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Planning' a home—in the case of the average family
—is a momentous undertaking-. On every side are ex
amples of structural inefficiency, architectural jams and
the complete sacrifice of usefulness to beauty or the
reverse. Mrs. Householder is always telling you: "if
we had it to do over I would have things thus and so.''
Hut .i house once built is built to stay while, at least, and
mistakes in its design are apt to be irreparable.
We all have our beautifully vague notions of what a "real
home" should be like, but seldom do we transmute those ideas
into blue prints and specifications without losing 90 per cent of
their merit.
Some of us are fortunate enough to learn home-planning by
experience others must spend a lifetime in a misfit domicile, more
or less content in the knowledge that we could do better another
time, even though the opportunity may not come.
llome planning is a fine art, broader than architecture,
domestic economy and sociology all bundled in one package. And
the reason we build so many misfits is that we ignore a world of
experience and neglect to draw 011 ample storehouses of informa
tion that properly used will insure against serious mistakes.
Our experience, together with our Free Flan Service, wil^
help to solve your building problems. Say the word and we'll be
glad to talk it over.
Cavalier County Lumber Company
Carl J. Olmanson was hauling in
wheat Thursday.
I. Dawson reports having 1200
acres nearly all seeded.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Timian were in
town on business Wednesday.
Postmaster W. T. Reilly was a
Milton visitor here yesterday between
John Bakes and Allan Pinkerton
have alfalfa which is reported the
finest in the county.
Mrs. Bimler of Langdon, was visit
ing with her daughter, Mrs. J.
Schwan on Tuesday.
Judging by the number of dandelion
bouquets the teachers are getting, they
are becoming quite popular.
Several of the Dresden boys autoed
to Loma to take in the Norwegian
celebration and report having a good
Frank Hooey has cleaned out all
the gophers in Waterloo Twp., and it
is reported that he would make a very
valuable recruit if he would cross the
border. He makes the positive state
ment, however, that they are not go
ing to get him across. He reports
having seeded 800 acres, including 20
acres of corn.
See this Space next week for some of the
essentials of a Real Home.
The "Corner Store"
Where They Buy and Want More
The Presbyterian Sunday school was
reorganized Sunday last, Miss Ellen
Olson being appointed treasurer and
Miss Mae Williams secretary.
John Weiner was in town on busi
ness Tuesday. John is one of the
many hustlers around Dresden and
will soon have 9 quarter sections of
land seeded to various grains.
The preparations for the commence
ment exercises, to be held on the
evening of the 27th of May are going
on with considerable interest and all
who anticipate coming can be assured
of a good time.
Arrangements are being made with
Mr. Waldron of Langdon to have a
first class moving picture show in con
nection with the Gala Day at Dresden
on the 5th of June. Watch the notes
for full particulars and see hand bills.
An eight pound baby boy is report
ed at the home of John Rueger in S.
Dresden. John is all smiles and is
commencing to realize that he will
soon have nothing to do but sit on the
fence and whistle "Everybody Works
but Father.''
Several inquiries have been put to
your correspondent in regard to the
wedding bells in Dresden and we wish
to state that full particulars will ap
pear in the Dresden notes in due time.
To those who have so much difficulty
in borrowing a paper we would sug
gest that they have the postmaster at
Dresden send in their subscriptions.
Our trade is good and fully appreciated.
We handle the famous "UNIVERSITY"
brand, weel known for its Superior Qual­
ity. Give us a trial. We strive to please.
George A. Williams
Dresden North Dakota
A meeting of the business men of
Dresden was held on Wednesday, at
which it was decided to have a gala
day on Saturday, June 5th, for par
ticulars of which see hand bills and
Louis Bimler returned from Battle
Creek and other points, having secur
ed his diploma in the Niles Bryant
school of piano tuning with a very
high standing. He stayed in Battle
Creek and Kalamazoo for two weeks,
where he was engaged in practical
piano work. Leaving these points he
went on to Chicago where he stayed
for two days visiting with friends and
taking in the sights. From there he
went to Milwaukeee, St. Paul and
Minneapolis, at the latter place visit
ing with Father Kern formerly of Mt.
Carmel. Mr. Bimler was very much
impressed with the climate around
Kalamazoo, where he saw wheat just
ready to head out and alfalfa in
Nick Perius had hard luck during
the past week when he lost the best
horse on the farm.
Henry Bergman and wife spent
Sunday at the home of their son in
law, Tony Hutton at Dresden.
S. I. Koehmstedt and wife spent:
Thursday in Wales, at the home of
their son in law, Blacksmith Jos. J.
The rain on Saturday was quite
welcomed by the farmer, and will
enable the crops to make considerable
Thursday of last week most of the
people of Mt. Carmel attended the
church services in the morning, done
their business the remaining part of
the day and took in the show in the
evening at Langdon.
The boys of Mt. Carmel who are
interested in the formation of a base
ball club for this season are urged to
be present at a meeting which is be
ing held for that purpose on Sunday
afternoon of this week, the 23rd inst.
The Metzger brothers are proving
to be quite a valuable addition to the
band. There are five of them who are
now members of the Mt. Carmel bgnd,
each of them showing more or less
ability in the handling of some instru
ment or other. Mt. Carmel isn't
claiming more than what is its due
when it says that it has the largest
and best band in the county.
It has been reported that quite a
lot of stock running at large is to be
seen all through the Mt. Carmel set
tlement. The grain is just far enough
out of the ground for them to be able
to do considerable damage. Farmers
who have been made the victims of
stock which their neighbors allow to
run at large say that this is to be the
last warning. The next time will be
an arrest.
On Thursday afternoon of last week
Mrs. John Fischer received a telegram
from Champion, Alberta, in which
announcement was made of the death
of her father, Daniel Diemert. He
seems to have died quite suddenly and
his departure is mourned by a grown
family of six sons and five daughters.
The deceased has made his home in
Champion since his removing from
Mildmay, Ont., some eight years ago.
He was upwards of eighty years old
when he passed away about a week
The following is the program which
is to be given in the hall here on the
evening of Monday next week, May
Trio of Songs. By the children of
the grammar grades of the school.
Trio of Songs. By the children of
the primary grades of the school.
A humorous play in two acts.
"The Cabbage Hill School."
Topsy Turvy.'' Those who have
seen this number will be glad to see
it again.
"Der Dumme Wirt," (German) In
three acts, the last one being a comic
Specimens of Colored Talent.
The program will be copiously in
terspersed with selections of band
music. The performance will com
mence promptly at nine o'clock. Come
early in order to secure good seats.
Miss E. Matheson of Milton, is
visiting at the J. G. Stewart home
east of town.
Mr. John Beal, who had visited his
uncle, Henry Newman, since early
spring, left for his home at Detriot,
Mich., Monday.
Mrs. O. L. Fodness took the pas
senger east Saturday to visit relatives
and friends at Starbuck and Minneap
olis for a month.
M. C. Hunter, Miss Alma Jacobson
and Miss Teresa Whelan attended
school picnic at Mr. Dune Campbell's
farm east of town.
The city dads are having teams and
graders at work on the streets these
days, which will make a great im
provement to the burg.
John Nordlie was here from Fair
dale Monday buying cattle for ship
ping as well as for the butcher shop
he conducts in that village.
J. G. Stewart and his sister in law,
Miss Dorothy Orpe, left for Grand
Forks Monday to consult a physician
regarding the latter'a failing health.
Miss Blanche Godaire is visiting
friends at Langdon for a few days.
Miss Maria Beauchamp spent seve
ral days in Langdon visiting friends
and relatives last week.
Rev. Father Mahieu left last Satur
day to attend the dedication of the
new church at Park River, returning
The Olga base ball team has sent
for quite an order of new supplies and
will be well equipped this season and
ready to meet all comers.
David Charbonneau has all kinds of
Irish Cobbler potatoes for sale at his
place near town the price is twenty
cents per bushel and they are in prime
Don't forget the dance at Beaulieu
Friday, the 21st inst., for the benefit
of the base ball boys. See that you
are there and give them a lift as well
as spend a pleasant evening.
Mrs. Wm. Brilion has been confined
to her bed for several days past. Dr.
Laudre of Walhalla was up to attend
her and she is now reported as being
somewhat better we sincerely hope
to soon see her fully recovered.
90,359 E0RD CARS
Two Months Output of Ford Motor Com
pany During March and April
In the last two months the Ford
Motor Company has produced the
enormous total of 90,359 cars, this
including 43,849 cars in March and
46,510 cars in April. This not only
insures the completion of the produc
tion of 300,000 Ford cars between
August, 1914, and August, 1915,
barring the totally unforseen, and
the rebating of all Ford purchasers
within that period, but it means that
the goal will undoubtedly be reached
before the promised time, August 1st.
In fact, the 300,000th car will
probably leave the Ford assembly
early in July and the production pace
will continue almost unabated, so tre
mendous is the demand this year the
world over for Ford cars.
Then on August 1st will begin the
task of rebating about $15,000,000
to Ford purchasers in accordance with
the terms of t.he Ford profit-sharing
announcement. Each of the 300,000
or more Ford purchasers will be mail
ed, of course, an individual check,
probably of $50. The postage alone
on this huge mail means at least
The name—Doan's inspires confi
dence—Doan's Kidney Pills for kid
ney ills. Doan's Ointment for itching
skin. Doan's Regulets for a mild
laxative. Sold at all drug stores.
Mr. Heyward visited the schools
Thursday and Friday.
Miss Wood gave the domestic sci
ence II girls a quiz on Monday.
The domestic art girls have finished
their dresses and are going to do
some crocheting.
Dr. Kuhnes excused the assembly
to go to the train to see the track
team off last Friday.
Seventh and eighth grade boys of
the physicial education class had a
picnic in the Wilkinson grove, Friday
The track team did very well at
Fargo, getting third in the meet.
Marcus Smith won first in the half
mile run, second in the broad jump
and Arthur Robertson won third in
the mile run.
The program given by the primary
grades last, Friday evening was
received veiry favorably. The receipts
were something over forty dollars.
This money will be used entirely for
supplementary reading material and
library books for the first three
grades. At present, we have only
two sets of readers and no library
books for these grades, which is a
very lamentable condition. The best
schools have from four to six readers
and the pupils thus crave an abun
dance of easy reading before they are
forced to take up something too diffi
cult for them. The love for good
literature is developed before the
child is able to read. Consequently
during the first three years of a
child's school life it should have read
to it by the teacher the very cream of
the best literature. As the child lis
tens from day to day to these gems of
literature its vocabulary iB increased
and it is given food for thought.
Fluency in oral composition in the
lower grades makes for fluency in
written composition in the upper
grades. There is no greater crime
being committed over this broad land
of ours than that boys and girls are
being taught to read and not taught
what to read. It will be one of the
aims of our school system during the
coming year to develop such a desire
for the best in literature that the
mechanics of reading will be second*
ary or that boys and girls will insist
on being taught to read that they may
read for themselves the good things
that have been read to them.
The exhibition or work in music
and art by the seventh and eighth
grades will be given in the gym
nasium of the high school on Friday
afternoon at three o'clock. Everybody
is cordially invited to come and see
the work that has been done during
the year in art, which will be on dis
play at that tiipe. The program of
music will be as follows:
Two-Part Song, by the grade pupils
entitled, "Over the Summer Sea,"
by Verdi.
Three-Part Song, by Margaret
Dohmann, Mary Meiklejohn, Erma
Schadwinkel, Chelta Hamilton, Doro
thy Hibbard and Lillian Koehmstedt,
entitled "A Folk Song."
Two-Part Song, by the grade pupils
entitled "Juanita."
Two-Part Song, by Eva Syers,
Ruby Hankey, Zelda Monroe, Edna
Give me a trial if von have any work
to be done in this line.
S. Schefter
fr 11 inn 1111 njj[
That is a big and important
question in the drug store
business. In the drug trade
it is well known that somk
pharmacists are unfortunately
careless. We positively as
sure you that we put up pre
scriptions as written. Noth
ing substituted.
Liebeler, Helen Tourand and Ellen
Baldwin, entitled "Santa Lucia Old
Chorus, by the pupils of the grades
entitled Spring Song,'' by Mendels
Two-Part Song, by Margaret Doh
mann, Mary Meiklejohn, Erma Schad
winkel, Chelta Hamilton, Dorothy
Hibbard and Lillian Koehmstedt,
entitled Spring.''
Two-Part Song, by the pupils of
the grades, entitled "The Mellow
Two-Part Song, by Eva Syers,
Ruby Hankey, Zelda Monroe, Edna'
Liebeler, Helen Tourand and Ellen
Baldwin, entitled Dancing.''
Two-Part Song, by the grade pupils
entitled "Mill May."
The accompaniments to the various
numbers on the program will be play
ed by Miss Nellie Graves. At the
close light refreshments will be serv
Watch Repairing
Stilwell ... N. Dak.
Clothing House

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