of Chev
iots, Kersey and Broadcloth, at
reasonable prices.
Silk Petticoats, made of extra
heavy rustling taffeta full shir
red or tailored flounce, with
cotton underlay, black and all
colors. Special-
:-, W
fACiB tfjfvis
Every Dulhir'* Worth of Goods
Mrs. H. E. Close and sister, Miss
Ferguson went down the line Fridav for
few day.- with friends at
-Mrs. Alex. Heintz and mother, Mrs.
Jno. Lee, were passengers down the line
1- riday to (irand Forks, were they are
spending the week visiting with friends.
Eddie Farrell. returned Monday to
Collegeville, Minn., to resume his studies
at St. .John college. He was accom
panied by Peter Ohlheiser, who enters
upon his first year with the opening of
the fall term
Arm and Hammer soda lb .07
Bananas, per do/. .2c
Peaches, per crate
Plums, per crate
Corn, per doz.
Green Tomatoes per bus
First class apples, per
Grapes, per basket
Spear head Tobacco, a lb.
Climax Tobacco, per lb.
Evaporated apples, a lb.
Apricots, per lb.
7 bars Laundry soap
Corn Starch, per pkg.
Langdon, N. UL

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