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Scotch Knocker
Legion Post Men
Endorse Bonus Act
"Four-Point" Measure Given
Approval—Home Talent
Minstrel Show
Langdon post of the American Le
gion held an enthusiastic meeting
Tuesday evening, at which among
other things a unanimous endorse
ment was given to the bill now be
fore congress known aB the "Four
Point Bonus Bill," which provides
for aiding ex-servtce men and their
families, where deceased, either with
land settlement, home aid, vocation
al training or cash compensation.
Post Commander Kirkham was
named as one of ths joint committee
with Com'r R. B. Laing of the
county board and C. E. Johnston of
the Langdon Commercial club to se
lect a prospective situ for a Soldier,
Memorial Hall, commemorative of
the service in the war of men who
went from this county to serve with
their country's colors. Sub-conr
mittees were also selected who will
', seek the endorsement of other Cava
•, lier county posts in the step taken
and secure signatures to petitions
that will be placed before the county
board at its next meeting. The post
named Tuesday the 27th inst., aB the
date of their next session, at which
the outline of the program for the
Decoration Day exercises will be d«
finitely decided on, also a start will
ijjTkJe made in a move in which the
fi^Langdon post plans the putting on of
a home mins rel show. meet
ing of the 27th will be along the
line9 of an informal smoker.
Vacancies in the official director
ate of the post
filled by the
naming of the following electing
Chaplain—Ed. J. Donovan.
Serg't at Arms—Tracy Souch.
Athletic Officer—.lohn Monette.
Employment Officer—M. Kessler.
Service Officer—Dewey Pierce.
Hold Presbyterial at Milton
The presyterial of the Woman's
Missionary Societies of the Pembina
presytery, comprising the counties
nf Pembina, WaUh, Cavalier and
Grand Forks counties holds a two
daya meeting at Milton on May lUth
and JL4th with Mrs. Porter of Calvin
aa the preiidinji olllcer.
The Democrat in Iwadquurtei* fur
Hchool tablets, pencil, pen*, etc.
This Is What Every Farmer Is Thinking
About at This Season of the Year
Where the BEST harness is to be
bought—the kind that has behind
every strap the guarantee that makes
your harness investment perfectly
The Scotch Knocker and Gopher Brand
Harness are the best—skilled workmen and the best material are
the two essentials in the making of the Best harness.
built to meet every requirement of the farmer, that is looking for
The BEST Harness at the BEST Price.
Home Implement Co
County Agents for The I. H. C. Auto Truck
Langdon Loma Dresden Wales
New Duties for Rev C. P. Drew
Charged with the duty of recruit
ing young men for the service of the
church as ministers, Rev. Drew, of
Langdon, has been named represen
tative of the Life Service Depart
ment of the Inter church work move
ment for Cavalier, Pembina and
Walsh counties. The ^appointment
was made by Dr. E. Lee Howard of
Fargo, N. D. It will be the task of
Mr. Drew to select likely young men
in the county who wish to enter the
service of the church aB it is now
co-ordinated by the lnter-church
World Movement of North America.
The importance of Mr. Drew's work
is readily recognized when it is rea
lized that all the church colleges and
seminaries now existing in the
United States are unable to supply
the demand for paBtors and mission
aries, or even to fill the places left
vacant by those who fall sick and die
or enter other business
Binder's Invention on Market
Bimler Bros., former Dresden and
Langdon residents, who left here to
enter into the hardware and imple
ment business at Michigan, N. D.,
have this spring incorporated the
the Bimler Bros., Manufacturing
Co., which will place on the mar
ket this spring the invention on which
they secnred a patent last Septem
ber for their invention the E.-Z. way
gate fastner, a device to overcome
the drawbacks of the wire gate and
securely and easily fasten any gate
made from any kind of flexible fence
wire. They are both the manufac
turers and patentees of the device
and so far have orders and prospec
tive orders that indicate the sales of
this farm necessity will give them
all the business thny can attenn to.
Harlans Enjoy Texas Climate
J. H. Harlan has written within
the week from Harlingen, Texas,
that himself and Mrs. Harlan were
starting north fiom their winter's
sojourn in Southern Texas. After a
stay of some length at San Antonio
they have toured the more impor
tant point* in the Valley of the Low
er Kio Grande, where they heve ween
practically all of the Cavalier county
colony and thoroughly investigated
that section of the southland. Mr
llsrlan returns home with hit* healLh
greatly improved that it testifies
unmistakably an to its climatic iuitli
ties an a winter health resort for
any who seek the warmth and
Gopher Brand—both are
shine for a safe raLreat from the rig
or* of a North Dakota winter,
The funeral was held this forenoon
from St. Alphonsus church at half
past ten o'clock of the young wife of
Ralph Chaput, the third son of Mr.
and Mrs. Venance Chaput, well
known residents south of town.
The death of Mrs. Chaput, which
came with moBt unexpected saddness
Monday at about ten oclock p. m..
followed her confinement, when their
first child, a baby boy was born dur
ing the afternoon, the short life
reaching an end briefly before the
passing away of the mother. When
the end came surrounding the bedside
with the heart broken husband were
his parents, family relatives and the
mother of his young wife, Mrs. Ger
vais, who arrived on Monday's train
fromFargo in response to a message
telling of the critical condition of
her daughter.
The deceased, Antoinette Eliza
beth Gervais, was twenty-two years
of age and became the bride of Ralph
Chaput on June 6th, 1919, the wed
ding occruing in Grand Forks, their
marriage being the happy culmina
tion of an acquaintance that had
ripened during the three years that
Mr. Chaput had spent in Fargo while
attending a commercial business
course in college. The bereavement
sustained is one of the saddest events
that has befallen Langdon as a com
munity in a long time.
Kitty Due to Arrive April 30th
Friday evening, April 30th is the
date that has been decided on for the
presentation of the three act com
edy "The Arrival of Kitty." As
this ia the second time this home
talent play has been staeed here no
extended mention is needed. There
is an all star cast containing the
footlight favorites of Langdon play
goers and now is the time to make
a mental reservation of Friday,
April 30th as you cannot afford to
miaa it.
Pioneer of County Moves Away
Alex Falconer,a well known early
day resident of eastern Cavalier
count v, who buck in the HO'*
one of the pioneer teachers Cavu
lier county left on Tuesday'* train
accompanied by bin niece, Mr*. Shan
nun for (irandin, N. D., whern tliey
will make an extended vi»(t uf the
greuter |ntrl uf the •uniiner with re.
latlve* uf the family.
R'y Extension
Gt. Northern Sends Man Over
Proposed Route Expect
Favorable Report
J, B. Beauchamp was over from
Olga on Tuesday and was accom
pauied by J. A. Sanger, one of the
department heads of the Gt. Northern
railroad company who since arriving
in Langdon a week ago has been mak
ing a careful investigation of the
country tributary to the proposed ex
tension of the Concrete and Edinburg
spur line through to the boundary
line at Maida and the possible deve
lopment of its resources in the way
of mixed farming, by a greater diver
sification of grain crops and a closer
attention to dairy products. Mr. Beau
champ stated that the Gt. Northern
official found that these advanced
features of present day farming were
already keeping pace with other
parts of the state in spite of the
drawback in railroad facilities and
consequent long haul to market and
it is also expected that his report
will draw attention to the peculiar
adaptability of northeastern Cavalier
county to Intensified farming along
these lines.
The visit of Mr. Sanger, sent out
from the head office of the Gt. N.
in St, Paul is naturally based upon
the report sent in by Traffic Mana
ger Griffin of the Dakota division at
Gratid Forks, who attended the meet
ing recently held at Grand Forks in
the l'utherance of the project, which
maybe taken as evidence of it being
the G. N. intention to put the exten
sion of the Concrete branch
through ta the boundary line at
Maida this summer.
Though at present merely conjec
tura it is evpected that grade from
Ou.i'.irete at the foot of of the Pem
bina mountain to Olga at the summer
will be constructed over the old
Hines survey which surmounts this
the grade to the best possible advan
tage in railroad building that it
is possible to rind. Mona and Stil
well are points that it is expected
will be touched enroute to the new
proposed terminus at Maida.
Taking it for granted that tfie
the report of Mr. Sanger is favorable
to the extension of the line there is
little doubt but what the survey will
be made with the least possible de
so as to complete the work of con
struction in time for the marketing
of this fall's grain crop.
Working on Concrete Grade
Graders are reported as having al
ready started work on putting in
repair the road bed and track of the
spur line of railroad between Con
crete and Edinburg, and which it is
expected will be extended to the
boundary line at Maida this summer.
Activity as early in the season as
this would indicate that there will be
a big effort made to complete work
on the extension so as to handle the
crop this fall when it comes onto the
Calvin to Build New School
Glenila school district—and that
includes the town of Calvin is—plan
ing to vote on bonds and pave the
way toward doing something worth
while this year in building a new
school building in Caivin, something
that will prove adequate .o the needs
of the town for some yenrs to come
Calvin has the advantage of a cent,
ral location and its new school build
ing is certain to prove one of tne most
substantial public improvements to
be madi» in Cavalier county during
the building season of 1920
Buys a Home in Langdon
Monday of this week Fred S.
Koehmstedt closed negotiations in
which he became the purchaser of
residence property at the north end
of Sixth street owned by the LeBrun
Bros,, and occupied hv Mr and Mrs.
Ralph Lebrun, who are this spring
removing east to make their home in
the Province of Quebec. The prop
erty has been recently built and has
three and one half acre* that
ha been laid out with the idea of
I running a small poultry form It has
everything that should make a com*
fortnMe home in a residence part of
the city (hut now a dav* i* "bowing
rapid development among the hum*
builders of Langdon.
April lf Ambronh Ullyott, Harvey
Th#» Langdon post of the American
Legion at a meeting held Tuesday
evening at the rooms of the commer
cial club in the Auditorium after dis
posing of much talk pro and con aB
to deferred payments on their state
bonus and the question of a me
morial hall to be erected as a tribute
to the boys of this county who saw
service in the war, also took steps
that will inBure Langdon having an
an appropriate program of exercises
and due observance of Decoration
day on the 30th of May, which this
year falls on Sunday. The post
commander, Major Judd H. Kirk
ham and each of the hundred or more
men whose names are on the muster
roll, since their participation in the
fight for freedom feel a personal re
sponsibility in seeing that honor is
done the memory of the boys who not
only served but made the su
preme sacrifice by giving their lives
ing of golden stars on their
flags which brings a bond of co-ope
ration and sentiment in the day's ob-
for their flag and their country. The !the Preliminary of the big event of
churches, school and fraternal bodies
have all alike shared in the garner-1
servance that should make it the iof
more impressive to all. Langdon's
wars and the boys who were over-
Walhaila Man Dies at Omaha
Robert Carrpbell, a Welhalla reei-
through (jent disd at Omaha, Neb., on Easter
Sunday morning while enroute to the
Wcodman sanatarium at Colorado
Springs, Colo., for treatment He
had developed tuburcular trouble
following an attack of measles and
the Modern Woodman fraternity had
interested themselves in his i-.ase.
He was born in Walhalia in 1880
and leaves a widow and two sons.
Others of the family are now located
in Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Oddfellows Anniversary Service
Members oft the Langdon lodge of
the Independent Order of Oddfellows
will attend in a body the morning
service of Sunday April ^5th at the
Episcopal church when suitable ob
servance will be given to the anni
versary of the founding of the order
by the pastor, Rev. C. P. Drew.
The local 1. O. O. F. members will
meet at their hall in the Langdon
auditorim promptly at half past ten
and march in a body to the church.
Rural Carriers Examination
Saturday, May 7th is the date of
a civil service examination to be held
at Municji of applicants for positions
as rural mail carriers over routes
running out of Hannah, Clyde and
Munich. Under a new ruling of the
department rural mail carriers after
one year's satisfactory service are
eligible for positions as clerks or car
riers in first or second class post
offices, railway mail service or other
positions in the classified service
first National Bank
No. 4802
C. B. McMillan, President
J. H. Bain, Vice-President
Spelling Match
Won by Women
High School Defeated Both
Oral and Written Tests
by Club Women
At the assembly hall of the Lang*
don High School on Monday evening
a particularly interesting evening's
entertainment was given the people
of Langdon in the Spelling Match in
which the Woman's Club responded
to the challenge that had been made
them by the High School. It might
be said that the event as it drew
near had been the talk of the town, a
fact that was further attested to by
the size of the audience which con
siderably overtaxed the seating ca
After the singing of "America."
program, the written
announced by Supt.
Bonar who presided. This consisted
of a list of forty words given the two
soldier dead now number heroes who Annoncement of result showed that
fought for flag and country in three
seas with Old Glory in the World's!
War will see that this year's exer
ciaes on Memorial Day will bring to
each and all of those present a true
significance of what it should mean
to every true hearted and patriotic
citizen of the United States.
of fifteen
Mrs- Geo" M*
club and
the same
of stdents of the high school,
Price of the
club had a oerfect
with four
tied for second place. These were
Mrs. Ober of the woman's club and
Misses Zelda Monroe, Edith Hamilton
and Henrietta Satterlee of the high
school. Additional words given the
contestants for second place left Mrs
Ober entitled to the honors and th«
woman's club winners of the written
preliminary of the match.
Tha showing which the club wo
men had made in the written contest
was a correct forecast of their ability
to win the match which lasted al
most three quarters of an hour, the
last fifteen of which put to the teat
the qualifications of the spellers and
steadily eliminated the high school
team until Miss Zelda Monroe was
the only remaining one left stand
ing to face six of the club women,
Mesdames Price, Ober, Stevenson,
Donovan, Drew and Barker. The
showing was such that the judges
found the club to be winners of both
first and second prizes in the oral
Consolation prizes of souvenir
spoons were given six of the high
school team who made the best show*
ing in the match, the awards being
made t,o Misses Zelda Monroe, Elsie
Burnet, Eleanor Power, Margaret
Stevenson, Ruby Godfrey and Henri
etta Satterlee. The proceeds amount
ing to upwards of $60 were given to
the high school.
Langdon Ready to Play Ball
The Langdon base ball fans plan
to put on their campaign drive for
financing a team this week. Boost
and dig, don't knock and grouch, It
is planned to use the old ball ground
back of the Court House at the start
off of the season, while the location
for a new diamond is being selected.
Cheapest accident insurance in
surance—Dr Thomas' Electric Oil.
For burns, scalds, cuts and emer
gencies. All druggists sell it. 30c
and 60c.
L. L. Gardner, Cashier
J. L. Schwartz, Asst. Cashier
TRONG and conservative on sound present day
banking principles. Modernly equipped to
handle all financial problems promptly and
intelligently. Money to loan on approved security.
Interest paid on time deposits. Exchange on all
parts of the world bought and sold. Collections
given prompt attention. Accounts of all persons
or firms, large or small, welcomed.
Establish your banking connection now
ugainst the time when you will need its credit and

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