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Hallowe'en tonight.
Today'8 wheat—$2.03.
Another e.hurchless Sunday for
Langdnn—this makes the fourth since
the outbreak of the epidemic.
Milton's doctor was among the
Spanish flu victims according to re
ports reaching here yesterday.
Across the line In Manitoba buyers
are gathering in the potato crop of
the province f^r forty-five cents
a bushel.
Christmas letters to our boys who
are over there'' should be mailed
before November 20th to insure reach
ing their destination on time—this
ia cffi:ial.
Cavalier county drafted men who
have been Bent to Camp Lewis,
Wash., have lately been heard from
with the American Expeditionary
Forces in Siberia.
University students who have been
home on a visit during the enforced
Spanish flu vacation will be returning
to their work at the Giand Forks ed
ucational center the first of the week.
Judge Kneeshaw gave attention Jto
pressing court matters while here for
a short week end visit, returning to
his home at Pemb ina from a visit to
his farming interests in the south
western part of this county near
Colonel E. Smith-Peters on, a law
practitioner of Park"River, who has
been a well known Walsh county pio
neer resident since 1883 died on Sat
urday of last wek following an attack
of pneumonia.
Dr. W. H. Por er has been able to
find little if any timj to give to his
candidacy for the state senate from
this district, being kept bu3y night
and day combatting the ravages of
the influenza epidemic, through the
western part of the county.
As vet Co. Sup't Reher has not
been notified by the state department
of education at Bismarck of the set
tin of a date for the annual teachers
institute and meeting ot school offi
cers, usually held during the summer
months, but which this year has been
set back until the month of October,
has again been given an indefinite
postponement until such time as the
health regulations of tha county war
rant the holding of such a public ga
Tuesday of next week. November
5th, which by the way is election
day and a legal holiday, is now given
out as the date of the postponed call,
when five selective military drafts
men from this county leave to enter
training at the vocational school at
the Fargo agricultural college. The
number called in this quota of the
draft from over the state to take vo
cational training at the agricultural
college at this time is 320. The first
date set was October 15th, and later
set for the 25th. and now postponed
to Tuesday of next week, Nov. 5th.
owing to the influenza epidemic.
About tan days ago the legislative
candidacy of Hon. John Reid, of
Beaulieu, was given an unexpected
set back when he was quarantined
with a well developed case of small
pox. His name on the ballot as a
candidate for representative from this
district, however is being well taken
care of by his friends although John
is down and out in so far as a per
sonal canvas goes for the closng week
of the campaign. Mr. Reid is one of
the staunchest democrats of the
county, but in this fall's campaign
his breadth of view and staid for the
general welfare of our state and its
people stands for something more.
The Red Cross boxes &re doing good
work. Help them along.
Buy a war savings stamp.
A car of Lignite coal on car this
week. $6.25 per ton. Langdon Wood
Have that suit cleaned, pressed and
repaired at the 0. K. shop. D. Roach
J. McPhail and wife have been here
since Friday of last week from their
home in Virginia.
MissMaud Pinkerton, deputy regis
ter of deeds ia among the victims of
the Spanish flu this week.
J. F. Ramage still has quite an
acreage of flax to thresh on his farm
in the vicinity ot Langdon,
MisB Lena Stewart iB home from
her school near Sarles, which has
been closed owing to the influenza
Miss Forbes arrived on Tuesday
from her homa in Grand Forks county
and will spend some time here visit
ing with her sister, Mrs. J. Ramage.
Louis Schneider was one of the
returning buyers of live stock from
the South St. Paul market, where he
unloaded a car of mixed stock last
Miss Johnson of the Schulke Brad
ley* dry goods department, is taking
a week's enforced vacation at her
home in ParkRiver, while nursing an
attack of influenza.
Farmers, now is the time to take
out your short term grain insurance.
This is the only form of fire insurance
that covers grain while in the shock.
Talk with T. E. Burke.
Mrs* Angus McPherson arrived in
the city on Tuesday's train from Far
go accompanied by their little son
and will make a couple of week's
visit here and with former friends in
Harvey township.
Meat Supplies^ Harvesting
and Threshing Crews
Mrs. W. W. McQuaen is among
the number Jwho have had quite a
high run of fever with an attack of
the influenza that has visited quite a
number of Langdon homes in the
past ten days or so.
Hon. as. Shea, ex-U. S. marshal
was in Langdon on Saturday, return
ing home to Wahpeton from his
farm in the western part of the
county, near Calvin, where he has
been taking care of his 1918 crop.
The father of J. F. Ramage, who
has spent most of the summer at the
Langdon home of bis son left on
Monday's train returning to his home
in Ontario. Enroute he intends mak
ing a short visit with a daughter who
resides at Sandstone, Minn.
Dr. E. J. Hughes
A. M.
to 12
Are lines we give special attention
to. Get prices on Fresh and Cured
Meats before buying.
Phouo 112
P- M.
1 to 6
Laugdon, N. D.
Elmer Johnson has gone east on
visit of most of the winter to Muncie,
Ind., His daughter, who has been
there with relatives since the death
of Mrs. Johnson, is quite ill in a
hospital and this hastened his depar
ture. He had not intended leaving
Langdon until after the holidays,
until learning of her illness.
O. R. Daniels is one of the Grey
township pioneers who is quitting
farming this fall. He has a sale on
Friday of next week. Mr. Daniels
has recently been bereaved and
mourns the sudden death of his wife
This together with the absence of a
son, who is in France, results in the
breaking up of the Daniels home and
the return of the father to New York
state, his habitate before coming to
the west as a young man.
How many war stamps have you?
A car of Lignite coal on car this
week. $6,25 per ton. Langdon Wood
Green Bros,, of the Third street
barber shop has been closed for a
few days while these popular ton
sorial artiBts battled valiently with
Spanish flu.
MrB. John Heimbecker took Thurs
day's train for a visit with friends in
Minnesota and other points east, ex
pecting to return home for the holi
day festivities.
Mrs. Mike Druar is still in quite a
critical condition at the home in Mt.
Carmel, since Monday, when pneu
monia set in following an attack of
Spanish influenza.
Donald Mc.Lauchlin returned Mon
day from a trip to the Twin City
cattle market, where he disposed of
a two car load shipment for the Stil
well live Btock company.
Emile Masson has in the past week
moved his shoe repair shop from the
office in the Mulligan feed barn to
the building opposite the Auditorium
and Fire Hall on Oak street.
The Kellner family which recently
moved into the Currie house at the
north end of Fourth street are now on
the road to recovery from a seige of
influenza that has included all of them
It is your duty to be healthy, es
pecially so in these war times. Chiro
pratic and other lines of treatment
given at the Langdon sanitorium,will
make you healthy and keep you
Miss Florence Reed returned on
Monday's train from a visit of a
week in Grand Forks, where she aid
ed in nursing the family of her bro
ther, Milton Reed, through a seige
of Spanish influenza.
Miss Lillian Koelimstedt returned
ta her home in this city Friday from
Jamestown, where Bhe had entered
St. Joseph's academv, which is now
closed owing to prevailing health
conditions in that city.
Engineer OscarSorum of the Lang
don Light plant took Tuesday's train
to Luverne, N. D., in response to a
message stating that his wife had
been taken ill there while visiting at
the home of her brother.
J,Ted Roberts who is at the voca
tional training school at Fargo as a
military draftee from this county is
spending part of a brief urlough here
and at Wales. He will also visit his
mother in Minneapolis before return
ing to camp.
Mrs. T. S. Brown, who has been
making a visit of a couple of weeks
here with her mother, Mrs. Graves,
left Tuesday for Harvey, N. D., at
which place her husband has been
appointed pastor of the Methodist
church for the ensuing conference
Father Corry returned Saturday
from his month's vacation trip east
as far as Baltimore, Md. His ab
sence was prolonged somewhat by the
illness and subsequent death of hia
friend, Rev. Tracy, which oscured at
Madison, Wis., while they were en
route home.
Mrs. J. VV. Haw and the children
were passengers leaving Saturday.
They go to Fargo, which is the lo
cation of Mr. Haw's new sphere of
labor as field agent of the North Da
kota agricultural college. The board
of county commissioners still has un
der consideration the appointment to
fill the unexpired term caused by the
resignation of Mr. Haw.
J. W. Towey
Langdon, N. Dak,
Frank Schill was in quite a critical
condition several days of last week
suffering from pneumonia, following
an attack of Spanish influenza. The
relapse of the patient's condition on
Saturday, is now reported as follow
ed with a greatly improved general
Prof. F. A. Boyer, who some years
ago was teacher of the Mt. Carmel
school arrived on Saturday's train
from Hauge, N. D., and is making
a visit at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Stanley Schneider, of Mt. Car
mel. His school in Emmons county
has been closed by a alight epidemic
of the Spanish influenza.
It is now generally understood
that the supper and sale of
work to have been held last evening
in the church basement by the ladies
of the guild society of the Presby
terian church has been set ahead for
an* event at Thanksgiving time. This
is one of the many little inadverten
cies due to the prevailing epidemic.
Dr. E. J. Hughes was called to
the family home at Minto last week
bv news of the serious condition of
his brother, Sylvester Hughes, who
had returned home from attending a
dental school in Chicago with a well
developed case of pneumonia. The
patient, who is generally well known
among Langdon's younger set. ac
cording to la«t reports is now turns id
eied an having fair hopes of recoveiy
if no relapse sets in.
fDrugless treatment eventually. Why
not now Langdon Sanitorium.
A car of Lignite coal on car this
week. $6.25 per ton. Langdon Wood
Chief of Police Jim Reed is among
the flu victims and has been off duty
since yesterday forenoon.
Lauchlin McNiven, who has been
in the blacksmithing and machinist
trade at Hannah since the (own start
ed made a short visit with Langdon
friends a day or two during the week
Mrs. Okella G. Mooney arrived on
yesterday's train from Minneapolis
and will remain during the week at
tending to business matters, Mrs.
Mooney is a guest at the C. E. John
ston home during her Langdon stay.
Opie Studio
To be developed and printed
Popular prices and quick service
We also have a line of Mlms and Kodaks
If you think that you have got
the Spanish influenza, Jgo to the
Langdon sanitarium. The institution
that is in a position to give you
care and treatment, so that the
severest case will seem only like a
bad cold.
George McG&uvran while here to
attend the funeral of his neice, Mrs.
E. Dunford, yesterday stated that Os
nabrock had its full share of influ
enza cases and that in two or three
instances the condition of the patient
was quite serious.
C. E. Mahon was an arrival of
Monday at the Mahon home from
British Columbia, where he has be
come extensively interested in lum
ber and mining property since sever
ing his connection with the business
of the Mahon Robinson Co., here
some years since. His stay here is
likey to extend over the week while
looking after farming interest he still
holds in this county.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Hamillton,
ccompanied by their youngest daugh
ater, Doalda, left Saturday evening
via Winnipeg, for Success, Sask.,
called the^e by news of the illness of
their son Neil, who is ill there with
the prevalent influenza. The mes
sage did not state how serious the
condition of their son might be, but
evidently friends had thought it ad
visable to wire to the home folks
You need not fear the Spanish in
fluenza. If you think that you have
got it, come to the Langdon sanitor
ium. The place where you can get
room and board and receive care and
treatment at a cost which is often
less than your regular doctor would
charge you for a visit. You can
travel for less than a dollar a mile,
the charge that he generally makes
Furthermore, the alopaths acknow
ledge that they have no specific
medicine against Spanish influenza
So why should you call in a person
who admits that he cannot help you.
Mrs. James Little is holding an
auction sale on Monday of next
week, November 4th, at her farm
ssven miles north and two miles east
of Osnabrock, with the intention of
removing in a short chsa for Louisian
na. The sale, to be held by Col.
James Wakeford, will start at ten
in the forenoon and will in
elude ten head of horses, fourteen
head of choice young dairy cattle as
well as a complete equipment of
farm machinery and all of the house
hold goods. L. Tillisch of Osna
brock will clerk the sale and the us
ual terms will be given to buyers.
E. K. Douglass was an Osnabrock
business visitor here Friday ar.d told
the Democrat that Osnabrcck as
grain market was again under
blockade. Since the crop began to
move this fal 1 the buyer there have
had a great difficulty in getting cars.
Crops of all kinds tribury to 03na
brock are good this year, but if the
railroad does not furnish the trans
portation the town is going to suffer
as a grain market. Towns over on
the Soo are making a strong bid for
this trade and Osnabrock people ap
pear to think that the Great Nor
thern, is hardly giving them a fair
deal with other towns along the line,
Chiropractor and Optometrist
Licensed to Practice in North
Dakota, Montana. Washington,
Oregon and California.
Robert Work has rented his Har
vey Center farm lands to John Clodt,
who will shorty move there with his
family and get things in shape for
next sping. Mr. and Mrs. Work are
arranging to spend most of the win
ter in Langdon and will occupy a
suite of rooms in the Donovan block
Three of the sons of the Work family
are in the service with the colors and
this with the infirmity caused by
rheumatic trouble in the last few
years has decided for Mr. Work the
fact that it is about time for him to
retire from active farming. In the
llarvey Center settlement, where
they have resided since 1883, they
naturally will be greatly miBsed, es
pecially so among the early day pio
neers of that section of the county.
Herb Schulke brought his Langdon
stay to a close yesterday leaving on
the afternoon train for his home at
New Ulm, Minn.
Are the logical shoes for you. They
embody all the good qualities that
you require to give service and sat­
We have just received a complete
line of Caps men and boys.
...A Early Inspection is Invited by...
The Schulke-Bradley Co
Langdon, North Dakota
Wiiisa 3
Starting and
Lighting Systems
(. and Magnetos
O a Street
C. M. Turner, when here yesterday
from Wales arranged for the printing
of bills for an auction sale of high
grade cattle and Hampshire sheep
that will be held on his farm two
mile3 southeast of Wales on^Wednea
day of next week, November 6th.
The usual terms will be given at
this attractive offering to stock
breeders and Mr. Turner will have
ample barn accommodation for all at
tending the sale. E. Wienecke is
the auctioneer at this sale, which
starts at one o'clock in the afternoon.
OW do you realize how important an item your
groceries are?
You eat ten hundred and ninety five times
per year it is the most frequent and regu
lar thing you do. Isn't such an important
function worth the best groceries?
Place Your Order With Us
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Mr3. Fred Alpstag was a re
turning passenger Friday from a
visit extending over the past six
weeks with friends at points
nesota. Her daughter, Mrs. Wulff,
remained over in Saint Paul and will
visit there with friends awhile.
Company A. of the University of
North Dakota, which included a score
or more of Langdon boys under mili
tary training, left Grand Forks Mon«
day evening under sealed orders for^'
one of the larger training camps.
The previous evening they were the
guests of the university faculty at a
On November 20th Auctioneer
Kieffer will hold a sale of horses,
stock and farm machinery at the
Robert Work farm in Harvey town
ship. The sale includes Mr. Work's
complete farming equipment and
quite a list of household goods. He
has rented the farm and will make
Langdon the family home, at least
during the coming winter. The sale
will start at one o'clock and the
usual terms will be offered. See bills
for horse3 and other proerty listed
for sale.
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