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Today's wheat—$2.03.
Beautiful Indian Bumm weather.
The name of Finley Ramage ap
peared in the war casualty lists
printed in the daily papers of Mon
day this week.
Remember that November 15th is
the last day for mailing that Christ
mas package to your soldiop boy who
is overseas in France.
Only five weeks to Thanksgiving
Day, and there is much more to be
thankful for than there was a year
ago. Count 'em up for yourself.
The Independent states that Oana
brock village together with Alma and
Hay townships, all three went easily
over the top in their. Liberty loan
If the news columns are somewhat
skimp of item3 of local interest
blaroe.it all onto the "Spanish flu"
iwhich has given a temporary knock
out to all social, church and school
The week beginning November ll
has been unofficially announced as be
ing the time when the next quota of
drafted men will be called for en
trapment from their homes to camp
for military training
The date for a political meeting to
have been held in this city tomorrow
Friday evening, the 25th inst., under
the direction of the non-partisan
league, and to be addeased by Hon.
J. 0. Mills, has been given a post
ponement in consequence of the influ
enza epidemic, prevalent all over the
county at this time.
Two lengthy ordinances enacted by
the city council governing the usage
of the waterworks and sewerage sys
tems are given official publication
this week As they affect the rela
tion between the city and the prop
erty holder in the usage of this muni
cipal improvement there naturally is
much in the reading thereof of in
terest to all of our Landon readers.
Langdon city board of registration
was in session Tuesday in the council
chamber over the First%National
Bank, for the regsitering of qualified
voters of the city at the general elec
tion to be held on Tuesday, Noverr
ber 5th. Another session of the
board will be held next Tuesday,
when the last chance to register be
fore election is given the voter. It
means that if your name isn't on the
list you will have to "swear in
your vote.
The Red Cross boxes are doing good
work. Help them along.
The opening of the White
9 to 12
Saturday, October 26
These Hats are taken from our Regular stock and are for
all ages—Black and Colors,
Black, Brown, Taube and Red
Navy, Purple, also Two-toned Hats
ixll at....
All richly trimmed and not shown before
$6 00 $7.50 and I Don't fail to
up I see these
From 10 to 12 o'clock—Remember the hour
1 Only $2.00
Schulke-Bradley Co.
proprietor. 54x72 fiot foundation laid for the
one hundreJ head of sheep today at day returning to her home in Minne-
the Nora farm, two miles south of apolis after a visit of over a month
Osnabrock. on the farm of her brother west of
Two Calvin boys, Howard Rogers town.
and Raymond ThomaB enter James- Milton is getting to be quite a po
town college this fall to take rp9cial tato maiket. Five car loads have so
military training. far been shipped through the
Mrs. Paul Masson returned to the fa™ produce company exchange by
city on Saturday's train from a visit N* W. Pratten.
of a week at the home of her parents Albeit Schragg of Alsen, when np
in the vicinity of Milton. leratedon in a Devils Lake hospital
Farmers, now is the time to take J-the other day for appendicitis, had a
out your short term grain insurance.'Ismail stone, the size of a hazel nut
This is the only form of fire insurance I removed from his appendix.
that covers grain while in the shock. There were fifty-eight subscribers
Talk with T. E. Burke. for Liberty bonds in Grey township.
Miss Maggie Kelland since closing!that's the township where County
the McLean school in Byron township Chairman Sillers used to hold down
a week ago has been assisting in the I hi9 claim shack some steen years ago,
rush of work at this season in the Rev. Z. James retires from the
office of her father, Co. Treasurer Methodist church at Hannah, as its
Kelland at the court house. pastor after four years of service to
Indian reservation in Minnesota 1B
attracting a number of homesteaders
from this county. Among others who Miss Letetia Plummer wa3 home
will participate are noted, Editor during the week from her school at
Norris Nelson, of Munich and
Robson, of Clyde.
Dr. E. J. Hughes
A. M.
Phone 112
1 to 6
Laugdon, N. D'.
Dr. C. H. McNab, a former Cal
vin veterinarian, suffered a fire loss
$1,600 insurance The fire is
said to have started in the hay mow.
the Manitola line from Han- gera leaving Monday, They are re
nah last week, which included a large iatives of the Foy family and had
stock barn, forty tons of hay and been here to attend the funeral.
loads of feed gfain. All of
the stock was saved with the excep
tion of a young colt and a ha'f dozen
pigs. The barn, one of the best to
be found in Southern Manitoba, itself
represents a loss of $10,000, withj
We Jexp^ct to receive a car of
apples on track Saturday of this
week. Price $2.50 per box. Boyd's
Department Store.
Buy a wfir savings stamp.
A car of Lignite coal on car this
week. $6.25 per ton. Langdon Wood
Yard. I ton,'where they will visit part of the I thousand acreB of rye have been seed-
Mrs. Jas. Wilkinson and the child
ren took Saturday's train for Graf-
Have that suit cleaned, pressed fend week with old friends. ed in the past ten days, especially
repaired at the 0. K. shop. D. Roach
The Bartle
^Attorney Geo. M. Price was a pas- new store to replace the one recently Sunday of this week will be
senger to Grand Forks yesterday to destroyed by fire at Alsen. the third Sunday that the churches of
attend 'to legal matters.
Sam Cro38)
Miss Marie Hankey returned on and farm machinery dealer was over prevent the outbreak of an epidemic
Monday from a visit of part of the at the county seat Monday giving
week with friends at Milton. I attention to business matters. Cashier John Sheehan of the Cava
John S. Gogin has a sale of over Miss Lilly Sandberg left on Mon-
How many war stamps have you? I Only five cases of Spanish "flu"
A roller skating rink has been have been reported to the authorities
ope'ned in thei public hall at Alsen.
Clyde for a few days during the
week, it being closed owing to the
prevalence of Spanish "flu" among
the attending children.
Today Auctioneer Kieffer is holding
a sale of thirty head of high grade
dairy cattle for Louis Towers, located
scuth of Calvin. Tomorrow is the
date of the big sale at the Allan
Pinker ton farm near Dresden.
John Lunney of Northome, Minn
and Mrs. McCann and Mrs. Valley,
of Kelly Lake, Minn., were paBsen-
Z- Henry Jennings while in town Mon
day stated that, his threshing outfit
was still at work threshing out the
crop north of town and had jobs
ahead that would keep them going
until the end of the week and per
haps longer.
Hardware Co.. has a
It is noted that the Canadian cas
ualty lists of the past eek have
reported Alex. Cochrat.e, formerly
of Wales and Hannah as being killed
in action. He enlisted at Battleford,
Sask., about three years ago, having
seen service during most of that time
on the western front in France.
The Calvin branch of the Red Cross
i3 this fall receiving the proceeds
from something over 130 acres Jof
farm crop, pledged by farmers tribu
tary to that town. It would look as
though Glenila township has a leid
over most other districts in the
county in Red Cross acre pledges,
J. W. Towey
Langdon, N. Dak,
Nekoma added another golden star
to its service flag within the past
week, when Alfred Lund, aged nine
teen years, died at the naval training
I station located at Great Lakes, 111.
He had been in the service for over
eight months and the remains were
accompanied to Nekoma by a naval
Dr. McQueen was confined to his
I home and unable to look after his
medical practice a part of the week,
owing to a slight indisposition due to
overstrain occasioned by the heavy
demands of his practice, the local
draft board and extra work on the
county board of health during the in
fluenza epidemic.
A telephone call which came to
I the Democrat office yesterday fore
noon requested that it be announced
that Governor Frazier and the candi
date for lieutenant governor, on the
republican ticket would be here on
Monday, November 4th, to discusB
I the issues of the day. The date of
the Langdon. meeting will be two
o'clock in the afternoon.
It waB officially announced in the
papers of yesterday that Austin Reid
one of the two sons of Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Reid, who are with the colors
I in France, was one of four boys from
this state who had graduated from an
officers training school over there
with the rank of lieutenant. AH
Austin spent most of his life here in
Langdon and waa born in the county
we feel a share of the honor this
brings to the family and frienda
A car of Lignite coal on car this Calvin junior Red Cross workers
week. $6.25 per ton. Langdon Wood |are making scrap books
the Olga postmaster
take charge of the work in a. new training at
FIELD comprising Forest River, Ardoch] ,-„,n I n_.
for the
wounded'soldiers in the hospitals in
England and France.
Mrs. Fred Watschky
among I
those on the list of victims of influ
enza the forepart of the week and
under medical attendance.
Hefe in Cavalier county several
80 here in the
immediate vicinity of
dosed in order to
has a
«fln«za epidemic which confines
I ftvi a vam a t/\
him to the house for a few days.
Mrs. Niles, who has been making I
a visit of several weeks west of town
town, with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Martin Platzkow left yesterday
returning to her home in Chicago.
Opie (Studio
To be developed and printed
Popular prices and quick service
We also have a line of films and Kodaks
Ivan Williamson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Alden S. Williamson, north of
town left on yesterday's train for
Fort Eunston, California after a fur-1
lough home during the fall harvesting
The date of the leaving of five
the North Dakota agricultural college
has been changed from Monday of
next week, Oct. 25th, to November
5th, owing to the Spanish flu.
If you think that you have got
the Spanish influenza, Jgo to the
Langdon sanitarium. The institution
that is in a position to give you
care and treatment, so that the
severest case will seem only like a
bad cold.
From Scoeby, Mont., where quite
a colony of ex-Cavalier county resi
dents are located, forty deaths were
reported up to about a week ago as
being due to the epidemic of Spanish
influenza, covering a period of about
five weeks.
The schools at Milton, Osnabrock,
Munich and Calvin, in fact of nearly
every town in the county, are now
temporarily closed owing to existing
epidemics of influenza. The step tak
en is due to the action of the county
board of health.
Rev.C.N. Drew, while in the city
on Monday made arrangement for the
coming visit to this pariah of Bishop
Tyler, who will confer the rites of
confirmation and baptism on the occa
sion of his annual visitation to the
Church of Our Saviour some time
this fall.
Rev. and Mrs. Hibbard came over
from Crookston, and were Sunday
visitors among quite a numbed of
their former
The trip was made possible owing to
the closing of Rev, Hibbard's church
at Crookston, where the influenza
epidemic i3 quite prevalent.
Emanuel Fried, who on Monday
next has an auction sale at his farm
near Clyde, is leaving the county this
fall to locate at Seattle, Wash.,where
his brother, Sam Fried, formerly of
Osnabrock has been manipulating
deals in real estate quite succjssfully
for a number of years past.
Wednesday, of next week, October
30th i" the date of a big auction sale
to be held on the Austin Krautz farm
west of town. It includes about
thirty head ofjhorses, twesty-five head
of cattle and several thousand dollars
worth of farming machinery. wing
to the size of the sale Auctioneer
Wienecke has it billed for ten o'clock
in the forenoon.
Chiropractor and Optometrist
Licensed to Practice in North
Dakota, Montana, Washington,
Oregon and California.
The George Lachner auction sale
billed for Tuesday of next week the
29th inst., is one of the larger Bales I
to be held in the vicinity of Wales
this fall. The Lachner farm lands
have b$en rented and all of the farm
stock and machinery is to be sold.
includes 19 head of fine
work horses. It will start promptly
at noon and Auctioneer Kieffer has
the Bale in charge
Yesterday the democrats and re
publicans of Cavalier county united I
in escorting Hon. S. J. Doyle, their
choice for the next governor on a
triumphal tour of the county. The I
towns which the party visited and in
troduced the candidate to the people
included Milton, Osnabrock, Langdov,
Dresden, Wales, Hannah and Sarles.
No meetings were held owing to the I
expressed with of the board of health
but the tour is viewed as beine quite
a political triumph just the same.
Sunday is the day for going back
to the old time. Set back your clocks
one hour on that day.
Olga is understood as so far head
ing the list of townships in this
county with a Red Cross acreage
pledge of 200 acres.
Co. Sup't Reher announces an ex
amination of applicants for teacher's
certificates to be held in Langdon on
November 14th and 15tb.
Are the logical shoes for you. They
embody all the good qualities that
you require to give service and sat­
We have just received a complete
line of Caps men and boys.
..A Early Inspection is Invited by..
The Schulke-Bradley Co
Langdon, North Dakota
Starting and"
•j Lighting Systems
and Magnetos
O a Street
The government wants five men
from Cavalier county to volunteer to
go to Newport News, Va., to do car
penter work for the winter, best
wages and free fare and traveling
expenses offered. If you are interest
ed'see George W, Price this week.
A car of Lignite coal on car this
week. $6.25 per ton. Langdon Wood
The town of Osnabrock has six men
ready and waiting to go in the next
draft, which is now expected to be
called for the second or third week
in November.
Rev. A. O. Birche.lough, in charge
of the Methodist churches at Clyde and
Sarles for three years past, has this
fall been removed by the stats conf
erence to St. Thomas.
George Sturm, of the real estate
firm of Sturm&Price.left Tuesday for
his present home on the Pacific coast
after a stay here during the fall
season, looking after farming in
Mrs. W. F. Winter and Mrs.
Morris 0. Winter were returning*
passengers on Tuesday's belated train
from the training camp in Pennsyl
vania where Morris Winter is pre
paring himself for tank service with
the United States army in foreign
service. He is now completely re
covered from the attack of Spanish
influenza which confined him in the
hospital for nearly a month.
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