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The board of county commissioners
., will be here next wsekfor their re
gular October quarterly meeting.
Wm. Bell went north on Saturday
to his farm at Rush Lake after a
a stay of two days here attending to
business matter.
Contractor Hussey was here for a
«v' stay over Sunday to see the headway
being made on his building contracts
here in Langdon,
Emmanuel Myer reports a yield of
of thirty bushels per acre on a small
field of seven acres of flax on his
farm a mile east of Langdon
Mrs. Palmer Berg and family spent
part of last week here in Langdon,
returning Saturday to their present
home in the south end of the county.
Stanley Mahoney, the oldest boy
of J. Mahoney took Tuesday's train
for the Twin Cities where he this fall
takes up another years work at Saint
Thomas college,
Miss Josephine Faris arrived on
Saturday from Fargo and will for a
time take the place of Miss Loretta
Schwartz as chief operator at the
Langdon Telephone Exchange.
Judga Kneeshaw was a Langdon
-visitor Tuesday enroute to his home at
Pembina from the southwestern part
of this county,, where he spent a few
days looking after his crop interests.
MiBs Loretta Schwartz, chief ope
rator at the Langdon telephone ex
change was a passengor on Saturday's
outgoing train for an extended visit
with friends in Winnipeg and the
Twin Cities.
Miss Agnes McLean and Miss
Gladys Shanks came down from Han
nah on Saturday to assume their da
ties as' part of the teaching corps of
of the Langdon city schools at the
•opening of the fall term this week.
G. Brecke the Milton real estate
dealer was a business visitor here on
Tuesday, it being his first trip to
the county seat since the injyrieB he
received at Milton on the Fourth of
July when the grand stand collapsed.
Peter Stewart one of the early pio
neers of the Harvey Center settle
ment now located again at the old
family home in Ontario is making a
fall visit among old friends and look
ing after interests he still holds in
Cavalier county.
Contractors from Fargo have start
ed work this week on the concrete
foundation of the parochial school
building to be built in Langdon by
the members of St. Alphonsus church
within -the coming year at an outlay
of not less than $75,000.
W. H. Lackey, of West Hope, N,
D., recently eiven the appointment
of register of the U, S. Land Office
at Williston was at one time a Lang
don resident, being for a short while
the manager of the F. H. Stoltze
lumber yard after the retirement of
O. C. Wentworth.
Since Friday of last week it has
been evident to the family .and
friends that B. E. Groom, of the Re
publican, who has been on the sick
list for the past month, was in ft»r
a seige of typhoid fever. His weak*
ened condition, 'when the fever symp
toms became evident place the odds
slightly against, the patient, though
with careful nursing and medical'at
tendance there is every reason to an
ticipate Mr. Groom's recovery.
Banker P.
Antony was a Munich
visitor to the county seat on Tueaday
Have that suit cleaned, pressed and
repaired at the 0. K. shop. D. Roach
A. 0. Wold & Co., sells White
sewing irachines. No better made.
$35.00 to $65.00.
Donald McLauchlin returned Sat
urday from a trip to the stock mar
kets of the Twin Cities.
Today Auctioneer Kieffer is hold
inga farm sale for Joseph G. Hill,
whose farm is near Wales.
Mrs. Miles F. Kessler and little
daughter left yesterday for a visit at
Milton until the end of the week.
H. A. Helgeson the banker, auto
and tractor dealer at Osnabrock, was
transacting business here yesterday.
Cashier Halvorson of the tfirst Na
tional Bank of Milton transacted bu
siness here for a short time on Sat
urday afternoon.
Miss Trudeau of the dry goods de
partment at the Schulke-Biadley
store is off duty this week as the re
sult of a severe sprain.
Jack Reilly, who since leaving
Langdon has operated a pool room
and restaurant at Munich spent a
part of the week with Langdon friends
Mrs. Thos. King went north to
.Hannah on Friday's train after
stay of part of the week here at the
Langdon home of Mr. and Mrs. M.
Dan C. Horgan on Tuesday even
ing lost a black lambskin lined mit
between his home and the Boyd store
Will the finder kindly leave the same
at the post office.
The J. K. Hamilton sale referred
to last week has had its date with
drawn, Mr. Hamilton having decided
not to dispose of his farm property at
public sale this fall.
Levi Hooey was a passenger down
the line Saturday as far as Fargo,
with the possibility of visiting points
In Montana and the Canadian North
west before returning
Mrs. H. E. Price was the hostess
•f the members of the ladies guild of
Presbyterian church at the annual
meeting held yesterday afternoon.
Refreshments were served at the close
Dr. E. J. Hughes
A. M.
Phone 112
9 to 12
P- M.
1 to 6
Langdon, N. D.
Miss Opal Jensen was the guest of
the Misses Lorraine and Ellenora
Koehmstedt while here from Edin
burg a couple of days the early
part of the week. Miss Jenson was
here to take the civil service exami
nation as an applicant for the va
cancy as post master at Edinburg.
Mrs, Orton and son, Alvin, are
numbered among the pioneer Lang
don residents who are bidding gcod
bye to "ur townspeople this week
and leaving for California. They have
practically disposed of their Langdon
interests, and except for an occasion
al visit are leaving here permanently
The Ortons were among the very
first families to establish a home in
Langdon when the town first started.
Joy of Motoring
Have a convenient place for housing your car
and making the small repairs.
One of the first requirements of a complete garage is
the work bench—you need a place for the tools and acces
sories. This bench may be built along the side or in the
rear, according to choice. Of course, you'll arrange for the
windows. Good lighting is first-aid to handy repair work.
A concrete floor provides good drainage and you can
wash the automobile in all kinds of weather.
It's a year 'round necessity,
Build a garage now.
Plans and Estimates
Can Be Furnished
Lampert Lumber Company,
Easby Maida Langdon Hannah flales
Goto A. O. Wold & Co., for good
sewing machines.
Halvor Torgerson was a passenger
Tuesday to Grand Forks and Fargo,
Mrs. Bonar waa among those on
the sick list last week, but is now
able to be around
Have your shoes repaired at the
O. R.~ shop, opposite the City Hall.
Emile Masson, proprietor.
Alex. Reid cashier of the Citizens
State Bank of Hannah spent part of
Saturday at the county seat.
J. H. Harlan and wife autoed over
to Grafton and are spending the week
there with friends and relatives.
Miss Eva Plummer spent a day-or
two of last week visiting with seve
ral of her young friends at Wales.
2 Edison phonographs, both cylinder
and disc make?*, also the latest re
cords are sold by A. O. Wold & Co.
Ernie Falconer is again able to be
out and around again after over a
week's confinement indoors with an
attach of quinsey.
Mrs. Wakeford of Park River was
a visitor during part of the week at
the Sixth street home of Rev. and
Mrs. C. P. Drew.
Lloyd Liebeler was down the line
Saturday as -far as the Forks, acting
as convoy on his return to a ship*
ment of automobiles.
Father O'Brien has been making
a visit extending over the past couple
of weeks with the family of hia sis
ter residing in Montana.
Ernest Olson and Bister, Miss Ella
Olson a son and daughter of Hon.
Otto C. Olson of Elkwood, took the
train Monday for Fargo, where they
both enter school this fall.
as. Austin was a passenger south
Saturday from Hannah to Grand
Forks, where Mrs Austin and the
family are comfortably domiciled for
for the approaching winter season.
Opie Studio
To be developed and printed
Popular prices and quick service
We also have a line of Films and Kodaks
George Groom arrived on Monday'_
train from Cassville, Wis., to assist
in nursing and caring for his son, B.
E. Groom, whose illness of the past
month has recently developed into an
attack of typhoid fever.
Mrs. M. I. Forkner, accompanied
by Dick and the baby left yesterday
for a month's visit at Roundup,
Mont.. Their daughter, Miss Adalaide
has been installed as housekeeper
durin gher mother's absence.
The winter schedule in the hour of
Sunday evening church services from
half paSt seven to eight o'clock is
supposed to go into effect the first of
the month but no announcement of
the change has been handed in.
S. G. Erickson and wife were visi
tors here Saturday from their home at
Elkwood, being accompanied by a son
and daughter, the former leaving for
the agricultural school and the latter
for one of the state normal schools.
Nicholas Schneider of Wales is the
purchaser of the 360 acres of farm
lands owned by W. H. Chase in
South Dresden township. The con
sideration being $50 per acre. Mr.
Schneider has farmed the land for
several years.
W. A. Bolton has this week dis
posed of his interest in the Langdon
Wood and Transfer Co., to his part
ner, J. A. Balgaard who now owns
the business, which is one of Lang
don's growing enterprises and is un
der the management of Wes Abbott.
Graduate and Licensed
Stanley Walker and Orville Stewart
two of Langdon's young war veterans
who responded to the call when Com
pany E. was organized are planning
to start out from here the latter part
of the month by auto overland to
California, where they intend remain
ing through the winter.
Frank Wohletz, who has spent
most of the fall here looking after
his crop interests over near Nekoma,
took yesterday's train returning to his
home at Los Molinos, Calif. He has
sold his land holdings in this county,
but still expects to return for an oc
casional visit with his brother.
Monday evening there was special
work in the Scottish Rite lodge at
the Masonic Temple, when the de
grees of advancement from the rank
of a Master Mason were conferred on
Robert J. Work, who has lately re
turned from overseas and will
shortly be returning to nis homestead
in Montana.
Reuben Cardinal telegraph opera
tor and cashier with Agent Bolton at
the Gt. Northern depot for upwards
of a year and a half left Friday for
Morden, where he's been assigned a
job as depot agent. Langdon peo
ple believe this is only the flrnt of
a number of well earned promotions
that the future has in store for Rube
in his career as a railroad man.
Copyright DI9
ttw Boost of KBWfBhtiatc
Highest market price paid for
Marquis Wheat by the Home Milling
Mrs. L. A, Weed and little daugh
ter were Langdon visitors from Han
nah for a short tifne on Friday.
John Bostik left Saturday return
ing to Grand Forks after a visit of a
part of the week at the Langdon
home of his parents.
Why buy a substitute when you
can get a genuine Victrola talking
machine. From $25.00 to $250 each
A. 0. Wold & Company.
Mrs. A. D. Mathieu accompanied
four of her children to Grafton, where
they re-enter the Oakwood academy
this fall for another year of study.
Mrs. W. W. Brown, wife of the
miller of the Home Milling Company
was here for an over Sunday visit
from the family home at Northwood,
The Browns hardly expect to move to
Langdon until sprine.
Miss Letetia Plummer, who has
been teaching one of the county
schools during the summer vacation
left on Monday's train to re enter
the state normal school at Valley
City at the opening of the fall term.
Joseph Crawford is expecting to
leave here before the setting in of
cold weather to consult specialists in
the east relative to his failing health
Mr. Crawford is expecting to spend
the winter either in the south or on
the Pacific coast.
Miss Mary Nowatzki, who has been
at the Mt. Carmel home during the
summer vacation caring for her mo
ther, who is in poor health, left Fri
day for Grand Forks, where she re
enters the University of North Dako
ta for another years work on her course
Chiropractor and Optometrist
Licensed to Practice in North
Dakota, Montana, Washington,
Oregon and California.
Dan Shelley and wife [were Loma
visitors here Friday from their home
on the Soo. In spite of the crop dis
appointment of that section of the
county owing to drouth the Shelleys
expect to follow their usual plan of
spending most of the winter in Cali
Hugh Work and his sister, Miss
Mary Work autoed to Grand Forks on
Friday to meet their brother, Robert
Work, Jr., who returned with them
Saturday after more than two years
service overseas with the First Di
vision of the American forceB during
the world's war overseas.
The Home of Kuppenheimer Clothes
H. D, Allert was in Grand Forks
transacting business a day or two
during the week.
2 R. O. Miller's mother is expected
to arrive during the week from a
couple of months with members of the
family who reside in Nebraska.
Henry Hytson was here from his
Gt. Northern depot at Neche for an
over Sunday visit with Mrs. Hytson
and many of his old Langdon friends
Physician and Surgeon
Office Allert & Winter Block
Langdon, N. Dak.
Ralph Lorentz left during the
week for Detriot, Mich., after a
a stay here of most of the summer
looking after his farming interests.
He has Teased the hotel property at
Plymouth, Mich that he has operated
since leaving here several years ago.
It's Good
To Wear
can repeat that gospel
too often. The man who has a care*
ful for the clothes he wears
"get there in business—in moft every endeavor.
The clothes speak before the man.
The name Kuppenheimer betokens all
that is good and corredt in clothes for men.
You ought to see the new fall produc
tions. They're as smart in style, as rich in quali
ty and as thorough in workmanship as clothes
were ever made.
The choicest foreign and domestic
weaves cassimeres, worsteds, serges, cheviots,
tweeds, iridescent weaves, and others. Novel
patterns and color tones. The waist-seam
models with belts are the feature of young men,
and older men will find stylish ideas to satisfy
their own desires. $40, $45, $50, $55.
G. A. Lundstrom was here Monday
from WaleB on business matters
during a brief stay.
R.C. McAllan the eye sight special
ist from Grand Forks spent Sunday
with Dr. A. O. Wold on his way to
Hannah on a professional visit.
Harry Scott came over from Law
ton last week and is helping to take
care of the fall trade at the grocery
establishment of W. A. Scott & Co.
A. J. McDonald, who came here
from the Canadian Northwest about a
a month ago to visit his sister,
Mrs. Walker Hamilton took Monday's
train for Bemidji, Minn., where ha
will spend some time before return
ing to his home across the line.
W. H. Chase, who some years ago
retired from farming in the vicinity
of Dresden to engage in the lumber
and building material trade at Malta
Montana, was in Langdon on Tues
day. He still holds business interests
in the county that bring him back
for a visit each fall.
AVE been placed in the homes of satisfied
customers of Langdon and vicinity by us'
that have given years of good service.
None have regretted making the purchase of this stan
dard make.
"The Best is the Cheapest in the End."

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